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Permit No. 533
Waterbury, CT


Wolcott Community News
Volume 25, Number 4 | April 2021

Circulation of 7,300 papers mailed to Homes and Businesses | 203-879-3900 Serving the Town of Wolcott Since 1995

Attorney Brian Tynan officiated at the recent swearing in of two new Sergeants for the Wolcott Police Department which
was held at the Wolcott Senior Center. The two new Sergeants are Det. Craig Gulick and Off. Pete Garguilo. Both will
be assigned to the Patrol Division as supervisors. Photography by Picard

Congratulations to Chase Daloia for being promoted Assistant Town Clerk, Jennifer Schmaltz received her The latest winner of the Wolcott Chamber of Commerce
to Staff Sergeant (C/Ssgt) at the Civil Air Patrol 186th Certificate of Completion as a Certified Connecticut Customer Rewards Program is Ann Bove of Spindle Hill
Composite Squadron. Keep up the good work! Municipal Official through the Connecticut Conference of Rd. She chose a $50.00 gift card from Pat’s IGA. She is
Municipalities. pictured here with Mike DiSapio of Pat’s receiving her gift
card. The next drawing will be April 5, 2021 and will be
the last drawing until the Chamber resumes the drawings
in September. Photography by Picard | To Place Your Ad, Call 203.879.3900 or email: [email protected]

Wolcott Community News Hello Spring!

6 Months Free Monitoring for New Accounts

203-879-5625 Patriots’ Day
Ceremony 2021
30 Potuccos Ring Rd., Wolcott, CT
Wolcott will officially celebrate Patriots’
CT Lic. # C5-0193351. 203-879-5625 Day on Monday, April 19, 2021.
This year’s ceremony will be streamed
BIRTHDAYS & • Professional Service • Chipper Service LIVE, via YouTube, at 6:00 pm from the American
ANNIVERSARIES • Fully Insured • Bucket Truck Legion Post 165. For more information and link
• Tree Removal • Expert Climber to the ceremony please visit our website
Aries • Trimming Bushes, • Free Estimates
March 21 – April 19 This annual event serves to honor local Veterans and
Hedges HIC #603550 celebrate our American Heritage & History. Patriots’
“The Ram” Day marks the Battles of Lexington and Concord,
‘In God We Trust’ April 19, 1775, which started the American
As the first sign in the zodiac, the presence Give us a Ring! 203-217-7311 Revolution, paving our path to freedom.
of Aries always marks the beginning of Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we will need to limit the
something energetic and turbulent. They Wolcott Community News attending guests, while all others may enjoy the
are continuously looking for dynamic, program streamed virtually. Program highlights will
speed and competition, always being the first in    Published each month, on or about the 1st, for the residential include: citations awarded by Mayor Thomas Dunn,
everything - from work to social gatherings. Aries is Senator Rob Sampson and Representative Gale
one of the most active zodiac signs. It is in their and commercial community of Wolcott. Deadline for ad Mastrofrancesco, a presentation by Encore Singers
nature to take action, sometimes before they think submission is the 15th of each month, and the 12th for articles. and the Patriot Youth Ambassadors.
about it well. Aries rules the head and leads with the Nomination letters are now being accepted to help
head, often literally walking head first, leaning Published by: in the selection of this year’s honorees. Please
forwards for speed and focus. Its representatives are consider nominating a local Veteran, Serviceman or
naturally brave and rarely afraid of trial and risk. Wolcott Community News, L.L.C. Servicewoman either living or deceased. Share with
They possess youthful strength and energy, regardless us how the individual has served our country and
of their age and quickly perform any given tasks. 216 Spindle Hill Road, Wolcott, CT 06716 community throughout the years. Please email all
nominations and correspondence by or before
Carolyn Nadeau — April 4 Editor: Gale Mastrofrancesco April 7th to the attention of Stacy Perrone-Petta:
Zachary Fasano — April 7 [email protected] Thank you for your support!
Taurus Patriots’ Day Organizer
April 20 – May 20 Email: [email protected] Stacey Perrone- Petta
and Patriots’ Day Youth Ambassador
“The Wandering Bull” Web Site: Lauren Kornhaas [DiVirgilio]
added special artifacts and informational items to the
Practical and well-grounded, Taurus is the Advertiser’s Responsibility - The advertiser assumes liability for all content display case at the local Wolcott Public Library...
sign that harvests the fruits of labor. They (including text representing and illustrations) of advertisements printed, and agrees
feel the need to always be surrounded by come check it out !!
love and beauty, turned to the material to indemnify the Wolcott Community News and its agents against all claims The items will be on display through April 2021
world, hedonism, and physical pleasures. People born whatsoever of any nature arising from printing such advertisements in the 
with their Sun in Taurus are sensual and tactile, con-
sidering touch and taste the most important of all Wolcott Community News, and all related costs and expenses
senses. Stable and conservative, this is one of the (including reasonable attorney’s fees) associated with defending against such claims.
most reliable signs of the zodiac, ready to endure and Settlement - The Wolcott Community News or its agents assumes no responsibility for
stick to their choices until they reach the point of per- typographical errors in advertisements, but will reprint without charge the portion of
sonal satisfaction. the ad that was incorrect. Claims for allowance must be made in writing within seven

Al & Nancy Laporta days. Credit for errors at the discretion of the Wolcott Community News.
31 Year Anniversary — April 20

2 April 2021

Happy Easter Wolcott Community News

Having an Event or Fundraiser A Minute with the Clerk Welcome Spring
April 2021
YOUR EVENT Fishing Licenses are available We are all looking forward to
now in our office or online at the Spring weather in our
HERE community. I am working
CT-Fishing very hard with all departments
And Get Noticed putting together a budget,
The prices for Connecticut residents are and maintaining all of our cur-
Cost is $30 per event as follows: rent services.
Email us at [email protected]
Please include event name, organization Inland Fishing (18 -64 years old) The Town of Wolcott will
holding the event, date, time, place, price, $28.00, (16 and 17 years old) $14.00, be celebrating our 225th
a logo or photo if desired and a brief Age 65 and Older FREE Anniversary in 2021.
description (20 words or less). Be sure to
include your name and contact number. All Waters (18-64 years old) $32.00, (16 and 17 years old) A celebration is being planned
All ads must be submitted and paid for $16.00, Age 65 and Older FREE for Saturday October 16th and Sunday, October 17th
2021. We are in the initial planning stages and are
by the 15th of the month. Marine Fishing (18-64 years old) $10.00, (16 and 17 years looking for our local organizations and businesses to
old) $5.00, Age 65 and Older FREE participate and or sponsor.
Trout and Salmon Stamp (18+ years) $5.00, (16 and 17 Please contact my office for more information
Funeral Home years old) $3.00, Age 65 and Older $5.00 203-879-8100 ext. 102 or email to [email protected]
Serving Wolcott Since 1967
Last year there was a change in the size of the licenses
issued. Due to a new software program at the State of Please check our website for upcoming Community
Connecticut they now print on letter size paper. To Events:
accommodate this, we are now offering plastic license
holders Free of Charge while supplies last. These are
perfect for your tackle box or vehicle glove box.

Pro Tip: Keep a photo of your license on your cell phone
in case your paper one gets wet, lost or destroyed.

Happy fishing!

As always, know that you can contact me with any
questions, comments, or concerns. Stop by my office
or give me a call at 203-879-8100 ext. 102.


203-879-2246 Thomas G. Dunn, Your Mayor


Wolcott Volunteer Fire Department Company 2 Dr. David S. Mullen

36th Annual Ziti Dinner Dr. McHugh and Associates, P.C.

Saturday May 1st, 2021 • 2:00PM – 7:00PM Wolcott/Watertown
Company 2 Firehouse, 58 North Street
Following COVID-19 guidelines, we will be offering Non-Surgical
limited seating but expanded Take-Out or Curb-Side services.
Let us know when you arrive! For Heel Pain &

Ticket sales are not being done door-to-door this year due to safety concerns Neuromas
and timing. Instead we are offering you, our supporters, these convenient
options to purchase tickets and/or donate: Specializing in all foot problems:

Visit • Heel Pain • Hammertoes • Callouses • Warts
to make a secure, online purchase and/or • Bunions • Flat Feet • Ingrown Nails
donation using your credit card or PayPal • Fractures • Infections • Neuromas

Pay at the door on the day of the event • Children’s Foot Care • Diabetic Foot Care

Your donations are used to help defer the rising costs associated Appointments available at
with training, equipment, and maintenance. 464 Wolcott Rd. Wolcott

On behalf of Company 2, we thank you for your continued support. (203) 879-3646

To Place Your Ad, Call 203.879.3900 or email: [email protected] 51 Depot St. Watertown

(860) 274-1773


Wolcott Community News Hello Spring!

The Not-So Great Divide

State Senator Rob Sampson — 16th District Several weeks ago, I wrote an article literally calling for I will note that on the political spectrum I am considered
the end of the politics of personal destruction, condemn- a libertarian-leaning conservative Republican. That
It is often said that there ing violence, focusing on what is objectively true about means my politics are based in the idea of every single
are few good people in January 6th versus what is designed to divide us, and person having the right and freedom to choose their own
politics. My experience is finally begging of my colleagues and neighbors to be the path in life and whatever pursuits they desire, including
that it is a mixture much like example on how to differ with respect. just being left alone, and keeping more of what they earn.
anything else. While I cer- Why is that opinion so deserving of hate?
tainly have encountered some If only you could read some of the responses I have
that I distrusted — and for received to my apparently foolish request! There was Every vote I take tends towards more freedom and less
good reason — I can safely even an op-ed exclaiming the concern over my “loyalty” telling others how to live. Ironically, it is the modern
say that some of the finest to former President Trump – a supposition based solely Democrat party that is constantly regulating our lives and
people I have ever met are in my lack of desire to condemn him without actual limiting our freedoms, interfering with private contracts,
also actively involved in elec- evidence beyond CNN talking points. I wondered if this censoring speech, over-regulating businesses, making
toral politics. Senator Mark- person even read what I had written, or anything I policy that ignores individual liberty, constitutional rights,
ley, Representative Mastrofrancesco, and several others have said or done in the eleven years I have served and due process. Outside of criminal laws, I do not think
come immediately into mind. However, it is true that our community. I have ever voted yes on a bill proposal that requires my
fewer and fewer “good” people are likely to take on the constituents to do something more than they did before.
task going forward. The job is not for the faint of heart. Recently, someone took the time to capture a screenshot If anything, my focus has been to shrink government and
of yours truly laying back in my chair and saying a brief grow personal choice and freedom.
Even as little as ten years ago, political disagreement in prayer prior to the start of a lengthy hearing on election
America was unlikely to disrupt a friendship, a marriage, laws — not realizing that the broadcast (though not the This also means that all the campaign propaganda claim-
or a beer with a neighbor or co-worker. Clearly it is a little hearing) had begun. Such effort just to falsely claim I ing Republicans are racists, fascists, or bigots flies in the
hotter topic today. was “sleeping” on the job! The next day I woke up face of reason and common sense. Note that refusing to
wondering what is next. Maybe a nice photoshop of my support policies that give the government more power is
As the divergence of the two political ideologies has head on Bigfoot will appear today! just that, nothing more.
widened, so the temperature of the conversation has
heated up. There are few things we can agree on Nothing would surprise me anymore. At least this one As I said from the start, it’s not all bad. My time in office
anymore, not contemporary public policy, and not even gave me a good laugh. Still, it really is startling how out has provided me with tremendous experiences, quality
the value of our founding documents. of hand politics has become. What shocks me the most relationships, lifelong friends, and infinitely more pa-
is the sheer amount of hatred that exists in the hearts in a tience for those with more passion than maturity.
For someone like me, this is heartbreaking, since my love few of our neighbors. I am constantly asking myself -
of politics finds its source in the discourse and debate what exactly are they so angry with? Can it simply be that I remain hopeful those among us who are seized by anger
over right and wrong, moral and immoral, and the value others have a different opinion than we do? I was raised will snap out of it before long. I truly feel bad for them.
of principles like individual liberty, civil rights, and the to cherish and respect the diversity of ideas as our coun- That is no way to live or to see the world. Maybe I am
role of government. try’s strength. I believe we should value other's freedom overly optimistic, but I have always believed that if I
to live and think as they choose as highly as our own. remain consistent about my beliefs and continue to offer
Nearly every day now (and not because I go looking) kindness and respect, it will eventually be returned.
I discover examples of contempt cast in my direction.

STOP Paying Rising Electric Rates! Go Solar & Save!

