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It is December and if we want to believe it or not, 2019 is done. This is our last projects
report for 2019. The highlights for each area will give you a good understanding of how
busy the teams were in the last few weeks of this quarter. I am happy to see that we can
proudly say #ExecuteExcellence is visible around every corner.

Like every year, 2019 was a busy, challenging but great year for our team. We had many opportunities to stretch our
knowledge, to grow our insight and to try new things in our respective fields of expertise. What we have accomplished this
year is truly something we all can be proud of.

It is literally the last few days of this year and I want us to keep the focus on wrapping up all the
final loose ends.

Also remain focused on safety. Your teams might be tired and overwhelmed with the
festive season approaching, but we need to keep our people and projects safe. That is
the number one priority.

I want to thank my leadership for your hard work, your dedication to the teams
and your determination to execute an excellent project. I value you as part of my
team. Thank you to every team member – it takes a village to raise a child and
with us it takes a great team of specialists to deliver on these projects. Every
one of you had an important part to play and we could not have done it without
you. During the festive times I want you to enjoy the time with your families
and friends. Remember what is important in this life.

2020 is going to be a hard but amazing year for us. We will execute with
excellence and we will deliver a great product to our customers.
Thank you GG6 – Have a wonderful and blessed festive season.


The GG6 “I” Care Safety Campaign is
ongoing and focus on:

• creating safety awareness,
• strive for zero incidents, and
• enforce a culture of Visible Felt Leadership.

GG6 Expansion Project Report


Phase 1 construction of the entire scope of the Stockyard has been completed in October 2019. This includes the new
product conveyor (Anaconda), the GG6 transfer tower, GG6 & GG1 Bypass conveyors (CNV005 & CNV401) and the yard
conveyor CNV004 being construction complete and handed over to commissioning.

Additionally 3 major shutdown works was carried out in the Stockyard area to complete the integration of the new
conveyor systems with the existing infrastructure and conveyors. These shutdown tie-ins occurred at the GG1 transfer
Tower, South substation and the GG1 Reclaimer conveyor. These important tie-ins facilitated the beneficial use of the new
product beds which were handed over to the client in June 2019. All shutdown tie-in works were completed within the
tight timeline minimising the downtime for the mine.

The Civil works on Phase 2 for the Stockyard has commenced with the piling works for the extension of the new Stacker
rail beams, the parking bay for the old stacker and the excavation of product bed 4.

The new Stacker has completed construction and been successfully commission up to a C3 level. This commissioning was
facilitated by the construction of a Bypass system from the old product conveyor (Old Anaconda) to the new Stacker feed
conveyor CNV004 to facilitate the commissioning of the Stacker.

Anaconda CNV.. Anaconda TT. By pass conveyors. FDR 002 E&I.

Field Isolator. High Mast lights. Lock out Commissioning. New Stacker Feed CNV.

Phase 2 Rail beam. Product bed 2. Stockyard product beds 1 and 2. Western Coal Trap.

02 #ExecuteExcellence | September 2019

GG6 Expansion Project Report


The SMPP works at the Silo area is progressing well with the majority of steelwork and major lifts installed. Mechanical,
electrical and instrumentation are progressing to be ready for commissioning early in 2020. The second section of the
circumferential rings has also been constructed with work continuing on section 3.


Tubular have progressively increased their productivity levels since Magseps.
coming onto site. They have now reached, and in cases exceeded their
productivity output in accordance to the agreed base-line plan. However,
the challenge remains to catch-up the time lost due to the on-boarding
challenges at the beginning of the project and the number of “defects”
currently being experienced during construction.

The defects experienced are largely due to design errors; and incorrect
installation and manufacturing errors from Group Five. The hand-over
from Group Five to Tubular has proven to be more lengthy and complex
than previously anticipated. For example, the extent of missing materials
and said defects as mentioned above have had a greater impact on the
time and cost of the project than originally anticipated or forecast.

We are aligned as a team and set a goal for “First Coal”. This target will
ensure we prioritise two of the modules for C4 operation. However, the
remaining structural and mechanical installation of the other modules,
namely Modules 3 and 4, will also need to be completed as this structure
houses the overhead crane, as the crane runs along the entire length
of the building. In addition, before this structural steelwork can be
completed, the installation of all the mechanical equipment needs
to be installed. The reason for this, is because of the sequencing of
construction, namely the mobile cranes outside of the building, need to
land the mechanical equipment prior to closing off the access areas with
the structural steelwork.

