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Onward 09 11 16

Onward 09 11 16

3rd Quarter 2016 — Issue #4

Also In This Issue: The Power of Our Alumni Network By Ben Rymzo

Doug Pfaff provides an Alumni say a lot about their institutions. In aca- Ben Rymzo is a Managing Director in the
overview of the Life demia, name a school that doesn’t publish some
Sciences Alumni Relations Life Sciences practice. He’s been a part
Team initiatives.
Page 2 sort of “famous alums” list. It’s more than pride or of our team for over 10 years. Best piece

Get to know one of our preoccupation with celebrity: smart schools invest of advice he’s received: “take care of the
newest Life Sciences MDs, in the cultivation of massively powerful networks people who take care of you.”
Chris Cobourn & learn
about the importance of GP for their own benefit, and for that of their gradu-
from Clay Willis. ates. Thoughtful prospective students interrogate graduate placement statistics, career trajecto-

Page 3 ries, and professional networks alongside curricula, campus, and faculty.

Elaina Filauro & Tracy Alumni networks of the world’s best professional firms, large and small, are no less institutionally
Wolfbiss take a trip down significant. Though we often focus inwardly on the experience within our firm, we have probably
memory lane to reflect on all heard consulting variously described over the years a “launch platform”, “finishing school” for
the evolution of both the grad students, a “built-in network”. You can’t help but recognize the enormous option value of
Frankel Group and Huron time spent working at a good consulting firm populated by outstanding people. While it can be
Life Sciences practices. hard to see a colleague go, we can only embrace one of the greatest things about this job…it

Page 4-5 opens up amazing options, here or elsewhere.

Bertha Cheng reflects on What makes a good firm? Day to day, we might appraise the quality of our work, the strength of
our team’s second “Alumni’s our recommendations, the quality of our people, the trust of our clients, and the influence and
Take” with Jeff Kawalek, impact we have on the most important companies in our industry. A broader view ought also to
Director of Compliance at include a look at the remarkable roles our alumni now play across our industry. When I interview
Novo and one of the first people, I often suggest that candidates look hard at what people in the jobs they seek have gone
members of the Huron Life on to do next. It’s a self-serving suggestion, since it’s hard not to be impressed by our alums…
Sciences team in 2006.
Page 6 They are leading BD, allocating R&D budgets,
creating therapeutic area franchise strategies,
innovating in R&D operations, managing product
launches, running corporate development, heading
compliance organizations, and managing investor
relations at many of the most exciting biopharma
companies in the world. They are doctors, direc-
tors, private equity investors, data scientists and
company founders. Though we remain a relatively
young firm in the grand scheme of professional
services, many of our alums are now among the
future generation of biopharma industry leader-

ship. Their strength contributes to ours.

The foundation of our alumni network is shared experience, past and present, between a group
of gifted, dedicated, often selfless individuals. Whenever I pause to think about it, I breathe a
silent thank you for something I suspect few experience: many the people with whom I have

worked in the past 10 years here remain among the best people I know.

2 Onward, 3rd Quarter 2016

Keep In Touch With All Your Huron Life Sciences and Frankel Group Colleagues!
Visit our LinkedIn page and join—we are 173 members and growing:

