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an overview of products and services offered by Hessian Coffee

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Published by Hessian Coffee, 2019-01-07 05:54:19

Hessian Brochure

an overview of products and services offered by Hessian Coffee

Great Coffee Made Simple


Why Choose Us?

At Hessian Coffee our aim is to develop
and grow whilst challenging ourselves
to raise standards to the benefit of all
our customers.
Our roasters control every aspect of sourcing
and grading our great quality coffees direct
from the farmers, so each batch roasted is
consistent and the individual characteristics
of the coffee is fully nurtured.
Developing more than 10 different coffee
blends including 100% Arabica, blended
coffees, Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance and
decaffeinated options. We also have filter
and bulk brew coffees as well as cafetiere.
We provide our customers with expert
advice, training, support and industry leading
equipment so you can shout and be proud of
the end result.

Niall McCrae & Neil Clark - Founders of Hessian Coffee


Contents 3

Why Choose Us? 3
Hotels 4
Restaurants 4
Cafés 5
Pubs and Bars 5
Offices 6
Coffee Beans 8
Filter Coffee 11
Other Coffee 13
Retail 15
Syrups 17
Tea 19
Coffee Machines 24
About Coffee 31
Bespoke Training 32
Cleaning Guides 36
Servicing & Maintenance 39
Leasing Explained 40
Trading Terms & Conditions 41

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Bedrooms are the key to success in your hotel, Hessian’s
in-room offering will enable your guests to enjoy a quality
filter coffee in the form of biodegradable coffee bag and
an award winning tea selection all presented in individually
wrapped envelopes.

As guests move to either the bar or the restaurant they can
continue to enjoy a wider tea and coffee menu selection.
Our range of ethically sourced coffee beans and over 30
award winning loose leaf and pyramid teas all served as
either afternoon tea or after dinner. This can all be replicated
into a conference and banqueting service with the inclusion
of a bulk brew coffee offering and self service options.

Hotels are provided with expert staff training and education
for our coffee and tea ranges along with assistance to menu
planning and access to free on loan crockery, teapots, timers,
display and in-room boxes.


Restaurants spend an incredible amount of time perfecting their
menu. Our goal is to compliment that effort with a selection of
premium teas and quality coffees.

We recommend the use of a traditional coffee machine to
provide you the widest selection of drinks all supported by
our network of engineers. We want you to get the very best
from your equipment so each of our customers is provided
free of charge expert barista training covering all aspects
of making great coffee.

At Hessian Coffee we work hard to promote our brand for you
to showcase in the form of branded crockery, point of sale and
marketing materials to show your customers how great your
coffee offering is.


Cafés 5

We love coffee shops, especially independents and
small chains as you’re the ones driving our industry to
new heights with quality and consistency. With customer
pallets and expectations becoming more refined we
like to think we are ahead of the curve when it comes to
supplying a range of sustainable products that will excite
customers and continue to increase profits.

Our relationship with equipment suppliers and network
of engineers enables us to provide a rapid response
to any equipment needs including lease rentals or
outright purchase.

All customers receive the best in barista training to
include all drinks on your menu, milk foaming techniques
and daily cleaning routines.

Award winning coffees Biscuits

Award winning teas Large syrup range

Frappes mixes Take away cups

Branded crockery Cleaning products

Pubs and Bars

Licensees are looking carefully at ways to increase sales and
profits by providing a superior coffee offering. Customers
are now used to great coffee on the high street and want to
experience the same quality and selection in their local.

Our commitment to pubs and bars when discussing
options is to make recommendations based on their space
available and customer needs. We will provide support
to licensees with training and practical advise on how to
maximise their sales.

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When it comes to offering a quality tea and coffee service in an office environment we want to provide a solution
that is quick and consistent with award winning products you won’t find elsewhere.
Self service bean to cup coffee machines with the option to add coin or card payments. Technology has advanced
over recent years to produce amazing coffee so much so your staff won’t want to leave the office.


