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Published by iis_nuryati93, 2021-11-29 01:52:54

English Poetry New

English Poetry New

November Rain
As I hear the sound of the rain
I hope it will heal my pain
Though I don’t know why
My tears still go by
The wind dances gloomily
It feels my sorrow surely
I wish I could fly high
To release my deep sigh
Night comes and darkness embraces me
Only hard falling water I can see
yet I'm certain the sun will shine next morning
And groups of birds will enchantingly sing
I smile, now and later
Here and there, forever
No more cry, no more grief
Coz I will enhance my belief
(Iis Nuryati, Nov 2019)


November is Coming

Everything seems dazzling
Buds are sprouting
Flowers are blooming
Just the same as my feeling

November is here
Oh, how I still remember
The first time I sat close to you, dear
My heart throbbed fast, if you could hear

November is at my side
The story began, nothing to hide
Love grew between me and you
As morning dew, I wasn’t that blue

November is in my heart, baby
When you held my hand gently
I knew you would never release it anyhow
Together we are, today and tomorrow

November is coming
Though rain starts falling
It's indeed our day, darling
To celebrate the blessed wedding

November will be leaving someday
But our love will always stay
Let thunder and storm go away
They are nothing, if we pray

(Iis Nuryati, 18 Nov 2019)


If Only
Time goes by so fast
I left nothing but trash
At dawn I yawn
In the morning I start complaining
In the afternoon I focus on plate and spoon
In the evening I am busy chatting
At night I sleep tight
Time flies so quickly
I find myself guilty
If only I could turn back time
I would make my days shine
(Iis Nuryati, Nov 20, 2019)


It is December

When I look at the calendar
I notice something clear
Another year is almost over

I see my foot print left behind
When sitting alone to rewind
What I have done in the past time

Oh no
It's disgusting
I smell something rotten
Coming out of my body, hidden
Yet I can feel it
As I take a sight

My sins are there
Crowd around, with no sound
Sink me into the lowest ocean
The ocean of depravation

It is December
I set out to live better
And hope to see the next year

(Iis Nuryati, Dec 2019)


New Year
The thirty-first dusk of December
I see the sun sets slowly
Leaving millions of memories
Be sad not my friends
Many things end
Yet a lot of starts will be coming
Ups and downs may approach
They color your days
Laughter and tears may alternate
They enlighten your nights
Keep your dreams tight
Time for you to fight
Your success is somewhere awaiting
You just need to keep moving
Welcome 2020
(Iis Nuryati, Dec 2019)


Every time I left you
I know something for sure
How I always wanna see you
As you get older and older
I think hard very often
How I pay for what you've given
So far in my life
Never did I hear you saying
"I love you, kid"
But all around my life
Your love fulfills my everything
(Iis Nuryati, Januari 2020)


Looking at myself
I find there are a lot of things I have
No pay, no debt
Looking at my past
There have been moments passed
Blessed, they splashed
Looking at the sky
I see the blue cloud high
Birds are there to fly
Looking at the ground
The greatness of earth is shown
I know to whom it belongs
You, The Almighty
The owner of the owner
For all of those gifts
There really are no words
To show my gratitude
(Iis Nuryati, 1 Feb 2020


Come, My Spring

When birds cheerfully sing
Striking butterflies wing
Clumps of roses are to ring
Hums of bees in the morning
Dews on grass stay free
Leaves dance on the tree
A little girl sits on a bench to see
Doves peck corns spread by me
Let my days shine
And I quietly dine
Come, my spring
Be my sweet thing
That I enjoy my drink
In my lonely dream

(Iis Nuryati, March 16, 2021)


This Yearning Tortures Me
You are not away
But you come when I pray
Day and night
Dark and bright
I keep you in my mind
You were once my sunshine
I say nothing as I always see
This yearning tortures me
(iis Nuryati, March 10, 2017)


As I hear the sound of the rain
It indeed represents my pain
Tears drop and I fall into misery
When I remember you've passed away

The wind dances gloomily
I weep buckets of tears regretfully
I wish I could be there on time
To see you for the last time

Night comes and darkness embraces me
Only hard falling water I can see
Yet I know the best I can do every day
Whispering your name when i pray

Every time I’m about to close my eyes
Memories of you soon arise
Oh I wish I could hide my cries
Yet this longing stays there always

You are there, forever
But your love is never over

(Iis Nuryati, the beginning of March, 2021)