From The Alumni Maintaining the Bonds - By Doug Pfaff
Relations Team
Doug Pfaff is a Senior Director in the Life When people have “graduated” from Huron Life
Greetings Huron Life Sciences & Sciences practice. He joined Frankel Sciences (HLS) or Frankel Group, they’ve usually
Frankel Group Alumni! Group in 2005 and leads the Huron Life written a note to officially say farewell. In these
Sciences Alumni Relations Team. notes, a common theme is how much they’ll “miss
We hope this newsletter finds you the people.” While this is no surprise given the
relaxed after an enjoyable summer! close relationships we’ve all developed in this job,
It’s been some time since you last it’s perhaps also a sign that the expectation is to lose contact to a large extent...perhaps more so
heard from us, as we took a step
back this year to develop new initia- than is necessary.
tives specifically focused on YOU,
our alumni network of 200+ individu- Earlier this year, we challenged ourselves on this question of the strength of the ties to our alumni,
als who collectively have contributed and we found ourselves falling short. Soon thereafter an effort was formed to begin to bolster our
to the success and growth of our existing programming. We hope that in the coming months and years, you notice improvements
practice. on this front, and we certainly welcome your input and feedback. As we ramp up our efforts to
maintain and strengthen the relationships with our alumni, we’re targeting improvement in three
Over the past 2 years we’ve used
this newsletter as a vehicle to keep areas:
you updated on our team, and we
are excited to be back in touch with 1. Social Connectedness
you to introduce these new pro-
grams designed to reinvigorate our We want to see you more. Coffee,
connections. Peruse this Onward beers, 1-on-1, small groups…
issue to not only learn about these doesn’t matter, let’s catch up!
initiatives but also to stay up-to-date
with the evolution and growth of our We’ve scheduled a tri-city alumni-
team. We take a trip down memory focused happy hour for Septem-
lane, and share in our success with ber 29th in NYC, Cambridge and
you about how far we have come. San Francisco. This will be a
great way to catch up both with
While our team has gone through current Huron folks as well as
many changes over the last several alumni you haven’t seen in a while.
years, we have never lost sight of Drinks and appetizers on us! Click
our core passion – our people. We
hope our alumni-focused efforts help here to learn more!
us all stay connected to a broader
community of extraordinary individu- 2. Professional Networking
Our alumni do amazing things
Thank you for your continued sup- when they leave. They’re exceptional people, willing to help make connections and share their
port. We look forward to staying in experiences…which are likely in YOUR industry. To help our alumni connect, we’re developing an
touch. online searchable alumni database. You’ll be able to search by type of organization as well as role
to see which alumni may be in a position of interest to you, whether that be for your current job or
Doug Pfaff, Tracy Wolfbiss, Bertha Cheng,
for evaluating your next step. We’ll let you know when it is ready.
Lauren Fallon, Elaina Filauro, Tom Lee,
3. Education / Information Exchange
Jacob Shuman, Juan Tessi, Alice Chou
HLS continues to produce thought leadership, and we want to ensure it is accessible to you.
We’ve refreshed the HLS/Frankel Group LinkedIn alumni group & invite you to join if you haven’t

already. Here we’ll share the latest pieces and allow you to link to the historical set of work.

We want to learn from you as well. We’re well underway with our “Alumni’s Take” series at
which alumni share their perspectives in an informal setting, with questions from current employ-
ees [Editor’s Note: Let us know if you’re interested in participating!]

Our hope is that these initiatives are helpful to you in one way or another, and that we are
able to maintain those strong bonds that were developed when we worked together.

3 Onward, 3rd Quarter 2016

Questions? Comments? Let Us Know At [email protected]

Getting To Know Our MDs: Chris Cobourn - By Martha Kidd Knowledge Sharing:
GP 101 - By Clay Willis
What attracted you to Huron? Chris Cobourn is a Managing Director in
The Government market consists of multi-
the Life Sciences practice. He joined ple programs that mandate specific price
reporting requirements consisting of highly
Prior to joining Huron in September 2015, I’d been Huron Life Sciences in 2015. One thing complex calculations and involving aspects
beyond mathematical equations. Every
working in the government programs (GP) space for most people don’t know about him is that day companies face strategic decisions
a long time, nearly 20 years. I have been a thought he loves to cook, and went to culinary around whether to enter a given market,
leader in the GP space, including GP Consulting, school right out of high school. acquire a company, take a price increase /
decrease, or provide a rebate that may
and what we call Business Process Outsourcing, or BPO, where pharmaceutical manufacturers out- ultimately have a downstream impact on
source the GP Back Office function of statutory price reporting across Medicaid, Medicare, the VA Government price reporting. These deci-
and PHS. The operational requirements for manufacturers are very complex, and the risks of non- sions and how they are communicated,
compliance are significant, so there is a trend to outsourcing the function to firms like Huron. Huron implemented and managed on an ongoing
basis are key to ensure that companies are
recruited me in to build and grow Huron’s BPO offering, as well as lead the government programs in compliance with price reporting require-
ments. Bad decisions in these areas could
advisory services. result in exclusion from the Government
market, penalties and fines, public & social
What I really like about Huron is the full footprint it scrutiny, and even financial exposure.
has in the Life Sciences – from strategy to compli-
ance to operations. It was very appealing to me to The Huron Life Sciences Pricing and Con-
tracting team provides services and solu-
come to a company like Huron that had such a com- tions across the spectrum of Government
pelling story to tell within the industry. We [Huron Life program compliance and operations that
Sciences] are not just strategy or compliance or op- are designed to avoid these bad decisions.
erations, but we can go to market with a broad story With experience across Government pro-
and footprint that offers a strong value proposition. gram evaluation, assessment, strategic
As we get in to the market with our story, collaborat- pricing, merger and acquisition support,
methodology and system harmonization,
ing across Strategy, Compliance and Government Chris and his team “Huron Isotopes” at the 2016 Mid Year recalculations, on-going calculations, and
Programs, it is really resonating, especially with Team Meeting pictured left to right: Terry Kirkley, Jeff Parish, business process outsourcing, Huron is an
smaller emerging companies that don’t have the Laura Skinner, Chris Cobourn, Megha Katti, Carmela Crimeni, experienced source for Government pro-
systems and expertise in place. Christine Bronikowski, Mark Paris and Harrison Siegel. gram compliance and operations. We seek
to become manufacturers’ trusted advisor
What is a favorite quote that motivates you? in meeting these Government program
“Dream big and dare to fail.” – Norman Vaughan compliance and operational needs while
also keeping the industry informed of con-
Colonel Norman Vaughan was one of the three people who accompanied Admiral Byrd on the South stant changes in regulations and guidance
Pole expedition that traversed never before seen regions of the Antarctic. Also, at the age of 89 he as they evolve each day.
was the first person to climb Mount Vaughan, an icy ten thousand foot peak 250 miles short of the Join our monthly GP Insights Round
South Pole which Byrd had named in his honor. Norman’s motto, “dream big and dare to fail”, really Table Discussions to learn more!
resonates with me as it’s applicable both to business and in life. You’re not necessarily going to be
successful at everything you attempt to do, but you have to try. You can’t achieve success without Clay Willis is a Director in the Life
trying. I met Colonel Vaughan just after he completed the climb, and hearing him speak also remind- Sciences practice. He joined Huron
Life Sciences in 2006. This past
ed me of the importance of staying strong, vital, and true to yourself. year Clay participated in the 2016
Bandon Dunes Golf Cup, coming in
As a trained chef in your former life, what is your favorite dish to make? 2nd with Manager, Russell Rose!

