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Check out the 2018 Floyd County Government Annual Report!

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2018 Floyd County Annual Report

Check out the 2018 Floyd County Government Annual Report!

Floyd County 2018
Annual Report

Presented by: Jamie McCord, County Manager

Outline Land Bank Authority....................................................... 21
Law Enforcement | Police.......................................22-23
Floyd County Commissioners......................................... 3 Law Enforcement | Sheriff's Office.............................. 24
Airport............................................................................ 4 Metro Task Force.......................................................... 25
Tax Assessor................................................................... 5 Planning / Zoning......................................................... 26
Building Inspection......................................................... 6 P.A.W.S. / Animal Control............................................ 27
Coroner.......................................................................... 7 Parks and Recreation....................................................28
E.C.O. Center / Keep Rome-Floyd Beautiful................. 8 Public Works..................................................................29
E-911................................................................................9 Recycling Center.......................................................... 30
Elections........................................................................10 Sara Hightower Regional Library................................... 31
Emergency Management............................................... 11 Solid Waste...................................................................32
Engineering...................................................................12 Tourism.......................................................................... 33
Extension Services.........................................................13 Water............................................................................ 34
Facilities Management..................................................14 Wellness........................................................................ 35
Fire Department............................................................ 15 Teamwork Approach................................................36-37
Fleet Services................................................................ 16 Social Media................................................................. 38
Human Resources & Risk Management......................... 17
Information Technology.................................................18 Floyd County Annual Report 2018 | Page 2
Judicial Services...................................................... 19-20

2019 Floyd County Commissioners
Post 1 - Rhonda Wallace
Post 2 - Wright Bagby
Post 3 - Allison Watters
Post 4 - Larry Maxey
Post 5 - Scotty Hancock


Floyd County Annual Report 2018 | Page 3



Richard B. Russell Regional Airport hosted several events in 2018 including the Wings Over North Georgia Airshow which brought thousands of spectators to the
airport for a beautiful weekend of high flying entertainment, a Navion fly-in, Ace Aviation’s annual landing competition, the International Aerobatic Competition, and
our very first hot air balloon festival which brought an estimated 15,000 visitors to RMG.
From the financial perspective the airport had a reduction of cash of approximately $53,000 for the year of 2018.  The operational expenses were approximately
$40,000 more than in 2017, but the revenues were almost $90,000 less than in 2017.  The decline in fuel sales revenue was the main contributor to the reduction in
revenues for 2018.
2013 SPLOST Update for Runway Extension:
Currently the airport has submitted a supplemental funding request for 1/19 Runway Extension Project.  The county has the remaining SPLOST funds, after paying for

½environmental, engineering, design and bidding costs, which will cover approximately of the construction costs.  It is our understanding that decisions will be

made in the near future concerning the grant requests.
2017 SPLOST Update for Airport Corporate Hangar Construction:
With the 2017 SPLOST beginning April 1, 2019 the desire is to design the corporate hangar in 2019.  The timeline for construction of this hangar has not been
determined.  More discussions will occur in the near future concerning this project.

Floyd County Annual Report 2018 | Page 4

Y O U R I N S P I R A T I O N SPresentations are communication tools that can be used as
The Floyd County Board of Assessors are appointed to fixed Y O U R P A S S I O N Sdemonstrations, lectures, speeches, reports, and more.
terms as defined by state law.  They are charged with the
responsibility of establishing the fair market value of property Presentations are communication tools that can be used as
for ad valorem taxation purposes. Presentdaetmioonsnsatreatcioonms,mleucnticuaretsio, nspteoeoclshtehsa, trecpaonrtbse, aunsdedmaosre.
In 2018, the Board was responsible for the following: 
39,582 residential properties valued at $3,654,695,230 demonstrations, lectures, speeches, reports, and more.
4,000 agricultural properties valued at $632,654,517
2,949 commercial properties valued at $1,001,548,800 FloFyldoyCdoCuonutyntAy nAnnunaulaRl eRpepoortrt22001818| |PPaAgGe E5
258 industrial properties valued at $302,632,042
94 public utility properties valued at $997,306,710
The Board reviewed 564 real property appeals, 130 personal
property appeals, and 26 automobile appeals.

Building Inspection

Building Inspection is one of the many departments that
works jointly for Floyd County and the City of Rome.

