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CHECK-IN MAG_ Aug Sep 2019

CHECK-IN MAG_ Aug Sep 2019








Group Executive:
Corporate Affairs

Dear Colleagues, great things on world stages of sports and endurance athletics
Welcome to the latest edition of Check-In, one which – from Soccer World Cup fields and summiting the highest
I’m particularly proud of. Why? Because it celebrates the mountain in Africa, to crossing the finish line of gruelling races.
hardworking, dedicated, brilliant women of Airports Company We say well done and keep shining. Turn to Page 28 for more on
South Africa! these dynamos and the rest of the publication for more Airports
August was Women’s Month, and this issue is a tribute to our Company South Africa women of inspiration.
own superwomen who make us proud and fly the organisation’s Working in proximity can sometimes bring out beasts in people
flag high. Airports Company South Africa is proud to boast a when others seem to be inconsiderate. In the Staff Zone, we
strong female leadership in its executive. Today, however, it’s give you tips on Open Plan Office etiquette, something that
not about the executive but the women behind the women who is fun and informative. We also acknowledge disability in the
make us shine. Turn to Page 10 where we doff our hats to the workplace, as well as get some education from colleagues
Senior Executive Administrators who work miracles behind the who live with albinism. Thank you and much respect to our
scenes to ensure that the leadership of our organisation perform colleagues for this.
at their peak. We celebrate the work that secretaries, assistants If you would like to see a certain matter raised, explained or
and other administrative staff do. One cannot deny that the start a conversation, please feel free to contact our Internal
amount of work that these efficient secretaries do is fast paced Comms team or email [email protected] You can also
and energy consuming and it is not to be under - estimated. tell us about your life at Airports Company South Africa and get
Happy Secretary’s Day for the 4th of September as well! published like our colleagues on Page 3!
Did you know that six of our nine airports have female I’d like to wish you all a happy Heritage Month. I hope we will
managers? If you didn’t, now you know. Take a look at these use this month to get to know each other better by sharing the
dynamic women from Page 20 and be inspired by their resilience, heritage that helps to shape us.
tenacity, and sheer brilliance in their field of work. Talk about ‘Til next month,
We also pay tribute to the women who make us proud outside Ref
of the workspace. These fierce and fabulous females are doing

Don’t forget to send us your fun/interesting stories
and pictures to [email protected] and you
could find yourself in the next Check-In!




Taking off to greater heights From airport restaurant patron Thank you story to Airports
with Airports Company South to organisation fire fighter Company South Africa as I turn
Africa five years in the company in
In December 2017, my family and I went November
Hard work and fate landed me a career to pick up my sister from King Shaka
launch at Airports Company South International Airport. When she landed, The simple act of saying “thank you”
Africa. Now I get to do what I love every she suggested we have lunch before does wonders, which is why it is
day - snake handling, avifauna and heading home. important for acts of good service to be
wildlife control. Averting them from the As we were enjoying lunch, I noticed an appreciated and thanked.
airfield is rewarding because it reduces advertisement written “Learnerships Yet sometimes, those two words alone
bird strike occurrences and ensures and Internships opportunities, closing don’t seem to suffice. Sometimes
safety of aircrafts and passengers. The date 22nd December 2017”. That meant the team you work with made such a
best and fascinating experience about I had only two days left to apply, and difference, and your gratitude is so
all of this is learning something new at that time I was unemployed, and so profound, a pat on the back just isn’t
about the aviation industry daily. I took action right away by collecting enough.
I can still remember the day I saw airfield documents and applied. Appreciation is more than saying “thank
lights at night for the first time, a feeling On the 18th January 2018 my life you”. It’s about demonstrating that
that will be imprinted in me forever. If changed forever when I received a Policy Assurance Team is truly seen and
this isn’t a dream come true, then I don’t phone call inviting me for physical heard by thanking them for specific
know what is. For this, I will always be testing. Today, I’m a young talent at the actions. It’s about showing that you
indebted to Airports Company South Fire and Rescue department at the King understand and empathise with the
Africa for the grand launch of my career. Shaka International Airport and about struggles our team faces every day, and
Salinda Xasa to complete the 18-month programme. it’s about purpose too. True appreciation
Senior Wildlife Officer Thank you, Airports Company South connects your team’s efforts back to a
Port Elizabeth International Airport Africa! grand vision and mission.
Sibusiso Mthembu So, it’s time to diversify your portfolio
Fire Fighter of reliable tips and go-to words of
King Shaka International Airport wisdom for expressing your undying
appreciation. After all, you diversify
your portfolio of investments, and
really, workplace appreciation is an
Tokelo Kabi
Policy and Assurance Officer
Corporate Office





Dear Colleagues,

Let me start by wishing you a happy Heritage Month! September marks Heritage Month and Tourism Month on the
South African calendar; both of which we as Airports Company South Africa are quite familiar with and proud of.
As an organisation, we help facilitate millions of passengers’ movements between home, business and holiday
destinations; so in a way we are as much a part of the tourism industry as the airlines ferrying these passengers from
one location to the next. Not only do we do this via our nine regional and international airports in South Africa, but
through those airports around the world that we have business with. There’s no better way for us to fly the South
African flag and show off part of our heritage.
At the end of June, Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula met with CEOs and Chairpersons of State-Owned Entities
which fall under transport. The Minister placed emphasis on proper management of the companies, as well as good
governance, transformation, and support from the boards.
He also undertook to prioritise the appointment of CEOs where there are vacancies such as here at Airports Company
South Africa, and boards where they are lacking in other entities. In August, the Minister paid us a personal visit at our
corporate office and took the opportunity to get to know the people who make this company work as well as it does.
Thank you all for being gracious and accommodating hosts to the Minister.
We are in preparation for the next International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Assembly which will take place in
Canada at the end of September, where Airports Company South Africa members are serving on various committees.

Best wishes always,
Bongiwe Mbomvu




The Executive Committee held its annual strategy planning sessions at the end of June 2019, where the entire
strategy of the business was reviewed. Exco received presentations from various internal and external teams
about the state of play in the aviation industry, aviation trends around the world, and the global economic
We also looked at where we are positioned as a company by examining the key issues including our financial
standing. We dedicated the last day to a discussion about cost containment, where Exco looked at the various
financial streams of the organisation and examined different areas that needed financial containment. A process
was agreed upon, which will feed into the board’s strategy session in October. We will embark on it and hopefully
it will yield the desired results.


Airports Company South Africa had an opportunity to engage its Cuban counterparts earlier this year. As part of
those discussions, Airports Authority Cuba has informed us that they have airports that are going to be available
for concessions and extended an invitation to us to come view those airports to see if we would like to participate
in their running. To that end, a delegation visited Cuba from 5-9 August where we looked at the offering, the
infrastructure and other matters. A recommendation is being drawn and we will make a decision once that has
been presented to us.
The same offer was also offered by Brazil (where we already have investments) who have about 22 airports that
will be auctioned for concessions next year. We are also looking into the viability of that business.
The audits of the 2018/19 financial year have been completed and the organisation has yet again received a
qualified opinion from the Auditor General. We appreciate the efforts of our staff who have made this possible.
We continue to improve our internal systems and are committed to resolve all the management challenges from
various divisions. We will continue to improve over the next few years to put in new systems where they are
desired to make sure that our governance systems are strengthened on an on-going basis. A big thank you to the



In reflecting on the ideals of Nelson Mandela to provide

quality education for all, Mandela Day in July marked a
significant milestone for the learners of Uminathi Junior
College and the surrounding community of Umbumbulu,
KwaZulu-Natal. Through the efforts of Airports Company
South Africa’s King Shaka International Airport in partnership
with the Department of Education, Mangosuthu University
of Technology and eThekwini Libraries, the school now has a
brand-new Educational Resource Centre.