September 2019 | #ExecuteExcellence 03

GG6 Expansion Project Report

The team are currently engaged in deriving a “working - All cyclones and tanks have been completed in
schedule” which incorporates the sequencing of Module 1;
construction together with all the challenges experienced.
This is to focus and prioritise “First Coal”. This should be - 15 Out of a total of 16 screens have been installed for
formally tabled by 12 December 2019. the entire SCP;

To mitigate the delays mentioned above, the following - The conveyors exiting the SCP are 80% complete;
initiatives have been implemented in conjunction with - The overhead crane has been installed; and
Tubular, to ensure we meet our “First Coal” target: - The magnetic separators have been installed
• Introduced the Field Engineering Query (FEQ) process. • Notwithstanding the clashes experienced, the piping
is now progressing very well. The main clarified water
This enables technical queries to be resolved speedily. header has been completed. Approximately 35% of all
Since the introduction of the FEQ system, the turn- the piping of all the modules have been completed.
around time on delays has decreased substantially. HIGHLIGHTS AND PROGRESS FROM SMEI
• Proactive planning on piping defects (clashes due to • THE pump station substation has been livened-up with
design errors) : A proactive approach has been adopted all the equipment for the BOP 1st coal now, C3-ready.
to “look forward” on the 6 -week look-ahead. Here the • All SMEI works are nearing completion in the areas
design engineers, together with the site teams pre-empt where access was provided. SMEI are very efficient in
clashes. These clashes are then rectified by means of a completing areas, as and when they handed over.
design-change. • SMEI have completed their BOP scope of work, which
• New working schedule: As mentioned above, a working allows complete focus on the SCP for completion viz:
schedule has been compiled which incorporates the site - Power supply to Enprotech substation
instructions; the FEQs; and re-sequencing of activities to - Pulling of all 11kV cables up to 33kV yard (Termination
specifically target our First Coal date.
• Tubular have also revised their organisational structure to be done once 33kV ready)
to focus on the priority areas as defined above. - Construction completion on BOP conveyors and pump
• Current discussions are being held with Tubular to
finalise their claims (potential Extension of Time claim). stations
This will enable them to resource more effectively. For - 11kV supply cabling to SCP substation
example, instead of demobilising people form the Balance - Various MCC completions within SCP substation
of Plant area, they can re-assign them to the SCP. • SCP substation will be livened up before the builder’s break.

In terms of the EC&I follow-on contract. SMEI is doing
a great job in completing their scope in the work-fronts Screens.
that come available from Tubular. However, SMEI are
being delayed on their overall base-line schedule (due to
Tubular handing over work-fronts late) and are therefore
submitting notices claiming said delays. To minimise this
impact on SMEI, we have created the environment whereby
the two contractors are working as closely together
as practically possible. As soon as partial hand-over is
possible, as opposed to “full hand-over”, SMEI move in.

• All major steelwork has been installed in the SCP Module

1, including roof structure along with all the major
structural steel of Module 2.
• Tubular is currently in the process of conducting and
working off construction punch list items from the
ground floor up in the SCP Module 1.
• The steelwork installation in Modules 3 and 4 is
progressing well.
• Tubular has installed 282 tons of steelwork with 223 tons
still to be installed in the SCP.
• From a mechanical installation perspective:

04 #ExecuteExcellence | September 2019

GG6 Expansion Project Report


The Project Controls Office received a clean audit with zero findings from Ernest & Young. There were 40 controls that
were associated with the in-scope Capital Projects and the respective sub-processes. During the assessment testing, all 40
controls were effective on GG6 project. The audit results revealed that sufficient reliance can be placed on the operational
effectiveness of the internal controls. Overall the audit report was rated as “Good”.
The project team was commended by Ernest & Young for the good audit results.
Congratulations to the team and thank you for your hard work.

