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Around & About January 18-2022 Issue 3, Vol.26


Order Photos from the comfort Tune into
of your own home. January 18, 2022 Issue #03 - Volume 26 Local Channel 10 or
Set up your free account today! The Espanola Lions Club
Was Pleased To Present A (follow link to TV Bingo)
Cheque For $5,000 STORE HOURS
Standard Prints
By Grant Lewis - The Espanola Lions Mon-Wed 8-6
3x5 • 4x6 • 5x7 • 8x10 club was pleased to present a cheque Thurs-Fri 8-9
for $5,000 to the North Shore Search Sat-Sun 9-5
STARTING and Rescue. The local rescue team of
AT JUST seven dedicated and trained volunteers AUTO SERVICE HOURS
are looking to purchase a Zodiac boat to Mon-Fri 8-5
Green Today. Green For Life. improve their ability to do their vital job.
SOLID WASTE & RECYCLE SERVICES At present there is no such boat available FNamoceeaxnccodevapettroiiornyngss
for rescue on local lakes and rivers along
705-869-2447 the North Shore. So far there has been ETA - 3 WeeksOFFICE & ART SUPPLIES
SEPTIC AND PORTABLE TOILETS over four calls where a Zodiac would Pricing Vaild January 16-31, 2022
have been a great asset. The cost of such 705-869-6883 85 Centre St., Espanola
705-869-2448 a craft runs close to $15,000 and the
NEED A WASTE BIN OR CONTAINER? team is halfway there! The Lions Club
is glad to help as always. Reassuring
to know that a team like Search and
Rescue is there when needed; after all, it
could be a matter of life and death. Seen
here are Adam Page, Mitch Sutherland,
and Nicole Hanson. Photo courtesy of
Grant Lewis

Pricing Vaild January 16-31, 2022 OFFICE & ART SUPPLIES

7 ft casing LIMITED

AFtinYgoeurrtip All The World’s
A Circus
High Circulation • Competitive Rates
FREE distribution to your customers!
To Advertise in the Around & About
Business Directory, call 705-869-6883

Singh Dentistry [email protected]

Dr. Maninder Singh Personal Tips For Better Driving — Burn After Reading

Hours: FOR ALL OF Like just about everything else, our driving Still on that subject I find if you turn up
Monday 9-5 YOUR DENTAL NEEDS habits have gone to hell during this two-year your car radio really loud it will drown out
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 9-5 State of the art facility pandemic nightmare. Right from the get- that annoying “Ding! Ding! Ding!” noise
Thursday 9-5 We deal directly with Insurance Companies go, police were reporting more speeding, that reminds you that your seatbelt is not
Free dental whitening kit with new patient exam
Friday 9-5

91 Tudhope St., Espanola 705-869-1880 more stunt driving and the general cutting fastened.

CLAUDINE of corners on safe, defensive driving. As basic as this may sound, it’s still worth
BICHETTE Young male drivers have developed an mentioning that a red traffic light means
aversion to brakes as they take turns at stop, green means go and yellow, according
REAL ESTATE BROKERAGE full speed like they’re operating bumper to guys driving big honkin’ pickup trucks
cars in an amusement park. Older citizens means “Tromp it! Tromp it!” Yellow used are reporting drivers are passing them on to be the symbol of ‘caution’ and now it’s
the wrong side and yelling “Get a horse!” the signal to quickly tailgate through the
C7a0ll5o-r9t1ex8t-CChHloLeOat I stopped doing that well before the intersection.

pandemic arrived. And just because you hit ‘Cruise Control’
So in order to reset the safety button I doesn’t mean you can crawl into the
have compiled a few driving tips which I backseat for a nap. Remember ‘Cruise
have personally developed over the years. Control’ was designed to keep your speed
We’re Hiring! However, since every person is different, on highways at about 15 km over the
BOOK NOW this guide may or may not suit your driving posted limit so as not to get pulled over.
style especially if your drivers license Contrary to common belief, using your
is currently under suspension and your turn signal does not drain the battery. Use
insurance agent has asked permission to your blinker. Not while you’re into the
ESPANOLA ELKS LODGE use your driving record in his upcoming turn but well ahead of time so that poor
New Members Wanted! seminar “Dufus At The Wheel.” bugger waiting to pull out of the side street
For instance, recently I have noticed many can read your intention and be on his way.
Contacts for more information drivers slowing down and then rolling He likely does have a life. Use your damn
Jack Luoma Treasurer / Chaplin 705 - 869-5938
Chuck Trahan - Leading Knight 705 - 869-7733 through the STOP sign near my house. blinker.
Remember ‘STOP’ means stop, as in Also and again this applies to older drivers,
Sheri Commission - Esquire / 705 - 869-3487
Membership Director
Wanda Ouimette -Exalted Ruler 249 - 878-8853 ending forward motion. ‘STOP’ is not an look in your rearview mirror once in a
anagram for “Slow To Observe Police.” while where you will likely see the driver
Posted speed limits have always been a behind you pulling out his hair. Going slow
MARTIN’S SERVICES little imprecise in that, with the exception in the fast lane is like leaving your vehicle

