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Published by Nanny D-Day, 2019-05-01 22:48:02

Info for SAI brochure

Info for SAI brochure

Science and Industrial Park (SAI)

King Mongkut’s University of Technology
Thonburi (KMUTT) Thailand.

KMUTT Science and Industrial Park known as Thailand’s first
university industrial park was established in 1999 with the aims
to closely collaborate, support and strengthen Thailand’s SMEs
and industrial sector in science and technology capability
through translational research platforms underpinning Food,
Feed, Biofuel and Biopharma industry. The park is a well-
designed ecosystem with multidisciplinary expertise, advanced
lab equipment, pilot plant facilities, technology and business
incubators and supporting programs. As a member of Thailand
regional science park and Food Innopolis Thailand, tax
incentives and investment privileges are available for qualified
customers and tenants


• Startup Incubators & Accelerator • Translational research
Program • University – industry cooperation
• Pilot plants for 3F+1P
• SMEs Strengthening
• Ecosystem for Innovation- Bangkhuntien

Driven Entrepreneur

• Academic & Research hub Bangmod BKT R&D PDTI / SBT /SOA+D /
• Automation & Robotics/ Cluster MeT & MeA / JGSEE / BEC /

Big Data/AI EcoWaste



KMUTT Science And Industrial Park (SAI)


“A Vibrant R&D Community for พฒั นาโครงสรา้ งพน้ื ฐานเพอ่ื เสรมิ
Translational Research in Bio-based ศกั ยภาพ + ขดี ความสามารถใน
การแขง่ ขนั ให้ SME
Technology” ใหบ้ รกิ ารพนื้ ท่ี อปุ กรณ์ +โรงงาน
ตน้ แบบสาหรบั บม่ เพาะเทคโนโลยี


สรา้ ง ecosystem สาหรบั การ
พฒั นา bioenterpreneur และ

Service to industry

1. Technology Incubator & Laboratory Area

Bioprocess Research & Innovation Building

o ในส่วนน้ี focus เฉพาะพ้นื ทใ่ี หเ้ช่า สง่ิ ทม่ี ใี หส้ าหรบั ผูเ้ช่า
o ขอขอ้ มลู จากหมวยและป๋อม

Soft Service

300% Tax Deduction for R&D Startup & Entrepreneur
Financial support for SME

Bioprocess Research and Innovation Building (BRI)

Total area: 19,762.54 m2

· Biopharma lab · Biosensor lab
· ATK lab · R&D high end equipment
· Biotechnology based research
· R&D high end equipment service center
· Quasense Co., Ltd..
service center
· Rental area
· Bioinformatics lab
· Computer based · Seminar room
for 10-150
research cluster participants
• Rental area

· Nutraceutical
· Agro-based biotechnology
· NBF non GMP facility
• Rental area

Basement 363.35 m2 : CCTV & Security, Car park 5
Rooftop 1,829.85 m2 : Specific area for exhaust fan, Chiller,

Raw water treatment, Water tank,
Public Utilities system

Conference anCodnsfeeremncienaanrdrsoeomminasr arotoBmRs aIt BRI
• Located on 2nd floor
• Seminar rooms (10 – 50ppl.)
• Large seminar room (150ppl.)


RRenetnaltsaplascepace (main area: 4th floor)

Floor Plan

AHU1 AHU2 3rd, 4th, and 6th Floors

Co-working space Total available area 2,313.20 m2
Room size: 20 – 120 m2

Bioprocess Research and Innovation Building (BRI)

Green Building

Green Hart FM* efficiency
ISO 9001 TIS 2677-2558
Work place safety ISO/IEC 17025
Life safety ISO 14001
SWOT=>Strategy plan Environment safety

FM means facility management (Place, process and people).

Services & Supports For SME/Startup

Industrial Research and STI business Science Park’s Service
Technology Capacity incubation
Development Program
• To Provide opportunities • Databases of KMUTT
• Promoting technology for students to learn and R&D personnel +
innovation to lead the develop their business research projects lab
development process. plans on their research + pilot equipment,
• Match manufacturing problems TESNet
with consultation in terms of 9
solving technical problems • Tech Enterprise Service
• Improving efficient production Continue :4 Projects (4 Companies)
process and Product qualities
c : 3 Projects TED-FUND
(3 Companies)
Continue : 6 Projects • Technology and
(6 Companies) Innovation Enterprise
under review : 5 Projects Development Fund
(5 Companies) Continue : 1 Project (1 Company)


Suscess : 1 Project (1 Company)

Service to industry

2. Bioprocess scale-up + pilot scale equipment

Bioreactors of Solid State Fermentation Fermentation product : example

สว่ นนีแ้ บง่ เป็น 5,000 L New bioreactor 500 L • Nutrition and human health
With sterilize in place • Animal feed
- Fermentation pilot • Enzymes
plant • Biocontrol agents
• Fatty acids
- Drying
- Nutraceuticals & 200 L
natural extract
Dryers of Solid State Fermentation

50 Kg 100 Kg 200 Kg


Service to industry

2. Bioprocess scale-up + pilot scale equipment

ลกั ษณะงาน Clean room in PIP-1

 งานทเี่ กย่ี วขอ้ งดา้ นอาหารซงึ่ ตอ้ งการ GMP

 งานทเี่ กย่ี วขอ้ งกับเชอ้ื จุลนิ ทรยี ท์ ี่
ไมก่ อ่ โรค ทผ่ี า่ นการรับรอง/ประเมนิ จาก IBC แลว้

Clean room Specifications

• Air Cooled Chiller Type (OAU, AHU) : 52 Tons of cooling
(Total), 80 Tons (Chiller installed).

