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Benefit Guide 2019

Benefit Guide 2019


LPL benefits are an investment inYOU.
Look inside to learn more.

TABLE OF CONTENTS LPL Financial iBenefits Mobile App

2 Benefits Portfolio – Investing in YOU With iBenefits, you can take your Employee Benefits
3 Benefits Eligibility information on the go! Available for iOS and Android
4 Open Enrollment mobile devices, the iBenefits app makes checking your
4 Changes During the Benefits Plan Year benefits information easier than ever!
5 Bi-weekly Payroll Deductions With iBenefits, you can:
6 Medical Insurance nn View our benefit plans, 24/7
13 Using Your Prescription Drug Coverage nn Access group numbers and review detailed plan
13 Compass Health Pro & Best Doctors
15 TeleHealth Services information when you need it most
16 LPL LiveWell nn Quickly contact an insurance company
17 Dental Insurance nn K eep up with important benefit plan announcements
19 Vision Insurance
20 Flexible Spending Accounts such as Open Enrollment dates, deadlines and more
23 Disability Insurance Downloading iBenefits is easy! Our company login
• Short-Term Disability code is LPL2019
• Long-Term Disability nn From your device, go to the App Store (for iPhones/
24 Basic Term Life and AD&D Insurance
25 Voluntary Term Life and AD&D Insurance iPads) or Google Play (for Android devices) and search
26 Critical Illness Insurance for “iBenefits”
26 Accident Insurance nn D ownload the free app to your device, then login with
27 Legal Plan our company code
27 Auto & Home Insurance nn Please note that you may need to upgrade your
28 Employee Assistance Program personal device in order for iBenefits to be compatible
29 Paid Time Off
29 Employee Stock Purchase Plan
29 401(K) Plan
30 Paid Parental Leave
30 Adoption Assistance Program
30 Tuition Assistance Plan
31 Total Monthly Cost for Coverage
32 Directory

This guide includes summaries of benefits and related provisions. You must consult each benefit’s
legal documents, insurance contracts, company policy, booklets or Evidences of Coverage for
a complete description of the benefits, limitations and exclusions. These benefits are subject to
change and in the event of any difference between this guide and the official plan documents,
the provisions of the official plan document will always prevail.

Benefits Information Guide


At LPL Financial, we are proud of our reputation as the nation’s largest independent broker/dealer. We set
the industry standard for unbiased research, leading edge technology and quality service. At the heart of our
organization, fueling our success, are dedicated professionals united in the pursuit of excellence.

As an LPL Financial employee, you receive a valuable LPL benefits are an investment in YOU!
benefits package in addition to your paycheck. Our goal
is to implement benefit options, programs and resources This guide provides a brief overview of your benefit
which align with your personal healthcare, well-being and plans. If you have questions or would like more detailed
financial objectives. information, please refer to your plan documents and
insurance booklets or contact your Compass Health Pro.
Additionally, we aim to: A list of insurance carrier contact numbers and websites
can be found in the back of this guide.
nn Offer cost-effective coverage
LPL contributes an average
nn Provide meaningful programs and plan designs of $9,900 per employee per
year for insurance benefits.
nn Promote and support consumerism, health and

nn Maintain quality health care options

nn P rovide market-competitive benefits that support LPL’s
goal of being a destination of choice


BENEFITS ELIGIBILITY responsible for living expenses. Your DP may not be a
blood relative.
You are eligible to participate in the benefits program if
you are a full-time employee scheduled to work at least 30 Specific eligibility guidelines and tax treatment for
hours per week. Dependents of employees are eligible to covering DP’s apply; please check with the HR Solutions
participate subject to limitations, as noted within each plan Center for further details.
description. Eligible dependents include your:
DP’s and their children who meet eligibility guidelines
nn Spouse or Domestic Partner; may be covered under medical, dental and vision
coverage. DP’s are also eligible for voluntary benefits.
nn Children up to age 26;
“Child(ren)” include your natural child(ren) or legally
nn The eligible children (as described above) of your adopted child(ren) from the time they are placed for
Domestic Partner; adoption. Child(ren) may also include a stepchild,
child(ren) of a DP, or any other child for whom you are a
nn U nmarried children of any age if they depend on permanent legal guardian.
you for support due to a physical or mental disability
which commenced before the limiting age.

A “Domestic Partner” (DP) is an unmarried person at
least 18 years old with whom you live in a committed,
exclusive relationship and with whom you are jointly

Eligibility Date Benefit Plan

The first day of the month following or coinciding with nn Medical / Rx
your date of hire. You must enroll within 30 calendar nn Dental
days of hire nn Vision
nn Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment
Regardless of your hire date, your benefits will nn Short-Term Disability
commence on the 1st of the month following your date nn Long-Term Disability
of hire. For example, even if you are hired on the 31st nn Voluntary Critical Illness
of a month, benefits will commence on the first of the nn Voluntary Accident Insurance
following month. nn Voluntary Legal
nn Voluntary Home & Auto Insurance
nn Flexible Spending Accounts
nn Employee Assistance Program

The first day of employment nn Paid Time Off
nn 401k
nn Health Advocacy / Transparency Services
nn Paid Parental Benefit

After six months of employment nn Tuition Assistance

After one year of employment nn Adoption Assistance

Note: If you are participating in the Flexible Spending Account (FSA), you must re-elect your contribution
amounts each year to the Health Care and/or Dependent Care FSA to continue participation. If you miss the
enrollment deadline, you may not enroll unless you have a Qualified Family Status Change (QFSC) during the
plan year.


Open enrollment happens once a year and is the time
to make choices for the next benefits plan year. Once you enroll, your elections will remain in effect for
the entire plan year unless you experience a Qualified
During annual open enrollment, you may make changes Family Status Change such as:
that you could not otherwise make during the plan year.
These changes include the option to: nn Birth or adoption of a child;

nn E nroll, change or waive benefits coverage for yourself nn Establishment of a Qualified Child Support Order;
and your eligible dependents for medical, dental,
vision, critical accident or legal coverage; nn M arriage or commencement of Domestic
nn C hange who is covered under the medical, dental
and vision plans by adding or dropping your eligible nn Divorce, annulment, legal separation or end of
dependents; Domestic Partnership;

nn A pply for or increase Voluntary Life/AD&D Insurance nn S pouse or Domestic Partner’s loss of coverage
for yourself and/or your eligible dependents; and through LPL Financial or another employer;

nn E lect to contribute pre-tax dollars to a Health Care nn Spouse or Domestic Partner’s gain of coverage
and/or a Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account. through LPL Financial or another employer;

Changes are made on ADP's My Pay and Benefits, which nn C hild reaches age 26;
is your online benefit enrollment portal.
nn D eath of a Child, Spouse, or Domestic Partner; and
Detailed enrollment instructions can be found on
[email protected] A limited timeframe will be specified for nn Change in residence that affects your eligibility to
making changes, during which you must access ADP's continue in a medical plan.
My Pay and Benefits and make your changes. If you are
not making any changes to your plans, you should If you experience a Qualified Family Status Change
still log on to ADP's My Pay and Benefits and confirm and require changes to your plan elections, you
the accuracy of your current elections, including your must notify the HRSC and make these changes
life insurance beneficiary designation and covered within 30 days of the event.
Eligibility to make election changes requires consistency
Please note that you must re-enroll in the Health with the Qualified Family Status Change event. If
Care, Limited Purpose or Dependent Care FSAs each you are unsure about your situation, contact ADP at
year to maintain coverage. 855-894-7752.



LPL Financial pays an average of 80% of the total cost for the medical plans, in addition to the majority of all other
lines of coverage. LPL Financial will share the premium cost with employees who choose to cover their dependent(s)
on any of the plans.

Benefits plan deductions are withheld from the first two paychecks each month. In months with three
paychecks, deductions are not withheld from your third paycheck.

