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Around & About August 14, 2018 Issue 33, Vol 22


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August Flyer online August 14, 2018 Issue #33 - Volume 22 SCANNING SERVICES

2018 Yamaha
Kodiak 450 Domtar Celebrates 170 BONUS DAY
Years of Manufacturing
from $39 weekly
on approved credit !

20X 30XCollect a bonus Collect a total of

Canadian Tire Money®

on qualifying purchases

[email protected] Photo: During the war, Domtar’s Espanola Including Auto Service installed parts, tires and
mill was used as a Prisoner of War Camp for labour. 1See inside back cover of flyer for details.
SEASON’S housing German soldiers, shown here getting No rainchecks on 20X and 30X bonus. In-store only.
ready to visit the canteen. Domtar archives
septic service EU2000i Honda
By Rosalind Russell - Ever wonder how
For Your Septic & Porta Potty Needs Domtar got its name? 1149Generator
Domtar’s story began in 1848 when
NOE&SWPAASRENREOVALI!NA!G Henry Potter Burt built a business in ONNOLWY $
705-869-2448 England treating lumber to prevent + Freight, PDI & Taxes
705-356-3444 decay. WOW
1-800-587-3599 Burt’s business grew along with the
demand for railway ties and wharf
pilings in Europe and North America.

Continued on page four...

Edge Motorsports Special 1x6x6 Ft
NEeWwTHIS Demolition Derbys & FMX Bikes
YEAR English Horses, Doc’s Hobby Shop Extra bonus this week, free fasteners
with purchase 99.00/ bundle

AFtinYgoeurrtip All The World’s
High Circulation • Competitive Rates A Circus
FREE distribution to your customers!
To Advertise in the Around & About [email protected]
Business Directory, call 705-869-6883

&Plumbing Heating
Jason Cowles The Secret To Do-It-Yourself Home Repair
Certified Technician
Serving 770055--856833--33303420 Look helpless. Act Reckless. Get out of the held together with dental floss and Elmer’s
Espanola & Area Business way! Glue.
Mobile I greatly admire men who are good Then one day my neighbour, John Grant,
with their hands. I stand in awe of these showed up as I was about to start a small
Sales & Service purveyors of sump pumps, the repairers of project. I was standing barefoot on the back
appliances, the restorers of furniture, the lawn next to a pile of four by fours with
RON RIVET lamp fixers, the paint mixers, the chemists a pencil behind my ear and a chain saw
of household elixirs. They are homestead roaring in my right hand.
CLEANING SERVICES heroes these weekend warriors, these “What the hell are you doin’?” he shouted.
25 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE Home Depot deputies, -- men who put the “Cuttin’ these boards to size” I yelled back.
tread in Canadian Tire. Sadly, I’m not one “Drill some holes; place the boards against
• Carpet & Upholstery • Tile & Grout of those guys. the bottom of the house. Air vents. Keep
Cleaning Cleaning Truth be told, I can get hurt just leafing skunks out!”
through the yellow pages trying to find one “Stand over there.” he screamed, turning 705-862-1914 of those guys. I’m not entirely useless, but off the chain saw and taking it to his van. He
if I had to put a match to a burned out pilot returned with his tool box, used a hacksaw
Advertise here for as light in order to heat my house in the dead to cut the boards and attached a spade bit
little as $26 per week of winter, the title of that particular Tool to his electric drill making holes two inches
Time episode would be “KABOOM!” in diameter. He cut round patches of screen
Call 705-869-6883 for details Lakeside living is fraught with perils for the holes and let me pass him the tacks
of frozen pipes and flooded basements, to attach them. The entire job took forty
Crown Realty (1989) inc., Brokerage breakwall damage and varmints under minutes as opposed to the two days I’d set
Independently owned and operated the cottage. When I bought my house on aside to do it on my own. Plus, I cancelled
Sunset Bay the local handyman took pity my reservation at Port Colborne Hospital’s
[email protected] 114 Mead Street, Unit 2 on me and I quickly agreed to hire out his Urgent Care Unit. Espanola, Ontario P5E 1S5 service at ten bucks an hour. So that worked well for 13 years. I’d invite
“I’ll help,” I said, “You know, carry stuff, John down for a beer and when he arrived
Cell: (705) 862-4188 Bus: (705) 869-4230 hand you tools. It’ll save you time.” And, I’d be standing there, looking confused,
Fax: (705) 869-6299 I’m thinking, him/time, me/money. So I with some menacing tool in my hand and at
helped him. Once. The second time he a pile of hardware supplies some of which
New Clients Always Welcome came to do a job he had a new fee schedule: still had price tags on them.
“Ten bucks an hour, $15 if you help me.” “What the hell are you doin’?”
Formerly So I did my own home repairs for a while, “This thing keeps cutting out. Must be an
which is to say the place was going to hell electrical short. I’m just going to go open
in a handbasket and the handbasket was
Continued on page three...

