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Around & About November 19-2019 Issue 47, Vol.23


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November Flyer online

November 19, 2019 Issue #47 - Volume 23
SUPER SAVINGS 100th Anniversary of
Remembrance Day
2019 sportsman 450
$6699 freight &
pdi included DEALS

as little as $39 /week MANY ITEMS
Warning: ATVs can be hazardous to operate. Polaris adult models are for riders age 16 and older. For your safety,always AS THEY WILL GO
wear a helmet,eye protection and protective clothing,and be sure to take a safety training course. For safety and training
information in the the SVIA at (800) 887-2887. You may also contact your Polaris dealer or call Polaris at (800)
342-3764. For safety training in Canada,contact your local Polaris dealer. Polaris Industries Inc. ©

[email protected]

Green Today. Green For Life. By Rosalind Russell - Communities OFFICE & ART SUPPLIES
across Canada gathered together to mark
SOLID WASTE & RECYCLE SERVICES the 100th Anniversary of Remembrance Standard Prints
705-869-2447 Day.
Locally, hundreds of people took part in 3x5 • 4x6 • 5x7 • 8x10
SEPTIC AND PORTABLE TOILETS Remembrance Day Ceremonies in Elliot
705-869-2448 Lake, Blind River, Kagawong, Massey STARTING
and Espanola. AT JUST
NEED A WASTE BIN OR CONTAINER? This year’s Silver Mother in Espanola is
Leona Arnold, who laid the first wreath in On site self serve photo
honour of her son, Cpl. Glen Arnold. kiosk or do it from the
Arnold says she is well aware her son’s comfort of your own home.
name is the last on the cenotaph shared Find unique gift ideas at

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Preschool and School Age
spaces available at our S.
Geiger and St. Mary Sites.

For more information, please call 12 ft crown mld 1/2"x 3 1/16
Janice at 705-865-3281 Regular 24.99 Sale price 5.97

Massey: 705-865-3281 • Espanola: 705-869-3282
Email: [email protected] •

AFtinYgoeurrtip All The World’s
High Circulation • Competitive Rates A Circus
FREE distribution to your customers!
To Advertise in the Around & About
Business Directory, call 705-869-6883
[email protected]
&Plumbing Heating
Jason Cowles ‘Boomer Bashing’ By The Millennials? Why You
Ungrateful Little Punks!
Serving Certified Technician
Espanola & Area 770055--856833--33303420 Leave it to the Millennials--with 40 active could forget everything I just mentioned
Business wars currently being waged around the while binge-watching Game of Thrones
Mobile world, they decided to start one more: “The and waiting for the Domino’s Pizza guy to

Sales & Service War Against The Aged.” All of a sudden deliver Chinese food. And look at all the

Singh Dentistry these self-absorbed children of the selfie’ money we lent them to go to college?!?
born between 1981 and 1996 are publicly And a trillion cars out there on the road all
Dr. Maninder Singh accusing us, the babies born into the post-war at once and gazillion gallons of oil and gas

Hours: FOR ALL OF economic boom, of being solely responsible to keep them going. And plastics, enough
Monday 9-5 YOUR DENTAL NEEDS for the mess this world is in. plastic bags to cover the oceans and…
Tuesday Closed To which we, nee of 1946-1964 reply with a Okay, they may have a point. We Baby
Wednesday 9-5 State of the art facility collective shout: “Hey! Get off our &#%!ing Boomers really have turned this planet into
Thursday 9-5 We deal directly with Insurance Companies
Friday 9-5 Free dental whitening kit with new patient exam

91 Tudhope St., Espanola 705-869-1880 lawn!” a bit of a cesspool. But, um...well, we meant
Seriously,havethesescreen-addicted,mirror- well. We really did. Our parents didn’t want
loving, job-hopping, pseudo intellectuals us to be tough and going off to war like
forgotten what we, The Boomers, have them. They wanted us to be well off and
contributed to their world? We gave them comfortable and that we became.
Elvis and the Beatles, the 1972 Summit Still, in the 60’s we set out to change the
Series, seatbelts and the pill, a 40-hour-work world, end the wars, bring down status quo
week and national healthcare, recreational and share the world’s resources equally
Tune into Local Channel 10 or come on out to drugs and the Pocket Fisherman. We gave while providing for the less fortunate.
the Espanola Regional Recreation Complex. them the transistor radio, Gilligan’s Island, Then somebody whispered in our ears: “The