2018 - 6,439
2017 - 5,278 2018 - 166

2017 - 125

FROM 2017 FROM 2017

TOTAL OF $1,018,178


Floyd County Annual Report 2018 | Page 6

Coroner's Office

In 2018, the morgue was completed and put into full operation. 
Floyd County now has the capability to handle eighteen deceased
individuals.  In disaster situations, the morgue is equipped to
handle more. The building houses a complete investigative area
for police agencies and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI)
to utilize. 
In 2018, the Floyd County Coroner’s Office was responsible for
over 500 cases, doubling the amount of cases from 2017.  With the
purchase of a new vehicle, the Coroner’s Office began
transporting when necessary to the GBI Crime Lab.  This has been
a savings to Floyd County.  Electronic records are now being
utilized to the benefit of local citizens and law enforcement.

Floyd County Annual Report 2018 | Page 7

River FFllooyydd CCoouunnttyyAAnnnnuuaal Rl eRpeoprot r2t 0210818| P| APGagEe 8
towah oosa ostanaCuleanter

In 2018, the E.C.O. Center implemented a widely successful monthly home school
program and branched into the home school market.  The staff also welcomed
two rough green snakes, a black racer, two corn snakes, a spotted gar, sturgeon,
and nine anoles into our E.C.O. Center family.  The center had a great response
to its Second Annual Community Speaker series with programs that included
Snake Night and Bat Basics. 

In May, the E.C.O. Center received a $6,000 materials grant from the NRA Teach
Freedom Foundation for archery program equipment and in June, they hosted a
hugely successful, first ever national pollinator week packed full of Bee City USA
events.  Over the summer, a partnership with Chieftains Museum gave the
community River Quest, an interactive family event that included a boat ride and
scavenger hunt.  For the first time, the E.C.O. Center hosted Project WET and
Project WILD Educator Workshops for local teachers this past July, and in August
the E.C.O. Center staff received Adopt-A-Stream “Train the Trainer”
certifications to conduct AAS workshops.  The E.C.O. Center wrapped up 2018 by
partnering with the Forum River Center and Chieftains Museum to bring the ICE
Experience, an interactive winter field trip, to local schools.

E-911 Total City PD: 52,514
Agency County PD: 45,426
In 2018, Floyd County’s E-911 handled 193,166 phone calls and Cave Spring PD: 1,476
there were 178,172 calls for service.  Calls for service are Calls:
defined as calls that have an agency response.  Response Rome Fire: 6,567
includes Floyd County Police, Rome City Police, Cave Spring
Police, Rome-Floyd Fire, Cave Spring Fire, Floyd County Cave Spring Fire: 328
Sheriff’s Office, Redmond EMS, Floyd EMS, and others.  The
center’s average answer time is 7.45 seconds. Floyd EMS: 15,168

Redmond EMS: 4,345

Floyd County Sheriff's Office: 12,722

Other calls | Information calls: 39,626

The E-911 Center will
begin to see much needed
renovations in 2019 thanks

to citizen support of the
2017 SPLOST.

FFloloydydCCouonutnytyAnAnnunaul aRleRpeoprto2rt01280|18PA| PGaEge 9


Hired new Chief Elections Clerk, Robert Brady.
General Primary Election - May
General Primary Runoff - July
General Election - November
Runoff Election - December

Floyd County Annual Report 2018 | Page 10

Emergency Management Floyd County Annual Report 2018 | PAGE

Floyd County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) & Communications work diligently to Floyd County Annual Report 2018 | Page 11
ensure the citizens of Rome, Floyd County, and Cave Spring are prepared for potential disasters.
Communications is a sub-department of EMA and their primary responsibility is the operation and
management of the Floyd County Public Safety radio system. In 2018, this included, overseeing
the $1.4 Million E-911 dispatch center with the upgrades to the dispatch consoles and system
The Floyd County EMA hosted four training classes in 2018:

·        The Emergency Operations Center Operations Class with 21 attendees. The class was for

local public safety personnel who would be activated to the EOC an opportunity to actively learn
about the WebEOC (GEMA) and Emergency Operation Center guidelines and requirements.

·        Railcar Training with 22 attendees. The class was designed to familiarize first responders

with the safety precautions of dealing with a hazardous material (Haz-Mat) incident involving
railcars on a train.

·        National Weather Service (NWS) Storm Spotter Training with 34 attendees. The class was

designed to familiarize and educate concerning significant weather events that would require
them to submit spotter information to the local EMA and the NWS.

