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WT Eng 2018-12

WT Eng 2018-12

August 2018

Our mission is to assist the Malaysian church in transforming lives, making disciples, and establishing churches by translating
Scriptures into the heart language of all people.

by Peter & Angie Seow

For internal circulation only WYCLIFFE TODAY 1

“Wa, wa, wa, wa…” e sound e Seow family in Danama (circa 2005)
echoed inside the ‘honai’ (a
traditional grass-thatched roof experienced gradual changes in the Western Dani language which is
house) where we were seated. It was technology until the present, the part of the Trans-New Guinea
the sound of grateful thanks from Walak (like many other tribes in the language family. e Walak people
the Walak leaders. We had just remote parts of Papua) have lived have been living in the central
arrived in the village for the rst unchanged lives since time highlands of Papua, spreading from
time in 2005 and visited the honai immemorial. the lowlands of the Pyramid area to
of the village chief. ‘Wa’ means the Central Memberamo
‘thank you’ in Walak and the depth e Walak practise subsistence highlands. Just over 50 years ago,
of gratitude is re ected in the agriculture - consuming most of the Dani was rst among the larger
number of times the word “wa” is the produce they grow: leaving little tribes to receive the gospel. e
repeated. is usually happens a er or nothing to be marketed. Now, Scriptures were rst translated into
their traditional welcome, a “de with the digital age at their Dani and an indigenous bible
ndai” (crying song). In this doorstep, they have to make a leap school was formed to teach the
traditional Walak welcome, a leader from the “stone age to the people about God and His Word.
leads the people in the song of information age”. e Walak are Many new believers became local
gratitude to God for the visitors. keenly aware of the challenges in missionaries and began sharing the
preserving and passing on their Good News to neighbouring tribes.
e rest of the villagers who are traditions to the next generation. Although the Walak is linguistically
present, responds in unison at the part of the Dani, the tribal system
appropriate time. Real tears ow THE GOSPEL COMES TO DANAMA they lived in, puts them at odds
from their eyes during the ‘de ndai’. 1950s 70s with each other.
Wet drippy noses which they wipe In the village of Danama, the ‘ap
with their hands…only to shake e Walak language is a branch of
yours right a er!


e Walak people live in the central
highlands of Papua, Indonesia.
With around 3,000-5,000 speakers,
this tribe considers themselves one
of the smaller groups in Papua
compared to neighbouring tribes.
While until the present, we have


nggok’ (big man) aka the village
chief, Tenggino, was a erce
warrior chief. He defended his
village from the advancement of
the Gospel and rejected the
message the Dani missionaries
brought. As inter-tribal tensions
were o en high in Papua (due to
self preservation, distrust, revenge
killings, etc.), there were accounts
of Dani preachers being killed
because Tenggino did not trust Sonny (right) leading a OneStory session in Danama (circa 2017)

these foreign preachers. However,
the Lord moved his heart and the completed in 1980. To use it, the and engaging people with
whole village came to believe in the Walak pastors had to read it in Scriptures. Case studies have
true living God. In the late 1960s, Dani, translate it in their heads and shown for tribal monolingual
missionaries were sent to establish then speak in Walak. While this situations, learning to read and
churches in the Walak area. ey worked somewhat, some Dani write is best done in the mother
learned the language, lived among words were confusing as the ongue. It is also harder for a tribal
the people and helped them grow language was distinct from Walak. people group to identify with
in their newfound faith. By the e attempt to translate the Scripture when it is presented in a
time most missionaries le in 1977 Scriptures into Walak for over 10 foreign language. We needed to
due to political unrest, churches years failed. hear from the Walak people
were established but the themselves if there was a need for
translation of the Scriptures into IN PAPUA 2004 2007 Scripture in their language. So,
Walak had not started. Peter and Angie made plans to
In 2004, we moved our whole learn Walak in town in preparation
TRANSLATING THE WORD family to Papua, Indonesia. We for trips into the Walak territory.
1980s 2000s found a local organisation who was During the few visits to the village
willing to sponsor us (i.e. that we in 2005, we learnt about the Walak
However, as the Western Dani had are accountable to) so, under this and their heart cry for the
a larger population, there was a organisation, Angie would scriptures in their language. One
push by missionaries to translate translate the Word of God and day, Tenggino came by to visit. We
the Bible into Dani and this was Peter would be involved in literacy talked about his life and his family

and a er a while he talked about
his heart’s desire, “I took literacy
lessons to read the Bible. I have
nished the course already but
where is the Walak bible?” We
could see tears in his eyes. “I am
getting old and my eyes are getting
weaker. We have been waiting for
so long - will I ever be able to read
the Walak bible?” Our hearts were
touched by his desire for the
scriptures and we saw that the
people wanted the Scriptures in
their language and we promised to
do our best to see it come true.
During one of the district
meetings, the Walak decided to
give the responsibility of bible
translation to us.
“I am getting old and my eyes are getting weaker. We have been waiting
for so long - will I ever be able to read the Walak bible?”

(continued on page 6)


Peter working with Mother Tongue Translators.

