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Around & About December 4, 2018 Issue 49, Vol 22


Sale 51.99 Reg 129.99

Selected Frost Women's
Winter Boots. Comfort
FrRatIeDdAtYo,-D40E°CCE. M187B-1E02R0X7. TO THURSDAY, DECEMBER 13, 2018

DecCehmebce6kr 0oFluy%teroounrlineSAVE
Sale 3.99 Reg 9.99 SAVE
90 Gray Street, Unit 3
3-Pack Traditional 60% Espanola, ON
Gift Wrap. Each roll 705.682.3362 Ext 900
30 x 120˝. 3 designs Disclaimer. This is a N-4 final print National zone 0 flyer.
® LET’S per pack. 151-6280-6. Sale 51.99 Reg 129.99

SQUARE Selected Frost Women's
Winter Boots. Comfort
rated to -40°C. 187-1020X.
Pricing Valid until December 31 2018, unless noted

OP Brand Heavy
Duty File Boxes
27811-30016 12/ctn 54.49 ctn
27811-30017 4/pk 18.59 pk

- 12” W x 15” D x 10” H

2018 COMPLETE SAFETY-850lb.StackStrength

Reg 9.99
3-Pa®ck Traditional
Gift Wrap. Each roll
30 x 120˝. 3 designs
per pack. 151-6280-6.
SAVEMMF Industries® Med-Master®

Medication Management Case

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- Cheaper than a safe !
Bounty® Select-A-Size™ Paper Towels AVAILABLE


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Food Grinder with
3 Settings. 43-2331-8.
60 wDwiscwlai.maerro. TuhnisdisaanNd-4afibnaol purtin.tcNaational zone 0 flyer. 50 3 Settings. .A. B.37000-74699 6KHHWV SN12.99 pk
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A. 57246-88059
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C. 57246-88068
D. 57246-88051
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DEA!S CONTACT US TO DRISegCU12S9S..99-299.99 Food Slicer,F.57246-88029
- 3 Digit combo lock & hidden
hinge for tamper-proof security.

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First Base® Letterhead, Envelopes & Seals

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6QRZ\ 3LQHV 57246-88099 5HG 57246-88065 *ROG
5HG $FFHQWV 1039 59940/pk.
2018 POLARIS December 4, 2018 Issue #49 - Volume 22 S$BFoA5rooidVlePrE0.rocesSsoarl.eor9T9o.9a9ster Oven62925/pk.
8799INDY VOYAGER 155 Giving Back To The Save up to $50 Sale 99.99-249.99
PLUS PDI, Community - Moose
FREIGHT BONUS DAYReg 129.99-299.99 Food Slicer,
AND TAX Radiothon 2018 Food Processor or Toaster Oven
Broiler. 43-2330X.



DAY ONLY!Collect a bonus
Collect a total of


Warning: Snowmobilescanbehazardoustooperate. Polarisadultmodelsareforridersage16andolder. Foryoursafety,always Collect a bonus Collect a total of
wearahelmet,eyeprotectionandprotectiveclothing,andbesuretotakeasafetytrainingcourse. Youmayalsocontactyour
PolarisdealerorcallPolarisat(800)342-3764. ForsafetytraininginCanada,contactyourlocalPolarisdealer.PolarisIndustriesInc. © X X1 1

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Set. 1⁄4˝S,e3⁄t8.˝1⁄4a˝n, 3d⁄8˝1⁄a2˝n-dd1r⁄2i˝ IInncclluuddiinnggAAutuotoSeSrevircveicinestianlsletdalpleadrtsp,atirrtess, atinrdes and
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Paying back is a big part of what the20-Pc Screwdriver Set. 57-3572-6. Reg 9.99 Seal-It
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Moose 99.3FM CJJM - Espanola iRseg 9.99 Seal-It
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& AREA1!8! 9 Need new equipment?SPECIAL BUYPedestalSoundChair.
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705-356-3444 70 SAVELogosBulTuberwteooooatfthem®r anednt - Storefront
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1-800-587-3599 70%5-869-1683299-4182-2.
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Locate$d in the Espanola Mall NOW STOCKING $Y1ET0I P0RODUCTS!SAVE
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tronics & Sound$ %
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Synthetic and Ultra
Save $80 Sale 79.99 Reg 159.99 Stealth 12MP Game Sale 349.99 14.59/month†† Reg 599.99
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Camera Combo. 50´ IR & sensor range. Up to 15-sec 3550W/4450W Portable Gas Generator. Features SAVESelected grades.
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AFtinYgoeurrtip All The World’s
High Circulation • Competitive Rates A Circus
FREE distribution to your customers!
To Advertise in the Around & About
Business Directory, call 705-869-6883
[email protected]
&Plumbing Heating
Jason Cowles How To Tell If Your Minister Is Also An Atheist

