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Published by DAVID HARO, 2019-09-09 14:01:17

History of Me Per.4 Ms. Reyes

History of Me Per.4 Ms. Reyes

History of Me by...

David Haro

Geography I sort of remember coming from elementary
into 6th grade. For some reason I remember
all my first day of school with perfect memory
accept for 6th grade. The drive to the first day
of school was sure remembered, so where my
thoughts remembered. I was wondering who
will I know, who will I meet. Once the bell for
homeroom rang, The school year officially
started. I met a couple of friends that haveńt
seen since elementary, those peoples names
are Jaden and Noah. I talked to them for a bit
and then I got for the day. I met my teachers
and made new friends. The school year will
be great.

Religion Although I have no religion I like it because it
can carry a cool history. I have went to
almost all 21 of the missions learning about
the religion and life there. As a person that
has no religion what I have to say religion
wise does not really matter. I am an agnostic,
an agnostic is someone that has no religion
but believes that there is a higher power in
existence. That is my religion and who I am..

Achievements Music is something that is for everybody.
Without music this world would would be a
whole lot different. Music helps people calm
down or get hyped up. Without music in my
life, I would probably be doing nothing with
my time. I am a guitar player and without that
my entire life would be miserable, nothing to
entertain me nothing at all. That shows how
music is very important to my life.

Politics I have to follow two main rules, those rules
are to clean my room and to do good in
school. Although I only have two simple rules
to follow I slack on cleaning my room
because I end up being to relaxed to do it.
The consequence of not listening to a chore
is taking away privileges of mine. For
example my mom will confiscate my phone.
When she does that it will let me know that I
should have cleaned my room. That is how
rules work around the house.

Economics When I grow up I want to be a herpetologist. I
want to be a herpetologist because I love
reptiles. Im experienced with them too. The
study is interesting because I like learning
about the features of reptiles from now and
then. Being a herpetologist is also a hard
working job and I pursue to be a hard working
person. That is why studying reptiles is a
career I want.

Social Structure I love my family and they love me. My family
is actually so diverse it surprises me. My
mom’s side of the family is very outgoing and
talkative. On the other hand my dad’s family
are primarily quiet people who are kept to
themselves. We all get together though we
do that by going to sports game and hikes.
That is my family.

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