Located in a remote area, Uminathi Junior College has faced
numerous challenges and even closed due to new demarcations
set out by the Department of Basic Education. The community
saw the need to reopen the school, converting it into a boarding
facility due to societal issues faced with children travelling long
distance to attend school.

Uminathi Junior College was brought to Airports Company
South Africa’s Social Economic Development (SED) committee
through one of their committee members and long-time
employee. The Educational Resource Centre will be able to
deliver on fundamental needs of our youth by equipping them
for participation in the Fourth Industrial Revolution through
learnings in technology and coding.

CAPE FLATS PUPILS Cape Town International Airport staff celebrated Mandela
Day by spending time at Matroos Holy Trinity Primary School
REFURBISHED REC in Elsies River, where they refurbished a recreational room for
ROOM grade one and two learners who did not have a functioning
library or a play area.
AIRPORTS COMPANY SOUTH AFRICA BI-MONTHLY MAGAZINE This new room will provide learners with a space to learn, read
or play, stimulating not only their cognitive skills but their
fine gross motor skills, as well as their social, emotional and
cognitive abilities.
Matroos Holy Trinity School has been part of the airport’s Living
Through Learning Programme since 2018, which focuses on
teacher development, providing learning resources, building
dedicated reading rooms, holiday programmes, and monitoring
and evaluation.
The objective of this programme is to get every learner ready
and effectively competent to read and write, through this, build
confidence in the learner to become competently literate.



O.R. TamboInternational Airport

employees invested their Mandela Day efforts in working
with 90 children and seven educators at the Sunrise Day Care
Centre at Phola Park in Thokoza in Ekurhuleni. Sunshine Day
Centre is one of the 52 centers whose educators and principals
are participating in the Early Childhood Development (ECD)
Programme funded by the Airports Company South Africa,
through O.R. Tambo International Airport and in partnership
with the University of South Africa (UNISA).
The O. R. Tambo International Airport team prepared learning
packs, read story books, cooked and cleaned the centre. The
ECD programme helps address the skills gap among teachers
taking care of children from birth to age 4 through support at
the UNISA Centre for Continuing Education and Training.




We are proud to announce that we now have Automated

External Defibrillators (AEDs) in areas with large passenger
volumes. An AED is a lightweight, portable device that delivers
an electric shock through the chest to the heart and is designed
to function automatically so that even ordinary individual can
use them. The device enables more people to respond to a
medical emergency where defibrillation is required in matters
of life-threatening cardiac arrest.
Where to find the AEDs
• MSP Car Park – opposite the carpark reception window
• Domestic Departures - Central Security point (CSP)
• International Departures - Central Security point (CSP)
• International Arrivals Hall - Opposite carousel no. 4
• Airports Company South Africa admin building 4th floor –



08 Albert Hubbard said, “The path of
civilisation is paved with tin cans,” and
BLIKKIES, in Blikkiesdorp, this statement is about
JOU LEKKER to become a reality. The settlement,
which translates to “Tin Can Town”,
DING! was initially established as part of the
Symphony Way Temporary Relocation
Area in Delft, Cape Town.


CHECK-IN It has evolved into a story of resilience and making the

most of a dire situation. Before relocating to Blikkiesdorp,
most of its residents had occupied Symphony Way where
the community celebrated two weddings, 27 babies were
born, and karaoke night was a weekly feature during the two
years of illegal occupation.
Built by the City of Cape Town in 2007, Blikkiesdorp has
become a place with a sense of community and an under-12
football team called Blikkiesdorp United, and many non-
government organisations (NGOs) have taken an interest in
the community to create some semblance of social cohesion.
Airports Company South Africa is one of the players bringing
about change to the “Tin Can Town” with several initiatives
aimed at uplifting the community.
In 2015, the City of Cape Town and Airports Company
South Africa entered into a Memorandum of Agreement
after embarking on a process to identify a mutually
acceptable and beneficial approach to the development of
land defined as the Symphony Way Development Corridor.
This development has seen three communities prioritised,
namely Freedom Farm, Malawi Camp and Blikkiesdorp.
“Airports Company South Africa and the City of Cape Town
have a joint vision for the land, which intends to develop
the Symphony Way Development Corridor in an integrated
manner incorporating a housing development, public
facilities, biodiversity or conservation areas and commercial
and industrial development, taking cognisance of the future
aeronautical expansion at Cape Town International Airport,”
said Erica Van der Merwe, Socio-Economic Development
(SED) Specialist at Cape Town International Airport.
The goal is to upskill qualifying community members so
they can benefit through job creation or procurement
opportunities for those interested in establishing
construction companies and in the construction activities
related to housing development on Symphony Way,
amongst other things.
“In 2017, Airports Company South Africa entered into
a strategic partnership with False Bay Technical and
Vocational Education and Training (TVET) College to launch
a skills development programme for 100 residents from
Blikkiesdorp,” Van der Merwe continued.
“In consultation with the Blikkiesdorp community, it was
agreed that the Community House Building and Bricklaying
Competency Modular Based Training (CBMT) programmes
would be implemented. The duration of the programmes
ranges between three and 12 months. The City of Cape
Town, through the Mayor’s Office and the Transport and
Urban Development Authority (TDA), has also committed
R1 050 000 towards the skills development programme for
the Blikkiesdorp community.”
Blikkiesdorp may seem bleak, and far from perfect now.
However, there is a ray of light and hope as the paths of
civilisation continue to be built.


THE WOMEN “The CEO’s office being the
BEHIND highest office, is the heart
of the organisation and it
THE WOMEN needs to lead by example
and my role is to ensure that
They say behind every great man is a that happens at all times,”
great woman. At the Airports Company says Pamela Khumalo, Senior
South Africa, behind our great women are Executive Administrator to
exceptional woman – the Senior Executive the Acting CEO, Bongiwe
Administrators. While they may be camera- Mbomvu.
shy and prefer the spotlight to shine firmly on
their bosses, two of the company’s executive Check-In spoke to these phenomenal women.
PAs did share a thing or two about leading the
Pamela Khumalo, Senior Executive Administrator
leading ladies to the ACEO Bongiwe Mbomvu

1. What’s the first thing you do when you get to the office?
- Make a cup of strong, black coffee, I call it my “Oxygen”
2. Describe yourself in one sentence.
- A perfectionist who has OCD tendencies and very tough on
the outside but very gentle on the inside.
3. Describe your principal in one sentence.
- Intelligent, smart woman who puts God first above
everyone and anything else.
4. Do you and your principal have a secret language where
you use?
- We are still working on it, but we use our eyes a lot.
5. What special traits do you possess that make you a great
- I have the ability to work well with people at all levels
and therefore can command certain actions without people
knowing it. I am also very honest so people always know
where they stand with me.
6. What’s the best thing about working for your principal?
- She allows me to do what I do best which is manage her
and the office as she understands that I have hers and the
office’s best interests at heart.
7. Tell us something interesting that we don’t know about
your principal.
- She has this serious façade but she is actually a fun loving
person who has a naughty side to her.
8. If you were to take over your principal’s role for a day,
what would be the first thing you do?
- She does the job so well. I don’t think I would change
anything; it would feel great walking in her shoes for a day.
I don’t think she would want to be in MY role for a day
managing her diary. No way!



