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Hatoboro-Horsham School District's Fall Newsletter 2021 "Hatter Matters: Looking Ahead." Content includes a letter from the Superintendent, English Language Arts Curriculum, stepped up communication, new facilities and administrative appointments, and the Class of 2021.

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HHSD Fall Newsletter 2021

Hatoboro-Horsham School District's Fall Newsletter 2021 "Hatter Matters: Looking Ahead." Content includes a letter from the Superintendent, English Language Arts Curriculum, stepped up communication, new facilities and administrative appointments, and the Class of 2021.

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Hatboro-Horsham School District | Hatter Matters | Fall 2021 Newsletter 1

A Letter from the Superintendent

Dear Hatboro-Horsham,

I am delighted to connect with you through our newly relaunched believe that culturally responsive teaching
newsletter “Hatter Matters,” one of several communication and learning practices benefit all members
initiatives we have created or reintroduced this school year to of our District community.
prioritize community engagement. Reflecting on all of these practices is
Since this is my first direct outreach to all community members this not enough. They must be planned for
school year, please allow me to share with you the driving force and implemented and, as you will note
that has guided me since I assumed the role of Superintendent throughout this newsletter, in many ways
of Schools this past academic year: It is my belief that student- they have.
centered learning is our fundamental purpose. Therefore, as Deeper learning is one of the goals we
educators, we must be willing to examine all practices and consider committed to when evaluating the new Scott Eveslage, Ed.D.
their impact on learning. math curriculum, which we were excited Superintendent of Schools
In our exhaustive and reflective examination of strategies that to begin implementing this year, as well
support, guide and inspire Hatboro-Horsham students, we have as the Social Studies, and English and
set our sights on several distinct learning practices. So, in the spirit Language Arts (ELA) curriculum reviews that are underway. Read
of this newsletter’s theme, “Looking Ahead,” allow me to share more about how the ELA curriculum is being reviewed and revised
what has been guiding our vision for student learning: in the following pages.
Deeper learning is fostered when we create learning experiences You will also learn about the steps we are taking to create welcoming
that transcend standards, are inquiry-based, and connect the schools that transcend beyond physical buildings and are instead
classroom learning experiences to the world. At Hatboro-Horsham, designed around student learning to maximize students’ potential.
we want students to transfer their learning to other experiences – Additionally, I hope you take the time to get to know our new
both in their classrooms and in their lives. administrators who are taking the lead in putting students at
In order to do this, and to ensure the fulfillment of learning as our the center, celebrate the Class of 2021 who are off on their next
fundamental purpose, our focus must be shifted from how we are adventure, and feel pride in being an integral part of the Hatboro-
teaching to how students are learning. This concept breaks with Horsham community.
tradition, but we believe it is imperative. In future communication, I will return back to my vision for student-
We also believe in the power of community. That is why we support centered learning and share more examples of how it is being
restorative practices as a sound approach for addressing conflict fostered within our schools.
and building healthy school cultures and communities. As a Until then, stay safe and enjoy the season!
District, and as a series of individual school communities, we want Sincerely,
every student and adult to feel valued and genuinely connected. Scott Eveslage, Ed.D.
Equity and cultural responsiveness, achieved through Superintendent of Schools
examination, awareness and acceptance, ensures that all students
have access to what they need to reach their full potential. We


3 Educators Align English Language Arts Curriculum
with Student Needs

4 Facilities Designed Around Student Learning

6 New Administrative Appointments

8 Best Wishes to Class of 2021

2 Hatboro-Horsham School District | Hatter Matters | Fall 2021 Newsletter

Educators Align English Language Arts
Curriculum with Student Needs

Hatboro-Horsham School District has launched an extensive review
of the English and Language Arts (ELA) curriculum to ensure it
supports student achievement while teaching key skills students
need to be college and career ready when they graduate. ELA
includes reading, writing, speaking, and listening, with a focus on
the critical foundation skill in primary grades.