National Award Winner
(860) 736-5360

Call Ion for your Free Savings Report: 860.736.5360 April 2021


Happy Easter Wolcott Community News

Selling or Buying, contact EXIT Realty Signature
— Wolcott’s Choice Real Estate Company



In The News: Last month, EXIT Realty Signature made a Wolcott $269,900 – Well main- Bridgeport $275,000 – Great Oakville $220,00 – Charming Waterbury $183,00 – Cozy cape
donation to the Wolcott Police Department to help offset the tained Raised Ranch with Deeded 2-family home! First floor fea- old-style home resides on an awe- located in the town-plot neighbor-
Lake Rights in the beautiful tures 2 bedrooms and 1 bath; some level lot and features: hood of Waterbury! Features 3
cost of their new drone used by the Wolcott Emergency Hitchcock Lake neighborhood. Second floor features 2 bed- 3 bedrooms, hardwood flooring bedrooms, dining room, living
Services. We thank you for all your service and hard work. This home features 3 bedrooms, rooms and 1 bath with access throughout, 1 car garage, eat-in- room and hardwood flooring
1.5 baths, eat-in-kitchen with to the 3rd floor where there are kitchen with many new updates in- throughout. Oversized garage is a
TEAL BACKS THE BLUE! sliders leading to deck, hardwood 3 additional rooms and an cluding; new roof, siding, driveway must-see and easily fits oversized
floors throughout, city sewers and additional full bathroom. Off and thermo windows. Great home vehicles with an upper loft for ad-
ThemyEoaXukITeseJseeueruepstiaosrbooeunentpdhewtomhweonnv!e... large 2 car Garage. The lower street parking. This is definitely on an oversized lot is ideal for all ditional storage. Easy to maintain
level walks-out to a great level lot. a must see. Call Miguel! outdoor activities. Call Bridget! a great level lot. Call Dyan!
Call Bridget!
Preview more at: Preview more at: Preview more at:
Preview more at:

$169,900 Rare approved
Wolcott – Office for Rent building lot up for sale.water- Wolcott $540,000 – Looking for an in- Wolcott $419,900 – on 2.14 acres.
$750/month. Prime loca- front property on Hitchcock law apartment, home office or additional source of in- Gorgeous, custom built 11 room Colonial
tion... remodeled. First floor Lake! Owners had a design come... look no further! This Massive Colonial boasts boasts over 3500 sq ft of living space and in-
office space is centrally located (blueprints) to accommodate over 4500 sqft of living space on over an acre of land. cludes a custom-built, private home office w
on Wolcott Road. Clean, up- a 2500 sqft single family. Con- The main home has 4 Bedrooms, 3 and 1/2 Baths, an kitchenette. This turn-key, ultra clean home fea-
dated and modern with plenty temporary house with a 2 car additional office space, all season room, finished base- tures 4 bedrooms, 3 full-2 1/2 baths, cathedral
of parking and exposure. High garage. Fantastic opportunity ment with a walkout that leads to your backyard oasis ceilings, great room w/wet bar, hardwood floors,
traffic count and signage will to build your dream home with a 3-car garage. A gorgeous fenced in, inground crown moldings, gas fireplace, security system,
make this an ideal location for withamazing lake views! Town pool for you to enjoy with your family. There is also an sprinklers, whole house generator and a heated
a business. Call Bridget! sewer in the street. additional building (in-law-suite) that features 1 bed- 3 bay garage. The lower level is completely fin-
room, 1 bath and eat-in-kitchen which overlooks the ished and can be ideal for an in-law with 1 1/2
Preview more at: Prospect, LOT $45,000 pool area and a 2 car bay garage. baths and walk out. .58 of an acre... all approved
to build! Great opportunity, Preview more at: Preview more at:
SOLD great location and priced for
sale. Convenient to shoping,
dining and major highways. PRICED TO SELL SOLD

Preview more at:


Visit us at our new office location Waterbury $175,000 – Beautiful Waterbury $124,900 – Located in Wolcott $117,900 – Cozy 2 Wolcott $524,900 – Experience
3 bedroom Ranch located in the the heart of the Town Plot, this spa- bedroom Ranch features an luxurious living in this unique, modern
1615 Wolcott Road Town Plot section of Waterbury. cious Raised Ranch offers great open floor plan with Cedar contemporary colonial that boasts over
WOLCOTT This home boasts 2490 total potential. Features hardwood flooring accents and beams, eat-in- 4200 sqft of living space on a private
sqft of living space with a throughout the main floor, finished kitchen, on a level, private 1.92 acre lot. Features 4 bedrooms, 3
finished walk-out basement w/ lower level with possible in law, 3 bed- lot. This home is move-in bathrooms, custom & modern-style eat-
(in-law) potential. The lower rooms, 1 and two 1/2 baths, 2 car ga- ready! in-kitchen with granite & stainless appli-
level features a second kitchen, rage all on a great level lot. Needs ances & an open floor plan with light
full bath, additional bedroom TLC and updating (kitchen, baths, Preview more at: bamboo hardwood floors throughout.
and bonus room. painting and basement flooring). Massive great room measuring (34 x
Won't last... call Bridget today! 32), first floor office, and a 3 car garage.
Preview more at: Preview more at: Preview more at:

Bill Barrieau Bridget Barrieau Jay Harry Dyan McWeeney Brett Sergi Miguel Rosado Dan Rocano
203-509-0249 203-598-4466 203-233-0925 860-637-7792 203-217-8558 203-206-4684 203-499-7560
to 85377 to 85377 to 85377 to 85377 to 85377

Homes are selling at record highs... contact us today for your FREE Market Analysis 203.441.6175

To Place Your Ad, Call 203.879.3900 or email: [email protected] 5

Wolcott Community News Hello Spring!

What is Your

Looking For?

Friends Announce Wolcott Library News Routine dental visits aid in the
Book Sale prevention, early detection, and
Community Helper Storytimes (Zoom) - Every Tuesday treatment of tooth decay, oral
After a year of just e-mailing, the Friends had their first in at 10:30 a.m. we meet new community helpers from around soft tissue disease, and peri-
person meeting in March and we have such exciting news! Wolcott. Guest readers have included Deputy Fire Marshal odontal diseases. A complete
We will be having a Spring Book Sale on Thursday and Brian Elliott, Police Chief Edward Stevens and Mayor Tom dental exam should include the
Friday, May 13th and 14th from noon to 6PM and Dunn. following:
Saturday, May 15th from 10 am to 2PM. We are located at
469 Bound Line Rd. and the sale will be held in the Manga Smanga with the Cowtoonist (Zoom) - Wed. A soft tissue Dr. Ezra Friedman
downstairs meeting rooms plus tents outside. We are now April 7 at 5 p.m. Kids and teens will learn how to draw examination.
collecting books of all kinds plus puzzles, records, DVD’s, their own manga cartoon character & cute chibi. Wolcott, CT
CD’s and Books on Tape. We always have a special need
for Large Print Books. For small donations, please feel free Turtle Dance Music (Zoom) - Wednesdays at 11 a.m. The purpose of the soft tissue examination is to spot
to bring them to the front door any time the library is open. (April 7, 21 & 28) In this live, interactive music program, precancerous changes in the oral tissues. If detected
As of this writing the Library is open from 10AM to 5PM children will "come out of their shells" as they sing, dance at an early stage, oral cancer can be successfully
Monday through Thursday. They close at 4pm on Friday & learn together through the power of music. treated. A thorough soft tissue examination should
and are open from 10AM to 3PM on Saturdays. For large include a visual inspection and finger exploration
donations, we will be collecting at the lower level on Superhero Training (Zoom) - Saturday, April 17th at 11 of the tongue, floor of the mouth, palate, salivary
Saturday, May 1st from 10AM to noon. We should have a.m.- Batman & Supergirl will join us on zoom and show glands, insides of the cheek, and back of the throat.
some personnel to help unload cars. your child how to be a superhero! The face, head, and neck should also be examined,
and any enlarged lymph nodes identified.
Concerning our Museum Pass Program, we have a limited To register for these events, email [email protected]
number of discount coupons to Seaquest, The discount Visit or follow us on social media to see A screening and examination for periodontal (gum)
pass to the Carousel Museum is good until May 31st and all our services & events. diseases.
we are in the process of renewing the passes to Mattatuck
Museum that recently re-opened. These passes will allow Children’s puzzles and STEAM kits are now available Using a periodontal probe, your dentist or hygienist
2 adults plus their children free admission. for checkout! STEAM kits include themes like The Ocean, will measure the band of gum tissue that surrounds
Magnets, Architecture & more. Each kit includes a hands- the tooth. Gum disease is easiest to treat when
The Friends also renewed its subscription to Tumble on game or activity and a book. detected during the early stages.
Books which can be accessed on our website There are almost 14,000 titles to Please visit our website at for up- A detailed charting of cavities, existing restorations
choose from in a wide variety of formats. Story Books and dates and to see all that the Wolcott Library has to offer to (fillings and crowns), and other tooth conditions.
Read-Alongs for many ages can be selected and they will the community. For information on these programs or fu-
be read to your child highlighting passages. Non-fiction ture programming, please call the library at 203 879 8110. Every tooth surface is inspected for new decay and
categories include Animals, History, Geography, Science, the status of existing restorations. Dental radio-
Biography, Insects and Seasons. Videos include National graphs (X-rays) may be part of your routine dental
Geographic topics on Space and Technology, Biology, visit and will assist the dentist in locating disease
Earth Science and Social Studies. Why not learn a that cannot be seen by the eye, such as cavities
language with books In both Spanish and French. For the between the teeth or bone loss beneath the gums.
fun of it, there are puzzles and games to challenge your
child. They also have a calendar which highlights special How often you visit the dentist should be based on
days and the reading materials to go along with them. This your individual need but a six month dental ex-
is a great resource to tap into and will keep your children amination is recommended for the maintenance of
busy while learning many skills. If you have any ideas for oral health in children and adults.
additional on line programs you would like to see or
any other topics of concern, please contact us
at [email protected] or call Janet Tynan
at 203 233-6407.

Please note that there is a correction with February’s article.
I listed the wrong person in our memorial book article. The
Friends purchased a historical fiction book set in Ireland
for Mary Taylor, a long time Friend as well as a former
weekly volunteer who re-shelved books for many years.

Our next Friends meeting will be held in the downstairs
meeting room on Wednesday, April 14th at 12:30PM.

Chief Stevens storytime - Chief Stevens joined the Wolcott Byrne Family - The Byrne children read together
Public Library for a Community Helpers Storytime via Zoom at the Wolcott Public Library

6 April 2021

Happy Easter Wolcott Community News

To Place Your Ad, Call 203.879.3900 or email: [email protected] 7

Wolcott Community News Hello Spring!

Majority in Hartford Push Wolcott Volunteer
Statewide Property Taxes Ambulance News
and State Control of Zoning
We would like to begin this
State Representative actively pursuing a takeover of the local land use month’s article by thanking all of
Gale Mastrofrancesco and zoning rights of our 169 towns and cities. These you for your unwavering support
bills would greatly infringe on local zoning decision of Wolcott Volunteer Ambulance
Representing Wolcott rights. One bill, Senate Bill 1024, would undo local Association. This wonderful
& Southington control of land-use decisions, allowing certain types community has been there for us
of development to occur regardless of local zoning throughout our forty-eight-year
On Monday, March rules and without a public hearing. The legislature history, and we would not be the organization we are
15, 2021 legislature should not be trying to pass more bills, enact more if it were not for all of you! We began with 10
held two major pub- mandates, and push out regulations from the dedicated volunteers in 1973 that covered the town
lic hearings. The Finance, top-down in hopes that it just happens to work out – from 6:00 PM until 6:00 AM Monday through Friday
Revenue and Bonding this is not good governance. Instead, local efforts and 24 hours on Saturday & Sunday. We now
Committee addressed statewide property taxes and should be supported to ensure that they are working, have over 30 volunteers working alongside our paid
the Planning and Development Committee largely and assistance should be provided where it is employees in a combination service providing two
discussed zoning issues. Several controversial bills needed. This proposed legislation is just one exam- paramedic level ambulances 24 hours per day,
were introduced in both committees by Democrat ple of government overreach in Connecticut, which 7 days per week. Our teams responded to over 2,000
legislators, and I believe that you need to know now appears to be an alarming trend, which is also calls last year as we navigated through the COVID-
about them. In fact, I encourage you to engage with why I again urge you to contact and engage with 19 pandemic.
your state government and make your voice heard. your state government.
After all, government works for you – not the other Would you be interested in joining us? EMS is a
way around. rewarding field and there is nothing greater than giv-
ing back to your community. We need your help now,
One of the contentious bills addressed during the Legislation like Senate Bill 1024 mentioned above more than ever! It requires 35,040 hours per year to
public hearing was Senate Bill 171 - An Act and similarly House Bill 6611 are simply an attack staff two of our ambulances 24/7. Like so many com-
Establishing a Statewide Tax on Real Property. This on municipalities’ local control of their planning and munities in Connecticut and throughout the United
bill would create a one-mill state-wide property tax zoning laws. This is frightening for towns like States, we have seen a steady decline in our vol-
on all residential and commercial property. The Wolcott and Southington as it would completely unteers’ availability as well as pandemic related hard-
language does exempt the first $300,000 from override local zoning laws and mandate that towns ships. We are looking for EMTs and paramedics to
taxation, meaning only the value above this amount permit affordable housing based on state mandates. join Wolcott Ambulance. Please contact us or down-
would be taxed. However, the exemption applies to A one-size-fits-all state mandated approach to load an application from our website. If you are not
residential property only, meaning any commercial affordable housing is just not feasible. Also, this yet certified, why not consider taking a class with us?
property, regardless of value, would be taxable. For approach does not consider how housing and other Contact Lieutenant Justin Fortin at (203) 879-4122,
example, a commercial building valued at $150,000 development is severely limited in areas where there email him at [email protected] or
would be fully taxed under this new law. are no public sewers or water supplies. Pushing click on the EMT Course banner at wolcottambu-
through any legislation without thorough assessment for information on upcoming courses.
The Planning and Development Committee also and consideration of unintended consequences is
held a public hearing on a slate of bills aimed at reckless. Doing so with this type of legislation will Not everyone is able to volunteer their time,
installing a radical one-size-fits-all approach to strip towns of the opportunity to fully consider how but anyone can help. If you are not able to volunteer;
zoning and state-mandated centralized zoning rules. developments may impact traffic safety, parking would you consider donating? As a 501(c)(3)
The Democrat-controlled legislature in Hartford is issues, wastewater capacity, and other public health non-profit organization, your donation allows us to
and safety issues. Unintended consequences are sure provide many services not covered directly by
We Bring the showroom to you! to arise as they usually do when proposals are rushed the revenue we receive from billing patients and their
Blinds • Shades • Shutters • Draperies through the legislative process and passed into law. insurance companies. No amount is too small,
we truly appreciate any gift you wish to give!
and more! I will continue to update you on issues as they Donations can be sent by mail or drop by our
Residential & Commercial move forward this session. As always, I remain headquarters (48 Todd Road) Monday through Friday
committed to my guiding principles of limited between 8am & 4 PM.
Call to schedule your FREE in-home consultation. government, economic freedom, and individual
liberty. If you have questions or concerns COVID-19
860-863-5930 about state government please contact me at
[email protected] or1-800- The State of Connecticut continues to work with our
842-1423. local hospitals and health districts to roll out COVID-
19 vaccines. The CDC cautions even with the vac-
cine, please remember to keep yourselves safe out
there. Wash your hands often, do not touch your face,
practice social distancing, and wear a mask covering
your nose and mouth when you are out in public. For
more information on how to keep you and your loved
ones safe during this pandemic, please visit the State
of Connecticut website ( and click on the
“COVID-19” banner for helpful hints on decreasing
our positive cases. We also encourage you to visit and click on the “Learn More About
COVID-19” banner for updates.

