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Pinewood Prospectus original Eng

Pinewood Prospectus original Eng


Vision And Ethos Ages 3-18 VISION AND ETHOS


Pinewood aims to offer students a progressive
personalized education centered on academic
excellence in each student’s journey.

This is achieved in a stimulating, multicultural
learning environment that emphasizes creativity,
service, respect for ethical values and awareness
of local culture.

Our core values are based on independent thinking:

1. Curious Thinkers

With the desire to know!

2. Creative Thinkers

With the desire to innovate!

3. Caring Thinkers

With the desire to value!

Striving to create a culturally rich and diverse community where all voices are heard!

363 48 12 100% $1.8m
Students Nationalities Students per acceptance In scholarship
secondary class offers

How to Apply Ages 3-18 BE PART

Visit and click Apply Now to
create your new application for each student.
For each enrolment, the following documents
are required:

• Original Birth Certificate

• Student ID

• Guardian / Parent ID

• School transcript or report cards
from the past 2 years (with Apostille)

• Official Health Form
(download from the application system)

• Vaccination / Immunization records


The essentials package

Pre-Kindergarten 1 Yearly Capital 2nd 3nd Full Payment
Pre-Kindergarten 2 Tuition Levy Child in Child in by Sept. 1
Kindergarten 5,950€ n/a -285€ -570€ -285€
Grades 1-5 6,150€ n/a -295€ -590€ -295€
Grades 6-12 6,950€ 600€ -335€ -670€ -335€
11,300€ 2,500€ -525€ -1,050€ -525€
11,600€ 2,500€ -540€ -1,080€ -540€

The Essentials Package includes:

• Activities Program • Educational day trips • English Language
• Books (excludes I.B.) • Digital Resources Support

The Complete package

Pre-Kindergarten 1 Yearly Capital 2nd 3nd Full Payment
Pre-Kindergarten 2 Tuition Levy Child in Child in by Sept. 1
Kindergarten 7,000€ n/a -440€ -5830€ -285€
Grades 1-5 7,200€ n/a -450€ -850€ -295€
Grades 6-12 8,000€ 600€ -490€ -930€ -335€
12,350€ 2,500€ -680€ -1,310€ -525€
12,650€ 2,500€ -695€ -1,340€ -540€

The Complete Package includes:

• Daily Transfer • Books (excludes I.B.) • English Language
• Educational day trips Support
(where available) • Digital Resources

• Activities Program

The Early Years Ages 3-5 SEEKING TO INSTIL

As the forerunner in pre-school education
Pinewood’s Early Years Program is a unique
caring environment where children from around
the world learn, play and grow together.

Children acquire native English fluency naturally
after just 3 years in our dynamic, all-English
Early Years Program.

The Early Years Program at Pinewood consists of
a Pre-K I, Pre-K II and Kindergarten classes.
Classes offer a full-day, developmentally
appropriate program designed for three, four,
five/six-year olds in self-contained classrooms.

A blend of teacher-directed activities,
self-selected activities, projects and learning
centers provide a variety of large group, small
group and independent learning experiences.
The encouragement of social, emotional, physical
and academic development is provided
in a supportive, active, and nurturing

It is tailored to meet the needs of both Greek and
international children, providing a rich
and varied curriculum to include language
development, early math skills, reading, science,
social studies, music, physical education, arts and



Pinewood Early Years students learn & play
with children of different cultures & nationality
teaching them cooperation, compassion and
appreciation of global differences.

Specialist EYP Courses:
• Music
• Physical Education
• Library
• Greek

The Elementary School Grades 1-5 THE NEXT CHAPTER

At Pinewood, we encourage our learners to be
curious thinkers, creative thinkers and caring

We emphasize a curriculum based on a STEAM
(Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and
Math) model, which promotes critical thinking and
problem solving, and a balanced literacy approach
to reading, writing and communicating. Grades
1-3 provide a secure and stimulating environment
where children are encouraged to develop
as curious individuals.
From Grade 4-5, students continue to refine
basic problem-solving skills. Emphasis is on
independent study with frequent use of available
resources for assignments and regular long-term
projects and presentations.

