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Around & About November 26-2019 Issue 48, Vol.23


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November 26, 2019 Issue #48 - Volume 23
SUPER SAVINGS Waubetek Celebrates 30
Years With Awards
2019 sportsman 450
$6699 freight & STARTS WITH
pdi included

as little as $39 /week

Warning: ATVs can be hazardous to operate. Polaris adult models are for riders age 16 and older. For your safety,always DAYS ONLY!
wear a helmet,eye protection and protective clothing,and be sure to take a safety training course. For safety and training
information in the the SVIA at (800) 887-2887. You may also contact your Polaris dealer or call Polaris at (800) THURSDAY - SUNDAY
342-3764. For safety training in Canada,contact your local Polaris dealer. Polaris Industries Inc. ©
[email protected]
Open 7am Thursday & Friday

Green Today. Green For Life. By Rosalind Russell - The Waubetek OFFICE & ART SUPPLIES
Business Development Corporation
SOLID WASTE & RECYCLE SERVICES based in Whitefish River First Nation Standard Prints
705-869-2447 celebrated its 30th year with awards.
Of the four awards handed out at the gala 3x5 • 4x6 • 5x7 • 8x10
SEPTIC AND PORTABLE TOILETS this year, three are for local businesses.
705-869-2448 Kathryn Corbiere was awarded the STARTING
NEED A WASTE BIN OR CONTAINER? Continued on page four..
On site self serve photo
kiosk or do it from the
comfort of your own home.
Find unique gift ideas at

Automotive services, maintenance 12 ft crown mld 1/2"x 3 1/16
and repairs, oil/fluid changes, tires, Regular 24.99 Sale price 5.97

and much more!

Drop in7or0ca5ll -to8b6oo9k -y0ou3r a3pp3ointment

AFtinYgoeurrtip All The World’s
High Circulation • Competitive Rates A Circus
FREE distribution to your customers!
To Advertise in the Around & About
Business Directory, call 705-869-6883
[email protected]
&Plumbing Heating
Jason Cowles Good Grief! Your Mother’s Advice Was Right After

Certified Technician Ever since I discovered what has to be the of distracted driving.
Serving greatest of all 7,500 apple variations in the Scary to think that most of these old home
Espanola & Area Business 770055--856833--33303420 world, the Honey Crisp, I’ve been averaging remedies and wives tales are actually valid
Mobile one a day. Then I remembered that old but I have to admit, when I was a sick-in-bed

Sales & Service adage: “An apple a day keeps the doctor kid, my mother gave me warm ginger ale

Singh Dentistry away.” So I cancelled all my upcoming and guess what? Yup. Scientists now believe
medical appointments including surgery on that the chemical gingerols helps to relieve
my baby finger and double downed to two nausea and vomiting.
Dr. Maninder Singh a day. So old adages and unproven proverbs-they

Hours: FOR ALL OF Apparently the actual quote is: “Eat an apple can’t all be right! Right?
Monday 9-5 YOUR DENTAL NEEDS before you go to bed and you’ll keep the “Cleanliness is next to godliness.” No,
Tuesday Closed doctor from earning his bread.” I tried that because all atheists are not slobs.
Wednesday 9-5 State of the art facility too but the fruit disagreed with the Reese’s “Garlic makes a man wink, drink and stink.”
Thursday 9-5 We deal directly with Insurance Companies
Friday 9-5 Free dental whitening kit with new patient exam

91 Tudhope St., Espanola 705-869-1880 Pieces and Macieira. Okay, that one’s true.

Believe it or not, researchers have conducted “Birds of a feather flock together.” Not any
a study with 8,399 participants to determine more. Observations at zoo’s like the one in
if there was any truth to this medical maxim Denmark have seen gay penguins splitting
and...there was! The results published in an from the pack to steal eggs, hatching them
issue of JAMA Internal Medicine concluded and later proving to be better parents than
that 39% of daily apple eaters avoided straight birds.
doctor visits as compared to 34% of non- “Two heads are better than one.” Yes, unless
Tune into Local Channel 10 or come on out to apple eaters. The study also showed apple you’re a sheep born in Chernobyl after April
the Espanola Regional Recreation Complex. eaters were less likely to require prescription 26, 1986.