Serving Certified Technician Toronto minister Reverend Gretta Vosper non-belief in a “theistic, interventionist,
Espanola & Area 770055--856833--33303420 is a brave woman. Defiantly, every Sunday supernatural being known as God.”
Business morning she stands before the congregation The Reverend and her followers are
Mobile of her West Hill United Church as both a confident she can deliver on the standard
professed atheist and an ordained minister. tenets and basic faiths of the church while
Sales & Service To me an atheist minister sounds a lot like still denying the belief of one God as the
a vegan hunter or a pacifist mercenary but creator and ruler of the Universe. Still any
RON RIVET then again, we live in a world where reality sermon criticizing non-believers will be
is running for dear life with its pants down very, very awkward.
CLEANING SERVICES around its ankles. Gretta Vesper may be the first atheist
25 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE Until last week the United Church of minister in Canada but you can bet she
Canada planned to put Rev. Gretta Vosper won’t be the last. With members fleeing the
• Carpet & Upholstery • Tile & Grout on trial for heresy but instead reached a churches of all mainstream religions these
Cleaning Cleaning settlement in which the maverick minister days, allowing some personal choice and
could keep both her skeptical faith and her free thinking may slow the exodus. Trust 705-862-1914 job. Until then the woman was about to be me, there will be more preachers doubling
‘defrocked’ which I’m guessing, sounds as doubting Thomases.
Tune into Local Channel 10 or come on out to like something Stormy Daniels would do at Here then are sure fire signs your minister
the Espanola Regional Recreation Complex. a bachelor party for ten bucks a head. might also be an atheist.
Ordained 25 years ago, Rev. Vosper has • She spells God with a small “g”, He with a
Crown Realty (1989) inc., Brokerage been upfront about her atheism and non- small “h” and She with a capital “S.”
Independently owned and operated belief in the Bible. While most church goers • He refers to the Garden of Eden as both
find her split beliefs at fundamental odds “the original paradise” and “a nifty little
[email protected] 114 Mead Street, Unit 2 with the doctrine and values of the United time share opportunity.” Espanola, Ontario P5E 1S5 Church, her own congregation seems to be • When someone in the congregation
quite supportive of her leadership. accuses him of making a deal with the
Cell: (705) 862-4188 Bus: (705) 869-4230 Interestingly enough, her situation grabbed Devil he laughs and says: “Satan! Hell, I
Fax: (705) 869-6299 headlines when she wrote a letter to the thought you said Santa!”
church’s spiritual leader after the January • She chastises the Three Wise Men for
New Clients Always Welcome 2015 terrorist massacre at the Charlie giving the baby Jesus gifts of frankincense
Hebdo newspaper office in Paris. Her point: and myrrh by asking: “Who forgot the
Formerly belief in God can motivate bad things. diapers?”
With her contradictory situation now • He arrives at the church food drive
resolved, Rev. Vosper feels vindicated and wearing a T-Shirt that reads: “Hear No Evil
free to preach church doctrine despite her
Continued on page three...

