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SCCF Annual Report 2018-19

SCCF Annual Report 2018-19


Founded in 1967, SCCF is dedicated to
the conservation of coastal habitats and
aquatic resources on Sanibel and Captiva
and in the surrounding watershed through
its program areas:

Marine Laboratory
Wildlife & Habitat Management
Natural Resource Policy
Native Landscapes & Garden Center
Sea Turtles & Shorebirds
Environmental Education
Land Acquisition & Stewardship


November 2019

Dear Valued Members and Friends,

What a year this has been!

In September 2018 we announced SCCF’s Doug Ryckman and Ryan Orgera
new CEO and we spent the fall celebrating
Erick Lindblad’s extraordinary 33-year tenure
as a mentor and leader. Ryan took the helm
in January 2019, and the ensuing months
have featured a very successful transition and
the emergence of new ideas and energy –
including an update to SCCF’s strategic plan. We
are entering the future bravely and thoughtfully
and want to share several themes that will
guide SCCF in that future.

COMMITMENT - Erick and the extraordinary SCCF staff shaped a culture of love for their jobs and
appreciation of each other. Our dedicated team members are committed to SCCF’s mission and
pour their hearts into all of its work. We are extremely proud of our people and the values they
continue to demonstrate every day.

VIGILANCE - SCCF has fought to protect our islands for over 52 years. We have been highly
successful, preserving over 1,850 acres, educating innumerable citizens and visitors, and advocating
for nature in Fort Myers, Tallahassee, and Washington. The SCCF RECON Network is our islands’ first
line of defense in monitoring coastal water quality, and our sea turtle and shorebird programs
nurture fragile wildlife populations. These are just two examples of the first-rate work being done
across all of our program areas. SCCF’s compass will always point to the conservation of the Sanibel
and Captiva ecosystems as our “True North” and highest priority.

FORESIGHT - At the same time, we need to recognize that our islands are part of a larger system
and that our greatest threats come to us from outside our islands: blue-green algae, Red Tide,
wetland loss, unfettered development, and ultimately climate change and sea level rise. To address
these external threats, we will advocate for science-based policies and actions that anticipate and
deal with these challenges at their source. We will choose our battles carefully but will be unafraid
to take on issues that appear distant but are ultimately critical for our island and neighboring
communities, including humans and critters.

GRATITUDE - We are excited for SCCF’s future. We are fortunate to live in this extraordinary place,
and are honored that our members, supporters, volunteers, and friends entrust us to keep it special.
We hope you enjoy this annual report. Most importantly, please view it as an introduction to the
future, as well as a grateful look at the past.

Thank you for being part of our commitment to conservation. We could not do this critically
important work without you.

Sincerely, Douglas Ryckman
onsRyan Orgera, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer ANNUAL REPORT FY2018-2019 | 1

Photo: Janet Kirk

POLICY Policy in Motion
• Produced Weekly Caloosahatchee • Engaged community members in
The Natural Resource Policy Condition Reports trip to lobby lawmakers in Tallahassee
department connects SCCF’s science for Everglades Action Day
to the protection and conservation • Successfully pushed for additional
of our region’s natural resources. monitoring of water flow and quality • Legislative:
We work with the SCCF Marine from Lake O and the Caloosahatchee
Laboratory to monitor, interpret, watershed • Supported updated shark fishing
and communicate water quality regulations, land acquisition for
conditions and trends, advise on • Petitioned the state to establish drinking water supply and water
problems, and craft public policy standards for toxic algae exposure quality treatment, a ban on fracking
solutions. We work with our sea in water and air
turtle and shorebird programs to • Opposed bad growth
address human impacts such as • Invited to testify at U.S. Senate management and home rule
light pollution from inland cities that committee hearing in DC on devastating pre-emption bills
cause disorientations and threaten effects of the 2018 Red Tide
nesting species. • Federal: Supported and promoted
• Promoted and engaged the public banning offshore oil drilling
We seek to build a chorus of voices in calling for state and federal
by building consensus across Everglades funding • Local: Pressed for strengthening
communities. One loud voice is the wetland protections and
most effective tool. In addition to • Presenter on water quality at the coastal high hazard protections,
environmental organization peers, Everglades Coalition Conference preventing wetland development
we developed relationships and in mangroves along Shell Point
partnerships with local Chambers, • Actively engaged in Comprehensive Boulevard, Captiva study of
Realtors, League of Cities, Mayors Everglades Restoration Plan project septic-to-sewer conversion, Lee
and our Business Roundtable evaluations: Lake Okeechobee County land acquisition (serving
members. This strategy helped to Watershed Project, Everglades on the Conservation 2020 CLASAC
provide broad support for Everglades Agricultural Area Reservoir project, C43 committee)
restoration projects and funding at (Caloosahatchee) Reservoir project and
the state and federal levels. water quality treatment, revision of the • Sustainability efforts on our islands
Lake Okeechobee management plan and in our state

HOW YOU Please become a member or renew your membership by using
CAN HELP the enclosed envelope or donating at



Studying Water Quality and Algae Blooms The Lab has applied for permits for
an additional 20 acres of oyster reef
The Marine Lab teamed up with University of Florida (Dr. Ed Phlips) restoration. Highly successful restoration
and North Carolina State University (Dr. Natalie Nelson) to study the projects since 2009 include a total of four
Caloosahatchee and harmful algae blooms. The project is funded by the acres in Clam Bayou, San Carlos Bay and
National Science Foundation under the RAPID program, which awards Tarpon Bay. Improved oyster reefs are not
projects with an immediate need; last summer’s algae blooms were the only good for the ecosystem but also for
justification. The goal is to determine if there was any connectivity between making our coasts more storm-resistant.
blooms occurring in the Caloosahatchee and those occurring in the Gulf
of Mexico. We are using traditional microscopy, nutrient analysis, RECON
(River Estuary & Coastal Observing Network) data, and the Lab’s FlowCam
to describe, model, and analyze the 2018-2019 phytoplankton blooms.
Two student interns from University of Iowa are developing independent
projects and being mentored as part of the project.

Water quality sampling in the Caloosahatchee and Gulf of Mexico.

Using Science to Improve Water Quality on Sanibel Effluent sampler, Jordan Marsh
Photo: Holly Milbrandt
Based on the research and recommendations
developed with the City of Sanibel Natural Resources ANNUAL REPORT FY2018-2019 | 3
staff, the SCCF nutrient management plan has been
used as a scientific basis for several large projects:

1. The City will be upgrading its wastewater treatment
plant, reducing the amounts of nitrogen and
phosphorus contained in the reclaimed water used
to irrigate the island’s golf courses.

2. Jordan Marsh, a new filtration marsh, was
constructed using City property and SCCF
conservation land to reduce nitrogen loads in
the Sanibel Slough. Monitoring by the Marine
Lab is ongoing.

The R/V Norma Campbell Our research vessel enables us to service this offshore wave buoy

We used our new research vessel, the R/V Norma A New Lab Facility
Campbell, to study an unprecedented dead zone, an
area of water devoid of oxygen in the Gulf, related The Marine Lab moved into a new facility, constructed in partnership
to Red Tide, dying fish, and stratification. Other uses with the J.N.“Ding”Darling National Wildlife Refuge and the U.S. Fish &
of the Norma Campbell include sea turtle rescues Wildlife Service. The new building was built to a LEED Gold standard,
and transporting and maintaining the RECON sensor and new lab equipment helps our scientists better understand the
network and offshore wave buoy. marine environment at microscopic and elemental scales.

Red Tide and Sea Turtles

From July to November 2018, Sea Turtle Coordinator
Kelly Sloan and Marine Lab Scientist Dr. Rick Bartleson
dissected 60 sea turtles that died that summer to
examine their stomach contents and test for brevetoxins
(the Red Tide toxin), including sending samples for
grant-funded specialized analysis by a NOAA (National
Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) chemist.
The most common prey items of the Kemp’s Ridley
and Loggerhead sea turtles were crustaceans and
molluscs (pen shells, ark shells, whelks, tulip snails, horse
conchs, fighting conchs, moon snails, and sharks eyes).
Preliminary tests of brevetoxin levels in gut contents,
livers, and some muscle and blood samples revealed
high levels in the majority of the samples. Kelly Sloan
presented preliminary results at the International Sea
Turtle Symposium in Charleston in February 2019. The
samples that tested the highest were extracted and sent
to NOAA for further analysis.

Link to the Marine Lab’s publication list

Water Quality within the Refuge

Ten years of monitoring water quality within the J.N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge
has allowed us to link changes in Refuge water quality to discharges from the Franklin Lock
in the Caloosahatchee. We have also been able to see how new culverts and changes in
impoundment management have changed water quality conditions in the Refuge.



New Tractor and Skid-Steer Diamondback Terrapin Project SCCF has been conducting
population studies on the Florida
A big highlight of the last year was the SCCF’s research on the imperiled box turtle (Terrapene carolina bauri)
capital campaign and purchase of a diamondback terrapin (Malaclemys for well over a decade. Over the last
John Deere skid-steer and a larger John terrapin) has interested other researchers year, we have used radio telemetry
Deere tractor to replace our smaller in the state, including the Herp Taxa to better understand their habitat
existing tractor. We can now work in Coordinator for Florida Fish & Wildlife preference, refuge substrates, and
more rugged areas, pull out small trees, Conservation Commission (FWC) in home range. We track box turtles
move vegetation around, and mulch it Tallahassee, who will assist with our fitted with radio transmitters in order
if necessary. The ability to quickly clear study while also learning our techniques. to uncover their seasonal movements
invasive vegetation will improve our SCCF is one of the highest contributors and preferred refuge areas.
success with new plantings and make the to the statewide genetic study on Knowledge about their movements
removal of regrowth of invasive and exotic the species that will likely lead to its and preferred microhabitats will help
vegetation easier. Also, we will be able to total protection in the state. Wildlife & us to make better land management
clear fire lines and trails much faster after Habitat Management Director Chris decisions, especially when mowing,
tropical storm events. Lechowicz was asked to be a Florida hardwood removal, and controlled
state representative for this species with fires are being planned.
the Diamondback Terrapin Working
Group (DTWG) at the regional meeting Pine Island Sound Eastern
in Jacksonville this year. During the Red Indigo Snake Project
Tide event in the fall of 2018, several
deceased terrapins washed up as well as The Eastern Indigo snake (Drymarchon
marine turtles, island terrapins that likely couperi) is in serious trouble in Florida, with
were affected by Red Tide brevetoxin. isolated populations around the state: the
However, mainland terrapin populations only remaining coastal Florida population
at our research sites appeared to is on three islands in Pine Island Sound.
be unaffected. This ongoing SCCF project is currently the
only permitted research in Florida being
conducted as part of the Orianne Society
federal permit. Continued education of
island residents and visitors has been key
to the high success of our mark-recapture
study. Our resident permittees and reports of
sightings by the public has likely given these
very rare, docile reptiles more of a chance at
sustaining populations in perpetuity.