Happy Administrative Professionals
Day for 4 September!

Sandra Mahlaba, Executive Assistant to CFO,
Lindani Makhudwani

1. What’s the first thing you do when you get to the office?
- On a normal day I go through my e-mails and action urgent
2. Describe yourself in one sentence.
- Game changer who strives for optimization across areas of
3. Describe your principal in one sentence.
- Astute & witty former auditor.
4. Do you and your principal have a secret language where
you use?
Nope, not yet.
5. How do you see your role in keeping ACSA functioning?
- Support the Chief Financial Officer in the management and
implementation of both strategic and operational
objectives and initiatives in alignment to statutory
6. What special traits do you possess that make you a great
- Diligent, focused and innovative.
7. What’s the best thing about working for your principal?
- It’s still early days and thus cannot say much.
8. Tell us something interesting that we don’t know about
your principal.
- She is a lover of Jesus, with a pink bible on her office desk.
9. If you were to take over your principal’s role for a day,
what would be the first thing you do?
- Focus more on Supply Chain Management to assist
management in devising business processes that are more
user friendly so as to enhance our end user experience.



MANAGING RISK What do we mean by Risk Management?
THAT AIRPORTS In the context of Airports Company South Africa, we see Risk
COMPANY Management as any uncertain event (e.g. loss of licence,
SOUTH decreased customers etc.) that may negatively/positively
AFRICA RUNS impact on our financial objectives, customer & stakeholder
SMOOTHLY satisfaction, reputation and transformational aspirations.
Risk Management is the deliberate process of analysing our
We caught up with Phumelele organisation’s exposure to risk - and determine the mitigation
Zwane, Acting Group Manager: strategies - to ensure risks are within acceptable levels.
Risk Management, who unpacked
how employees play a role in the What is the purpose of Risk Management in the
management of risk and ensuring that organisation?
Airports Company South Africa remains
a sustainable business. Our primary goal as Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is to
support management with decision making; our starting point
is always being ‘what the objectives are and what can go wrong
or be explored further’.
A simple example would be Airports Company South Africa’s
loss of customers.
Risk Management would look at events that may result in us
losing customers and putting in place measures to reduce that

Risk Management conversations are quite
high level; how do they relate to our day to day

Risk affects everyone at every level. I loved the story shared by
our COO Fundi Sithebe during the CEO Roadshow about the
former USA President John F. Kennedy’s visit to the NASA space
centre in 1962, where the former president noticed a janitor
(cleaner) carrying a broom. He interrupted his tour, walked over
to the man and said, “Hi, what are you doing?”
“Well, Mr. President” the janitor (cleaner) responded, “I’m
helping put a man on the moon”.
This was in reference to our role as employees; how each person
has a role in ensuring achievement of our mandate. Every take-
off and landing are a culmination of all our efforts. We are all
champions in the achievement of our mandate, thus ensuring
we minimise risk exposure in our respective areas.

What message would you like to leave with the
reader concerning risk management?

It is vital that employees align to the organisational culture,
and that means adherence to our PRIDE values, practices and
behaviours. These traits all result in actual treatment of risk. For
example, consider the risk of how low customer satisfaction is
affected by elements such as facilities technology, criminality,
attitude towards customers, delays at the Airport etc. Thus
our lifts working, toilets being clean, up to the Board’s budget
for technology infrastructure becomes imperative in the
management of risk.
For more information on risk management please contact our
team on [email protected] or
[email protected]

At the end of July, we ran an
Internal Communication Survey to
find out which of our various
communication channels are your

Just under 800 colleagues made their voices heard, and in doing so, they have helped to shape some
of our future internal communications plans.
We are pleased to see that we have a lot of things on track, and are heading in the right direction.
There is always room to improve, and we thank you for the insights provided and assure you of our
commitment to stepping things up!


83% of staff are very satisfied or satisfied with our internal communication.
75% of staff feel they know more about Airports Company South Africa today, than they did a year ago.

The CEO Live Broadcast, Email Newsflashes and the new Airports Company South
Africa Newsletter called ‘Check-In’, are your top three most preferred channels!

We thank you for your feedback!



Sheryl Mphahlele, an
Information and Privacy

Specialist within the
Governance and Assurance

division, writes on the
importance of constitutional
legislation that every Airports

Company South Africa
employee should be aware of.

As an Information and Privacy Specialist, I am tasked with must process it in accordance with the Act.
POPI provides that each public body must make a provision for
the role of Deputy Information Officer for The Protection the designation of a Deputy Information Officer to perform the
of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 (POPI Act) and The duties and responsibilities as set out in the Act.
Promotion of Access to Information Act 2 of 2000 (PAIA). The Information and Privacy Specialist will perform the duties
This legislated role seeks to implement two constitutional of Deputy Information Officer in terms of POPI. The role of
rights which comprise the right to privacy section 14 of the the Deputy Information Officer is to assist the organisation in
Constitution and the right to access to information section 32 complying with POPI. The following are the responsibilities of
of the Constitutional Act 108 of 1996. the Deputy Information Officer in terms of the Act:
Airports Company South Africa’s management and its • The encouragement of compliance by the body with
employees have a responsibility to comply with the POPI Act 4
of 2013 and PAIA 2 of 2000. the conditions for the lawful processing of personal
POPI Act • Dealing with requests made to the body pursuant to the
The purpose of POPI is to protect the personal information • Working with the Regulator concerning investigations
of individuals and entities. Whenever institutions collect, use, conducted;
transfer, share, archive, or destroy personal information, they



• Otherwise ensuring compliance by the body with the or protection of any rights.
provision of the Act; PAIA provides that each public body must designate a person
or persons as Deputy Information Officers to render the public
• As may be prescribed. body as accessible as reasonably possible for requesters of its
The consequences of not complying with POPI if convicted of an records. Airports Company South Africa employees and its
offence includes imprisonment of up to 12 months or a fine of management must ensure that whenever they make decisions
up to R10 million depending on the nature of the contravention. or engage in any process, they must do so in line with applicable
Privacy breaches may result in a loss of profit and may damage regulatory prescripts. Failure to do so may lead to an aggrieved
the company’s reputation. individual requesting information through PAIA. If there are
The trust that customers and other internal and external any irregularities relating to processes or decisions; they may
stakeholders have in a company to protect their personal be exposed through the PAIA request, and that may lead to
information may lead to increased business. reputational damage for Airports Company South Africa.
The company’s employees are encouraged to immediately
PAIA forward any PAIA requests to the Deputy Information Officer
upon receipt.
The PAIA Act of 2000 gives effect to the constitutional right of
access to any information held by the state required for exercise


16 Pride (noun)

PASSION A feeling or deep pleasure or satisfaction
RESULTS derived from one’s own achievements, the
INTEGRITY achievements of those with whom one
DIVERSITY is closely associated, or from qualities or
EXCELLENCE possessions that are widely admired.