medicine as well so…“An apple a day keeps “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.”
the pharmacist at bay.” Sadly there is. Stats show that 499,415
In 2016 scientists tested British humorist, people used a food bank last year in the
P.G. Wodehouse’s 1930 claim that “fish province of Ontario, which is also home to
is good for the brain” and...damn! Right 198,000 millionaires, 118,000 in Toronto
again. Results showed that consumption of alone. However, nothing is “a dime a dozen”
SNOW PLOWING SERVICES fish boosts the grey matter in the brain that anymore; everything seems to cost “an arm
processes information and controls vision and a leg.”
705-865-1506 and memory. “Don’t count your chickens before they
“Carrots are good for eyesight.” Yup. hatch.” Actually with the rampant use of
Always wanted that Apparently Vitamin A produces rhodopsin steroids on poultry farms you have to count
dDrreeaammGKaitrcahgeen?? which improves eyesight in low light. An them before they hatch because they now
old friend named Dutchy Doerr would drive reach maturity in about 95 minutes and
Dream Spa Bathroom? to Florida all the while chomping carrots they quickly scatter like a bunch of marbles
Call us today. from a bowl in his lap, believing his eyesight dumped on the kitchen floor.

Financing available

For ALL your was improving as he went along. A second “Clothes make the man.” Yes, Don Cherry
renovation needs. *Reduced rate for low income seniors opinion concluded this was just another case
Continued on page three...

[email protected] SPACES AVAILABLE ESPACES DISPONIBLES ∙ New construction ∙ Renovations
SALES AND SERVICE OF: • furnaces • fireplaces • boilers Sacred Heart Daycare Garderie Saint-Joseph ∙ Garage packages

FREE ESTIMATES 705-869-3171 705-869-4800 Tel (705) 865-3113 Cell (705) 862-4294
Steve Donnelly Over 15 years experience locally OPEN 6AM to 8PM OUVERT de 6h à 18h

CARPENTRY & $84.99Andrew Vondette
Computer I.T. & Network Specialist
Around&About November 26, 2019 Page 2 Custom Design and Builds
Virus & Malware Removal
• Renovations • Bathrooms/Kitchens • Wet Basement/ FullSystmen Tune up & Optimization

• Flooring/Tiles • Garages/Sheds Foundation Repairs 1 Year Free Antivirus included! Offer Expires Dec 1-2019

• Windows/Doors • Decks/Fences • Mini-Excavator

705-863-0095 Licensed/Fully Insured 705-521-3459 Professional, Reliable, A ordable!

PaperWorks, 85 Centre Street, 705-869-6883

F Stor

Fresh and HOME GAME!!
Frozen Trout
Saturday, November 30, 7:00 pm

Live Lobster Rainbow Schools Celebrated Indigenous
Culture With Rock Your Mocs Day

Behind the Beer Store in Little Current Board Director of Education
Norm Blaseg says schools
705-368-3755 across the Sudbury and
Manitoulin districts celebrated
Continued from page two... smiles with you.” Yeah, Wearing moccasins is one of Rock Your Moc Day.
especially if it’s a crooked smile the ways students and staff in He says it is a global movement
proved this to be correct over with one front tooth missing. Rainbow Schools celebrate held every year in November
a period of nearly 40 years on “Beating around the bush” and Native heritage. to celebrate the traditions of
Coach’s Corner. On his last “Barking up the wrong tree”- Rainbow District School Indigenous Peoples.
broadcast he also validated that -that’s just your average dog Blaseg adds moccasins are an
old saw: “Loose lips sink ships.” trying to catch a squirrel. important part of Indigenous
“Cracking your knuckles causes “Opposites attract.” This must culture, and are as unique
arthritis.” Not true. Cracking be true because Milania Trump as the individuals who wear
your knuckles just annoys older is attractive, honest, modest, them.
people who probably do have thoughtful, slim, scandal-free,
arthritis. non-racist and against bullying Need personal cheques? QUANTITY
“You get warts from a frog or while her husband is...Donald. Visit us at 80 $24.80
toad peeing on you.” True. And And finally, not so much an
to remove those warts you must old saying but a new statistic 85 Centre St to Order! 160 $33.60
have a eunuch pee on them. that leapt off the page of a
(Okay, that one I made up.) newspaper trivia quiz I was OFFICE & ART SUPPLIES
“Sitting too close to the TV is doing on the weekend: “The
bad for your eyes.” No, sitting average human being passes gas Hearing Solutions
too close to the TV is bad for the 14 times a day.” With pen in
people sitting behind you. hand I did a quick but accurate for the Whole Family
“Everybody should drink eight calculation based on four guys Our Audiologists Michael Blythe and
glasses of water a day.” A myth I have drank beer with, played Jean Roveda have over 50 combined
I believe started by the people sports with and shared a hotel years of clinical experience.
who make Depends. Drink room with. Conclusion: in Call 705.673.2885 to schedule your
when you’re thirsty order for that statistic to be true hearing health assessment today!
“Early to bed, early to rise, there are 8,746 human beings in
makes a man healthy, wealthy the world who have never, ever 825 McKinnon Drive. Espanola, ON
and wise.” Maybe, except farted! Just sayin’.
women seem to achieve all that Oh, and: “You can tell a lot
and more on a lot less sleep. about an author by what he Conveniently located in the Espanola Hospital for over 20 years
“I love all my kids the same.” To writes.” Oops!
hell you do! Rephrase: “I love To buy a book or invite humorist Around&About November 26, 2019 Page 3
all my kids almost as much as I William Thomas To be your
love my dog.” guest speaker, go to
“It’s the booze talking.” No that
was you talking. And it won’t be willi[email protected]
the booze apologizing either!
“Smile and the whole world