Controlled Fire ANNUAL REPORT FY2018-2019 | 5

As part of the Sanibel Prescribed Fire
Partnership (SCCF, the City of Sanibel, U.S.
Fish & Wildlife Service, Florida Forestry,
and Sanibel Fire & Rescue), we were
able to perform a controlled burn on
approximately 10 acres in Sanibel Gardens
on June 19, 2019. The preserve is jointly
owned by SCCF and the City of Sanibel.
With this fire, Land Steward Victor Young
earned his burn certification, which will
allow him to pull controlled fire permits
and lead a prescribed fire. Sanibel Fire &
Rescue donated a second Type 6 fire truck
(Ford F350), which will allow us to have
two different brush trucks with water and a
pump on controlled burns.


Super nester green sea turtle “Jane” 2019 was an exceptional season for the Sea Turtle Program
laying her 5th nest this season and new records were set for total loggerhead hatchlings
that emerged on our islands. However, ensuring the survival
Photo: Janet Kirk of sea turtles is becoming increasingly complex in the face
of coastal development, ocean plastics, habitat loss, climate
We Initiated Several Significant change/sea level rise, and a wide variety of emerging and
Research Projects worsening threats.

• In response to last year’s Red Tide, the Sea Turtle Program We are committed to playing a significant role in being
received a grant to launch a two-year study investigating part of the solution by expanding our scope to meet
the prolonged impacts of brevetoxins (Red Tide toxins) these challenges. Thanks to the support of the AWC Family
on nesting and hatchling sea turtles. 131 nesting females Foundation, Sea Turtle Conservancy, FLRACEP (Florida
and their nests were sampled to evaluate the relationship RESTORE Act Center of Excellence Program) grants, and
between maternal health status, toxin levels, and private donors, we have thriving collaborations with
reproductive success. This has never been examined in a a variety of institutions and our impact on sea turtle
season following an intense Red Tide bloom. conservation is growing.

• Another large-scale project is shedding new light on During night surveys we interacted
previously unidentified variables that may affect sex ratios
in hatchling sea turtles. Twenty temperature, moisture, with over 1,500 individuals, educating
and groundwater level sensors were deployed in nests
laid across the island to monitor their effects on hatchling them about the impacts of lights on
development and sex ratios. Results from 2018 suggest
that groundwater influence has a cooling effect on nest sea turtles and other ways beachgoers
temperature and increases sand moisture. At high levels,
groundwater and moisture correlate with lower hatch can help. Additionally, we encountered
success. As of July, samples were collected from 689
hatchlings in research nests to determine sex ratios. 344 turtles at night, 157 of which

• We teamed up with the Conservancy of Southwest Florida were unique individuals. Of these
for a second season to document the migratory patterns
of green sea turtles nesting in our area. This year, we individuals, 122 were seen for the first
deployed satellite tags on six green sea turtles.
time this year and 35 turtles were SCCF’s Kelly Sloan and
To track their movements, please visit: previously identified in 2016 or 2017. Cape Coral Councilwoman Jennifer Nelson on a
The Adopt A Beach program is in its nighttime survey to observe
6 | SCCF — SANIBEL-CAPTIVA CONSERVATION FOUNDATION fourth year, engaging and promoting skyglow on Sanibel and
island-wide support for coastal learn about the effects on
sea turtles.

conservation. Over 130 individuals/

resorts participated in 2018, a 120 percent increase since

the program was launched in 2016.

Volunteer and Staff Accomplishments for the
2019 Sea Turtle Season include (as of August):
824 32• Documented
loggerhead nests and green

nests laid on Sanibel and Captiva Islands

• Hatchlings 47,130
60• Analyzed tissue samples from sea turtles that
died during and after the Red Tide bloom.

Volunteer Permittee Allen Dunham digging a sea turtle nest post-hatch Research Asst. Courtney Thomson with hatchling


Shorebirds Snowy Plovers

Snowy Plover numbers are lower this year due to the death of some adults 4 nesting pairs
during last year’s Red Tide, as well as some birds opting to nest in other 4 nest attempts
locations. Wilson’s Plovers on Sanibel fared much better this year with one brood 1 nest abandoned
managing to successfully fledge all 3 chicks! There are also Wilson’s Plovers 3 nests hatched
nesting on North Captiva on the north end, and on the SCCF property known 7 chicks hatched
as Old Charley Pass. The Least Tern colony at Bowman’s Beach had a promising 4 successfully fledged
start with 50 birds in May, unfortunately they abandoned nesting attempts after
heavy predation by crows. The birds moved to North Captiva and joined a larger Wilson’s Plovers on Sanibel
colony on the newly formed beach on the north end. Shorebird coordinator
Audrey Albrecht was able to get up there to rope off the colony and protect 2 nesting pairs
nests from accidental destruction by beachgoers. North Captiva is accessible 2 nest attempts
only by boat, so regular monitoring is a challenge. 2 nests hatched
5 chicks hatched
4 successfully fledged

Least Terns on North Captiva

High count 200 adults
Approximately 100 nests
70 chicks fledged

ANNUAL REPORT FY2018-2019 | 7


Documenting Trees on the Rauschenberg property • Performed over 50 Landscaping for
Wildlife one-on-one consultations
Jenny Evans with Sanibel & Captiva residents
I look down at the diameter tape and say, “28.3cm.” Elise, a Garden Center intern, and I
have just finished measuring the 63rd tree of the day, a Cabbage Palm (Sabal palmetto). • Sold 13,880 Florida native plants
While I record the location of the tree for mapping and measure the diameter, Elise
takes down information on an iPad, including species and family, height, canopy cover, • Sold almost 4,000 bags and bales of
diameter, and any unique features of the tree. This is part of a collaborative project with mulch, soil, and compost
Captiva’s Robert Rauschenberg Foundation, and we are identifying and measuring every
tree on the 20-plus acres as a part of the master landscape plan for the property. • Hosted 6 hardworking interns,
To date, over 1,100 trees have been recorded! recent college graduates from
around the country who wanted to
The diameter of the tree is learn about Florida conservation,
measured and recorded. habitats, and native plants

Photos: Elise Irland Landscaping for Wildlife
in Action

Becca Grotrian

Plant installations are a favorite part
of my job with the Native Landscapes
and Garden Center. I love being able to
convert homeowners’ yards to a more
wildlife-friendly habitat. One project in
particular has been very rewarding and
at times, challenging. It was a full yard
transformation by first removing exotic
and invasive plant species and then
replacing the non-native plants with
native vegetation over a three-year span.
The plants are still growing and filling in,
but have already attracted a lot of wildlife.
One species in particular are gopher
tortoises; the homeowners have a total of
three active gopher tortoise burrows in
their yard. While I was recently watering
some newly installed plants, I enjoyed
watching two of the tortoises eating
some of the vegetation. Being able to see
the metamorphosis over the past few
years is very gratifying, and even more
so when you get the see the wildlife
enjoying it as well.

The location of each tree is recorded by GPS (Trimble).


Finding a Rare Orchid

Emily Harrington

Featuring the Willow Bustic Crested coralroot (Hexalectris
spicata) turned out to be a rare
Sue Ramos find, undocumented on our
I love helping customers pick out plants for their property. islands since the 1980s.
Recently, a customer came in looking for plants that would
attract birds and butterflies. The Garden Center has so many great One day we received a call
options for this, such as Simpson Stopper, Snowberry, Firebush about an orchid a resident found
and Beautyberry. But on this particular day, the Willow Bustic growing in her yard. Based on the
(Sideroxylon salicifolium), a relatively uncommon and unknown description, it seemed to be the
tree, was bursting with flowers. The flowers are a nectar source for invasive ground orchid (Eulophia
butterflies, and the berries are a good food source for birds. I was graminea), but we asked for some
so excited to show off this gorgeous tree! This just made my day photos. They looked very similar
and I am pretty sure my customer was excited too because it is to the invasive Eulophia but
now planted in his front yard. not quite… So after a bit more
research, we realized that the
One of the resident gopher tortoises, out to find a snack in the orchid she found was actually a
newly converted native landscape. rare, native orchid called Crested
Coralroot (Hexalectris spicata)
that hadn’t been documented
locally since 1980. We took a
quick field trip to her property
to check it out for ourselves and
walked the trail through the
wooded lot behind her home to
the small patch of orchids tucked
underneath some buttonwoods.
I was impressed with how much
the orchids blended in with the
surroundings and realized how
special it was to have found them
as they could have easily gone
unnoticed. It was a pretty exciting
day to be a plant nerd!

ANNUAL REPORT FY2018-2019 | 9

Cinnamon Bark Berries Did you know the Native Landscapes & Garden Center sells over 150 species
that are native to Florida and will grow on Sanibel? And that’s only the tip
of the iceberg; there are over 3,000 plants native to Florida, and less than
1/3 of them are found in cultivation.

Here are some of our staff’s favorite picks; come by the Garden Center and
pick out your own favorite!


Tough plants that grow in harsh conditions are some of my
favorites. Cinnamon Bark (Canella winterana) fits this profile
perfectly and has a subtle beauty as well! Blooming with small
red flowers in the summer, it can tolerate dry and salty conditions,
perfect for our environment!

–Jenny Evans, Native Landscapes
& Garden Center Manager

White Indigo Berry (Randia The purple flowers of the
aculeata) is a survivor! It is tolerant Lignum Vitae (Guaiacum
of all conditions and has a sweet sanctum) make this my favorite!
smelling flower that often goes It’s endangered in the wild,
unnoticed. It also comes up on its uncommon in landscaping, and
own all over my property. was overharvested for its prized
wood, making it even more
– Em Hayes, precious from my point of view.
Garden Center Assistant
– Becca Grotrian, Garden Center

Assistant Manager

Bacopa (Bacopa monnieri) helps Christmas Berry (Lycium
with focus, clarity, and acts as carolinianum) has holiday spirit and
a stimulant (a natural coffee is festive! Its red berries hang below
the silvery leaves around Christmas,
replacement!). The leaves taste
good, and it grows everywhere, so and it is colorful when a lot of
plants are not. It also has a purple
you can just nibble it as you go! flower that turns into a red berry,
– Sue Ramos,
a unique color combination not
Garden Center Assistant found in many plants.

