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BY: Danielle Chiles
MW: 9-9:50 AM

TABLE OF CONTENTS Page 10- Game 7: Speed Ball
Page 11- Game 8: Hula Hootenanny
Page 1- Cover Page Page 12- Game 9: Pac Man Tag
Page 2- Table of Contents Page 13- Game 10: Protect the Penguin
Page 3- Warm Up Page 14- Game 11: Spin and Run
Page 4- Game 1: Hide and Seek Page 15- Game 12: Blob Tag
Page 5- Game 2: Cat’s Corner Page 16: Wrap it Up
Page 6- Game 3: Caterpillar Races
Page 7- Game 4: Toxic Waste
Page 8- Game 5: Meteor Ball
Page 9- Game 6: Guard the Pin


-Students will begin with running two laps around the gym
to help warm up muscles and help get the blood flowing

-Begin doing some light stretches to get your muscles
loose to be ready for the activities

Game 1- Hide and Seek

- Instructions: - Objective: The point is to find the
❖ one person who is "it," perfect hiding place, but once the
person who is “it” finds you, you
that person closes his are out of the game
or her eyes and counts
to a certain number - Equipment: None
without looking and - Skills Learned: Agility, Balance,
then he or she tries to
find the others. Coordination

Game 2- Cat’s Corner - Objective: Throwers (cats) try to hit
runners (mice) with a ball
- Instructions:
★ Runners start in safe spots in each corner of - Equipment: Dodgeballs
- Skills Learned: Controlling of movements,
the gym, and on a signal they must try to
make it to a different corner without Reactions
getting hit.

Game 3- Caterpillar Races

- Instructions: - Objective: The first team to get to other
❖ Each team lines up behind a cone in the gym side of the cone wins.

and the goal is to get to the other side of a - Equipment: Balls, Cones
cone that is on the other side of the gym - Skills Learned: Communication, Teamwork
before the other teams do with balancing
the ball on your chest

Game 4- Toxic Waste

- Instructions: - Objective: The first team to get the ball to
❖ Students are in teams of four where each the other cone wins.

team is given a Ringette ring (that has four - Equipment: Ringette Ring, Ball, and Cones
skipping ropes tied to it and one ball that is - Skill Learned: Teamwork,Communication
resting on top of the Ringette Ring.
The goal of the game is the get the Toxic Synchronization
Waste (the ball) from one cone to the other,
without touching the ball of the Ringette
ring . If the ball falls off, the team who drop
it is out.

Game 5- Meteor Ball - Objective: To keep the ball from making it in
the teams area. The team that makes it in
- Instructions: another's team area gets a point.
★ Class is divided into 4 teams and the gym is
- Equipment: Cones, Balls, Score Keeper
divided into 4 playing areas. Each team - Skills Learned: Setting Up an Attack, Court
must stay in their area. The teacher throws
a giant beach ball into the game. Teams Positioning, Defending a Space
must work together to make sure that the
ball doesn’t touch the ground in the teams

Game 6- Guard the Pin

- Instructions: - Objective: To guard the pin and make sure it
❖ Players stand in a circle formation. A pin is doesn’t fall down

placed in the middle of the circle and one - Equipment: Pin, Ball, Hula Hoop
player is selected to guard the pin. The - Skills Learned: Hand Eye Coordination,
teacher gives a foam ball to the players in
the circle. Players may pass the ball to each Defending the goal
other until they have a open shot to knock
the pin down. Once the pin is knocked
down, the guard may return to the circle
and a new guard is selected.

Game 7- Speed Ball - Objective: The goal is to score more points
than the opponents. The team that scores
- Instructions: the most points win.
★ Class is divided into two groups
- Equipment: Cones, Score Keeper, Ball
Each team has a goal at the end line of the - Skills Learned: Maintaining Possession,
playing area teams pass the ball around in
the air, like in basketball (but no bounce Teamwork, Attacking the Goal
pass) but when the ball falls to the ground,
it is now played as a soccer ball. A player
may kick a ball into his or a teammates
hands, but may not pick up the ball. If a ball
is kicked or thrown into the basket, that
team receives a point

Game 8- Hula Hootenanny

- Instructions: - Objective: To get all the students foot in
❖ Like musical chairs but without elimination one hula hoop.

hula hoops will be in a circle on the floor - Equipment: Music, Hula Hoops
and students will walk in single file around - Learned Skills: Reaction, Coordination
the outside of the hoops while the music
plays. When the music stops, they must put
one foot inside the hoop (more than one
student can put their foot in a hoop). Take
away one hoop and start the music again.

Game 9- Pac Man Tag

- Instructions: - Objective: Become the last player standing
★ Spread out on the lines of the gym and have to win.

ghosts chase the Pac Man players while - Equipment: None
staying on the lines. If a Pac Man player is - Learned Skills: Balancing, Controlled
tagged, they must sit down and become a
roadblock for other Pac Man players, but Movements
ghosts may go around roadblocks. No
jumping from line to line, and the last
players left untagged become ghosts for the
next round of play.

Game 10- Protect the Penguin

- Instructions: - Objective: The last person standing with
❖ Place foam balls across the gym and give their pin wins the game

each child a bowling pin to set up around - Equipment: Balls, Pins
the gym. Each person must protect their pin - Learned Skills: Hand Eye Coordination
and try and knock down other players’ pins.
If your pin gets knocked down, then you are
out. As more people get out, players move
their pins closer together until only one is is
left standing.

Game 11- Spin and Run

- Instructions: - Objective: The team that finishes running
★ Students will split up into two teams. Spin back first wins

students around in circles 10 times then - Equipment: Cones
have them try to run across the gym and - Learned Skills: Coordination
back. The team that finishes up first wins
the game.

Game 12- Blob Tag - Objective: For the Blob to devour everyone
and for everyone else to stay alive as long
- Instructions: as possible.
❖ With designate boundaries, one or more
- Equipment: Cones
students are picked to be the Blob. Any one - Learned Skills: Teamwork, Controlling
tagged by the Blob must join hands and
become part of it. Movements

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