As students gain fluency as readers and writers, the curriculum curriculum must include, and identify educational resources for
shifts to engage readers in higher order thinking skills and critical evaluation and piloting. Then they will decide which should be
literacies. Students must be able to read, write, and communicate recommended for adoption and determine what professional
at high levels and construct meaning from multiple sources in development will be required to support implementing the new
order to be successful in all content areas, and in post-secondary curriculum. Additionally, they will establish means by which the
education and careers. successful implementation of the new curriculum will be measured
and they will begin to write the new curriculum.
“The ELA curriculum review process is so important to make “Our goal in this process is to align curriculum with the goals of
sure that multiple perspectives are explored and shared in a our comprehensive plan and vision for learning,” said Vaites. The
collaborative voice when selecting curriculum for our students,” curriculum must also be aligned with state and national standards.
said Willeena Booker, teacher at Hallowell Elementary School. In the third year of the review cycle, the 2022-2023 implementation
of the new curriculum will begin. At this point in time, the larger
The review is part of the District’s six-year curriculum review cycle, school community will begin to see the shifts in the classroom as
and the ELA committee is in its second year of work. A team of teachers implement revised curriculum and assessments.
50 teachers, literacy specialists, and administrators from across “The ELA curriculum review committee has already done a
the District began their work last school year by reviewing the tremendous amount of work, with much more to come. I am so
current K-12 curriculum and resources in relationship to current appreciative of their dedication in taking on this critical task,” said
District goals and research in the field. Included are standards and Superintendent Dr. Scott Eveslage. “I also must recognize the
best-practices, course options at the high school, and how well tremendous role that all teachers play in implementing any new
the resources reflect the District’s evolving vision for teaching and subject curriculum. Their investment in this process shows how
learning. committed they are to supporting student success.”

In support of this work, the Curriculum Office sought national Stepped Up District-Wide Communication Efforts
experts who could inform their work and identified other high-
performing districts to explore their approaches. A literature Want to know more about the news and initiatives occurring
review was compiled and rubrics were selected from professional within Hatboro-Horsham School District? The District is stepping
organizations to guide their work as they build and revise courses, up its community engagement efforts with a comprehensive
and select updated resources that support the development of the outreach effort.
essential components of effective reading instruction: phonemic “We recognize that not all of our residents are familiar with what
awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. we are doing to support achievement and excellence within
our schools. Yet, their taxes fund many of these initiatives. So,
To evaluate curriculum, the committee constructed an extensive a key priority this year is helping them understand what we are
rubric that centers around four broad goals: doing and how everyone benefits from living in a community
• Student achievement in reading and writing with a high quality school district,” said Superintendent Dr. Scott
• Deeper learning tenets such as critical thinking, authentic work, Eveslage.
New communication activities include the relaunch of the
student agency and technology infusion Hatter Matters newsletter distributed to student households, a
• Equity monthly Board Notes newsletter highlighting meeting activities;
• Culturally responsive practices a redesign of the District website; a free mobile app; and a
quarterly networking event for parents to learn more about what
“Given our commitment to equity, we must regularly evaluate is going on in each school and interact with the Superintendent.
current resources and instructional practices to make sure we are Additionally, community members can tune into “Hat Chat
teaching effectively and supporting all learners to meet high levels Minute,” a monthly video update from Dr. Eveslage.
of achievement,” said Dr. Susan Vaites, Director of Curriculum and
Professional Development. “We are looking forward to a school year that focuses on
connecting our District with the surrounding community in
Vaites also noted that a concurrent review of the social studies a way that fosters greater awareness, understanding and
curriculum is underway to leverage an important way to achieve collaboration,” said Dr. Eveslage.
cultural proficiency goals. “There was an early overlap of ELA and
social studies for the purpose of creating a culturally responsive
curriculum to provide students with windows and mirrors to
different cultures,” she said. ELA and social studies content areas
provide opportunities to use a cross-disciplinary approach.