– Emily Harrington,

Garden Center Assistant

Rose Milkweed (Asclepias Artillery Fern (Pilea microphylla)
incarnata) is an amazing pollinator
plant, and the larval host plant of reminds me that plants are only
monarch butterflies.
weeds if we want them to be
– Tyler Sherwood,
Garden Center Intern weeds. Plus it’s an attractive

plant! – Ben Long,

Garden Center Intern



The seasonal Evenings at the Homestead provide the children of Southwest Florida Over 200 kids were able to experience the
programs and tours of the Bailey with an informative and fun way to gain wonders of our back bay waters and Gulf
Homestead grounds and gardens experiential knowledge of the ecology of beaches thanks to the generosity of our
(including the Bailey family home) remain our marine environment. This enriching NCLOS sponsors!
popular. Various seasonal programs like initiative, started in 2010 as a partnership
the beach walks at Bowman’s Beach between SCCF and Captiva Cruises, is
continue to teach about our fragile intended to give children who might
coastal environment. Different Native not otherwise experience being out on
Landscapes & Garden Center programs the water the chance to form a deeper
included building your own bee box and connection to their coastal surroundings
a butterfly release. and to spark their curiosity.

NO CHILD LEFT ON SHORE During this fiscal year we conducted 10
Environmental Educator Richard Finkel NCLOS field trips including youth groups
works with students at the Sanibel of The Immokalee Foundation, Lee
School, both in-classroom and out on County Boys & Girls Club, The Quality Life
the Pick Preserve. Richard, who works Center in the Dunbar Neighborhood of
with Captiva Cruises, coordinates No Fort Myers, Gulf Middle School in Cape
Child Left On Shore (NCLOS), a hands-on Coral, Pine Island Elementary School
learning program that fills a vital need to and New Horizons of Southwest Florida.

ANNUAL REPORT FY2018-2019 | 11


Wines in the Wild

Wines in the Wild 2018 was a magical evening, a chance
to greet returning friends while strolling the grounds

of the Bailey Homestead and sampling fine wines and
food. Thanks once again to Tom and Linda Uhler for
putting together another fabulous evening.

Tennis Tournament Beer in the Bushes

Tourney Chair Lisa Newmeyer- Beer in the Bushes 2019 raised funds, community
Cochrane (left) invites you to spirit, and support for SCCF.
the 28th Annual SCCF Tennis
Tournament on December 7
and 8. Come to play or cheer!


2019 2020

11/12 Evening at the Homestead – Troubled Waters 1/15 Evening at the Homestead with Ellen Zachos
11/15 Wines in the Wild author of The Wildcrafted Cocktail
12/7+8 28th Annual Tennis Tournament 2/7 Paul McCarthy Memorial Lecture with Very
12/10 Annual Membership Meeting and 2020 Brush of Special Speaker
3/20 Volunteer Appreciation Garden Party
Excellence Presentation 4/11 Beer in the Bushes
12/12 Evening at the Homestead – “Sea Turtle 4/22 Earth Day Presentation

Research at Loggerhead Marine Life Center” Watch for more event dates to be announced
with Dr. Justin Perrault including the Everglades Update.



Operating Financial Statement July1, 2018 - June 30, 2019


Contributions for operating $1,630,410 Program & Admin. Salary & Benefits $2,119,629
General Operations 329,847
Special Events 235,726 Physical Plant / Land Maintenance 128,729
Garden Center cost of sales 81,432
Native Landscapes and Garden Center sales 175,570 Insurance 81,812
Public Relations / Fundraising 54,671
Marine Laboratory 191,080 Special Events 78,807
Travel / Conference 40,181
Admissions 8,966 Education Programs / Exhibits 25,557
Capital Projects 12,490
Education programs 32,120

*** Preservation Fund Endowment allocation 172,997

** Total Restricted program area funds allocations 634,884

Misc. Unbudgeted Income 203,161

*Carry Forward to FY 2019-2020 331,758
TOTAL $3,284,913
TOTAL $3,284,913

* Designated Funds and Grant Income are carried forward to the next fiscal year as project expenses continue
** Designated Program Area contributions, grants, contracts and specific program area endowment, 5% of the past 12-quarter average, for Marine

Laboratory, Environmental Education, Natural Resource Policy, Wildlife & Habitat Management and Native Landscapes & Garden Center
*** 5% of the average value for the last 12 quarters

7,841SCCF is so grateful to recognize that
individuals agreed to stand and be counted as members and

supporters during Fiscal Year 2018-2019. We hope reading this Annual Report will motivate all of you to renew

your places in the SCCF family for the coming year!

3,095 We are grateful to all the Legacy
Program Area 30 84 Society members who have made
Board and Committees 2 planned gifts and bequests to support
Bowman’s Beach Walks 13 1,015 the SCCF endowment funds. If you
Captiva Cruises Docents 14 2,200 have endowed SCCF’s work through a
Hammerheads (Carpenters) 26 planned gift or your estate planning,
Marine Laboratory 21 325 please let us know so we may thank
Native Landscapes & Garden Center 19 568 you now for the gift you have planned
Nature Center 95 1,741 for the future. We would like to
Sea Turtle Conservation 9 3,168 recognize you as new Legacy Society
Shorebird Monitoring 20 179 members at our Annual Membership
Special Events 14 452 Meeting on December 10, 2019.
Trail Blazers 11 163
Trail Guides 10 116 Please contact Development Director
Wildlife & Habitat Management 14 236 Cheryl Giattini at 239-395-2768 or
Weeds & Seeds 541 [email protected] to learn more.


Please take a moment to review the names of all the donors who supported SCCF in so many
ways during FY2018-2019. Their gifts made all the difference for maintaining cash flow and
demonstrating matching funds for public sector grant proposals.

Fred and Alice Stanback Mary Jo Boler
Estate of Sally Reed Boler Family Foundation
The Haas Family
Deborah La Gorce
The Logos Fund of The Luzerne Foundation James and Vedna Welch Foundation
Richard and Feyza Shipley
Shipley Foundation, Inc. Gretchen and Mark Banks
Bruning Foundation
Robert and Elizabeth Nanovic Susan Slavik Williams
The Wescustogo Foundation
Jackie and Roy Sweeney Fund of The Greater The Donald Slavik Family Foundation
Estate of Ruth A. Deuber
Cincinnati Foundation Linda and Wayne Boyd
Philip and Roberta Puschel
Anne Nobles and David Johnson The Keith Campbell Foundation for the Environment
Lee Tauck
Gretchen C. Valade
L.A.T. Foundation

AWC Family Foundation Frank and Pat Middendorf Leah and Doug Beck
John Madden Middendorf Family Foundation Paul and Lucy Roth
Estate of Max Koletzke
Tom and Sue Pick Jim and Gaye Pigott Barbara and Tom Dunham
Joan and Bill Grabe Evelyn Rose and Jonathan Silverman
Dave and Ellen Raisbeck Lisa J. Forsyth
Todd and Barbara Bluedorn The Friedman Family
Steven G. King Joyce and Don Rice Family of Paul McCarthy
SEBA Foundation Todd and Leanne Marcum
Cathy Linnemann Patricia Smith Wilmeth Fund /
John and Donna Schubert Greater Milwaukee Foundation Mark Wimmer
Hugh J. Andersen Foundation Wimmer Communities
Sally Wilmeth
John and Kay Morse

Estate of Gwendolyn McCullen Linda and Tom Uhler Sandy Gross and John Hutton
Bank Of The Islands Polly and Gary Bayrd Pat Harig
Robin C. Krivanek Doug and Sherry Gentry
Cynthia Sargent Bill and Ruth Brooks Estate of Louise Johnson
Dick and Sherree Schneider
Sargent Family Foundation Fran Cameron Robert E. Schneider Foundation
Blake and Jan Devitt The Vince Family The Francis & Kathleen Rooney Foundation
Goldman Sachs Gives Peter and Peggy Rosenblum
Strada Education Network Captiva Cruises, Inc.
Alfonso Barroso Nancy Dehmlow Brad and Shelli Stanback
Dehmlow Family Fund Thomas and Renee Tarbert
Capitol Group Foundation James and Dulce Doss
Edward and Ellinor Hayward John and Linda Wulff


Tom and Mimi Adams Andrew and Ruthelen Burns Mike Kelly Clark and Pam Rambo
Nancy and John Ake Jim and Beckie Graham Wendy and John Kindig Chris and Mary Rayburn
Stan and Connie Grayson Phaidra and Jeff McDermott
Anonymous Bill and Shelley Greggs Kingfisher Real Estate, Inc. Kay Redmond
Michael and Christine Attardo Bill and Jo Guenzel Chip and Nancy Roach
Robin Kirk Robert Rauschenberg Foundation
Bailey’s General Store Skinner Family Fund of the Door County Stephanie Koven Hiram Rogers and Jean Gauger
Gregory Balestrero and Frances Higgins Community Foundation, Inc. John and Sue Lawson Douglas and Kristen Ryckman
Lawson Family Charitable Foundation Sanibel Captiva Trust Company
David and Brenda Bass Peter Haffenreffer and Mallory Marshall Lily & Company, Inc. Sanibel-Captiva Shell Club
Jeffrey Beale Bette Harig Fred and Judith Mancheski Peter and Chris Schluter
Mancheski Foundation, Inc.
Cliff and Susan Beittel Andria and Paul Heafy Thomas Schreier
Franz and Carolyn Bidinger The Wilshire Charitable Anne Magoun Barbara Shane
The Mariel Foundation - In Memory of Jane and Buzz Shepard
Bill and Tory Burch Foundation - Heafy Howard and Brenda Sheridan
Anonymous Jeff Hedden John H. and Carolyn T. Hoagland John and Bonnie Strand
Antonette and Bruce McDonald Peter and Linda Sturtevant
Captiva Civic Association The Hedden Family Foundation Anonymous
James and Jonatha Castle Gwenda Hiett-Clements Jeanette and Steve Mihaly Rod and Gerry Verblaauw
Charitable Foundation of the Islands Hannah Sanchez Tom and Pam Miller Nanelle Wehmann
Holbrook Travel, Inc. Network For Good Patricia Zapf
Rick and Lisa Chubb Stephanie Holscher Bear Dave and Ellen Petrick Bill and Patty Zimmerman
The Rick and Lisa Chubb Donor A Component Fund of the Maine
Bob & Lamee Holscher Charitable Trust Mary Ellen and Eric Pfeifer Community Foundation
Advised Fund Jeannette M. James Pfeifer Realty Group
Ralph and Billye Curtis Jensen’s On The Gulf Thomas A. Piraino and
Barbara C. McWilliams
K. Ann Dempsey Jensen’s Twin Palm Resort & Marina
Ted Gasteyer Dr. Arthur W. Kaemmer The McWilliams/Piraino Family
HRK Foundation Foundation
Carol and Larry Strange
George and Miriam Martin Foundation Sonya Keene and John Moy