• Filters : Pre–Filter , Medium Filter and HEPA Filter.
• Cleanliness : Class 100,000 FS209 E Standard.
• Average room temperature : 22+2oC.
• Room pressure : 15Pa.
• Relative humidity : 50+10%.
• Top-down non-laminar airflow.
• Air change : 5 times room volume/hr

Changing Room Downstream 2 Downstream 1 Fermentor Media/Prep. Changing Room
Storage Room 5L Innoculation Room
Tank Freeze dry Tank Tank
Sterile Decon. Drain Fermentation Drain Weighing Room
Washing Drain Fermentor
50 L


Service to industry

2. Bioprocess scale-up + pilot scale equipment

Pilot-scale and High Performance Equipment

5-10 L/hr 20-100 Kg/hr 5 to 1500 liters 5,800 L/hr Flash evaporator
Spray Dryer20 L Vibro-Fluidized Continuous
600L Bed Dryer Fermentors centrifuge

Gas chromatography ก ุมเคร่ื มื ด สเปกโตรโฟโตมิเต ร์
ห รแ ะส่ิ แ ด ม ก ุมเคร่ื มื ด จุ ี ทิ ย
ก ุมเคร่ื มื ด


Service to industry

2. Bioprocess scale-up + pilot scale equipment

Food Technology Product & Technology Development : example

Freeze dryer Freeze Drying

Products: Dried fruits and vegetables, น้ำมะนำวผง มะมว่ งหมิ พำนตแผ์ กงน่ ตะวนั อบแหง้ ผลไมอ้ บแหง้
orchid tea & other supplements.
Food & Cosmetics
Fruit Juice Processing
Pilot Plant : example


Essential Oils Distillation

Washer Size Sorter Juice 13

Service to industry

2. Bioprocess scale-up + pilot scale equipment

National Biopharmaceutical Facility, NBF

for vaccine and biologics production

National biopharmaceutical facility

• Contract Research And Manufacturing Unit 1: Microbial fermentation
Services (CRAMS) for biopharmaceutical
products • Bioreactors
• Centrifuges
• Main Scale-up facility for • TFFs
Biopharmaceuticals of NSTDA (MoST) • Chromatography
and NVI (MoPH)

• >70 FTE pharmacists, scientists and

50 Kg Unit 2: Cell Culture

• Fully equipped cleanrooms grade B, C ,D
• Cell propagation up to 500L
• TFFs
• Chromatography

100 Kg 200 Kg• Fully automatic filling line for vials
• Freeze drying capability


Service to industry

3. R&D + Technical consultation (within BKT)


Algal Biotechnology Screen Printed

Electronic tongue for Tom Yam
(e-Delicious product of Mobilis)

Sensor Technology

Plant and Crop Systems Biology Medical Systems Biology

Systems Biology & Bioinformatics Food Technology & Engineering

Service to industry

3. R&D + Technical consultation (within BKT)

Mushroom Reactor and Process Development
Waste Utilization & Management
Wood tips

Plant and Crop
Systems Biology


Rice field

0.5 L 7 L 150 L 1500 L

Enzyme Technology

Bioprocess Development Biopharmaceuticals 16

Service to industry

3. R&D + Technical consultation (within BKT)

Clean Energy Systems Integration(CESi)

CES Solar Cells Testing Cester (CSSC)


In Collaboration with Expertise around KMUTT

Systems Biology


School of Bioresources & INTERIOR ARCHITECTURE

School of Architecture & Design


3. R&D + Technical consultation: In Collaboration with Expertise around KMUTT

Plant and Crop Bioinformatics
Systems Biology

Institute of Field Robotics Data Science and Engineering
Institute of Field Robotics


3. R&D + Technical consultation: In Collaboration with Expertise around KMUTT

Computational Bioengineering

BiomatePrialalsnatndaBnidomCercohapnics Explain
Systems Biology


Industrial collaborative research Explore

Biological Engineering EXPLAIN

Big Data Experience Center

Service to industry

3. R&D + Technical consultation: In Collaboration with Expertise around KMUTT

Smart Manufacturing & Construction


SSeerrvviciecteo itnodusitnrydustry

4. Start ups & Spin Off

Co-Working Space & Office

FL : 12 FL : 13

SSeerrvviciecteo itnodusitnrydustry

Hatch @

Technology Research User-Centered
Based Commercialization Technology
Market demand

3 years+ Student
Systematise & Scale the impact Enterpreneurship

Service to industry

5. Networking

Joint R&D centers Biochemical Engineering and Pilot Plant
Research and Development Unit (BEC)
and others
Excellent Center of Waste Utillization
and Management (EcoWaste)


Private Sectors Biofuel Biopharma Feed Others


• Bio Wealth

Co., Ltd.
• Asia Star

Animal Health

Co., Ltd


Food Innopolis สว่ นขยาย @ KMUTT

แผนการดาเนนิ งานเมอื งนวัตกรรมอาหารสว่ น แผนการดาเนนิ งานความเขม้ แข็งของ มจธ.
ขยาย และ/หรอื กจิ กรรม/สาขาทม่ี งุ่ เนน้
Food Processing and
• Food Pilot Plant Engineering/Mechanization/Automation
• Food Maker Space & Robotics/ Big Data/ AI
• Digital Transformation of Food Industry 4.0
• Internet of Food Startup Incubators & • Food Pilot plant Processing/
• Microbiome Platform Acceleretors Engineering Design & Scale Up
• Circular Economy in Food Industry (extraction, purification, drying,
SMEs Stengthening fermentation etc.)
ตวั อยา่ ง Food Pilot Plant
• Waste Utillization & Energy


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