·        Region C Healthcare Coalition’s Moulage (Theatrical Makeup) Class with 12 attendees. The

class is designed to teach participants how to apply theatrical makeup, for training exercises that
will greatly support the preparedness efforts of first responder training.
Floyd County EMA also partnered with the Rome Braves to host their annual Preparedness Night
at State Mutual Stadium which kicked off September Preparedness Month in Georgia. The event
was able to successfully interact with over 2,000 citizens at the event. They also participated in
community events at SAM’S Club and Home Depot to provide preparedness information to
citizens in attendance by interacting with an estimated 250 participants.
Floyd County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) had five (5) partial activations during Tropical
Storm Alberto, Hurricane Florence, Hurricane Michael, Cave Spring Flood, and 2018 January Snow
Storm. All activations totaled 140 hours of monitoring.


In 2018, the Floyd County Engineering Department continued to provide
essential services that make Floyd County a place where people are
healthy, safe, and connected to their community.  Some of their projects

Finished moving the Myra H for restoration
Completed the site design for the new Recycling Center
Completed design and layout of the Rail Viewing site in Lindale
Completed design of the new dog park
Prosperity Way Extension
North Floyd 100-acre Industrial Site/Reynolds Property grading plan
Location and permitting of the Welcome To Rome-Floyd County sign
on Hwy 101
Implemented an online address request process on
Designed Jail sewer improvements
Completed Stormwater Management Program Permit for the 5 year
cycle running from 2018-2022 and submitted it to EPD.
Completed an MS4 stormwater audit by EPD and satisfied all
comments resulting from the audit

Floyd County Annual Report 2018 | Page 12

Extension Services

2ND Lauren Wood: Keith Mickler, Extension Coordinator:
in STATE 2nd Place 2018 County Extension Coordinator of the Year: State Level
Performing Arts & Participant in 2018 Leadership in the City through Ohio State University
Distinguished Service Award: National and State Level
Veeka Mulunchuk:
Abbie Salmon, 4-H Agent:
2nd Place
Food for Health & Presented at the Association for International Agriculture and
Sport Extension Education Conference held in Merida, Mexico

Karmen Holbert: Joint Council of Extension Professionals Creative Excellence Award
National Association of Extension 4-H Agents Achievement in Service
1st Place - Veterinary
Science Award
Master 4-H Member 4-H Lego Competition
Representative at
National 4-H Congress

Insect / Plant Samples: 75 Achievement Total Enrollment: 891
Soil Samples: 474 in Service Youth Received Instruction in Public Speaking: 822
Water Microbiology: 13 Award Youth Received Instruction in Career Readiness: 808
Drinking Water Analysis: 10 Youth Served in After School Programs: 208
Animal Water Analysis: 5 Professional Youth Served Through Summer Educational Activities: 110
Feed/Forages Analysis: 69 Achievement Community Service Projects Completed: 7
Livestock Events: 21

4-H RECEIVES Wheat Yield Contest: State WInner @ 129 bu/a
15-PASSENGER Soybean Yield Contest - Ultra Early Soybean:
State Winner at 94 bu/a
Floyd County Annual Report 2018 | Page 13

Facilities Management

In 2018, the Floyd County Facilities Department:
Assisted with renovations to new the Recycling Center and County Morgue
Reinstalled hands and clock movements to the Historic Courthouse
Developed process improvement for cleaning and reorganization of County cleaning schedules
Worked with Floyd County Purchasing and Special Projects to create a bid outline for space utilization
and energy efficiencies of County buildings
Assisted in replacing carpet in the Law Enforcement Center and County Administration Building
Facilities Manager Ryan Davis completed the Carl Vinson Institute of Government’s Management
Development Program

Floyd County Annual Report 2018 | Page 14

Rome-Floyd Fire Department

The division taught 8 state re-certification classes.  Automatic aide training was continued with Cave Spring Fire Department. A total of 4
live fire training exercises in acquired structure were completed for both for new recruits as well as new officers.  Emergency Medical
Technician training was completed with each medic completing a minimum of 40 hours.  COR re-certification was completed by the entire
department.  Educators conducted training throughout the community.

Public 1,360 79,168
Education: Specialized Training
337 events
44,025 people Training Hours

Fire pails made New engine Over 2,000 Walk-A-Mile
for 5th Grade purchased for toys In Her Shoes
Station 2, Cave
Fire Safety collected for
Program Spring Road Toys for Tots

7 employees 14 graduated 6,017
to retire with from 12-week Specialized
222 years of Rookie School
service Hours

3 Firefighters Trench First 6,843 Ribbon-cutting 4 Firefighters
completed Rescue Methodist Departmental Rome-Floyd currently
EMT School Trailer Preschool & ISO Training Fire Memorial
Program enrolled in EMT
Hours School

Fleet Services

In 2018, Floyd County had a total of 423
vehicles in their fleet. Out of the 423 vehicles,
385 vehicles were assigned to departments and
38 were in surplus. The County also has 89
tractors / off-road equipment and 22 trailers at
its disposal.