The committee will present the School Board with a report on its
findings in the fall, and in the 2021-2022 school year, committee
members will define K-12 skills and competencies the revamped

Hatboro-Horsham School District | Hatter Matters | Fall 2021 Newsletter 3

Facilities Designed Around Student Learning

Keith Valley Middle School KVMS will be a 280,000-square-foot structure erected on the 30-
Designing and constructing new school buildings is a critical acre site. The new building will be built on the current athletic
undertaking that aspires to improve education, technology, and fields, so after the new building is occupied, the existing school
safety for students, staff and the community. will be demolished, and new athletic facilities will be constructed
Fortunately, as the existing Keith Valley Middle School is aging in its place. Athletic facilities will include two multi-purpose fields,
and in need of significant repair, the Hatboro-Horsham School a softball field, a baseball field, tennis courts and a football field
District will break ground on replacing the entire middle school that is surrounded by a running track. Although the building and
as early as next summer for the creation of a revitalized learning fields will swap locations, the main entrance, and all bus, visitor,
space. and parent access, will still be oriented off Meetinghouse Road.

Built in the late 1950s, the existing KVMS building has reached When the project is completed, the inside of the building will feature
its useful end with accessibility issues and needed repair in all innovative classroom learning environments for sixth through
its major systems, including HVAC. While the project is still in eighth grade students, a dining area, library, a main and auxiliary
planning and design phases, the District’s vision is to create a gymnasium, and a pool. The building includes a community room
new middle school that can better serve its students as part of a and is designed to be easily accessible for community use in the
21st century learning environment. In the new KVMS, students will evenings. The administrative offices, currently located in a separate
foster the 5 C’s of 21st century skills: critical thinking, creativity, building on-site, are being included in the new KVMS schematics.
communication, collaboration and character. The project is slated to feature a collaborative and flexible
“We were working over the last year to create a top-notch auditorium as a multi-purpose space. Auditoriums are commonly
educational program that the building is designed to support,” one of the least-used spaces in school buildings, so this creative
said Jon Kircher, Principal of Keith Valley Middle School. idea was generated based on visits, both virtual and in-person, to
Each grade level will also be grouped into four teams to make a schools around the country to devise a space that can be divided
big school feel smaller. “Everything is connected and teams are and used on a more regular basis.
centralized in the structure,” said Kircher. In addition to creative and innovative learning spaces, the District is
In addition to connection, project plans place an emphasis on placing an emphasis on enhancing safety and prioritizing security.
technology upgrades, not only for building systems, but also for Availability to the community is a key part of the building’s design.
improved instructional technology in the classrooms. “All of that The public spaces of the facility can be separated from the
represents a significant upgrade over a really dated building,” classroom spaces. “Our first priority is to make sure that what we
said Jamie Lynch of D’Huy Engineering, the project engineer. do on this site fits within the community,” said Lynch.

Through studies conducted by D’Huy Engineering, the District Energy conserving measures will be built into the design, as the
determined that replacing the entire middle school was the most District wants the building to be cost effective and sustainable to
feasible and cost-effective option, as opposed to improving and the environment.
repairing the failing sections of the existing building. The project timeline includes occupancy of the building to start the
Architectural and engineering firm the Schrader Group conducted school year in the fall of 2025. The existing building will remain in
a planning workshop with District staff, parents and Hatboro and operation until the new facility is built. Demolition of the current
Horsham municipal officials to design a replacement middle building and construction of the new athletic fields will take the
school earlier this year. Schrader Group was also involved with the project to full completion in 2026.
new Crooked Billet Elementary School.