Alice and Rick Godfrey

Larry and Shirley Akins Amanda Cross Elizabeth D. Hanson Jack and Inky Meng Marcel and Jane Saghir
Diego Dick and Nancy Curtin Marty and Brenda Harrity Mike and Lisa Miller Sanibel and Captiva Islands
Andrew and Laura Dahlem Marilyn and Charlie Hart Patricia and Attila Molnar Association of Realtors, Inc.
Ambu Yoga - Yali Zawady Thomas and Lynn Dandridge Geoffrey and Karen Moss Sanibel Air & Electric, Inc.
Paul G. Arpin Charitable Trust Davis & Harman LLP Katherine Hauser James and Mari Moye Sanibel Island Fishing Club
Jeff and Susan Dean Spencer and Odette Hays John and Shirley Schlossman
Kelly and Eric Asplundh John and Jane Henshaw Albert F. Nagel
Asplundh Foundation Donald Despain Bluma and Don Herman Diane and Leroy Neitzel Jocarno Fund
Stephen and Ellen Baugh Robert Ditton James Schubert
Tom and Carolyn Berger Doc Ford’s Rum Bar & Grille Herman Foundation Anonymous Laura and Shawn Shaffer
Christopher Berman Debra Edson Hibiscus Moon LLC Donna M.Oberhill Shell Island Garden Club
Barbara and Jim Egan David and Catherine Hogan Denis O’Connor
Lynn Bernard Dennis and Susan Eichner David and Diana Huggin William B. O’Connor Fund Robin Shield
Jackie Stradley Jim and Sharon Ellen William and Laurel Hughes Patrick and Rosemary O’Daniel Amanda Shipley
Betty and Davis Fitzgerald Charitable Fund Joseph Orndorff Rick and Martha Siders
Ronald and Jeannie Ellington Il Cielo Enid and Marty Packard
Foundation Henry and Kathy Elsesser Debbie Jaeger Doug and Mary Lynn Parsons Hans Skalle
Kathy Biggs Tom and Joan Feeley Dick and Mary Jalkut Frank and Nancy Parsons Ley Smith
Laura J. DeBruce and Jo and Manny Fernandez Janice Michelle Foundation, Inc. Foundation Fund, on behalf of Ronald and Josephine Smith
Jeffrey L. Blackman Mika and David Filkins David and Hope Jeffrey Douglas and Mary Lynn Parsons Jeff and Sue Springer
Pat and Mike Boris Hans and Leslie Fleischner The Jeffrey Family Fund of Bob and Mary Ellen Paulson Staritch Foundation, Inc.
Thomas and Deborah Braciszewski Janet Frane the Community Foundation of Dale and Jeri Peterson Ed and Ginny Stringer
Donald W. Bradford John and Susan Freund Point Ybel Brewery Szymanczyk Family
Lisa Brooks Gartner, Inc. New Jersey Ann Talcott
Anthony Brunsing Melissa and Tom Gauntlett Wally Kain Marian Pool Jack Thomas
John and Debra Bullock William and Linda Gibney Jillyn and John Kirkpatrick Sam and Kelly Powers Breese O. Tomick
Steven and Gail Burke Magda and Tony Golobic Andrea Koss Dan and Pam Prevo Roseanne Giordani
Carol and Cameron Campbell Jim and Susan Goodfellow Anonymous Leanne Freas Trout Foundation
Cape Coral Community Stephanie Goodman and Daniel and Jane Lautermilch PSSD LLC Charles and Sue Turner
Foundation, Inc. Ray Caturia Rio Gralnick R. S. Walsh Landscaping Inc. Roxanne Van Bokkelen
Mayri and Dean Caple Porter and Mariel Goss Let It Be Light Drs. John G. Raffensperger and Dr. and Mrs. Robert Van Tassel
Dan and Donna Casey Jack and Helen Gracey Tom and Merni Libonate William and Ann Vanderbilt
Jennifer Erskine and Bryan Cashin Leone Graham Linda and Nick Linsmayer Susan Luck Thomas and Kathy Veratti
Sylvia Chamberlin Great White Grill Bob and Carol Lloyd Thomas and Karen Ragatz Bill and Judy Walter
Barbara Chappell Walter and Mary Emily Gross Charles Mackall Jr. Tom and Jane Rathbone The WesaDoe Fund
Vibeke Christensen Bruce and Jeanne Grossnickle Phillip Marks Lamson and Sally Rheinfrank Ed Wheeler and Anne Haslem
Meredith and Eugene Clapp Family Foundation Fund Pete and Kris Massat Marilyn C White
Cynthia Clemson Lee and George Haines Gene and Linda Massey Mike and Mary Rice Thomas and Carla White
Susan and Chris Coile The Thomas W. Hansen and Laura N. Bob Maxeiner Chris Rifkin Kathy Wiesemann
Committee of the Islands Hansen Charitable Fund John and Kathy McCabe Penny Wilkinson and Dick Boehning
Capt. John Cookman and Kathy Richard and Barbara Hansen James and Susan McCallion Bill Riley and Susan Forster Kim Wilmeth Miller and Steph Miller
Cookman Al and Sally Hanser Susan McDowell Geoff and Robbie Roepstorff Linda and Jim Winn
Manatee & Eco River Tours Virginia McKay and Richard Henry Carol and Peter Zell
Leslie Corneliuson Jennifer P. McLean Bruce and Joan Rogers
Claude and Marsha Crawford Stanley and Patricia Rogers

Don and Nancy Rolley
June Rosner and Russ Bilgore

Paul R. and Lou Roth

ANNUAL REPORT FY2018-2019 | 15


Thanks to all of the individuals, families and businesses who have helped to support our
mission with your gifts of time, talent and treasure.

1919 Investment Counsel, LLC Bailey’s General Store Marsha Biven Jeffery and Carol Buetikofer Elizabeth Christison Thomas and Gina
Bill and Karen Aarons The Johnson Family Bill Black Robert and Helen Buhner Chubb Charitable Foundation Cunningham
Rachel Abbey John Baker and Barbara Bayliff Malcolm and Steven Bulloff Heather R. Cianfrocco
Bill and Margie Abraham Jessie Baker Felicia Bumgarner Allan Ciha and Christine Margaret Currie
Helen Ackerman Barry and Janette Baker Catherine Blackburn Judy and Bob Burgstahler George Edward Curtis
John and Susan Ackler Armand and Beverly Ball Robert and Winifred Blacklow John and Becky Burnham Milligan-Ciha John and Bonnie Dale
Stewart and Peg Adam Doug and Lu Bannerman Gene and Lynne Blanc Joshua and Betsy Burns Rose Cipriano The Daley Family
Charles and Linda Adams Harmon and Ann Banning Thomas and Sylvia Bleckwedel Jonathan and Rosaland Fay Cip’s Place Carol Dallas
Howell-Adams Family Greg and Judy Baran Buck Blessing Linda Claar Cheryl and Tom D’Altrui
Juliet and Robert Barber Ron and Margaret Blevins Burroughs Jim and Amy Clapp Patricia and Sean Daly
Foundation John and Judy Barbieri John Bloom Klaus and Gudrun Burzin Alyssa Clark William Daly, Jr.
Elaine Adler Deborah Barcan Roger and Karen Blunk Suzanne Bush and Karen Clark Peter and Sue Danford
Susan Ahlcrona and Barefoot Charleys Charles Boast and Judith Clark Christopher Daniel
Bruce Malkin Jeffrey and Rebecca Clemens John Danner and Linda
Dennis Trooien Painting Co., LLC Marsha Clinard Peter and Sandra Butler Brenda Clemmer
Thomas and Carol Aikenhead Christine Barnes Steven and Sara Boc Peggy and Blain Butner Cheryl Cleveland Bradbury-Danner
Raymond and Richard and Madeline Baron Sarah Boachnik Jane Byers Dennis and Mary Clifford Jan and Jim D’Arcy
Eleanor Barr Terri Bogenreif Bonnie Byrne Bob and Ronna Cline Patricia David
Ruthmarie Albright Gerald and Marielle Dave Bollinger and Roseanne and David Byrne Margaret Tysor Patricia Davidson
David Albright Richard and Laura Byrnes Ann and Roger Cogswell Rebecca Davidson
Judy and Mike Alexander Bartolomucci Ellen Smiley Sarabess and John Cahill Michael and Heidi Cohen David and Jill Davies
Jack and Frances Allen Patricia Barton Yuan Bonhayag Betsy and Chris Cain Patricia Cohen Holly Davies
Michael and Tiffanie Alleva Joseph Basralian Kathleen and John Borkoski Cristen Calamari Henry Cohn Ryan Davis
Gail Allinson Betty Bates Rob Boschen Mark and Melissa Calkin Lauren and Frances Coile Ivan and Janiece Davis
Bud and Joyce Almas Joan Batson Robert and Diane Bossange Sandra Calkins Esther Coke James and Maggie Davis
Linda and Pablito Almira Peter and Antoinette Bauer Bill and Jaye Boswell Jessica Rivers Gary and Diane Cole Nat and Lucy Day
Taitum Alongi Barbara Baumecker Anne-Marie Bouche Camp Robin Hood Girls David and Robin Coleman Jonathan Dean
Dianne Altieri George and Anna Lee Bayly Lesley Anne Simmons and John and Geri Campbell Michael and Lawsie Coler Dorothy Deans
Gigi Alvarez David Beal Roland and Glenda Campbell Barbara Storci Robert Debolt
Dona Alvarez LeAnn Beanland James Boughton Bobbie Canestra James Columbo & Merry Edward and Cynthia Debus
Lawrence Amon Frank Beans and Anne Yager Marion Boultbee Christine Cannella Irving Decatur and
Ed and Amejo Amyot Dianne June Bear Kevin Bowden & Candice Anne Cannon Merryfield
John Andersen Louin and Jane Beard Paul and Cynthia Caouette Larry and Mary Ann Condit Cecile Derouin
Anonymous Mike and Mary Jane Becher Ethridge-Bowden Joseph Foster Anonymous Heather and James Deiner
Lawrence Anderson David and Marie-Pierre Stuart Bowman Captain’s Walk Condominium Thomas Conley Abigail DeLoache
Roger Anderson Bruce Bowser and Suzann Barbara Conolly Richard Deming
Susan Andrews Bechthold Association, Inc. Penny Conover Richard and Sarah DeMink
Nancy Angelo Dan and Caroline Beckman Wilson Bowser Brad Junghans Elizabeth Conrad Judy Denault
Tom and Linda Annesley Clair Beckmann David and Jane Boxell Captiva Cruises, Inc. Deborah and Dennis Conta Dana Dennis
Mary Lee Anthony Edward and Mary Bedford Barbara Boyce Dennis Cardone Sue and Clay Cook Tom and Mary Denzer
Richard and Linda Antonini Michael Beebe Kathy Boyd Linda Carlen Douglas and Robin Cook Michael Derechin
Teresa Anzalone Elizabeth Beeson Andrea Dodge and Eric Carlson Barbara and Tom Cooley Henry DeRonck
Missy Apmann Jane and Jim Bell Fay Carney Sally Cooper and Jane Desforges and
Patricia Appino Susan Bellevue Dwight Bramble Mary Lou Carpenter
Marc and Jody Applegate Kim and Michel Belzile Martin and Roberta Braun Daryl and Ann Carter Claudia Hoffmann Michael White
Karen Ardolino Pete and Nancy Bender Kurt Bredenbeck Follett and Anne Carter Lee and Anne Cooper Jennifer Dickey
Harry Aretakif Robert and Melinda Bendt Ray Brennan Kathryn Sikorski and Stephen Corbin Susan Dickson
Doug and Julie Armantrout Barbara and Bill Bennett John and Catherine Bridge Jeannelle and Bob Corbin Patrick and Robin Dickson
Alexandra Armstrong Michael Bennett Kathryn Brintnall Joseph Caruso Heather and Sean Corey Michael and Carol Dicorpo
Brad Armstrong Bob and Sara Berendt James Bristol and Terry and Brenda Cassaday Eugene and Jeanne Cornell Ruth and Robert Diefenbach
Elsa Arndt Janet and Morton Berfield Barbara Cassavell Deanna Corona Holly Dill
Craig, Meta and Donna and Greg Bergamo Nancy Buckler Catering by Leslie Adams Finbarr Corr Edward and Anne Dillon
Fran and Harvey Berger Katharine and Doug Britton Reynolds & Barbara Challoner Michael and Linda Costello Bob Dineen
Daedalus Arnold David and Esta Berger William Brondyk Hammock Fund of the Greater Douglas Coupar Nancy Dings
Ann Griffith Ash Herman Berghoff Anne Brooke and Dody and Jay Cox Peter Dirico, Jr.
Mike Assar Daniel Bergmann and Green Bay Community Mike and Melanie Coyne Lauren DiSpririto
Patrick and Judith Auletta Doug Murray Foundation Cecilia and Oliver Crary Ted and Tina Ditchek
Christiane and Debra Dill-Bergmann Brita Brookes Deborah Chambliss Scott and Dana Crater John and Lori Diversey
Stuart and Sandra Berke Christopher Brookhouse Jean Chandler Carolyn Cray Carolyn Rathburn Dix
Michael Auaracher Kathryn Bielefeld Robert and Nancy Brooks Katherine Chapel Darcy and Keith Creevy David and Janet Dix
Laura and Stephen Avakian Gary and Cheryl Biltgen Anonymous Monie Chase Cliff and Patty Crockford Steve and Judy Dobson
Charles and Dana Aymond Bill and Kim Birck Dickson and Dee Brown Walter Cheatham Dave and Fran Crouch Jim and Lori Dock
James Babb Patricia Birk Steven and Patty Brown Philip and Deborah Cheevers Susan and William Cruikshank Eleanor Dominek
Roger and Marilyn Bachmann Jim Birmingham and Emma Crowder Brown Nikolai Cheryba Robert and Mary De Witt James and Sara Donnell
William Badgley and Stephen and Lena Brown Diane and Gary Chesley Debra Donofrio
Miriam Cytryn Roger and Barbara Bruene Christopher Christian Culver Michael and Arlene Doran
Carol McEntee Denise Biscardi Harold Bruner Carroll Christiansen
Mike and Becky Bagby Ray and Sandra Bissonnette Amanda Bryant Paul and Vickie Christianson
Mary Lou Bailey Charles Bryden
Kay and Brian Bucher
Kimberly Buchheit
Jeff and Cindy Buchta
Kevin and Mary Lue Buescher