Employee Employee Employee Employee
Only and Spouse and and
or Domestic
Children Family

MEDICAL $28.50 $114.00 $99.00 $127.50

Kaiser Permanente $44.50 $149.00 $142.00 $193.50
Traditional HMO (CA) $81.50 $194.50 $184.50 $286.00
$26.50 $88.50 $83.00 $107.00
Select EPO (Non-CA) $5.00 $12.00 $11.00 $16.50
CPOS II PPO $11.50 $26.00 $23.00 $36.00
HealthFund HSA-PPO*
$0.50 $1.00 $1.00 $1.50
DENTAL AND VISION $5.50 $9.50 $7.00 $11.50

Delta Dental
Traditional Plan
Enhanced Plan

VSP Vision
Traditional Plan
Enhanced Plan

* Per pay period contribution to HSA from LPL for 1/1/2019 - 12/31/2019 is $25.00 for employee only and
$50.00 for employee and dependents.
See pages 8 and 9 for details on HSAs.



Good health is an asset, which is why medical coverage is perhaps the most important part of your benefit portfolio.
Not only does medical insurance help you maintain wellness, but it protects against major financial strain. Use the
table below to evaluate which medical plan is the best fit for you and your family.

For specific details about any of the medical insurance plans, consult the Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC)
or plan certificates which are posted on ADP My Pay and Benefits, our online benefit enrollment portal.

Kaiser Aetna Aetna
Permanente CPOS II PPO HealthFund
Provides the lowest risk of out-of-pocket medical expenses Aetna Select Health
Have the flexibility to choose any medical provider or EPO Account +
facility and have it covered without a referral
Avoid tracking and paying out-of-network charges  PPO

Start a tax-free Health Savings Account that you can carry  
over each year and stays with you even if you leave LPL
 


Kaiser HMO and Aetna EPO Aetna PPO Plan

A HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) and an EPO With a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan you have
(Exclusive Provider Organization) require you and enrolled greater flexibility and choice to use any medical providers.
dependents to select a Primary Care Physician (PCP) who When you receive services from Aetna’s “in-network”
will direct the majority of your health care needs. doctors, specialists or facilities, your out-of-pocket expenses
will be lower than if you visit an “out-of-network” provider.
With the Kaiser HMO all services are provided by Kaiser The Aetna CPOSII PPO plan operates as follows:
Permanente providers. With the Aetna EPO, all services
must be provided by in-network providers. nn You and any enrolled dependent(s) are permitted to
visit any doctor or facility without a referral.
You and enrolled dependents select a Primary Care
Physician (PCP) who will direct the majority of your health nn C ertain services, such as doctor’s visits, may require a
care needs. fixed-dollar payment up front, referred to as a copayment

nn Y ou and any enrolled dependent(s) are not required to nn Before the insurance company will pay certain
see the same PCP and you may change your PCP at medical expenses, you may be required to pay up to a
any time plan specific amount, referred to as the deductible

nn With the exception of an OB/GYN specialist, you must nn Once the deductible has been fulfilled, the plan
receive a referral from your PCP before receiving will pay a large percentage of the cost of your care,
services from a specialist known as coinsurance. You are then financially
responsible for the remaining cost up to your plan out-
nn S ervices may require a fixed-dollar payment up front, of-pocket maximum
referred to as a copayment
nn A fter reaching the out-of-pocket maximum, covered
nn You do not have to submit claim forms to your expenses are 100% paid by the plan for the remainder
insurance company of the calendar year

nn Any services rendered out-of-network or without the nn Claim forms are submitted to Aetna on your behalf
proper referral from your PCP will not be covered when services are received from an in-network

Changing your PCP Contact Information

If you want to change your PCP or medical group call Plan Phone # Policy #
Kaiser member services or Aetna member services. 800.290.5000
Kaiser SCR No.CA #233568
For Aetna EPO Permanente NCR So.CA #605573
-- If you call the first of the month, the change is
effective that day

-- I f you call on the 2nd day of the month through the Aetna CPOS II 877.204.9186 #725085
15th day, your change will be effective on the 15th day PPO

-- If you call on the 16th day of the month through Aetna Select
the end of the month, your change will be EPO
effective on the 1st day of the next month
For Kaiser HMO HealthFund
-- C all to change your PCP at any time Savings
Account +


High Deductible PayFlex Health About the PayFlex Health Savings
Savings Account HSA-PPO Account

A High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) requires a larger Administered by PayFlex/Citi Bank, a Health Savings Account
deductible than our other health plans. In exchange, (HSA) accumulates funds that can be used to pay health
LPL will contribute funds monthly to a Health Savings care costs. A HSA works in conjunction with the Aetna High
Account (HSA) which can help cover your medical Deductible Health Plan (HDHP). LPL contributes a monthly
expenses. HSA plans encourage members to consider amount to your HSA. Any additional HSA contributions
their health care decisions and costs. The Aetna HSA- that you make can reduce your federal income taxes while
PPO operates as follows: enabling you to pay certain health-related expenses on a tax-
advantaged basis.
nn O ther than specified preventive services and
prescription drugs, you are financially responsible for You can utilize HSA dollars to help pay the deductible
all eligible expenses, such as doctor’s or specialist as well as copays and other qualified medical, dental
visits, prescriptions and lab charges, until the and vision out-of-pocket expenses, subject to the funds
deductible has been met available.

nn Several types of in-network preventive care screenings, nn T he amount in your HSA is yours once deposited
including immunizations, cervical, colorectal, diabetes,
and more will be covered at 100% nn H SA funds also accumulate tax-free interest in most
nn Once the deductible has been fulfilled, Aetna will pay
a large percentage of the cost of your care, known as nn You can contribute funds to your HSA through payroll
coinsurance.You are then financially responsible for the deduction
remaining cost up to your plan out-of-pocket maximum
nn Y ou can also contribute funds outside of payroll to
nn A fter reaching the out-of-pocket maximum, covered your HSA which may be deductible on your tax return
expenses are paid by the plan at 100% for the
remainder of the calendar year nn Distributions are tax-free for qualified expenses

nn As a PPO plan, you have flexibility to use the medical nn Because you own the HSA, funds in the account will
provider of your choice, but the plan will pay more remain with you even if you leave the company
if you see in-network physicians or facilities versus
those that are out of network

Your Compass Health Pro can help estimate costs for medical services (see page 14).


Advantages of an HSA Qualifying for an HSA

HSAs encourage consumers to purchase health care The IRS has set guidelines regarding who qualifies for an
wisely. Although an HSA comes with this responsibility, HSA. An individual is considered eligible if:
the combined High-Deductible PPO with an HSA also
lends several advantages including: nn You are covered under a qualified HDHP like LPL’s

nn L owest payroll deductions nn Y ou are not covered by any other health insurance
other than a qualified HDHP
nn Reduced taxable income and tax-free withdrawals
when paying for qualified expenses nn You are not enrolled in Medicare

nn A vehicle to save for future health needs, such as long nn Y ou are not claimed as a dependent on someone
term care premiums or health care after retirement else’s tax return

nn Y ou are not covered by any general purpose
Health Care FSA

Contributing to the HSA

Eligible employees, the individual’s family members,
and LPL can make financial contributions towards an
individual’s HSA. Contributions cannot be made until the
HSA is activated. The chart below outlines the maximum
allowed amounts and other tax information.