Advertise here for as
little as $26 per week
[email protected] •No Appt. Needed Oil Changes
•Rustproofing •Vehicle Detailing
SALES AND SERVICE OF: • furnaces • fireplaces • boilers
Call 705-869-6883 for details 20 McCulloch Dr. (Behind the Mall)
Steve Donnelly Over 15 years experience locally
Don’s Electric
•Special Rates for Seniors Singh Dentistry
(705) 869-0511
•Renovations •Light Plumbing Dr. Maninder Singh
•Light Electrical •Shed Packages Cell (705)-862-0753
•Siding •Demolition FOR ALL OF
•Dump runs •Tree Removal Hours: YOUR DENTAL NEEDS E.C.R.A./E.S.A. #7009119
Monday 9-5 Email: [email protected]
Tuesday Closed
•Lawn Cutting •Snow removal Wednesday 9-5 State of the art facility
•Decks/patio and Fencing. Thursday 9-5 We deal directly with Insurance Companies
Free dental whitening kit with new patient exam Friday 9-5

91 Tudhope St., Espanola 705-869-1880

Around&About December 4, 2018 Page 2 A&A, PaperWorks, 85 Centre Street, 705-869-6883

Sacred Heart Daycare Centre Street Banner Contest Winners In Espanola

INFANT, TODDLER, PRESCHOOL Espanola locals winning Just over 390 people voted
BEFORE AND AFTER SCHOOL designs will replace the for the winning designs at this
Invest Local banners for the year’s Pumpkin Festival in
Financial Assistance is available for those who qualify downtown and Highway 6 October.
For more information, please call corridor. With this success, the artistic
Espanola Mayor, Ron Piche, work is not done. Piche adds
705-869-3171 says the winners of the the town will be hosting a
“Capture our Community” winter street banner contest in street banner contest are: Merle the near future.
Canjar’s water colour, Kelli Photo: The winners of the
Continued from page two... Hill’s acrylic and photography Espanola street banner contest
and Shylene Lingenfelter’s are Merle Canjar’s water
Have No Fun.” suggests a label on the cover photography. colour, Kelli Hill’s acrylic
• She urges her parishioners of the Bible: “The following Piche adds the winning designs and photography and Shylene
to attend her special Saturday pages contain scenes of will be produced locally at OJ Lingenfelter’s photography.
night sermon: “What is Hell?” violence and animal sacrifice. Graphix and will be hung this Photo provided by Town of
followed by a practice session Viewer discretion is advised.” coming spring. Espanola.
of the church. • You get the feeling he’s not
• When confronted about his big on Blasphemy when he GNIaFmTe:CERTIFICATE
belief in the Bible he refers to refers to Benny Hinn and
it as “a gassy novel that sold so Creflo Dollar Jr. as “a real pair ONTARIO CANADA
badly they had to give it away.” of A-holes!”
• She breaks a finger nail on the • She claims the “Light at the
pulpit and yells: “Holy Crap!” end of the tunnel” prophecy
• In a sermon about the Jews has been eliminated by the high
place in Christianity, your cost of energy since Kathleen
minister gets ‘catechism’ Wynne sold Ontario Hydro.
confused with ‘circumcision’ • When cornered about his
and the service had to be emphasis of superstition over
cancelled due to excessive religion he throws up his hands
laughter. and says: “Don’t get me started
• Blaming her dyslexia, she about the Amish!”
often refers to the faithfulness • She has reduced the Ten
of the dog, instead of God. Commandments to six and
• He ends each sermon with a wants “Though shalt not covet
rousing sing-a-long of: “Darwin thy neighbour’s house” based
Loves You, Yes He Does!” on fair market value.
• Claiming he has converted • His sermon on Easter Sunday
Jehovah Witnesses to his featuring the Resurrection was
congregation, she warns her titled: “Christ Calls In Sick.”
flock about people coming to • And finally, you know
their doors on Sundays who do your minister is sitting on
not want to talk about ‘God’. Christianity’s fence when she
• From the outset she has refers to Heaven as “a bridge
followed two books of religious too far with really nice gates.”
thought – The Bible and The
Rebuttal. For comments, ideas and
• Noting the murder, rape, copies of
stoning and eye-gouging in the The Legend of Zippy Chippy,
New Testament, your minister go to

Starts Dec1, expires Dec 24th, 2018
Friday, December 14, 7:30 pm ONTARIO CANADA
Around&About December 4, 2018 Page 3
A&A, PaperWorks, 85 Centre Street, 705-869-6883

Addiction Clinic Opens In Espanola Continued from front page...

