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In today’s world, people are living longer and as their aging process continues, so do their medical needs and required level of care. Hollenbeck Palms proudly offers residential, assisted living and skilled nursing care all on the same campus.

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Happenings at Hollenbeck - Hollenbeck Palms

In today’s world, people are living longer and as their aging process continues, so do their medical needs and required level of care. Hollenbeck Palms proudly offers residential, assisted living and skilled nursing care all on the same campus.

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update — 2013 YEAR END appeal Spring 2014

Strong donor support Happenings at Hollenbeck
funds new accessible van
Update on our Skilled
Once again, the kindness of the extended Hollenbeck family has come Nursing and Memory
through for our residents. Our year-end appeal asked our supporters to Enhancement Center
help fund a new van, specially modified and adjusted to meet our residents’
special needs, to transport them to medical appointments. Heeding our call,
Hollenbeck’s supporters responded by contributing just under $50,000. This
generosity allowed us to replace our existing van which had logged over 150,000 miles and was in constant need of repair and service.
We are grateful to all our friends who helped make this happen for our residents.

spotlight on leadership YOU HELP MAKE IT H ollenbeck Palms proudly offers residential, assisted Architect’s rendering of future Skilled Nursing
HAPPEN! and Memory Enhancement Center
Meet Mike Davis, living and skilled nursing care all on the same campus.
newest Board You can help make a difference in the life of a Hollenbeck Palms In today’s world, people are living longer and as their together for meals and expanded clinic facilities will meet
member resident. We do our best to make certain our residents are well aging process continues, so do their medical needs and their growing medical needs.
cared for and fully engaged, and here’s how you can help. required level of care. By 2025, the number of people age
Mike Davis Having enjoyed a 41-year career in 65 and older with Alzheimer’s Disease is estimated to reach The new Memory Enhancement Center will create
investment counseling, most recently  MAKE A CASH DONATION 7.1 million, unless a cure is found. As more and more fragile a  therapeutic and stimulating environment, and provide
seniors and their families rely on Hollenbeck for care, we an exceptional quality of life, for our residents living with
at Clifford Swan, Mike Davis joined Hollenbeck Palms’ Board of We rely on the support of our friends and donors to do what have launched a $13,000,000 Capital Campaign to address Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia. Our
we do. If you would like to make a donation, honor a loved one their changing and challenging needs. center will allow us to combine friendly conditions with
Trustees in 2013. Among his many responsibilities during his 20 or make a monthly contribution, please visit our website at security, creating a harmonious and safe living environment. and click on the “Donate” button Built in the 1950’s, the buildings in which we provide our Perhaps most importantly, it will allow couples to stay
years at Clifford Swan, Mike was the manager of Hollenbeck’s on the right hand side or call 323-263-6195 and ask for the nationally-recognized nursing care are older and need together on the same campus at a very difficult time in
Development Department. to be updated. When completed, Hollenbeck will boast their lives.
endowment portfolio and became a fan of the organization. A an 83-bed, state-of-the-art Skilled Nursing and Memory
 DONATE YOUR VEHICLE Enhancement Center, providing a more appealing, To date, we have
graduate of Stanford University, Mike led a platoon in combat comfortable and effective environment for its most raised just over
Donate your car, truck, SUV, RV or boat! This is a quick and vulnerable patients. $2,300,000 towards
operations in South Viet Nam receiving a Bronze Star. Upon return easy way to solve your issue and eliminate the hassle of this effort. We are
selling your vehicle at the same time. We do all the work Kicked off in April, the first phase of our efforts will update truly grateful for each
stateside, Mike earned his MBA from UCLA and began to work at for you and proceeds from the sale of the donated vehicles our existing Heideman Hall which was built in 1978. and every gift that
go to Hollenbeck. To make a donation, please call 323-263-6195 Upgrades will include a larger nurses’ station and lounge, a has been collected
Western Asset Management Company. Along the way, he became and ask for our Development Department. renovated beauty salon and a creative arts center. to reach this goal. To
learn more about ways to participate in this campaign or
a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).  VoluNteer Next, the West Wing of our existing Hensel Hall will be discuss naming opportunities, please call Sally Sanders,
replaced with a new structure that will feature wider Director of Development at 323-307-4554.
A long time resident of South Pasadena, Mike is an active Rotarian We always need help in the office or with our activities. If you’ve and brighter hallways, larger rooms and ADA-approved
and serves on the Board of the Oneonta Club Foundation. Mike got the time and talents to share, please call us at 323-263-6195 bathrooms that can accommodate walkers and wheelchairs.
and his wife Leeann are the proud parents of daughters Jennifer and ask for the Activities Department. An intimate dining area will bring residents and families
and Anne.
We welcome Mike to the Board of Trustees and extended
Hollenbeck family and look forward to working with him. You can make a bequest to Hollenbeck Palms by including
language in your will or living trust leaving a portion of your estate
board of trustees to Hollenbeck, or by designating Hollenbeck as a beneficiary of
your retirement account or life insurance policy. Please consult
Casey D. Adams Tracy G. Hirrel your own legal and tax advisors to help guide you in this process. Our Mission
Marcus Adams Properties Community Volunteer provide comfortable, enjoyable and secure retirement living ...
David V. Adams Carol A. Johnston, Esq. with great compassion, honest dignity, and genuine love.
Marcus Adams Properties Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP
573 south boyle Avenue • los angeles, california 90033 • 323 / 263.6195 •
Michael G. Davis Philip V. Swan Hollenbeck Palms is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization • COA212 / RCFE 191800001 • Federal ID #71-0876594
Retired Investment Counselor Swan & Associates