and the Ed Sullivan Show. (To understand job pays $36,00 a year and comes with a
why every generation hates the previous one, company car.” And instead of marching or
Google: “Ed Sullivan won’t allow teenagers volunteering or joining Canadian University
watch Elvis shake his pelvis.”) Students Overseas and making the third
Forty years old today, we gave them Happy world a healthier and wealthier place,
Meals for goodness sake and a drive-thru so thereby eliminating terrorism and mass
SNOW PLOWING SERVICES they could pick up their food without putting migration before it even began, most of us
down their phones. said: “Two weeks paid vacation and put us
705-865-1506 Even Millennials, “The Trophy Kids” who on the pension plan.”
were rewarded for just showing up, cannot And so the deal was sealed. We came to
Always wanted that deny that on a personal level we provided the that generational fork in the road and instead
dDrreeaammGKaitrcahgeen?? cream for their precious coffee and transfat of taking the hard way, the pot-holed, pit-
margarine for their whole-wheat toast and falled highway of world reform, we slipped
Dream Spa Bathroom? alcohol when they were feeling down and down Easy Street. We got fat, we got soft,
Call us today. barbiturates to bring them back up again and we got back 7% annually on our investment

Financing available

For ALL your theme parks with live whales to entertain portfolios.
renovation needs. *Reduced rate for low income seniors them. We even legalized marijuana so they
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[email protected] SPACES AVAILABLE ESPACES DISPONIBLES ∙ New construction ∙ Renovations
SALES AND SERVICE OF: • furnaces • fireplaces • boilers Sacred Heart Daycare Garderie Saint-Joseph ∙ Garage packages

FREE ESTIMATES 705-869-3171 705-869-4800 Tel (705) 865-3113 Cell (705) 862-4294
Steve Donnelly Over 15 years experience locally OPEN 6AM to 8PM OUVERT de 6h à 18h

CARPENTRY & $84.99Andrew Vondette
Computer I.T. & Network Specialist
Around&About November 19, 2019 Page 2 Custom Design and Builds
Virus & Malware Removal
• Renovations • Bathrooms/Kitchens • Wet Basement/ FullSystmen Tune up & Optimization

• Flooring/Tiles • Garages/Sheds Foundation Repairs 1 Year Free Antivirus included! Offer Expires Dec 1-2019

• Windows/Doors • Decks/Fences • Mini-Excavator

705-863-0095 Licensed/Fully Insured 705-521-3459 Professional, Reliable, A ordable!

PaperWorks, 85 Centre Street, 705-869-6883

F Stor Resolution Of Sexual Harassment Charge
Against Former Espanola Police Chief