Students will have the opportunity to explore Students are required to bring a laptop or tablet
engineering and design through active learning in Grades 3-5 on assigned days to promote the use
and creative exploration in the Science Laboratory. of technology in the classroom.

Language Arts: Genius Hour:
A new, exciting reading and writing scheme For one hour every week, students have the
will not only further develop our students’ critical opportunity to explore topics that interest them.
reading skills, but also encourage confident,
reflective writers. IT:
Grades 1-5 receive one technology class each week
Math: to teach children keyboarding, research and other
The introduction of a new inquiry based Math skills.
program will challenge our students to make
connections between the required curriculum and Art:
their own lives. Grades 1-5 visit the art studio one day a week for
art instruction.



Developing life-long skills

The International Baccalaureate® (IB) Primary The PYP programme encompasses an exciting
Years Programme (PYP) is a unique and relevant approach to education because
cross-disciplinary approach to learning. it first and foremost focuses on the student.
Children learn to make connections between At Pinewood, we believe that the child is at
concepts and understanding across all the centre of the learning process.
subjects. They are constantly building upon what they
This concept, based on an inquiry approach already know and adding to their knowledge,
to learning, allows students to understand skills and understanding as they navigate
that Math, Science, Language, Art and Music and develop their learning through asking
are all connected. Skills, knowledge and questions, taking risks, collaborating, finding
understanding are developed in context with out, reflecting and making connections.
real-world situations. These are skills that are vital in the 21st-
century world in which we live and in which
our children are growing up in.

The Middle School Grades 6-8 PREPARING FOR A TIME

The 6th, 7th and 8th grade programs at
Pinewood are designed to provide a smooth
transition from the Elementary school years to
increased academic intensity and expectations
of the High School (Grades 9-12) experience.

In recognizing the many physical, social, and
emotional challenges associated with early
adolescence, processes are utilized which allow
for student responsiveness to meet these myriad
needs in a timely and efficient manner. In so
doing, the development of an environment
conducive to learning within the academic rigors
of the secondary school is advanced.

Advisory Program :
Our new program will enhance the academic and
organisational support offered to pupils, while also
providing focused physical and emotional education
aimed at promoting personal well-being.

Middle School students are required to bring a laptop
or tablet on assigned days to promote the use of
technology in the classroom.

Young Entrepreneurs :
Middle School students learn about innovation and
leadership through our exclusively-designed blended
learning course for Grades 6, 7 and 8.

Blended Learning :
Middle School students enjoy working in a blending
learning environment for each of their classes through
our Brightspace learning management system.



Going beyond the syllabus, feeling empowered

The International Baccalaureate® (IB) The result is young people who are creative,
Middle Years Programme (MYP) emphasizes critical and reflective thinkers.
intellectual challenge. It encourages students At the heart of both the PYP and MYP
aged 11 to 16 to make practical connections programs is the IB Learner Profile. The
between their studies and the real world, Learner Profile is a set of characteristics that
preparing them for success in further study are continuously developed from Early Years
and in life. all the way through to Grade 12.

The MYP aims to develop active learners and The Learner Profile exemplifies
internationally minded young people who the development of the whole student
can empathize with others and pursue lives and supports what we, here at Pinewood,
of purpose and meaning. The programme plan for our students to become:
empowers students to inquire into a wide internationally-minded people prepared
range of issues and ideas of significance to make a difference in the world.
locally, nationally and globally.

The High School Ages 9-12 FINDING AN IDENTITY AS

Students in grades 9 through 12 select courses
during the spring prior to the upcoming
academic year.

Guidance for the yearly course selections and the
development of student four-year plans
is provided by the school in cooperation with the
parents and teachers.