Diane Doran Robert Fisher Sue Goldman Gilbert Harris Fred Immermann Kings Crown Condominium
Michael and Arlene Doran Leslie and Tony Fitch Holly Goldsmith Helen and William Hartfiel James and Kathy Ireland David and Barbara Kingsbury
Robin Doremus Gerry and Louise Fitzgerald Frank and Nancy Goodwin Mary and John Hartman George Irwin, Jr. Wendell Kingsolver
Larry Dougherty The FitzPatrick Family Emma Leigh Goodwin Paul and Ellen Harvey Chris Davison Julianne Kirkpatrick
Edward and Adele Douglass Edie and Steve Flagg Chauncey and Allison Goss John and Linda Harvey Island Inn Jonathan Kiser
Lois Dow Tammy Flaharty Frances Gote Dick Hasselman Tom Jones Merle and Eileen Kjonoas
Nancy Diowe Kathy and Steve Fleischer Pat and Dave Goulait Peter and Alice Hausmann Island Taxi Martin and Cathy
Molly Downing Norm and Helen Flemington Bob and Judy Graber Bill and Julie Hayles Patricia and Phillip Jackson Tom and Shellee Klausmeier
Mary Doyle Beryl and Alex Flesh Julie Gram and Andy and Sally Haynes Joyce Jacobs Lily Kleeschulte
Kevin Doyle Colin and Susie Flinn Beth Hayward Shirley Jacobs Eve and Kent Klein
Linda Drasnin Florida Gulf Coast University Honore Hughes Harlan and Lois Haywood Bill Jacobson Mike and Myron Klein
Martha Drost Gram and Hughes Good Vibes Robert Heaphey Douglas and Jane Jacobson Jacqueline and Allen Kloess
Wanda Dubbe Foundation Brad and Sharon Heath Michael Jacobson Marilyn Kloosterman
John Dubuque Neil Curiel Account Nancy Heck Kent and Sharon Jager Jerry and Winnette
Nancy, Robert and Charlotte Flynn Ira Grasgreen Dale and Suzette Heeres Lisa and James Jagodzinski
Anita Force Marshall Martha Grattan Hanns and Christel Heidecker James and Susan Jefferson Klopfenstein
Greg Dudak Byron and Barbara Ford Charlie and Tolley Graves Wesley Heilman III Bradley Jeffries Joan Klutch
Lynda and Charlie Dunham Joseph Foster Edward and Jean Gray George and Susan Heisler Lynn Jenness and Frank Knapke
Allen Dunham Frances Foster Gretchen and Ken Gray Jonathan and Nancy Tim Knight
Bill and Holly Dunn George Foster Judy and Brad Green Don Hendrich Kent and Jackie Knobbe
Katharine duP. Sanger Betsy Found Kathleen Green Helmreich Mary Jennings Jane Knox
Paul and Sharon Dwyer Jim Fowler Carl Greenbaum Tom and Susan Hemphill Linda and Greg Jennings Cathy Koenig
Harriet Earnest Carol Fowler Tad and Debbie Greene Steve and Debbie Henderson Vibeke Jensen Karen Koetsch
Jean Eaton Richard Fowlkes Alice Greenspan Annette and Edward Hendrick Tom and Kathy Jessen Susan Koff and Clint Marallo
Jerry Edelman and William and Kathy Fox Gail and Jim Greenwood Claudia Hennen Elaine and Greg Job Susan and Robert Kogutek
Linda and Peter Foy Greenwood Consulting Caroline Henriques Bob Johnson Bob and Brenda Kohler
Maryanne Daly Elizabeth Fozo Susie Henry Back Bay Property Services Jack and Norma Kohn
Joel and Linda Edinburg Shirley Frank Group, Inc. Peter Herlich and Alison Johnson Stanley Kolbe, Jr.
Tom and Sue Eertmoed Caryn Franklin Thomas and Elinor Gregor Thomas Johnson Jacalyn Kolk
Gary Eertmoed Lisa Franks Steve and Jane Gresham Barbara Lensing Steven Johnson Richard and Barbara Konz
Richard and Mary Eertmoed Frank and Mary Fravel Lynn and Beverly Grimshaw Barbara Hermann Bill and Denise Johnson Charlotte and Earl Koops
Don and Connie Eertmoed John and Jane Fredericks Anette and John Gritti Katherine Hermsen Elizabeth Johnson Nancy and Peter Koury
Peg Eisenberg Fritz and Shele French Raymond Grizzle William Heyd Barry and Leslie Johnson Louise Kowitch
Michael Elledge Mary Anne and Norm Frey Steven Groener Anonymous Curtis Jones Dottie Kraft
Ann Elliott John and Nina Fricke Ed and Nancy Groenert Damon Hickey Judith Jones Perry Krakora
Pamela Ellis Alan and Dotty Fritze Roger and Sandy Grogman George and Judy Hiles John Jones Tom Kroeger
Maree Elowson and Alan Fugit Amy Macht and George Grose Hays Hill Edwin and Suzanne Jorden Cynthia Krusell
Kate Fulcomer Ted Groshong and Kyle Katherine and Dan Hinckley Sherry and Craig Jurasinski Sophia Kuharich
Erhard Joeres Allan and Judy Fulkerson Sue and Robert Hipkens Ken and Lynda Boyce Linda Kuhn
Sarah Elsing Mike and Sue Fuller Newell-Groshong Robert and Jan Hirschman K & K Super-Blend, LLC Norbert and Aud Kunz
Jean Ely Barry Fulmer Elizabeth Grossman Mike and Pam Hiza Ellen Kahler Heidi Kurtz
Jane Emerson Diana and Matt Funchion Anonymous Richard and Jean Hoffman Aric Kaiser Ed and Barbara Kusek
Charles and Norma Emerson Anonymous Ed Guck William Hoffner & Edward and Lorrie Kaitz Eric Kustritz
Richard Enbody George Gagliardi Jim and Missy Guida Jim and Barbara Kallman Philip Lacorara
Brad Engdahl and Pat Layton Jane and Peter Gaines Barbara Guidotti Martha Mulloy Helen Kambin Philip and Madeline Lacovara
Donald and Deanna Engen Walter and Methel Gale Jon and Connie Gustafson Brian Holaway Janet Kamp Tom and Nancy Lagan
Susan Eperthener Anonymous Michael Hackett Peter and Donna Holden Carol and Emily Kane Melissa Laidlaw
Randy and Brenda Epperson Thomas Gallery Steve and Laurie Hafener Bob and Jane Holder Morton Kanner Linda Laird
Chuck and Bonnie Erickson Betty Gangware Hafener Charitable Lawrence and June Holen Irene Kaplan Bob and Helen Lambiase
Linda Estep William and Marsha Gardner Karen Hollon Barbara and George Karr Margaret LaMothe
Edie and Hunt Ethridge Anne Garwood Foundation, Inc. Michael and Amy Holloway Steven Kaufman Ingeborg and Paul Langer
John and Judy Evans Alan and Marilyn Gast Cheryl and Michael Hall Stuart and Carol Holmer Annette Kawecki and Pam and Murry Langfitt
Clay and Rita Ewell Susan Gayford Stephen and Marion Hall Linda Hooper Tony and Angie Lapi
Diane Ewing Michael and Ruth Gecht Robert and Nancy Halle David Houghton Michael Hopgood Bill and Deborah Larson
Sheila and Michael Faeth Julie Gentine William Hallstead Bob and Joanne Houillon Susan Kehne and Harry Brown William Lasky
Sarah Fairweather Anonymous Pat Hambleton Karen and Phil Howard Tom and Marge Keller Barbara Lasky
Bob and Donna Farrell Stephen George Lauren Hamilton Jean Howard Diane Keller Richard and Mary Lassy
Walter and Cecilee Faster Fred and Barbara George Joan Handler and Janie Howland Joan and Bill Kelly Jean and Bob Laswell
Lowell Fay Carol Gertsen Deena Hubschman Jack and Sally Kennedy Wayne Laufer
Eileen Feather Carol Gestwicki William Harman Rodney Huebner Kennedy Construction Lindsay Laughner
Sally Fekety Bolgos Marc and Cheryl Giattini Nancy Hanger Linda Huffington Joan Kent Jim and Mary LaVelle
David and Nancy Felker Maureen and Andy Ginipro Mari Hanley Guy Hull, II Eric and Melissa Kephart Paul and Ann Lawrence
Chris Fendrich Jerome Ginsburg Arthur and Susan Hanna Dee and Don Hunter Chuck and Helen Ketteman Lazy Flamingo
Bill and Carol Fenniman Tali Giveon Ed and Sharon Hannon Kristi and Matthew Hunter Susan and Robert Kidder Clifford Leach
Larry and Patricia Ferguson Robin Glass Carla Hansen Sam and Polly Huntington Susan and David Kienzle Edgar Lear
Richard and Connie Ferris Bill and Mardi Glenn Carl and Barbara Harcourt Margaret Hupfeldt Jane Kilborn Isaac Lederman
Lisa Fielder Robert and Joann Glick Gene and Mary Jo Hardy Paul Husband & Phyllis Kilby Jeffrey and Andi Ledis
Linda and Christopher Fiora Nancy Godek Dick and Marilyn Hare Randy and Marianne Kiliper Jabari Lee
Delores Fischer Mindi Goins Laura Harkey Brenda Sutton Michael and Barbara Killen Linda Lee
Pat and Stokes Fishburne Elizabeth Goldman Annie Harms Jeff and Linda Huttenburg Mona King Robin and Barbara Lee
Mary and Gerald Fisher Malcolm and Sue Harpham Drew and Maryann Huzar Roger and Christine King
Donald and Myra Fisher Don and Judy Harralson Pat Hyde
John Harrington and IBM Corporation - Matching

