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_Taelor Nelor's Low Organized Games Presentation

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Published by Taelor Nelor, 2019-12-02 12:44:53

_Taelor Nelor's Low Organized Games Presentation

_Taelor Nelor's Low Organized Games Presentation

Low Organized Games

By: Taelor Nelor
KINE 1151-PO2
Mon. & Wed. 11:00am-11:50am
October 14th, 2019

Table of Contents

1. Thread the Hoop
2. Penguin Waddle
3. True or False Simon Says
4. Four Square
5. Red Light, Green Light
6. Hunger Games Competition
7. Guess the Leader
8. Monkey in the Middle
9. Duck Duck Goose
10. Marco Polo
11. Over Under
12. Ninja


❖ Students will begin their warm-up by running two laps around the track to
elevate their heart rate, and to get them energized for the class.

❖ Following the two laps around the gym, students will participate in the
following stretches.

➢ Arm Stretches
■ Right arm across chest and hold (10 secs)
■ Left arm across chest and hold (10 secs)
■ Right arm behind head and left hand hold (10 secs)
■ Left arm behind head and right hand hold (10 secs)

➢ Leg Stretches

○ Stretch down to the left and hold(10 secs)
○ Stretch down to the right and hold(10 secs)
○ Stretch down in the middle and hold(10 secs)

Thread the Hoop

Instructions: In this game, students will work as a team to complete the obstacle. They will form two
separate groups(in a circle) and join hands. We will ask the first two team members to unclasp hands so
that we can place the hula hoop between them. After the hula hoop is placed, they will have to thread the
hula hoop through all the players. The first group to get it through all players without using their hands

Objective: The first team to get the hula hoop through all of the members without using their hands wins!

Equipment: 2 large hula hoops

Key Skills: coordination and mobility

Space Requirement: half court

Time Requirement: 5-10 mins.

Penguin Waddle

Instructions: Students will travel up and down the court holding a ball between their
Objective: Hold the ball or balloon between your knees and go around the cones and
back, then pass to the next player without dropping it.
Equipment: small balls, or balloons
Key Skills: coordination and balance
Space Requirement: half court
Time Requirement: 10-12 mins.

True or False Simon Says

Instructions:Choose a student to lead the class as Simon. Have the leader to say “Simon

Says..”, then give an activity, such as for example: “If water is a healthy drink, skip
around in a circle..” If the answer is true, the students complete the suggested activity
and if the answer is false, they stand still.Whoever does the opposite task is out and the
last person standing WINS.

Objective: Be the last person standing to become “simon”.

Equipment: No equipment needed

Key Skills: Memory, Listening

Space Requirement: half court

Time Requirement: 15 mins

Four Square

Instructions: In groups of 4, students will bounce the ball as hard as they can to
another person. The ball can only bounce once and the other person must bounce the
ball back. If they don’t, they will be out.
Objective: To bounce the ball one at a time to another person's square
Equipment: Large balls for each group
Key Skills: Stability
Space Requirement: Half Court
Time Requirement: 15 mins.

Red Light, Green Light

Instructions: The teacher stands in front calling out Red or Green light. Students are
allowed to move forward only when they hear green light, and must stop when they
hear Red light. The Student who makes it to the front first wins.
Objective: To get to the front first.
Equipment: No Equipment Needed
Key Skills: Mobility , Listening
Space Requirement: Full Court
Time Requirement: 15 mins

Hunger Games Competition

Instructions: Objects will be placed in the middle of the gym. Students when given a
go, will rush to grab an object. Then try and tag students, until everyone is out
except for one student.
Objective: Be the last man standing to win.
Equipment: Noodles,Balls,Hula-Hoops, Etc
Key Skills: Speed, Mobility, Stamina
Space Requirement: full court
Time Requirement:15-20 mins.

Guess the Leader

Instructions: Get everybody and stand in a circle around the court. One person will
be picked and become a detective and leaves the group. A leader is chosen among the
group. The leader will begin a pattern of clapping their hands and will change the
pattern once everyone follows. The detective will be given 3 tries to guess who the
“leader” of the circle is. If the detective cannot guess the leader by the third guess,
then the leader wins.

Objective: Try to figure out who the Leader is.

Equipment: No equipment needed

Key Skills: Focus and Memory

Space Requirement: Half Court

Time Requirement: 15 mins

Monkey in the Middle

Instructions: Students will be grouped in three, one will be chosen to be the
monkey.The other two students will toss an object over the monkey’s head. The
monkey will try to intercept the ball.
Objective: Catch the ball so that you don’t have to be the monkey
Equipment: Small balls
Key Skills: Stamina, Coordination
Space Requirement: Half Court
Time Requirement: 10-15 mins.

Duck Duck Goose

Instructions: Students will be sitting in a circle, while one person is going around the
circle saying “duck”. When he/she decides to pick a person to chase them, they will
say “goose” and try to get in their spot before the other opponent tags them.
Objective: Get to the “goose’s” seat before they tag you
Equipment: No equipment needed
Key Skills: running, chasing, logic
Space Requirement: half court
Time Requirement: 15 mins

Marco Polo

Instructions: The instructor will ask everybody to spread out and pick one person to
be “Marco Polo”. The designated person will have to move fast to find out where the
other people are. The opponents have to respond with “Polo”, whenever Marco says
his name. Whoever Marco tags, is it.

Objective: Try not to get tagged by “Marco”

Equipment: Blindfold

Key Skills: Focus and Concentration

Space Requirement:Half-Court

Time Requirement:5-10 mins.

Over Under

Instructions: Get the students to form two rows, one behind the other. Have the
students pass a ball down the line, but alternating over the head and between the
knees. The instructor will call out an order that the students have to follow until the
ball reached the end of the line. When the object gets to end of the line, the last
person runs to the front and starts passing it again.

Objective: Get the ball over and under all players without dropping to win.

Equipment: small ball needed

Key Skills: Locomotion and Stability

Space Requirement: Half Court

Time Requirement: 5-10 mins.


Instructions: Gather all the players and form a huge circle around the half court. You
must move in motion, and you must stay in the same motion that you stopped at. If
you manage to touch the person before they dodge your motion, they will lose their
arm and place it behind their back.

Objective: Try to prevent the another person from touching your hand.

Equipment: No equipment needed

Key Skills: Speed and Stability

Space Requirement: Half court

Time Requirement: 10-15 mins.

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