of school zones you can cheat a little. Going in a Tim Horton’s Drive Thru to go inside
45 km in a 40 km zone probably won’t earn and order your coffee. Don’t do that.
NEW TIRE SALES you a ticket and doing 90 km in an 80 km When trapped in bumper-to-bumper traffic
zone likely won’t get you pulled over. But that always involves either an accident or a
Install, balance and repair services. doing 110 km on the 100 km QEW will trip to Toronto, contrary to what the experts
705-849-8038 705-583-2164 get you run over by an 18-wheeler from say — you do not need more patience. You

behind. The QEW is the only highway in need a louder horn. Pretend it’s a major
Canada where a stunt driver has a better Mexican festival like Cinco de Mayo and
chance of survival than you do. have fun.
Recently, you may have noticed these new Do not eat and drive. Not only is that
radar “Your Speed” signs on city streets. a driving distraction, you risk spilling
[email protected] They’re designed to remind you how fast mustard or catsup on your cellphone.
SALES AND SERVICE OF: • furnaces • fireplaces • boilers you’re driving. Do not use them to test the Claiming you were driving really fast to
acceleration power of your engine. These get the snow off your windshield will not
FREE ESTIMATES flashing signs are powered with a small get you out of a speeding ticket. Shaving
Steve Donnelly Over 15 years experience locally solar panel on top. If you happen to be in a while driving is also against the law unless
real hurry, run your errands on a cloudy day you use a cordless electric shaver.
Andrew Vondette when they’re unable to function. Soon we With the prediction of the first snowfall of
will ignore these annoying signs the same winter immediately drive to Toronto and
Computer I.T. & Network Specialist way we got used to screaming car alarms set your lawn chair up beside any busy
Laptop/Desktop/Server Repair & Sales, Mobile Device Support and unnecessary emergency lights. Soon street. In 2016, Toronto’s first blanket
they will become just another distraction in of snow resulted in 500 accidents in just
Virus & Malware Removal • Tune up & Optimization this the age of distracted driving.
Operating System Install • Data Recovery • Hardware Upgrades Continued on page three ...

705-521-3459 Professional, Reliable, A ordable!

Around&About January 18, 2022 Page 2

Diebel New Mayor Of
Nairn & Hyman Township

are moving their Espanola practice to Lively. By Rosalind Russell Nairn & The vacancy became open
Hyman Township has a new following the resignation of
We thank the community for the support over the years. mayor. former mayor Laurier Falldien
We welcome our patients to join us in Lively. We are located at Deputy Mayor Frederic earlier this fall.
613 B Main St., and you can contact our o ce at 705-692–4400. Diebel was appointed as Nairn
& Hyman Township’s new Photo - Nairn & Hyman Township
Continued from page two... drove religiously there would mayor following a notice of has a new mayor. Deputy Mayor
be a toilet paper-like run on the motion for his nomination, but Frederic Diebel was appointed
24 hours! You would have to market for Saint Christopher it was not unanimous. as Nairn & Hyman Township’s
attend 173 Molson Indy’s to see medals. Councillor Rod McDonald did new mayor following a notice of
that many car crashes. Speaking of religion and not support the nomination motion for his nomination. Photo
When it comes to different broaching the subject because Diebel lives hours from Frederic Diebel and used with
driving habits remember the of drinking and driving, away attending school where permission.
words of the great and late remember, “Only your car can he is studying law at Lakehead
comedian George Carlin who be recalled to its maker.” University.
said: “anybody who drives Drive safely and keep your Zoom meetings and emails
slow is an idiot and anybody mask over your nose.. not your have enabled him to carry out
who drives fast is a maniac.” eyes. the business of council, but
Of course, neither reference For a comment or a signed McDonald says he prefers
applies to you. copy of The True Story of someone who lives in Nairn.
And if everybody drove Wainfleet email: Despite his concern, council
religiously with two hands [email protected] voted to have Diebel fill the
on the steering wheel, your position noting municipal
right middle finger would not elections will be held this fall.
possibly get you into road rage
trouble. Of course if everybody