Now that the jargon is out of the way, September offers a Heritage (noun)

chance for reflection not only for South Africans at large, but for Property that is or may be inherited; an
Airports Company South Africa as well. inheritance.
Many things have been achieved over an illustrious 25-year
period comprising international accolades and ground breaking Heritage Day
partnerships with leading global players.
“Our first twenty-one years were characterised by an impressive A South African public holiday celebrated
physical transformation of South Africa’s airports. As a result, on 24 September. On this day, South
over that period, we gained significant expertise in the building, Africans are encouraged to celebrate their
culture and the diversity of their beliefs and
traditions, in the wider context of a nation
that belongs to all its people.

operationalisation, and commercialisation of airports,” says
Airports Company South Africa acting CEO, Bongiwe Mbomvu.
“Our many successes at home have gained us global respect,
and allowed us to be one of the few airport authorities that
have a footprint outside of their own countries. We have been
approached for advisory and training services, and as potential
partners for airport concession bidding purposes. The success
we’ve had with India and Brazil has filled us and fellow South
Africans with pride, and has given us the confidence that we
have a value proposition worthy of sharing with the world.”

PRIDE has been central to the success of Airports Company South Africa with the institution
encouraging value-based excellence through ethics, hard work and innovation among
others. In aligning with this vision the company has appropriated the term Pride to mean:

Passion – Living our values and pursuing our goals
Results – Being customer and partner focused
Integrity – Enabling trust and respect in all our actions
Diversity – Promoting our African heritage in a global context
Excellence – Continuously improving and innovating our business


These tenets are integral to the company’s heritage and how “Our reputation is founded and will continue to grow based on
they have not contributed to employees and their families, but the excellent and globally competitive way we run our South
the country at large. The organisation is a significant enabler African airports,” Mbomvu continues.
of economic growth, transformation and socio-economic “However, this means that we also have to proactively
development. In 2017 the company commissioned a Social, seek opportunities where our skills can be applied to other
Economic and Environmental Impact for FY 2017¹ and the organisations in their quest to improve air access to global
report reflected that we: regions through sustainable airport development and
• Generated R9.5 BILLION for South Africa’s economy management.”
• Supported 14 950 direct and indirect jobs
• Supported R2.8 BILLION in income for its employees and

those of its local suppliers




Tracy Gordon,
Airports Company
South Africa
Centre (AMC Rep)

In the 11 years that Tracy Gordon has been a member of the ecstatic Tracy about the latest feather in her cap.
Celebrating this milestone couldn’t have come at a more
Airports Company South Africa family, she has grown along perfect time, as South Africa celebrates Women’s Month. Her
with the evolution of the company. message to the women of South Africa is this: “Women need
When she joined the team at Cape Town International Airport to stand together to reach the top. Women’s Month reminds
in 2008, the vivacious lady with the bright smile was a security us that if we uplift each other, we can solve a lot of the world’s
officer in the Aviation Security (AVSEC) Department. It was problems.”
during this time that she was exposed to various access- Tracy completed an N4 National certificate in Marketing
controlled areas, which includes the Airports Company South Management from Proteaville Technical College in Cape Town.
Africa security control room. This is the same place where she In addition to this, she holds other industry certifications related
assisted during the FIFA Soccer World Cup in 2010, a daunting to security- airfield operations and safety management.
task for anyone handling thousands of international and Congratulations on your promotion as an Airports Company
domestic fans through the airport network. South Africa representative in the Airport Management Centre
In 2014, Tracy was promoted to Passenger Service Co-ordinator at Cape Town International Airport! We wish you good luck and
within the Customer Care Department and then later to the success in your new role!
Operations Co-ordination Department as a Co-ordinator. She
was then appointed as AMC Rep, where she has been assisting
for the past two years.
“I’m over the moon and loving it. I’m in my element,” says an



• Direct access to email, Skype, OneDrive and SharePoint • Automatic setup across the suite
• Collaborate Live, in Real time • Fast searching for information
• Access Teams Across All of your devices • Easily organise emails related to the topic
• Collaborate internally and externally, securely • Conversation chats displayed as threaded conversations
• Collaborate with vendors, suppliers and clients • The best Cyber Security standards possible

Live in the cloud with Office 365





The women of Airports Company Bongiwe Pityi-Vokwana,
South Africa are changing the General Manager: O.R.Tambo International Airport

face of aviation leadership, one What does it mean to you to be a “woman on top” in the
powerful and talented woman at a aviation industry?
time. With six of our nine airports It is certainly humbling for me to be at the helm of O.R. Tambo
sporting a great female leader, we International Airport, especially as a Black woman in this
sector, for it was known to be a Boys Club and viewed with a
doff our hats to the organisation single-sided gender optic. I enjoy its complexity and love being
for being exemplary – and salute involved in both strategic and operational issues.
The industry is slowly changing. Recently we have witnessed
the leaders who embody the women occupying strategic positions across all areas in
slogan “The Future is Female” aviation and not only limited to administrative roles. However,
the rapidness in which it is driven is far from reaching the
AIRPORTS COMPANY SOUTH AFRICA BI-MONTHLY MAGAZINE transformation agenda targets. As women, we still face
challenges that hinder our optimum growth in the industry, but
we soldier on. The gender gap is still glaring, particularly on the
African continent. The more the gap is widened, the fewer role
models and fewer paved paths to the top for our young girls.
A robust support system at work and home is vital in running
an infrastructure such as O.R. Tambo International Airport,
the busiest and biggest in Africa. Empowering the teams at
all operational levels becomes a crucial element in ensuring
a collaborative approach with stakeholders and seamless
passenger experience. I invest a lot of my time building my
team and embedding a culture of cohesiveness and trust.
How are you empowering (or would like to empower) other
women to reach the top and break the glass ceiling?
For a woman to overcome the obstacles and excel in this
industry requires endurance and high levels of perseverance. As
an example to many women and sharing my own experience,


I ensure that this is embedded in the minds of women I come
across and those I mentor.
I believe when you empower the women around you, you’ll set
the example for other women to do the same. The management
team at O.R. Tambo International Airport has great women
representation and we continue to prioritise women
appointments to bring change to our society and the aviation
industry. As women we need to tap into a space where we know
that the power vested in us is phenomenal. We can break those
barriers and make the skies our limit.
Be strong and confident in your choices and see yourself as
a powerful individual capable of doing anything you set your
mind to. This then sets an example to the women around you
that they can do the same: I strive to live every day to motivate
others especially in the work environment.