PAPUA 2008 2017 Since the work of the written Bible attended and his life was changed.
translation had already being Before he joined the group, he saw
A er a year’s wait for our work claimed, we decided to focus on an no di erence between worshipping
visa, we managed to get back into oral approach instead. Working God and worshipping Satan.
the country with Peter working as with Peter, Sonny has formed a Instead of going to church on
a teacher in the mission school for Walak team for the OneStory Sundays, he would go to a cave,
2 years. Although we couldn’t program. is program consists of start a re and worshipped evil
o cially work with the Walak, we 6 language groups, meeting 4 times spirits. However, when he joined
kept in contact with them during a year, a month at a time with the the storying sessions, he learnt that
the following 2 years. In 2009, the goal of translating a set of 18-25 when Adam and Eve sinned, God
Lord opened the door for us to be Bible stories from Genesis to cared for them and clothed them,
sponsored under GIDI (Gereja Revelation into their own to cover their nakedness. He still
Injili Di Indonesia), the languages. ere has been great showed His love to them. In the
Evangelical Church in Indonesia. success working this way as they same way, Endatekma felt God’s
Working under GIDI, there has see similar challenges in the other forgiveness and acceptance. e
been great traction regarding bible language groups and are able to Lord convicted him that what he
translation and progress in getting pray and encourage one another. was doing was wrong and God’s
the Word of God to the Walak has grace was calling him to
gained great traction. Peter TESTIMONY repentance. In the end, he
connected with 2 faithful Walak concluded that only God is good.
speakers who are committed to In 2017, Sonny and the team took He is now following Christ and is
Bible Translation - Sonny and the stories they had worked on and part of the Church leadership.
Wempy. ey are both married shared them with the Walak
and have kids and have pledged people. ey shared the story of (continued on page 7)
their time and energy into getting creation in Walak and taught the
scripture and related materials people to retell and memorise it. A
translated into Walak. man named bapak Endatekma

e Walak in traditional
attire (circa 2016)


2018 ONWARDS Pray for:

Angie who was trained as a Bible Translator is now a (1) the plans for the Walak (OneStory, Oral
Bible Translation consultant. She has been approved Bible Translation, Bible background books
to check the quality of Bible translation work and has and Jesus lm) that these tools will bring the
helped many language groups in Papua get their Word of God to them so that the WORD can
Scripture portions checked and approved to be bring a change in their lives
used/published. She is currently working with a
group which is exploring an oral Bible Translation (2) Sonny and Wempy that they will be faithful
approach. We believe this is a good way for the to continue serving the Lord in this ministry
languages in Papua to get access to the Word. Apart
from this, Peter and Angie have been working on a (3) wisdom when dealing with con ict
set of four Bible background books in preparation for resolution in the eld
the Old Testament translation (if the Lord wills).
With book 1 completed, book 2 in nal dra and (4) safety and protection for Peter and Angie as
Book 3 in initial dra , we hope to complete the set of they travel between the interior and abroad
4 books within the next year, e Walak people also in their translation ministry
wish to have the Jesus lm translated and dubbed
into their language, the work of which will hopefully
start by 2020.

* If you wish to contact Peter and Angie, please write us at peter-angie_seow@wycli to receive regular email updates,
or sms at WhatsApp at +62812-4811348

Culture DATE
Scrmipeetts ure
Workshop 1 4 NOVEMBER 2018

What do we do when our cultural values and VENUE
practices clash with Biblical teachings?
How do we advise new believers? CITY COMMUNITY CHURCH

Freedom to celebrate culture can be found for 13 & 15, Jalan Malinja 1, Taman Malinja,
Christians as they develop Scripturally sound ways 75050, Melaka.
to integrate faith and culture in handling con ict
and in events such as births, marriages, and REGISTRATION FEE
deaths. RM20/pax
The Culture meets Scripture Workshop, conducted
by Jo Shetler and Amy West, will help Christian DATE
leaders to examine cultural practices in light of
Scripture and then formulate a response that both 6 10 NOVEMBER 2018
aligns with Scripture and yet remains culturally
meaningful. VENUE


60, Jalan Raya Barat, 41000 Klang, Selangor


For more details please visit www.wycli




Board Chair Vice-Chair

Vive is from Kuantan and has worked in Malacca and Kheng Seang was born in Penang but studied in Ipoh. He
Penang. Together with his wife, Sathy, they relocated to worked in Alor Setar for some years and now is living in
Bangkok in January 2016 and is currently attending Kuala Lumpur with his wife Lei Hua and two lovely
International Christian Assembly (ICA), Bangkok and children, Lim Yue and Tao. He is a professor in neurology
serving as one of their Board Members. Vive is a working in University of Malaya Medical Center.
Director of IT with a Multinational Corporation. He has Currently worshipping in Damansara Utama Methodist
been serving on the Wycli e Malaysia board since Church and actively involved in Hospital Ministry. Leh
2015. Hua is a church worker ministering in the Sunday school,
Yue just completed her SPM, and Tao is in Form 2. Kheng
Seang was introduced to Wycli e via Wycli e Camp, and
is involved in Prayerlink translation. He has been a board
member since 2015.