Coffee Beans


Coffee Beans

We are delighted to offer a variety of freshly roasted espresso beans.
Our Coffee beans, either single origin arabica or mixed blend, are roasted specifically for the Hessian Coffee
brand using the finest grade green coffee and it’s our policy to trade in an ethical, environmental and socially
responsible manner.
Getting that balance and taste profile correct 100% of the time is the key to our blends. Two of which are
great taste award winners.
Quality controlled, freshly roasted using state of the art roasting equipment, cleverly weighed to ensure each
branded kilo bag has a kilo of wonderful coffee in it, thermally sealed with a valve to ensure any additional
degassing can take place, and lovingly hand packed in our bespoke boxes ready for shipping, ensuring your
beans are fresh from the moment the bag is opened.


Espresso No.1

Espresso No.1 uses 100% Arabica whole bean coffee. Picked from Central and South
American growing regions and blended at our roastery. This coffee comes from Brazil,
Honduras and The African Congo. Giving the coffee a sweetness, yet still it has a smooth
body with the finished coffee having a bright citrus finish.

Espresso Reserve

Espresso Reserve coffee is a medium roasted, full bodied and perfectly blended coffee.
Selected from 100% Arabicas in Africa, Honduras and Brazil which gives it a smooth and
fruity taste. The taste you get from this coffee is sweet like chocolate with a creamy caramel
finish. Espresso Reserve is proud to now be wearing a Great Taste Award in 2018.

Bourbon Select

A blend of the finest single estate coffee from El Salvador with intense chocolate and
caramel, bright acidity & floral notes making this a balanced and full bodied coffee. This coffee
is Rainforest Alliance Certified and was also awarded a great taste award in 2017 and 2018.

Barista Blend

A smooth and creamy blend with notes of roasted nuts, dark cocoa with a warm earthy scent
of cedar wood and vanilla, perfect for all day drinking.

XTC Blend

The XTC blend is a single espresso blend from the America’s and Jamaica. This coffee works
really well as either espresso or ground for filter.

Decaff Blend 9

Hessian’s decaffeinated beans are 100% arabica and provides the perfect coffee taste
without the caffeine. Notes of rich walnut and dark cocoa, works well as an espresso and
cuts well with milk for lattes and cappuccinos.

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Filter Coffee


Filter Coffee

Filter coffee is produced using the same beans
as you would for an espresso but with a few
differences at the point of brewing, with the
production method being a process of dripping
water through the bed of coffee as opposed to
it being forced under pressure as in an espresso.

This filtering is a slower process allowing a
different extraction and flavour profile. The coffee
grind required needs to be a larger particle size
to allow gravity of the water to flow through.

Operationally filter coffee is easy to produce
offering a different solution, adding variation
to the menu, managing higher volumes when
needed and providing a speed of service

Choose the correct
equipment to ensure
the best results for

your filter coffee.

We provide freshly roasted, 100% Arabica
beans, blended and roasted with grinding fresh
on demand filter coffee in mind, as well as pre
ground portioned sachets in various sizes for pour
and serve equipment to higher volume bulk brew
to suit your brewing requirement.

Having selected 100% Arabica for both beans in kilo bags or pre-ground the brewed coffee is wonderfully bright
with notes of toffee apple and blackcurrant , complex and juicy. A great all-rounder and good for all day drinking.

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Other Coffees


Cafetiere Coffee offers a wonderful way to provide freshly roasted coffee conveniently as well as
offering something unique. This traditional method of coffee production allows the coffee to be
immersed in water, extracting the aroma and flavour.
We offer pre-packaged, individual 18g sachets, full of a wonderful complex, chocolatey 100% Arabica Colombian
coffee as well as our 100% Arabica blend decaffeinated coffee.

Decaffeinated One Shot: For those
looking for a caffeine free speciality drink
our individual 8-gram single shots of pre-
ground espresso offer a rich, walnutty
espresso, with a perfectly rounded creamy
mouth feel. Simply add into the portafilter
from your traditional machine to offer your
range of drinks in decaffeinated form.

Coffee Bags: Like Tea Bags but packed full of our
freshly ground coffee. Individually wrapped, simply put
in your cup, add hot water, stir occasionally, and allow
to infuse for 3 minutes. Ideal for inroom and travel. Rich
with notes of dark chocolate and citrus peel.

Decaf and Regular Pods: It’s not always 13
commercially viable to have a grinder so
we offer the solution in pod form. Both 7
grams single or 14 grams double individually
wrapped pods for convenience. Simple place
into the portafilter and enjoy the speciality
range of beverages.

