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Shawn Mendes by Cassandra Spiro


Words to know

Pop star: a famous and successful singer or performer of pop music

Since: for the reason that; because

Social Media: websites and applications that enable users to create and share
content or to participate in social networking.

Tour: a journey made by performers or an athletic team, in which they
perform or play in several different places.

Launched: start or set in motion (an activity or enterprise).


Shawn Peter Raul Mendes
was born on August 8th,
1998. Toronto, Ontario.


Shawn was born in
Toronto, Ontario . He
grew up there with
his family. When he
was 5, his sister
Aaliyah was born.


The are both really close to one
another. They have lots of
memories together. Their
parents say that they have
always been close. Shawn
shows his love towards his
family and says he misses them
a lot when he is on tour.


Shawn’s dad
is Portuguese
and his mom
is from

Shawn is very close to his parents. He states that his family is always the
first to listen to his new music. He likes to hear all the things his mom has
to say about them.


He learned how to
play guitar on his
own because no
one was willing to
teach him the
song that he

The beginning

Shawn at they age of 15 started
posting videos on social media and he
got famous. He started posting videos
on YouTube singing Ed Sheeran songs.

At the age of 16 he launched his
first album which the first song was
“Life of the Party”. He was the
youngest pop star who got a song in
the top 25 in the billboard.

The Middle

After “Life of the party” he launched his
album ”Shawn Mendes”. He joined Justin
Malon, along with Fifth Harmony,The
Vamps and Alex Angelo on the summer
tour. The song to make him famous is

The Middle

With “Stitches” he got in the
top 10 of billboard records. Then
with time he launched his album
“Illuminate”which was the number
one song on YouTube and Spotify.
One of them being “There is
nothing holding me back”. In 2018
he launched his album Shawn
Mendes witch broke records.


Right now Shawn is on a
world wide tour. He got the
opportunity to sing on stage
with John Mayer in Las Vegas
in 2018. The most recent
collaboration he did was with
Justin Timberlake.

Shawn Mendes Foundation

The Shawn Mendes
Foundation is all about
making a change in the

Getting Help

He is making an impact with global warming. During a a pop
up concert in Toronto, Canada, he got “20,000 fans to
take environmental actions in their daily lives”, “70,000
and more disposable water bottles used in the audience
and backstage”, “750 hours volunteered by fans”, “12,000
and more pounds of composted food, in the dining and
backstage”, and “2,500 meals donated to the local


There is a change that can
be made and he is
demonstrating that change
can be in your hands if you
transmit the message.
“Together let’s give a voice
to the youth generation of


Message explanation

The last three are some of the
main messages that Shawn states
that his Foundation is about. His
plan has to do with act, empire,
and inspire.

Recent event (October 3rd)

“A recent video from
students in Adaklu Seva,
Ghana, at one of two schools
Shawn & his fans built in
partnership with Pencils of
promise. Every child should
have the right to a proper
education. Learn more at and find
out how you can help.”

Recent event (October 27th)

The most recent event for the foundation
was that they partnered with Sick Kids
hospital in Canada where he stopped by and
helped the kids because they have life
threatening diseases. “We are so happy to
partner with Sick kids vs. Shawn recently
stopped by the hospital for a visit and to
begin our work with them, to help bring
support to children with life threatening
diseases. Learn more by visiting or by following
their socials”

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