Virtual Community Courses

As the pandemic continues, we have cancelled all in-
person community classes. Please visit our website
( and click on the
“Learning Opportunities” banner for a list of our vir-
tual community course offerings!

8 April 2021

Happy Easter Wolcott Community News

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Wolcott Community News Hello Spring!

I want to thank the Casey Family for enabling me to serve families locally,
and everyone for wishing me well in my new position

at Casey’s Eastside Memorial and O’Neill Funeral Homes

1987 EAST MAIN ST T: 203-753-1550
F: 203-573-1744
WATERBURY, CT 06705 [email protected]

Marc L. Frigon Garrett Casey Jr.

In 2020, the funeral home that I managed for the last 18 years, was sold. I gave corporate funeral service

management a try but it just wasn’t for me. I am happy to join Casey’s Eastside Memorial who are local

and family owned. The Casey Family focuses of taking care of the deceased and their grieving families

and friends. They serve their communities, support local businesses, and keep their prices reasonable.

That is the way my family did it for generations. So please consider all of this when you decide which

funeral home you select to care for your loved ones and you have my personal guarantee you will notice

the “families first” difference.

— Marc L. Frigon

Easter Word Search



10 April 2021

Happy Easter Wolcott Community News

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Wolcott Community News Hello Spring!

Wakelee Kids NEWS!

Student Poem: Emily Lanza - Grade 5 Read Across America Day

Virtual Learning

I do not like this Virtual Learning
Sometimes it makes my anger start churning
But even though it might be hard
It will leave us all scarred
Although we will never be back to the norm
There are many great memories about this event that I can brainstorm
Like seeing my friends through a skinny computer screen
And thinking about how COVID-19 was totally unforeseen
We have all spent more time at home
Now more than ever, we go outside for fresh air and to roam
All of us can appreciate family, and now that we are with them more
We have gotten to know them, and families will never be like before
Everyone has a different take on this whole thing
Many hope it will be over by the spring
Lots of people believe that there can be good
But others feel misunderstood
Some people think it is easier
Yet some disagree that it is superior
I believe that we’ll get through this together
Even though it may be tough, however

Celebrating the
100th Day of School

12 April 2021

Happy Easter Wolcott Community News

Boy ScoutTroop
230 Update

Scouts BSA Troop 230 spent February working
hard on essential scouting skills in preparation
for its annual Klondike Derby. Each Wednes-
day they met virtually to discuss preparations and
needed skills. Then, they met in person on Saturdays
at Woodtick Recreation Cabin in their patrols to put
into practice their skills. They honed in on fire
starting, first aid, knot tying, and more.

While the Klondike is typically held at Camp Matta-
tuck in Plymouth and has troops from all over the
Western District, this year troops were asked to
conduct their Derby individually. Still, scores from
points awarded at each skill station will be reported
to the District and a friendly competition among CT
BSA boy scout troops still will exist. In culmination
of their weeks of practice, the boys competed against
each other at the Klondike Derby. The cooked on a
fire they started, role played saving a person who fell
through the ice, completed obstacle courses, orien-
teering, knot tying challenges and more. The scouts
enjoyed the great Woodtick Recreation area and the
camaraderie among scouts.

Additionally, Troop 230 assisted Cub Scout Pack 230
at its annual Cub Blizzard at Woodtick Recreation
Area. They ran stations such as fort building, mouse
trap fishing, and sled racing. The young scouts fully
enjoyed learning from the older boys while
experiencing fun, winter activities.

As the weather starts to warm up, the boys will be
meeting in person at the American Legion pavilion
following safety guidelines. They are planning weekly
meetings, a 10 mile hike in Litchfield,and more.

Thank you to the Town of Wolcott for its continued
We appreciate your kindness. As always, BSA Troop
230 is collecting bottles and cans at 47 North Street
(around back)in the drop off bin.

For more information on scouting contact
[email protected]


40 Industry Lane, Waterbury $2195 – Standard 50 OFF$ $25Per
$3995 – Premium Axle
203-755-7238 $5995 – Synthetic
Resurface Rotors • Inspect / Replace
If your engine Includes Visual SAF-T Inspection Brake System Components • Install

light is on, Includes up to 5 quarts of quality motor oil. Carriage New NAPA Premium Brake Pads
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Plus applicable taxes. Expires 6/30/21


20% OFF LABOR $10OFF – AnyServiceOver$100
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• Replace timing belt with high quality $60OFF – AnyServiceOver$550
Gates timing belt

• Inspect timing belt tensioner & idler pulleys
• Inspect water pump & antifreeze protection
• Inspect all belts and hoses

With coupon only. Expires 6/30/21 With coupon only. Expires 6/30/21

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Wolcott Community News Hello Spring!

Around Town Photography
by Roger Picard

Wolcott citizen and Navy Veteran Alban “Chic” Charette, was laid to rest recently in Edgewood Cemetery with
full military honors and with family and friends attending the service. Mr. Charette was a World War II Veteran and
lived in Wolcott most of his life and had been employed by the Wolcott School System at the time of his retirement.
Rest in Peace “Chic” and thank you for your service.

The corner of Kreger Drive and Wolcott Road will take on a new look during the course of this year. The residence
seen here is going to be demolished and a new medical office building will take its place. Construction will begin soon.

The First Responder departments for the Town of Wol-
cott are now in possession of a Drone, referred to as Wol-
cott CT Air One. Thanks to the fundraising efforts of
Friends of First Responders, they were able to raise the ma-
jority of the cost to purchase the drone. Three certified pi-
lots have been trained to fly the drone. They are Capt. Brian
Andrews and Firefighter Darcie Catone of the WVFD, and
Capt. Paul Yeno of the WVAA. The drone will be utilized
in search and rescue situations, finding lost individuals and
criminal investigations. On board cameras, loud speakers
and emergency lights are some of the features on this

The site of Party Plus on Wolcott Road will become the new location for an Ace Hardware store. Wolcott resident Ray
Fontaine will be the owner of Ace Hardware and he intends to open a Benjamin Moore Paint Center and a Stihl Power
Equipment center in the same building. Party Plus has not left town, they moved to the rear portion of the building. A
May or June opening is being planned for Ace Hardware.

Those of you who have lived in the area long enough, should remember the Lake Drive-In property on Meriden Road Local Boy Scout Troop 230 held their version of the
near Kulmann’s Automotive. The site has been sold and cleared of brush and debris. A new storage facility company has annual Klondike Derby recently, here in town, which is
purchased it and will begin construction of storage units soon. normally attended by Boy Scout troops from all over the
state at Camp Mattatuck in Waterbury. Due to COVID-19
concerns and restrictions, the traditional event was can-
celled as a state wide event.

14 April 2021

Happy Easter Wolcott Community News

We’d Like to Earn Your Business — New Customers Always Welcome

Fast and Friendly

Oil & Propane Happy April!

DeliverySA$V$$E YoNWuOerW’Are!reina Thank you to everyone who supported our Girl Scouts
Our Customers Deserve Our Best through the cookie program. Even through COVID, our
girls persevered with many successes along the way.
We Participate in Residential
Fuel Assistance & Commercial A few highlights from around our Service Unit include:

Programs Junior Troop 60633 has been cooking together virtually,
and participating in multiple council run programs.
Call TODAY 860.582.7700
Brownie Troop 64233 celebrated Girl Scouts 109th birth- • PO BOX 81, Terryville, CT 06786 • HOD#1060 day at their meeting by singing Happy Birthday together
and also playing the traditional Kim's game.
NMLS Institution ID 402928 Wolcott Homes
Junior Troop 64541 also had a virtual game night to play
Competitive rates, a strong WOLCOTT HOMES ARE IN Kim's game and pictionary.
community commitment, and DEMAND AND SELLING FAST!
a mortgage team ready to Several troops and their families traveled to Camp An Se
roll up their sleeves to help Call us today for a FREE no obligation Ox in Oxford to attend our Yule Log event, hosted by Jun-
with all your home loan needs. market analysis to see how much ior Troop 64541. Girls followed a map to different markers
we can ask for your home. around the camp to discover their decorated log. They also
Contact Melissa Raffanello, learned fire building, did crafts, and participated in a so-
Mortgage Loan Specialist, at 860-934-1306 or Independently owned and operated cially distanced soccer game.
mraff[email protected] NMLS # 1715077
(203) 879-2339 During April, we will be participating in a community serv- ice project: Lasagna Love. Girls will come together vir-
tually to cook lasagnas that will be delivered to members
of our local community.

We also continue to sell #GirlScoutStrong lawn signs!
Signs are $20 each ad proceeds will go towards events for
our local Girl Scouts. If you would like to purchase a sign,
please contact Regina Lynch [email protected]

Tom’s Paving & Masonry Service

• Driveway Paving & Sealing
• All Types of Masonry Work
• Stucco • Stone Walls • Steps

• Chimneys • Fireplaces
Patios • Fences • Snow Plowing

Free Estimates Fully Insured

(203) 704-0004

Wolcott Septic Repair is Here for You!

3 Complete Septic 3 Septic Inspection
Installation 3 Septic Design
3 Soil Testing
3 Tank Replacement 3 Septic Repairs

3 Increase Septic
Size for Additions

Licensed & Insured 203.879.4320 Commercial and Residential

30 Years Experience

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Wolcott Community News Hello Spring!

Target on Tyrrell

Congratulations to TMS March
Students of the Month

Alexander Watson Sophia Lanza Students in Mrs. Wright’s and Mr. Blacker’s 8th grade social studies
Gabe Northrop Chloe O’Bernier classes debated whether the American Revolution was avoidable or
Christian Hart not and who was mainly at fault for the conflict. Students formed their
Besmir Mino Nadia Nasiri arguments based on the information they gathered from the American
Natalia Gajecki Revolution Station Activity in the media center as well as the activities
Giuliana Lombardi they did in class.

In celebration of Read Across America April 2021
Day, TMS students created videos and
read to each elementary classroom.
The event was funded by the Wolcott
Education Foundation. Each classroom
received a copy of the book with a special
note from the reader.Grades PreK-2

received Have You Filled A Bucket
Today? By Carol McCloud. Grades 3-5

received Maybe by Kobi Yamada.
Over 40 readers participated and the
event was enjoyed by all. We thank
the WEF, the readers, and the TMS
techies who made the event possible.


Happy Easter Wolcott Community News


Nancy Addessio REALTY, INC John Donato, Jr. John Donato
Broker Owner/Broker Owner/Broker
203-982-4878 Gail Malena
Our homes are ENERGY EFFICIENT and you simply cannot beat our VALUE.  Where else can you 203-565-3715
Steve Acri
203-592-2814 purchase a new home packed with upscale amenities that include granite countertops, hardwood flooring,

gas fireplace, city water, city sewers, & grounds are maintained year round. Throw your lawn


LOTS $304,900 $289,900

Larry Alonzo WOLCOTT — New Construction TO BE BUILT. This Deerfield Model City Water, WOLCOTT — Raised ranch home under construction so April Nadeau
203-206-9934 consists of a great room with fireplace, slider to patio, dining room, kitchen with City Sewer, Natural there is still time to choose colors. This Andover model offers 203-768-1323
breakfast bar, open floor plan, 1/2 bath, main level master bedroom suite with full a great room with gas fireplace, eat in kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 2
Jeanine Blanchette bath and 2 walk-in closets. Upstairs offers 2 good sized bedrooms and full bath. Gas Heat, full baths, hardwood flooring and carpeting. This home has an Lana Ogrodnik
203-910-3782 This home has a full basement, 2 car garage, gas heat, city water and city sewers. Granite Countertops, attractive open floor plan. Home has natural gas, city water 203-910-4538
NON age restricted community. Lawn maintenance and snow removal are included and city sewer. NON AGE restricted! Photo is from similar
Joe Cirillo in the Association fee. Come take a look! & Hardwood homes that have been built in the subdivision. JoAnn Ray
203-592-7387 Floors 203-565-1911
$314,900 $314,900

Vin DeVico WOLCOTT — The Exeter model to be built in Heritage WOLCOTT — New home UNDER CONSTRUCTION. This Deerfield George Stankus
203-206-7002 Hill. Open floor plan with vaulted ceilings in great room. Model consists of an open floor plan with great room and natural gas fire- 203-910-9345
Gas fireplace, granite counter tops in kitchen, master bed- place. Home offers a formal dining room, kitchen with breakfast bar, granite
Tom Fernandes room and master bedroom bath on main level with study. Up- countertops and pantry, 1/2 bath, main level master bedroom suite with full Manny Zabbara
203-509-9843 stairs offers 2 bedrooms, full bath and unfinished bonus bath and 2 walk-in closets. Upstairs offers 2 good sized bedrooms and full 203-232-8186
room. Home offers city water and city sewers and natural bath. There is a full basement, 2 car garage, gas heat, city water and sewers.
gas heating. Take a look at this community! Lawn maintenance and snow removal are included in Association fee.