Dr. Kanegae shares his views DONORS March 1, 2013 to March 31, 2014
about new facilities
We are proud to recognize our generous donors whose kindness allows us to deliver exceptional care to our residents.
As Medical Director of Hollenbeck Palms, Dr. Thomas Kanegae offers skills, energy, We have made every effort to include all supporters on this list, and apologize if your name has been inadvertently omitted.
and a hands-on style infused with a personal passion. “I’ve always treated my
patients like members of my own family,” he says. Please contact the Development Department at 323-307-4554 with any questions.

Dr. Kanegae is eager to see how the new environment will enrich the experience of $1,000,000+ $500-$999 Mr. Jorgen Andersson Mrs. Jeanne Kikuchi Ms. Trudy Sivick
both patients and professionals in reaching the highest level of health, functionality The Ayrshire Foundation Dr. & Mrs. Yoshio Akiyama Mrs. Dora Arambulo Mr. Harold Kirshner Ms. Carllene Smith
and well-being. “We have a tremendous staff that is spectacular at handling $500,000-$999,999 Mrs. Anne Alberts Mrs. Emmeline Arreola Ms. Reiko Kondo Mr. & Mrs. Robert Stephenson
Dr. Kanegae, Medical Director at challenges,” he says. “This expansion will greatly enhance their efforts.” He notes Anonymous Dr. Geraldine Branch Ms. Fumiko Asato Mr. & Mrs. Roger Kosaka Mr. Richard Stevenson
Hollenbeck Palms and Director of Cardiac the new setting will feature a more intimate, residential feel. “The rooms will be $250,000-$499,999 Ms. Joan Drevlow Ms. Diana Barnwell Mrs. Kimiko Kozaki Mrs. Nathalie Stream
Rehabilitation at Good Samaritan Hospital, larger, with ADA-approved bathrooms,” he added. “Nursing stations will be larger, Mrs. Tracy Hirrel Mr. & Mrs. John Funtsch Mr. & Mrs. Larry Beals Ms. Pat Kubota Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Sugimoto
improving our efficiency and response time — already faster than a hospital’s. $100,000-$249,999 Mr. & Mrs. Walt Harasty Mr. & Mrs. Norman Beals Mr. & Mrs. Rikio Kumagai Ms. Toshiko Suguro
confers with a resident. Mr. Wayne Cliffe Mr. & Mrs. William Heideman Mr. & Mrs. Terry Beals Mrs. Yuri Kumai Ms. Julie Sumida
$50,000-$74,999 Mr. & Mrs. J.D. Hokoyama Ms. Arlene L. Beck Mrs. Mary S. Kumataka Ms. Misao Takasugi
There’ll also be a medical clinic suite allowing doctors to meet, confer and collaborate.” California Community Mrs. Lillian Inuzuka Mr. & Mrs. John Bidstrup Ms. Akiko Kuratomi Ms. Lisa Takata
Foundation Miss Alberta Kassing Dr. & Mrs. Robert Branch Mr. James Kuratomi Mr. Paul Takeda
“Seniors overall are more active than they were even a decade or two ago,” he says. “Today, many of them choose to live in a setting Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Jacobs Dr. & Mrs. Laurence Kedes Bridgeport Benefits Mr. & Mrs. Shig Kuwahara Mr. & Mrs. William Tan
like Hollenbeck simply because they like the safety and companionship of being in a community. With this new wing, Hollenbeck Ms. Barbara Jury Mr. George Kochi Mr. Robert Bykowski Ms. Chuek Wah L. Kwan Team Rehab
will be able to meet all its residents’ needs while maximizing their feeling of home.” Mr. Henry Nevins Mr. Kikuo Kochi Mrs. Julia Carlblom Ms. Araceli Lerma TechApplication
$25,000-$49,999 Mr. Kazumi Kondo Mrs. Arline Chang Mrs. Claire Lewis Mrs. Carol Thomas
Taking caring further “ no fault of their own, Hollenbeck will always be their home. The Anonymous Kravitz, Inc. Ms. Ann Chee Miss Teresa Lopez Mr. Norman Tollefsen
lifestyle, care and services they’ve come to know and expect will Carol A. Johnston, Esq. Ms. Kathryn Kwok Ms. Marilyn Cohn Ms. Pat Lynch Dr. Joyce Show Tran