Contribution Amounts Important Contribution Information
Aggregate contributions for the 2019 calendar year nn Aggregate contributions include those made by
cannot exceed:
nn $3,500 for employee only any source (you, LPL or another individual on
nn $7,000 for an employee covering family your behalf)

An additional $1,000 catch-up contribution allowed nn The maximum aggregate contribution may be
for individuals 55+ years of age adjusted by the IRS each year to align with inflation

Employer contributions will amount to: nn C ontributions are excluded from the employee’s
income, up to the maximum contribution limit
nn J anuary 1, 2019 - December 31, 2019
($50 per month) for employee only nn Contributions are not federally taxable to the
($100 per month) for employee covering family employee

nn This amount counts toward your aggregate limits nn State taxes apply to AL, CA and NJ

Employee payroll contributions for calendar year nn W hen activating the HSA, you can elect pre-tax
2019 cannot exceed: contributions to be made through payroll deductions

nn $2,900 for employee only

nn $5,800 for an employee covering family
nn T his amount makes up part of the aggregate

contribution listed above



Using HSA Funds nn Q ualified vision expenses, including LASIK eye

A convenient way to pay for qualified HSA expenses is surgery, glasses, contacts and more

to utilize your PayFlex HSA Debit Card. You can also use nn Lab fees, X-rays and more

your own cash or a personal credit card and reimburse Explicit guidelines for determining eligible expenses have

yourself by a direct transfer to your bank account. It is not been provided by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS); for

recommended that you keep a list of potential eligible expenses

receipts of HSA purchases, An HSA provides tax that may be covered by a Health
should you ever be audited by advantages and can be used to Savings Account (HSA) visit Internal
the IRS. Revenue Code (IRC) section 213 (d).

pay for qualified health careKeep in mind, the IRS only allows Also, IRS Publication 502 (Medical
expenses, even in retirement.HSA funds to pay for qualified and Dental Expenses) may be used
as a guide for what expenses may
medical, dental and vision costs be considered by the IRS to be
incurred by the plan member or for medical care; however, these
dependent(s) and will not allow for reimbursement for claim guidelines should be used with caution when trying to
dates prior to the HSA account being open. Such examples determine what expenses are reimbursable under an HSA.
of qualified expenses include:

nn Out-of-pocket expenses such as the deductible, Please note: This information is not intended to serve
copayments and coinsurance as legal, tax, or financial advice. Participants with an
HSA should consult their tax advisor before making any
nn Qualified health care expenses for services not changes to their plan.
covered by insurance

nn Q ualified dental expenses, including braces


Benefits effective 1/1/19 - 12/31/19

Medical Benefit Features Kaiser HMO Aetna EPO Aetna CPOS II PPO Aetna HealthFund HSA PPO

Traditional HMO Select EPO In-Network Out-of-Network In-Network Out-of-Network
LPL Funded HSA/Individual N/A N/A N/A N/A $600
N/A $300 $750
LPL Funded HSA/Family N/A $900 $1,500 $1,200
$2,250 $4,500
CalYear Deductible/Individual $1,500 $2,000 $1,350 $2,000
$4,500 $6,000 $3,000 $4,000
CalYear Deductible/Family Unlimited Unlimited $9,000 $12,000 $2,700 $4,000
Unlimited Unlimited
CalYear Maximum $25 $25 $3,000 $6,000
Out-of-Pocket/Individual $25 $35 $30 40%1 $6,000 $12,000
$45 40%1 Unlimited $2,000,000
No charge 20%1 40%1
Lifetime Plan Maximum No charge 20%1 40%1
No charge
Office Visit
Primary Care 20%1
Specialist Care 20%1

Well Woman No charge No charge 20%1 40%1 No charge 40%1
No charge No charge 40%1 No charge 40%1
Other Adult Routine Exams No charge No charge 40%1 No charge 40%1

Children $250/Admit 20%1 40%1 20%1 40%1
HOSPITAL SERVICES $100 copay 20%1 40%1 20%1 40%1
Outpatient Surgery

Prenatal care No charge No charge No charge No charge No charge
$35 copay 40%1 20%1 40%1
Physician maternity services No charge4 40%1 20%1 40%1
Facility Services $250 copay
(Per inpatient stay) $450
Emergency Room $150 Max 20 visits/ $450 $450 20%1 20%1
(For qualified emergencies) $35 40%1 20%1 40%1
cal year
Urgent Care $25 $35 copay
Max 20 visits/
cal year
Chiropractic $25 $45 40%1 20%1 40%1
20%1 Combined max 20 visits/cal year3
Max 402 visits/ $35 Combined max 20 visits/cal year3
cal year $45 copay
Max 20 visits/cal year
Acupuncture $25 copay 20%1 40%1

Max 402 visits/ Max 20 visits/cal year
cal year


Inpatient Hospitalization $250/Admit 20%1 40%1 20%1 40%1
Outpatient Services $25 $45 40%1 20%1


Retail Pharmacy $10 $10 $10 Not covered $101 Not covered
(30-day supply) $30 $40 $40 Not covered $401 Not covered
N/A $60 $60 $601
Generic 20% up to 20% up to
Formulary Brand 20% up to $250 $3505 20% up to $3505 $3505
Non-Formulary Brand

Specialty Drug Co-pay4
(30-day supply)

Mail Order Pharmacy $206 $20 $20 Not covered $201 Not covered
(90-day supply) $606 $80 $80 $801
N/A $120 $120 $1201
Formulary Brand
Non-Formulary Brand






How to Find an Aetna In-Network Provider

Before you go to the doctor, or before enrolling in a plan, be sure to find a provider participating in
your plan’s network. This will ensure you receive the highest level of benefit and limit your health
care costs.

1. Go to
2. Type in the provider’s name and zip code/location, click the Search button
3. S elect your plan from the dropdown list:

• For the Aetna EPO, scroll down and pick "Aetna Select (Open Access)"
• F or the Aetna PPO, scroll down to "Aetna Open Access Plans" and select "Aetna Choice

POS II (Open Access)"
• For the Aetna High Deductible Plan, scroll down to "Aetna HealthFund Plans" and pick

"Aetna Choice POS II (Aetna Healthfund)"
4. If your provider shows up in the search results, he/she is in the network

If you need to speak with a representative, you can call Aetna at 877.204.9186.

Go to to browse our doctor
At Kaiser Permanente, we know how important it is to profiles and select a doctor who matches your
find a doctor who matches your specific needs. Having needs.
a doctor your connect with is an important part of taking
care of your health. Choose by phone

You can choose a personal doctor within these Call us at 1.510.675.2663, (TTY 711), Monday
specialties: through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and we'll
help you find a doctor. We can also help you
nn A dult medicine / internal medicine schedule your first appointment.

nn Family medicine See Kaiser Permanente specialists, some
without a referral
nn Pediatrics / adolescent medicine (for children up to 18)
You don't need a referral for the following specialties.
nn Obstetrics–gynecology Just call for an appointment.

Each covered family member may change his or her nn Obstetrics–gynecology: 1.866.454.8855
own personal doctor. You can change to another Kaiser nn Optometry: 1.866.454.8855
Permanente doctor at any time for any reason, on line or nn Psychiatry: Fremont 1.510.248.3060
by phone. nn Chemical dependency or addiction medicine:

For other types of specialty care your doctor will refer


USING YOUR PRESCRIPTION nn T ier 4 covers specialty medications. Specialty
DRUG COVERAGE medications most often treat chronic or complex
conditions and may require special storage or close
If you are enrolled in the Kaiser Permanente HMO, your monitoring
pharmacy benefits will be accessed through Kaiser. If
you are enrolled in the Aetna Select EPO, the Aetna Some drugs, and certain quantities of some drugs,
CPOS II PPO or the Aetna HealthFund HSA PPO, your may require prior authorization or step therapy before
pharmacy benefits will be accessed through RxBenefits / they are eligible to be covered by your benefits. Prior
Express Scripts. authorization means the medication needs to be
reviewed before the plan will cover it to be sure it is the
Many FDA-approved prescription medications are right drug for the right situation. Step therapy is a type
covered through the benefits program. Regardless of the of prior authorization where you may be required to try
plan you have, you will save money by filling prescription a less expensive drug on the plan’s drug list before you
requests at participating pharmacies. Additional can move up a “step” to a more expensive drug. For
important information regarding your prescription drug safety and cost reasons, quantity limits on medications
coverage is outlined below: may also require prior authorization depending on the
dosage and the frequency of the medication.
Each plan has a drug formulary, or list of prescription
drugs including both generic and brand-name medications Members have the option of obtaining up to a 90-day
that are preferred. Each plan has four drug tiers. supply of select medications through mail order:

nn T iered prescription drug plans require varying levels of nn O n the RxBenefits / Express Scripts plan,
payment depending on the drug’s tier and your copayment maintenance drugs will need to be obtained through
or coinsurance will be higher with a higher tier number RxBenefits / Express Scripts mail order after the
second fill of a maintenance drug. For a complete list,
nn T ier 1 covers generic formulary medications. Generic contact or RxBenefits
drugs are required by the FDA to contain the same
active ingredients as their brand-name counterparts nn On the RxBenefits / Express Scripts plan, specialty
drugs must be obtained through Accredo, the
nn Tier 2 covers brand-name formulary. Brand-name RxBenefits / Express Scripts exclusive pharmacy for
medications are protected by a patent and can only be specialty drugs
produced by one specified manufacturer
Contact Information
nn T ier 3 covers non-formulary medications which
are not included on the plan’s drug formulary. These Plan Phone #
drugs will often have a Tier 1 or Tier 2 equivalent drug
available at a lower cost Kaiser Permanente 800.290.5000

Rx Benefits 800.334.8134


There are a few ways you might save money through the Prescription Drug plan:

nn G eneric Drugs: Talk to your doctor or pharmacist nn I ncentivized Mail Order: Save time and money by
about trying generic drugs, which contain the utilizing your mail order service for your medications.
same active ingredients as the brand-name A 90-day supply of your medication will be shipped
equivalent and may reduce your pharmacy directly to the address on file for the price of a 60-
expenses day supply at a walk-in pharmacy (savings excludes



Understanding your employee benefits options can LPL Financial offers employees enrolled in an LPL
be confusing and complicated. Compass Health Pro medical insurance plan a valuable health benefit at
provides answers and information at your fingertips. no cost to help you make medical decisions with
confidence. When you call Best Doctors to discuss
Straight answers, Smart advice your health challenge, you will have access to the best
medical minds in the world so you can be sure you have
Not sure what medical plan to select? Don’t have time the right diagnosis and treatment plan. Best Doctors has
to shop around for a doctor? Compass will help point a proprietary database of over 53,000 experts in over
you in the right direction! 450 specialties and subspecialties who will provide you
with expert answers to your medical questions. Their
This service is available at no cost to all employees and expert medical reviews result in a changed diagnosis
dependents enrolled in any medical insurance plan. 37% of the time. Best Doctors can help you:

Patient advocacy services from Compass Health Pros nn Review diagnosis and treatment plan
can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars on
medical expenses. Members have the opportunity to nn Find the best doctor in your area
avoid many stressful hours of deciphering medical bills
or calling insurance companies, doctors and hospitals. nn Understand treatment options
Here are some of the key services Compass delivers:
nn Reduce medical expenses
nn Select and understand your benefits
nn C ost transparency that will lead you to high-quality, nn Receive a second opinion from medical experts

lower-cost healthcare decision comparison Contact Information
nn Pay less for medical bills and prescriptions
nn Medical invoices and prescription review Plan Phone
nn Personalized guidance to select medical providers
nn Dispute resolution Best Doctors 1.866.904.0910
Compass is your patient advocate for organizing care
and facilitating communication so you can focus on your

Our dedicated Compass Health
Pro is here to help you!

Contact Information

Plan Phone #

Compass Health Pro 800.513.1667



Teladoc from Aetna nn Insect bites
nn Pharyngitis
Teladoc offers convenient access to medical care via nn Conjunctivitis (pink eye)
internet or phone if you are enrolled in one of the Aetna nn Rash
Medical Plans. This service provides 24/7 access to nn Respiratory infection
leading board certified physicians trained in Internal nn Sinusitis
Medicine, Family Practice or Pediatrics and is an nn Skin Inflammation
alternative to long, frustrating wait times in emergency nn Sore throat
rooms and urgent care centers. Unlike nurselines, nn Sprains & strains
Teladoc is able to treat patients and even order nn Urinary tract infection
prescriptions. nn Vomiting

nn Treatment via internet or phone for Virtual Care with Kaiser
non-emergency illnesses
nn Telephone appointments available for primary and
nn Register online at to request specialty care

a call nn Video appointments available for Primary Care,
Psychiatry, Pediatrics, OB/Gyn and Allergy
nn Call back within an hour, guaranteed
nn Email your doctor securely through for simple,
nn E mployees and dependents enrolled on the Aetna direct communications with your doctor’s office
Select EPO or CPOSII PPO plans will pay a $10 copay
per service Contact Information

nn E mployees and dependents enrolled on the Aetna Plan Phone
Healthfund HSA PPO plan will pay a $40 per visit fee
(HSA funds may be used) Teladoc Services 1.855.Teladoc

Non-emergency covered illnesses include: Kaiser Virtual Care 800.290.5000

nn Allergies

nn Arthritic pain

nn Asthma

nn Bronchitis

nn Cold and flu

nn Diarrhea


LPL LIVE WELL All LPL LiveWell enrolled members are entitled to:

We’ve partnered with Optum—a leader in corporate nn Free enrollment in the fitness center, open 24/7
wellness and fitness—to offer a wellness portal. The
LPL Live Well portal is your online home for all things nn Free group fitness classes
wellness-related. You can access the site for physical
activity and step trackers; a nutrition journal (food diary); nn Complimentary S.M.A.R.T. Start program, including
a fitness library; incentive programs that reward healthy comprehensive fitness evaluation, equipment
activities; challenge programs that help you get fit; and orientation, and customized exercise plan
wellness podcasts. Check [email protected] or the LiveWell
portal for additional information on fitness center nn L ocker rooms with towel service, showers, and
discounts near you. toiletries (soap, shampoo, conditioner, mouthwash,
and more)
Ready for Some Healthy
Competition? nn Contests, challenges and special events to help keep
you motivated and having fun!
LPL Live Well offers several wellness challenges
throughout the year, both individual and team-based, nn O ne-on-one and tandem personal training will also be
that focus on healthy achievements including: weight available for purchase.
management, physical activity, healthy eating and
relaxation techniques. For information about the latest Even though membership is free, you still must enroll.
wellness challenge, visit the LPL Live Well portal or To enroll as a fitness center member, log into the LPL
contact us at [email protected] If you have any Live Well portal and follow the prompts to register
questions about the LPL Live Well portal or about a your membership. If you have any questions, contact
wellness challenge, email [email protected] [email protected]

Please note that LPL LiveWell does not replace medical Your LPL Medical Clinic
attention, diagnosis, or treatment. If you have a medical
concern, see your doctor. Available to all LPL employees and located in San
Diego and Fort Mill, the on-site medical clinic provides
Your Fitness Center free services, including flu shots and immunizations,
general first aid, over-the-counter medications, physicals,
Available to all employees and located in San Diego and wellness counseling, and diagnosis and treatment of
Fort Mill, the fitness center includes a state-of-the-art acute illnesses.
fitness facility that is free to use! The fitness center
features premier strength and cardiovascular equipment
with integrated televisions, full locker room amenities,
and an expert staff of fitness professionals to help you
reach your fitness and wellness goals.

Do you know your numbers? LPL will host a FREE onsite
wellness screening for all employees in mid-2019.


DENTAL INSURANCE Contact Information

LPL Financial offers a National PPO plan with Delta Dental Plan Phone # Policy #
and two plan options to choose from. You can select the
Traditional PPO Dental Plan or the Enhanced PPO Dental Plan. National PPO 800.765.6003 #01183
The Enhanced PPO Dental Plan provides greater benefits at
an additional cost. See page 5 of this guide for the bi-weekly
payroll deductions for each plan.