Pinewood students in grades 11-12 have the
choice between the following courses of study:

1 Full IB Diploma Program

2 IB Diploma Courses and American High School
Diploma Combined

3 American High School Diploma


Encouraging Exploration

High School students are required to bring a lap-
top or tablet to promote the use of technology in
the classroom.
High School students have a notable number of
elective courses to choose from each year, includ-
ing French, Spanish, Greek, Art History, Visual Arts,
Dance, Internet of Things, Entrepreneurship and
Global Perspectives.
Blended Learning:
High School students enjoy working in a blend-
ing learning environment for each of their classes
through our Brightspace learning management


IB Diploma Certificates & American High School Diploma

Pinewood has offered the IB Diploma Programme since 1999. The language of
instruction is English and all classes are taught by experienced teachers, who
regularly attend IB teacher workshops in order to keep up with the developments
in their subject area. Pinewood IB classes are small in size, allowing students to
receive individual attention.

The IB Diploma Programme at
Pinewood is fully integrated

into the school’s American High
School Diploma program.

As an alternative to the full IB Diploma IB students complete
Programme, Pinewood students have the Creativity-Action-Service
the option of graduating with the component of the IB Diploma
American High School Diploma and Programme by participating in the
receiving IB certificates for specific IB school’s After-School Activities
courses of their choice. program, school-sponsored field trips
and community service projects.

They study the same material as full IB
Diploma students with the same exams
and assessments, however there is no
restriction to the number or level of
courses they can choose.



Group 1: Group 3: Group 5:
Studies in Language Individuals and Societies Mathematics
and Literature Group 4: Group 6:
Group 2: Sciences The Arts / Elective
Language Acquisition

The program also requires:

Theory of Knowledge (ToK): Extended Essay:
An interdisciplinary course that explores the A 4,000-word research paper, on a topic of
nature of knowledge across disciplines. the student’s individual interest.

Creativity-Activity-Service (CAS): Assessment:
Participation in artistic activities, sports and Final IB examinations at the end of the pro-
community work, fostering students’ aware- gramme in May of the second year and Inter-
ness and appreciation of life beyond academ- nal assessment tasks for each subject during
ics. the two years of study.

I.B. Diploma Courses at Pinewood

The following courses are offered at standard level (SL) or higher level (HL):

Group 1: Group 3: Group 5:
Language and Literature Individuals and Societies Mathematics
• English A - Language • History (SL/HL) • Mathematics - Analysis and
• Economics (SL/HL)
and Lierature (SL/HL) • Psychology (SL/HL) Approaches (SL/HL)
• Modern Greek A - Languag • Business Management (SL/HL) • Mathematics - Applications
• Environmental Systems and
and Literature (SL/HL) Societies (SL) and Interpretations (SL)
• Information Technology in a
Group 2: Group 6:
Language Acquisition Global Society (SL/HL)* The Arts
• English B (HL) • Visual Arts (SL/HL)
• French ab initio (SL), B (SL/HL) Group 4: • Dance (SL/HL)
Sciences • Film (SL)*
Spanish ab initio(SL), B (SL/HL) • Biology (SL/HL)
• Mandarin (Chinese) • Chemistry (SL/HL)
• Physics (SL/HL)
ab initio (SL)* • Computer Science (SL/HL)
• Environmental Systems and

Societies (SL)

Additional Options:
Any other A language course may be offered as Self-Taught course. Other A or B language courses may be
offered on demand at an additional cost. Courses available as official IB online courses at an additional cost,
subject to student enrolment.

I.B. Scholarships Grade 10 HIGHER ACADEMIC

Scholarships are available for incoming grade 11
(current grade 10) International Baccalaureate
(IB) Diploma students.

The selected IB scholars will receive a tuition
fee waiver of 20% up to 80% for the duration of
the two-year program at Pinewood. This waiver
applies to the “Essentials Package” from our
tuition fee options - families can then choose to
upgrade to the “Complete Package”.