Espanola Police Service Tribunal of Ontario.
dispatcher filed sexual An investigation was also
harassment complaint launched through the Ontario
Fresh and against chief — allegations Civilian Police Commission
Frozen Trout he denies. with no resolution following
An Espanola woman is now the disbandment of the
Products speaking publicly about a Espanola Police Service, and
harassment complaint she the fact that Edwards has
Live Lobster brought against the town’s since retired from policing.
former Police Chief Steven Edwards who has maintained
(Steve) Edwards. his silence on the allegations
Cindy Valiquette, who continues to strongly deny
Behind the Beer Store in Little Current worked as a dispatcher with them.
the Espanola Police Service The complaint was set to
705-368-3755 for a decade, alleges she was come before a tribunal
subjected to inappropriate hearing in Sudbury in
Continued from page two... touching and sexual October, but the two sides
reached an agreement, which
But the most recent shot fired by And then we’ll grab your iPhone innuendoes from Edwards, has not been made public.
the Millennials across the bow and get a selfie of you spewing who worked his way up from Espanola CAO Cynthia
of the good ship Boomer is an into a six-dollar monogrammed sergeant to chief during the Townsend had no comment
ageist, disrespectful insult to cup of Double Pumpkin Spice same time. except to acknowledge
anyone over 55. “Ok Boomer.” Latte Frappuccino. And as your He has denied all of the the town covers all the
Delivered with rolling eyes and running to get away from us, allegations and no criminal expenditures related to the
dripping sarcasm, Millennials we’ll give you another weggie. charges have ever been laid case.
are now publicly dismissing us We Boomers should be grateful against him nor have any of Valiquette is still hoping
with a popular “Yeah, yeah. Who to Millennial’s for one thing--if the accusations been proven the Ontario Civilian Police
cares? Whatever?” slur. “Ok it wasn’t for them, we’d be the in a court of law. Commission might yet issue
Boomer.” We may be contrite most spoiled generation ever! Edwards was suspended a ruling that holds him more
but we’re still relevant, damn it! The young can have no concept with pay in 2017 following to account, but realizes that
Let me tell you what’s going of wisdom and therefore they Valiquette filing a complaint is unlikely to happen.
to happen to the next molly- naturally ignore their elders with the Human Rights
coddled Millennial who who by the time they earn it, are
confronts a man of my age with only too eager to share it. Every Memorandum of Understanding signed for
“Ok Boomer.” I am going to generation blames the previous N’Swakamok Native Alternative School
kick you in the groin. Sorry, the age group for all the woes of the
knee. Okay, the shin. Alright, but world and therein lies the catch. Photo - Signing the Memorandum of Understanding are, from left, Kelly-Lee
I swear I will step on your toes By the time the Millennials Assinewe, Coordinator of the N’Swakamok Native Alternative School; Kathy
really, really hard. Also, I’ll give get off their high horses to get Dokis, Principal of Indigenous Education for Rainbow District School Board;
you a serious weggie which by mobilized, two things will have Marie Meawasige, Executive Director of the N’Swakamok Native Friendship
the way, we also gave the world. happened. Centre; Judy Noble, Superintendent of Schools for Rainbow District School
No, wait. Here’s how we’ll The next age group--and I hope Board; Doreen Dewar, Chair of Rainbow District School Board; and Norm
respond to “Ok Boomer.” First, it’s called The Greta Generation Blaseg, Director of Education for Rainbow District School Board.
we’ll come to where you live. as in Thunberg-- will be
No, not your parent’s basement, blaming you Millennials for A historical signing has taken N’Swakamok Native
that’s where you sleep. Imagine all their problems and by then place, which will affect the Alternative School.
hordes of old people coming to you won’t have a punching bag education of First Nations in the Charette says the purpose of
Starbucks, sitting silently across because most of us Boomers
the table from you and drinking will be dead. The generational
weak-ass instant coffee from hate game--it’s like a round of
styrofoam cups! And right musical chairs played at a wake.
before your very eyes we’ll add To book humorist William
refined sugar and powdered Thomas for your guest speaker,
whitener and stir it with a plastic go to
straw. Or [email protected]

Sudbury area. the document is to strengthen
Rainbow District School Board educational opportunities for
communications director, Indigenous students in Sudbury,
Nicole Charette, says the formal ensure students have equal
signing of a memorandum of access in completing their
understanding is now in effect. secondary school diploma and
She says the Rainbow District support services available for
HOME GAME!! School Board and N’Swakamok all Indigenous students.
Native Friendship Centre Students attend the school from
Friday, November 22, 7:30 pm officials signed a Memorandum throughout the Manitoulin and
of Understanding for the Sudbury districts.
PaperWorks, 85 Centre Street, 705-869-6883
Around&About November 19, 2019 Page 3

Continued from front page...

100th Anniversary of Remembrance Day

Northwest with the late Private Dave Byers have her son and all those sons
Trading Company of Espanola and she hopes it and daughters who sacrificed
remains that way – that there their lives remembered on
Annual Christmas Celebration are no more names … ever. the 100th Anniversary of
Her son, a member of 2 Field Remembrance Day.
Thursday, November 21 - Ambulance, was killed on
Sunday, November 24 September 18th, 2006 by a

suicide bomber while handing

out candy and school supplies
to children in Afghanistan.
Arnold says she is honoured to