Advertise here for as
little as $26 per week
[email protected] •No Appt. Needed Oil Changes
•Rustproofing •Vehicle Detailing
SALES AND SERVICE OF: • furnaces • fireplaces • boilers
Call 705-869-6883 for details 20 McCulloch Dr. (Behind the Mall)
Steve Donnelly Over 15 years experience locally

•Special Rates for Seniors Singh Dentistry Don’s Electric

•Renovations •Light Plumbing Dr. Maninder Singh (705) 869-0511
•Light Electrical •Shed Packages
•Siding •Demolition FOR ALL OF Cell (705)-862-0753
•Dump runs •Tree Removal Hours: YOUR DENTAL NEEDS
Monday 9-5 E.C.R.A./E.S.A. #7009119
Tuesday Closed Email: [email protected]
•Lawn Cutting •Snow removal Wednesday 9-5 State of the art facility
•Decks/patio and Fencing. Thursday 9-5 We deal directly with Insurance Companies
Free dental whitening kit with new patient exam Friday 9-5

91 Tudhope St., Espanola 705-869-1880

Around&About August 14, 2018 Page 2 A&A, PaperWorks, 85 Centre Street, 705-869-6883

Continued from page two... he comes. That gives me one house, John seemed harder to Last night’s news showed the
conscript so the props needed X-ray of the American roofer
it up and see if there’s a loose half hour to lay out my latest to be more menacing. One time with the four-inch nail lodged
wire …” To which John would I was holding a hatchet and the in his cranium. Somehow he
say: “Stand over there. No, way household maintenance project next time an axe. The machete managed to shoot himself in
over there.” tied to my belt worked like a the head with a nail gun. The
Then he turned off the in a heap on the patio and stand charm. black and white skeletal photo
electricity (I tell you, these guys As the winds on Sunset Bay shows the nail a hair away from
think of everything!), hooked there looking menacing with a picked up this summer, John puncturing his brain. He has no
up his circuit tester, found the was focusing more on the ill effects whatsoever and will
problem, solved the problem, crowbar or a power tool in my water than the “Bill Project”! soon have the nail removed.
had a beer and went home. So I resorted to self-mutilation. Doctors are calling it a miracle.
Two days later, after living in hand just as John pulls into the Nothing serious, a cut here, a I call it my next move. John,
the dark and eating cold food, I bruise there. Nothing worked. may it never come to that. Now
phoned John Grant and he came driveway. Today I stood in my driveway get out here and bring a level.
over and turned my electricity for an hour waiting for John,
back on. (He’s good. He’s just “What the hell are you doin’?” holding an X-Acto knife and For comments, ideas and
not perfect.) staring at my baby toe. (I know, copies of The Legend
Then John moved away but he “I’m going to stand over there.” I know. I have to stop this of Zippy Chippy, go to
comes back to windsurf off my nonsense soon.)
beach and he always makes the I say, saving both of us a bit of
same mistake: he calls before

Vacuum cleaner belts got

replaced, a dog ramp into the

bed got built. Beach chairs

were measured and designed,

the TV and stereo fitted with

‘no-surge’ adapters.