4 Hatboro-Horsham School District | Hatter Matters | Fall 2021 Newsletter

KVMS Classroom Learning Commons KVMS Lobby Commons

Crooked Billet Elementary School Hallowell Elementary School
Welcoming students as instruction transitioned to hybrid last The new Hallowell Elementary School opened its doors in 2017
October, students and staff are now fully enjoying the brand new for instruction in a uniquely designed learning environment,
Crooked Billet Elementary School, which features an array of replacing the Old Armory Building and existing school structures.
impressive upgrades to the original 1950’s elementary school that Energy efficiency was a key design element as the school, which
it replaced on the same site. includes several green initiatives, and was constructed with
The new building incorporates the history of the Battle of Crooked environmental impact in mind. The school runs on geothermal
Billet as part of a 21st Century learning environment, providing a energy that is aided by a specialized continuous insulation system.
unique opportunity to integrate the old with the new. The school features a wing for the cafeteria, gym and administrative
A two-story rotunda serves as an interactive learning space and areas and another wing solely for classrooms. To travel between
is located centrally between the curricular areas for Science, the wings, students and staff walk across an enclosed bridge that
Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) programming. overlooks a courtyard on both sides.
This area includes a STEAM classroom, media center, TV studio and Additionally, each classroom was painted with its own unique
art classroom. Additionally, innovative classroom designs allow for color that is reflected in accent walls and colored terrazzo floors.
flexible instructional and collaboration opportunities among grade
level students and staff.

To enhance the delivery of instruction, there are also spaces for
large-group instruction for each grade level as well as small group
instruction rooms that each classroom has direct access to.

Photo credit Steve Wolfe 5
Hatboro-Horsham School District | Hatter Matters | Fall 2021 Newsletter

New Administrative Appointments

Hatboro-Horsham School District was pleased to appoint current staff
members and welcome new ones for the 2021-2022 school year.

Dr. Elisha Kanada Gee, Principal level facilitator for virtual learning during the COVID-19 pandemic,
Blair Mill Elementary School a project based learning advisor and a co-chair on numerous
Hatboro-Horsham School District appointed committees.
Dr. Elisha Kanada Gee to Principal of Blair Prior to working in Hatboro-Horsham School District, Campman
Mill Elementary School, effective July 1, was a third-grade long-term substitute in the Abington School
2021. District and New Hope-Solebury School District.
Gee is excited to join the Blair Mill One reason Campman loves working in Hatboro-Horsham School
Elementary family and to partner with District so much and stayed for two decades is because of the
students, teachers and families to instill the people.
lifelong love of learning in every student. “The Hatboro-Horsham community consists of talented students,
“As a lifelong learner, I am looking forward to bridging my own supportive families, passionate teachers and a dedicated
experiences with what I will learn about the uniqueness of Blair administrative team working collaboratively to foster students’
Mill,” said Gee. “As principal, it is my sincere hope that I can academic growth and social and emotional wellbeing,” he said.
cultivate a culture of learning so that students, staff and families For the 2021-2022 school year, Campman is looking forward to
are excited to walk through the doors of Blair Mill each day.” working with the administrative team and fostering a safe school
Most recently, Gee served as assistant principal of Simmons environment while continually seeking personal development.
Elementary School. In this role, she effectively supported the “I pledge to be a positive force in children’s lives by modeling the
teaching and learning of over 600 students in kindergarten value of hard work, practicing empathy, championing equity and
through fifth grade. Throughout Gee’s professional career, she demonstrating personal integrity,” he said.
has consistently demonstrated a commitment to student centered Campman earned his Doctorate of Education in educational
educational practices by overseeing academic programs and leadership with a Superintendent Letter of Eligibility from Delaware
initiatives to promote student growth, achievement, and social Valley University, his master’s degree in education leadership
and emotional well-being. from Delaware Valley College and his bachelor’s degree in early
Prior to her current position in Hatboro-Horsham School District, childhood/elementary education from Temple University.
Gee started her career teaching in 1997 in Abington School District, Sarah Berman, Assistant Principal
where she taught third and fourth grade. Gee earned a Bachelor Hatboro-Horsham High School
of Arts degree in elementary education from The University of New to Hatboro-Horsham School District,
Delaware. She received a Master’s Degree in education with a Sarah Berman is an Assistant Principal of
concentration in English language arts from Arcadia University Hatboro-Horsham High School, effective
and a Doctorate of Education in educational leadership from August 9, 2021.
Gwynedd Mercy University. “I am looking forward to joining a District
“I hope to focus on building relationships and connecting with whose goals are exciting and in-line with a
all the members of the school community to support a student- progressive educational philosophy,” said
centered education where all of our students can reach their Berman.
greatest potential,” said Gee. “I am looking forward to meeting Seventeen years ago, Berman began her
and working with the staff and families this school year.” career as a third grade teacher in Chester and for the past 15
Dr. Robert Campman, Assistant Principal years, she taught second and sixth grade in Central Bucks School
Simmons Elementary School District.
As a fifth-grade teacher in Hatboro-Horsham She is looking forward to learning from staff and students about
School District for 20 years, Dr. Robert the day-to-day operations of the high school,  and will  bring
Campman has been appointed Assistant her passion and experiences with building positive learning
Principal of Simmons Elementary School, environments to the table.
effective July 19, 2021. “For a foundation of positive culture, I will build trusting
“As a classroom teacher, I taught my students relationships where students and teachers are comfortable to take
the importance of making a positive impact risks and see mistakes as growth opportunities,” said Berman. “As
in our world,” said Campman. “We often I define my role, my main goal is to ask a lot of questions and do
discussed how one person, one idea or one a lot of listening to get to know everyone in the high school. I will
gesture can make the world of difference in other peoples’ lives. It offer my leadership skills and training to foster growth towards
is my hope, in my new position, I can help others make an impact.”
As a teacher in Hatboro-Horsham School District, Campman
served in numerous leadership roles. To list a few, he was a grade-