Special Projects Director Bruce Ivey completed
his first full year at the helm of our fleet
services management. Master Mechanic Brad
Walker and his employees completed 2,188 total
work orders in 2018. Over 930 of those work
orders were scheduled preventative
maintenance, and sixteen were for accident

Floyd County Annual Report 2018 | Page 16

Human Resources FlFolyodydCoCuonutnytAy nAnnunaulaRleRpeoprotr2t0210818| P|APGagE e 17
& Risk Management

In 2018, Floyd County Human Resources saw many accomplishments

GLGPA Large Agency Achievement Award
SHRM – Atlanta Impact Award Finalist
Awarded $10,000 Safety Discount by ACCG-LGRMS
Launch of the Employee Self Service (ESS) phone application
Created Online Applications for Law Enforcement
Developed Automated Applicant Testing/Scoring
KRONOS Upgrade and Modernization Approval
Acquired and transitioned to ACCG as our Third Party Administrator
for Workers’ Compensation
Developed electronic records keeping of payroll
Created new pay code for reporting non-cash uniforms (757)
Created the capability for citizen claims to be reported online at
Over 1,700 training hours were produced in 2018
Developed practices for addressing unemployment benefits claims
Coordinated with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to
bring EEOC Training to Floyd County
Developed Corrective Action Practices and Training endorsed and
adopted by the Floyd County Merit Board
Developed and initiated new Personnel Action (PA) Training
Developed and established standardized protocols for the new FMLA
Tracking Program
Developed records management practices and protocols
Completed GEBCorp Retirement Census
Initiated the use of registers and recruitment by job classifications
Eliminated the use of all documents and materials that conflicted
with Floyd County Rules and Regulations

Information Floyd County Annual Report 2018 | Page 18

In 2018, Information Technology added a position to focus on
technology needs for the Floyd County Jail.  This has helped to improve
services and security at the jail. During this time, the fiber was
relocated in preparation for building the new training center as part of
the Jail Medical SPLOST project.
At the Law Enforcement Center, IT helped in the training room
renovations with the installation of new presentation and audio
systems.  Managed Wi-Fi was also added for the Police Department to
improve the car video uploads.
Information Technology was instrumental in helping with technological
needs at the new Rome-Floyd Recycling Center by installing their
switch, firewall, and internet services.  
Information Technology was able to increase Floyd County’s internet
bandwidth used by all departments to a 1-gigabyte connection and to
add Malwarebytes protection to help secure our network. IT also
upgraded the fax server and replaced the network backup software
with the ArcServe system.  This moved the IT work order system to a
free application to reduce cost and better track equipment inventory.
Departments are encouraged to use this work order system to make
sure we fix problems as efficiently as possible.

Judicial Services Finding Your Creative Niche | CHC 2020

Juvenile Court | Judge Greg Price was awarded the State Bar of FloFylodyCd oCuonutyntAynAnnunaulaRleRpeoprot r2t02108 1|8P|aPgAeG1E9

Georgia’s “Lovett Award” by the Bar’s Child Protection and Advocacy
Section at the Georgia Bar’s Annual Meeting at Amelia Island, Florida on
June 8, 2018.  The Lovett Award is given annually to the Juvenile
Judge/Attorney who has a history of dedication to advocacy for children,
children’s rights, or child protection; who  exemplifies excellence and
professionalism as an attorney or judge; who has been active in bar
activities or professional associations; and also has been active in non-
law related community service organizations.  The Award was presented
to Judge Price by Supreme Court Justice David Nahmias, State Bar
President Buck Rogers, and Niki Vaughn, Chair of the State Bar Child
Protection and Advocacy Section.

Mental Health Court | The Mental Health Court overseen by Judge Jack

Niedrach graduated 10 participants in 2018 and currently has 5 on
aftercare. In January, the court will be part of the $1.25 million
Medication Assisted Treatment grant. This grant will apply to those
participants who have an addiction and agree to have treatment through
medication, i.e., Methadone, Suboxone, etc.   The grant provides for
enhanced services to include childcare, job training, medical and dental
assistance.  It will also require additional treatment and surveillance.