Forty Days

It's been forty days since you left us
We pray always the best way to ask
Entering the house
Different atmosphere arose
I could see your face though
Along the time we'd been through
It's been forty days
Yet you're still around us, no space
Feeling you sat on a chair near the window
Waiting to catch our shadow
May we gather
In the heaven forever
(Iis Nuryati, 27-3-2021)


Piece of light
Tears drop, out of sudden
Showing my heart, broken
Nothing gonna change
My love spread in a vast range
You were once my piece of light
Shining in a peaceful night
Just like a serene full moon
Glowing in a warm tone
This evening I weep over you
For the time I spent with your affection
Indeed, I can’t stand miss you
Mentioning you in my deep petition

(Iis Nuryati, Sept 18, 2021)


Be Grateful

Be grateful
For every single breath
we take days when we stay awake
and nights time to have break

Be grateful
For the sky where birds fly
rice plants there grow high
and cozy days for no more cry

Be grateful
For the crystal water in the river
Where fishes swim together
Flowing far to the sea whatsoever

Be grateful
For the ups and downs we pass through
Misery comes, yet it will go though
Happiness takes its turn, somehow

Be grateful
For every single thing
That we get from Him
He is Al Wadood, the Most-Loving

(Iis Nuryati, Sept 19, 2021)


An Endowed Night
Walking on the white sand on the beach
Small waves touch my bare feet
Bluish water freshens my skirt lace
I feel soft salty wind hits my face
The sun nearly sets in the horizon
I love its reddish glow, unforgotten
Slowly it disappears as if it is eaten
And lonely darkness takes its turn
The moon emerges from behind cloud
Bashfully it dances with no crowd
I suppose this is a night endowed
By the Most Kind, Ar Ro'uuf
(Iis Nuryati, 2021)


Ramadan is Coming

We Welcome You
The breeze wind blows
The green leaves wave
And the blue sky shifts in this blessed dusk
The twilight glow in the horizon
Offers the melody of Ramadon
Delivering sounds of the heavenly Host
Serene, cooling the most
We welcome you, a thousand months
We beg weeks of blessing
We hope thirty days of clemency
We wish a pleasure of worship
We welcome you, the holy month
When we prove our loves
And sincerity talks (Iis Nuryati, 13 April 2021)


It's been a hundred days
This is one of my ways
To stay close to you always
Touching your grave
Whispering your name when I pray
Feeling you're not away
May we gather
In the heaven forever
(Iis Nuryati, Juni 2021)


Lighten My Burden

Lighten My Burden
Walking around the town
When the sun was nearly down
Going along the empty road
My leg hit a piece of wood
Ouch It's bleeding
I soon started crying
And lay on the ground
Feeling my gape wound
Rain fell, out of sudden
Watering plants in the garden
Oh, please lighten my burden
Before it's getting harden
(Iis Nuryati, March 18, 2021)


A Red Rose
An old man came to pick
A stem of red rose on a peak
He did nothing but to seek
I ran to a hidden place to peek
I've got that red rose
Scenting my deep doze
In a very tranquil noon
With a heaving rhythmic tone
The red rose is now in a small vase
I'm afraid it's getting pale
Just like what you see in my face
As if I'm falling into a dale
(Iis Nuryati, March 17, 2021)


Morning Drizzle
Drizzle is falling
In the dark quiet morning
Red rose is budding
Drops of water are glittering
On the branches birds are chirping
I'm sitting in the terrace watching
Morning drizzle is slowly disappearing
In the east the sun is finally rising
See, the day is just starting
Praise be to You, the Creator of everything
(Iis Nuryati, Sept 26, 2021)


A Date to Remember
(19 Nov 2000 - 19 Nov 2021)
It's now the time
For us to remind
Our bond we have been maintaining
For years, and still remaining
Let's sit together and think
How much time we will be having
To devote our life to The All-Seeing
In a sincere worship, loving Him
As our children grow older
Our hair turn gray, truly a reminder
Things are always there to consider
To unite us until hereafter
What will be coming is unknown
Should Allah give time more
Let our merits come along
With us forever
(Nov, 19, 2021)


November Rain

I hear it thoroughly
Raindrop befall the roof tile
As if it is a baffling orchestra
reviving the entire realm
November rain
From afternoon till evening
Filling my heart perfectly
Warming my soul up calmly
I love the vibe
When the frogs are singing
In the pond behind the housing
Oh, amazing
November rain
Story about you is never ending
(Iis Nuryati, Nov 27)


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