Training Underway For Winter Trek

Laurentian’s Lawyers And Speaker
Continue War Of Words

The battle to have Laurentian counsel says it will ask

University release information the court to define what is

related to its insolvency is privileged and what isn’t to

still being fought by the protect their client from the

institution’s lawyers. warrant demanding personal

A Speaker’s warrant issued emails, correspondence, and

by the Ontario Legislature is legal details of the insolvency.

focused on getting privileged There could be a ruling

information to the auditor by early February and the Photo - Training sessions are being held last week to prep the group for winter
living with the expedition planning to head out this week. Photos provided by
general about the process. lawyers continue to resist the Lure of the North – FB and used with permissions.

However, Laurentian’s legal warrant.

F Stor Lure of the North, an Espanola joke and it is important those
We are open for expedition company, has begun taking part have the proper
the winter season! the training of participants to equipment, clothing and
prep for a major winter trek. training.
Follow The Fish Store on Facebook Company owners, Kielyn and The two are planning a
or call for hours Dave Marrone, have several snowshoe expedition starting
participants ready to take Monday across a large area of
11 lb box Rainbow Trout Fillets on a 90-day trek across the Northern Ontario, from Lake
frozen northern landscape by Superior to Moosonee with
$66.00 snowshoe. food drops and checks along
As of last week, they took the the way.
Behind the Beer Store in Little Current ten brave souls out for a four- It’s a historic route says Dave
day expedition to put their adding it was one of the main
705-368-3755 training to the test and see traditional travel routes from
what they’re made of. the Great Lakes to the Arctic
Kielyn stresses winter is not Ocean.

Around&About January 18, 2022 Page 3

705-869-6883LPRPSoerepasraesytlcoei&EanrsslaFtOlao•stucTe•cnhad•VaseniR•ohkenIicntYelteoamsulss••FNoSoretSricvaeilceseHsiBgehsetsRt CatiercsuIlnatTioonwn&! Espanola Elks Hall Spaghetti Supper - January 23, 4:00 - 7:00
p.m. Take out only unless we can do eat in by then. No tickets, you
SERVICES may call for pre orders at 249-878-8853.
The Espanola Helping Hand Food Bank - open every Wednesday
FOOTHILL INDUSTRIES - H&R BLOCK- 87 Center St Unit from 10-2pm. Located at 87 Centre St. Our phone number is 705-
Great idea, but no place to build it. B, Espanola, ON P5E 1S4. Ph 583-3045. COVID-19 screening and masks required.
Foot Hill Industries, where ideas 705-869-0513 Lions Catch the Ace - Tickets are available at Tanner’s, Tuesdays
take shape. Stop by for all your Email: [email protected] and Thursdays from 11:00 a.m. till 3:00 p.m., and in the Mall
metal working, farms parts, and ca Open Tuesday, Wednesday, Mondays and Wednesdays from 11:00 a.m. till 3:00 p.m.
mechanical needs at 960 hwy 17 Thursday 9 am to 3 pm. 1/25 Do you have a NOTE for the Community? We invite not-for-profit organizations
West, Massey On, P0P1P0. 705-
865-1983. ESPANOLA SELF STORAGE to submit information on their upcoming events in writing no later than
– 6x8 and 8x10 Storage units Wednesdays at 3:00 p.m. 25 Word Limit. E-mail: [email protected]
Call 705-869-6883 To available in Espanola. Located
Place Your Classified Ad!! behind the car wash. Call 705-869- OBITUARY
8405. 2/15 - R
Patrick Shayne
INSTALLATION- Residential,
Commercial and Stairs FOUND of Edmonton Alberta passed
Applications. Custom ceramic away on December 26th, 2021
showers and backsplashes. Watch, at the mailboxes on South at the age of 57. Dear son of the
Laminate, Vinyl, Ceramic, Carpet. Street between Albert & Adelaide late Victor (Sonny) Crawford
45 years experience. Call Bob 705- St. Please call 705-869-1137 with and Marion nee(Secord).
691-0175. 1/18 description. Loving father of Megan. Caring
brother of Tracey Wallace (Ray)
OBITUARY and Rhonda. Dear uncle to