Paroisse Saint Jude Parish
2020 Catholic Faith Calendars

are available.

Cost - $10.00

Len & NivesPFleoausceacuoltnatat c7t0:5-561-3410
Gisele at the parish o ce at 705-869-0025.

is would make a great Christmas gi !

PaperWorks, 85 Centre Street, 705-869-6883

New Shuttle Service To Continued from front page...
Accommodate Bus Travelers
Waubetek Celebrates 30 Years With Awards

Youth Entrepreneur Award for Enterprises of Sagamok-
her modern metal fabrication Anishnawbek First Nation
business on M’Chigeeng First was presented with the
Nation on Manitoulin Island. Enterpreneur of the Year
The Business Achievement Award in its role as a
Award was presented to community corporation.
Ben Kanasawe of Buzwah The organization has provided
Fisheries, an aquaculture $94 million in investment
business located in financing to more than 3,000
Wiikwemikoong. Aboriginal businesses through a
And, Z’Gamok development variety of industries since 1989.

PHOTO: Ontario Northland is no longer offering bus service around Former Espanola Man Recognized For
Manitoulin Island but is providing a new shuttle service to assist travelers Talent In Sound
from Little Current to Espanola. Photo by

Ontario Northland motor Ontario Northland will no
coach services around longer provide business
Manitoulin Island will end, around Manitoulin Island.
but a new shuttle service is The new shuttle service with
being set up to help travelers special rates for bus ticket
connect. holders will fill that gap
The new shuttle service will providing transportation to
be provided by All in One Taxi Espanola to connect with
of Little Current providing Ontario Northland and its
transportation from Little busing services to Sault Ste.
Current to Espanola. Marie, Sudbury and beyond.
As of this past Monday,

PHOTO: Former Espanola resident, Mike Ashton, has been recognized
by the Metalworks Institute of Sound and Music Production with a 2019
Alumni Award of Merit for his work in sound. Photo provided by MISMP.

A former Espanola resident is Trek Discovery, Cardinal and
being recognized for his work Titans Netflix.
in sound for various television Star Trek Discovery
series. was nominated for four
The Metalworks Institute of International Emmy Awards
Sound and Music Production this year including Outstanding
has presented a 2019 Alumni Sound Design.
Award of Merit to Mike Read about all of Metalworks
Ashton in recognition of his Institute’s 2019 Alumni Award
work in the sound department. of Merit recipients: https://
Ashton has worked on such
award-winning series as Star alumni-awards-of-merit-2019/

Around&About November 26, 2019 Page 4 “The store for all your electronic and music needs”

Located in the Espanola Mall

Vintage Electronics & Sound (2008)