September 2019 | #ExecuteExcellence 05

GG6 Expansion Project Report


THYSSENKRUPP STACKER Filter Plant 2. GG2 Civil works.
The stacker has been successfully Stacker 4.
commissioned up to a C3 level. This was Stockyard product beds 1 and 2.
made possible by the Bypass system SCC Isolators.
for coal from the old product conveyor Transfer CNV 1.
onto the stacker feed conveyor. The
construction team has completely
demobilised from site with a small
contingent of staff on site to manage the
final handover to the client and defect
period. The TKIS construction team has
completed their construction with Zero
incidents (no near misses, damages or
injuries). This is a major achievement and
milestone for this team.

The filter plant has progressed well Power House.
with minor delays in construction. The
project team is preparing for the start
of commissioning on the first 4 filters in
December 2019. Major construction has
completed with the construction teams
focussing on finishing and construction
complete handovers. The focus thereafter
will be to systematically commission the
remaining filters.

ROSHQOTT 33KV OHL & Transformer bays.
The OHL construction has progressed
well with all overhead line (OHL) towers
erected. Stringing of the overhead line
is planned for the first week in January
2020. The new Central Switching Station
(CSS) complete with the gas insulated
switchgear and other peripheral
equipment delivered and installed on
site. The major highlight for the Roshqott
team was the successful upgrade of the
33kV intake substation. The pre-shut
works was carried out over two week
period leading up to a 12 hour complete
shutdown. The success of the pre shut
works allowed the shutdown team
complete their works within 6 hours
reducing the impact on the Mine.

Stacker. stacker 3. Stacker lights on.

06 #ExecuteExcellence | September 2019

GG6 Expansion Project Report


The GG2 area of the project is completing testing activities for cold and hot commissioning of the first coal objectives that
is due to start in January 2020.

Construction during the second half of 2019 was challenging due to various technical difficulties related to interfacing with
the existing plant. Most of the solutions developed for the first Heavy Medium Cyclone (HMC) module is now applicable to
the remaining two modules and completion of these modules is expected to be complete by first quarter 2020.

Major milestones reached was successful testing of the apron feeders, screen conveyors and two new double deck screens in
the ROM handling section. Construction of the two silo feed conveyors with new shuttle car and HMV distribution conveyor
CNV-220 is also complete. Silo bottom feeders to modules 533 and 522 in GG2 plant is also complete. Test work on first coal
module 522 and module 533 including all material handling conveyors inside the GG2 plant is progressing well.

HMC Silo bottoms. Feeder-314 CSMPP and E&I construction was HMV Silo bottoms. Feeder-302 construction is expected to
completed in November, with exceptions. C1 completion expected be complete within 2019. Currently installation of the spile
in this year. Feeder-316 will also near mechanical completion in this bar platforms is near complete, after encountering technical
year. difficulties.

HMV silo tops. Inspections were done on both conveyors in HMC silo tops. Conveyor-100 mechanical punch items are being
late November, after E&I installation was completed, with worked off and piping needs to be completed. E&I need to
exceptions. Minor punch items, including dust suppression are also complete instrumentation, cable installation and terminations.

HMC Module 535, 3rd floor. The reflux classifier was lifted into Module 534 4th floor. Another critical area; sieve-001 access
position in the 1st week of December. This brings the outstanding platform, the settling tank opening and walkways, as well as piping
equipment for Phase 1, third floor (critical) to 534- and 535-Spirals, are required to complete this level.
and 535-Screen-001.

September 2019 | #ExecuteExcellence 07

GG6 Expansion Project Report


The GG6 team has successfully completed the construction of the new GG6 control room. Building a new control room
in an old building like the GG2 plant created a lot of challenges with various restrictions (Working in confined spaces
with lot of specialised contractors that had to share access). Innovative thinking with a robust design process resulted
in a fit-for-purpose control room that is adhering to international standards. A big team effort between GG Mine, Project
Team and IM was the main contributor for the successful delivery.


• Creating a globally acceptable ergonomically
designed control room within budget- Lean
Construction principals were applied during
the design phase.

• Delivery of the control room on time and
ready for “First Coal”!

GG6 control room kitchen. Supervisor office.

Oculus completion. Main area.


The workshop extension package kicked off in early 2019,
where by a local contractor (100%) was the successful tender
candidate through the tender award process. The contractor,
Lynn-An Civil with close to 20 years’ experience in civil execution
and a safety report of 19 years LTI free, commenced execution.