Judicial Services Finding Your Creative Niche | CHC 2020

Superior Court | 2018 saw the retirement of the Superior Floyd County Annual Report 2018 | PAagGeE 20

Court’s Chief Judge Tami Colston, who has served as Chief
Judge of the circuit since 2016, following the retirement of
Judge Walter Matthews. She was originally appointed to the
bench in July 2001 by Governor Roy Barnes. She will be
remembered for her efforts in getting addicted offenders into
rehab in order to help them beat their drug addiction. To this
end, she started the Floyd County Felony Drug Court in 2017.
This court utilizes a multi-disciplinary approach to ensure
public safety and rehabilitation to its participants. Currently
24 participants are enrolled in the Drug Court Program. Judge
Billy Sparks will now preside over the Felony Drug Court and
Judge Bryant Durham will take over as Chief Judge in January
following Judge Colston’s retirement.  Judge Kay Ann
Wetherington was elected in May to replace Judge Colston.
Judge Wetherington served as an Assistant District Attorney in
Floyd County for 20 years and was in private practice prior to
her service with the D.A.’s Office.

Probate Court | Probate Court issued 2,543 weapons carry

permits and 628 marriage licenses in 2018.

Land Bank

The Rome/Floyd Land Bank Authority (LBA)
had a very successful year in 2018.  The LBA
sold 56 parcels during the year and collected
a total of $116,331. We had a variety of
purchasers- some were investors with a
development plan (rehabilitation, new
construction, etc.) and others were adjacent
property owners that purchased the property
for control of it and to either keep it clean
and/or enlarge their yards, extra parking
space, etc. All of these 56 parcels were
placed back on the tax rolls and are no
longer “dead properties”. The LBA will be able
to receive 75% of taxes collected (City and
County) for the next five years to help with

FFllooyydd CCoouunnttyy AAnnnnuuaall RReeppoorrtt 22001188 || PPaAgGeE21

Law Enforcement - Police

The year 2018 was a year of transition and great accomplishment for
the Floyd County Police Department.  With the retirement of
longtime Police Chief, Bill Shiflett, Mark Wallace began his tenure
as the new Chief.  In his first year at the head of the department:

Tom Ewing was promoted to Assistant Chief of Police.
In August 2018, Chief Wallace and Captain David Bohannon scored
top honors at Shoot for the Horizon, an annual shooting
competition hosted by the Paulding County Sheriff’s Office.
Community relations and communication with the public increased
with neighborhood watch meetings, self-defense classes with civic
groups, and public appearances by police at expo events where
officers educate the public on: scams, online predators, and
distracted driving.
Events: Shop with a Cop, Coffee with a Cop, lectures at area
schools, leading Blood Assurance Heroes Unified fund raiser,
Salvation Army volunteering, and the Annual Celebrity Golf
Shootout benefiting the Boys and Girls Club of NWGA.
Social media helped highlight the department and give the public
another means to communicate directly with an officer. Channels
were created on Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.  Social media
has helped locate missing children and missing dementia patients,
identify and prosecute law breakers, and streamline emergency
messages to the public.
At the request of parents and the Board of Education, the police
department has increased the number of officers in schools to
give the children an opportunity to talk and socialize with police
in an atmosphere where crime and distress are absent.

Floyd County Annual Report 2018 | Page 22

Law Enforcement - Police Floyd County Annual Report 2018 | Page 23

Training was held for field training officers, SWAT certification, child death
investigation, self-defense tactics for civilians. The Georgia Network to
End Sexual Assault hosted a class to educate first responders and school
Officers were provided equipment during a training offered by Stop the
Bleed Georgia and Floyd County Wellness. This important class gave insight
on how to stop large scale bleeds by using tourniquets and other clotting
agents during life threatening emergencies. Officer Katy Walters put the
training to good use in July 2018 when she saved the lives of two children
who had been shot at their home in Lindale. Her efforts were recognized by
not only medical staff but by the department in her award of 2018 Officer
of the Year.
The police department worked with the GBI and federal law enforcement to
investigate online predators with a focus of arresting adults who were
luring underage children with illicit conversation and plans to meet.  Twenty
arrests were made, including one who attempted to run over arresting
officers. Officer Jim McCormick sacrificed his personal safety to block the
path of the speeding vehicle that would have struck a mail carrier.
A second K-9 officer was added to the roster. Sgt. Shea Hovers and his
partner Lex recently began work on patrol to search out drugs and to assist
with search of lost persons and missing articles. Sgt. Matt Henry and his K-9
partner Blaze have been working here for several years and were featured
in the May issue of a magazine called “Versatile Hunting Dog.”
In August the police department assisted the City of Cave Spring with a
mutual aid operation when a flash flood shut down the city for more than
twelve hours. Officers blocked highways, assisted with emergency
evacuation and property removal.
In October 2018 the police department received sizable donations from the
Exchange Club of Rome to purchase car seats for children and infants.
Officers also received teddy bears at the event for officers to use with
children who are victims or witness to traumatic events.
Training continues in active shooter response, including a drill at State
Mutual Stadium that was hosted by Floyd Medical Center and included the
SWAT team and patrol officers.