A new addiction service is being help, so this program will provide Giving Back To The Community - Moose
offered by the Espanola Family quick access to services for Radiothon 2018
Health Team. anyone throughout the Espanola
A Rapid Addiction Access and North Shore catchment area Anchor, Rosalind Russell. for such worthwhile projects,”
Medicine Clinic, called RAAM seeking supports. adds Russell.
(RAM) is for people looking “Although the yearly goal is This year’s 12-hour radiothon,
for help with alcohol or opiates The clinic is located at the which runs from 6:00am to
addiction. Espanola Family Health Team set at $1-million, VISTA has 6:00pm on Friday, December
The doctors at the clinic know clinic or call 705-869-1420, and 7th at the CJJM studios at 90
how difficult it can be to ask for ask for extension 4245. consistently raised between Gray Street in Espanola, will
focus on raising $9,000 for
$3 to $4 million over the last a new IV pump and another
$6,000 for a new physio bed.
few years. “We, perhaps, will all need
these vital pieces of equipment
“I’m proud that Espanola is in the future,” says Russell.
“Having this life-saving IV
part of that. Ever since the pump available and being able
to help people with physical
Santa’s Big Day Celebrated With The first one, which I dubbed the ailments, especially if they
Espanola Lions Club have suffered back injuries,
Sharing the Spirit campaign with the physio bed, is the
focus of this year’s fundraiser.
way back when, it is one of “All donations, big and small,
are welcome. We welcome
the biggest events we host everyone to drop by our
studios to say hi to Mike
throughout the year. (Dunn) and Terri (Noble)
from the foundation and other
“Since the first radiothon, our special guests. And, if you
would like to sing a song or
charity of choice has been our two, or play an instrument,
come on down and entertain
very own Espanola Regional our listeners.”

Hospital Foundation,

since health care is such a

high priority for our area,

Santa arrived on a red carpet, Districts also hosted a skate especially for our seniors.
albeit in a sleigh, in fine form on exchange and the Espanola
Saturday, November 24th for his Figure Skating Club held a “We have successfully raised
annual fete in Espanola. yummy bake sale.
Espanola Lions Club members Santa Claus capped off the day thousands of dollars over the
were on hand to help him spreading Holiday wishes to the
with meeting kids, feeding the crowds who took in his annual last seven years, the biggest
youngsters hotdogs and helping parade later in the evening.
out with their annual free swim Visit our website for more photos. project being the Espanola
and skate. Photos by Town of Espanola and
Public Health Sudbury & Rosalind Russell Therapeutic Park, which will

be constructed this Spring

for our long-term residents

at the hospital site. It’s

absolutely wonderful to see

the community, organizations

and individuals come together

Radiothon Raises $5,600 For A Little Rain Didn’t Dampen Holiday Spirits
Elks Hamper Fund For Annual Parade

The 2018 Espanola ElksAnnual $750 from the Lions Club Kudos to the many businesses Judges Choice Dansations;
Hamper Fund Radiothon will and $500 from the Espanola and organizations that took Community Spirit Espanola
provide a Christmas hamper Legion to name just a few. part in this year’s Santa Claus Scouts and Best Business
to around 200 families in the Volunteers will purchase all Parade in Espanola. Appliance Shop.
Espanola and North Shore area. the fixings for a complete Despite the steady rain, smiles
The Elks teamed up once Christmas dinner, which will and good wishes reigned Visit our website to see
again with the Moose 99.3FM be delivered on December supreme for the annual event. photos from this years annual
for Saturday’s radiothon in 22nd in time for Christmas This year’s winners include: parade.
the Espanola Mall and raised Day.
$5,600 and counting.
Some of the larger donations Visit our website to see photos
includes $1,498 from Freshco, from this years Radiothon.

The One Tot Stop Day Care,A.B.Ellis Site WINTER TIRE SALE!!
has Infant and Toddler spaces available.
For more information, please
call Devina at 705-869-3282 FOR YOUR WINTER
or email [email protected] 705-869-0333

Massey: 705-865-3281 • Espanola: 705-869-3282
Email: [email protected] •

Around&About December 4, 2018 Page 4


Phone: (705) 865-2646 Fax: (705) 865-2736
Email: [email protected]
11 Birch Lake Road, Massey, ON, P0P 1P0

Season’s Greetings – Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday!