The Dental PPO gives you freedom to choose any dentist,
however you will pay lower costs by using an in-network
dentist than when you use out-of-network dentists.

Delta Dental offers an additional network of dentists under
their Premier Network. Premier Network dentists have agreed
to provide services at a negotiated rate and will not bill you
above this level. These services are covered at the
out-of-network benefit level on the Traditional plan and
at the in-network level on the Enhanced plan.

Plan highlights for the Traditional PPO Dental Plan and
Enhanced PPO Dental Plan are shown on the next page.


Traditional PPO Enhanced PPO

Delta Dental Benefit Features In-Network Premier / Premier / Out-of-Network
Out-of-Network In-Network
$75 $50
CalendarYear Deductible $225 $150
Family Yes No Yes
$1,500 $2,500
Waived for Preventive
CalendarYear Maximum No Charge 10% No Charge 10%

PREVENTIVE 10% 20% 10% 20%
10% 20% 10% 20%
Office Visit
X-rays 10% 20% 10% 20%
Sealants (per tooth) 10% 20% 10% 20%
RESTORATIVE 40% 50% 40% 50%

Sealants (Per tooth) 40% 50% 40% 50%
Amalgam Fillings
Composite Fillings Not Covered Dependent Children to age 26
and Adults
PERIODONTICS (gum treatment)
50% to $1,500 Lifetime Max
Scaling & Root Planing

ENDODONTICS (root canal therapy)

Root Canal



Simple Extraction
Surgical Extraction
Complete or Partial Bony Impaction


Cast Metal Base Crown
Porcelain Crown/Metal
Porcelain Crown

PROSTHETICS (dentures)

Inlay (one surface)
Denture Repair
Complete Denture (maxillary or mandibular)
Partial Dentures


Comprehensive OrthodonticTreatment




LPL Financial offers a National PPO Vision plan with two options through VSP (Vision Service Plan). You have the
choice between the Traditional Vision Plan and the Enhanced Vision Plan. The Enhanced Plan provides greater benefits
at an additional cost. See page 5 of this guide for the bi-weekly payroll deductions for
each plan.

With our vision plans you have access to comprehensive vision coverage utilizing the VSP Choice Network. When you
use an In-Network optometrist, you will typically have 100% of expenses paid by VSP after a copayment up to the
maximum allowable benefit for covered services. If you elect to receive services from an Out-of-Network provider,
you are responsible for paying the provider in full and submitting a claim to VSP for reimbursement. You can also
use your benefits at certain wholesale providers (such as Costco) through VSP’s Affiliate provider network. Affiliate
providers can check eligibility and submit claims with VSP.

Any costs above the benefit allowance or non-covered items are eligible for a discount of at least 20% when you
use your VSP Choice Network (non-scratch coating, tinting, progressives, additional pair of glasses, sunglasses, etc.)
within 12 months of your last WellVision Exam.

Please note that the following is only a summary of plan benefits. Call VSP for detailed information on covered charges.

VSP Benefit Features Traditional Plan VSP Choice Enhanced Plan VSP Choice
In-Network Out-of-Network In-Network Out-of-Network

Copay (for Exam & Prescription Glasses) No Charge $20 No Charge $20
Allowances Allowances
Exam Every 12 months Up to $45 Up to $45

Frequency Every 12 months Every 12 months
Every 24 months
Paid in Full Up to $30 Paid in Full Up to $30
Lenses / Frames Paid in Full Up to $50 Paid in Full Up to $50
Paid in Full Up to $65 Paid in Full Up to $65
Lenses Paid in Full Up to $50 Paid in Full Up to $50
Not Covered Not Covered Paid in Full Not Covered
Single Vision Not Covered Not Covered Paid in Full Not Covered
Bifocals Not Covered Not Covered Paid in Full Not Covered
Trifocals $120 allowance Up to $105 $200 allowance Up to $105
Anti-reflective $200 allowance Up to $70
Scratch Coating $110 allowance Not Covered
Contact Lenses (elective)1


Frames2 $120 allowance Up to $70

Costco Frames $70 allowance Not Covered




Vision PPO 800.877.7195 #00103009


FLEXIBLE SPENDING ACCOUNTS to care for themselves. Unlike the Health Care or
Limited Purpose FSA, you can only access the money
Stretch your health care, dependent care and commuter after you have contributed to the account.
dollars by using pre-tax dollars to pay for qualified
health, dependent care, and/or commuting costs by FSAs operate as follows:
participating in the Flexible Spending Account program.
nn C ontributions are deducted from your paycheck in
FSA Overview equal amounts during the year before federal, state
and social security taxes are taken out
You may participate in one or all of the following
accounts managed by Tri-Ad: nn Since you are not paying federal, state or social security
taxes on the contributions, your taxable income is
nn A Health Care FSA can reimburse for out-of-pocket reduced and therefore your taxes are reduced
eligible health care expenses that are not covered
by your medical, dental and vision insurance plans, nn Y ou cannot change the amount you are contributing to
including other eligible expenses. You will have the Health Care, Dependent Care and Limited Purpose
immediate access to the entire annual contribution FSA’s unless you have a Qualified Family Status Change
amount from the first day of the plan year, before all
scheduled contributions have been made. nn T he Commuter Spending Account is a month-by-
month program that can be started and ended in any
nn A Limited Purpose FSA is available to employees given month
enrolled in the Aetna High Deductible PPO – HSA
plan. You can elect this FSA to reimburse for eligible nn S ee a sample list of eligible expenses on the
out-of-pocket dental and vision expenses, allowing following page
you to preserve HSA funds.
You must enroll in the Health Care
nn The Dependent Care FSA can be used to pay for FSA, Limited Purpose FSA and/
qualified childcare and/or caregivers for a disabled or Dependent Care FSA each year
family member living in the household who is unable during open enrollment in order to

Contributing to Your Accounts

Each account allows participants to contribute a set annual amount, as outlined in the chart below.

Account Type Contribution Limit

Health Care FSA n Maximum contribution for calendar year 2019 is $2,700

n If you are single or married filing jointly, the maximum contribution for calendar year 2019 is $5,000
Dependent Care FSA n If you are married and file separately, the maximum contribution for calendar year 2019 is $2,500

Limited Purpose FSA n Maximum contribution for calendar year 2019 is $2,700

Commuter Spending n Monthly maximum contribution for calendar year 2019 is $265


Not sure how much to contribute? By estimating the eligible expenses you and your family expect to incur during
the plan year, you will have a better sense of how much your annual contribution towards the FSA should be. Consider
your prior year expenses and any changes that may have occurred that could change your election.


Using Your Funds

The types of expenses reimbursable by your spending accounts are determined by the IRS. Examples of eligible
expenses and additional information are below.