Marcoux – Harvey of Espanola passed Brittany (Tyler) and Brandi.
away peacefully at home on January 6,
2022 at the age of 88. Beloved husband of You will be missed forever.
Evelyn (nee Nicholas). Dear son of the The beautiful moments you shared with us
late Hector & Aline (nee Proulx)
Marcoux. Loving father of Debra will never be forgotten.
Marcoux (Kevin) of Birch Lake and
Linda Marcoux (Brent) of Saskatchewan. Routhier – Rita of Espanola passed away at
Will be sadly missed by grandchildren her home on January 7, 2022 at the age of 84.
Echo, Isis and Gabriel. Dear brother of Dear daughter of the late Eddy & Yvonne (nee
Fern Laurin (late Alphonse), Dennis Lanthier) Langlois. Beloved wife of the late
(Carol), Ronald (Jocelyn) all of Espanola Claude Routhier. Loving mother of Claudette
and the late Bill, Faye, Shirley, Dorelda Masse (Rick) of Goulais River, Pauline
and Roger. Harvey was an avid fisherman, loved camping with his Grenier (Shane) of Elmira, Paul Routhier
wife in the wilderness while enjoying the beautiful scenery. At his (Naomi) of Edmonton and the late Denis
request, there will be no funeral or memorial service. We would Routhier (Bethsie) of Winnipeg. Cherished
like to thank Dr. Ainslie and her team for the comforting home Memere of Craig (Andrea) Robinson, Cole,
care. Arrangements by BOURCIER FUNERAL HOME Ltd, Beatrice, Derrick, Darren, Joey
Espanola (Kristine)Grenier, Jeffrey (Sara) Grenier,
Haylee, Chloe, Leah and great grandmother
MacDonald-Eadie – Yvonne of Espanola of Claudia, Donna, Maria, Sammy, Alexis, Drayton, Drake, Dallas,
passed away with family by her side in her Domonick, D.J., Chevelle, Patience, Jacob, Max, Haylee, Cole and
home on January 11, 2022 at the age of 75. great-great grandmother of Trenton, Stevie, Noah and Maleek.
Dear daughter of the late Alfred & Edith Beloved sister and Aunt to many. Special thanks to Dr. Knox, Penny
(nee Frances) Gaikezheyongai. Beloved and Health Sciences North for their dedication. Big thank you for her
wife of Lawrence Eadie. Loving mother of caring and thoughtful neighbors. Cremation with a celebration of life
Charlene Martel (Donald) of Nairn Centre, and interment in the Espanola Cemetery will be at a later date.
Allen MacDonald of Espanola, Donna Arrangements by BOURCIER FUNERAL HOME Ltd, Espanola.
MacDonald of Nairn Centre, Stephanie
McCulligh (Edward) of London, Bradley Nicky Lamothe – Publisher/General Manager
Eadie (Beverly) of Sudbury and the late
Kenneth (Kimberly) of Sudbury. Cherished STAFF
by grandchildren Jake, Courtney, Joe, Andrew Vondette – Director of Publication & Design
Mindey, Peyton, Alexis, Jase, late Johnathan and great grandchildren OFFICE & ART SUPPLIES Murielle Leblanc – Director of Office Supply Sales
Ryland, Jordan, Theia and Kayden. Dear sister of Norma Kagesheongai
of Toronto, Leona Johnston of Woodstock and Evelyn Oskaboose of Rayann Muncaster – Director of Production
Cutler. Also, will be sadly missed by many friends & relatives. Vickie Trahan – Bookkeeper
Cremation with a Celebration of Life and interment will be at a later date. 705-869-6883 Jaymie Muncaster – Digital Content Creator
Arrangements by BOURCIER FUNERAL HOME Ltd, Espanola. Rosalind Russell – News Correspondent
email: [email protected] Bill Leeney – Graphic Designer
Around&About January 18, 2022 Page 4 Around&About is printed locally by OJ Graphix INC.

Distribution by Around & About
The advertiser agrees that the Publisher shall not be liable for damages arising out of errors in advertisements beyond
the amount paid for the space actually occupied by that portion of the advertisement in which the error occurred.
There shall be no liability for non insertion of any advertisement.The publisher reserves the right to edit,revise,classify or reject an advertisement.
Ad space must be reserved Wednesday to be placed in the following week’s issue. Copyright and/or property rights
subsist in all advertisements and in all other materials appearing in this edition of Around & About. Permission to
produce wholly, or in part, any part in any form whatsoever, particularly by photographic or offset process in
publications must be obtained in writing. Any unauthorized reproduction will be subject to recourse in law.