Gradually, preferring

windsurfing to working on my

Special Council Meeting – Update On Huron Central Railway

support is forthcoming, the rail line include changing of
ties and rails, structural bridge
line will cease to operate at the repairs, ballast work and
drainage, upgrades to the grade
end of the year. crossings (to comply with new
Grade Crossing Regulations
Algoma in Sault Ste. Marie, before November 28, 2021)
and a new mechanical shop
Domtar in Espanola and in Sault Ste. Marie to improve
EACOM Timber Corporation Huron Central Railway is
seeking $46.2 million over a
in Nairn would all be affected five-year period (including a
contribution of $4.62 million
by closure. from the company) from
the Government of Ontario
JordanAllard from the Mayor’s ($18.48 million) and the
Government of Canada ($23.1
office in the Sault says Huron million) to facilitate the capital
Central Railway employs 43 Photo: Stakeholders including
industry, employees, clients
people in the city. and municipal leaders, met at
a summit in Sault Ste. Marie in
He adds if operations were to late July to discuss options to
save the rail line between Sault
cease, an additional 40,000 Ste. Marie and Sudbury. Photo
provide by Jordan Allard.
more transports per year

are expected on the Trans-

Espanola Council has discussed letters of support. Canada Highway, placing

what action it can take to assist The letters are to be included as a tremendous burden on a

Huron Central Railway in part of the presentation to the stretch of highway that is

continuing operations on the Ontario Minister of Northern primarily single lane. More

spur line between Sudbury and Development and Mines, Greg importantly, it is reasonable

Sault Ste. Marie at a special Rickford, at the Association to conclude there will be an

council meeting. of Municipalities of Ontario’s increased risk to passenger

Stakeholders, including annual conference in Ottawa car travel, and significantly

Espanola Deputy Mayor, Bill in August. increased pollution into our

Foster attended a summit in Huron Central says they can’t environment.

late July where community afford upgrades and new Allard explained that planned

leaders committed to providing requirements, so if no financial capital improvements to the

WE REPAIR AIR CONDITIONING! Sacred Heart Daycare Centre
A&A, PaperWorks, 85 Centre Street, 705-869-6883
Financial Assistance is available for those who qualify
For more information, please call


Around&About August 14, 2018 Page 3

Stronger Canada Child Benefit Means More Continued from front page...

Money For Middle-Class Families Domtar Celebrates 170 Years of
Helping hard-working families year, will now have a maximum
who provide the best start in annual benefit of $6,496 per This led to the creation of manufacturing business.
life for their children is a top child under age 6 and $5,481 Dominion Tar and Chemical With nearly 10,000 employees
priority for the Government of per child age 6 through 17. As Company in Canada in serving customers all over the
Canada. That’s why two years an example, for a single parent 1903, eventually shortened world, they are committed to
ago, the government launched with $35,000 of income with to Domtar, and set a course turning sustainable wood fiber
the Canada Child Benefit (CCB) two children, the accelerated for the company’s future into useful products.
to help families with the high indexation of the CCB will as a global manufacturer
cost of raising kids. The CCB – contribute $560 towards the of industrial, business and For the complete story, go
which is targeted to middle class costs of raising his or her household products. to: https://newsroom.domtar.
families and those working hard children, for the 2019-20 benefit Today, Domtar celebrates com/domtar-celebrates-170-
to join it – is simpler, tax-free and year. For this parent, this means 170 years as a global years/
more generous than previous up to $12,992 in support every
child benefit programs. year. Express Player Signing
Announced that as of July 2018, Thanks to the CCB, 9 out of 10
the benefit will be raised to keep Canadian families have more
up with the cost of living. This money. These families have
change comes two years ahead received almost $2,300 more
of schedule, as was announced on average per year than under
in the 2018 Federal Budget, and the programs the CCB replaced.
will give Canadian parents even Since July 2016, the CCB has
more money each month to help given over $23 billion dollars
them provide for their children. each year to Canadian families
The CCB plays a significant role to help pay for things like sports
in raising children out of poverty. programs, music lessons and
Indexing the CCB sooner will back-to-school clothes. And
ensure that it will continue to even more importantly, because
play a vital role in supporting of the CCB, more than half a
Canadian families and reducing million people — including
child poverty. This means that 300,000 children — are being
the CCB, for the 2018-19 benefit lifted out of poverty.