3 Door

Manitoulin Island Getting Its First Tim Hortons

With the approval of a site says the new 2,745 square-
plan, Manitoulin Island will foot restaurant is to be located
get its first Tim Hortons. at 45 Manitowaning Road in
A local business has received Little Current.
preliminary approval from Council approved the plan
the Council of Northeastern adding an amendment that
Manitoulin and the Islands for more handicapped parking be
its site plan. added.
Town CAO, Dave Williamson,

Around&About November 19, 2019 Page 4 “The store for all your electronic and music needs”

Located in the Espanola Mall

Vintage Electronics & Sound (2008)


PaperWorks, 85 Centre Street, 705-869-6883

Moose Welcome to Local Hippie’s
Corner weekly tip for living a greener
life! Each week we will provide
The Moose 99.3 FM CJJM - Espanola is proud to support local you with a quick tip to help you
charities and organizations. If you have an event you want to reduce your carbon footprint
and change the world.
share, please call Roz at 705-869-6397 or email your This week’s tip: opt for earth-
information to: [email protected] The Moose- Espanola's friendly Christmas cards and letters!
Each holiday season, billions
Biggest Variety! Your Station, Your News, Your Stories of Christmas cards, photos, and
letters to Santa are sent through the mail, but have you ever
Recipe stopped to think about the environmental impact?
Not only do these cards and letters use billions of pieces of paper,
Don’t you love when you find but having them shipped around the country - or even world -
and try a new recipe and it’s a requires several forms of transportation and carbon emissions!
winner!? I made this casserole Luckily, I have a few earth-friendly options for you!
last week and it was a hit. > Send your Christmas cards to friends and family by e-mail!
I know it’s a success when You can keep this plain and simple, or you can create them
I don’t have any leftovers. online and jazz them up with fun images and animations.
It is a super easy version of > Post your Christmas cards and pictures on social media (like
Chicken Pot Pie and quick to put together; using crescent rolls Facebook) for all of your friends and family to see.
instead of pastry. You can use a rotisserie cooked chicken to > Have your children e-mail their letter to Santa at
make preparation even quicker. I seasoned and put 3 boneless, > Have your children write their letters to Santa on a chalkboard
skinless chicken breasts in the oven and cooked them first. or whiteboard at home and assure them that Santa will see it
Chicken Pot Pie Casserole while they’re sleeping!
• 1 lb Chicken Breast Cheers to an earth-friendly holiday season!
• 12 oz Frozen Peas and Carrots, thawed Have questions? Feel free to forward them to jaymie@
• 2 cup Frozen Hashbrowns, thawed
• 1 Onion diced Have a happy hippie week!
• 2 cans of Cream of Chicken Condensed Soup
• 1 cup Water Thousands Of Pieces
• 2 cans Refrigerated Crescent Rolls. Below Factory Price
• 1/2 tsp Poultry Seasoning
• Salt and Pepper to taste. Come Dress for Success
Cook chicken breasts until cooked through. Allow to cool. at Unbelievable Prices!
Sauté onions until transparent and set aside. Dice chicken into CLEARANCE
1/2″ cubes. Preheat oven to 350. SPORTSWEAR SALE ESPANOLA HIGH SCHOOL
Grease a 11×13″ baking dish.
Unroll 1 can of crescent rolls and pinch perforations to seal PROUD Friday, Nov 22nd - 9am to 9pm
into a sheet. Press into bottom and up sides of prepared dish. SPONSOR Saturday, Nov 23rd - 9am to 5pm
Don’t worry if sides do not go all the way up. Bake for 20
minutes or until crust is light brown. Allow to cool. OFFICE & ART SUPPLIES Hoodies - Reg: 35.00 NOW 3.99
In a large skillet, combine chicken cubes, diced onion, water, Winter Jackets Reg: 85.00 sale 19.99
potatoes and peas and carrots. Stir and cook over medium heat T-shirts As low As 1.99
until ingredients are warm (5-10 minutes). Hundreds of oversized Polar
Add soup and poultry seasoning and continue heating for Fleece As Low As 5.99 - Reg 39.99
another 5 minutes. If sauce looks too thick, slowly add a little
more water until desired consistency is reached. Pour chicken Around&About November 19, 2019 Page 5
mixture over baked crust and spread evenly.
Unroll other can of crescent rolls and pinch perforations to seal
into a sheet. Place over top of chicken mixture and press into
sides of dish. Bake for 25 minutes or until
top is golden brown.