Nongo Dibete, Brenda Vorster,
Manager: Upington Airport Manager: George Airport

Being a “woman on top” in the aviation industry… for me Being a “woman on top” in the aviation industry… is at times
means as a woman, you can contribute significantly and overwhelming. We cannot change what we are not aware of, but
influence outcomes of your environment. when we become aware, we cannot help but change. I’ve learnt
I empower (or would like to empower) other women to that being on the top is like being the sacrificial lamb. At some
break the glass ceiling… by encouraging them to believe in point, no matter how high the pedestal that they put you on,
themselves, to be active participants in the aviation industry they’re going to tear you down. The secret is in arming yourself
and occupy most senior positions. Women must invest in their everyday with information, and keeping yourself abreast with
development towards attaining their career goals and beyond. the market, because knowledge is power. If you can do what
you do best and be happy, you’re further along in life than most
people. I’ve learnt that if one man can destroy everything, why
can’t one woman change it.
I empower (or would like to empower) other women to break
the glass ceiling... by first making sure they understand the
concept that glass ceilings are often the result of unconscious
bias, underlying beliefs about, ethnicity, gender, age, sexuality,
social class, religion and so on; most of which is unintentional.
As a leader I welcome open conversations, to help other women
to honestly explore their capabilities without prejudice and
teach them to take responsibility for their own development.
I make myself available to mentor, coach, and be the example
I would want my leaders to be. Make them understand that if
your actions inspire others to dream more, to learn more, do
more or become more, then, ‘YOU ARE A LEADER’.


I’m a firm believer in the quote by
C.J. Walker , America’s first female
entrepreneur millionaire, which says:
“There is no royal flower- strewn path
to success and if there is , I have not
found it ,for if I have accomplished
anything in life it is because I have been
willing to work hard.”

“I have always recognised that Claudia Daniels
women have different strengths Airport Manager: Port Elizabeth International
and talents. I have embraced, Airport
encouraged and enhanced my
fellow women in aviation by What does it mean to you to be a “woman on top” in the
honing those strengths and aviation industry?
skills.” “My aviation career spans the last 32 years, starting as a
customer service agent for South African Airways in Port
AIRPORTS COMPANY SOUTH AFRICA BI-MONTHLY MAGAZINE Elizabeth in 1987 and now coming full circle to the current
position of Regional Airport Manager for Airports Company
South Africa. It has been a wonderfully fulfilling journey. A
defining moment in my career was the establishment of King
Shaka International Airport. I believe in setting career goals,
perseverance, earning respect and old -fashioned hard work. As
a woman in a male dominated industry, it is truly a privilege to
be recognised amongst my peers.
I’m a firm believer in the quote by C.J. Walker , America’s first
female entrepreneur millionaire, which says: “There is no royal
flower- strewn path to success and if there is , I have not found
it ,for if I have accomplished anything in life it is because I have
been willing to work hard.”
How would like to empower other women to reach the top
and break the glass ceiling?
I have always recognised that women have different strengths
and talents. I have embraced, encouraged and enhanced my
fellow women in aviation by honing those strengths and skills.
Through these meaningful interactions we have learned and
grown together. I was appointed by a strong woman intoAirports
Company South Africa and I have consciously empowered fellow
women though coaching and mentorship, albeit informally.
Many women I have led have become leaders in their own right.
In my previous role as Senior Security Manager I appointed
two female Security Managers, one of whom is the first and
currently only female in that role. I reinforced the employment
of women in middle management positions. The empowerment
of women within the Port Elizabeth International Airport will
be achieved by sharing my knowledge and experience, and
actively mentoring and coaching young talented females to
enable them to claim their space in industry.



Nicola Smith, Esmaralda Barnes,
Airport Manager, Airport Manager,
Kimberley Airport Bram Fisher International Airport (BFIA)

What does it mean to you to be a “woman on top” in the What does it mean to you to be a “woman on top” in the
aviation industry? aviation industry?
“I believe that is an opportunity to provide authentic direction It means being an active participant in the day-to-day running
which comes from the strength of purposeful vulnerability when of not just the airport infrastructure but understanding the
you step courageously into what is possible for you. It is all responsibility that comes with having many lives in your hands.
about leading, influencing, enabling and communicating with Aviation is not sitting in an office and thinking that operations
integrity, whilst ensuring that you are helping others achieve can continue without you being hands-on and understanding
their fullest potential.” the environment. If you are not working in the aviation
How would you like to empower other women to reach the environment and experiencing the actual day-to-day activities
top and break the glass ceiling? at an airport you will not really understand the frustrations
“I was fortunate to have a phenomenal female leader within one has to manage if there is no support, funds to manage
Airports Company South Africa as my role model when I joined legislative compliance, and so on.
the organisation in 2009. She led with courage, ensuring that How would you like to empower other women to reach the
she was knowledgeable. If she didn’t know, she wasn’t afraid to top and break the glass ceiling?
ask. She worked diligently and wasn’t afraid of the tasks ahead. I want to let the ladies know this - there is no glass ceiling if
The first poem she read on Woman’s Day 2009 was by Marianne you are committed to a career in aviation. You must be in love
Williamson, which I keep to this day and share with phenomenal with discipline, safety, environmental affairs and infrastructure.
woman I meet. Remember, you are responsible for many lives, not only in the
“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest air but on the ground because the community in which the
fear is that we are powerful beyond measure...” airport is situated in is also seen as a customer. With Airports
I am where I am today because I firmly believe that when Company South Africa giving so many opportunities to their
women support and guide each other there are no limits.” employees, you can find yourself on a career path that you will
excel in, whether it is safety, security, fire and rescue or client
and passengers services, you will love to come to work as no
one day is the same.





A conflict of interest arises in the How do I know if I have a conflict of interest?
workplace when an employee has
competing interests or loyalties Because conflicts of interest are difficult to describe in a
that either are, or potentially can solid definition, the following examples will help you identify
be, at odds with each other. These the range of behaviours and actions that can fall within the
competing interests may lead definition of a conflict of interest.
to unfair personal gain that an The examples below should serve as a guide to behaviours
employee may derive due to the that you want to avoid as a person of integrity within Airports
relationships that they are exposed Company South Africa:
to through their role as an Airports • Starting a company that provides similar services to your
Company South Africa employee.
full-time employer;
As employees, we may find ourselves in situations where • Conducting work for a vendor or client while continuing

there is a clash between our personal and professional to be employed by Airports Company South Africa;
affairs. These clashes may become apparent through our • Offering paid services during your time off to a customer
status within the organisation and knowledge of certain facts
or events – and then cast doubt over our ability to make or supplier of Airports Company South Africa;
unbiased decisions. • Doing business or accepting a payment from another
A conflict of interest causes an employee to experience
a struggle between diverging interests, points of view, or company for information about Airports Company South
allegiances. Employees must avoid any situation or activity Africa;
that compromises, or may compromise, their judgement or • A relative or a close friend reports to a supervisor who
ability to act in the best interest of the company. affects their job responsibilities, salary, and
As employees of Airports Company South Africa, we should • promotions (nepotism);
never allow ourselves to be placed in a position where • A male manager dates a female employee who reports to
personal interests are in conflict (or could be in conflict) with him, or vice versa;
the interests or business of the company we serve. • Making a purchase or business choice as a representative
Such situations are bad news for the employee’s reputation, of Airports Company South Africa to boost a third-party
integrity, and trustworthiness in the eyes of management. business that you have a stake in;
And as you might well be aware, being a person with integrity • Owning part of a business that sells goods or services to
is a valued behaviour at Airports Company South Africa. Our Airports Company South Africa;
PRIDE values are intended to promote a culture of entrenched • Accepting consulting fees and providing advice to
ethics, standards and norms that guide the behaviour of all another company for personal gain.
Still not sure?