PaperWorks, 85 Centre Street, 705-869-6883


The Manitoulin-Sudbury District Services Board is a Parts & Service Manager
municipal service management organization created
by the provincial government to oversee the local Algoma Chrysler Inc
planning, coordination and delivery of a range of
services and programs divested to the municipal Algoma Chrysler Inc (Espanola loca�on) is seeking an experienced
order of government. The specific programs our DSB parts and service manager to join our dynamic team.
is responsible for are: Ontario Works, Community The ideal candidate should have superior organiza�on skills,
Housing, Paramedic Services (Land Ambulance), work independently and be detail orientated. Experience in
and Early Learning and Child Care services. the following fields is required: customer inquiries and
booking appointments for repairs, warranty on vehicles,
The following Employment Opportunity is now parts ordering, inventory control.
available to anyone interested in joining our highly Salary will commensurate with experience. Employee benefit
dedicated workforce. package is also available once proba�on period is complete.
If this meets your qualifica�ons, we look forward to
2 Personal Support Workers speaking with you. You can apply by fax to 705-869-5606
or email to [email protected]
Competition #2022-01-PTS
Closing date: February 11, 2022 Espanola Trunk Water Main Project Delayed
For position details, visit Job Opportunities on our
line from the water treatment
website at plant to the bottom of Tank Hill on Bass Lake Road has been
While all responses are appreciated, He says due to leaks,
only applicants selected for an interview will be contacted. the contractor, Belanger
Construction, has been unable
The Manitoulin-Sudbury District Services Board is a to complete commissioning and
municipal service management organization created pressure tests to finish Phase One
by the provincial government to oversee the local with the cold weather conditions
planning, coordination and delivery of a range of causing further delays.
services and programs divested to the municipal Hewitt adds the town continues
order of government. The specific programs our DSB The cold weather and leaks to work with the contractor and
is responsible for are: Ontario Works, Community in the new trunk water main senior management to ensure
Housing, Paramedic Services (Land Ambulance), in Espanola are delaying the the commissioning and pressure
and Early Learning and Child Care services. completion of Phase One. tests will be completed once all
Espanola CAO Allan Hewitt the leaks are rectified adding no
The following Employment Opportunity is now says the project to install and water service interruptions are
available to anyone interested in joining our highly commission the section of the expected at this time.
dedicated workforce.
Espanola Elks Hosting Membership Drive
2 Patient Transportation Attendants
The Espanola Elks is hosting leading the way in lending
Competition #2022-02-PTS a membership drive to keep medical equipment to those in
Closing date: February 11, 2022 their hall open. need and the annual Hamper
For position details, visit Job Opportunities on our Exalted Ruler Wanda Fund which has provided
Ouimette says the club is in thousands of families with food
website at dire straits due to COVID-19 baskets over the last 44 years. and a lack of volunteers. To purchase a registration
She says purchasing a contact the following
While all responses are appreciated, membership can help offset the members:
only applicants selected for an interview will be contacted. costs of keeping the hall open Jack Luoma, Treasurer/
and anyone who signs up can Chaplin at 705 869 5938
PaperWorks, 85 Centre Street, 705-869-6883 decide how much they wish to Chuck Trahan, Leading
be involved as volunteers. Knight at 705 869 7733
Ouimette adds the support Sheri Commission, Esquire/
of the community over the Membership Director at 705
last year has allowed them to 869 3487
continue to operate, but if they Wanda Ouimette, Exalted
do not receive support, they Ruler at 249 878 8853
will have to consider closing. Memberships are $54 per year
She says the Elks has been a for those under 65, $51 for
part of Espanola for 70 years those 65 years of age or older.

Around&About January 18, 2022 Page 5

Ministry of Transportation Ontario hereby gives notice that an application has been made to the
Minister of Transport, pursuant to the Canadian Navigable Waters Act for approval of the work
described herein and its site and plans.


the NPP File Number 2016-400103 a description of the following work, its site and plans:
Ministry of Transportation OntaRrieoplhaecreembeyngt oivfeesxinsotitnicgeratihlaintgasnysatpepmli;cation has been made to the Minister of Transport,
pursuant to the Canadian NavigaCboleatWingatoefrsstAruccttuforarlaspteperlogviarldeorfs;the work described herein and its site and plans.

