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The Link Magazine

The Link Magazine





This exclusive media outlet is guaranteed to bring you the joys of
collaborating, connecting, and sharing your great work within the
community.Life is always changing! We believe that with the
changes, they can work for your good. We want you to know that
we, as people, need to hear news that celebrates and uplifts. There
is obviously negative news circulating around yet we need the
balance of positive news to carry us to a place of hope. Many
people run in panic and pressure at the happenings that surround
them. The Link believes that we can turn that pessimism into
positive energy. We demand good vibes to bring sunshine to our
days, weeks, and months. There are so many people that are gifted
with a message, a service, a book, and an idea that could change
community one by one. Let’s link up and go to the next level!

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SBEOLOFS-TIMINAGGE Determine what aspects about you are
important to change and concentrate
There’s a lot you can accomplish by having on those. There may be aspects that you
a positive self-image. Your confidence will are not that concerned with and won’t
increase which means that you can deal have much effect on your self-image.
with more situations. Ignore those. You can’t and shouldn’t
People will respond to your increased self- change every aspect of yourself.
image in a positive way as well. Sometimes, you should just accept those
The first step to increasing your self-image aspects of your personality and move on.
is to know yourself. You need to You need to be willing to change. If you
understand your capabilities and skills. You don’t feel good about yourself, you have to
also want to determine make changes to turn that around. Change
weaknesses to improve upon. But don’t is never easy, but when it comes to
beat yourself up too much when increasing your self-image, you will see
identifying these. Weaknesses can easily that it’s worth the effort.
be turned into strengths if you work
at them long enough. You can seek out an image consultant to
help if you are struggling with
doing this yourself. An image consultant is
trained in helping people increase
their self-image. It can be humbling to hear
what the consultant advises but



this is part of the process, and you should When your self-image improves, just about
embrace it. Don’t be afraid to spend some every aspect of your life will
money for a decent consultant. The results follow. You will have better relationships
they provide will pay for itself. at home and at work, and you will
have a positive attitude. Tasks will seem
Keep in mind that no matter what kind of less challenging partly because
help you get, this is your journey or change. people will be more willing to pitch in to
Don’t worry about what others may believe help you accomplish them. They will
and stop comparing yourself to other feed off your positive energy and want to
people. They don’t have to live your life. be around you more often. This may
You are the one that has to live with the open opportunities for you that you never
consequences of your new image, both thought you would have at your
good and bad. disposal.
Although, try to emphasize only the good
whenever possible.

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by Dee Reed

Here are ways to re-ignite the spark, passion, and the romance in your relationship:

1) Show them the love
Express your love to them every day, at least once a day. Show your care, don’t just speak
it; it must be accompanied by actions. For example, hugging him/her whenever you meet
or doing something special for him/her.

2) Create time to be alone together.
Happy couples understand that time together is the glue that keeps their relationship
close and vital, so they make their intimate relationship a top priority, and they don't
spend their "prime time" watching TV or otherwise being preoccupied with
other things. They learn how to grow together rather than apart, by doing
projects, activities, chores, goals, parenting, and recreation together. A conversation
needs to occur between the two of you re-evaluating and renegotiating the priorities in
your marriage.

3) Create a connection
Intimate connection is about creating an emotional atmosphere where there is reciprocal
heartful sharing of your inner dreams, your longings, fears, hurts, sensitivities and your
vulnerabilities. Although it can also be about money, the kids and work, intimate
communication is essentially sharing what you're feeling and what you dream about.

4) Show affection
Warm touches, close hugs, kisses, holding hands, cuddling and comforting. When
touching, the body releases a hormone; oxytocin which increases trust and a sense of
safety, reduces stress and increases sexual arousal.

5) Play together.
Be playful in your interactions. Have a sense of humor in times of stress. Find something
playful to do that you both enjoy and make it a priority to keep it in your schedule. Play is
critical to our sense of connection to others, and to our joy in life. Try some of the simple
things: take a hike together, go to a movie, give each other a massage, go dancing or
plan a romantic weekend getaway together.