PaperWorks, 85 Centre Street, 705-869-6883

Christmas Is Just Around The Corner

By Grant Lewis - It is difficult through school activities to Going into
to think that Christmas is just make this Christmas special
around the corner again.... by “shopping for kids.” The Grade 9
what with some snow,little Lions club will match what is
frost and cool temperatures collected at the two schools! RNEGOISWTE!R
at least at the time of writing Unbelievable! And stay tuned
this. But there are many clues for the Annual Teddy Bear Information Nights
in Espanola that signal the toss at one of the upcoming
arrival of the festive season. Express hockey games. So Espanola High School
The Christmas Cantata has keep in mind the Angel tree
released its schedule of at Tanner’s, the toy tree at Thursday, November 28, 2019 at 6 pm sure sign. The the T.D. Bank; the gift tree at
Lions Christmas Telethon for the Family Health Team, and Kristina Rivard Gobbo, Principal | 705.869.1590 | 147 Spruce Avenue, Espanola
kids on December 7th is proof decorations at Giant Tiger, and
positive that Christmas is toys at the Hart Store. Manitoulin Secondary School
indeed not far off. You can help out of course
This means that the Lions Club by tuning in to the Telethon. Thursday, February 20, 2020 at 6 pm
toy drive is close by and in This year, eight members of
some cases has already started. the club will be manning the Jamie Mohamed, Principal | 705.368.7000 | 107 Bay Street, M’Chigeeng
Once again the town shows its phones at 4:00 p.m. Last year
generosity by supporting our we had just over forty talented All Grade 8 students and their parents/guardians are
local businesses as they strive wrappers (not rappers), help invited to the Information Nights, regardless of which
to make the festive season Santa get the thousands of elementary school students currently attend.
more special for hundreds gifts ready for delivery. The
of kids. The Helping Hand date this year for wrapping This guide for students and
Food Bank, Family Health will be Thursday, December parents/guardians is a must-read
Team, Tanner’s , the Espanola 19th, in the Georgian Room for all students making the
Nursing Home, Giant Tiger, at the Pinewood, starting at transition from Grade 8 to Grade 9.
the United Church, our local 10:00 a.m. So bring your To access the guide online,
schools, the Hart Store, the scissors, talent and a friend and visit
Toronto Dominion Bank, the afterwards join us for lunch. Click on Programs,
Pinewood Motor Inn, and Delivery of the gifts will be then Secondary Education.
the North Shore Pins and Saturday December 21st in To learn more, contact your Rainbow secondary school
Needle Stitchery Guild are all the morning. It is a busy time or email [email protected]
providing tremendous support for everyone but this town
for our toy drive once again. has ALWAYS managed to Around&About November 26, 2019 Page 5
Sacred Heart Catholic School remember those who need our
and A.B. Elllis Public School help and support at Christmas!
will be using funds raised

Preschool and School Age
spaces available at our S.
Geiger and St. Mary Sites.
For more information, please call
Janice at 705-865-3281

Massey: 705-865-3281 • Espanola: 705-869-3282
Email: [email protected] •

PaperWorks, 85 Centre Street, 705-869-6883


705-869-6883LPSRPoerepasraesytlcoei&EanrsslaFtOlao•stucTe•cnhad•VaseniR•ohkenIicntYelteoamsulss••FNoSoretSricvaeilceseHsiBgehsetsRt CatiercsuIlnatTioonwn&! Happy 80th