Jim Geddes WOLCOTT $900,000 — Buy your own beautiful hideaway OUR WOLCOTT $549,900 — This home is a unique, hard-to-find ranch style prop- Stephanie O’Connor
203-509-9900 surrounded by 27 acres of picturesque property including two INVENTORY erty. The grand foyer entrance welcomes you into this stunning home. The remodeled 203-592-8887
large ponds. House consists of 4243 sq. feet of immaculate IS SELLING kitchen has a center granite island, combination oven/microwave, gas cooktop and sep-
Darlene Gelinas living space and 3 car garage. Walk into the impressive vaulted QUICKLY! arate dining area with sliders to new 40 foot Trex deck. The large formal dining room Steve Mannetti
203-808-2182 entry way leading to family room with floor to ceiling fireplace, will accommodate all the holiday entertaining. The great room offers vaulted ceilings, 203-465-2032
formal dining room, and first floor master bedroom suite! Also IF YOU ARE skylight and recessed lighting with an open stair case to walk-up attic (which could be
Jim Lucarelle another first floor bedroom available along with two additional IN THE MARKET finished for more living space). Master bedroom has a remodeled full bath and plenty
203-228-4966 upstairs bedrooms all with water views! Dining area with scenic TO SELL, CALL of closet storage, 2nd and 3rd bedrooms on main level with overhead fans, full main
water view along with a chef's kitchen with abundance of bath which has been remodeled with new vanity. Lower finished level combines a rec
cabinets and counter space, supported by stainless steel TODAY FOR room with exercise room and basement storage. There is an office on this level with
appliances including double ovens! Hardwood and tile through- A FREE separate exterior entrance and a full bath with tiled floor. An added feature in this much
out, first floor laundry, 3.5 bathrooms, central air, covered front MARKET sought after home is a 3 car garage with new doors. A most important item to this great
veranda for the sunsets, and a concrete patio. floor plan offers a main level in-law apartment with 2 bedrooms, 2 full baths, sun room
ANALYSIS!! with sliders to newer deck and a separate entrance. The apartment also has newer
WOLCOTT $1,100 per Month — Commercial for Lease - One bay granite countertops and washer/dryer hookups. Central vac, 1000 gallon propane tank,
is available. Looking for space to store your electrical business, make newer roof, 2 hot water heaters, 2 furnaces, separate thermostats for heating and air
cabinets, store plumbing supplies or store your vintage cars? This space conditioning are worth mentioning. Perennial gardens offer a serene setting to be
can be used for anything that relates to home improvement. The leased enjoyed seasonally. Don't miss the opportunity to view this exceptional home with so
space includes an office, bathroom and approximately 700 sq. feet of many modern features. A unique property that doesn't come around too often!
storage. Has overhead garage door and separate office door.
WOLCOTT $289,900 — This home is 3 years young in a wonderful newer
community of single family homes. This home offers a great room with fireplace,
cathedral ceiling, and hardwood flooring. Kitchen has gas stove, microwave, re-
frigerator, garbage disposal and dishwasher, also a built in pantry. Dining area has
slider to back patio. Master bedroom suite with full bath, 2 bedrooms with wall to
wall carpeting, full bath with tiled floor. Lower level has washer/dryer hookups,
basement storage, 2 car oversized garage. Home has natural gas heating, central
air, city water and city sewer. Small maintenance fee pays for lawn and snow care.


Wolcott/Waterbury Naugatuck/Prospect Oakville/Watertown

203-879-4900 • 203-574-2500 203-720-0069 860-274-7000

Thomaston Southington Beacon Falls

860-283-1298 860-276-2000 203-632-5031

To Place Your Ad, Call 203.879.3900 or email: [email protected] 17

Wolcott Community News Hello Spring!


Exchange Club of Wolcott PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT Nancy and Jim Scully
Athletic Scholarship
2021 Scholarship $39 Million in
Award Program Scholarships Available Nancy (Fogarty) Scully, a
former resident of Wolcott,
The Exchange Club of Wolcott is of- As of March 6th, 98 Wolcott children have been passed away unexpectedly
fering four scholarships of $1000.00 registered by 67 parents to accumulate free guaran- at her home last April.
each to residents of Wolcott complet- teed minimum scholarships totaling $1.4 million, To help keep Nancy’s
ing their high school’s senior year at ranging from $24,000 each for children born in 2020 memory alive, her family
WHS or another high school. Three to $8,000 each for grade 11 students. has established the Nancy
of our scholarships are established in the names of and Jim Scully Athletic
past Exchange Club members - Mr. William Lyga, $39 Million of free scholarship aid has not been Scholarship. Wolcott Ath-
Mr. Joseph Petruzzi, and Mr. Dennis Desaulniers. requested by parents. This offer expires at the end letics played a huge role in
Awards are based on the applicant’s academics, of the 2020-2021 school year. Talk to your neighbors, both Nancy’s and her husband Jim’s life. Jim served
school involvement, community involvement and and go on social media, to tell Wolcott parents that as Athletic Director in Wolcott for 20 years before his
need. Applications, guidelines, and deadlines are this free scholarship money is available from retirement. During that time, Nancy could be found at
available at Wolcott High School’s Counseling Sage Scholars. many sporting events supporting the athletes as well
Department, at Wolcott Public Library, and on the as her husband. This athletic scholarship will be
Exchange Club of Wolcott’s website - To register, go to Click on awarded to a graduating Wolcott High School senior, or on Facebook. “Sign Up” and look for “Wolcott Public Schools.” who has demonstrated qualities of leadership and
Deadline for applications is April 20, 2021. When prompted, enter registration code “Hartford.” excellence in academics, while competing at a high
level of athletic achievement.
Frederick Townsend, Wolcott
For those interested in applying for this scholarship,
Farmingbury Women’s Club please contact the Wolcott High School Guidance
of Wolcott Scholarship Department for applications and guidelines. Applica-
tions will be accepted until April 21, 2021.
Dennis Antonacci Jr. The Farmingbury Women’s Club of
Scholarship Wolcott will be offering two (2) $500 For those who may wish to make a scholarship
scholarships to the Class of 2021 donation, please make checks payable to “Wolcott
Dennis is a former Wolcott student who graduating high school seniors. Gradu- High School” and send to: Amie E. Regan, WHS
was lost to suicide. We honor his memory ating seniors must be a resident of Administrative Assistant, Wolcott High School,
each year by awarding this scholarship Wolcott and planning to attend an 457 Boundline Road, Wolcott, CT 06716.
to one graduating Wolcott High School student. accredited institution of higher learning. Graduating
Candidate must be pursuing a career in social students who do not attend Wolcott High School are eligi-
work, counseling or psychology. Deadline for applications ble for a scholarship and should contact their schools Guid-
is April 15, 2021. For further requirements and ance Office. WHS students will find the scholarship
to download an application, please visit us at: application in the WHS Naviance database. Any questions please contact Carleen VanBlarcom at [email protected]

Application deadline is on or before Wednesday,
April 28, 2021.

áë== Scholarships for 2021
k~íáçå~ä= Stump Grinding & Crane Service The Wolcott Lions Encourage
mÉí=a~ó> All Wolcott Students to Apply:
CALL OR TEXT 203-575-0335
ATTENTION: The Wolcott Lions will again be offering six (6)
EARL E. SNYDER, JR, OWNER/OPERATOR $2000.00 scholarships to the Class of 2021 graduating
PARENTS of CT HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS WOLCOTT RESIDENT high school seniors, who reside in Wolcott, and are
planning to attend accredited institutions of higher
FREE WORKSHOP REVEALS FULLY INSURED & WORKMAN’S COMP learning. Applications can be downloaded from
email: [email protected]
“”How to send your child to Applications must be fully completed and
college of their choice without submitted by April 23, 2021. You may deliver the
spending your life savings or completed application by email to wolcottlions.
[email protected] or you can drop off your
going broke” application at to Rene Swiss @ 14 Townline Road,
For details on the next FREE Wolcott, CT 06716. Any questions call Rene
Workshop in your area, call Wisler at 203 879 4822. Late applications WILL NOT
be considered.
866-324-7098 EXT 202
Free Estimates
Phone: 203-272-0274 Chris’ Masonry
Toll Free: 866-324-7098
“Specializing in Stonewalls”
SEEC FINANCIAL SERVICES LLC, ERNIE B. PLOURDE Walkways • Chimneys • Fireplaces Patios • Decks • Pools • Stairs
Flagstone • Belgian Block Aprons

24 Years Experience Chris 203-879-2722
Licensed & Insured Cell 203-910-3195

18 April 2021

Happy Easter Wolcott Community News

Samantha Genovese, DDS Farmingbury
joins Dental Health Women’s Club
Spring Raffle
Associates of Wolcott

• There are almost 8 million possible Happy Easter! Spring is right
seven-digit phone numbers per area code around the corner. The Farmingbury
Women’s Club is meeting
• Chewing gum is banned in Singapore with Covid restrictions being
observed the first Thursday
• Only female mosquitoes bite of every month at the All Saints
Episcopal Church at 284 Boundline Road at 6PM.
• There are 118 ridges on the side of a dime
Dental Health Associates of Wolcott, Ct is delighted to an- We are having a spring fundraiser, which is a raffle
• “Strengths” is the longest word in the nounce the addition of Dr. Samantha Genovese. calendar. Each day someone will win the prize for that
English language with one vowel Dr. Genovese received her Doctorate in Dental Medicine day on the contest calendar. The prizes are as listed:
from the University of CT after graduating from the
• One of the largest pyramids in the University of Notre Dame with a degree in Biology. She • April 1 and the 24th winner would get a $25
world is a Bass Pro Shops in Memphis, then completed her postgraduate education at Westchester to Nutmeg Farms
Tennessee Medical Center and Phelps Memorial Hospital in New
York. She is a member of the American Dental Association • April 2nd would get a haircut at Razor's Edge
• The odds of getting a royal flush are and Connecticut State Dental Association.
exactly 1 in 649,740 Dr. Genovese strives to keep abreast of the newest tech- • April 3rd is a $25 gift certificate to Shell Gas
niques and procedures with continuing education. She is
• McDonald’s once made bubblegum- committed to providing optimal patient-centered compre- • April 4th and the 25this a $50 Visa card
flavored broccoli hensive care in a comfortable, welcoming environment. donated by Fercodini properties.
Dr. Genovese grew up in Wallingford and now resides in
• Bubble wrap was originally invented North Branford with her family. She enjoys traveling, • April 5th a Five Guys Flippin Pies Gift
as wallpaper playing piano and hiking with her Aussie puppy, Ollie. Certificate

• Antarctica is covered in a sheet of ice LCOTT CONGREGATIONAL CHUR“A Little bit of Heaven • April 6th is a $25 Gift certificate to
that’s 7,000 feet thick by the Green” CC’s Chocolate
• Giraffe tongues can be 20 inches long • April 7th is a $25 Gift Card donated by
Worship Services - Masks Required M&M Mechanical
• A deck of cards should be shuffled at least April 1st - Maundy Thursday 7pm (in house and zoom)
7 times before playing • April 8th $25 Gift certificate to Dollar
April 4th Easter Sunday Services at 9 & 11am General
• Santa Claus was given an official pilot’s (in house and zoom-call for reservations)
license in 1927 • April 9th an Oil Change from Noble High
Sunrise service at 7am (in house only-call for reservations) Performance
• The odds of being stuck by lighting is April 11th, 18th & 25th Sunday School 10am
280,000 to 1 (in house and zoom) • April 10th $25 Gift certificate to Michaels
203-879-1293 - 185 Center St - Wolcott Craft Store
Rob Sampson • April 11th $25 Gift certificate to Bill Gibbs
Realtor Massage Therapy

Cell: (860) 508-1969 • April 12th $25 Gift certificate to Starbucks • April 13th is a Spa Basket & $15 Gift certif-
icate Dunkin Donuts donated by Little Napoli
DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE! • April 14th and 22nd are a haircut from
Razors Edge
276 North Main Street | Southington, CT 06489
[email protected] • April 15th is a $25 Gift certificate to Tap
& Barrel

• April 16th is a $25 Gift certificate to
Mountain Top Liquors

• April 17th is a $25 Gift certificate to
Wolcott Pizza

• April 18th is a $50 Gift certificate to Nutmeg

• April 19th is a $25 Gift certificate to The
Hangry Fork

• April 20th is a $25 Gift certificate to The
Outback Steakhouse

• April 21 a Wine Basket

• April 23 a handmade Wreath by Lisa’s
Door Decor

• April 26 $20 Gift certificate to Bill and
Sam’s Restaurant

• April 27 $25 Gift certificate to Target

• April 28th $25 Gift certificate to East Street
Eatery Restaurant

• April 29th $25 Gift certificate to Pat’s IGA

• April 30th $25 Gift certificate to J&M

As you can see, our local business people have been very
generous with their donations, please be generous with
them. The tickets are only $5 each and you can call Ruth
DeLeo at 203-509-1680 or email [email protected]
for information on getting tickets as soon as possible or
ask any Farmingbury Women’s Club member you might
know. Please support our local businesses as they have
supported our town in many ways.