6 Hatboro-Horsham School District | Hatter Matters | Fall 2021 Newsletter

goal areas and work to create a shared vision of school culture.” learn to collaborate and formulate plans for the betterment of all
In addition to Berman’s teaching experience, she served as vice students.”
president of the Central Bucks School District’s teacher union as In his new role, Thomas will focus on professional learning and
well as a variety of District and building-level leadership roles in support ongoing professional development for teachers.
equity and diversity, school culture initiatives, positive behavior Although Thomas is looking forward to his role in the District,
initiatives and District strategic planning. he says he will miss his Blair Mill family tremendously. “They will
Berman earned her M.Ed. in urban education and her M.Ed. in always hold a special place in my heart,” said Thomas. “I am proud
school leadership with a K-12 Principal Certificate from Temple of the sense of community we built over the years and our daily
University. She also graduated with a B.S. in early childhood/ focus on the whole child.”
elementary education from New York University with a concentration Thomas also values the sense of community, which can be seen at
in psychology. all levels, throughout the District. “Many people raised in Hatboro-
Dr. Brea D’Angelo Horsham School District choose to stay and raise their kids here as
Supervisor of Curriculum well,” he said. “There’s a really unique and special connectivity.”
Dr. Brea D’Angelo, formerly the principal Prior to working in Hatboro-Horsham School District, Thomas
of Hatter Academy, was appointed to served as acting principal and assistant principal in the School
Supervisor of Curriculum for Hatboro- District of Springfield Township and was an elementary school
Horsham School District, effective July 1, teacher in Upper Dublin School District.

“The impact curriculum can have to engage Thomas earned his Superintendent’s Letter of Eligibility, Doctorate
students and have them really enjoy school of Education in educational leadership and Master’s Degree in
is what I’m looking forward to the most in my education all from Arcadia University. He also received his Bachelor
new role,” said D’Angelo. of Arts in elementary education from King’s College.