Manicure & Aquatherm Facial for experience. Instrument, Manual,
only $99! Gift Certificates available. Cranial Adjusting, Acupuncture,
Call today 249-200-5484 or check us Orthotics. Call 705-869-2737. All
out on Facebook.” Insurances accepted. 11/26
November 30 between 1 and 4.
LOCAL HAIRSTYLIST TOTAL MAINTENANCE Refreshments and snacks will be served.
AMANDA FAIRBURN - formerly SERVICES - Carpentry,
of Dittrich’s Hair Design is now painting, steel & shingle roofing, Recipe
located at 120 Tudhope St. (across tree cutting, decks, dump runs. No
from Pharmasave). Please call job too big or too small. Call 705- ‘Tis the season to entertain
Amanda at (705)822-6161 to book 936-6160 12/3 - R and if you are like me, you
an appointment Stylez By Amanda have your regular favourite
welcomes new clients. 1/21 PHYSIOTHERAPY OFFERED appetizers and dips that you
BY MARILYN WITTMANN - like to serve. I think Nacho
Call 705-869-6883 Located at Physio Moves in the dip is a common dip found
Espanola Hospital. Accepting new at most parties and the following recipe is similar but is
To Place Your patients. WSIB and MVA patients made using seafood sauce and shrimp. Be sure to inform
welcome. Acupuncture available. your guests that it contains shrimp in case someone has a
Classified Ad!! Visit for seafood allergy.
services, rates, and hours, or call Shrimp Platter
HANDYMAN - ODD JOBS 705-988-3737. 12/24 - R • 8 oz pkg cream cheese
COLOMBUS. I install click • ½ cup sour cream
and tile flooring, ceramic tiles, CHERYL’S MASSAGE • ¼ cup mayonnaise
drywall, mud, paint, baseboards, THERAPY & ACUPUNCTURE • 1 cup seafood sauce
trim, door frames, doors, install – To make an appointment • ½ green pepper
cupboards, vanities, parging, call 705-863-3223 or email • ½ red pepper
siding, tub surround and more... [email protected] • 4 green onions
call me Stephane Coulombe 705- 12/24 R • Sliced olives (green or black)
863 -3434. 12/3 - R • 1 large tomato
FOR RENT • 1 can shrimp
• 1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese
ESPANOLA SELF STORAGE FOR RENT - 1 bedroom apt.for Place this on a dish or platter that you will serve it on. Mix cream
– 6x8 and 8x10 Storage units rent in Espanola heat hydro fridge cheese, sour cream and mayonnaise together and spread thinly
available in Espanola. Located & stove included Available dec. over the bottom of the dish. Spread on seafood sauce. Finely
behind the car wash. Call 705- 1st 2019 for more information call chop vegetables, except the tomato. Sprinkle these and the
869-8405. 12/24 - R 705-869-2692 or 705-869 8500. olives, over the sauce. Rinse shrimp under cold water. Drain
11/26 well. Dice the tomato. Do not add the tomato or shrimp until
NORTH CHANNEL serving time. At serving time, scatter the shrimp and tomato
CARPENTRY & GENERAL FOR SALE across the top and sprinkle with the mozzarella cheese. Serve
SERVICES – All your renovation with nacho chips or crackers.
needs! Bathrooms/Kitchens, Garage/ FOR SALE – 2007 650 V-Twin
Shed. Windows/Doors. Siding Kawasaki Brute Force. Excellent
Installation, Flooring/Tiles. Wet condition. Also limited amount
Basement & Foundation Repairs. of drywood, and kindling for
Mini-Excavator. Licensed/Fully backyard fires. Call Greg 705-
Insured. Call 705-863-0095. 11/26 R 822-4734. 12/10


SOCIETY. 1st Monday of the December 7, 2019 from 10:00
month beginning January 6th, 2020. – 4:00 p.m. at the Espanola
$1825 cash prizes. Massey Arena - Complex. To register as a vendor
bingo starts @ 7:00 p.m. 04-28 contact Donna Macdonald 705-
936-7559. 12/3

OFFICE & ART SUPPLIES Nicky Lamothe - PUBLISHER Distribution by Around & About
STAFF The advertiser agrees that the Publisher shall not be liable for damages arising out of errors
705-869-6883 in advertisements beyond the amount paid for the space actually occupied by that portion
Andrew Vondette - Office Sales-Graphic Design Advertising Manager of the advertisement in which the error occurred.
email: [email protected] Rayann Muncaster - Office Sales/Production Co-ordinator There shall be no liability for non insertion of any advertisement.The publisher reserves the
Around&About is printed locally by OJ Graphix INC. Muriel Leblanc - Office Sales Manager right to edit, revise, classify or reject an advertisement.
Doreen Track - Office Sales/Data Entry Ad space must be reserved Wednesday to be placed in the following week’s issue. Copyright
Bill Leeney - Graphic Design and/or property rights subsist in all advertisements and in all other materials appearing in
Vickie Trahan - Bookkeeping this edition of Around & About. Permission to produce wholly, or in part, any part in any form
Jaymie Muncaster - Proof Reading whatsoever, particularly by photographic or offset process in publications must be obtained
Rosalind Russell - Correspondence in writing. Any unauthorized reproduction will be subject to recourse in law.
PJ Baskey - Office Sales/Production

Around&About November 26, 2019 Page 6 PaperWorks, 85 Centre Street, 705-869-6883

DESMARAIS, KEENAN LLP Municipal Act;. 2001
S.D. 2001, C.25
RR.0.1990, Reg. 824

Espanola Game And Fish Big Buck Night - Espanola Elk’s FORM 6
Hall on Wednesday, November 27. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. SALE OF LAND BY PUBLIC TENDER
Spanish River Snowmobile Club Meeting - Thursday, November
28, 7:30 p.m. at the Spanish Town Office. Everyone is welcome to THE TOWNSHIP OF SABLES-SPANISH RIVERS
Spanish Area Christmas Market – Saturday, December 7 from Take notice that tenders are invited for the purchase of the
10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. at the Four Seasons Waterfront Complex. land(s) described below and will be received until 3:00 pm
Admission: Voluntary donation to the Spanish Medical Equipment local time on December 10, 2019, at the municipal office,
Fund. All Proceeds go to the Medical Building Fund. 11 Birch Lake Road, Massey, Ontario P0P 1P0.