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Retail 15

There is something about having a
nice tin, either to be given a tin or select
a tin when out buying a product. Tins
feel right, ooze quality and seeps of
something gourmet. Even an empty
tin has the potential to either tell a
story of its past journey or awake
the opportunity for something new.

Our Bourbon Select is 100% Arabica,
produced 1400m above sea level at
the Monte Sion farm in El Salvador.
Fully washed pure Bourbon varietal and
harvested only for a brief period between
December and February. The washed
process allows natural sweetness and floral
notes to develop and once roasted gives
wonderful complex flavour with notes of
caramel, chocolate, almond citrus fruit. Not
just all this, its Rainforest Alliance Certified
and recognised With a Great Taste Award.

To complement the Bourbon Select we have
selected Espresso No 1. Once again, an
100% Arabica blend with equal components
from Brazil, Honduras, and the African
Congo giving this a fruit and nut taste with
notes of citrus flavours. Not too bitter, not
too acidic, smooth flavours and medium /
medium dark body. Grown at altitude by
small holdings, the addition of the Honduras
blends the flavour and balances acidity for
an all-round profile.

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Y GUIDE - COLDe measurment guide right.
8 - 10 oz 2 half BS / 1CS 8 - 1C0RoUzSHED IC2E DRINKS1 (BFRSA/ P2PCESS) O
is based on creating a 8 to 10 oz drink. For larger drinks see measurment 182-So1Mz0 oOz OTH23IE
8 - 10 oz
RAPPE TEA FRAPPE ICED COFFEE 16 oz 4 1.5 BS / 3 CS 12 oz
16 oz

aSb/leCnHdeIrLaLd-LdA8TtoTE 1 REAL COFFEE FRAPPE add 8 to TE1A FRAPPE Add 2 pumps (16ml) of ICE1D COFFEE To a blender add 8 to SMOOTH

oz of ice and blend To a blender 1883 syrup or 1 pump 1
1a0bsleecnodnedr sadd 2 pumps 1 (30ml) of 1883 sauce
6ml) of 1883 syrup 1 10oz of ice and blend 1 10oz of ice and blend 2
1 pump (30ml) of foTr o10a sbelecnodnedrsadd 8 to Ttooaabblelennddereradd 8 to Adfdo2r 1p0umsepcso(n16dms l) of
d823 spauumceps (16ml) of 10oz of ice and blend 1883 syrup or 1 pump
83 syrup 10oz of ice and blend 2 for 10 seconds
8p1t3poprsou7axmouz1pc)8eo(03f t0woma2tl0e)r0oomfrlmilk (30ml) of 1883 sauce
djust to suit) 2 for 10 seconds 2 to a blender
Top up the glass with 2 pump shots (16ml) of
hgo(t2(2cloipz socroo6p0smolr) 1
lnleddaredsspcroeospso) of Kool Kup®. approx 180ml (6oz) 1 shot (2oz or 60ml) 2 1883 fruit and / or tea
r blenders including 2 weAldl dbr2ewpuemdptes a(1t6hmatl)hoafs 2 Tcohpilulpedtheespglraessssowith 1 sshyortu(p2soz or 60ml)
lkshake blenders use half be1e8n8c3hsiyllreudp
0g) or 1 pump (30ml) of approx 180ml (6oz) chilled espresso
well brewed tea that has
prox 30ml (1oz) of 3 1883 sauce 3 been chilled 3
eknodr, wmaixteorr(sahdajkuestuntil 20g (1 clip scoop or
muoiot)th and Kool Kup® is 3 half standard scoop) of Approx 30ml (1oz) of Some fresh fruit 3
ly dissolved 3 2htma0olgfils(sku1taiotcn)rldipwarasdcteoscroop(oaopdr)juosft 3
Approx 30ml (1oz) of
Ko1oslhKoutp(2®oz or 60ml) Kool Kup®
milk or water (adjust
chilled espresso
to suit)

4 4 20g (1 clip scoop or 4 Top up with fruit juice
half standard scoop) of h20algolfer(sv1twaecnlalditpearrsdctooscotohpoeopdr) roinf k
4 Blend until ice is 4 4 4
smAopoptrhox 30ml (1oz) of
milk or water (adjust BKleonodl uKnutpil®ice is
to suit) smooth
Kool Kup®