Deborah Marston Grants Program
George and Diantha

Molly Harris

ANNUAL REPORT FY2018-2019 | 17

Thanks to all of the individuals, families and businesses who have helped to support our
mission with your gifts of time, talent and treasure.

Adam and Laura Leff Douglas and Joy Mahrer Sandy Means Jennifer and Jay Mutschler Weston Palmer Richard and Phyllis Rabbideau
Mark Lehr Bruce Makuk Thomas Meehan Ann Myers William and Janet Palmer John and Joleen Raho
Peter Leitzen Frank Malartsik Peter and Nancy Meekin Donna Myers Ronald Pancner Juana Ramos
William and Harriet Lembeck Jeff Samson Thomas and Marilyn Mehalic John and Kathy Namovic Ewa and Gerry Pane Rene and Sue Ramos
Joseph Lerario Craig and Ellen Mandel Carl Meier Betty and Bill Nathan Ray and Joyce Pantalone Jane and Chuck Ramseth
Marcia Leslie and Kathy and Richard Mandeville Carlos and Alessandra Kevin and Sally Neher Kathleen Parent Steven Ramsey
Gary and Victoria Manella Bruce and Evelyn Neill Lisa and Phil Parker Ed and Joyce Rand
Shirley Bohnert Margaret Mangano Menendez Robert Neilson Velda Parsons Robert Randell
Alan and Edina Lessack Frank Mangano Foundation Phil and Mickey Mergener Gerald and Barbara Nelson Lucy Paskiewicz Jill and David Ranford
Virginia Letourneau Janice Manley Kent and Judy Mergler Jim and Mary Nelson Indy and Karen Pati Richard and Jane Ranieri
Darla and Joseph Letourneau Noel Mann Paula Merritt Sandy and Doug Nering Bob and Kathy Paul Bill and Jeanne Rankin
Judy Levey Grace Mann Warrin Meyers Sharon Lavin and Joe Neuman Carol Pauli Scott and Elaine Ravelson
Stan and Patty Levine Deane and Nancy Manolis Sabina, John and Carl Micarelli Carl and Christine Neumann Charles and Evelyn Payson Paul and Marianne Ravenna
Alan and Ann Levinsohn Henry and Heidi Maresh Paul Michaud Pat and Donna Nevins Sandy Artman Rich and Lani Ream
Abe and Pat Levy Linda and David Marino Patty and Kirk Middleton Evelyn Newell Barry and Linda Pearson Mike and Ann Reardon
James Lewis Mark McQuade General Mid-West Terminal Warehouse John and Gwendolynn Patricia and Alan Peck Barbara Rebecca
Alan Lewis Steve and Sue Peltzman Suzanne Reece
Sally Lewis and Kathy Rivera Contractor Company Newman Miriam Pepper Peter and Maggie Reed
David and Judi Lewis Jeannine and John Marshall Miranda and Dave Mikos Peter and Karen Newton Kathleen and Edward Pereles Thomas and Gladys Reed
Richard and Marilyn Lewis Susan Martin Chuck and Doreen Milbrandt Thomas and Leslie Nichols Patricia Perell Thomas and Suzanne Reeg
Bryna Lieberman Malcolm and Mary Martini Barbara and William Millar Jennifer and David Nichols Peter and Mary Perkins Christina Rees
Kathleen and George Lieser Joan Martyn Robert and Susan Mille Ran and Marilyn Niehoff Mahafarin and Kurt Peters Richard and Shirley Reese
Lighthouse Cafe, Inc. Vicki Mast Lois and Tony Miller David and June Nimick Helmut and Ilona Peters Mary Reid
John and Marjorie Lincoln Mattei-Rothschild Foundation Robin Miller Audrey Niquette Georgeann and George Peters Shari and David Reidenbach
Ann Lindberg Richard and Adele Mattern Lloyd Miller Freddie Nixon Sandy and Henry Peterson Ken and Sue Reinhardt
Erick and Ellen Lindblad Robert Matthew Jim and Hannah Miller Irene and Cliff Nolan Mary Peterson Thomas and Polly Reinhart
Robert and Avice Lindstrom Cecilia Mattingly Gary and Joyce Miller Fred and Marj Nordstrom Jane Peterson and Phil Star Carl Reinhold
Linda Linnehan Matzaluna Jennifer and Patrick Miller John Norfray Murray Peyton Michael and Elisabeth Reiss
Wade and Heather Lippert Jenni Maughan Christine and Scott Million Northwood Funeral Home Nancy Phillips Ginny and Mark Reiss
Stephen Litton Joan Maupin William Mills Phillips Family Mark and Kimberly Reller
Eileen and Peter Litwin Sarah May Kevin and Mary Beth Mills Cremation and Reception Nancy Pierce Bob and Mary Anne
Maureen and James Howard and Judith Mayer Leonard and Renee Minsky Centre Inc. Rob and Mindy Pierce
Sammie Mayes JC and Sue Miseroy Gary and Rhonda Nottelmann Cathy and Larry Piersol Rennebohm
Livingston Kevin McCarthy Joseph Mitchell Anonymous Anonymous Robin O. Rentsch
Susan Lloyd Ann McCarthy Leslie Mitkus Tina and John Novogratz Amy Plankenhorn Jim and Carla Restivo
Kelly LoBruth Sue and Tom McCarthy Elizabeth Modys Hans and Rose Nybro Christina Plant Hernan and Dolores Reyes
Mary Ann Loh Helen McCartney Daniel and Ann Moeder Caitlin O’Brien Ruth Ann Plate Michael Reyman
Jim and Donna Loiacono Roy McCloskey Reinhold and Sabine Moeller Lyn and Patrick O’Brien Madeleine and Rick Plummer Margaret and Charles Rich
Brian London Walter and Mary Lou Richard and Faith Moll William and Maria O’Brien Susan Pohanka Sallie Rich
Daniel and Julie Long James Monahan Ocean’s Reach Condominium Gary and Kaye Pokrant Audrey Richardson
Maurice and Cindy Long McCormick Celina Monte-Sano Association Anita and John Poling David and Nancy Richardson
Leslie and Susan Loomans Craig and Karen McCowen Jennifer and Robert Judith O’Connor Brenda Pommerenke and Tom and Beth Rickart
George Loomis and Tom and Susan McCully Nancy C. Oden Bill Rigsby
Dean and Nancy McCumber Montgomery-Rice Deirdre and Kevin O’Donnell Larry George Nancy Riley and
Diane Shelgren Virginia McDermott Ariel Hoover and Bob Moore John O’Hara Dan and Amy Pontius
Rosalie Lopopolo & Louise McDonald and William and Barbara Moore Barbara and Jim O’Hare Jeremy and Gail Pool Michael Galloway
Sharon Moore Don and Joanne Olsen Chanel Posgay Robert and Lorraine Rippe
Katherine Shepard Pierre Piffarerio Tom Moran Thomas and Barbara Jo Olson Bruce Potter Elaine and Michael Ristaino
Robert Lord Ann McDonald Jo Ann and Bill Morandini Kate Sergeant Susan and Doug Potts Mark and Becky Ristow
James and Paulette Lotstein Ann McDonnell John and Sheilah Morley On Island Anonymous Paul and Lynette Rix
Gwyneth Loud Cassandra McDowell Denice Morris Richard and Martha Ordeman Rick and Deb Powers Jeffrey Rizzo
Alcinda Lovett George and Peg McGann Jennifer Morris Ryan Orgera and Alicia Tighe Louis and Sandra Pradt Darlene Rizzo
Melanie Files and Dagmar McGill Leon and Frances Morsillo Rita Orgera Reilly Darlene Prendergast Brooks and Meg Robbins
Ann McGovern Ruth and Mark Mortensen Ralph and Mary Ellen Orlandi Scott Pressly Bill and Carole Roberts
Richard Lowman Bill and Donna McGraw Gates and Barbara Moss Diane and Hugh Joanne and Paul Prestia Virginia and William Robinson
Jim and Brenda Lowman Betsy McKee Ken and Karen Mrozek O’Shaughnessy Meg and Chris Prestigiacomo Marianne and Scott Rogers
John and Lois Luber Elizabeth and Paul McKenney Lisette and Ernie Karen O’Sickey Debra Preuett John and Nancy Rohde
Susan Ludwig Pat McKenzie Joel and Bunny Ospa Vanessa Price David and Madelaine Rohn
Arnold and Cindy David McKeon and Muehlemann Maxine Otis Ed Probst and Lisa Mauer Christopher and Helen Roland
Robert Mulligan Charles and Audrey Otto The Probst/Mauer Charitable Nancy and Mike Roos
Lungershausen Patricia Maguire Carol and Tom Mullin Scott Owen Bebe Roosa
William and Judy Lutz Daniel and Dorothy McKinney Kristina Mullins Rae Ann Owens Fund Carol and Bill Rosenberg
John and Margaret Lynch Gary and Sandra McKnight James and Beverly Munson Bob Owens and Sandy Patrick Gregory and Karen Probst Susan Rosenberg and
Gail and Jim Lynch John and Janet McLaughlin Michael Murphy Judith Gnagey Sharon Purdy
Brian Lynch and Laura Bothe Judith McLaughlin Jack and Beverly Murphy P.E.O. Sisterhood Chapter FV Lynn Quigley Kenneth Gerson
Francis Lynch Ms. Margaret J. McLean Daniel and Susan Murphy Barbara Pace Michael and Cathy Raab Mark Rosenstein
Don MacFarlane Douglas McLemore Anonymous Margaret Palange Robert and Kathy Raab Angie Larson-Roehl
John MacKinnon Kent and Sue McNew John Murtha Kim and Joyce Ross
John MacLennan Michael and Ann McTygue Nicole Murtha
Jack and Victoria Madaras
Patrick and Robin Magoon
Anne Magoun