Your colleagues in the Compliance and Ethics department are
your main point of reference when it comes to such situations
and would be happy to offer you any advice you may need.
Keep informed about what is considered acceptable behaviour
within the organisation in order to protect Airports Company
South Africa as your employer.
You can do this by reading the Conflict of Interest policy,
which can be found on the PMDS.

Corruption Hotline

Airports Company South Africa has an anti-corruption hotline
to report fraud, corruption and suspicious behaviour. Be a
responsible employee and report fraud and corruption!
Tel: 0800 00 80 80
Email: [email protected]




Back in the day, it was custom
for a company to honour a long-

serving employee with a watch
inscribed with the organisation’s
the employee’s names as a parting

gift after years of service.

It becomes even more challenging, then, when the one This is but a small sample of his immense contribution; but
his real strength has always been his compassion for the
the company is bidding farewell to is an indominable spirit people who worked at Airports Company South Africa. In his
like Pieter Du Plessis, Airport South Africa’s Group Executive: DNA, he is inclined to see people become better versions of
Human Resources. themselves. Most exciting is the opportunity to observe and
PDP, as he’s affectionately known throughout the company diagnose what works for employees, with the goal of helping
sites, is handing over your files to someone else after 26 years the organisation thrive, fulfil its mission, and maintain a positive
of service. So where does one even begin to honour this great work environment for its employee community.
man?! “I am driven by what works, what works for employees, and
Peep the profile: how everyone can be better,” says PDP.
• He appointed every member of the current Executive “I enjoy learning what makes people tick and I genuinely care
about others. HR practitioners must approach people with
Committee. compassion. If you want to be in HR but don’t have compassion,
• Bongiwe Pityi-Vokwana, GM: O.R. Tambo International you cannot be here. Practitioners need to be compassionate
towards the difficult clients and even people they generally
Airport, reported to him once upon a time. dislike. Compassion is relational in nature and thus facilitates
• The first person he ever appointed was Dr. Sipho Sithole better working relationships between leaders and followers and
colleagues in general.”
(PhD), the current Group Chief Strategy Officer at PRASA.


“If you want to be in HR but AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2019
don’t have compassion, you
cannot be here. Practitioners
need to be compassionate
towards the difficult clients
and even people they
generally dislike.”

Biographically, PDP has risen through the ranks and has

earned the respect of colleagues both current and former.
He joined Airports Company South Africa in 1993 and was
appointed to the Executive Committee in 2003. He holds
a Master’s Degree in Commerce, specialising in Industrial
Psychology and is a registered Industrial Psychologist.
Pieter has extensive experience in strategic human resource
management, transformation and change management,
human resources capital development and operations
His journey at Airports Company South Africa started
with him as a Human Resources manager at O.R. Tambo
International Airport. He held this position for six years
before being appointed the assistant general manager
of operations at O.R. Tambo International Airport before
moving to corporate office.
As a seasoned practitioner he has some words of wisdom for
those who will come after him.
“You must be able to remain neutral,” he cautions. “When
dealing with a work incident or employee issue, you must
be able to be objective and impartial. People will only open
up to someone they can trust. They must believe that you
will do the right thing and have their best interests at heart.
When we think of who a Human Resources professional is,
we think about the qualities, characteristics, and the skills
he or she possesses.”
With that said, we at Airports Company South Africa would
like to extend our gratitude and appreciation to Pieter for
the years he has afforded us and wish him the best of luck
with his new chapter as a “man of leisure”. Enjoy your well-
deserved retirement, PDP!


A WOMAN’S While Airports Company South
WORTH Africa is making a mark on the
continent for its professional
services, the sporting deeds
of its women are demanding
attention as well

Banyana Banyana star Mamello Makhabane is grateful to her Airports Company South Africa family for showing love and encouragement
when it comes to her football career

Fresh off the FIFA Women’s Soccer World Cup in France, we Mamello Makhabane proudly shows off the t-shirt signed by her
colleagues wishing her luck at the recent FIFA Women’s Soccer
have Banyana Banyana player, Mamello Makhabane, the World Cup
Aviation Security Officer at O.R. Tambo International Airport
who commanded the national midfield during the tournament.
Although afforded special leave in order to go and represent her
country, Makhabane’s challenges are daily. Juggling her duties
at the airport with training seems an impossible task most of
the time. Female sports entities do not attract sponsorship and
the leagues are run at a semi-professional level. Sometimes
Makhabane must miss club games when she works weekends.
“The landscape is changing, but very slowly,” Makhabane says.
“We are not there yet, but at least in terms of awareness, we
received the greatest support from South Africans than we have
had in a long time. We were very disappointed to exit in the
first round, but we planted many seeds for girls. They can see
now that sport is not the domain of boys only. That they can
participate and that is the message I would like to leave with
them this Woman’s Month.”


At the corporate office, Thabile Mathe runs Africa’s most 29

gruelling race when she is not pursuing excellence as Airports
Company South Africa’s Chief Strategy and Performance
While any comparison between the corporate world and
endurance sport would be inadequate, the amount of
preparation involved in training for the Comrades is a gruelling
“Comrades training is a killer,” Mathe states emphatically.
“It tells you when to sleep, when and what to eat, your
weekends are non-existent… basically, it rules your life for
five months in a year (Jan – May). During these months, I limit
my family functions and tell my family to just hold off on the
dying and funerals, I will attend all those functions from July
to December. During this time, I spend weekends on the road
doing long runs. I do an average of 90 km per week and I lose a
lot of weight in the process.”

Thabile Mathe is the Chief Strategy and Performance Officer at Thabile Mathe describes crossing the finish line at a marathon as
Airports Company South Africa by day, and a marathon runner at “simply the best”
any other time
Upon his inauguration in 1999, president Thabo Mbeki made
CHECK-IN an analogy about the Comrades Marathon referring to resolve
and remaining resolute when facing a tough road ahead.
Something that resonates with Mathe’s experience. He said:
“Those who complete the course will do so only because they
do not, as fatigue sets in, convince themselves that the road
ahead is still too long, the inclines too steep, the loneliness
impossible to bear, and the prize itself of doubtful value.”
Mathe’s course was equally fulfilling.
“The Comrades finish is the best,” she says.
“By the time I get to the end, my body is sore but my resolve to
finish is so much stronger to such an extent that I forget about
the pain and just celebrate being alive and being blessed with
the body that I have that enables me to run. It’s a gift that I
always cherish, and I never take that for granted.”