Pursuant to pooafnrt-ahligenreafopClhloo7mw(2min)ogonfwtPhoreroRCRkjs,eeoeapmcniitdltcsoarSAcvseeeitacteamletr,poecatfanhhnttecedRxohMifpesrgleteiaixinpnnspaigtssiar:rtycnrsuys(trihoobotn,fvtaTapjnor:ridi/aon/;ncutssps;pseo.lceratmanteianodtnsaOi.ncnactl/ua)rduiionndgheaprsietdhrese,pNaobsPuiPttemdFeiwlnetistNhaunthmdewbMeinrign2wi0s1atel6lrs-4;o0f 0T1r0an3sa-
port, on the
• Replacement of existingWraatielirnpgrosoyfsintegman; d paving.
• Coating of structural steel girders;
• Replacement of exTphaencsoionnstrjuocintitosn; will be carried out in two stages over two years in order to maintain one open lane,
• Concrete patch reptwaior-swtaoyvtararifofiucs. TeleemmpeonrtasryinTcrlaufdficngSipginearlss, wabilultbmeesnettsuapntdowcoingtrwolatlhlse;one-lane, two-way traffic
• Removal of existidnugricnugrbc,oannstdr;uction.
• Waterproofing and paving.
The construction work will be undertaken across the Spanish River located on Highway 7300,

The construction will be caaprprrieodximouatteilny t1wkomsstaogueths oofvHerigthwwoayye1a7r,sSienctoiordne3r6two imthainintthaeinwoitnheinothpenTolawnnes,htiwp o-fwSaybletr-aSfpfiacn.ish
Temporary Traffic SignalsRwivilelrb, eGeseotgruapphtoiccToonwtrnoslhtihpeoofnSea-ltaenr,e,Stuwdbou-wryaDy itsrtarficfitc during construction.

The construction work will
be undertaken across the
Spanish River located on
Highway 7300, approxi-
mately 1 km south of
Highway 17, Section 36
within the within the
Township of Sable-Span-
ish River, Geographic
Township of Salter,
Sudbury District

Comments regarding the
effect of this work on
marine navigation can be
sent through the Common
Project Search site
mentioned above under the
Comment section (search
by the above referenced
number) or if you do not
have access to the internet,
by sending your comments
directly to:

Navigation Protection ProgCroammm–eTntrsanresgpaorrdtinCgatnhaedeaffect of this work on marine navigation can be sent through the Common
100 S Front St, 1st Floor Project Search site mentioned above under the Comment section (search by the above referenced
Sarnia ON number) or if you do not have access to the internet, by sending your comments directly to:

N7T 2M4 Navigation Protection Program – Transport Canada

Transport Canada (TC) wi1l0l 0noStFmroankteSyt,o1usrt Fcolomorments on a project available to the public on the online public registry.
However, any informationSraerlnatiaedOtNo a work is considered as unclassified public record and could be accessible upon legal
request. As such, the inforNm7aTti2oMn 4and records provided should not contain confidential or sensitive information. If you
want to provide confidential or sensitive information that you think should not be made public, please contact TC before
submitting it.
Transport Canada (TC) will not make your comments on a project available to the public on the online

public registry. However, any information related to a work is considered as unclassified public record
However, comments will baendcocnosuilddebredacocnelsysibfltehuepyoanreleignalwrreiqtiunegst(.eAlescsturocnh,icthme einafnosrmpraetfioernaabnled)raencodradrsepreocveidiveeddshnooutlldatneort
than 30 days after the publciocnataioinncoofntfhideenlatisatlnoortsiceen.siAtilvtehoinufgohrmaallticoonm. Imf yeonutswcaonntftoormprionvgidteoctohnefiadbeonvtiealwoirllsebnesictiovnesidered,
no individual response wililnbfoersmeantti.on that you think should not be made public, please contact TC before submitting it.
Posted at Espanola, Ontario this 18 day of January, 2022
Ministry of TransportationHOonwteavrieor,–coNmomrthenetasstweirlnl bReecgoionnsidered only if they are in writing (electronic means preferable) and are

received not later than 30 days after the publication of the last notice. Although all comments

conforming to the above will be considered, no individual response will be sent.

Posted at Espanola, Ontario this 18 day of January, 2022
Around&About January 18, 2022MPaingiest6ry of Transportation Ontario – Northeastern Region

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