Meg Ross Brent and Laurie Schnell Jeffrey and Jolinda Smith Sherrie and Jerry Sabine Pratsch & David Craig Wheatley
Elizabeth Ross Jim and Sheila Schnell Regina and Duane Smith Szpondowski Vaughan Jerry and Carolyn Wheaton
Jack and Marty Rossmann Paul Schnyder Andrea and Jan Smith Carol and Steve Whisenhunt
Mitchell Roth Frederick Schoen Elisabeth Smith Peter and Roberta Szydlo George Veillette, Jr. Margaret and Albert White
Michele Roth Meg Barclay & John Scholz Sheridan and Dick Snell Stephen and Joan Szynal Paul and Carolyn Verret Susan and Brian White
Jeffrey and Mary Roth Larry Schopp James and Laura Sniff Dan and Antoinette Tabor Katherine B. Andersen Fund of Elizabeth Hunt White
Tom and Carol Rothman Susan Schramm and Merrie Rollin Snow Gary and Wendy Taibbi Chuck Wiebe and Anne Millar
Colin and Elizabeth Roussil Maria Solares Sanford and Pamela The Saint Paul Foundation Diane Wien
Stacy and Ronald Rovner Sheila Gavin Geoffrey Sones Leonie Viert Pete and Sally Wiese
Melinda Roy and Chris Charles and Connie Schrup Sallie Soule Tannenbaum Douglas and Priscilla Viets David and Margaret Wilcox
Robert Schultz Patti and George Sousa John and Judith Taylor Helen and Gabriele Villa Roy and Karen Wildeman
Gourley Dawn Schumann South Seas Island Resorts Connie and Leslie Taylor Jorge Villacampa Daniel Wilhelm
Sanibel Enterprises Elsa and Daniel Schutzman Howard and Juanita Spanogle Mike and Leanne Taylor Nancy and Roger Vincent Terressa and Robert Wilk
Kristin and Christopher Ruane Lewis Schwartz Gregory and Sylvia Spaulding Michael and Janet Taylor Bob and Mary Jane Vinson Sandra Williams
Edward and Earline Rubel Holly Schwartz Charles Specht Michael and Barbara Teff Kathy Vogel Patti and Gary Williams
Herb and Judy Rubin Tom Schwegler Gerald and Judy Specht Freda Temple Anita Cohen and Alex Vogel Robert and Mary Williams
Marilyn Rubin Chris and Jennifer Schwenk Jared and Jeanette Specthrie Daniel and Margaret Terpstra Mary and Bill Vollmer David and Karen Williams
Robert and Judith Ruch Heather and Craig Scott Fran Spencer Terry and Clara Terrana Nikolai and Ursula Von Tim and Donna Wilmot
Ellen Rudd and Carl Prohaska Addison and Mary Scoville Joan Sperry Patricia Terry Peter and Susan Wilson
Christina Rudman Dmitri and Susanne Scutakes Cameron and Mark Sperry Maureen and Mark Tesoro Birkensee Karen Ann McCoy and
Carolyn Ruff Jennifer Scuteri Linda Spire Jonathan and Sandra Gretta Vosper and
Stephanie Rugoff Cindy and Charles Seaman Karen Spittler Daryl Wilson
Richard Russell Nancy Seaward Cathy Sporleder Thackeray Scott Kearns Patricia Wilson
Judy and Phil Russell Kathy Sebrowski Nino and Muriel Sportelli August and Maureen Thoma Stacy Vu Barry and Fran Wilson
Christopher Ryan Ray and Eileen Secrist Ann Marie Sprotte Christopher Thoma Marvin and Martha Wachs Lise Wilson
Kenneth Ryan Phil and Marlene Sefton Richard and Susan Sprout Vince and Gail Thomalla Louise Wagner Ellen Wilson
John and Karen Ryan SEI Investments Company Gretchen and Halsey Joseph and Ellen Thomas Andrea Wagoner and John Wilson
Christine and Kevin Ryan Linda Seifert Donald Thomas Sheri and Mike Wine
Steve and Karen Saari Stephen Sellers Spruance Debby Thomlinson Roger Ruggeri Matthew Winkler
Robert Sacks Karen Semmelman Gayle and Arthur Spruch Mary Thompson Dod and Annie Wainwright Arnee and Walter Winshall
Parvis and Kay Sadighi Edward and Penny Sessa Dick and Myrtilla Squitieri Sue and Bob Thoresen Peter and Gail Walcott George Witte, Jr.
Liz and Tom Sadlowski Tom and Jane Settanni Thomas and Carol Stafne Brian Thurber and Proud Pour Jerome Walker Judith and Jack Wittenberg
Sylvia Sagat Virginia Severinghaus Barbara Stanek Bob and Pat Tibbs Rich and Susan Wallace Connie and Robert Wittig
Dan and Jennifer Sager Burns and Carolyn Severson Bob and Kathy Stanza Barbara Timberlake Anne Wallace Richard Wojciechowski
David and Cynthia Saitta James and Katherine Shaw Charles and Juliane Steedman Nancy and Bruce Tindal Michael and Susan Walpole Thom Wolek
Kerry and Joe Salatino She Sells Sea Shells Lance and Mina Steen Tom and Margo Toering Tom and Judy Ware Victor Wolf
Richard and Christina Salerno Catherine and Kevin Shea Dennis and Jo Ann Stehr David Tompkins and Bev and Jeff Warren Ronda Wolfe
Cheryl and Jim Samples Gayle Sheets Irwin and Arlyn Stein Sally and John Washburn Lillian Wolfe
Leslie and Sandra Sandy Charlie and Gail Sheetz Christopher Stephen Marcia Andrews Carol Watkins Jon and Sandy Wolfmueller
Sanibel Deli and Coffee Ken and Phyllis Sheldon Betsy and Ralph Stephens Tim Toplisek Curtis Watkins Richard and Artley Wolfson
John and FroAn Sheridan Lynne and Jerry Stern Carol and Francis Torbey Stuart Watson Richard Wolin
Factory Mary Sherman Susan Sterrett Scott and Carol Townsley Marty and Debbie Watz Denise Wondolowski
Sanibel-Captiva Audubon Ada Shissler Larry Stevens Nancy Tracy Curtis and Georgiana Way Joan Wood
Alan and Leslie Shropshire Art Stevens Traders Village, LLC Mary Webb Michael and Mary Wood
Society Steve and Debbie Sickels Richard Stewart Nancy and Thomas Traylor Mark and Susan Webster Alice and Blake Wood
Gustavo and Inge Santos Dan and Dyan Sierra Thomas Stoel, Jr. Rebecca Troop Anonymous Jane Zartman Woodrow
Maria and Rodello Santos Mary Tracy Sigman Jerry and Nancy Stone Bob and Ardie Trost Ron Weeks Elaine and Hayes Worley
Sanybel’s Finest Ralph Silberman Ginny Stone Clifton Hyde Tucker Ann and John Wehrlen Brann and Ellen Wry
Forrest and Faye Sargent John and Elizabeth Simler Jan Stoneburner Rick Tully Sue Weidemann Blair Wyatt and Dennis Berry
Gaile Sarma Howard Simon and Elizabeth and Rick Stoner Albert and Vicky Turl Pamela Weiner and Charmaine Yeadon
Karen and Bill Sartoris Marc and Nan Stretch Barbara Turner Kristi Yee
Lauren Pachman and Mark Beth Wilson James and Linda Strong Richard Turner James Wittenberg Stephen and Donna Yetsko
Jude Sincoskie Susan and Jeff Stroud Richard Turner and Elaine Weingarden Ben and Heidi Yokel
Satterthwaite Joyce Sirkin Cyndee Such Steve and Penny Weinstein Carol Youell
Sault Ste. Marie Airport Michael and Joyce Sirota Charles and Jan Sullivan Karen Alleger Mark and Peggy Weiss Cynthia Young
Jo Ann Skillett Richard and Bonnie Sullivan John and Judy Turner Yolande Welch Laureen Young
Development Corporation Matt Skok Kristin Summerwill Patricia Tursi Lyman and Deana Welch Michael Young
Elizabeth Savage Dennis and Nancy Skowronski Tom and Maggie Surgener Chris and Alison Tyler Rick Welch Edward and Jane Young
Elaine and Robert Schaeffer Frances Slane Donald and Anne Suss Jeanne Tyrer Eric and Katie Welles Kay and Mark Young
William Schaffner and Patricia Slater Audrey Sutherland Paul and Virginia Uhlenhop Kristen Wells Claudia and Jim Youngquist
Brenden Sloan Ellen Svenson David and Aimee Ulstad Brian and Meghan Wells YourCause
Lois Knight Peggy Smith Janice and Christopher Swain Amy Underhill Stephen Wener Barbara Ziemian
Peter and Marie-Claude Mary Smith Nancy Swank Jim and Josie Urbelis Karl Werner Elizabeth Zimmerman
Gerald Smith Beth and David Swirnow David Urion Cal and Jill Werner
Schauer Gary and Libby Smith Britt Swofford Bill and Diane Valerian Rae Ann Wessel
Phil and Carol Scheiber Andi Smith Ty and Jan Symroski Andrea Van Buren Rodney and Wendy West
Sue and Gary Scheiwe Karen Smith Jennifer Vanderground Berta and Carroll Wetzel
Bob and Sherry Scherer David VanDyke and Elisabeth Albert and Kathleen Weyman
Verena Scheu Phil and Tina Weyman
Jennifer and Kenny Schiff Devlin-VanDyke Michele Whalen and
Amy Schmalz Shellie VanNess
Robert and Frances Schmidt Rick VanSeters Valerie Summer
Cynthia and Tod Schneider