How would Hollenbeck fare without fundraising? “Speaking from continue to be offered to them, and the costs associated will be Mr. Philip Swan Ms. Lily Maeoka Ms. Anita Corral Dr. Ellen Machikawa Mr. Alan Tsuyuki
an operational viewpoint, it would be a different ballgame,” says absorbed by Hollenbeck. Roughly 25% of our residents and 48% of Mr. Edgar Whitley Mr. Charles Edgar Mccoy Mrs. Cortelia Davis Ms. Sara Macpherson Ms. Helen Tsuyuki
Vice President /Treasurer Morris Shockley. our Skilled Nursing residents rely on government assistance, which $10,000-$24,999 Mr. & Mrs. David Mitchell Dr. Richard Diaz Ms. Michelle Mancuso Ms. Lane Turzan
does not cover the costs associated with their daily care. Thanks Mr. Casey D. Adams Mrs. Deborah Page Diana Manchester Advertising Mrs. Susan Mancuso UBS Financial Services
As a non-profit organization, Hollenbeck relies on gifts and donations to our endowment, in fiscal year 2013 Hollenbeck Palms provided Capital Group Charitable Mr. & Mrs. Gary Robb & Design Mrs. Hisako Matsumoto Ms. Jean Ushijima
that enable us to meet all our needs. Although our members’ nearly $1,000,000 in charity care. Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Kohar Rony Ms. Doris Dosser Ms. Suyemi Matsumoto Mr. & Mrs. Tom Uyeda
fees pay for our operational costs, which include labor and food Mr. & Mrs. Mike Davis Mr. Ray Shively Ms. Ann Evans Mr. & Mrs. William M McCoy Mr. John Vander Dussen
service, quite often other expenses arise that are not budgeted. “The facts are that without our endowment, we would not be able to Mr. Scott Hedrick Dr. Frank Sinatra Ms. Mary-Louise Facio & Dr. Donna Elliott Mills Vicenti, Lloyd & Stutzman
For example, this year we purchased a new transportation van. keep providing for our residents who have outlived their resources,” Carl W. Johnson Mr. Forest Sloan Mrs. Margaret Rosales Mr. & Mrs. Katsuhiro Morishita Mr. Brenn Von Bibra
The beds in our Skilled Nursing Center are outdated and being adds Mr. Shockley. “Without fundraising, we wouldn’t be able to Foundation Smith Floors & Installations Fashions To You Mr. & Mrs. Doug Mudgway June Weinstein & Associates
replaced. And you’ve read about the new, state-of-the-art Skilled meet our capital expenses such as the new van, and especially the Estate of Robert Wilkie Mr. George Sutton Felipe Bagues Mortuary Mrs. Mary Nakaki Mr. & Mrs. Noel Weiss
Nursing and Memory Enhancement Center that will be completed new buildings we’re building.” $5,000-$9,999 Mr. Walter White Ms. Hilda Fielding Mr. Kenneth Nakano West Coast Laundry &
in the near future. Developing new, innovative programs to meet our Anonymous Ms. Camille Williamson First Choice Mobile Radiology Mr. & Mrs. John Nakao Warewashing
residents’ changing needs can be costly, yet we continue to provide Hollenbeck Palms has been an integral part of this community for Dr. Robert Bergeron $250-$499 Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Flores Mr. George Nakashima Mrs. Edna White
nearly 125 years, providing our residents with a loving home and I.N. & Susanna Van Nuys Mrs. Linda Barber Mrs. Jane Fong Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Nathanson Mr. David Wong
“them to all our residents. their family members peace of mind. It is the same community we Foundation Ms. Sara Bleick Mrs. Irene Furuya Mrs. Rita Nieto Mrs. Elaine Wong
“It’s fundraising that allows us to truly meet our mission of rely upon to help us continue to fulfill our mission. David Watts, Esq. Mrs. Emi Bristow Ms. Aida Gabaldon Mrs. Sumiko Niwayama Mrs. Takiko Yamasaki
$2,500-$4,999 Mr. & Mrs. Lee Cotugno Mrs. Rosa Gabaldon Mr. Yoichi Okamura Miss Yoshiko Yokomizo