Featuring “BOLT” The Espanola Express are the ice very well and makes
pleased to announce the signing smart calculated decisions when
Presented by of speedy 2000 defenceman to jump in the play and still can
The Town of Espanola & Eastlink Malcom Gamelin. The 6’1” be considered a strong defensive
native of St. Calixte Quebec defenceman as well. Combine
ONTARIO CANADA will spend the upcoming that with a great set of hands,
season as an offensive force on Gamelin has been referred to as
Thurs Aug 16, 2018 the blue line for the Express. a Chris Letang type player.
Begins @ sundown Gamelin played last season at Gamelin had all kinds of offers
the prestigious Ulysse Academy from some great teams and
(Approximately 8:30pm) Running time 1 hour, 25 minutes in Quebec, scoring 32 points in we couldn’t be prouder that he
33 games. chose Espanola to develop his
@ the Espanola Track & Field “We are excited to have Malcom career and to have us help him
join our squad this year,” advance it,” boasted Clarke.
( In the event of rain the movie will be held at the claimed General Manager Chad Want to play for the Express
Espanola Curling Rink and begin at 7pm) Clarke. “I feel Malcom will be this season? Main camp will
either the top or one of the top be held in Espanola August 25-
Please respect other viewers and leave pets at home. skaters in the league, his speed is 26. Register online at www.
incredible,” added Clarke.
Around&About August 14, 2018 Page 4 Although Gamelin has an Stay tuned here for more player
offensive side to him, he sees announcements soon!!!

The One Tot Stop Day Care,A.B.Ellis Site
has Infant and Toddler spaces available.

For more information, please
call Devina at 705-869-3282

or email [email protected]

Massey: 705-865-3281 • Espanola: 705-869-3282
Email: [email protected] •

Richer Family Of Massey Gets New Van

The generosity of people in but also met us in Parry Sound the Q-straints and wondered how shocked that we have a brand new
the Espanola and North Shore with the demo model a few weeks on earth we were ever going to van sitting in our driveway that
corridor is well known, more before so that we could make sure manage but again, thanks to all we will be able to use for years
so when it comes to helping out the modification we were looking of you, we did more than just to come to safely transport Emily
families who need assistance with at was definitely what we needed. manage. “We not only went to her numerous appointments in
their children. “Thanks to Grant and Brenna into a brand new 2018 Dodge Toronto and Sudbury,” said Lisa.
The May/June Go Fund Me from Driverseat Mississauga Grand Caravan, with the exact “And, we will always and forever
Campaign to raise money for a South for donating their time modification we needed, we be grateful for that. We are truly
new modified van for the Richer to bring our van to South River were able to pay insurance for a blessed and I really hope that
family of Massey is one example. and to bring Shelley back home year up front, have the windows someday we are in a position to
Lisa and Julian Richer’s daughter, so that we didn’t have to go all tinted and are planning to have it pay it forward. Thank you.”
Emily, needs to travel to Sudbury the way to Toronto ourselves to undercoated. Winter tires are also The new van has also the
and Toronto for ongoing medical get it, allowing us to avoid that in the plans.” modifications needed for the
care, but the family’s 2007 van highway until our trip to Sick Kids Lisa says they are still a little Richer family to safely transport
was starting to fall apart. for Emily’s surgery at the end of overwhelmed by the generosity of Emily. The family extends a
Emily’s grandmother spearheaded September. people to help them. Over $60,000 huge thank you to everyone who
the GoFundMe campaign and “Thank you also to the media was raised through the campaign, assisted in the campaign to raise
media support from The Moose who shared the initial fundraising which ran through the months of the funds for the new vehicle.
99.3FM – Espanola and Around story and updates time and again, June and part of July. Photo provided by Lisa Richer.
& About helped publicize the as well as to those who shared it “We are still more than a little
campaign. tirelessly on Facebook.”
Lisa says the support from the Lisa says when they started the Zucchini Banana
community was inspiring. process at the end of May, they Cake with Caramel
“Thank you again to our were looking at used vans and a Frosting
anonymous benefactors as well simple Q-straint system, like in
as to everyone else who made their old van and would have been This Zucchini Banana
a donation no matter how big more than happy with that, but that Cake is soft and delicious
or small, every bit helps and was no longer possible. Lisa says and contains two things I
boy you helped us in a BIG there are practical reasons why currently have too much of..
way,” said Lisa. “The March of this is needed. ripe bananas stored in the freezer and a garden full of zucchini.
Dimes weren’t part of our actual “We went through a roller coaster The caramel frosting adds a fun flavour. This cake keeps
GoFundMe, but we did qualify of emotions when we were getting better the longer it sits, if it lasts that long!
for $15,000 dollars from them informed that we were not able to
towards the van modifications. do that any longer because of body For the Cake For the Frosting
Without their assistance with the changes to the Dodge Caravan,
modifications, we would not have which is the van we needed so • 1/2 cup butter, melted • 1/4 cup butter, softened
been able to pay for the few extras that someone is able to sit beside • 1 cup sugar • 1/4 cup marshmallow cream
we needed.” Emily to suction her when we are • 1/2 cup brown sugar • 1/4 cup caramel ice cream topping
The van was modified by Silver travelling. • 1/2 cup mashed ripe banana • 1/2 teaspoon salt
Cross Automotive. “We also rear face Emily in the • 1/4 cup sour cream • 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
“Thanks to Shelley from Silver van, so that we are able to see her • 1 egg • 2 1/4 cup powdered sugar
Cross Automotive for the face. We don’t have to unbuckle • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract • 1/4 cup heavy whipping cream
amazing customer service, I know to suction her and so that the sun • 2 cups shredded zucchini
it’s her job but she went above and is never directly in her face. Even • 2 cups flour
beyond and was as excited about though she is visually impaired, • 1 teaspoon salt
the process as we were. Emily is very sensitive to sunlight. • 1 teaspoon baking soda
“She not only arranged to have our “We were shocked at prices of • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
van delivered to us in South River, the modifications compared to • 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
Spray a 9x13 baking pan with non-
stick baking spray. Beat the butter
and sugars until mixed together.
Add the banana, sour cream, egg,
and vanilla and mix again. Stir in
the zucchini. Stir together the flour,
salt, baking soda, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Slowly add the
dry ingredients and beat until mixed together. Spread in the
prepared pan. Bake for 35-37 minutes, or until a toothpick
inserted in the center comes out mostly clean. Remove and
let cool completely. Beat the butter until creamy. Add the
marshmallow cream, caramel topping, salt, and cinnamon and
beat again. Add the powdered sugar and heavy whipping cream
alternately until everything is mixed in. Beat on medium high
until light and fluffy. Spread the frosting on top of the cooled
cake. Cut into 24 squares. Store in a sealed container.

