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Primary Year 2 Scheme of Work Phonics_Neat

Scheme of Work for Phonics

Year 2 English

Year 2 English Scheme of Work For Phonics


Glossary of key terms in Year 2 Curriculum Framework 3

Differentiation strategies 6

Formative assessment 10

Scheme of Work 11

Year 2 English Scheme of Work For Phonics

Glossary of terms in Year 2 curriculum framework

Page in Term in Year 1 curriculum framework Meaning
2 Listening 1.1.1 a range of high frequency target language phonemes
Recognise and reproduce with support a range of These are the phonemes in the phonics table shown in the phonics table on p2 of the
high frequency target language phonemes syllabus.

A range of target language phonemes in Year 2 means a suitable variety of phonemes from
the phonics table, based on your judgment of how well the pupils you teach can read. These
are in addition to the phonemes already covered in Year 1.

3 Listening 1.2 a variety of familiar contexts
Understand meaning in a variety of familiar Familiar contexts are ones which pupils know. Examples include contexts linked to topics
contexts covered in the Superminds 1 textbook, such as friends and family, school, food (from Year 1),
as well as free time, the home and clothes (from Year 2).

However, pupils in rural or remote areas and pupils who live in cities may be familiar with
different contexts. Please use your own judgment here.

3 Listening 1.2.1 simple sentences
Understand with support the main idea of simple Simple sentences are short, and contain just one clause, (e.g. I’m seven; She can swim, He’s
sentences got 2 sisters). The ideas they contain are easy for pupils to understand (e.g. They live in
See also: Kuching, I like bananas).
 Listening 1.2.2 (p.2)
 Reading 3.2.1 (p.14)
 Reading 3.2.2 (p.15)

3 Listening 1.2.3 very short simple narratives
Understand with support very short simple Very short narratives are stories which are usually not more than 6 lines long. The simple
narratives narratives contain language and ideas which pupils can understand.

Please use your own judgment on very short simple narratives, based on the level and
interest of the pupils you teach.

Year 2 English Scheme of Work For Phonics

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