In her new role, she wants to focus on deeper learning, which Bill Stone
creates authentic and engaging opportunities for students to Director of Business Affairs
show what they know. D’Angelo will also focus on instructional Hatboro-Horsham School District’s new
technology aspects throughout the District and how technology Director of Business Affairs Bill Stone
can enhance learning for students. This school year, D’Angelo will oversees all business and support operations
oversee the induction program for new teachers as well. of the District, effective July 1, 2021.

During D’Angelo’s seven years in Hatboro-Horsham School “I’m here because of the kids,” said Stone.
District, she served as principal of Hatter Academy, principal of “My job is to support students and teachers
Pennypack Elementary School and assistant principal of Keith in every way I can while being fiscally
Valley Middle School. She is even a parent in the District and her responsible to the taxpayer community.”
daughter attends Keith Valley Middle School. Stone’s previous experience includes director of business
“Our incredible teachers give everything they have to move administration of Council Rock School District, director of business
students forward,” said D’Angelo. “The whole staff is focused on affairs of Souderton Area School District and assistant business
the students and that really stands out from a lot of other districts.” manager of Upper Dublin and Upper Darby School Districts.

Before joining Hatboro-Horsham School District, D’Angelo worked After graduating with a B.A. in accounting/finance from Franklin &
as an English and communication teacher at the middle and high Marshall College, he worked as an assurance auditor for five years
school levels. before making the switch to educational leadership. He is also a
D’Angelo received her Doctorate of Education in educational licensed Pennsylvania CPA.
leadership from Gwynedd Mercy University and her Master’s “I come from a family of educators, so it was a natural transition to
Degree in education from Arcadia University. Prior to starting her find a role in education where I could have an impact on students
career in education, D’Angelo worked in the communication field. and still be able to use my financial abilities,” said Stone. He
For the 2021-2022 school year, D’Angelo’s goal is to be visible and earned his M.S. in educational leadership with a concentration in
accessible throughout the District. “I really want to work closely with school business leadership from Wilkes University in 2011.
teachers and principals to reinforce that we are all in this together Stone is looking forward to being a part of the Hatboro-Horsham
and focus on the students,” she said. “I think it’s important to also community and developing new relationships.
connect with the kids and understand their points of view.” “This year will be a year of listening and learning as much as I
Dr. Ryan Thomas can about Hatboro-Horsham,” said Stone. “My goal is to build
Supervisor of Curriculum upon the good that’s already been accomplished and continue to
As principal of Blair Mill Elementary School improve on that.”
for four years, Dr. Ryan Thomas is now Stone enjoys being involved in the community as much as
Supervisor of Curriculum for Hatboro- possible, and serves on numerous volunteer and
Horsham School District, effective July 1, leadership committees. He also was a Pennsylvania
2021. Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA)
“I’m most excited about focusing on Young Leader Award recipient in 2020.
teaching and learning with a K-12 lens, and
work with teachers across the District” said
Thomas. “My goals are to really listen and

Hatboro-Horsham School District | Hatter Matters | Fall 2021 Newsletter 7

229 Meetinghouse Road
Horsham PA 19044

Best Wishes to Class of 2021

Number of graduates: 367
Post high school plans:

• 85% enrolled in formal post-secondary education 
• 63% of those will attend a four-year college or university 
• 12% entered the workforce 
• 3% entered the military 

The Class of 2021 is represented at the following colleges and
universities: American University, Arizona State University, Boston
University, Brigham Young University, Bucknell University, Carnegie
Mellon University, College of Charleston, Drexel University, Frank-
lin & Marshall College, John Hopkins University, Lehigh University,
Pace University, Penn State University, Princeton University, UCLA,
University of Florida, Temple University, University of Miami, Univer-
sity of Michigan, University of North Carolina Wilmington, University
of Pennsylvania, University of Pittsburgh, and University of Tampa.

1 National Merit Finalist

National Merit Commended Scholars 6

$5. 4 Million Scholarship dollars provided to graduates 

Division I, II and III scholarship athletes 31

3.1 Class average GPA

Class average SAT score 1090

76% 2021 AP Exam Pass Rate

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