Around&About August 14, 2018 Page 5


705-869-6883LPPSRoerepasraesytlcoei&EanrsslaFtOlao•stucTe•cnhad•VaseniR•ohkenIicntYelteoamsulss••FNoSoretSricvaeilceseHsiBgehsetsRt CatiercsuIlnatTioonwn&! Help Wanted

Canadian Tire is looking for a
Licensed Automo�ve Technician

SERVICES NOTICE • Full �me posi�on, able to work every second weekend
Job summary
OFFERED BY MARILYN • The Service Technician is responsible for performing vehicle repair
WITTMANN - Located THERAPY & and maintenance as assigned in accordance with dealer and
at Physio Moves in the corporate standards.
Espanola Hospital. Accepting ACUPUNCTURE – NEW
new patients. WSIB and Required Experience (Qualifica�ons)
MVA patients welcome. LOCATION as of April 9th. • Must possess a Automo�ve Service Technicians cer�ficate of qualifica�on.
Acupuncture available. Visit • Ability to read and comprehend wri�en instruc�ons and informa�on. for 363 John St. Espanola. To • General mechanical skills.
services, rates, and hours, or • Must have a valid driver’s license.
call 705-988-3737. 10/2 - R make an appointment call 705- • Ability to drive manual transmission vehicles.
• Professional appearance.
863-3223. [email protected] • Manual dexterity, good judgment and ability to operate power
and hand tools and other types of machinery safely. 10/2 R • Three years of work experience as a service technician (preferred).
• Demonstrated customer service skills.
Please contact Will Piche at the automotive
SERVICE – Excavation service Massey Agricultural Society service counter. Call (705)869-3807 X210 or
monthly meetings - 3rd email a resume to [email protected]
for smaller projects. Prep area for Tuesday of the month. Held
at Massey Firehall @ 7pm.
garage, shed, decks. Ditching, We welcome the public’s
attendance. 10/23
trenches for waterlines, propane,
Call 705-869-6883
hydro, smaller stump removal. To Place Your FOR SALE OBITUARY
Classified Ad!!
Servicing Espanola & area.