ElewaniTshikovhi, Group Manager:Transformation at Airports Company South Africa, is exhilarated from the high of summiting some of the
world’s greatest mountains

By day, ElewaniTshikovhi isGroup Manager:Transformation Indeed, that mountain is shrouded in myth and mystery and
it is nothing to be trifled with. Tshikovhi experienced some
at Airports Company South Africa. In her spare time, she challenging times en route to the top.
summits Mount Kilimanjaro. “My severe sinus condition made it very difficult to breathe
Shrouded in grey, dark clouds and covered in mist most of normally most of the time especially because we were not
the day, Mount Kilimanjaro with a height of 5,895 meters allowed to use our mouth to breathe in order to avoid altitude
is located some 330 kilometres south of the Equator, giving sickness. Spending six days without bathing as a woman from
awesome and magnificent inspiration. a hygiene point requires a matured mental state. Witnessing
Kilimanjaro is one of the leading single and freestanding climbers getting sick and being airlifted down was emotionally
mountains in the world, and is composed of three independent draining for me.”
peaks of Kibo, Mawenzi and Shira. The entire mountain area is Despite the rigorous and unfathomable challenge that is
4,000 kilometres of the earth surface. Kilimanjaro, Tshikovhi felt invigorated when she finally
Why would anyone want to do this themselves? summited, and has now set her sights on more challenges.
“There were mixed emotions from everyone about my decision “Getting to the top was a self-actualising experience and I felt
to climb the mountain,” Tshikovhi says of her choice to take on humbled by God’s grace,” she says. “I’m scheduled to do the
the mammoth task. second largest Canyon in the world – the Fish River Canyon
“There was some excitement about my expedition because I in Namibia in September. After that, I’m aiming for Mount
have always wanted to climb Kili, to being very fearful for my Everest Base Camp in 2021.”
safety especially because of Gugu Zulu’s incident on the very
same mountain.”



Putting a smile on a child’s face is a collective effort between doctors, Airports Company South Africa and the Smile Foundation


The Smile Foundation lived up to its name Cleft palate is a common birth condition.
as doctors performed critical plastic and It can occur alone or as part of a genetic
reconstructive surgeries to 30 children during condition or syndrome. Symptoms arise
the Smile Week (12 – 16 August) in Port from the opening in the mouth and include
Elizabeth difficulty speaking and feeding.
Usually, a cleft in the lip or palate is
Smile Week takes place at the Port Elizabeth Provincial Hospital where immediately identifiable at birth and may
appear as a split in the lip and roof of the
plastic surgeons from various hospitals will perform much needed surgeries mouth (palate) that affects one or both
to children whose defects range from cleft lip and palate, to Moebius sides of the face.
syndrome (facial paralysis) and other conditions. Surgery restores normal function with
minimal scarring. If required, speech therapy
As a result of the positive difference the programme makes in underprivileged helps correct speaking difficulties.
communities, Airports Company South Africa has in 2019 provided support Source: Mayo Clinic
to cater for surgeries at three additional public hospitals in Kimberley (16 -
20 September), Bloemfontein (2-6 Sept) and George (2–6 December).

Airports Company South Africa’s support of the Smile Foundation since
2014 has enabled 132 children from various parts of the Eastern Cape to
benefit. In addition, the Smile Foundation has secured important medical
equipment to donate to the hospital to help even more children in future.
Through Airports Company South Africa’s support, the hospitals will also be
able to provide psychotherapy and speech therapy support, as well as other
forms of practical assistance including Cleft Bottles for feeding, dieticians
and occupational therapists.


EMPLOYEE One of the priority areas as outlined in the National
Development Plan is Nation Building and Social Cohesion - the
Airports Company South Africa seeks to cornerstone of volunteering.
enhance and invest in the wellbeing of In the spirit of President Cyril Ramaphosa’s Thuma Mina
communities within which we operate campaign, the Socio-Economic Development team is calling
in a socially sustainable way. upon all employees to do their bit to make a positive difference
in the communities around us.
The Socio-Economic Development team calls upon employees
to impart their skills and resources in support of organisations
and projects that the company currently supports. This can
be in the form on providing financial management support,
marketing expertise, mentorship, general volunteer work etc.


Uminathi Junior College.
KZN at Uminathi
Focus Area
Volunteer Opportunities
• Support the school to provide training on

coding for both learners and teachers
• General IT support for the school
Ongoing Support
Start date
18 July 2019




Project Project
Metsing Early Childhood Development Centre Walmer Primary School
Area Area
Bloemfontein Walmer Township
Focus Area Focus Area
Education Education
Volunteer Opportunities Volunteer Opportunities
• Governance assistance with forming SGB, • Financial Management
• Project management (uniform project)
record keeping, bookkeeping etc. Ongoing Support
Ongoing Support Quarterly
Quarterly Start date
Start date August 2019
September 2019

Mentorship programme for young football
Project players
Blikkiesdorp Football programme Ongoing Support
Area Quarterly
Blikkiesdorp Start date
Focus Area July 2019
Youth Development

Should you require more information or to join the employee volunteer programme, please contact Tulisiwe Mkatshwa on email
[email protected]




Do you know what
is considered a


According to the Employment Equity Act, People with Below are some examples of recognised disabilities at Airports
Company South Africa:
Disabilities (PwDs) are considered as such if they have a DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES
physical or mental impairment which is long term or recurring, ADD/ADHD, Asperger Syndrome, Down Syndrome and
and which substantially limits their prospects of entry into or Dyslexia.
advancement in employment. MENTAL DISABILITIES
An impairment may be physical or mental or a combination of Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Dyscalculia, Memory Loss, Anxiety
both. Disorder, Schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s Disease and Obsessive
‘Physical impairment’ means partial or total loss of a bodily Compulsive Disorder.
function or part of the body. MOBILITY IMPAIRMENTS
• ‘Mental impairment’ means a person with a clinically Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple
Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Parkinson Disease, Paralysis,
recognised condition or illness that affects their thought Stroke, Amputation and Polio.
process, judgment or emotions. VISUAL IMPAIRMENTS
• ‘Long term’ means the impairment has lasted or is likely to Blindness, Blurred Vision, Cataract, Colour Blindness and Partial
last for at least twelve months (for example, a person with Blindness.
a spinal cord injury as opposed to a leg fracture). HEARING IMPAIRMENTS
• ‘Recurring impairment’ is one that is likely to happen again Deafness, Meniere’s Disease, Tinnitus
and is considered to be substantially limiting.
• ‘Progressive conditions’ are those that are likely to develop,
change or recur.
A person’s disability status may be disclosed to third parties
only with the person’s consent.