The workshop extension civil works kicked-off in time and as
planned, they soon encountered their first unknown service
and with swift action from the project team and LAC (Lynn-An
Civil) resolved the matter and works continued. The contractor
soon was ready to commence with steel erection of the new
workshop whereby steel fabrication arrived two weeks prior to
commencement. The contractor had an excellent understanding
of scheduling and integration. They ensured that interfaces between all the disciplines were managed. The contractor
faced many challenges but completed the steel erection and construction of brickworks for the new office and mesh
facility, ensuring that a high quality of work was delivered at all time. The workshop’s internal works such as tiling and roof
fitment commenced soon after and the contractor will be in a position to handover a fully function workshop extension
by January 2020. This will then house the supervision, foreman and tradesmen who will assist in the maintenance and
upkeep of the new small coal plant.

During execution LAC has achieved 360 days of LTI free days, and also assisted in the execution of nearly 60 site
instructions all across the GG6 Expansion Project.

08 #ExecuteExcellence | September 2019

GG6 Expansion Project Report


Commissioning received very good handover from construction from September 2019 to December 2019. In the last
quarter Commissioning has processed more than 350 construction completes and closed more than 334 defects. The
GG2 Break & Screen area successfully achieved C2 and will finish C3 in December 2019. In the GG2 plant, Module 522, the
team also achieved C2 and interlocking and sequencing will finish in December 2019. In common services, the recovered
water system achieved C2, as well as interlocking and sequencing. Water service tests, in recovered water headers only,
will be completed in December 2019. Conveyors in the stockyard successfully achieved C3.
One of the biggest focus points for the Commissioning team, is to complete control philosophy implementation and
software development. The last quarter saw completion of software programming for small coal plant, the new magnetite
plant, the final common conveyors and the new plate and frame filter plant.
The commissioning team overall had a very successful last quarter and the team is thankful to construction and owners
team for their continued support!

September 2019 | #ExecuteExcellence 09

GG6 Expansion Project Report


Conflict is a normal part of human interaction. On a Brownfields Mega Project there is ample opportunity to engage
in courages conversations - one on one and in teams. The significant conversations that happened between the GG6
team and contractors (Steffanutti Stocks , Thyssenkrupp and Roshquatt) showed that the team was able to put the code
of conduct into practice and establish a better way of work with the contractor by working through relational issues,
eventually having a more constructive working relationship.
“A high-performance team can be defined as a group of people with specific roles and complementary talents and skills,
aligned with and committed to a common purpose, who consistently show high levels of collaboration and innovation,
produce superior results and extinguish radical or extreme opinions”
GG6 embarked on completing the Organisational Human Factor Benchmark (OHFB) with the rest of the Exxaro Project
and Technology teams. The OHFB is a scientific-based organisational diagnostics suite that measures orginisational
climate and employee engagement. The balance between job demands and job resources indicate to what extend the
orginsational climate and employee engagement will facilitate a high performing culture.
GG6 set out to create a culture and climate on the core team that promotes High performing Teams. On a team that
consists of 94% contingency workers, that is quite a stretched target. The OHFB results clearly indicated that we achieved
this goal with distinction. Jaco van Dyk, the GG6 Project Manager, set the example of how a leader takes full responsibility
for culture and climate on a team, resulting in outstanding OHFB results.

10 #ExecuteExcellence | September 2019

GG6 Expansion Project Report
September 2019 | #ExecuteExcellence 11

GG6 Expansion Project Report



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We wish all of you an #excellent birthday!

Zelmia Botha
Vernette Duvenhage 10 December Maphuthi Joy Fothane 6 January
Bongi Sokawukile 12 December
Ockert Swart 19 December Duncan Tebogo Sehularo 8 January
Cecilia Peens 21 December
Juanita Botha and 22 December Piet Aucamp 9 January
Brenden Davies
24 December Zelda Pieters 12 January

Jakkie Dodds 17 January

Steven Abrahams 19 January

Percy Nxumalo 24 January

Jeni Moodley 30 January


2019 (YTD) AS AT 31 AUGUST 2019

2 0.37 8

Project team resources 108

Contractor resources 1751

NEXT EDITION Employee Wellness Programme
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Our next report will be in March 2020.

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12 #ExecuteExcellence | September 2019

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