ANNUAL REPORT FY2018-2019 | 19


In Memory of Mia Alvarez Dave and Fran Crouch In Memory of Theodore G. Koven In Memory of Jim Pasikowski
Gigi Alvarez Edward and Adele Douglass Stephanie Koven Marsha Biven
Lynda and Charlie Dunham

In Memory of Helen Baller Tom and Sue Eertmoed In Memory of John La Gorce In Memory of Amelia Samples
Fran Cameron Don and Connie Eertmoed Cheryl and Michael Hall Cheryl and Jim Samples

Jean and Bob Laswell Richard and Mary Eertmoed

Gary Eertmoed In Memory of Caroline LeGette In Memory of Thomas and Doris Schreier

In Memory of Dr. Christina Barkley Michael Hackett Ms. Rae Ann Wessel Thomas Schreier

Julianne Kirkpatrick Bette Harig In Memory of Sally Lupfer In Memory of Warren Schwab
Marilyn and Charlie Hart 1919 Investment Counsel, LLC Fran Cameron
In Memory of Jane and Frank Bopp Sam and Polly Huntington Deborah Chambliss Co(u)rt Tennis at the Dunes
Mary and John Hartman Bill Jacobson Larry Dougherty Paul and Sharon Dwyer
Wendy and John Kindig Ms. Meg Ross Judy and Brad Green
In Memory of Bonnee Cassedy Jerry and Winnette Klopfenstein Mary Webb Janie Howland
Lisa J. Forsyth Linda Lee Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Kaitz
Annie Harms Jeannine and John Marshall In Memory of Arthur K. Mason Diane and Leroy Neitzel
Betsy McKee Paul Michaud Michael Beebe Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Ranieri
Debra Preuett John and Sheilah Morley Janet and Morton Berfield Tom and Jane Settanni
John and Kay Morse Peggy and Blain Butner Joyce L. Sirkin
In Memory of Mike Catani Northwood Funeral Home Cremation Davis & Harman LLP
Chanel Posgay Susan Dickson In Memory of Gloria L. Silverstein
and Reception Centre Inc. Ruth and Robert Diefenbach Abigail DeLoache
In Memory of John R. Clark Barbara Pace Leslie and Tony Fitch
Jennifer Dickey Mike and Mary Rice Linda and Peter Foy In Memory of Hans and Mavis Skalle
Cathy Koenig Sault Ste. Marie Airport Development Amy Macht and George Grose Hans Skalle
Elizabeth Grossman
In Memory of Patricia Rae Crane Corporation Stephen and Marion Hall In Memory of Sallie Soule
Fran Cameron Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Suss Sue and Robert Hipkens Fran Cameron
Marc and Cheryl Giattini Debby Thomlinson James and Kathy Ireland Marc and Cheryl Giattini
Bob and Pat Tibbs
In Memory of Tammy Cummings Linda and Tom Uhler

Thom Wolek In Memory of Gordon Garrett Shirley Jacobs In Memory of Karen A. Spittler
Nat and Lucy Day Judy Levey John and Margaret Lynch
In Memory of Dr. Richard Curtin Bryna Lieberman
Chuck and Sally Bisbee The FitzPatrick Family Robert Mulligan Kay and Mark Young

Judith Byers In Memory of Bill Hanger Donna Myers In Memory of Jack Szymanski
Ralph and Billye Curtis Daniel and Julie Long Betty and Bill Nathan Karen Koetsch

Marc and Cheryl Giattini In Memory of Matthew Harris Mrs. Maxine K. Otis
Joseph Foster
Mary Tracy Sigman Susan Pohanka In Memory of Sally Reed
Karl Singer Fred and Barbara George Michael and Elisabeth Reiss Betty Gangware
Chris Rifkin
In Memory of James Daly In Memory of Paul “Corky” Ventura
Alyssa Clark In Memory of Jean, Ross & Richard Hiles Mary Smith Mindi Goins
Jane Emerson Mr. and Mrs. George M. Hiles Christopher Stephen
Brian London Betsy and Ralph Stephens In Memory of Jane Reader Weaver
Maria and Rodello Santos In Memory of John H. and Carolyn T. Beth and David Swirnow Jessica Rivers
Laureen Young Hoagland Nancy and Bruce Tindal Elizabeth Goldman
Anne H. Magoun Roy and Karen Wildeman Mary Ellen and Eric Pfeifer
In Memory of Sally Ditton Mariel Foundation Ronda Wolfe
Mr. Robert Ditton The WesaDoe Fund In Memory of Eleanor M. McCarthy
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Ghublikian In Memory of Richard Welch
In Memory of Louise Earnest In Memory of Ann Humble Delores Fischer
Cheryl J. Devine and Philip R. Podmore Jo Ann and Bill Morandini In Memory of Paul McCarthy
Mary Reid Boler Family Foundation In Memory of Pat and Harvey Wilmeth
Albert and Vicky Turl In Memory of Louise Johnson Family of Paul McCarthy Kim Wilmeth Miller and Steph Miller
Sally and John Washburn Ralph and Billye Curtis John O’Hara Sally Wilmeth and Terry Geurkink
Janie Howland Patricia Smith Wilmeth Fund Greater
In Memory of Betty Eertmoed Robin C. Krivanek In Memory of Michele Miller
Malcolm and Catherine Blackburn Ms. Rae Ann Wessel Gene and Mary Jo Hardy Milwaukee Foundation
Roger and Karen Blunk
Katharine and Doug Britton In Memory of Martha Kaemmer In Memory of Anthony “Tony” Mulinare In Memory of Richard “Dick” Workman
Anne Brooke and Doug Murray Hugh J. Andersen Foundation Sabina, John and Carl Micarelli Gwenda Hiett-Clements
Fran Cameron Janie Howland
Barbara Conolly In Memory of Max F. Koletzke In Memory of Carol Oberman Christina Rees
Mr. Theodore H. Gasteyer Nancy, Robert and Greg Dudak Ms. Rae Ann Wessel


Deborah La Gorce Environmental Education
Doug Ryckman, President Tom Libonate Tom Rathbone, Finance Liaison
John Morse, Vice President Diane Neitzel Paul Roth, Nominating Robin Krivanek & Mary Ellen
Tom Rathbone, Treasurer Ran Niehoff Linda Uhler, Membership Pfeifer, Wildlife & Habitat
Linda Uhler, Secretary Mary Ellen Pfeifer Development Management Liaisons
Susan Beittel Don Rice Bill Burch, Special Events Sandra Gross & Diane Neitzel,
Claude Crawford Paul Roth Claude Crawford, Ph.D., Native Landscapes & Garden
Chauncey Goss Ty Symroski Marine Laboratory Liaison Center Liaisons
Shelley Greggs Anne Nobles, Endowment Lisa Newmeyer-Cochrane,
Sandy Gross Cliff Nolan, Hammerheads Tennis Tournament
(Carpenters) Linda and Tom Uhler,
Sandra Gross, Brush of Wines in the Wild

Chris Lechowicz, Director & Herpetologist
ADMINISTRATIVE Kelly Sloan, Sea Turtle Coordinator / Biologist
Ryan Orgera, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer Audrey Albrecht, Shorebird Coordinator / Biologist
Erick Lindblad, CEO Emeritus (ret. Jan. 2019) Victor Young, Land Conservation Steward
Wendy Cerdan, CFO & Director of Operations Dustin Lucas, Field Technician
Cheryl Giattini, Development Director Andrew Glinsky, Sea Turtle Technician (2018-19)
Jeff Siwicke, Facilities & Events Manager Jack Brzoza, Sea Turtle Technician (2018-19)
Karen Nelson, Communications Coordinator (ret. May 2019) Courtney Thomson, Research Assistant
Ashley Graham, Data & Grants Management Coordinator
MARINE LABORATORY Jenny Evans, Native Landscapes & Garden Center Manager
Eric Milbrandt, Ph.D., Director Rebecca Grotrian, Native Landscapes & Garden Center
Rick Bartleson, Ph.D., Research Scientist Assistant Manager
Mark Thompson, Research Associate Em Hayes, Part-time Assistant
Leah Reidenbach, Research Associate Sue Ramos, Native Landscapes & Garden Center Assistant
A.J. Martignette, Research Assistant Emily Harrington, Native Landscapes & Garden Center Assistant
Kevin Jones, Research Assistant
NATURAL RESOURCE POLICY Alexis Horn, Education & Volunteer Coordinator
Rae Ann Wessel, Director Kristie Anders, Education Director (ret. Oct. 2018)
Holly Schwartz, Policy Assistant Dee Serage-Century, Living with Wildlife Educator
(ret. Oct. 2018)

ons Graphic Design by Doug Cook

Publication of this Annual Report was generously underwritten by:

“As the oldest locally owned and managed community bank in Lee County and on the
islands, Bank of the Islands/Edison National Bank cares deeply about the natural beauty
of Southwest Florida. Especially now, when we have witnessed unprecedented efforts
to protect our water, beaches and marine life, it is a great comfort to know SCCF stands
strong in its environmental stewardship. For more than five decades, SCCF has been a
leader in fighting to keep our islands and this region so special. We are honored to be
one of their partners in making that happen.”

Geoffrey Roepstorff
CEO, Bank of the Islands/Edison National Bank


NATURE CENTER: 3333 Sanibel-Captiva Road • P.O. Box 839, Sanibel, FL 33957
NATIVE LANDSCAPES & GARDEN CENTER: 1300 Periwinkle Way at the Bailey Homestead Preserve
OFFICE (239) 472-2329 fax (239) 472-6421 • MARINE LABORATORY (239) 395-4617
NATIVE LANDSCAPES & GARDEN CENTER (239) 472-1932 • WILDLIFE & HABITAT MANAGEMENT (239) 472-3984 • [email protected]

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