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Ethrea wants to destroy the Kingdom of Cormania or rule it. Vesper got in the way. Vesper is meant to be queen. She is the pure leader. Ethrea is the Corrupt leader. The dark and the light.
One night Vesper finds the book that was Ethrea`s and found plans in it the to destroy the Kingdom of Cormania. Ethrea finds out that Vesper knew and wreaked havoc and death all over Cormania. She is banished to the Death wastelands for her crimes the next year.
10 years later Vesper`s heartstone is pulsing with purple and black streaks everyday. Each day it grows stronger. No one has had a dark heartstone in the kingdom since Ethrea and if it wasn`t just a new heartstone than it`s a sign. Vesper suspects it is Ethrea and sets off to find and destroy Ethrea on her coronation night to find out with the help of her friends but along the way deceit takes charge with distrust and pain as it`s allied.
Along the way Vesper learns who she truly is and what she can truly do but will it be enough to defeat Ethrea once and for all? But most of all will she be able to bring herself to do it?
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