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Published by Khalil Robinson, 2019-05-23 12:57:26

DaVilleGod Colonial ebook

DaVilleGod Colonial ebook

Colonial EBOOK

By Khalil Robinson

Table of Contents

1. Colonial EBOOK
2.Table of content
3.Meet the 13 C´s
4. Home
5. Medical and Health
6. Free and Fun days
7. Glossary
8. Bibliography

Meet the 13 c´s.

What is a COLONY! A colony is a group that is
ruled by a king or queen, the king/queen did not
live in the same country, they lived in a different
country but still ruled the colonies, all 13 colonies
were ruled by King George the III.

The colonies were separated into 3 groups, New
England, Southern and the Middle A.K.A BreadBasket
Colonies. The Middle Colonies were called The
Breadbasket because, they grew grains and also because
they grew so many grains for bread so then they got the
name breadbasket colonie of the 13 colonies.

Here are pics of colonists

All acts

he intolerable act
The stamp act
The quartering act

Boston Tea Party Massacre

Boston tea party Massacre

We home ➢ Today houses are made out of
brick and wood,
➢ Than houses were made out of ➢ Houses now have indoor
arched roofs, with wooden frames plumbing, inside water, and
covered with bark. toilet paper,

➢ houses then had no outdoor ➢ now we use heating pads to
plumbing, they used chamber get warm or, warm up the
pots, and out houses. bed.

➢ Houses than have bed warmers
Houses then had no sinks or
stoves, they used their fireplace to
cook food, now we have stoves
and sinks.

Medicine + Healthcare

The cause of sickness was mostly Smallpox and yellow fever. The effect was a
horrible disease that you get blisters, skin will die and fallaway. Yellow fever were
spread by mosquitoes to a lot of people, and half had died from this horrible disease.

The cause of sickness was Beatles often got into the breads hard track when,
settlers scrapped the mold right off the bread, and ate it still that's what caused
sickness, the effect was people got very sick or died.

Another sickness was diphtheria, diphtheria was caused by bacterium and can cause
heavy covering in the throat. It also causes heavy breathing, paralysis, heart failure,
and death. Medical people including CDC, recommend vaccines to prevent

More sick Colonists

To your left you will see a girl
getting medicine from her
mother from being sick.

Connected to slides 8 and 9

Click on the blue thing to see more pictures of sick colonists


Fun and Free Days

Good morrow i'm Stephen for fun and free time, believe it or not we played tag, race,
are games we play, also 9 men's morris. , we also loved whirligigs, and 9 pins. Us or
parents would make toys out of scrap like, corn husky, rags, and carved dried up

Us boys were kinda different, we used sticks as imaginary horses, and kids loved
to play to play these games, tag, race, hoops, schootch hop, and other things.



● Colony: A colonie is a thing ruled by a king or queen that lives in a different

● Breadbasket colonies: Were known for grains.
● CDC: Center for disease control.


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