Automotive services, maintenance
and repairs, oil/fluid changes, tires,

and much more!

Drop in7or0ca5ll -to8b6oo9k -y0ou3r a3pp3ointment

PaperWorks, 85 Centre Street, 705-869-6883

705-869-6883LPRPSoerepasraesytlcoei&EanrsslaFtOlao•stucTe•cnhad•VaseniR•ohkenIicntYelteoamsulss••FNoSoretSricvaeilceseHsiBgehsetsRt CatiercsuIlnatTioonwn&! In Memory of
Lawrence Doucette
It is with heavy hearts; the family of Lawrence
LOCAL HAIRSTYLIST PHYSIOTHERAPY OFFERED Doucette announces the passing of their
AMANDA FAIRBURN - formerly BY MARILYN WITTMANN - beloved father, grandfather and great
of Dittrich’s Hair Design is now Located at Physio Moves in the grandfather. On November 02, 2019, at the age
located at 120 Tudhope St. (across Espanola Hospital. Accepting new of 93; Dad/Papa passed away peacefully at Little
from Pharmasave). Please call patients. WSIB and MVA patients Current hospital surrounded by his family.
Amanda at (705)822-6161 to book welcome. Acupuncture available. Born in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia on January 13,
and appointment Stylez By Amanda Visit for 1926; Lawrence is the son of the late William
welcomes new clients. 1/21 services, rates, and hours, or call Doucette and Isabella nee Deveau. Growing up
705-988-3737. 12/24 - R during the depression he truly knew the
ROGER PICHETTE meaning of hardship.
BUILDING CONSTRUCTION NORTH CHANNEL Lawrence served in the army from 1944 to 1945.
– Over 45 years in the trade. Book CARPENTRY & GENERAL At the age of 22 he moved to Espanola and
your winter projects now. 705- SERVICES – All your renovation began his career at KVP in 1948. Dad was an
865-1128, or cell 705-862-1554. needs! Bathrooms/Kitchens, Garage/ achiever. He worked his way up to become a millwright. He was very passionate
11/26. Shed. Windows/Doors. Siding about the rights of employees and improving bene ts for families and because of
Installation, Flooring/Tiles. Wet that he joined the Local 74 union. He was a union committee member from 1975 to
HANDYMAN - ODD JOBS Basement & Foundation Repairs. 1978. Following that, he became President of the union from 1978 to 1980;
COLOMBUS. I install click Mini-Excavator. Licensed/Fully something his family is very proud of.
and tile flooring, ceramic tiles, Insured. Call 705-863-0095. 11/26 R He also developed the east side of Clear Lake known as Foucault Drive. He purchased
drywall, mud, paint, baseboards, a large parcel of property where he built three homes.
trim, door frames, doors, install ESPANOLA SELF STORAGE Our father loved the outdoors and being near water. He lived the last 15 years of his
cupboards, vanities, parging, – 6x8 and 8x10 Storage units life living in his cottage enjoying the sights and sounds of nature which was so dear to
siding, tub surround and more... available in Espanola. Located him. He was an avid hunter and sherman. He travelled abundantly but his favorite
call me Stephane Coulombe 705- behind the car wash. Call 705- place was the north. He truly loved the NorthwestTerritories.
863 -3434. 12/3 - R 869-8405. 12/24 - R Dad lived his life to the fullest. He was always humble and lived his life with integrity.
He led by example. He was a man of few words but loved deeply. He showed us what
DR. DARIO LAURENTI, D.C. CHERYL’S MASSAGE strength looks like.We are forever proud of him and love him beyond words.
- CHIROPRACTOR - 28 years’ THERAPY & ACUPUNCTURE Lawrence is survived by his sister Helen of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia and Bertha of
experience. Instrument, Manual, – To make an appointment Espanola.
Cranial Adjusting, Acupuncture, call 705-863-3223 or email He is predeceased by his wife Jeanine nee Laderoute and sisters Irene, Margaret,
Orthotics. Call 705-869-2737. All [email protected] Doris,Veronica and Evangeline.
Insurances accepted. 11/26 12/24 R Lawrence is the beloved father of Maureen (Pierre Emond), Janice (Don Andrews)
and Matthew (Karen).
TOTAL MAINTENANCE BINGOS He is loved dearly by his grandchildren Daena,Tisa, Reece, Kyle andVanessa and great
SERVICES - Carpentry, grandchildren Alina, Rhyis and Piper.
painting, steel & shingle roofing, MASSEY AGRICULTURAL A very big thank you to the attentive nursing sta and our lab
tree cutting, decks, dump runs. No SOCIETY. 1st Monday of the technologist Daena andTisa of Little Current hospital for your
job too big or too small. Call 705- month beginning January 6th, expertise and compassion for dad while he was in hospital.
936-6160 12/3 - R 2020. $1825 cash prizes. Massey Dad/Papa will live in our hearts forever.
Arena - bingo starts @ 7:00 p.m. Rest well; until we meet again.