Law Enforcement - Sheriff's Office FloFyldoyCdoCunotuynAtynAnunanluRael pRoerpto2r0t 1280|18Pa| gPeAG24E

Jail Medical Phase II/Infrastructure Improvements - The two phase project funded
through allocations in the 2013 and 2017 SPLOST packages for Floyd County Jail
Improvements is now under way to make room for the medical wing expansion. Jail
Administrator Bob Sapp helped to develop a solution to involve the FCSO and
Facilities department, while also utilizing inmate labor.  The training center is the
first phase of a $7.4 million project that will add a medical and mental health wing
with 60 beds to the jail.

2018 ended with the installation of The TEK-84 “Intercep Body Scanner”  which only
takes 4 seconds to transmit an internal image to check for concealment and may very
well save a life, protect, as well safeguard our employees.  A high resolution of grey
scale pixels derived from scanning beam passes through the person being scanned
moving up and down vertically to reveal possible contraband, drugs etc. This is the
newest evolution in high security ionizing x-ray technology design and created for use
in jails, prisons, and airports. The jail hopes to render immediate care should
ingestion of harmful foreign objects occur.

2018 Sheriff Santa Program completed its 21st year, generating $6,000 through its 1st
Annual Unity in the Community Golf Tournament, and helping more than 400 children
with winter coats and needed items.  Toys for Tots provides toys for children 12 and
under who have signed up, however, the FCSO generates funds to meet the needs of
teens 13-15 years of age who are otherwise left out during the Christmas season. The
2019 event is planned for June 14, 2019.
FCSO enlisted the support of the community to help the flood victims in Florida and
North Carolina Sheriff’s Office by establishing a non-profit entity called
RomeGACares to manage the donations and logistics of these disaster relief efforts.
We acquired a donation drop-off and storage at 1929 North Broad Street, and tractor
trailers for transport.  Volunteers helped in accepting and assembling donations and
load trailers.  Specific items that were needed most were allowed as well as Disaster
Relief Kits. The RomeGACares Disaster Relief Hotline is 706-252-0978.

Metro Task Force

The Rome-Floyd Metro Task Force is a joint agency that operates undercover to help
eliminate illegal drugs from the streets of our community.  In 2018, this agency was
responsible for getting over $6.7 million of illegal drugs off the streets.  This included meth,
marijuana, synthetic marijuana, prescription drugs, and cocaine among others.  Seventy
firearms were seized during these investigations.

Floyd County Annual Report 2018 | Page 25

Planning / Zoning

River District Public Outreach event – received great opinions and
participation from the community regarding the River District plans
Trail audits – worked with T.R.E.D. (Trails for Recreation and Economic
Development) for better way-finding throughout the existing trail systems
School walk audit at Main Elementary – staff analyzed the surrounding areas
that children may utilize to walk to school to improve safety and walk-ability
Staff attended bicycle ride across Georgia
Staff participated in International Walk to School Day to encourage students
and parents to walk to school
Coordinated Pup-A-Palooza, a pop-up dog park. to encourage more funding
for the future dog park and acquired donations of dog food for P.A.W.S.
Staff completed Tripper Services App - The Tripper App was designed as a
visual tool to help transit supervisors, school administrators, teachers, parents,
and students better understand the Tripper route system. Each school year,
transit supervisors were tasked with updating and publishing Tripper routes. A
master route document was then assembled and passed along to each city
school for distribution to parents and students. With 26 Tripper routes divided
into morning and afternoon runs, his document became quite large and
problematic to use. The Tripper App takes that document and digitizes it into a
visual format that is easier to use and understand.
Staff coordinated the Hike Through History event (May 2018) – 150 attendees
Heritage Trails System is now a certified historic site on the Trail of Tears
National Register
Hosted a “Planning and Zoning 101” training for Georgia municipalities
City of Rome celebrated the 50th anniversary of the National Historic
Preservation Act by participating in the CLG program.
Staff worked with a consultant to complete Joint Service Delivery Strategy
(Rome, Floyd County, Cave Spring)
Staff worked with a consultant to complete the River District Multimodal
Analysis and Redevelopment Plan