Syrupsga(n1dc/liopr scoop or ICED5 TEA / FRUIT REFRESHER Iced Tea / Fruit Refresher5 5 20g (1 clip scoop or
5 half standard scoop) of 5
fgsatasnadgaarrdnisschoop) of 20g (1 clip scoop or ICED TEA / FRuBUnleItTnildiR,cEemFiisRxsEomSr oHshoEathRkeand
BleKnodo, lmKixupo®r.sIhf ankoet using
ol Kup® 1 half standard scoop) of Kool Kup® is dissolved untfirluiictediosusmbloeotthheaqntdy of
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nd until ice ieFRfsloaxorpvumoetiunrotrirhiseneagtshi.nasCtnt2rrhiev1e6a3eftd0ieedtylodeinadoretfhsmb,esAii1cceyodheesB8rvmnudelta8eepeson2anrat3oddrarsptathusugaMttonnmieeltdflaipl/it/siithsscso(poee1ra6nifrsrmkulilit)ntgo Choose delicious 1883 6 Pour in glass over ice 6
ooth 6 Blend until ice is
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for a real ice and still / sparkling
water or lemonade in an
8 to 10oz cup

one favourabAdledtaospprriegsoef rmviinntg aromas, and Add a sprig of mint
bringing flavoor rfrsestoh flriufeit. With a heritage of or fresh fruit
craftsmanshaips ,a 1ga8rn8is3h is unrivalled in the as a garnish

commitment to flavour authenticity, purity HANDY TIP... HANDY TIP...
afldavviocuerisswavoani’lotabmfleitxaownsitthe, and aromatic intensity which
• Prepare your tea or espresso in the • Prepare your tea or espresso in the
nudbslecathnebmeeuasseibudsreebasauctnt hdwiniwielglivlrleebedditehnrotsu. gh the selection of the morning and store in a chiller.
•PPmULleroEgaArensSnienEt gneNsoapOntredeTstsEhst.ooa.?.rteTsiamnkoeaoscothhmiileleerro.efctihpees can PLEASE NO
ce our recommendation to • Urgent espresso? Take some of the •boiincenSyeltmoyahfureodoaroameigtnsphpguttihreriedeedsrdesseoiet.ceorinsvphyitnesoo,gstu.tcchrauiisnpgiabsrneoedndalpdiyelaanapctsetge,udtihdtioes .is • Smoothie
ice from the serving cup and place your ingre
in the espresso shot.

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Award winning Novus Tea designed with style
and simplicity.

Our choice to select a premium leaf tea for our customers
in hotels, restaurants and independent coffee shops has
proved very successful with a thirst within the market to
serve with style and simplicity.

We have an obsession for taste and flavour which is
evident by the many Great Taste Awards Novus have
and continue to win year after year.

We believe that a great cup of tea is not simply just about
ingredients our role is to help you excite your customers
through great tasting tea. We can help design your tea
service, assist with menu planning and tea selection, even
blend bespoke signature teas, train all your staff with a
range of dedicated training programmes.

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Black Teas

English Breakfast
This world class English Breakfast blend is far from ordinary. Blended with three different
Assam leaf, it delivers a well rounded full bodied breakfast tea. Only the finest tea estates
are used to select this blend which is truly exceptional.

Sapphire Earl Grey
This rich, delicate yet full bodied Earl Grey is given an innovative twist to the traditional
recipe with bergamot and blue malva flowers. This Earl Grey can be enjoyed at any time
of the day.

Organic Darjeeling
Referred to as the Champagne of teas, this Darjeeling certainly fits this description. This
second flush is the most prized harvest of the year from one of the oldest and smallest
tea plantations in India and delivers exceptional character and exquisite flavour.

Decaff Ceylon
This award winning Ceylon from Kenilworth Estate, deep in the mountains of Sri Lanka,
is famous for its bright reddish colours, rich and smooth taste and nutty character. This
Ceylon is naturally decaffeinated to ensure all that award winning flavour remains intact.
A pleasant and light tea to be enjoyed throughout the day.


Green & White Teas

Dragonwell Green
The famous Lung Ching green tea has quickly become one of the most renowned
green teas in the world. It offers a smooth, subtle flavour with a slight sweet finish,
the mark of exceptional quality.