The Municipal Office & Public Works will be closed for the holidays as follows:
Monday, December 24, 2018
Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Wednesday, December 26, 2018
Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Employment Opportunity PARKING BYLAW

PARKS & RECREATION DEPARTMENT With the winter season soon to be upon us, this is a reminder that
pursuant to Bylaw 2009-40 no persons shall park a vehicle on any
The Township of Sables-Spanish Rivers is accepting applications from municipal road allowance between the hours of 2a.m. and 8a.m., or
interested individuals to fill 2 casual, part-time operator positions. during other periods of snowplowing operations, from November 1st
These are part-time positions, and the days and hours of work may to March 31st, except for emergency and health care vehicles.
vary from week to week with scheduling being at the discretion of the Any vehicles interfering with snowplowing operations will be ticketed
Parks & Recreation Coordinator. or towed away at the owner’s expense.
The successful candidates will possess excellent organizational and
leadership ability, knowledge of equipment, vehicles and materials MASSEY-WALFORD FOOD BANK
used in the recreation area. Skills in ice-making, refrigeration and ANNUAL FOOD DRIVE POSTPONED
other mechanical maintenance for municipal recreational facilities will
be considered an asset. A criminal records check/vulnerable sector The Massey-Walford Foodbank has moved (beside Poirier’s
check is required from the successful candidates. Confectionery) so we have decided to postpone the “Annual Firefighter’s
Written applications shall be accepted by the undersigned until 12:00 Food Drive” until spring while we adjust to our new space.
p.m., Friday, December 14, 2018. E-mail and faxed resumes accepted. The Massey Library will continue to accept items for our food pantry
Kim Sloss, Clerk-Administrator at any time throughout the year.
11 Birch Lake Road Thank you to the Sables-Spanish Rivers Firefighters and our
Massey, Ontario P0P 1P0 communities for their continued support.
Phone: 705-865-2646 Sincerely,
Fax: 705-865-2736 Food Bank Volunteers
Email: [email protected]


1988 Champion 740 Grader (at PW South Yard) Friday, December 7, 2018 - 6:00 pm until 8:00 pm!
reserve bid of $10,000. Shop Local and Celebrate the Magic of the Season
1999 International Tandem Truck (at Walford Truck & Tractor) Bring your kids, friends and pets to have your picture taken with Santa
reserve bid of $10,000. Claus
All equipment is “as is – where is”. Other reasonable offers may be (Proceeds to go to local charities)
Scavenger Hunt, prizes and deals galore!
considered. For more information contact Kerry at Massey Home Hardware –
Appointment to view – call 705-862-2010 or 705-865-2626 ext 229 705-865-2135

Sealed written bids must specify the equipment being bid on and be
Closed – December 24th, 25th, 26th & 31st, 2018
received by 12:00 noon on December 28, 2018 Closed – January 1st, 2019

EXERCISE CLASS December 27th from 12:00 – 1:00 pm
December 28th from 6:30 – 8:30 pm
Webbwood Library – Tuesdays 1:00 p.m. January 2nd & January 3rd from 12:00 – 1:00 pm
Walford Community Centre – Tuesdays 1:00 p.m. January 4th from 6:30 – 8:30 pm
Massey Arena – Wednesdays 2:00 p.m. Free Holiday Shinny: December 27th & January 2nd & 3rd from
Contact the Arena for more information 705-865-2519 1:00 p.m. – 2:00 pm
December 28th & January 4th from 5:30 – 6:30 pm

Around&About December 4, 2018 Page 5

705-869-6883LPRSPoerepasraesytlcoei&EanrsslaFtOlao•stucTe•cnhad•VaseniR•ohkenIicntYelteoamsulss••FNoSoretSricvaeilceseHsiBgehsetsRt CatiercsuIlnatTioonwn&! Moose
The Moose 99.3 FM CJJM - Espanola is proud to support local
charities and organizations. If you have an event you want to

share, please call Roz at 705-869-6397 or email your
information to: [email protected] The Moose- Espanola's