Floyd County Annual Report 2018 | Page 26

Public Animal
Welfare Services

Averaged 96.13% live outcome for 2018 compared to 2017.
73.49% of that: 1,449 pets went to rescue, 1,164 pets went with adopters
= 2,613 pets found a loving environment
P.A.W.S. has worked diligently with animal advocacy groups to
implement various programs. These programs have positively impacted
the pets at P.A.W.S. with thanks to Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF), a
low-cost microchip program was implemented. This program allows
citizens to bring their pets to P.A.W.S, and we can microchip and
register the pets at an affordable price. Thanks to Claws for Paws and
the Floyd County Prison, an outside covered area was created to
enable pets and potential adopters to have some protection from the
outside elements.
Finally, one major change is the ability to have a positive impact on the
health of the pets at P.A.W.S. While at our facility, Veterinary Assistant
Nicole Farrell works closely with veterinarians to provide healthcare to
the animals at the facility. Since the inception of this position, there has
been a significant reduction in diseases which has increased the
number of high live outcomes. Nicole is a great asset and is currently
working to pursue her degree and license in veterinary technology and
hopes to go on to pursue a Master's degree in Animal Shelter Medicine.

FloFyldoyCdoCuonutyntAy nAnnunaulaRl eRpeoprotrt22001818| |PaPAgGe E27

Parks and Recreation

Leprechaun-a-thon’s number showed an increase and the Hero Hustle had over 100 more people participate
Baseball numbers increased by over 100
New catch net placed at Etowah Driving Range, 300 feet
Boat dock at Lock and Dam was removed and replaced with a new boat dock
Repaired and reinstalled historic flag pole at Shannon park
Started construction on 20x20 building at Etowah Driving Range, 50% completed
Prepped baseball and football fields for 1,125 games = 80,000 participants
Planted wildflowers at Heritage, Ridge Ferry, Lock and Dam, Alto Park, and Shannon

FloyFdloCydouCnotuynAtynnAunanluRaelpRoerpt o2r0t1280|1P8a|gPeA2G8E

Public Works

Floyd County Public Works had a really productive year in 2018.  The department paved 17.7 miles in addition to completing another
six miles of paving for the City of Rome.  Public Works crews provided construction support on the new Recycling Center.  Our Bridge
Shop, led by John Housch, poured more than 100 yards of concrete at the Recycling Center.  Most of that included work on the
trench required for the infeed conveyor, a new accessible ramp, and the ramp and pad for the new truck scale.  In addition, Public
Works crews worked on grading, cleaning and paving the parking lot and the driveway, and enlarging the public drop off area.
Thanks to the 2013 SPLOST, Public Works used $278,000 of the committed funds in 2018 to purchase a new tandem dump truck, a new
right-of-way mower, and a post driver.  Additional funds were used for infrastructure improvements in Riverside and Lindale.  Public
Works crews made significant improvement by pouring, replacing and contracting work on sidewalks in Riverside to remove more than
2,000 trip hazards and in Lindale to provide ADA access on sidewalks from Gilbreath Park to Pepperell High School.  Additional work
was done in both areas to help get pedestrians off the roads in the higher traffic areas.
In 2018, Public Works received 4,266 work orders which included repairing 843 traffic signs, striping more than 96 miles of center
line and 39 miles of edge lines, pouring 331 cubic yards of concrete, mowing more than 5,900 miles of shoulders, and hauling more
than 1,100 loads of limbs and brush debris.