In order for a student to be considered for an IB
scholarship at Pinewood–The American International
School of Thessaloniki, the candidate must
demonstrate the following:

• Currently enrolled in grade 10 (or equivalent)
in a High School in Greece or abroad
• Excellent academic performance
• Proficiency and comfort using English in writing
listening and speaking
• An interest in learning in a culturally
diverse environment
• Good citizenship and character
• A desire to continue to Higher education in a North
American, British, or other university abroad in which
English is the language of instruction
• Special interest or talent in an area outside
of academics is highly desirable



The Pinewood Exchange Program; The Greek
Experience, is an innovative Study Abroad
program for high school students interested
in spending an academic semester or year in

This is a unique opportunity to continue your
education, un-interrupted, while discovering the
wonderful culture & history of Greece. Join our
vibrant, international community (we currently
house children of 48 different nationalities!) for
an unforgettable experience while continuing an
education centred on academic excellence.

The well-rounded program includes:

• Full credit courses that complement your current
course of study
• Creative participation in Greek national school
assemblies such as October 28th & March 25th
• Trips & guided tours to historic areas around
• Modern Greek Language & Literature courses
• Single or double dormitory room within our
excellent boarding facility. All meals made fresh on-
site (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks), free WiFi, use
of all boarding facilities (libraries, computers, laundry,
gymnasiums, multipurpose rooms, outdoor space) and
daily transportation to and from school. It includes
24-hour security and an on-site director, dormitory
assistants, nurse and psychologist. Our boarding facility
is located approximately 5 miles from campus and is a
short bus ride each day for our students.

Nutrition All Grdes HEALTHY CHILDREN

On campus, Pinewood has a canteen offering
light lunches such as salads, sandwiches and
healthy snacks. Students can also bring food of
their choice from home.

Also available, is our exclusively-designed
catering program. Based on many years
of experience and passion for high-quality
homemade food, Elena Georgitziki and her team
of nutritionists have developed the Balanced Diet
Pinewood catering program.
Nutritionally-rich, cooked food, which is suita-
ble for children in the Early Years Program, right
through to Secondary School.
Our Balanced Diet food program is carefully de-
veloped to fully cover the nutritional needs of the
body and brain, supporting our active children
while also offering enough diversity in our meals
to appeal to every taste!

Early years Elementary Secondary
4,50€ 4,50€ 5,00€

After School Activities Any Grades NUTRITION & AFTER SCHOOL ACTIVITIES


Each year, Pinewood American International
School enhances the after-school activities
program at all levels.

Student participation in school activities allows
for the natural reinforcement of the school’s
academic mission and programs.
It is a long season that promises many thrills and
excitement offering opportunities to our students
to express themselves in a variety of experiences,
activities and sports; such as Philosophy club,
Drone Club, Pottery, Zumba and many more.
Visit our website to see the current schedule.

College Counseling All Grdes ALIGNING STUDENTS WITH

College Counselling at Pinewood is an integral
component of high school education.

The process of deciding what to do after
high school is a time of great discovery and
development as students’ transition to a life of
increased freedom and responsibility.
Success in this process requires an open mind,
strong communication, and a willingness to
stretch boundaries. Our goal is to provide solid
advice and guidance to students as they decide
where to continue their studies after graduation.

We do this by:

• The College Counsellor design • SAT Prep Courses
meetings throughout the year
for high school students. In junior • College workshop
and senior years, students begin meet
one-on-one with the President • Seminars for essay-writing techniques
to discuss future plans. and application strategies

• College Counselling services includ • Many visits from College Admissions
the monthly College Counselling Representatives to present important
Journal with announcements admissions, scholarship and financial
resources, advice & tips aid information to our Junior
and Senior classes.
• College nights


Career Day Get to know us!

An annual Career Day is held, Call us on +30 2310 301 221
an opportunity for Pinewood students or reach our departments:
to hear from the Thessaloniki community at Admissions:
large about what it means to be [email protected]
a professional and more importantly; how to Summer Camps:
get there. [email protected]
People from various industries with diverse, [email protected]
oftentimes international backgrounds, will Employment:
be leading panel–style presentations and [email protected]
discussions of what it takes to become a
professional in the 21st century.
Joining us will be experts from a diverse
range of fields; from healthcare, education,
small business, industry, arts, and much more!