Organic Jasmine
A floral, aromatic Chinese green tea, delicately scented with jasmine petals.
The distinctive, light and smooth flavour has been enjoyed for centuries and
remains a favourite.

White Pear & Ginger
A delicate white tea blend with silver needle,blended with the sweet taste of juicy
fresh pear and subtle twist of spicy ginger. The result is perfect balance producing
a delicate and delightful infusion, a real afternoon joy.

Organic Tsuki Matcha

Matcha Tea leaves grows in shaded tea plantations in Japan. The tea leaves are then
dried and ground by granite stones into a very fine powder. The result is a creamy, full
bodied green tea. One gram of Matcha is equivalent to 15 cups of green tea such is
the levels of antioxidants levels in Matcha.

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Herbal Teas

Citrus Chamomile
Since early Greco-Roman period, the calming and soothing qualities of Chamomile
have been well known. This caffeine-free blend of Chamomile is enhanced with
delightful flavour of lemon-grass. The result is a mellow citrus delight.

Egyptian Mint
This Egyptian Mint leaf dating back to the Pharaohs is a hearty caffeine-free
peppermint. It’s refreshing, cooling and flavourful notes are well rounded with no bitter
after taste. Perfect for cleansing the palate and energising the body after a meal.

Persian Pomegranate
Capturing the unique flavour of one of the world’s oldest fruits, Persian Pomegranate
delivers a succulent herbal infusion. Pomegranate is a super fruit which is high in
antioxidants, accounting for it’s recent popularity amongst the health conscious.

Spicy Rooibos
A caffeine free super grade Rooibos blend with Brazilian red pepper, cinnamon,
cardamom, cloves and a hint of orange. It is fresh with subtle warming spice notes,
a real energiser and afternoon treat.


Coffee Machines


Coffee Machines CC100
Explore the art of Monte Carlo
making great coffee with

a Conti Traditional.

Traditional Machines

Traditional espresso machines deliver
high quality drinks and their flexibility
enables you to offer a wider menu
of drinks.
For exceptional performance, efficiency and
stylish good looks we have chosen to partner
with Conti. Hand built in Monte Carlo for over
60 years they provide many of the high tech
features in entry level machines as standard at
a highly competitive price. With a showroom
in Roytson, Hertfordshire we welcome you to
come and have a look for yourself.
Depending on your style of operation there
is often the need for the automation of Bean
2 Cup, however you can’t beat a traditional
machine for style, theatre and a more valued
customer experience served by a skilled Barista.
Training staff is key to providing great service
which is why all of our customers have access to
our trainers free of charge.

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Bean 2 Cup Machines When a traditional
machine is not your cup
Convenience, speed and daily volume are all
important factors to consider before making a of tea!
decision about which Bean 2 Cup machine is
right for your business. Your not just limited to coffee with many machines you
can also offer hot chocolate and even loose leaf tea.
We work with market leading manufacturers including, Self service options are available with coin or card
Jura,Coffeetek, Krea and Bravilor to enable us to add ons or preloaded cards.
cover a wide range of requirements. All Bean 2 Cup
machines can be supplied with service contracts
ensuring peace of mind.


Filter Machines

Coffee Equipment for producing a quality filter coffee able to introduce seasonal filter coffees in smaller volumes.

has advanced hugely in recent years. With manufactures Hessian Coffee can support you with equipment produced
introducing new technology to ensure the best out of the by market leaders. This includes 1.9 litre manual fill pour
brewed coffee. overs, up to twin brewers. Twin brewers are capable of

Brew time, brew volume, holding time and temperature producing 24 litres at once and everything in between to

all affect the finished product. This is why it’s important to suit your requirements.

have the correct equipment to maximise sales and profit. Our filter coffee’s are pre-ground, packaged fresh and

Filter coffee service offers easy operation for both small in quantities to meet the brewer needs in line with the

to high volume sites. Caterers for hospitality, hotels, manufactures technologies to ensure the best quality.

conference and banqueting all benefit as well as being

Say hello: 01799 543809 | [email protected]| 27


Ensuring the perfect grind is critical to producing the best espresso, too coarse and you will under-extract the coffee giving
a weak, watery, sour taste, or over extracted giving a bitter and burnt taste. Choosing the correct grinder is as important
as having the best coffee, we work with market leaders to offer a range suitable to meet both low and high volume.