Floyd County Annual Report 2018 | Page 29


On December 27th, 2018, the new recycling center located at 412
Lavender Drive received its Certificate of Occupancy.  The new
center has increased production in a major way.  In a typical day at
the old center in North Rome, the center would produce about
1,000 pounds of baled plastic.  In four hours one morning in
December, the center baled 10,000 pounds of plastic.  Currently,
the center does not see that much volume to run that much daily,
but the test run shows what is capable with the new equipment. 
The new center will focus increasing materials through education
and partnerships with additional local governments and private

Grand Opening

Floyd County Annual Report 2018 | Page 30

Sara Hightower Regional Library

FLOYD COUNTY LIBRARY Adult Programs:  57

Circulation: Includes Adult and Children's Materials Participants:  7,325

Books:  187,232 Children Programs:  181
EBooks (downloaded from our databases):  9,094
Audio Books:  12,035 Participants:  7,670
Audio Books (downloaded from our databases):  9,378
DVDs, CDs, and all other Audio Visual materials:  118,003 Patron

Total:  335,742 T H E MViEsiDtsI:U M S A V A I L A B L E

Summer Reading Program Participants:  2,569 Presentations are communication tools that can be used as
Summer Reading Program – Hours Read:  26,584
Adult Reading Program Participants:  656 191,043demonstrations, lectures, speeches, reports, and more.
# Books Read:  980
Computer Sessions:  56,879
Friends of the Library Book Sale:  $12,355.56

Floyd County Annual Report 2018 | Page 31

Solid Waste

Floyd County applied and received a grant for a scrap tire
program in 2018 through the EPD.  The event was held in June,
2018 at State Mutual Stadium.  Three tractor trailer loads of
tires (approximately fifteen tons) from local ditches, yards, and
waterways were collected and disposed.  The event cost
$4,800 and was completely reimbursed from the EPD.
Floyd County hosted six special events at the Recycling Center
in 2018 to collect Household Hazardous Waste material and
Electronics to help keep them out of our landfill.  Eight-four
thousand pounds of liquids and other hazardous waste and
eighty-two thousand pounds of electronics and televisions and
other periphery equipment.
The center’s largest volume collection and disposal program is
for leaves and limbs/brush.  In 2018, more than one million
pounds of leaves and eleven hundred pounds of limbs and
brush were collected.  This correlates to more than twenty-four
thousand cubic yards of limbs/brush.  All of this material is
recycled either as mulch or fuel.

Floyd County Annual Report 2018 | Page 32


Travel and tourism generated a 5.9% year over year increase in total impact in 2018. Estimates include
travel expenditures, travel generated employment and payroll income, as well as tax revenues for
state and local government. In Floyd County, the tourism industry supported 1,409 jobs throughout the
service and hospitality industries. Travelers to Rome & Floyd County generated $6.44 million in state
tax revenue and $4.60 million in local tax revenue*.
Each Floyd County household would need to be taxed an additional $311 per year to replace taxes
generated by tourism economic activity.
*2017 estimates provided by US Travel Association. 2018 estimates will be available in Fall 2019.

Floyd County Annual Report 2018 | Page 33

H-4 Water

In 2018, the Floyd County Water Department saw the
completion of the 2013 SPLOST project bringing water to the
Everett Springs area of Floyd County.  This included a
distribution system with approximately seventeen miles of new
water mains and fifty-two new fire hydrants, a new one million
gallon storage tank, a new pump station, and fixed based
meter reading. 
The department also upgraded four pump stations and one
water source location at Old Mill Spring.

Floyd County Annual Report 2018 | Page 34

Wellness Floyd County Annual Report 2018 | Page 35

The Floyd County Wellness Department saw
many achievements in employee health
offerings.  The year started off with a bang
with a “New Year, New You” weight loss
challenge with over fifty participants who
lost more than three hundred pounds
collectively.  A partnership with Floyd
Medical Center created a weekly diabetes
prevention class providing each participant
with a life coach.  Two successful training
sessions on Self Defense and Active Shooter
response were co-hosted with Floyd County
Three new wellness events saw great
participation from employees and families. 
The department hosted an employee kickball
tournament at State Mutual Stadium, home
of the Rome Braves.  Then in June twelve
team competed in a Poker Walk.  The
winning team walked over 1,000 miles.  Later
in the year, the Employee Christmas Crawl
health walk ushered in over 220

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Floyd County Juvenile Court
College Colors Day

Floyd County Morgue Floyd County Employees & Family
Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony Heart of the Community Walk

Rome-Floyd Fire Department
National Fire Pet Safety Day

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Rome Braves Opening Day - First Pitch

Teamwork Approach

Rome-Floyd Planning Department Floyd County Public Works Richard B. Russell Regional Airport Employees
Pup-a-Palooza 2018 Chainsaw Training Class Halloweeen Costume Contest

Floyd County Prison Rome-Floyd Recycling P.A.W.S. "Mascots"
Women in Leadership Grand Opening Delilah & Gunner

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2018 Floyd County Annual Report

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