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Published by Trinity Price, 2019-05-05 20:57:40

AP World

AP World

Ap Historical Thinking

Period 1

Causation 2

The most defining moments of period 1:
• 1st Human Migrations:

• During the Paleolithic era, humans first began to migrate from
East Africa (out of Africa theory)

• Humans began to learn how to create tools
• Humans began to settle, first early human civilizations

Causation (cont.) 3

Neolithic Revolution
• Societies emerged, people domesticated plants and animals, pastoralism
• Food surplus led to specialization of labor and social hierarchies
• Patriarchal societies emerged
• Technology improved communication and trade
• Mesopotamia- Egypt, Mohenjo- Daro, Harappa,
Huang He

Periodization 4

Up to 600 CE

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