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Published by Daniel Clapham, 2019-05-08 01:25:45

1.WWl FACTS - Google Docs

1.WWl FACTS - Google Docs

5/7/2019 1.WWl FACTS - Google Docs

The relevance of WWI   

What was WWI 
World War One was a major conflict that happened between 1914 
and 1918 which everybody hoped was the war to end all wars but 
sadly it was not. 
Who fought in WWI 
There were different teams the Allied Powers and the Central 
Powers. In the Allied Powers, there were France, Russia, and 
Britain and the USA soon joined as well. 
In the Central Powers were Germany, Austria-Hungary, the 
Ottoman Empire, and Bulgaria. 
Where was most of the fighting 
Most of the fighting was along Europe's two fronts. The western 
front was a long line of trenches that ran from the coast of 
Belgium to Switzerland. The eastern front was between Germany, 
Austria-Hungary, and Bulgaria on one side and Russia and 
Romania. A lot of the fighting was in France and Belgium. 
How did it start 
One of the main reasons WWI started was when Austrian 
Archduke Franz Ferdinand had been assassinated. After it did 
happen Austria declared war on Serbia. Russi then prepared to 
protect its ally Serbia and because of that France declared war 
on Germany to protect its ally Russia. Germany invaded Belgium 
to get to France which caused Britain to declare war on Germany. 
This all happened in just a few days. 1/1

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