Locally owned and operated. Alvin (Duke) Ducharme
passed away at the Espanola
Lower cost than renting the BROTHER HL Regional Hospital and Health
4570CDW LASER Centre on July 26, 2018. He
machine. Contact Brad 705- was born in Massey Ontario
WIRELESS February 22, 1935 to Alphonse
869-8168. 9/11 WORKGROUP and Cordelie Ducharme. He
COLOUR PRINTER is survived by his wife Shirley
TOTAL MAINTENANCE FOR SALE and many nieces, nephews
Up to 30 ppm, 250-sheet input and cousins. Especially Luke
SERVICES: Plowing, tray, 2400 x 600 dpi. Goltz (Joanne), Rebecca Hallett
USB, LAN, USB host, Wi-Fi, (Don), Sally Goltz, Wally
carpentry, painting, steel & AirStation OneTouch Secure MacKay, Christopher, Grant
System (AOSS). and Mark Ducharme. He is
shingle roofing, tree cutting, Takes Bond paper, envelopes, predeceased by his parents and
glossy paper, labels, plain siblings Irene Goltz (Edmund),
decks, landscape construction, paper, recycled paper, thick Edward (Doreen), Annette
paper. MacKay (Gordon) and Marcel.
yard maintenance, dump runs. Compatible with Windows He will be sadly missed by all
XP or later, Apple MacOS who knew and loved him.
705-936-6160 9/11 - R X 10.4.11 or later, Windows
Server 2000 or later. THANK YOU
ESPANOLA SELF Comes w/ 4 fairly new ink
cartridges. Asking $250, The family of the late Alvin
STORAGE – 6x8 and 8x10 Call 705-869-6883 Ducharme wish to express
their deep appreciation for the
Storage units available in compassionate and outstanding
care given to Duke. Special
Espanola. Located behind the thanks to Dr. Michon, and all
the nursing staff at ERHH. To
car wash. Call 705-869-8405. FOR SALE – 1870’s everyone who visited up to his
Mahogany Scottish Dresser. passing your support meant
9/25 - R Very solid, split on top. $300 the world to us. Thanks
obo. Call 705-869-2287. 8/27 to the many friends, family
HANDYMAN - ODD and neighbours that were so
JOBS COLOMBUS - Need FOR SALE supportive and traveled so far.
something fixed, painted, The Ducharme Family
drywalled, built or flooring locator – Great for hunters or
wandering loved ones. Have
done, call me. Stephane receipt. Paid $200, asking
$80.00. Sirus Satellite car
Coulombe, 705-863-3434. radio with boom box. $100.00.
Wooden office desk with filing
9/4 - R cabinet. $60.00. Call 705-
869-2287. 8/27
AGAIN! Get your firewood
cut, split, delivered. Hardwood

maple. More info, call Mina at

705-865-3017. 10/30.