FOR RENT HELP WANTED Children’s Clothes Closet - at Calvary Baptist Church Wednesday,
November 20 from 10 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. accepting winter clothes up to size 7.
FOR RENT - 1 bedroom apt.for ESPANOLA SKI HILL (Boogie Zion Lutheran Church Massey Harvest Supper – Sunday, November 24, 4:30 –
rent in Espanola heat hydro fridge Mountain) is looking for first aid 6:00 p.m., featuring a turkey dinner with all the fixings, salads and pies for dessert.
& stove included Available dec. patrol for the 2019-2020 season. Espanola Game And Fish Big Buck Night - Espanola Elk’s Hall on
1st 2019 for more information call Email Tom Hutchinson at GM@ Wednesday, November 27. Doors open at 6:30 p.m.
705-869-2692 or 705-869 8500. for more Spanish River Snowmobile Club Meeting - Thursday, November 28, 7:30 p.m. at
11/26 information. 11/19 the Spanish Town Office. Everyone is welcome to attend!!!
Spanish Area Christmas Market – Saturday, December 7 from 10:00 a.m. – 3:00
FOR SALE CLEANER (PART TIME) - p.m. at the Four Seasons Waterfront Complex. Admission: Voluntary donation to the
residential cleaning services with Spanish Medical Equipment Fund. All Proceeds go to the Medical Building Fund.
FOR SALE – 2007 650 V-Twin attention to detail. All equipment
Kawasaki Brute Force. Excellent and supplies provided. Must be Do you have a NOTE for the Community?
condition. Also limited amount experienced and professional.
of drywood, and kindling for Criminal record check required. We invite not-for-profit organizations to submit information on
backyard fires. Call Greg 705- Contact Olivadel Developments at their upcoming events in writing no later than
822-4734. 12/10 705-863-0487. 11/19 Wednesdays at 3:00 p.m. 25 Word Limit.
E-mail: [email protected]
EVENT CASUAL LABOURERS - for PaperWorks, 85 Centre Street, 705-869-6883
new housing under construction.
WEBBWOOD HOLIDAY Duties to include outdoor work:
MARKET GIFT SHOW & landscaping, groundskeeping, snow
TEA - Webbwood Eagles Club. shoveling, etc. Students welcome.
Saturday, November 23rd from Contact Olivadel Developments at
10am to 4pm. Contact Jen for 705-863-0487. 11/19
more info (705) 971 6703. 11/19

Around&About November 19, 2019 Page 6

S.D. 2001, C.25
Espanola Ski Hill RR.0.1990, Reg. 824
(Boogie Mountain)
is now hiring for the 2019/2020 season. SALE OF LAND BY PUBLIC TENDER
Positions available:
canteen sta , liftees, rental shop.
Please submit resumes to Take notice that tenders are invited for the purchase of the
land(s) described below and will be received until 3:00 pm
Tom Hutchinson, GM (email [email protected]) local time on December 10, 2019, at the municipal office,
or at the Espanola Recreation Complex 11 Birch Lake Road, Massey, Ontario P0P 1P0.