To pour the perfect espresso first you must have
the perfect grind.

The M80e offers grind on demand, touch screen, controllable with 3 measuring options and can grind up to 3.5 kilo
per day. Ideal for sites with a medium daily coffee consumption. The M80a provides the same capacity with manual
dosing. For sites looking for higher volume the Q13/75e is capable of producing up to 6 kilo of ground coffee per
day, equipment with LED display, 75 mm flat burr’s and touch sensitive control pad for ease of use.
Adjusting the grinder is a pain free process on all the Quamar’s which ensures consistency and provides you with
great coffee, served simply.

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Education & Training


About Coffee

Coffee as we know it is the brewed beverage created from the seed of the Coffea Plant
once processed and roasted.
Grown often at altitude the Coffea plant can reach around 9 feet tall and produces red
cherry’s. Once harvested and processed the green coffee beans (the coffee plant seed)
arrives in large Hessian coffee sacks from whichever part of the world it’s grown (always
between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn).

As seeds, the green coffee will not deteriorate and it’s the process of roasting that unlocks
the flavour and aroma from the cells to give us coffee beans as we know them. Before these
little green beans can enter the oven, they are quality checked for defects or any foreign
bodies that may have entered the sacks during harvest or transportation, then small batch
samples are roasted and cupped to ensure they meet our quality standards.

Roasting takes around 15 minutes at temperatures of between 200 – 230°C, during which
the beans expand and “crack” - this cracking is fundamental in the process as it allows the
aroma and flavours to develop. If the beans go past the point of no-return which is after a
second crack they will be ruined.
Once roasted to our recipe they are cooled, this is critical as you don’t want to continue
cooking the beans. Lighter roasted coffees generally have more acidity and tend to be dry,
whereas darker roasts develop oils on the surface and offer a bitter taste. Caffeine levels
also decrease the darker the coffee is roasted.


Bespoke Training Training (noun)
- the action of
The coffee journey is a long one with the teaching a person or
little beans taking up to 5 years to grow animal a particular
and 6 months to reach our roastery, skill or type of
the last 30 seconds are crucial to the
enjoyment of the drink. behaviour.

We offer all our customers, free training to
ensure they get the best from both equipment
and your coffee.

Everyone enjoys learning and with the correct
knowledge or just a refresher a much better
product can be produced which in turn leads
to repeat business.

We provide an education to coffee, where
it’s from, how it’s grown and the journey it
takes to get to the cup, understanding the
equipment, producing the perfect espresso,
milk techniques for speciality drinks, drink
production for the menu and cleanliness of
the area and equipment.

Sessions are scheduled in to fit with your
time frames and on your premises, so staff feel
comfortable and with an experienced trainer
you’re in great hands.

Tea is as important, with tea being the second
largest drink consumed in the UK our on-site
training gives staff the knowledge, passion
and confidence to describe the differences
between your Lapsong Souchongs , greens,
blacks and herbal infusions.

Great coffee and tea’s made simple

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What’s In Your Cup?



Cleaning Guide

What is Backflushing?
Backflushing is the process of
rinsing out your group head by
pulling cleaning detergent back
through the group head filter screen.
You will need:
Java Cleaning Powder

Backflush blanking basket

Group head brush


Guide to Backflushing

1 2 34

Replace the standard 3-5g x5 Remove the portafilter, run the
filter basket with a blank pump while using a group head
basket with no holes in it. Use a pinch of blackflush Run the pump x5 at 10 brush to remove any grime.
detergent in your blank second intervals with the
basket. blind basket in place.

5 6 78


Rinse the portafilter and place it Rinse both the portafilter and the Take out the blank basket x2
back in place, run the machine brewhead thoroughly to remove and switch back to your
x5 at 10 second intervals again. any remaining detergent. standard filter basket. Cycle through your shot process
twice to make sure all detergent
has been rinsed out.

Great Coffee Made Simple 37

Servicing & Maintenance


Servicing & Maintenance A must in the UK is quality Water Filtration.
Scale and Calcium build up are the main
Whether it’s a traditional coffee machine, filter causes of machine faults and poor coffee.
coffee brewer, bean to cup machine or water We offer a filtration system to ensure the best
boiler, maintaining your equipment is critical possible results for the finished beverages
to the production of your beverages, longevity as well as a services to exchange once the
of the machine and growth of your business by cartridges are exhausted.
keeping your coffee filtering through!
The Prima CTU takes out most of the harmful
We have partnered with fully trained and elements whilst retaining some of the minerals
compliant local service engineers and that enhance the aromas and tastes of the
technicians to ensure a speedy response for coffee. Designed with a blended head to
reactive call outs as well as pre-bookable further improve the taste and quality of the
service work. coffee on offer.