Account Type Contribution Limit

Health Care FSA nn Deductibles, copays and coinsurance, as well as out-of-pocket costs for medical, dental
Pairs with only: and vision services, including chiropractic, acupuncture, orthodontia and Lasik services
Kaiser HMO
Aetna EPO nn P rescription drugs not covered by insurance and over-the-counter medications with a
Aetna PPO prescription are considered eligible

nn E xplicit guidelines for determining eligible expenses have yet to be provided by the
Internal Revenue Service (IRS); for a list of potential eligible expenses that may be
covered by a Flexible Spending Account (FSA), review Internal Revenue Code (IRC)
section 213 (d). IRS Publication 502 (Medical and Dental Expenses) may be used as a
guide for what expenses may be considered by the IRS to be for medical care; however,
the guidelines should be used with caution when trying to determine what expenses are
reimbursable under an FSA (1)

Limited Purpose FSA nn Dental and vision expenses such as cleanings, fillings, orthodontia, contact lenses,
Pairs with only: eyeglasses, refractions and vision corrections
nn Only the dental and vision expenses listed in IRS Publication 502 are considered Eligible
Dependent Care FSA Expenses for the Limited Purpose FSA

nn E ligible child care, nanny services or residential disabled adult daycare for your

nn D ependents claimed on your federal income tax return, including those under age 13
and those of any age who are unable to care for themselves, who live with you for
more than half of the taxable year and do not provide more than half of his/her own
support would be considered eligible dependents for this FSA

nn To determine potential eligible employment-related expenses view IRC sections 129
and 21. IRS Publication 503 (Child and Dependent Care Expenses) may also be used
as a guide for what expenses that may be considered employment-related; however,
Publication 503 should be used with caution when trying to determine what expenses
are reimbursable under a Dependent Care FSA (1)

Commuter Spending nn E xpenses such as transit passes and payments for transportation in a commuter

Account highway vehicle are allowed according to Section 132 of the Internal Revenue Code


Plan Contact Information
Phone #


Enrolling in an FSA Commuter Debit Card

To participate in the Health Care, Limited Purpose A one-time registration is required to participate in the
and/or Dependent Care FSA, enrollment must be Commuter Spending Account. Once registered you can
completed each year during Open Enrollment, unless place your first transit pass order. A Commuter Prepaid
you experience a Qualifying Family Status Change or Debit Mastercard will be issued with your first order.
you are enrolling as a new hire. You will determine The Commuter card is accepted at transit agencies, fare
your annual contribution at the time of your benefits vending machines and designated transit retail centers.
enrollment through ADP My Pay and Benefits. You will
have online access to view your FSA balance(s), check FSA Rules to Know About
on a reimbursement status through Tri-ad (see page 21).
For the Health Care, Limited Purpose and Dependent
FSA Visa Debit Card Care accounts, you must be very careful in estimating
your expenses. You may carry over up to $500 from your
The FSA Visa debit card offers you the convenience to January 1, 2019 – December 31, 2019 Health Care or
pay Health Care and Dependent Care expenses with Limited Purpose FSA plan to the next plan year beginning
funds deducted directly from your FSA account. You are January 1, 2020; however, any balance over $500 as of
required to keep all supporting documentation and may December 31, 2019 will be forfeited. There is no carry over
be asked to provide this supporting documentation after for unused Dependent Care account balances.
using the card to pay for an expense.


DISABILITY INSURANCE Benefits are payable when you have been disabled
for more than 90 days. Proof of disability is required.
If you are unable to work because of an illness or injury, Benefits continue until the earlier of the date you
disability coverage will provide a steady income for you are no longer disabled or until you reach your Social
and your family. LPL Financial provides Short-Term and Security normal retirement age.
Long-Term Disability coverage administered by Lincoln
Financial at no cost to you and you do not need to Buy Up Enrollment
enroll to be covered. You may choose to enhance this
coverage by enrolling in one of the optional Buy Up If you elect buy up coverage when you are newly
plans explained below. benefits eligible and elect within one month of when
you are first benefits eligible, you may elect buy up
Disability insurance provides you with a level of income coverage without providing Evidence of Insurability.
protection against the risk of missing work due to injury Future elections will require satisfactory proof of good
or illness.
Your disability benefit may be reduced by other
State Disability Insurance income such as Social Security Disability Insurance,
Worker’s Compensation, State Disability, etc.
The state you reside in may provide a partial wage-
replacement disability insurance plan. The states currently Pre-existing condition limitations
offering state disability insurance include CA, NY, NJ, RI may apply. See detailed plan
and HI. For more information regarding state disability
programs, contact the HR Solutions Center. certificates for more information.

Short-Term Disability and Buy Up Contact Information
Plan Phone # Policy #
The Short-Term Disability base plan provides a benefit of
60% of your salary, up to a weekly maximum of $2,500. STD Policy 800.713.7384 #06-0666357
The optional Short-Term Disability Buy Up plan provides LTD Policy
70% of your salary up to a weekly maximum benefit
of $3,000. See ADP My Pay and Benefits during your
enrollment period for the specific per pay period cost. You
may be guided to complete an Evidence of Insurability
form with Lincoln Financial. Benefits start on the 8th day
for disability due to injury or illness and will continue as
long as you remain disabled for up to 13 weeks. Proof of
disability is required.

Long-Term Disability and Buy Up

The Long-Term Disability base plan provides a benefit of
60% of your covered monthly earnings. The maximum
benefit payable is $15,000 per month. The optional
Long-Term Disability Buy Up plan provides a benefit
that replaces 70% of your covered monthly earnings.
The maximum benefit payable is $20,000 per month.
See ADP My Pay and Benefits for your specific per
pay period costs. You may be guided to complete an
Evidence of Insurability form with Lincoln Financial.



Life insurance provides financial security for your family in the event of your death. LPL Financial pays 100% of the cost to provide
you with basic group term life and AD&D insurance. Life Insurance, insured by Lincoln Financial Group, is provided in the amount
of 2.5 times your annual earnings (as defined by LPL Financial) up to a maximum benefit of $500,000.

nn A ccidental Death & Dismemberment Provision. nn D isability Premium Waiver for employees who
This doubles the life benefit in the event of death become totally disabled before age 60; Life insurance
from a covered accident and pays a portion of the will continue up to age 65.
insurance amount in the event of dismemberment as
a result of a covered accidental injury. nn Accelerated Death Benefit which allows for the
advance payment of up to 80% of the life insurance
nn Seat Belt/Air Bag Benefit pays an additional amount benefit up to $920,000 (for basic and voluntary life
of the lesser of 10% of the principal sum, or $10,000, combined) for eligible terminally ill employees.
if an employee dies in a car accident while riding in a
passenger vehicle with a properly fastened seat belt. An nn Benefits reduce to 65% of the regular benefit when
additional 10% but not more than $10,000 is payable if an employee reaches age 70; and reduce further
you are also positioned in a seat protected by a properly- every 5 years thereafter.
functioning and properly-deployed air bag.
IRS Regulation: LPL provides you with life insurance
up to $50,000 on a tax-free basis. Per IRS rules, the
cost of insurance coverage in excess of $50,000 is
taxable to you.

Contact Information

Plan Phone # Policy #
Basic Life/AD&D 800.713.7384 #60-0666357
Vol. Life/AD&D



LPL Financial offers you a convenient way to purchase insured for voluntary term life for amounts under the
additional term life and AD&D insurance over and above guarantee issue ($200,000 for employee and $50,000
what LPL Financial provides. Underwritten by Lincoln for spouse), you may increase your current coverage up
Financial, Term Life/AD&D insurance is available at to an additional $30,000 for employee and $10,000 for
affordable group rates. You may apply for the benefit spouse (up to the guarantee issue limit) without proof of
amount that best meets your needs. good health during open enrollment.

Employees Other Features

Coverage is available in increments of $10,000 (for life nn D isability Premium Waiver for employees who
only; not to exceed 6 times your annual earnings as become totally disabled before age 60; Life insurance
defined by LPL) up to $650,000. will continue up to age 65.

Spouse/Domestic Partner nn A ccelerated Death Benefit which allows for the
advance payment of up to 80% of life insurance
Your spouse (or Domestic Partner) is eligible for a benefit benefit up to $920,000 (for basic and voluntary life
amount in increments of $10,000 up to a maximum amount combined) for eligible terminally ill employees and
not to exceed $250,000.The life benefit cannot exceed spouses.
100% of your combined basic and voluntary life insurance.
nn B enefits reduce to 65% of the insured regular benefit
Children when the insured reaches age 70; and to 45% at age 75.