Biggest Variety! Your Station, Your News, Your Stories

SOLUTIONS– Complete apartment in Espanola. $650.00
computer repairs and service /month, first and last required. MEETINGS Call 705-869-6883
calls! Trojan and spyware Gas paid, pay your own hydro. To Place Your
removal – tune ups – system 705-869-1378. 12/11 Massey Agricultural Society Classified Ad!!
reloads – hard drive and memory monthly meetings - 3rd
upgrades. Clean up your PC FOR RENT - Lang Lake Thursday of the month. Held IN MEMORIAM
today. Call 705-869-8872. 12/4 Resort – 1 & 4 bedroom at Massey Firehall @ 7pm.
cottages available. Full kitchen, (Next meeting is November
CHIROPRACTOR - DR. satellite TV. Call 705-285-4241 15th) We welcome the public’s
DARIO LAURENTI, D.C. 27 for monthly rates. Available attendance. 04/23
years’ experience. Instrument, November 1. 12/25
Manual, Cranial Adjusting, HELP WANTED
Acupuncture, Orthotics. Call FOR SALE
705-869-2737. All Insurances HELP WANTED - Looking
accepted. 12/18 FOR SALE – Farm Aids. for caring, dependable person
Assorted Feeders, Diamond to provide part-time respite care
PHYSIOTHERAPY bar and privacy gates. Cattle for teenage girl with complex
OFFERED BY MARILYN handling equipment. Farm medical issues in her home.
WITTMANN - Located at wagons and dump trailers. Must be available for a variety
Physio Moves in the Espanola Rubber Boot Ranch. 705-865- of shifts, including weekends.
Hospital. Accepting new 2950. 12/4 All training provided. Must
patients. WSIB and MVApatients be willing to provide CPIC
welcome. Acupuncture available. FOR SALE – Limited dry if hired. If interested, please In Memory of William (Bill)
Visit for wood for kindling/backyard email resume with references Turpeinen - July 4, 1938 -
services, rates, and hours, or call fire. Also table & chairs, 2 cast to [email protected] December 5, 2016. Forever in
705-988-3737. 12/4 - R iron frying pans. Call Greg with RESUME in subject line our hearts. Love, Alice, Lisa and
705-822-4734. 12/4 or mail to Box 12, Massey, P0P Leigh-Anne
1P0. 11/20. 12/18
carpentry, painting, steel & HAIRSTYLIST AMANDA
shingle roofing, tree cutting, FAIRBURN MOVED TO
decks, dump runs. No job to NEW LOCATION— I am
big or too small. Call 705-936- pleased to announce that I
6160 1/1 - R have moved to a new location
at Donna’s Hair Studio 120
ESPANOLA SELF Tudhope Street, Espanola.
STORAGE – 6x8 and 8x10 (across from Royal Bank) To
Storage units available in book an appointment call (705)
Espanola. Located behind the 822-6161 Everyone welcome!
car wash. Call 705-869-8405. 12/18
1/22 - R

COLOMBUS. I do flooring, THERAPY &
painting, mudding, drywall, trim, ACUPUNCTURE – NEW
install doors and frames, build LOCATION. 363 John
head boards and bed frames and St. Espanola. To make an
much me Stephane appointment call 705-863-
Coulombe 705 863 3434. 1/1 - R 3223. cherylsmassage7@ Melba, Joan, & Omer 12/4 R
Although we laugh and seem carefree
Nicky Lamothe - PUBLISHER And make no out�ard show,
What it meant to lose you all
STAFF No one will ever know.
Andrew Vondette - Office Sales-Graphic Design Advertising Manager Always Loved and missed:
Rayann Muncaster - Office Sales/Production Co-ordinator
OFFICE & ART SUPPLIES Muriel Leblanc - Office Sales Manager The Gervais Family