providing comfortable, enjoyable and secure retirement living Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. James Furuya Ms. Emily Gabel Mr. & Mrs. Frank Ortiz Mrs. Karen Yoshioka
Ms. Viola Nakagawa Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Gardner Mrs. Lola Gauff Mrs. Chiyeko Oshiyama Mrs. Sue Yoshiyama
with great compassion, honest dignity and genuine love. ” $1,000-$2,499 Dr. Chris Jacobs Mr. Robert Gonzalez Ms. Teresa Ann Pazzulla In Kind
Anonymous Mrs. Velia Jones General Security Service Plumbmaster Father & Mrs. Donald Ashman
“All these expenses, as crucial as they are, are dependent on our Mrs. Sotera Arriola Mr. Kazuo Paul Kamachi Mrs. Betts Hall Presberg Pensions, Inc Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bohannon
fundraising efforts,” says Mr. Shockley. “It’s fundraising that allows Clifford Swan Investment Mr. Thomas M. Kubota Ms. Adrienne Hamalian Mrs. Helen Proctor CareMore
us to truly meet our mission. The two go hand-in-hand.” Counsel Ms. Laurene Kwok Mrs. Hermine Hamalian Mrs. Keiko Pulin Chem Search
Enterprise Holdings Ms. Lillian A. Lee Mrs. Lucy Harrington Ms. Darlene Quan DMJB Services
Part of the security of living at Hollenbeck Palms is the knowledge Foundation Ms. Pearl Matsusaka Ms. Barbara Hartman Mr. John Raffoul Dryer’s Ice Cream
that should a resident outlive their financial resources through Golden State Pooled Trust Dr. April Mayer Mrs. Sally S. Hashimoto Mr. Daniel Ranalan Dr. Marian Fedak
Lewis & Associates Mr. & Mrs. Mike Miller Father Alfred Hernandez Ray Blom Plumbing Mr. & Mrs. John Furukawa
Remember Hollenbeck Palms in your Will & Estate Planning. You can maximize tax benefits and leave a legacy that Mrs. Charlene Liebau Mr. Daniel Mitchell Ms. Dora Hernandez Mrs. Kathleen Ridilla Gentle Transitions
will make a difference for years to come. Please call 323-263-6195 and ask for our Development Department. Mr. Paul Mitchell Monument Insurance Services Mr. Joe Hernandez Mr. & Mrs. George Riggs Ms. Shelley Hirata
Mr. Angelo Mozilo Mrs. Rose Okamura Mr. Lionel Hernandez Ms. Patrice Roach Ms. Nancy Jablonski
Ms. Mary Oi Oxy Blind & Shade Company Miss Mary Lou Hobart Mr. & Mrs. Richard G. Rosales Mr. Kikuo Kochi
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Richards Mrs. Tomiko Ozawa Hollywood Glass Company Ms. Nancy Rosen Kono & Sons
Mr. Manny Rodriguez Carol Peters, Esq. Mr. Shinya Honda Mr. & Mrs. Alan Rosenbloom Mrs. Jen Lorenzen
Ms. Graciela Rodriguez Raphael Fund Mr. Ronald Inuzuka Mr. Gerald Rowland Ms. Pearl Matsusaka
Mr. David Shaw Ms. Ruth Rosenberg Mr. Tsuneo Inuzuka Ms. Irene Sanchez Mr. & Mrs. Randy Momii
Mr. Timothy Shaw Ms. Betty Rubly Mr. & Mrs. Ed Ito Mrs. Sally Sanders Mr. & Mrs. John Nakao
Mrs. Edwina Talbott Mr. & Mrs. George Tamaki Ms. Gayle Izuno Miss Elvira L. Saxe Ms. Mary Oi
Unger Family Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Terry Takasugi Mrs. Alice Jue Ms. Claudia Schatz Mrs. Dorothy Perry
Mr. Harry Weiss Ms. Youko Kagawa Mr. Harold Schatz Phoenix Textile
$249 and below Dr. Thomas H. Kanegae Mrs. Estella Schlemer Procare Medical Staffing
Anonymous Mrs. Iola Kapuza Mr. & Mrs. Allon Schoener Psychosocial Consultants
Mrs. Kathy Abbott-Mayer Mrs. Fumi Kaseguma Ms. Gloria Schwed Mr. Michael Risdell
Mr. & Mrs. Andreas Aebi Mrs. Donna Katagi Shamir Insight Mrs. Arlyne Rosenbloom
Mr. Manuel Alba Dr. Alan Kawaguchi Mr. Satsuki Shigekawa Sodexo
Mrs. Alvira Anderson Mr. Toshio Kawaguchi Mr. Jesse Show Mr. & Mrs. Ken Sogg
Mrs. Aurora Anderson Mr. Masaji Kawashima Mrs. Marion Siu Ms. Victoria Thor

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