Around&About August 14, 2018 Page 6 PaperWorks, 85 Centre Street, 705-869-6883


2018 /2019 Registration


Manitoulin-Sudbury District Services Board (DSB),
proposed removal and replacement of windows at Arthur Tuesday, August 14 - 6:00-8:00 p.m.
Court Townhouse Complex, Espanola. Tuesday, August 21 - 6:00-8:00 p.m.
The Manitoulin-Sudbury DSB invites interested parties to Thursday, September 6 - 6:00-8:00 p.m.
submit bids for the complete removal and replacement of
windows at the Arthur Court Townhouse Complex, Registration Fees:
including interior trim, exterior trim, flashing and all other
associated components to meet or exceed OBC. Permits will IP - 1st yr (2012-14) $65 + $50* = $115
be required. The work is to be 100% completed by October Returning IP (2012-14) $120 + $50* = $170
31st, 2018. Novice (2010-11) $460 + $50* = $510
LOCATION Atom (2008-09) $500 + $50* = $550
Multiple Units at Arthur Court, Espanola, Ontario Peewee (2006-07) $620 + $50* = $670
DOCUMENTS ISSUED Bantam (2004-05) $660 + $50* = $710
Full details of the location and requirements are available on Midget (2001-03) $660 + $50* = $710
or after August 22 at:
Any registration after 8:00 p.m. on Sept 6 will be subject to a $50 late fee.
1) Manitoulin-Sudbury DSB office: ** $50 fundraising fee **
210 Mead Blvd., Espanola, ON.
Massey Area Museum presents Discovery Camp – Thursdays,
2) Manitoulin-Sudbury DSB website: August 2, 9, 16 & 23. children ages 6-12. Hands-on History! Games,
3) Via email from [email protected] role play, crafts, and more. For more info call the museum at 865-2266
BIDS RECEIVED SAVE A. B. ELLIS MEETING - Thursday, August 16, 1:30—3:00
No later than Wednesday September 6th, 2018 at 2:00 p.m. at the United Church chapel. Everyone welcome.
p.m. at the Office of: Spaghetti Supperand SilentAuction Fundraiser – Friday,August 17 at
Manitoulin-Sudbury District Services Board the Massey Legion, 320 Imperial St. from 4:00 – 8:00 p.m. The fundraiser
210 Mead Blvd. is for Malia Latendresse who was born with Myelomeningocele, a form
Espanola, ON, P5E 1R9 of Spina Bifida. For more info contact Corrina Dillen 705-869-8452.
Any tenders received after this time will be declared Bridge Lessons – at the Seniors Drop In Center, starting September 19 at
ineligible. 1:00 p.m. For more info call D. Allen 705-869-0475.
SITE VISIT Pickle Ball & Tennis at the Espanola Courts – Courts are open
A mandatory site visit will be conducted on Wednesday, daily. Equipment available at the rec centre.
August 29th, 2018 at 10:00 a.m., Espanola, ON. Clothing Donations – Donations for overseas relief can be dropped off
THE LOWEST BID OR ANY TENDER WILL NOT at 80 Withers Rd. Massey. Also footwear, bedding & sewing supplies.
BE NECESSARILYACCEPTED. CONTRACTORS Call Ray Brubacher at 705-844-9992.
MUST MEET BIDDER QUALIFICATIONS United Church of Espanola – WE ARE OPEN – United Church of
Espanola continues to have worship service every Sunday morning at 10:00
INCLUDING CURRENT WSIB. a.m. with Sunday School. All are welcome.

Do you have a NOTE for the Community?

We invite not-for-profit organizations to submit information on
their upcoming events in writing no later than
Wednesdays at 3:00 p.m. 25 Word Limit.
E-mail: [email protected]

Nicky Lamothe - PUBLISHER Moose
Andrew Vondette - Office Sales-Graphic Design Advertising Manager The Moose 99.3 FM CJJM - Espanola is proud to support local
Rayann Muncaster - Office Sales/Production Co-ordinator charities and organizations. If you have an event you want to
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Pricing Valid until September 7th 2018, unless noted


MotherWord Large Deluxe Calendar, Staedtler® Triangular Coloured Pencils Sharpie®
Fine Point Markers
18” x 13.5” MWFC01-28 ea. 1270 C12A6 ID 12 Colours 3.49 st.
1270 C24A6 ID 24 Colours 5.99 st. COLOURS:
1499Sept. 2018 to Dec. 2019 1270 C48A6 ID 48 Colours 10.69 st. 1 Black,
2 Red,
3 Blue,
4 Green,
6 Orange,
8 Purple

3000_ Specify colour 1.15 ea.
30162PP Black, 2/cd 2.29 cd.
30173PP Black, Blue, Red, 3/cd 3.39 cd.
30075PP 12-colour set 13.99 cd.
1949559 24-colour set 21.99 cd.

Five Star® 2” Five Star® 3”
Zipper Binder Zipper Binder

43100-29362 43100-28018

Assorted Assorted
Colours Colours

2349 2299
ea. ea.

Staedtler® 10-Piece Staedtler® 9-Piece
Math Set School Set

557 10 BN NA 550 60S9A6

399 869
st. st.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Shop online at:

705-869-6883 85 Centre St., Espanola

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