Secretary Jack was born and bred in Kuala Lumpur. He completed
his tertiary education in Australia and gained professional
Eunice from Kuantan, taught in a government school working experience in Singapore. He is currently part of a
from 1978 till 1983. She joined Wycli e Bible team at an innovative startup company that seeks to
Translators in 1990 after a stint with OM in South Asia rede ne car ownership in Malaysia by sharing cars, rather
(1983-1985) and full-time work with Temerloh Gospel than owning them. His passion includes travelling,
Chapel (1986-1990). She served the B people in South photography, teaching, languages and hospitality. Jack
Asia, meeting literacy and translation needs. and Wycli e teamed up to carry out a motivational camp
Thereafter, she served in other Asian countries with at a remote secondary school in Baram, Sarawak in 2016
literacy, orthography and translation needs. Her and 2017. As a newly appointed board member in 2018,
passion is to see unreached people groups have the Jack hopes to serve in humility and inspire a generation of
Scriptures in their own language and to be able to read millennial leaders.
them as well. May His ways be known on earth, His
salvation among all nations. (Psalm 67:2-3)




Treasurer Executive Director

Martin hails from Batu Pahat, Johor. Martin, together with Lay Leng was born in Klang, worked as a lecturer in a
his wife Diana, have a burden to help the unreached local university for 35 years before taking early
people in Kunming to break out of their vicious poverty retirement in 2015. She is married to Tee Kiang and
cycle. They run an educational center for the they have two sons, a daughter and a
underprivileged migrant children in Kunming called the daughter-in-law. Lay Leng served in the Wycli e
“Happy Ark”. This has helped hundreds of children over the board for 4 terms before being called to serve as
years. Their e ort has been recognized by the local Acting Executive Director in 2016 and then as
Chinese authorities and the Chows have built excellent Executive Director in 2018. She believes God looks
relationships with various high level government partners. not for what we have but rather our availability. She
Graduated with a MSc in Finance and Accounting from hopes to see greater collaborations and
United Kingdom in 1988. Holds 2 professional degrees partnerships with churches in doing God's mission.
from the CIMA and ICSA.


Fook Meng hails from Melaka. He is married to Tan Joo Li Rev Chung is married with a 7 year old daughter. He
and they have a beautiful daughter named Sophia Joy. holds a Diploma and Bachelor degree in theology.
Since graduating from University of Malaya in 1999, Fook He has been serving as a pastor with Gereja
Meng has been practising law in Melaka and serving in Presbyterian Balakong since December 2001.
the pulpit ministry of City Community Church. He speaks
regularly in churches and camps when he is not litigating
cases in court. He also serves as a President of the Strata
Management Tribunal. His passion is to connect biblical
truths to daily living in a fresh and relevant manner.


Camp Wycliffe


The 3 day Camp Wycli e held in Ipoh from 1-3 June, 2018 attracted a mixed group of campers ranging from 12
years old to 60 plus years. Our tagline "A unique way to learn about missions" provided a glimpse for campers to
experience as to what mission life is like through missionaries' sharing and simulation games. Many have in the
past, took the leap of faith after attending the Camp to answer God’s call and experienced God’s faithfulness and
providence. Stepping out to full time missions will change your heart towards God – not His towards you. Below
are testimonies of some of the campers…

This camp ignited my heart once The simulated games gave me a The missionaries shared about
again about missions, teaching me real understanding of missions… their fears and challenges before
‘to let go’, be frontline army, the survival game impacted me they took the step of faith to go
submissive and follow Him. In this the most… how we should face into the mission eld. They also
camp; the messages, sharings, un-expectations. shared about their struggles and
testimonials, simulations, songs BERNICE CHOY, Pharmacist joy in their ministry. This really
and games / activities signi cantly helped us to see and open a
sent one clear message and that is I would like to go for a short term window into what their lives are
‘STEP-OUT’. mission to experience God’s like. The real fears, problems,
GRACE TOH, Nursing Lecturer power and to know what He struggles, blessings and joy. It has
wants me to do. really opened my eyes to see the
I learnt… from a broader perspective JONATHAN CHIN, Student life of a missionary, as it is. They
to small details of understanding in made it real… the good and the
real life of being a missionary… to The sharings from the bad, no matter what, nally God
replace fear with faith. missionaries showed their always comes through for them.
TOMOMI TAKEUCHI, Secretary dedication as well as the need for The main lesson I learnt is,
them to be exible. I need to obedience to God is the only way
I learnt to walk the talk… to realise improve my Bahasa Malaysia to live.
that I need to improve myself language and Chinese because I MRS. DING, Admin. Manager
before answering God’s call. need to at least, know my own
HERBERT CHUI, Student language to translate others. Bible translation and literacy work
JOVIN WONG, Student is very important to ful l God’s
command to us in bringing the
Gospel to the ends of the world.
LIM CHUI PENG, Pharmacist

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