Frequently asked Questions on Disability: time an offer of employment is made. A disability may also
be declared at any point during employment or when an
To whom does Airport Company South Africa’s disability application for employment is made.
policy apply? Employees who become disabled because of injury on duty
The policy is applicable to all Airports Company South Africa should be clearly identified and reported as such. Declaring
employees – permanent or temporary – who are currently your disability will allow the company to provide you the
disabled and those who may become disabled due to injuries on support you need. Please note that all PwDs with non-evident
duty or other incidents. disabilities will be kept confidential. The only time anonymous
What is considered unfair discrimination against People with disability data will be used is for statistics purposes with the
Disabilities (PwDs)? Department of Labour.
This refers to denying or removing any supporting or enabling How should requests for reasonable assistance be made?
facility necessary for their functioning in society; breaching Requests for reasonable assistance, such as accommodation,
the code of practice or regulations of the South African Bureau must be made through the local Human Resources department
of Standards that govern accessibility; and failing to remove using a request form (also obtainable from HR).
obstacles that unfairly limit or restrict PwDs from enjoying The individual, immediate line manager, trade union/staff
equal opportunities. association representative or health professional may make
How has our company committed to aiding PwDs in the the request. The assistance required must be related to the
workplace? person’s disability and may be submitted at any time during
We foster and encourage a positive, unprejudiced attitude the job application process or period of employment. We need
among staff, make provision for reasonable accommodation to ensure that we not only comply with legislation, but that we
for PwDs (where resources permit), and take active steps to make life as comfortable and as enjoyable as possible for people
encourage PwDs to seek employment within Airports Company with disabilities.
South Africa. What are examples of reasonable accommodation?
When should disabilities be disclosed? Job restructuring, part time or modified work schedules,
Ideally, an employee should declare his/her disability at the reassigning to a more suitable vacant position or modifying or
acquiring office furniture and or equipment (including software).



10 OFFICE The open-plan office design was
ETIQUETTE TIPS conceptualised to encourage
FOR OPEN-PLAN collaboration and a smooth flow
of information from peer to peer.
WORKSPACE However, with an open-plan
workspace comes etiquette that
constantly needs to be practiced.

1. Be Mindful of Your Noise Level salmon, or eggs can all carry a stronger scent that lingers, and it
may cause some of your co-workers to get queasy.
It’s essential that you’re mindful of your own volume. Speak
at an indoor level, set your phone’s ringer on low or silent, and 4. Respect Everyone’s Privacy
have extended conversations away from the workspace. If you
enjoy listening to music, always bring headphones. If you plan on having a sensitive conversation, have it away from
the workspace. Also, keep your eyes on your own work and not
2. Consider a Separate Meeting Space on your co-worker’s browser tabs.

If you have a lot of group meetings or conference calls, consider 5. Keep Your Space Neat
having these activities at a separate closed-off space. This will
provide a shield for your group to complete their calls and small Keep the areas that you do work on neat and clean. Start by
meetings without interrupting co-workers on different projects. wiping off your desk or work area once a week, and don’t leave
food wrappers or empty cups when you’re done.
3. Keep Scents to a Minimum
6. Don’t Take Other People’s Supplies
Some of your co-workers may be extremely sensitive to smells.
Make sure if you wear perfume or use scented lotions that are Supplies are shared since it’s an open-plan workspace. However,
not too strong. This goes for your lunch, too. Things like tuna, if you run out of office items, don’t just reach over and take


whatever you need from the next desk, you can ask. This is 9. Practice Good Hygiene
about respect. Keep a good supply of pens, pencils, sticky notes,
tape, and staples on hand so you don’t run out. Having good hygiene is a must. Keep a supply of hand sanitizer
on your desk and use it throughout the day to stop germs from
7. Be Considerate of Your Co-workers spreading. Also, you don’t want to come to work if you’re sick.
An open-plan workspace can increase the risk of catching a cold
If you see that a co-worker is busy or in the middle of a phone or whatever illness is currently making its rounds to your co-
call, don’t interrupt them unless it’s an emergency. You don’t workers.
want to invade their space, hover and stare at them either.
Instead, wait until they’re free before you approach their work 10. Listen to the Concerns of Others
The previous rule goes both ways. If someone comes to you
8. Help Keep the Workspace Running with a concern or noise complaint, work with them to come to
a solution and try to manage your behavior.
Workspace have communal printers, garbage cans, and supplies.
If the printer is low or out of ink, change the cartridge or put in
a request for someone to do so. Be a team player! If you see a
garbage can is overflowing or full, empty it. Also, if you take the
last of any supplies, mention something or put in a request for


ALBINISM Comedian, Trevor Noah used to say he
AWARENESS was afflicted with albinism—a lie his
family concocted to explain his lighter
MONTH skin tone. People living in the albinism
community started taking a liking to
him, but things went awry when his hair
grew black and he could walk in the sun.
They thought he was the “one”, they
christened him The Daywalker, which
also happened to be the title of his first
ever comedy special.

Tshifhiwa Nefale – Risk Management intern AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2019



This is a warm story, but sometimes the reality of living with Mpho Masweu, receptionist at corporate office

albinism can be alarmingly challenging. in place. According to the Employment Equity Act, “reasonable
This September marks national Albinism Awareness Month. accommodation can be defined as any modification or
Corporate Office receptionist, Mpho Masweu, lives with adjustment to a job or to the working environment that will
albinism and offered to educate us. enable a person from a designated group to have access to, or
“Education can go a long away in eradicating stereotypes about participate or advance in employment”. “All too often people
albinism. Albinism is an inherited genetic condition that reduces with albinism are not provided with reasonable accommodation
the amount of melanin pigment formed in the skin, hair and/ for their visual impairment,” Mpho asserts.
or eyes. Albinism occurs in all racial and ethnic groups, even in “Because pigmentation in the eye is essential for normal vision,
families that may not have a person living with albinism.” albinism can lead to a variety of visual impairments such as
repetitive, uncontrolled eye movements (nystagmus), eyes
Some misguided stereotypes, myths and that do not look in the same direction (strabismus), increased
superstitions clarified: sensitivity to light (photophobia) and extreme near- or far-
sightedness. As a rule of thumb, the lighter the hair colour the
• We do die and get buried like any other person; poorer the vision.
• We don’t have any magic powers; Some easy ways that colleagues can help is that when there are
• Albinism is not contagious; it is an inherited genetic meetings with presentations print out a copy for the person with
albinism in advance so that they can follow the presentation.
condition; This can assist a person when reading small print or hard-copy
• Having sexual intercourse with a person with albinism text.”
Managers may consider the positioning of the person’s desk and
doesn’t cure HIV/AIDS. No one has ever been cured of AIDS the lighting in their working environment. For example, a desk
by having sex with a person with albinism. The cure for HIV/ should not be directly in front of a window where the glare is
AIDS is yet to be found. high, an spotlights should be avoided.
• We are not our mother’s “fault”. Both the mother and the People with visual impairments should also take regular breaks
father must carry the albinism gene for their child to have from visually demanding work, such as computers, to avoid eye
albinism. We are not anyone’s fault. strain.
Misinformation should never result in the persecution of People with albinism have highly sensitive skin thus should
people. But when they are used to target one specific group in not be exposed to direct sunlight. They should be given offices
the community, something has to change. People living with that do not get too much sunlight or windows need to be
albinism can no longer be treated as ghosts, rather we should covered with blinds to reduce glare. When there are outside
be treated as people. engagements, a shaded area would be beneficial.
Should you require more information, please contact your
Workplace Considerations local HR office.

In the workplace environment, people living with albinism
need reasonable workplace accommodation that can be put



We are proud of
our heritage


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