For Life

It seems the issue of health and wellness is well known among children, men and women and everyone
wants to keep fit. Have you realized how people go the gym of late, seems that business is really
booming but I think you don’t have to spend a dime in the gym well unless you need to tone your
muscles after losing weight and have a fabulous body that will be people’s envy. All you need is to eat
healthy and enjoy these fruits of your graceful work.

Keeping fit; helps you develop a psychological framework that conquers depression. You see when
you’re obese or plump in the manner of having excessive fat in your body you will get depressed and
continue to eat in a very unhealthy manner, since most people succumb to eating when depressed and
this is a risk of shortening your life .It should be able to help you counter most health problems like high
blood pressures and cardiac arrests.

People believe that by starving themselves, the amount of fat in their bodies is reduced and some even
end up being anorexic but that is not the case. If you again maintain a healthy lifestyle, your
metabolism will be increased and do all the work for you by finding a natural way of burning the food
that you eat so you do not have to starve or worry about what to eat. You will be more flexible and
active since having a fit body means that you also have an energetic body therefore you can perform
any task without having to tire quickly.

A high percentage of us have an ageing phobia and so more plastic surgeries are performed and more
people are heading to the shops for anti ageing creams. Why spend all that money yet you can easily
withhold the ageing process, hard to believe right? Here is the thing, when you feel old, it means that
your body is tired or not in good shape but when you feel young, it means that energy is
freely flowing in your body and your body is in a pretty good shape.

So by keeping fit, you will feel younger and thus
ageing will not be an issue to you.
It also helps you burn more calories than you
take in and this is a good thing.
If you can burn around ninety thousand calories
a year then a daily intake of two hundred and
fifty calories will not be a bother and this is
another way of losing weight without starving.
Keep fit, stay healthy, younger and happier.


Eating Healthy and
Being More Successful

Eating Healthy food and having well balanced diet is one of the most important part
of your life that can help you a lot in maintaining health, fitness and happiness. This
is a common sentence that you might have come across many times in your life. But,
how many of us realize its actual importance and incorporate a diet regime wherein
we are eating right?

Even though we are trying hard we are not able to get it right.

This might be because we do not know how to eat right or we are not putting efforts
in the right direction. Some of us are failing because we cannot control our mind to
listen to the alarms. Yet, some of us are failing because we are not seeing the results
of our efforts thus leading to depression and more bad eating habits.

So, how does one eat right and manage to live a life of good health and fitness?

Exercise Self-control to Avoid Over-Indulgence

Eating right can be correlated to both over eating and starvation.

You should not be either over eating nor should be starving yourself to death fearing
gaining of weight. You should train your mind to eat right and avoid both the
extremes as both can be harmful. If you are overeating, it leads to obesity and if you
are starving yourself, the body might not be receiving adequate nutrition and this will
lead to deleterious effects.

Eat small sized meals

It is best to divide your meals correctly and eat in small proportions through the day.
The ratio of eating should be correct so that the body is getting the right nutrition
while it is not subject to starvation.

Eat Wholesome Foods

Whole foods are a great source of nutrients and dietary fiber which are very
important for good health and fitness. So, it is best to use more of whole foods and
less of processed or canned foods in your diet.

Avoid Junk Foods

Junk foods contain lots of unwanted calories that the body will tend to store as fat as
this cannot be utilized by the body readily. So, even though you might have a
tendency to gobble up these junk foods, it is necessary to exercise control and avoid
junk to eat right.

Good Protein Intake and Reduced Fats

A good protein intake is essential for the body as this will help in the maintenance of
the body and in muscle buildup and repair.

Watch the intake of fats and reduce fat intake although it is not good to go total zero
as this too can have bad effects on health. In addition, the body should receive good
intake of vitamins and minerals. So, make sure to include foods that are rich in these
to meet the requirements of the body.

It is not easy to plan to eat right. One should have the determination to eat right and
stick with it. Unless you do this, no matter what you try in terms of achieving fitness,
you will fail.

Everyday Make Up Look


1. Foundation Primer
2. Rose Water Face Mist

3. Brow Gel/Pencil4.

5. Foundation
6. Lashes or Full volume

7. Contour Set
8. Highlight/Glow

9. Lipstick
10. Setting Spray

...And Goooooo!!

Here are the brushes you would need...
1. Angle Eyebrow Brush
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6. Face Brush



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