All your eligible children may be insured for coverage EMPLOYEE/SPOUSE COVERAGE
in amounts of $2,000, $5,000 or $10,000. All amounts BI-WEEKLY PAYROLL DEDUCTION
are guarantee issue. The child life benefit from Birth to 6
months is $500. From 6 months up to age 26 years, the Insured’s Age Per $10,000 of Coverage
benefit is either $2,000, $5,000 or $10,000.
Under 30 $0.31
Enrollment 30-34 $0.40
35-39 $0.47
If you apply within one month of when you are first 40-44 $0.70
benefits eligible, you may elect a benefit level up to a 45-49 $1.21
maximum of $200,000 for you or $50,000 for spouse 50-54 $1.78
as guarantee issue. For amounts over this limit, you 55-59 $3.17
will need to provide satisfactory proof of good health 60-64 $4.76
acceptable to Lincoln Financial before coverage over 65-69 $7.41
the guarantee issue amount can commence. To request AD&D $0.10
insurance amounts over the guarantee issue, complete
the Evidence of Insurability form located on the Lincoln CHILD COVERAGE
Financial website whose link can be found on our online BI-WEEKLY PAYROLL DEDUCTION
benefit enrollment system.
Benefit Amount Rate
During open enrollment, you can apply for new
coverage or increase existing levels of coverage. All $2,000 $0.15
new employee or spouse life insurance is subject to $5,000 $0.38
evidence of good health. However, if you are currently $10,000 $0.75
AD&D (per $1,000 of coverage) $0.01


Critical Illness insurance is a voluntary benefit you may CRITICAL ILLNESS INSURANCE
purchase on a post-tax basis. Employees can enroll
themselves, their spouse/Domestic Partner and/or their Age Employee Spouse
children. When a serious illness happens to you or a
loved one, this coverage provides you with a lump-sum Under 25 $.70 $.70
payment of $10,000 in Initial Benefits upon diagnosis. 25-29 $.80 $.80
The Total Benefit Amount available to you is 3 times the 30-34 $1.40 $1.40
Initial Benefit Amount, which is $30,000 in the event 35-39 $2.65 $2.70
that you suffer more than one Coverage Condition. 40-44 $4.90 $5.05
Payment(s) you receive will be made in addition to any 45-49 $8.20 $8.30
other insurance you may have and may be spent as you 50-54 $13.55 $13.70
see fit. Some of the covered medical conditions include: 55-59 $20.50 $20.30
60-64 $30.50 $29.85
nn Cancer* 65-69 $45.70 $44.30
nn Heart attack
nn S troke* DEPENDENT CHILDREN $0.35
nn Alzheimer’s Disease*
nn Organ transplant
nn 22 Listed Conditions (see Outline of Coverage for details) Accident Insurance is a voluntary benefit you may
purchase on a post-tax basis. Employees can enroll
Critical Illness Wellness Benefits themselves, their spouse/Domestic Partner and/or
their children provided they are enrolled in a medical
The Critical Illness insurance plan includes a wellness insurance plan. Accident insurance coverage provides
benefit that provides an annual $50 health screening you with a lump-sum payment when you or a covered
benefit once coverage has been in effect for thirty member suffer a covered injury or undergo covered
days. The benefit is payable per person per calendar testing, medical services, or treatment and meet the
year for taking one of the eligible screening/prevention group policy and certificate requirements. There are
measures. more than 150 covered events and there is no limit on
the number of different accidents that will be covered.
nn A pproved Annual Health Screenings include but are Payments are made directly to you to use as you see fit.
not limited to: Human Papillomavirus, cervical cancer, They can be used to help pay for medical deductibles
blood cholesterol, colonoscopy, EKG, Prostate- and copays, out-of-network treatments, for your family’s
specific antigen test, breast MRI, breast sonogram; everyday living expenses, or whatever you need while
breast ultrasound, fasting blood glucose, PSA, recuperating from an accident. Some of the covered
endoscopy and more. accidents and potential benefit amounts:

The following states also provide a separate nn Emergency room/ Urgent Care visits (up to $100)
mammogram benefit:
nn Follow up and physical therapy visits (up to $25)
nn California - $200 benefit
nn Hospital confinement (up to $200 per day)
nn Montana - $70 benefit
Note: Wellness benefits are not available in all states. nn Bone Fractures (up to $4,000)

*For a complete list of eligible screening/prevention measures, or for specific nn Burns (up to $1,000)
information about covered benefits, please refer to the Disclosure Statement/
Outline of Coverage. nn Appliances (crutches, leg braces, etc.) (up to $750)

Contact Information Accident Insurance description continues on
next page.
Plan Phone #
Critical Illness & Accident Plan 800.438.6388

Accident Insurance Wellness Benefit The cost to participate is $9 (post-tax) per pay period.
You can only enroll in Hyatt Legal when you are first
MetLife will provide an annual benefit of $50 per eligible or during open enrollment and must remain in
calendar year for taking one of the eligible screening/ the plan for the entire plan year.
prevention measures. MetLife will pay only one health
screening benefit per covered person per calendar year. Contact Information

Note: The wellness benefits are not available in all Plan Phone #
states. For a complete list of eligible screening/
prevention measures, please refer to the Disclosure Hyatt Legal Plans 800.821.6400
Statement/Outline of Coverage.
nn CO: No Health Screening Benefit available
nn CT: No Health Screening Benefit available
MetLife Auto and/or Home insurance is a voluntary
nn MO: No Health Screening Benefit available benefit you may purchase on a post-tax basis with the
convenience of payroll deduction. MetLife Auto & Home
nn NH: No Health Screening Benefit available offers a broad line of insurance policies including:
nn Auto
nn NJ: No Health Screening Benefit available nn Boat Insurance
nn Home / Condo
*Covered services/treatments must be the result of a covered accident nn Renters
as defined in the group policy/certificate. See the Disclosure Statement nn Landlord’s Rental Dwelling
or Outline of Coverage/Disclosure Document for more details. nn Flood
nn Mobile Home
Coverage Level Employee Bi-Weekly Cost nn Motorcycle
nn P ersonal Excess Liability
Employee Only (Paid post-tax) nn Recreational Vehicle
Employee and Spouse or $7.03
Domestic Partner You can apply at any time throughout the year by
Employee and Child(ren) $10.93 calling MetLife Auto & Home at 1-800-438-6388.
Employee and Family
$12.76 For more information go to:
and enter company code LPL.
Now you can enjoy potential savings by
Hyatt Legal is a voluntary benefit that offers you taking advantage of group rates for Home
convenient access to legal services. The plan offers easy & Auto Insurance through MetLife!
and direct access to a network of attorneys who provide
telephonic advice and office consultations on a wide
range of personal matters and covered services for the
most frequently needed personal legal matters. These
services include, but are not limited to:

nn Preparation of wills
nn Trusts
nn Powers of attorney
nn Real estate matters
nn Debt matters
nn Family law matters

nn Home & Auto Insurance

This plan also includes an identity theft benefit. Services
include: unlimited office and telephone consultations with
an attorney, defense representation, free identity theft
emergency response kit, and numerous online services.


EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE Work and Life services are also included. Telephonic
PROGRAM consultations are available in the following areas:

LPL Financial provides an Employee Assistance Program nn Childcare and eldercare assistance
(EAP) through Lincoln Financial that you can access 24 nn Daily living services
hours a day. This plan is free, confidential and available
to eligible employees, spouse/Domestic Partner, The EAP plan offers legal and financial guidance
dependent children and all household members. from qualified professionals for issues including
credit counseling, debt and budgeting assistance,
The EAP provides assessment, assistance, and referral tax planning and retirement and college planning:
to additional services. The plan provides five face-to-face
sessions per incident per calendar year. For California nn Initial 30 minute consultation
members, face-to-face sessions are limited to three (3) in a nn 25% discount on additional services
six-month period, not to exceed a total of five (5) sessions nn Document preparation
per year. The EAP program also provides unlimited nn Divorce/separation
telephonic consultations for a wide range of emotional nn Real estate
health, family and work issues including: nn Civil matters

nn Relationship difficulties Contact Information

nn Emotional/psychological concerns Plan Phone #

nn Work or family stress and anxiety 24 Hour EAP 877.695.2789

nn Alcohol and drug abuse

nn Personal and life improvement

nn Legal or financial topics

nn Depression

nn Childcare

nn Eldercare issues

nn Grief and loss



Paid Time Off (PTO) One of the most important steps you can take today is
to plan for your future financial security. A convenient
PTO is provided to regular full-time and part-time and reliable way to build an income for your retirement
non-exempt employees to help you maintain a flexible is to participate in LPL’s 401(k) Plan.
work-life balance. PTO accrues as follows:
The LPL Financial 401(k) plan provides you with
Level Years of Annual PTO Maximum the opportunity to save for retirement on a tax-
Non-Exempt Service earned PTO advantaged basis. As a participant, you may elect to
defer a portion of your eligible wages. In addition,
Up to 3 Years 16 days accrued LPL provides matching contributions for employees
3-9 Years 21 days that have completed six (6) months of service.
10+ Years 26 days 24 days Matching contributions have a 3 year vesting
schedule. The plan also includes a Roth feature
31.5 days allowing you to contribute after-tax dollars
to the plan.
39 days
Note: Company match contributions are allocated on
Exempt employees do not accrue PTO and instead are a per-pay-period basis at a rate of 75¢ per $1.00 of
eligible for time-off on a paid basis subject to the RTO employee contribution, up to 8% of eligible wages.
(Routine Time-Off) Policy.
Automatic Enrollment
LPL complies with all applicable state regulations
regarding protected sick leave; see [email protected] for details. All new employees are automatically enrolled in
LPL’s 401(k) plan and deductions will start
All employees are also provided with nine fixed holidays immediately with a 3% pre-tax contribution. You can
plus your birthday each year is also a paid holiday. adjust this election online anytime with Empower
Retirement, the administrator of LPL’s 401(k) Plan.
Paid Volunteer Time Off (VTO) For plan information, please refer to [email protected] or
contact Empower Retirement.
LPL Financial is committed to improving lives, enhancing
communities and demonstrating corporate citizenship.
To further support this, LPL offers up to 16 hours of paid
volunteer time off (VTO) per year for you to volunteer
with the organization of your choice.

EMPLOYEE STOCK Contact Information
Plan Phone #
Eligible employees have the opportunity to purchase
LPL shares, building an ownership stake in our Empower 888.411.4015
company. Enroll during one of four open enrollment
windows per year and manage your account online with
Computershare. Highlights of the plan are:

nn Purchase shares at a 15% discount with no
commission fees

nn Contribute up to $300 per pay period
nn Decrease or stop contributions at anytime

LPL ticker: LPLA

Please refer to [email protected] for additional information.


PAID PARENTAL LEAVE BENEFIT Adopted children, to be considered for this benefit, must
AND ADOPTION ASSISTANCE be under the age of 18 years of age or physically or
mentally incapable of self-care. They may be a relative of
LPL Financial understands the irreplaceable value of time to the employee but not a step-child or child of a spouse/
bond with your new family when a baby is born or adopted, Domestic Partner. You are eligible for the Adoption
and we know the high costs associated with adopting a Assistance Program after one year of service.
child.To address these needs for employees starting or
expanding their family, LPL Financial offers two benefits: TUITION ASSISTANCE PLAN (TAP)

Paid Parental Leave Benefit LPL Financial supports the pursuit of higher education
by our employees. Our tuition assistance plan (TAP) has
The LPL Financial paid parental leave benefit provides been established to assist employees with the cost
a benefit of 60% of your weekly pay, up to a weekly of courses that are job related. If your courses qualify
maximum of $1,225 for up to 6 weeks of leave in under the plan rules, you can receive up to a maximum
connection with the birth or adoption of a child. This of $2,000 per calendar year in tax-free reimbursement.
leave is available only during the first 12 months after
the birth or placement of the child unless otherwise Eligibility
required by state law and can only be used for one event
(birth or adoption) during a 12-month period. This leave Full-time employees regularly scheduled to work at least
will run concurrent with any FMLA leave and state leave 30 hours per week that have completed six (6) months
to the extent permitted by law. of employment may apply for tuition assistance. Courses
must start after your six-month anniversary date. The
You should consult the appropriate policies on Family application needs to be submitted and certified prior
Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and state family leave laws as to the course start in accordance with plan rules and
applicable. You will need to give 30 days’ notice of your you must have received a rating of “Fully Meets” or
intent to take advantage of this benefit by completing higher on your last performance review. You must not
an LPL Paid Parental Leave Benefit request form and have received a disciplinary warning in the six months
submitting it to Employee Benefits. This benefit is prior to submitting your application. You must receive
designed to provide pay for the bonding with a newborn at least a “B” grade and remain a full-time employee
or adopted minor child for either the mother or the through completion of the course and at the time of
father. If you and your spouse/Domestic Partner both reimbursement.
work at LPL Financial, the paid parental leave benefit
may be shared between the two parents. Contact the HRSC at
extension 6947 with questions
Adoption Assistance Program or to apply for these benefits.

If you meet the program’s conditions you can obtain up
to $10,000 (or up to $15,000 for a special needs child) in
reimbursement of qualified adoption expenses. Covered
expenses include those that are paid or incurred in
connection with the adoption of an eligible child and while
an eligible employee under the program. You are eligible
for the maximum reimbursement for each child adopted.
Any attempt that leads to a successful adoption of a child
and any unsuccessful prior attempt to adopt a different
child are treated as one adoption.




Coverage Level Employee LPL Monthly Total Monthly Cost*
Monthly Cost
Cost $449.46 $1,063.56
$835.56 $886.30
Kaiser Permanente HMO (CA) $57.00 $688.30 $1,443.40
Employee Only $228.00 $1,188.40
Employee and Spouse or Domestic Partner $198.00 $672.00
Employee and Child(ren) $255.00 $583.00 $1,413.00
Employee and Family $1,115.00 $1,178.00
$894.00 $1,917.00
Aetna Select EPO (Non-CA) $89.00 $1,530.00
Employee Only $298.00 $716.00
Employee and Spouse or Domestic Partner $284.00 $553.00 $1,504.00
Employee and Child(ren) $387.00 $1,115.00 $1,253.00
Employee and Family $884.00 $2,041.00
Aetna CPOSII PPO $163.00 $377.00
Employee Only $389.00 $324.00 $718.00
Employee and Spouse or Domestic Partner $369.00 $541.00 $623.00
Employee and Child(ren) $572.00 $457.00 $963.00
Employee and Family $749.00

Aetna Healthfund HSA+PPO** $53.00
Employee Only $177.00
Employee and Spouse or Domestic Partner $166.00
Employee and Child(ren) $214.00
Employee and Family

Delta Dental $10.00 $24.00 $34.00
Traditional $24.00 $45.00 $69.00
Employee Only $22.00 $38.00 $60.00
Employee and Spouse or Domestic Partner $33.00 $63.00 $96.00
Employee and Child(ren)
Employee and Family $23.00 $34.00 $57.00
Enhanced $52.00 $64.00 $116.00
Employee Only $46.00 $55.00 $101.00
Employee and Spouse or Domestic Partner $72.00 $89.00 $161.00
Employee and Child(ren)
Employee and Family

VSP Vision $1.00 $3.00 $4.00
Traditional $2.00 $7.00 $9.00
$2.00 $4.00 $6.00
Employee Only $3.00 $7.00 $10.00
Employee and Spouse or Domestic Partner
Employee and Child(ren) $11.00 $4.00 $15.00
Employee and Family $19.00 $12.00 $31.00
Enhanced $14.00 $8.00 $22.00
Employee Only $23.00 $14.00 $37.00
Employee and Spouse or Domestic Partner
Employee and Child(ren)
Employee and Family

*To determine what the COBRA rate would be, add 2% to the monthly cost.
**LPL monthly cost does not include HSA funding.



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