Thank you again for your support.

To Place Your Ad, Call 203.879.3900 or email: [email protected] 19

Wolcott Community News Hello Spring!

Focus On Frisbie

Frisbie School celebrated Read Across America by
bringing the school community together for a week
full of exciting activities. On Tuesday, March 2nd,
Tyrrell students virtually read books to Frisbie
students about finding the endless potential in
yourself and how to spread kindness. Students used
their creativity to create a book character out of a
potato. On Friday, students shared their creations
with their class. The school was buzzing with
excitement about reading all week.

On Thursday, March 4,
Frisbie School had “Career Day”.

Frisbie students dressed up
in the profession of their choice!

Frisbie students dressed up as their favorite characters,
and enjoyed a crazy hat and sock day!

20 April 2021

Happy Easter Wolcott Community News

Wolcott Historical Society - March 2021

by Florence Goodman years. Shelton was Road. Just past Farview Avenue near where the Dunkin
Donuts is found today was the Copper Kettle Restaurant
Over the next few months I one of the wealthi- (1683 Meriden Road). It was opened by the Stone Family
will revisit several articles and used for banquets, weddings, and family dining.
that I wrote back in 2009 est and best-known Copper pans were hung on the walls for ambiance. Next
about the Hitchcock Lake area, was Iceland Cabins and Trailer Camp situated just across
which has always been an interesting farmers in this from Musso View Road. There was swimming on the lake
part of Wolcott history. I recently there, as well as a small stand/store to buy ice cream and
received some additional information about the area and section of town supplies; Joe Francis owned it. Just past Iceland you found
wanted to share it. the Piccadilly Inn that was also called the Club Mount Crest
dealing in gen- Restaurant. Joan tells me that her grandfather, William
Thomas Robillard owned this restaurant, which specialized
eral farming, dairy in lobster and steak dinners and had a “floor show” every
Friday and Saturday evening. Joan said her grandfather
work, stock raising who was nicknamed “Tootsie” sang a song at the end of
every evening.
and woodcutting.
Iceland Cabins and Trailer Camp located on Hitchcock Lake
Shelton Hitchcock just past Farview Avenue. (Post card from Stan Horzepa)

I received an email from Paul died on Nov- Across the road from Piccadilly Inn was Headquarters
Restaurant (1774 Meriden Road). It was located about
Hitchcock, the great grand The Hitchcock tombstone is found ember 13, 1909 at where Webster Bank is found today. Pat and Kelly Crème
at Old Pine Grove Cemetery the age of 87, started this establishment when Pat returned home from the
nephew of Shelton Hitchcock in Waterbury, Connecticut leaving his wife Army where he was a cook. For many years an Army tank
and two adult was parked in front of the restaurant, thus the name
for whom that lake was named. Headquarters. Later the tank was moved to its present
location on Wolcott Road in front of the American Legion.
He shared with me the Hitch- Beyond Headquarters Restaurant was Walsh’s Market, first
established in 1949 by Pat Walsh when he moved from
cock family genealogy and pho- children and their families. He is buried in the Old Pine Waterbury’s Baldwin Street to open a market in Wolcott.
His first store was located just west of the present one
tographs of Shelton, his wife Grove Cemetery in Waterbury. Although he died over one where Fulton’s Pharmacy used to be. Mayo’s Drug Store
was an early drug store that used that building before
and daughters. About the same hundred years ago his name will forever remain a part of Fulton Pharmacy. Most of these establishments are long
gone and the buildings have been replaced with newer
time, I also received a beautiful our town’s history; Shelton Avenue and Hitchcock Lake

oil painting of the Hitchcock will hold his memory forever.

Barn from Joan Polowitzer for Around 1913 the Waterbury and Milldale Tramway
Company also known as “The Green Line” trolley began
the Historical Society. Joan was to provide service from the center of Waterbury to southern
Wolcott along Meriden Road to Hitchcock Lake. The land
one of the original people along Shelton Hitchcock surrounding the lakes became a favorite retreat for city
with her mom and Richard at a younger age people. The pure spring water and peaceful scenery made
Plantier who educated me on it a popular water resort, and this new transportation caused
a rapid development of these twin lakes. As the Lake area
the history and development of the Hitchcock Lake area. continued to develop the small summer cottages were
converted into year-round homes and by the early 1940s,
Thus, it was time to add some additional history to the the land along the shores had emerged as one of Wolcott’s
principal suburban residential neighborhoods. This rapid
history I had already written. residential development created a demand for supplies, thus
small businesses started to spring up along Meriden Road.
An 1868 Wolcott map shows the present lakes to have been
much smaller and originally known as the Waterbury
Reservoir. The Mad River Company expanded the area of
the lakes and raised the height of the dam at the outlet dur-
ing the mid 1860s to the mid 1870s. Its main function was
to insure a constant and dependable flow of water in the
lower Mad River basin for power and processing for
several Waterbury factories year-round.

By the early 1900s, the land
surrounding the lakes became
a popular water resort
community. The area known
as “Shelt’s” received its name
from Shelton Truman Hitch-
cock whose home and farm
was located on Meriden Road
near the head of the lakes.
It was also referred to as
“Hitchcock’s Pond.”

Shelton Truman Hitchcock

Shelton Hitchcock was born in Cheshire on De-
at an older age cember 13, 1822 and lived his

early years on the family farm in Waterbury. He was one 1972 Painting of Hitchcock’s Barn done by Laura Osowiecki
who lived on Equinox Avenue. Joan Polowitzer donated
of three children born to Benjamin Truman Hitchcock the painting to the Wolcott Historical Society.

(1791-1867) and Julia Anna Frisbie (1795- 1879). Shelton Try to imagine what life was like as you rode up Meriden
Road into Wolcott. The Garrigus family still owned much
moved to Wolcott as a young man. He married Cornelia of the land around Garrigus Court so there was still
farmland in the area, but small businesses were quickly
C. Andrews on October 26, 1855 and they had four chil- popping up. Vallincourt Hot Dog Stand was located just
before Garrigus Court on Meriden Road. Tyler’s Ladder
dren; Jennie (Emogene) born in 1857, Nettie or Nellie born was found just past Barker Terrace. The Lake Drive-In was Post card of the Green Line Trolley crossing over
a very popular drive-in theater during the 1950s and 1960s Meriden Road at the top of Southington Mountain.
in 1860, Eva born in 1860 (she died shortly after birth), and located on Meriden Road between Garrigus Court and
Tamebuck Road. As you approached Todd Road you would (Post card from Stan Horzepa)
Elbert S born in 1867. Hitchcock’s property consisted of a have come upon Putt Meadow Motor Court located across
from Todd Road. Travelers using Route 6 on their way to structures and businesses, but there are a few familiar
house and several hundred acres of farmland. His lake area Boston/New York used this motel as an overnight stop. This names that still exist today. This is just part of the history
area had received the name Putt Meadow because it was of a very interesting section of Wolcott, which I will
property became a popular retreat for fishermen. the campsite of General Israel Putnam’s Revolutionary continue next month.
Army. Continuing your trip eastward on Meriden Road,
Shelton served his country and Cornelia C. Andrews, there was Sarno’s Market, located on the corner of Musso (Information for this article was taken from an email from
community throughout his life. Shelton Hitchcock’s wife View Road and then Sam Musso’s Gas Station found where Paul Hitchcock; “Hitchcock Family Tree”; a
He served in the Civil War Mountaintop Liquors is today. In this same area on the lake letter, painting, photograph and post card from Joan Polow-
from 1863 to 1865. His party side of Meriden Road Henry Groch’s Pharmacy was itzer; an article written by Flo Goodman for the Wolcott
affiliation was Democrat. He located on the corner of Farview Avenue and Meriden Community News, August 2009; “Sheldon Truman
was a representative from the Hitchcock” obituary Hartford Courant, Tues, Nov 16, 1909;
town of Wolcott serving seven research on Ancestry by Deborah Dubois)
terms in the Legislature being
part of the first Legislature to If you would like to purchase a 225th Celebration Calendar
sit in the present Capitol. He for the year 2021 they are still available for a $5 donation.
served on the board of Each month has an old photo and a link to our website. Call
assessors and also on the board Flo Goodman at 203-879-9818.
of selectmen in Wolcott, a
position he held for twelve

To Place Your Ad, Call 203.879.3900 or email: [email protected] 21

Wolcott Community News Hello Spring!

Wolcott High School NEWS

WHS Career and Technical
Education Advisory

Council- Members Wanted

The WHS (Career and Technical Education) Advisory Council is composed
of CTE teachers and community members representing different career
pathways. The mission of the WHS CTE Advisory Council is to advise, as-
sist, support, and advocate for the career and technical education program
at Wolcott High School. This is accomplished by:
• Ensuring pathways are available for students to explore various career

opportunities thereby understanding the realities of the workforce.
• Collaborating with CTE faculty to prepare students with college and ca-

reer ready skills and experiences needed to succeed in a global economy.

The CTE Advisory Council is seeking community members for the 2021-
2022 school year. Wolcott residents or business owners who are employed
in Health Sciences, Business/Finance, Construction, STEM/Engineering,
Culinary, Early Childhood Education, Transportation, Culinary Arts, Pho-
tography/Video Production, and Human Resources/Recruiting are invited
to join.

The council meets four times a year- if members cannot be physically pres-
ent, there is an option to join in virtually.Community members of the council
work with CTE teachers to review course offerings and teaching practices
to ensure alignment with the realities of the workplace. They help select
and induct members of the WHS chapter of the National Technical Honor
Society. They also help to create programs and opportunities for students
to explore career pathways and develop career readiness skills. In the past,
the Council has worked together to host a series of speakers highlighting
different careers, plan field trip experiences for students, develop an inter-
view boot camp and mock interview experience for students, and participate
in the biannual Career Day.

If you are interested in joining the CTE Advisory Council or have any ques-
tions about joining, please email CTE Department Chair Michelle Thies at
[email protected]

Spread the Word: Inclusion Campaign

Wolcott High School Staff celebrated and brought awareness to the Spread the
Word: Inclusion campaign. Spread the Word is a global campaign held on
March 3rd run by Special Olympics and Best Buddies to work towards inclu-
sion for all people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Spread the
Word campaign calls on everyone to make their pledge to take action for in-
clusion in their school, community, or workplace. Should you wish for more
information and/or to make a pledge, visit

Nick Bendtsen ran in nationals and finished 4th in the country in the 2 mile with a time
of 9:05.65, a personal best. This finish gave him ALL-American status. Congrats Nick.

22 April 2021

Happy Easter Wolcott Community News

Recent Junior Women’s Club meeting through Zoom. Junior Women’s
Club of Wolcott
Want to spruce up your
yard or business? Happenings

We may have just what you’re looking for! Junior Women’s Club of Wolcott
Stop by anytime to see what Celebrates 55th Anniversary.
we have in stock. The Junior Women’s Club wish
to thank the town of Wolcott for your
If you already know what you want, generosity in supporting our club and
give us a call to schedule a delivery. projects throughout our 55 years. On
March 24, 1966, the Junior Women’s
NO JOB TOO BIG Club of Wolcott was organized with 16 women. Dues
OR TOO SMALL! were $5.00. We have witnessed and created many changes;
however, for 55 years our purpose has remained constant;
MULCH • DECORATIVE STONE volunteer service to our community. We achieve and
TOPSOIL • COMPOST • FILL promote education, public health and welfare, social, civic
CLEAN PROCESS • STONE • GRAVEL interests, and the arts.

STONE DUST & MORE... We are affiliated with the Connecticut Junior Women’s Inc.,
CJW. Many of our members have served as CJW Directors
We also accept disposals: and other leadership positions at a state level. Wolcott
Storm Debris, Grass Clipping, Stumps, Juniors support state projects sponsored on a state level, for
example the UCONN Children’s Hospital Craniofacial
Concrete/Asphalt, Fill and more… Center, Juvenal Arthritis, Diabetes Pediatric Pulmonary
Program, Time for Life, Special Wishes, Homes for the
TRUCKING SERVICES AVAILABLE Brave (home for Women Veterans) and recently the Manes
in Motion. We have received several awards from our state
203.879.1801 CJW including Outstanding Club, Leadership, Mental
Health Bell, and the Veterans Key. Locally we have been
1130 Spindle Hill Road, Wolcott, CT 06716 recognized by the Circle of Sports for our prestigious
Community Service. The Exchange Club presented us the
[email protected] | prestigious Book of Golden Deeds in 2009.
Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri 8AM-4:30PM • Sat 8AM-1PM • Sunday Closed
To Place Your Ad, Call 203.879.3900 or email: [email protected] Our greatest satisfaction comes with the support to our
town through financial, non-monetary donations and gifts
of time and hands-on activities to the Wolcott Ambulance,
the Fire, Police, Library, Food Pantry and Resource Center,
Crossroads, Boy & Girl Scouts, Rainbow Day Camp,
Special Games, Juniorettes, VFW and the American
Legion. We partner and participate with other service
organizations: Lions Club Fair, and their Winter Wonder-
land, the Exchange Club, Miss Wolcott Scholarship
Program. We continue to make health donations to Breast
Cancer, Crohn’s, American Red Cross Disaster Relief. In
the past we have purchased playground equipment for
Peterson Park, the Veterans Monument on the Green, Light-
ing around the Green, assisted in the renovation of the Old
Stone School House and the Children’s Room in the
Library. Juniors commissioned artist, Tracy Sugarman to
complete a set of historical buildings in watercolors. This
work is displayed in the Chamber Town Hall.