Do you have a NOTE for the Community? The tenders will then be opened in public on the same day at

We invite not-for-profit organizations to submit information on 3:15 pm local time, at the municipal office, 11 Birch Lake
their upcoming events in writing no later than Road, Massey, Ontario.
Wednesdays at 3:00 p.m. 25 Word Limit.
E-mail: [email protected] DESCRIPTION OF LAND(S):

Welcome to Local Hippie’s File No.: 98,195 (ID SSR-18-22)
weekly tip for living a greener Roll No.: 000-008-19500-0000
life! Each week we will provide PIN: 73423-0501 (LT)
you with a quick tip to help you Property: PCL 3 SEC D267; UNIT 3 PL D267
reduce your carbon footprint and SALTER; SABLES-SPANISH RIVERS
change the world.
This week’s tip: be earth-friendly Minimum tender amount: $ 34,575.35
with your Christmas lights!
For a lot of people, Christmas lights Tenders must be submitted in the prescribed form and must
are what make the holiday season so magical! I have always loved be accompanied by a deposit in the form of a money order or
driving through town and checking out everyone’s twinkling of a bank draft or cheque certified by a bank or trust
houses, but have you ever thought about their environmental corporation payable to the municipality (or board) and
impact? Christmas lights can use up a huge amount of energy! representing at least Twenty per cent (20%) of the tender
Here are a few ways to keep them as earth-friendly as possible: amount.
> For your outdoor lighting, try solar-powered lights. These are
as earth-friendly as it gets! Except as follows, the municipality makes no representation
> For your indoor lighting, use LED Lights. They use 80% less regarding the title to or any other matters relating to the
energy and last 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs! Your land(s) to be sold. Responsibility for ascertaining these
planet AND your electrical bill will thank you for it. matters rests with the potential purchasers.
> Only turn Christmas tree lights on when you’re actually in
the room to enjoy them. Don’t waste energy by leaving them This sale is governed by the Municipal Act, 2001, and the
on all day long for no one to see. Municipal Tax Sales Rules made under that Act. The successful
> Scale back a bit. As fun as it is to see every square-inch of purchaser will be required to pay the amount tendered plus
a house covered in lights, it uses A LOT of energy! Only use accumulated taxes and the relevant land transfer tax.
lights to high-light key parts of your home.
> Turn your outdoor Christmas lights off before you go to bed, The municipality has no obligation to provide vacant
or put them on a timer that will remember to do it for you! possession to the successful purchaser.
Cheers to an earth-friendly holiday season!
Have questions? Feel free to forward them to [email protected] For further information regarding this sale and a copy of the prescribed form of tender contact:
Have a happy hippie week!
Title Name of Municipality
Moose Patricia Deline, or Board
Corner Treasurer Township of
Sables-Spanish Rivers
The Moose 99.3 FM CJJM - Espanola is proud to support local
charities and organizations. If you have an event you want to Address of Municipality Phone No. of
or Board Municipality or Board
share, please call Roz at 705-869-6397 or email your
information to: [email protected] The Moose- Espanola's 11 Birch Lake Road, 705-865-2646
Massey, Ontario POP 1PO
Biggest Variety! Your Station, Your News, Your Stories
Around&About November 26, 2019 Page 7
PaperWorks, 85 Centre Street, 705-869-6883

Gift Ideas For
Someone “Special ”

Photo Books ORDER Gifts ORDER Metal Wall ORDER Hard Board ORDER
Prints Panels

Calendars • Photo Books • Canvases
Mini Collages • Hardboard Panels

Metal Wall Prints • Mugs/Water Bottles, Koozies
Playing Cards • Puzzles • Ornaments
Custom Cards • And much more!

Standard Prints

3x5 • 4x6 • 5x7 • 8x10


OFFICE & ART SUPPLIES 705-869-6883 85 Centre St., Espanola
Around&About November 26, 2019 Page 8

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