Employment Opportunity The tenders will then be opened in public on the same day at

The One Tot Stop Day Care – A.B. Ellis site and Massey Sites are 3:15 pm local time, at the municipal office, 11 Birch Lake
looking for reliable, flexible and caring individuals for a Permanent Road, Massey, Ontario.
Full Time Registered Early Childhood Educator posi�on and a
temporary full �me child care assistant contract posi�on. DESCRIPTION OF LAND(S):
Experience working with children is a must. Successful applicants will
be required to have a current vulnerable sector criminal reference File No.: 98,195 (ID SSR-18-22)
check, valid First aid and up to date immuniza�on. An Early Roll No.: 000-008-19500-0000
Childhood Educa�on diploma is required for the permanent posi�on. PIN: 73423-0501 (LT)
Please send your resume and cover le�er to Property: PCL 3 SEC D267; UNIT 3 PL D267
Box 695 Massey, ON, P0P 1P0,
or fax to 705-869-2646 or Minimum tender amount: $ 34,575.35
email to [email protected]
by Tuesday November 26th , 2019. Tenders must be submitted in the prescribed form and must
be accompanied by a deposit in the form of a money order or
More Drivers Needed! of a bank draft or cheque certified by a bank or trust
More drivers are needed for our busier season that is here! corporation payable to the municipality (or board) and
representing at least Twenty per cent (20%) of the tender
Required: Valid G license for 3+ years, clean Driver’s amount.
Abstract and clean Criminal Record Check (CPIC)
Except as follows, the municipality makes no representation
Assets: Smartserve certification, general knowledge of regarding the title to or any other matters relating to the
Espanola and surrounding areas land(s) to be sold. Responsibility for ascertaining these
matters rests with the potential purchasers.
Drop off resume at: 429 Mead Boulevard
OR This sale is governed by the Municipal Act, 2001, and the
Municipal Tax Sales Rules made under that Act. The successful
Email us at: [email protected] purchaser will be required to pay the amount tendered plus
accumulated taxes and the relevant land transfer tax.

The municipality has no obligation to provide vacant
possession to the successful purchaser.

For further information regarding this sale and a copy of
the prescribed form of tender contact:

Nicky Lamothe - PUBLISHER Title Name of Municipality
Patricia Deline, or Board
STAFF Treasurer Township of
Andrew Vondette - Office Sales-Graphic Design Advertising Manager Sables-Spanish Rivers
Rayann Muncaster - Office Sales/Production Co-ordinator
OFFICE & ART SUPPLIES Muriel Leblanc - Office Sales Manager

705-869-6883 Doreen Track - Office Sales/Data Entry Address of Municipality Phone No. of
Bill Leeney - Graphic Design or Board Municipality or Board
email: [email protected] Vickie Trahan - Bookkeeping
Around&About is printed locally by OJ Graphix INC.
Jaymie Muncaster - Proof Reading
Rosalind Russell - Correspondence
PJ Baskey - Office Sales/Production

Distribution by Around & About 11 Birch Lake Road, 705-865-2646
The advertiser agrees that the Publisher shall not be liable for damages arising out of errors in advertisements beyond Massey, Ontario POP 1PO
the amount paid for the space actually occupied by that portion of the advertisement in which the error occurred.
There shall be no liability for non insertion of any advertisement.The publisher reserves the right to edit,revise,classify or reject an advertisement.
Ad space must be reserved Wednesday to be placed in the following week’s issue. Copyright and/or property rights
subsist in all advertisements and in all other materials appearing in this edition of Around & About. Permission to
produce wholly, or in part, any part in any form whatsoever, particularly by photographic or offset process in
publications must be obtained in writing. Any unauthorized reproduction will be subject to recourse in law.

PaperWorks, 85 Centre Street, 705-869-6883 Around&About November 19, 2019 Page 7

Gift Ideas For
Someone “Special ”

Photo Books ORDER Gifts ORDER Metal Wall ORDER Hard Board ORDER
Prints Panels

Calendars • Photo Books • Canvases
Mini Collages • Hardboard Panels

Metal Wall Prints • Mugs/Water Bottles, Koozies
Playing Cards • Puzzles • Ornaments
Custom Cards • And much more!

Standard Prints

3x5 • 4x6 • 5x7 • 8x10


OFFICE & ART SUPPLIES 705-869-6883 85 Centre St., Espanola
Around&About November 19, 2019 Page 8

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