Junior Women continue to manage projects throughout
every year including but never limited to Wolcott Fuel
Bank, 4th Grade Creative Writing Contest, Red Cross
Blood mobiles, 6th grade Spelling Bee, Easter Egg Hunt
Bike and Helmet donation, Caldecott Books for the library
and Elementary Schools, Roseann Barratt Youth and Teen
Community Service Awards, High School Scholarships,
Memorial Day Parade, Salute to Veterans, Lions Club Fair
and the Clean Day of Fun booths, UNICEF, Safe Haven,
Halloween and Christmas gifts, Meet the Candidates, Vote
Against Hunger, Veteran’s day on the Green reception,
Annual Tree lighting on the Green and our largest project
every year – Toys for Tots & Teens. We sponsor the Little
Miss & Little Mr. Wolcott who attend select town events
as our very own youth ambassadors. We are always open
to membership, Women 18 years and above may contact
us via our email [email protected] or by mail
P.O. Box 6116, Wolcott, CT 06716.


Wolcott Community News Hello Spring!

Charles Rietdyke (Wolcott) Senior Center

211 Nichols Road, Wolcott, CT
(203) 879-8133 FAX (203) 879-7605
Mon-Thurs 9:00am-3:30pm. Fri 9:00am-12:30pm
Come & Join Our Senior Center - FREE Join in the daily activities and bus trips
You DO NOT need to be a Wolcott resident to become a member - EVERYONE is welcome
We are on the town website: under “senior center”

Happy April 2021!! You may start by logging into the Town of Wolcott website: Classes will be held on Tuesdays via Zoom on the follow- ing dates and times:

Spring is finally here! There you will find a direct link to the CT VAMS registra- From 10AM - 2PM: From 12PM - 4PM
Winters always seem tion portal: March 2 and 16 March 9 and 23
longer than they really April 6 and 20
are. Sunshine and warmer The entry of your email address will be followed up by April 6, 13 and 27 May 4 and 18
2 separate emails from the registration portal May 11 and 25 June 1, 15 and 29
weather always puts a smile June 8 July 6 and 20
The first email will be a DO NOT REPLY email validating July 13 and 27
on everyone’s face! Outdoor your email address has been received (YOU ARE NOT
activities are now on the rise...
The second email will ask if you are registered and you
walking the picturesque Mill must answer NO. You will then be asked to create an ac-
count and password.
Pond Way, biking, tennis, To participate in these virtual classes, registrants will need:
Here, you will answer multiple questions and enter your
golfing, fishing, going to the medical information. *A PC, laptop or IPad with an integrated or portable web-
cam. Using a Smart Phone may be difficult because the
Donna Belval beach, planting a garden, You will also select a Date, Time and Location for your class is video-based.
Senior Center having a picnic, anything to be appointment.
out of the house and outside! *An email and Zoom account. To download the Zoom app,
Director You must bring the following to your appointment: Photo visit The free version is sufficient.
On March 19, 2021, Governor ID, Health Insurance Card and the Password to your VAMS
account so you can register for your next appointment. Upon registration, participants will receive a confirmation
Lamont rolled back capacity restrictions for restaurants, letter with a Zoom link for the class.
outdoor and indoor social gatherings & relaxed the travel SENIOR MEDICARE Completion certificates will be emailed to participants
PATROL FRAUD ALERT: within 2 days after class.
advisory mandate. We still need to be mindful and continue
The arrival of the Covid-19 vaccine has been announced If you have any questions, contact Frances Mayko at
to social distance, wear a mask & wash or sanitize our and unfortunately scammers will use this as an opportunity [email protected] or call 203-879-8506
to obtain sensitive information. An email that may appear
hands and getting a Covid-19 vaccine points us in the right to be coming from Pfizer or Moderna, is being sent to BREAKFASTS ARE BACK!
people asking them to take a survey in exchange for a
direction towards fully opening the state. More vaccine reward. This is not a legitimate email. DO NOT OPEN Our drive-through breakfasts have been a HUGE hit so we
EMAILS OR HIT LINKS UNLESS YOU KNOW AND will continue into April! Our March breakfasts, we served
clinics have opened to the public as the timeline for TRUST THE SENDER! almost 60 sandwiches at each breakfast! The next break-
fasts will be our Easter Breakfast Special on Thursday,
younger age groups are/will be opening: SENIOR BUS April 1- Menu: Pancakes w/ Strawberries (cup), Bacon,
Sausage and Pastry. Our next breakfasts will be Thursday,
There are currently 3 different vaccines available for Our Wolcott senior bus is operating Monday through April 8- Menu: Bacon, Egg and Cheese on a Roll w/ Fruit,
distribution: Pfizer - 2 shot vaccine, Moderna - 2 shot Thursday from 9 AM to 1:00 PM for doctor’s appoint- Wednesday, April 14-Menu-Ham, Egg & Cheese on a Roll
vaccine and Johnson & Johnson - 1 shot vaccine. Please ments, grocery shopping and errands. To schedule bus serv- with Pastry and Wednesday, April 21-Menu: Sausage Patti,
check with your doctor to see if you can receive the vaccine ice, call the bus line at 203-879-2078 and leave your name, Egg & Cheese on a Roll with Fruit. These breakfasts are
and which would be the best choice for you. Getting a phone number, address and a requested date and time for from 8:30 AM to 9:30 AM. The cost is $2.00 per breakfast.
vaccine is the best line of defense against the Covid-19 bus pick up. A minimum of 48 Please drive into the rear parking lot of the Senior Center
virus. It is projected that Connecticut may even achieve to the rear door to pay and pick up your breakfast. Please
“herd immunity” from Covid-19 as early as this summer if hours’ notice is needed for scheduling bus service. These wear your mask! You must call the Senior Center at
the availability of the vaccines meets the level of demand. limited hours are necessary to allow ample time to clean 203-879-8133 to reserve your breakfast sandwich no later
and sanitize the bus. The safety of our patrons and bus driv- than Tuesday for a Thursday pick up. Please have the cor-
We have established a Covid-19 hotline at our senior center ers is of utmost concern. For that reason, masks must be rect amount if possible. We will honor all breakfast cards
to help people navigate the VAMS website or answer any worn at all times when entering the bus and during transit. previously purchased and will be offering a breakfast card
questions. Our hotline number is 203-718-5900 from Bus service is subject to change due to weather and uncer- w/5 breakfasts for $8.00 (Buy 4 and get one free). If there
9:00AM - 1:00PM Monday through Thursday. We will tainty regarding COVID-19 virus. Thank you for your pa- is bad weather for that morning, we will call you to cancel
do our best to help you set up an appointment for tience while we strive to return to full service. the day before. Please leave your phone number along
your vaccine. with your name, when you reserve your breakfast. See you
NEWS FROM AAA: for breakfast!
Covid Vaccine Registration Information: AAA’s FREE Driving Improvement
Starting on Tuesdays in March through July, AAA will be Thursday, April 1 from 8:30-9:30 AM we will be hosting a
Consult your physician FIRST to insure the Covid-19 offering its FREE 4-hour classes VIRTUALLY to drivers drive-through Easter Breakfast special in the back parking
vaccination is appropriate for you and ask if they will be 60 years of age and older, who need to obtain a certificate lot of the senior center. Please wear a mask! Your breakfast
distributing the vaccine in their office as they have all your for up to 5% off on a portion of their insurance premiums. will be delivered to your car. The breakfast will consist of
medical information. Classes are open to AAA members and non-members. 2 Pancakes, a container of fresh strawberry topping, bacon,
sausage and a piece of pastry. The cost for breakfast is
If your physician is a member of one of the Healthcare To register, participants must visit $2.00 pp-pay that day. You must call to reserve your break-
Networks listed below, they may be able to help you obtain vedriving, follow the links and then choose “Connecticut fast no later than Tuesday, March 30. Call the senior center
your vaccine. Virtual” under your home state which is Connecticut. at 203-879-8133 — HAPPY EASTER!

Trinity Health, Hartford Healthcare, Yale New Haven THANK YOU TO MIKE DISAPIO AND HIS
Health, UConn Health or Stamford Health CREW AT PAT’S IGA FOR HELPING TO MAKE

If you do not have access to a computer, you may register
by phone. Please call the VAMS registration line: WE SERVED ALMOST 150 LUNCHES!!!

The call back feature will hold your place in line and call
you back

Please be patient—a return call may take several days


To use this system, you must have access to a computer


24 April 2021

Happy Easter Wolcott Community News

Jeannie answering one of our CoVid-19 hotline phones Wolcott Grange #173

by Karen Mowad

April is a time for renewal, growth, April
and new life. Our little Grange has
been growing and changing since A normal spring (pre 2020) offered wlct96 events that
1920. Since I have been a member, I highlighted our community. The Annual Easter Egg Hunt
have seen several loses and even more this year will be a drive by pick-up of a bag of candy.
wins. In December 2020 we have suf- The Easter Bunny will be there for a wave, but it’s not
fered a lot of water damage. We are the same as the children running to gather up the sweets
fortunate for our volunteers and workers who are helping and having your picture taken with the white rabbit.
to repair and rebuild our Grange better than ever. While
water damage can be devastating, our members saw it as Then there are the dinners, honoring our teachers,
a mere obstacle to be overcome. They rolled up their responders and organizations that make our town proud.
sleeves and jumped right in. It is amazing the impact a Oh for the day we can have a “masks bonfire” put on by
group of positive, upbeat people can have! So, thank you the Fire Department on the town green. Happy Day,
to everyone who has been there, day and night getting the when it comes.
work done!
We will keep our eyes open for something we can video
If you would like to donate to our restoration efforts you record and show you the depth of our community spirit,
may do so by sending funds to Wolcott Grange #173, keeping our distance of course.
313 Boundline Road Wolcott, CT 06716. Also, by leaving
positive notes of encouragement, leaving books in our
Little Free Library or donating clothing to our shed, you
are helping to make a positive impact in our community.

April meetings include the beginning of the Wolcott
Budget Cycle. The Town Council will sit down with you
and the Mayor, Board of Education, Boards and
Commissions to review the needs of this town for the
2021-2022 Fiscal Budget Year. The meeting schedule is
listed below so you can make your voice heard at the
Public Hearing in May.

We continue to work with the staff and management of
Skye Cable 13 to provide the Wolcott Comcast
subscribers with Wolcott content on Comcast channel 96.

All Saints’ Church Suggestions and programming comments are
always welcome and can be addressed to
Rev. Karen Maleri [email protected]

“The Episcopal Church 'DWH 'D\ 7LPH 3URJUDP
Welcomes You”
6DW 9DULRXV 5(3/$<6 3UHY
We are living in times plagued with many
questions. Please feel free to call our church 6XQ (DVWHU (JJ +XQWV
anytime.Our voicemail will provide an
updated message about what we offer and 7XHV SP /,9( &RXQFLO 0WJ

what time we are gathering together. %XGJHW
'DLO\ SP SP 5(3/$< &RXQFLO
ALL are welcome at All Saints' Episcopal Church
203-879-2800 :HG SP /,9( 3ODQQLQJ
282 Bound Line Road
"The church right behind Town Hall" =RQLQJ 0HHWLQJ

Diane is making weekly wellness calls to our seniors to =RQLQJ 0HHWLQJ
say, “Hi” and taking breakfast orders! 6DW SP SP 7R %H 'HWHUPLQHG

0RQ SP /,9( %RDUG RI

'DLO\ DP SP 5(3/$< %RDUG RI



:HG SP SP 5(3/$< 6SHFLDO




All-hands-on-deck for the March 11 drive-through breakfast! 6XQ &OXE +RQRUV
We served almost 60 breakfast sandwiches
to seniors at our senior center! 6DW 9DULRXV 5(3/$< &KDPEHU

To Place Your Ad, Call 203.879.3900 or email: [email protected] 6XQ +RQRUV


Wolcott Community News Hello Spring!

Wolcott’s 225th Wolcott’s 225th Anniversary
Anniversary Celebration Ad Book
The Wolcott 225th Anniversary Committee is soliciting ads for the Wolcott 225th An-
Plans for Wolcott’s 225th Anniversary celebration niversary Celebration Historical Ad Book. Ad book will be approximately 8.5” x 5.5”.
October 16 and 17 are in full swing. Because of Funds raised from the sale of ads will be used to offset the costs associated with a
Covid-19 virus celebration plans have been resched- town wide celebration, and the expenses generated to pay for entertainment, rental
uled from May to October. equipment, electricity and supplies. Local businesses, Civic organizations, Clubs and
Individuals can purchase ads in the 225th Anniversary Book. Make checks payable
Within a few weeks the committee will have registra- to Wolcott 225th Anniversary Committee, and mail to Wolcott Town Hall,
tion forms for organizations interested in having a 10 10 Kenea Avenue, Wolcott, CT 06716. Attention: Amy Desaulniers.
by 10 foot space at Woodtick Recreation area to sell Dates of the Celebration:
or show merchandise. There will also be space for October 16, 2021 Wolcott Town Green 10:00AM
Taste of Wolcott; local restaurants can give out small October 16, 2021 Woodtick Recreation Nichols Road 12:00 Noon – 10:00PM
samples of food. Cost for spaces for two days is $25. October 17, 2021 Woodtick Recreation Nichols Road 11:00AM – 5:00PM
and $35. for those that need electricity. Cut Off Below and mail to above Address

There will also be a booklet with historical facts and Cost For Ads:
pages for advertising. Inside Front Cover: __$200__ ___
Inside Back Cover: __$200__ ___
The celebration will take place on the town green and Outside Back Cover: __$200__ ___
at Woodtick Recreation field Saturday, October 16 Full Page Ad: __$100__ ___
from10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. and October 17 from Half Page Ad: __$50__ ___
11a.m. – 5:00 p.m. The anniversary committee is Business Card Ad: __$25__ ___
seeking town groups to sell commenative mugs, Cost For Booth/Tent Space 10’X10’
glasses or wine glasses... Food — Arts & Crafts — Businesses — Organizations
10x10 Space No Electricity Two Days __$25.00__ ___
Mayor Thomas Dunn will open the celebration on the 10x10 Space with Electricity Two Days __$35.00__ ___
town green. Florence Goodman, town historian, will
give a brief history of the town. Mattatuck Fife and Name/Organization: __________________________________________________
Drum Corps will provide music. At noon everyone
will be invited to go to the Woodtick Recreation Area, Address: __________________________________________________________
where most of the events will take place.
Contact Phone Number: ______________________________________________
At 1:00 p.m. Mattatuck Fife and Drum Corp. will play
for one hour. From 1 – 4 p.m. there will be “Touch a Email: ____________________________________________________________
Truck”, golf cart rides on the Wolcott Trail, and there Deadline for Submission is August 31, 2021
will be face and rock painting, games for children and
adults. The Library Board will sponsor an Animal
Show 4:30 – 5:30 p.m. Local bands will entertain.
from 5:30 – 9:30 p.m.