When we adopted our daughter from Cambodia, I became interested in the Cambodian culture and
food. As someone who knows his way around the kitchen, having a cuisine that was so different and
that used seasonings that I was previously unfamiliar with was very challenging and appealing. One
of my favorite Cambodian dishes to make is a Cambodian taco. To this day this is the favorite break-

fast for my now 17 year old daughter… it makes me proud to watch her cook it from scratch!

If you were stuck on a desert island and could only listen to one album, what would it be?

I love classical, opera, and modern music, but if I had to pick I’d have to go with Beethoven’s 9th. I
think the Hallelujah Chorus would be amazing under a starry night in the middle of the ocean!

4 Onward, 3rd Quarter 2016

Keep In Touch With All Your Huron Life Sciences and Frankel Group Colleagues!
Visit our LinkedIn page and join—we are 173 members and growing:

A Trip Down Memory Lane - By Tracy Wolfbiss & Elaina Filauro; Contributions from Paul Silver, Sidnee

Pinho, Margarita Levin, Juan Tessi & & Karen Iocca

[The] 2007

was founded. 2010
1993 2013


The Frankel Group

2012 2014

2011 Sciences Frankel Group acquired by 2015
2013 Huron—practice grows sub-
was founded. Legacy Huron Life stantially!


was founded.

5 Onward, 3rd Quarter 2016

Questions? Comments? Let Us Know At [email protected]

Where Were We Then? Thought Leadership
Update - By Leanne DiDomenico
 In 1993 when The Frankel Group was founded, our teams consisted of a handful of
smart, driven consultants challenged by a lack of systems & resources. While TFG may Latest Industry Topics: Drug Pricing and
be referred to as a “start-up”, the environment did not quite equate to what is called a Value Based Solutions
“start-up” today.
The U.S. health care system is moving towards
 In 2006 when the Huron Life Sciences practice got started, the team was a small, but value based care in an effort to curb rising
tight bunch. It was a group of highly intelligent people who enjoyed working and socializ- healthcare expenditures. As a result, value
ing together. Huron was committed to the success of the Life Sciences practice . based solutions have become a critical topic for
biotech and pharmaceutical manufacturers as
Where Are We Now? both private and public payers seek to apply an
outcomes-driven approach to the pricing and
 Over the past nearly 3 years, we’ve evolved tremendously as a combined practice, not payment of devices and therapeutics.
just in numbers, we’ve also “grown up.”
Over the past several months Huron has re-
 We continue to recruit the top talent in the industry, that remains unchanged… but we leased a number of resources to assist our
now have the added benefit of a plethora of resources at our fingertips. clients in navigating the lexicon of drug pricing,
addressing both the strategic implications and
 No matter how we grow, we continue to stick to our roots. Collaboration, remains an inte- the practical considerations needed to embark
gral part of our cultural fiber and we are committed to staying connected as a practice. on value based arrangements with payers.