Doreen Track - Office Sales/Data Entry PaperWorks, 85 Centre Street, 705-869-6883
Richard Gagnon - Production
Crystal Lecuyer - Office Sales/Production
705-869-6883 Bill Leeney - Graphic Design
Vickie Trahan - Bookkeeping
email: [email protected] Donna McDonald - Proof Reading
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PJ Baskey - Office Sales/Production
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Around&About December 4, 2018 Page 6


Employment Opportunity Employment Opportunity

Studio Twelve Hair Design is looking to fill a The One Tot Stop Day Care in Espanola is looking for a reliable,
part time (with potential of full time) position. flexible and caring individual for a 12-month contract as a
child care assistant/cleaner for approximately 22.5 hours per
Preferably licensed stylist. week. Work will take place in the a�ernoon to early evening
and supply hours may be available.
If you are motivated, enthusiastic
and enjoy working with the public Successful applicants will be required to have a current vulnerable
please drop off a resume at: sector criminal reference check and valid First Aid before first day
400 Centre Street, Espanola of work. Posi�on to start January 7th, 2019. If you have sent a
resume previously, we encourage you to apply again.

Please send your resume, cover le�er and
references to The One Tot Stop Day Care,
Box 695 Massey, ON P0P 1P0,
or to [email protected]
by Tuesday December 18th.

The Espanola & Area Family Health Team is currently Espanola Area Friendship Circle Alzheimer Support
recruiting a part-time Registered Practical Nurse. Group – Monday, December 10, 12:30 - 3:00 p.m. at the
The successful candidate will have familiarity with the Seniors’ Drop in Centre 799 Queensway Ave. Espanola. For
health issues of the community and will work more info contact Wendy Ashton 705-869-1137.
collaboratively with other primary care providers to Children’s Clothes’ Closet at Calvary Baptist Church
improve the health of the patients accessing services – Wednesday, December 12 from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
through the Family Health Team. Accepting donations at this time.
QUALIFICATIONS: Free Indoor Pickle Ball - Mondays 7:00 – 10:00 p.m. &
Saturdays 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. at the Espanola High
• Completion of RPN/RNA Diploma program with School Gym. Begins Saturday, November 3. Contact Mike
current registration in good standing with the College of 705-662-5859 or Greg 705-863-2684.
Nurses of Ontario
Do you have a NOTE for the Community?
• Experience in an administrative capacity and basic
office skills We invite not-for-profit organizations to submit information on
their upcoming events in writing no later than
• Knowledge and understanding of the Canadian Triage Wednesdays at 3:00 p.m. 25 Word Limit.
and Acuity Scale. E-mail: [email protected]

• Knowledge of Consent and Release of Information Recipe
These are great little
• Demonstrated knowledge of the role of interdisciplinary appetizers that are easy to put
health care providers as part of a collaborative team. together and very tasty. Can
also be served or topped with
• Demonstrated understanding and application of the salsa and sour cream.
vision, mission and values of the Family Health Team
initiative. Julia’s Cheese and Olive Crescent Roll Squares

• Good organizational skills and time management skills. • 1 (8 ounce) package Pillsbury refrigerated crescent
Demonstrated ability to manage multiple tasks, prioritize dinner rolls
• 4 cups grated sharp cheddar cheese
• Ability to provide attention to detail. • 3 beaten eggs
• Excellent communication skills and strong interpersonal • 1 small onion, chopped
• 4 tablespoons butter
skills. • 1 cup sliced green olives
• Ability to provide regular attendance. • 1⁄2 teaspoon cayenne pepper
• Willing to learn Physician Practice Management
Unroll crescent rolls and place on the bottom of a rectangular
strategies. baking dish or pat onto a cookie sheet, press seams to join.
• Bilingualism (English and French) is an asset Mix the remaining ingredients and pour over, bake at 350°F
To apply in confidence, please forward your resume for 15-20 minutes. Cut into squares.
together with a cover letter outlining your relevant
experience and qualifications by December 17, 2018 to:
Human Resources Manager
Espanola Regional Hospital and Health Centre
825 McKinnon Drive
Email: [email protected]
Thank you for your interest. Only applicants who have been
selected for an interview will be contacted.

PaperWorks, 85 Centre Street, 705-869-6883 Around&About December 4, 2018 Page 7

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