On Sunday, October 17 opening ceremonies will be
1:00 p.m. Wolcott Congregational Church will spon-
sor a Car Show. The Wolcott High School will have a
baseball game and the Anniversary Committee is
checking the availability of an 1800’s old timer’s
baseball team coming to town for a special game. The
closing ceremonies will be at 5 p.m. The above is only
a few of the activities being planned for the two day

Mark your calendar and plan to attend this fun filled
weekend geared for children and adults. There will
be an article in the Wolcott News each month to keep
updating the committee’s progress.

Serving on the Anniversary Committee is Mayor
Dunn; Amy Desaulniers, Administrative Assistant;
Mary Kelly, chairperson, representing the Farming-
bury Women’s Club; Roger Picard, Chamber of Com-
merce; Florence Goodman, Historical Committee;
Janet Tynan, Library Board; Tony Marino, Lions Club
and Ann Bove anniversary publicity.

The committee’s next meeting will be in March 23 at
11:a.m. in town Hall. Anyone with questions can con-
tact any committee member.

Submitted by Ann Bove, for the Anniversary Com-

26 April 2021

Happy Easter Wolcott Community News


Sliding Fee
Scale For
3 & 4 yr olds

Starting at


This newly remodeled, NAEYC accredited facility allows Children’s Village provides a designated space
children from the time they are infants to the time they are with a nurturing and caring staff, and
ready to enter school for the first time, to remain at the same
place that they have come to feel safe, cared for, encouraged, a warm and encouraging area to explore.

and prepared for entering preschool and beyond. We have started expanding our walking trails
to make additional adventures available
Part-time or Full-time Pre-school Available

• Field Trips • Music Together Weekly Classes
• Infants • Toddler Class • Preschool

• Jump Bunch Program • Degreed Teachers
• Security & Monitoring System

• 4 Acres Of Fenced Natural Playground
• Accepting Care 4 Kids

Remodeled Education Center !
Established 1987
Terri Masters – Owner/Operator
Maggie Gugliotti – Director 545 Boundline Road, Wolcott – Across from the Library
OPEN 6:30AM -6:00PM

April 29th — The Man Who Saved ADVERTISERS!

the Constitution and Designed Wolcott Community News mails the newspaper to
the U.S. Supreme Court over 7000 homes and business in Wolcott FREE of
charge every month. This would not be possible with-
A miniature of Oliver Ellsworth Oliver Ellsworth, who played out the continued support of our loyal advertisers. Noteworthy Dates in April 2021
painted by John Trumbull. a critical role in drafting both
the U.S. Constitution and Their Business enables us to continue publishing the April 1 is All Fools’ Day otherwise known as “April Fools’ Day.”
designing the federal court Wolcott Community News and to continue sponsoring April 2 World Autism Awareness Day
system and U.S. Supreme and supporting our local community April 2 is Good Friday
Court, was born today in 1745 April 4 is Easter Sunday. Did you know that
in Windsor. A graduate of the PLEASE SUPPORT OUR
College of New Jersey (mod- ADVERTISERS WHEN YOU Easter’s date is related to the full Moon?
ern-day Princeton), Ellsworth April 13 marks the start of Ramadan (beginning at sundown)
served as Connecticut state ARE IN NEED OF A April 22 is Earth Day
attorney for Hartford County. PRODUCT OR SERVICE! April 30 is National Arbor Day
In 1777, he was elected to the
Continental Congress, where Check out our Business Directory at Just for Fun Days
he served throughout the
Revolutionary War. April 1: Sweet Potato Day
Ph. 203-753-0844 April 6: International Pillow Fight Day
As a Connecticut delegate to the Constitutional Convention Fax. 203-597-9408 April 7: National No Housework Day
at Philadelphia in the summer of 1787, Ellsworth played
an especially active and crucial role. When the convention Richard Burton April 17: Blah, Blah, Blah Day
nearly foundered after being unable to agree on how states Joan Burton April 21: Go Fly a Kite Day
should be represented in the proposed federal Congress, he Neal Burton April 26: National Richter Scale Day
and fellow Connecticut representative Roger Sherman April 27: National Sense of Smell Day
saved the day, and the Constitution itself. They crafted the Longtime Wolcott Residents
“Connecticut Compromise” (or “Great Compromise”) that Physical, Occupational, Speech Therapy
established the bicameral model for the U.S. legislative Email: [email protected] Neurologic • Sport Injury • Orthopedic
branch, featuring proportional representation in the House Web: Multiple Sclerosis • Work Related Injuries
of Representatives and equal representation among all
states in the Senate. This protected the interests of both CARF Accredited &
small and big states, and made a working national Partners in MS
government possible. care with

After the Constitution was ratified, Ellsworth was elected Home of the Goliath Party the National Multiple
one of Connecticut’s first U.S. senators, and served from Sclerosis Society
1789 to 1796. As senator, Ellsworth drafted and engineered Pizza
passage of the Judiciary Act of 1789. It formed the federal 650 Wolcott Road • Wolcott
court system – including the U. S. Supreme Court – whose 28” Of Pure Intimidation
functions Article III of the U.S. Constitution had only 203-879-6700
vaguely outlined. In 1796, Ellsworth was nominated by PIZZA • DINNERS • GRINDERS • SEAFOOD
President George Washington to be Chief Justice of the CALZONES • APPETIZERS • SALADS Evening Hours Available • Most Insurances Accepted
Supreme Court, where he served with distinction for four GLUTEN FREE PIZZA
years until ill health forced him to retire.

Ellsworth returned to his stately home in Windsor, where MON-WED-THURS 11AM - 9PM 690 Wolcott Road 27
he died in 1807. His role in crafting the federal court Wolcott, CT
system, coupled with the precedents he set as Chief Justice FRI - SAT 11AM -10PM
of the Supreme Court, have earned Ellsworth lasting fame 203-879-5GUY
as the “Founding Father of the Supreme Court.” One of our SUN 11AM - 9PM
nation’s most influential politicians and jurists, born today CLOSED TUESDAYS 203-879-5489
in Connecticut history.

To Place Your Ad, Call 203.879.3900 or email: [email protected]

Wolcott Community News Hello Spring!


Electric Contractors

RAC Electric: Licensed and Insured, Employs graduates
from CT technical high school. Have newly graduated
students work under supervision of RAC electric
at reduced rate. Wolcott CT 203-592-3116
)$50,1*%85< +,//6 /$',(6 *2/) $662&,$7,21
• Generators • Solar • New or Upgraded Services
• Security Lighting • Security Cameras
1HZ 0HPEHUV ZDQWHG IRU WKH *ROI 6HDVRQ All Electrical Installations

Help Wanted
/HDJXH $// *2/)(56 $5( :(/&20( 2XU /DGLHV OHDJXH SOD\V RQ :HGQHVGD\ DIWHUQRRQV with routines and activities as well as relieve staff for
2XU ILUVW WHH WLPH LV DSSUR[LPDWHO\ SP DQG WKH\ PD\ FRQWLQXH XQWLO SP 3HUIHFW IRU breaks and planning time. Experience with young children
ODGLHV ZKR ZRUN RU KDYH VFKRRO DJHG FKLOGUHQ EXW ZRXOG VWLOO OLNH WR SOD\ LQ D OHDJXH in a group setting plus early childhood education credits
is a plus.The ability to remain flexible in working different
,Q RUGHU WR SOD\ \RX ZLOO QHHG WR KDYH D *ROI +DQGLFDS DQG ,QIRUPDWLRQ 1HWZRUN *+,1 QXPEHU schedules and with children and other staff members is a
DQG KDQGLFDS 2EWDLQLQJ D *+,1 QXPEHU UHTXLUHV VXEPLWWLQJ WKUHH KROH VFRUHV RU VL[ necessity. Please, mail or drop off resume or call Maggie
KROH VFRUHV :H FDQ KHOS \RX REWDLQ RQH at 203-879-5300. Children’s Village, 545 Bound Line
Road, Wolcott.
GXULQJ WKH VHDVRQ drive special needs students.“V” Endorsement a MUST.
Excellent pay! Start immediately! Sign on bonus!
:H ZLOO EH KDYLQJ DQ ³RSHQ KRXVH´ PHHWLQJ DW WKH JROI FRXUVH RQ 6XQGD\ 0DUFK WK DW SP Call Cardinal Driving Services at 203-879-6221
House Cleaning
LQIRUPDWLRQ SOHDVH FRQWDFW “Does it seem impossible to keep the house clean and still
have time to take care of you? Odineia Cleaning Service
'RQQD %HOYDO DW GEHOYDO#ZROFRWWFW RUJ is here to help you keep your house clean” Text message:
203-528 7511
$VWULG +DOSLQ DW DKDOSLQ#DRO FRP [email protected]

Perfect on a Hot Day! Landscaping/Lawncare
y p|
Prime Cut Lawn Service: Spring cleanup, mowing, hedge
PREP TIME COOK TIME TOTAL TIME trimming, mulch delivery and spreading, top soil delivery
20 mins 10 mins 30 mins and spreading, lawn repair, hydroseeding, drainage snow-
plowing. No job too small. Free estimates. Fully insured.
12 oz. bow tie pasta $1.39 Military and senior discounts. Call [email protected] (203) 704-0185
2 medium roma tomatoes $0.61
1 medium summer squash $0.39 Affordable Lawn Care-Weekly Mowings, Spring & Fall
1 medium zucchini $0.39 Clean-Ups, Edging, Mulch, etc
1 medium broccoli crown $1.27 Call Paul at (860-778-7863)
1/2 medium red onion $0.57
2/3 (15 oz.) jar roasted red peppers $1.34 Machine Services
1/2 bunch parsley $0.49
Stone Driveway Repair. Small stump removal.
Vinaigrette 1 tsp dried oregano $0.05 Small brush clearing. Top soil spreading.
1/4 cup vegetable oil $0.16 1 tsp minced garlic $0.12 Call Joe @ (203) 704-0185 for a free estimate
1/4 cup olive oil $0.44 3/4 tsp salt $0.05
1/3 cup red wine vinegar $0.21 to taste fresh cracked black Pet Sitting/Home Sitting
1 Tbsp dijon mustard $0.06 pepper $0.05
Furs For Us Pet Sitting/Home Sitting Services:
1.Bring a large pot of lightly salted water to a boil. Add the pasta and boil for 5-7 minutes or until tender. Social Distancing and cleanliness measures enforced
Drain in a colander. Sterling references.
Call 860-585-0295 L/M
2.While you’re waiting for the pasta water to boil and the pasta to cook, prepare the vegetables (squash,
zucchini, broccoli, tomato, onion, parsley, red pepper). Give the vegetables a good wash and then cut into Remodeling Contractors
bite sized pieces (onions and red pepper thinly sliced; parsley removed from stems and chopped).
Albert’s Home Repair LLC: All types of repairs & re-
3.While the pasta is cooling, prepare the vinaigrette. In a small bowl whisk together the vegetable oil, olive oil, modeling. Kitchens, Bathrooms, Decks, Windows, Doors,
red wine vinegar, dijon mustard, oregano, minced garlic, salt, and pepper. Siding, Floors, Snowplowing and more. Insured #HIC-
0623837. Call Dave Albert @203-879-4731.
4.Combine the cooked pasta, chopped vegetables, and vinaigrette. Stir until everything is well mixed and
coated with vinaigrette. Serve immediately or refrigerate until ready to eat. Stump Removal

Stump Grinding: Removal of unwanted stumps. Call 
Mark at Eagle Stump Grinding, 203-879-2367 or


Top soil, mulch, stone deliveries. Spreading available.
Call Joe @ (203) 704-0185 for pricing


Scully Travel: Call us for all your travel needs at

Tree Service

Mr. Treeman Tree Service. Professional Tree Removal,
Stump Grinding, Chipping, Hedge Trimming.
Call Ronald Lacombe at 203-879-3645.

28 April 2021

Happy Easter Wolcott Community News

Alcott School News

Students at Alcott Enjoyed the Week-long Festivities
of Read Across America Week!

To Place Your Ad, Call 203.879.3900 or email: [email protected] 29

Wolcott Community News Hello Spring!