Things to keep in mind TERMS, CONDITIONS

Non-discriminatory policy
Pinewood admits students of any race, color,
religion, national and ethnic origin to all the
rights, privileges, programs, and activities
generally accorded or made available to students
at the school. It does not discriminate on the
basis of race, color, religion, national and ethnic
origin in administration of its educational
policies, admission policies, scholarship and
loan programs, and athletic and other school
administered programs.
In accordance with Greek law, students applying
for admission in K - Grade 9 must possess a valid
non-Greek passport or fulfil some simple criteria.
See the criteria for enrolling students with Greek
Enrollment Requirements
In order to hold a place at Pinewood, families are
required to re-enroll at the end of each school
year. This simple procedure involves completing
an online application detailed above) and making
a prepayment (as detailed in the billing statement
sent home to families during the Spring term).
Upon registration each school year, parents
and / or legal guardians shall receive a Billing
Statement for each child enrolled at the school.
This Billing Statement must be signed and
returned to the school, thus acknowledging that
the parent and/or legal guardian agrees with the
amount to be paid and the dates on which to
pay. The school reserves the right to require full
payment of tuition and fees prior to enrollment.


English Proficiency Age Limitations
Students with limited English proficiency Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 1 - To be eligible
in Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 6 are for Pre-Kindergarten 1, a child must have
considered eligible for admission. reached the age of three by December 31;
As a result of language screening and for Pre-Kindergarten 2, a child must have
evaluation, special ESL classes are provided reached the age of four by December 31;
for students who will benefit from such for Kindergarten, a child must have reached
additional language instruction. The the age of five by December 31; and for
secondary school has a specific level of Grade 1, a child must have reached the age
English language proficiency for each grade, of six by December 31.
defined by a school-administered English
Placement test.

Things to keep in mind Grade Level Placement
Students are placed in the appropriate grade level
based on age, previous schooling, and ability, as
determined by the Pinewood administration after
a thorough review of application materials and
assessment results.
Students with Special Needs
Pinewood offers optimal learning support
for students with mild to moderate special
educational needs (see Learning Support under
School Programs and Services in our handbook).
Assistance and programs for children with serious
learning, emotional or physical disabilities are
unavailable at Pinewood. Pinewood reserves the
right to deny admission to any student who, in the
opinion of the school Administration, is in need
of such special programs and support services for
which the school cannot adequately provide.
Payment Policies
1. If a student attends 20 or more school days
in a given semester, the parent or guardian is
responsible for paying for the entire semester.
2. In case of withdrawal, any amounts due by
the parent or legal guardian shall be paid and
all materials belonging to the school returned,
before report cards or certificates are issued.
3. No portion of tuition will be refunded for a
student dismissed by expulsion.


Collections Refunds/Withdrawals

a) Parents and/or legal guardians are If a student must withdraw from the
required to ensure punctual payment of all school for any reason during the course
School Fees in accordance with the chosen of the school year, the school office must
schedule of payments issued by the School’s be notified at least one week in advance
accounting office at registration. Receipts will of the withdrawal date in order to allow
be issued by the school’s accounting office time to prepare the required disenrollment
in a timely manner for the amounts received documents.
from each payer. 1. If a student attends 20 or more school
b) In case of late payment or nonpayment, days in a given semester, the payer is
the overdue amounts may be charged responsible for paying for School Fees for
interest to the extent permitted under the entire semester.
applicable laws and/or regulations of the 2. In case of withdrawal, any amounts due
Hellenic Republic. by the parent or legal guardian shall be paid
c) Students shall not be re-enrolled unless and all books and other materials belonging
ALL outstanding fees and tuition are paid in to the school shall be returned prior to
full. Payments, as made, will be applied to the issuing of any report cards or transfer
balances in order from overdue to current. certificates to the student or the parent.

3. No portion of tuition will be refunded
for a student dismissed by expulsion or for
behavioral reasons.

4. Tuition and fees are non-transferable.

14th km Thessalonikis - N.Moudanion, P.O. Box 60606, 57001
Thermi, Thessaloniki, Greece

+30 2310 301221 | [email protected]

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