We can offer Installation covering a range of
manufactures in traditional machines, bean to
cup machines, boilers and brewers, including
operational training.

Reactive call outs to ensure you are not left
un-operational. Our engineers carry common
parts to first time fix 99.9% of the time as well
as will advise on-site if any further works
are beneficial

We can accommodate both a simple front-end
service covering the external maintenance such
as group head seals and gaskets to a full service
and certified boiler inspections.

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Leasing coffee Equipment is tax efficient We will gather all the relevant information from you to
with 100% of the rental allowable against obtain an approval in principle and provide you with a
pre-tax profits over a 1 to 3 year period fixed quotation for your exact needs.
and it’s easy to set up through our licensed
leasing partner. Once agreed, our finance partner will complete all the
relevant documentation for approval and the equipment
BENEFITS OF LEASING EQUIPMENT you have ordered will be delivered directly to you and
installed by one of our team.
All payments for your leased rental equipment is
100% tax allowable as they are operating costs For more information on leasing and our equipment,
and as such reduce the taxable profit of the business please call us on 01799 543809 or email:
therefore reducing your Corporation Tax bill. [email protected]

Leasing enables you to put in place quality FAQ’s
equipment now with no capital outlay. Improving
cash flow to free up funds for other areas of your Q: It’s our company policy to purchase outright.
business. Fixed monthly payments allows for easy
budgeting and financial planning. A: Are you aware of the valuable tax allowances?
Why tie up cash in depreciating assets?

Q: Are leasing rates expensive?

A: Interest rates are very competitive at present,
however even in times of high rates leasing can prove
to be a most cost effective and viable method of
financing with the tax breaks the actual amount paid
is considerably less.

Q: Isn’t leasing for companies who can’t afford it?

A: Most accountants and large companies use leasing
to benefit from its numerous advantages. Even schools
where tax isn’t an issue use it to spread costs.


Trading Terms & Conditions

Payment Options:

For trade accounts we operate a 30-day credit account with the facility to settle invoices by bank
transfer, credit/debit card or by direct debit. Orders on overdue accounts can be held until overdue
balances are settled. All items are subject to VAT at the current rate unless otherwise specified.


Mainland UK orders received before 12 noon will be delivered within two working days. Other UK
and Ireland orders received before 12 noon will be delivered within three working days. International
orders, delivery times and shipping costs are available on request. Hessian Coffee Ltd cannot be held
responsible for loss of revenue resulting from late or delayed orders.

Customers must inform Hessian Coffee Ltd of any damage on the same day of receiving the order.
Please sign for goods as damaged on receipt if there is evidence of damage to outer packaging.
Specific details of damage and invoice reference number is required to replace any shipments.

Order value up to Delivery Charge

£100.00 £6.25

Over £100.00 Free


We are unable to accept returns for any opened cases of food products. Other items may be returned
in original undamaged packaging and must be deemed suitable for re-sale before credit is awarded.
No returns will be accepted after 30 days from shipment. The shipping costs of returned items are the
responsibility of the purchaser. If any goods are found to be defective on delivery we will happily

replace at our expense. This does not affect your statutory rights.


All material, images, text, catalogue layout, packaging design and other information remains
the property of Hessian Coffee Ltd and cannot be used without the expressed permission.

Say Hello:

Ordering call: 01799 543809

Monday to Friday 09:00 – 17:00 | Email: [email protected]|


Oh coffee bean so small and brown,
You always cure my morning frown.
Almost 5 years from seed to cup,
You awake my taste buds with every sup.

In Hessian sacks from across the ocean,
This sight behold is poetry in motion.
You dance and crack whilst you roast,
Of your beauty we like to boast.

Once you are roasted all shiny and new,
I add the water, grind and brew.
Rich and sweet, I’ll sip and smile,
Taking my time with you awhile.




Say Hello:

01799 543 809
[email protected]


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