Wolcott Board of Education

Please remember that staffing and public health issues Hello Wolcott families! The Food Service Depart- Wolcott Public Schools
can cause our schedules to change with little notice. ment has been very busy over the last few months. Directors 2020-2021
Since the pandemic started in March, the Wolcott
COVID-19 is spread mainly via person-to-person contact Food Service Department has served over 45,000 meals; Central Office – 203 879-8183
through contaminated air droplets from coughing and all at no charge! w Superintendent of Schools:
sneezing by an infected person. As with controlling the Dr. Anthony Gasper. –203 879-8183
spread of other viruses, we urge everyone to discuss the On Thursday, October 22, 2020 Wolcott Public Schools w Business Manager:
following preventive measures with your children and was approved to continue feeding all children for free Mr. Todd Bendtsen – 203 879-8180
family members: • Wash your hands frequently, but espe- until June 30, 2021. This means that every child, whether w Assistant Superintendent:
cially after using the restroom and before preparing or con- they are learning from home or eating inside the building Mr. Shawn Simpson – 203 879-8430
suming food. Using soap and hot water, wash for about 20 will receive a free breakfast and lunch; if they choose. w Director of Student Services & Alternative Programs:
seconds. Be sure to also wash your fingertips. When soap Mr. Kevin Hollis – 203 879-8178
and water are not available, use hand sanitizer. • Avoid Distant feeding is also growing more and more popular. w Supervisor of Special Education:
coughing or sneezing into your hands or in the air. Always Please remember if you are interested in picking up meals Mrs. Rosa Ramalhete – 203 879-8178
try to cough or sneeze into a tissue, then throw the tissue for your children when they are learning at home to sign w Buildings, Grounds and Maintenance – 203 879-8180
away. If you don’t have a tissue, cough/sneeze inside the up by the Friday before at noon to the link that is emailed Supervisor: Mr. Wayne Natzel
elbow of your arm. out every Wednesday. Meals can be picked up on Wed-
nesdays ONLY from 11am to 1pm at Alcott Elementary Wolcott High School – 203 879-8164
• As much as you can, avoid touching your eyes, mouth, School. If you forget to pick up the meals, due to safety w Principal: Mr. Walter Drewry
and nose. measures, we are not allowed to serve you the meals on any w Assistant Principal: Mr. Bryan MacKay
other date or time. w Assistant Principal: Mr. Joseph Morgan
• Wear a face covering (mask) whenever there is a likeli-
hood that you or your family members will be in the If you have any questions regarding this matter, Tyrrell Middle School – 203 879-8151
presence of others. please reach out to Nicole Maxellon, w Principal: Mr. Joseph Norcross
w Assistant Principal: Mr. Daniel Caetano
• Maintain social distancing (at least 6 feet) between your- Food Service Director, at 203-879-8145
self and others when outside of your home. or by email at [email protected] Alcott Elementary School – 203 879-8160
w Principal: Mr. Matthew Calabrese
• Be mindful and watch for the symptoms of COVID-19 in Wolcott Board of Education
yourself and family members: Committee Assignments 2019-2021 Frisbie Elementary School - 203 879-8146
w Principal: Mrs. Kimberly Murtaugh
■ Fever (100.4° Fahrenheit or higher) FINANCE CHAIRMAN – Tony Gugliotti
■ Chills or shaking chills Wakelee Elementary School – 203 879-8154
■ Uncontrolled new cough (not due to other known cause, Budget Sean Hughes w Principal: Mrs. Deborah Osvald

such as chronic cough) Transportation Roberta Leonard WHS Athletics – 203 879-8173
■ Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath w Director: Ms. Tanya Adorno
■ New loss of taste or smell Future School Needs
Tyrrell Athletics – 203 879-8151
For additional information on COVID-19 symptoms, Activity Funds w Coordinator: Mr. Brett Distasio
please see:
ncov/symptoms-testing/symptoms.html NEGOTIATIONS CHAIRMAN – Paul D’Angelo District Compliance Officers
a) Title VI (race, color, national origin) - Mr. Shawn
Staff and students exhibiting any of the above symptoms, All Contracts Chris Charette Simpson, Assistant Superintendent – 203 879-8430
or feeling ill, should remain home and call their medical b) Title IX (sex equity) - Mr. Matthew Calabrese,
provider to report their symptoms and ask about testing Tim McMurray Alcott Elementary School Principal –203 879-8160
prior to seeking in-person care at a clinic, physician’s c) Age Discrimination - Mr. Shawn Simpson,
office, or hospital. FACILITIES CHAIRMAN – Chris Charette Assistant Superintendent- 203 879-8430
d) Section 504 (handicap) - Mr. Walter Drewry,
For more information on what to do if you or a family Building Tony Gugliotti Wolcott High School Principal, –203 879-8164
member has possible symptoms, a diagnosis, or exposure e) Americans with Disabilities (ADA)- Mr. Kevin Hollis –
to COVID-19, please see Addendum 5: Interim Food Service Paul D’Angelo 203 879-8178
Guidance for Responding to COVID-19 Scenarios in Con- f) Homeless Liaison - Mr. Joseph Norcross,
necticut School Districts, available here: Atheletic Advisory Tim McMurray Tyrrell Middle School Principal –203 879-8151
sourcesfor-Families-and-Educators/Addendums-and-FAQs Health & Safety It is the policy of the Wolcott Board of Education that no person shall be excluded from
participation in, denied the benefits of, or otherwise discriminated against under any
We are closely monitoring this situation and working with OPERATIONS program because of his or her race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, ancestry,
Chesprocott Health District. If you have questions, please material status, sexual orientation, mental retardation, past or present history of mental
do not hesitate to contact me. Please remember that all & PROGRAMS CHAIRMAN – Roberta Leonard disorder, learning disability or physical disability.
students and staff members should stay home when they
have any symptoms of any illness at all. AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY AFFIRMATIVE ACTION EMPLOYER

Policy Kelly Mazza

Curriculum Kathy Cordone Wolcott Board of Education
2020-2021 Meeting Schedule

Job Descriptions Sean Hughes All meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the
month unless otherwise indicated.
Review Kathy Cordone

Parlimentarian Tony Gugliotti All virtual meetings are recorded and archived on the website, under “Board of Education”.
Aces Representative Roberta Leonard

Kindergarten Pre-Registration FIRST SECOND
for the 2021-2022 School Year
APRIL 12 (Monday) 26 (Monday)
If you have a child who will be Five (5) years old on or
before January 1, 2022, please visit the District website to Wolcott Public Schools MAY 10 (Monday) 24 (Monday)
pre-register your child for the next school year. Please Pre-School Screenings
complete the Google Form with your child’s information. JUNE 7 (Monday) 21 (Monday)
Once this is completed you will receive additional Wolcott Public Schools will be conducting preschool
information in February/March for information on kinder- screenings April 2021. Wolcott Board of Education
garten screening and access to the PowerSchool Parent Email Contacts
Portal. Questions can be directed to Megan Patchkofsky The purpose of the screening is to identify any preschool
at [email protected] or 203.879.8183 for age children, ages 3 and 4, who may have a disability. Mrs. Cynthia Mancini – Chairman — [email protected]
questions on the pre-registration process. Early pre- The screening is open to all Wolcott residents who have Mr. Paul D’Angelo - Vice Chairman — [email protected]
registration is greatly appreciated in order for us to plan concerns about their preschool age child’s development.
and budget appropriately. Thank you for your cooperation. If you are interested in having your child participate in the Ms. Roberta Leonard – Secretary — [email protected]
screening, please contact the Student Services office at 203- Mr. Christopher Charette — [email protected]
879-8178 to schedule an appointment. Mrs. Kathleen Cordone — [email protected]
Mr. Paul D’Angelo — [email protected]
Wolcott Public Schools - 2020-2021 School Hours Mr. Anthony Gugliotti — [email protected]
Mr. Sean Hughes — [email protected]
Normal Early 2 Hour 3 Hour Mrs. Kelly Mazza — [email protected]
School Day Dismissal Delayed Opening Delayed Opening Mr. Timothy McMurray — [email protected]
Dr. Anthony Gasper — [email protected]
All Elementary Schools 8:55AM – 3:20PM 1:20PM 10:55AM 11:55AM

Tyrrell Middle School 8:00AM – 2:25PM 12:25PM 10:00AM 11:00AM

Wolcott High School 7:30AM – 1:55PM 12:00NOON 9:30AM 10:30AM

30 April 2021

Happy Easter Wolcott Community News


Wolcott Public
Schools is Looking

for Substitute
Teachers and
School Nurses
Please Apply at

Facilities Naming Committee

The Wolcott Board of Education has formed a Facilities
Naming Committee as per Policy 7551.

Members of the Committee are as Follows:

Cynthia Mancini Chairman of the Board

Tony Gasper Superintendent

Chris Charette Chairman of the Committee,
Member of the BOE, and
Facilities Committee Chairman

Kathy Cordone Board of Education Member

Kelly Mazza Board of Education Member WOLCOTT BOARD OF EDUCATION

Bryan MacKay Administrator Top Left to Right: Mr. Timothy McMurray; Chairman Mrs. Cynthia Mancini; Superintendent Dr. Anthony Gasper;
Vice Chairman Mr. Paul D’Angelo; Mr. Christopher Charette
Matt Craig Teacher
Lower Left to Right: Mr. Anthony Gugliotti; Secretary Ms. Roberta Leonard;
Linda Ligi Parent Mrs. Kathleen Cordone; Mrs. Kelly Mazza; Mr. Sean Hughes
Dom Angiolillo Resident

Dane Joseph Hassan Resident

Wolcott Public Schools – School Calendar 2020-2021

We can accommodate up to 12 snow days by adding onto the year in June beginning with June 14th. If more than 12 snow days occur they will be made up during the April vacation beginning with the 9th and moving backward through the week.

To Place Your Ad, Call 203.879.3900 or email: [email protected] 31

Wolcott Community News Hello Spring!


Linda Fercodini Properties, Inc. Top Producer
Fercodini February
J.R. Donorfio

Open 7 Days 203-879-4973 “List
a Week Local”

Sali Thank You For Your Continued Business And Support For The Past 33 years! Maria
Barolli Miller

Ryan Lucienne
Bessette Marsella

Marita Wolcott $274,900 - 7 Room, 3 BR Colonial on al- Wolcott $359,900 - Almost new 3 BR Raised Wolcott $590,000 - 4 BR Colonial in a private set- Patricia
Calabro most 12 acres with updates; remodeled eat-in Ranch; eat-in kitchen w/counter bar & granite ting; open foyer, eat-in kitchen w/granite counters Monnerat
kitchen, nice sized LR w/HW floors, large MBR counter tops, dining area, LR w/propane FP, MBR & pantry, dining area, LR w/propane FP, MBR
Sandra w/walk-in closet, sun room, lighted deck, 2 car w/full bath, lower level family room & full bath, w/full bath, whirlpool tub & walk-in closet, upper Stephen
Deschenes garage Ask for Lucienne Marsella. c/air, trex deck, 2 car garage. Ask for Gene level great room, HW floors, 2 car garage, city Monnerat
Fercodini. sewer, 2.72 acre lot. Ask for Gene Fercodini.
J.R. Linda

Armenia $1,000/mo. - 3BR 2nd $1,250/mo. - 2 BR 2nd Ken
DePinho Floor apartment; large Floor remodeled apart- Reeder
BRs, eat-in kitchen ment; hardwood floors,
Gene w/pantry & washer kitchen w/newer Michael
Fercodini hook-up, bright LR, appliances, full bath, front Salvio
freshly painted, newer & back enclosed porches.
Brian windows, on bus line. Chris
Flynn Stoddard
Oakville $219,900 - New Price - Move-in ready Wolcott Condo $125,000 - Lakefront 2nd floor CHESHIRE
Ed Ranch on 1.39 acres lot; eat-in kitchen, LR w/HW Ranch style; eat-in kitchen, LR/DR combo RENTAL Jack
Haddad floor & fireplace, MBR w/HW floor & ceiling fan, w/cathedral ceiling, brick wall wood burning or Synnott
2nd BR w/HW floor, 1 car garage, newer roof, electric fireplace, to slider to deck, overlooking the $1,300/mo. - 2 BR Apartment
Lynn windows, furnace whole house fan, security lake, 2 BRs, one w/lake view. Heat/HW included freshly painted, well maintained Derek
Lombardi system well tank & asphalt driveway. Ask for in condo fees. Ask for Lucienne Marsella. LR, Kitchen, walk-up attic Turbacuski
Gene Fercodini. for storage, washer/dryer; heat
Tiffany H/W included, off street
Maldonado parking. No pets.


Waterbury Condo $68,900 - Waterbury Multi $279,900 - 3 Family $105,000 - The Preserve $132,900 - The Preserve $200,000 - 2 Separate
2 Bedroom, 1.5 bath unit in Char- in Town plot;5 rooms, kitchen & pantry, subdivision; Wooded subdivision; .75 acre lots being sold as one
ter Oak complex. New carpets LR, DR, 2 BRs, full bath each floor. 1+ acre lot on cul-de- wooded lot on cul-de- package. Maps &
thru-out, close to Wolcott line. Also, front and back porches, 2 car sac; u/g utilities, sewers sac; sewers & u/g survey available.
Ask for Steve Monnerat. detached garage in back plus 4 parking available utilities available.
spaces & off-street parking. Convenient $210,000 - Commercial
location. Ask for Sali Barolli. $128,900 - 2.89 Acre $132,900 - Beautiful land includes garage
interior wooded lot in wooded lot in Oakridge w/loading dock, city
Arvida Woods. Natural Subdivision; 1+ acres water, gas & power
gas & sewers available. w/u/g utilities & sewers in street.



Visit us on the web at:

32 April 2021

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