Huron Life Sciences ex- Launch of interactRx and Latest Insights Addressing Strategic
pansion to west coast! inViewRx products Considerations of Value Based
2015 2016
Value Based Contracting: Key Considerations
2016 for the Life Sciences Manufacturer
Is Value Based Contracting Compatible with

Latest Insights Impacting Government
Healthcare Programs and Pricing:

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Releas-
es Guidance on Value Based Contracting ar-

State Reactions to Increasing Drug Prices

Huron's Analysis of the Covered Outpatient
Drugs Final Rule

Have a topic and want to learn more – email
us with your suggestions!

Leanne DiDomenico serves as the Client
Services Lead for the Life Sciences prac-
tice. In this role, she helps develop strate-
gies, campaigns and marketing programs
to promote Huron's products and services.
She has been with Huron since 2011.

6 Onward, 3rd Quarter 2016

Keep In Touch With All Your Huron Life Sciences and Frankel Group Colleagues!
Visit our LinkedIn page and join—we are 173 members and growing:

Alumni’s Take: Jeff Kawalek (Novo Nordisk, Director of Compliance) - By Bertha Cheng

As part of an ongoing series, “Alumni’s Take,” we were excited to invite Jeff to the NYC of- Bertha Cheng is a Director in the Life Sci-
fice in June 2016 for a make-your-own-taco lunch and an office tour. In a packed confer- ences practice. She first joined Frankel
ence room filled with both new and tenured LS team members, and many team members Group in 2007. Her claim to fame in her
dialed-in, Jeff reflected on his time at Huron, shared his experiences after Huron, and provid- tenure at Frankel and HLS are her baking
ed some career advice to the practice. skills—her fruit tart won the 2011 Bake Off!

After your visit to the office in June, how do you think LS has changed since your time? Jeff Kawalek was one of the first hires in
What seems to remain the same? the LS practice and worked with Paul
Silver to shape what our practice is today
When I was at LS, we were just starting out, so it was a much smaller group. Just looking around from 2005-2007. Since Huron, Jeff been a
the room that day, it’s really amazing to see how the practice has grown in the past 10 years. Not leader in the development of Novo
only has it grown in numbers, but it seems like the breadth of the LS ser- Nordisk’s compliance organization as it
vices has grown too. adapts to the demands of the industry.

While there are a lot of new people, I was happy to see a few familiar faces
around the office – Karen Iocca and Mark DeWyngaert. Even after all
these years, the collegial and friendly atmosphere seems to have been pre-

served – definitely brings back memories!

While it’s been 9 years since your time with Huron, how has your Hu-
ron experience helped you in your different roles?

My consulting experience has been a key asset to me at Novo. If I had to
pick the most important one for me, the ability to see the bigger picture of
any issue sets consultants apart from many others.

While I might not have realized it at the time, the experience of helping to
build the LS practice during its early years has influenced my path as a
“builder” at Novo. In each of my roles, I’ve been drawn to the challenge of
building out a new function or new part of the organization to address an While we love our alumni, we take pride in the fact that many of
our alumni stay >2 years before they become alumni. Please
emerging need.
join us in congratulating our team members who have hit some
So much has changed in the compliance landscape over the past few years recent major milestones this year
– compliance used to be relatively small function embedded within marketing
or legal With new legislation and increasing need to plan globally, Novo and
other pharma companies need to continue to evolve both the structure and
5 Years: 10 Years:
capabilities of their compliance organizations. Again, the ability to see the
bigger picture allows me to better build the compliance organization that
Mark Linver (May 1st) Mark DeWyngaert (May 1st)
Novo needs for today and the future.

What does it mean for you to stay connected with the Huron team, both Juan Tessi (June 29th) Paul Silver (May 1st)
past and present? Margarita Levin (Aug 16th) Ilina Sen (June 1st)

In addition to keeping in touch with my Huron contemporaries, I often have Tracy Wolfbiss (Aug 16th) Beth Hunt (June 5th)
the chance to run into many of my old colleagues and former clients at in- BJ D’Avella (October 24th) Clay Willis (Sept 5th)
dustry meetings and conferences. It’s a relatively small community, so hav- Kate Grady (Oct 23rd)

ing this network is important.

Having now been re-introduced to Huron, I enjoyed meeting the team and Rob Pogulis (Nov 13th)
look forward to continuing to stay connected!

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