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Published by jason, 2019-11-27 07:47:49

News Letter December 2019

News Letter December 2019


ISSUE NO 4| December 2019 |

Infinite Growth

2019 has been an exciting year for Modderfontein Montessori School. There
are a few accomplishments and milestones we have achieved this past 11

Knowing the importance of sport and fitness in child development, in February
we created a larger sports facility for our students. We built the field at the pri-
mary school. This has changed the dynamics of our sporting programs and has
provided opportunities for our students to learn the ethos and skills that go
with playing team sports.

We also made the decision to create continuity within our school by developing
a high school which opens next year. After exploring many international teach-
ing methods and curriculum we finally decided that the Cambridge Internation-
al Curriculum was the way to go. It fits in perfectly as continuation from our
Montessori Primary School “Cosmic Education Curriculum”. It also allows for
three exit points which are internationally recognised at almost every university
in the world.

This brought us to changing our brand as we are now not just a Montessori
school, hens the rebranding of Modderfontein Montessori School to I N F I N I T E

We have many amazing ideas for next year and always strive to find the best
possible way to improve your child's experience, life and education at Infinite

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to enjoying this
journey with you and your children next year.


Jason Klein


With the help of Soccer Starz we enjoyed our annual Primary School Sports Day.

We introduced our school Teams. EARTH, WIND, WATER and FIRE. The competition
was fierce but fun. We where humbled by the amount of support we received from
all the parents. Thank You!

Specials Persons Tea

Its not often that your child's family and carers get to experience them in their school
environment. We thoroughly enjoyed hosting and meeting all the special people in you
children's lives . The kids really put on quite a show. And thanks to those who provided
the yummy treats.

Primary School Concert

The Fantastic Fables.
‘Act, sing, dance’ are the resounding words that our
Primary School children heard over the past six
months. A lot of hard work, sweat and drama went
into show casing a gripping show. The level one’s
had a “rumble in the jungle” to show that no matter
if you’re ‘spotty, dotty or stripy’ everyone is unique
and should be respected. We travelled to Ancient
Greece to meet twin emperors who’s vanity was
bigger than their ever growing closets. Finally we
stopped to meet two lords who made a wager to
test a boys integrity. A central theme of being kind
to others and not passing judgement appeared in all
three shows. All our children worked exceptionally
hard to bring you a triple act show with singing,
acting and dancing.

Senior Primary Camp November 2019

Our Senior Primary children had an amazing camp experience in November at Dimalachite School Camps set on a tranquil bank of the
Vaal River near Parys. We set off on a Monday morning with great anticipation and much excitement.

Upon arrival at our destination we were shown to our rooms and familiarised with the facilities. The boys in a large dormitory with so
many beds they were spoilt for choice, and the girls in two rooms side by side. Next was some time to explore and cool off in the
swimming pool. Then the first delicious lunch which gave the chef a chance to become better acquainted with some of our special
dietary needs. We educated him on the fact that low GI bread was actually not gluten free and by our next meal he had proudly
sourced some gluten free bread.

In the afternoon, the children were divided into teams and had to decide on a team name, paint their team flag and prepare a war cry!
It was awesome to see them collaborate and come up with creative ideas. The Colourful Warriors and Flames were established!

In the evening the teams each prepared a potjie under the careful supervision of our by now familiar facilitators, Jannie and Israel.
They also learnt the art of cooking stokbrood (bread on a stick) over the coals, some more successfully than others. There was much
laughter, complaining and advice going around during this process and all in all a great team building and bonding exercise. The chil-
dren were impressed to find that their dishes were actually delicious and enjoyed their dinner at the tables that they decorated them-
selves. After witnessing the impressive array of spices that had been added to each pot the chaperones (Nicki and Jacqui) were re-
lieved to find that chef had prepared a separate meal for their dinner.

After dinner Israel lit an impressive bonfire and we got to toast marshmallows whilst dodging the hot embers that the wind was blow-
ing around.

Once the excitement, nerves and swarms of mosquitoes and beetles were dealt with it was time to settle down on the first night and
get some sleep.

Day two started slowly with time to shower and relax or explore some more before breakfast. The discovery of a pair of mating toads
who were laying their eggs in the swimming pool was fascinating and sparked an impromptu biology lesson as well as a rescue mission
to return them to a more suitable environment. After a hearty breakfast, the rest of the morning was packed full of challenging team
building exercises and a muddy obstacle course. All of which required cooperation, problem solving and motivating each other in or-
der to succeed.

Another swim was in order after that to wash the mud off and cool down before lunch.

In the afternoon we were joined by two more facilitators and after a short instructional briefing we were ready to go rafting on the
river. This introduction to white river rafting was both intimidating and exhilarating. The strong head wind made the final stretch
quite a physical challenge as taking a break from paddling would result in moving backwards. After two and a half hours on the river
we were all extremely relieved to see the truck waiting to pick us up and return us to camp. The extremely bumpy but short ride back
lightened the mood and gave us the opportunity to reflect on what we had achieved.

The highlight of the evening was attending a party in the boys dorm after dinner. After extending a warm invitation to the girls and
chaperones earlier in the day they had spent some of their money on crisps and cooldrink from the tuckshop, spent a considerable
amount of time tidying up their room by stashing all manner of items under the beds and even organised a bit of music. The party
continued around another bonfire before the exertions of the day began to catch up with everyone and exhaustion kicked in. There
was a general feeling of homesickness at bedtime which was further exasperated by more beetles and mosquitoes and headaches and
tummy aches. After seeing to everyone's ailments and emotions they all fell into a deep sleep.

Day three and we awoke to a gloriously sunny and calm day, not a breath of wind and the river like glass in places, could we not have
had that the day before? Packing and tidying up rooms was first before we shared our last meal in the dining room and spent our last
pennies in the tuckshop.

The bus trip home was devoid of the excited chatter heard on the outbound journey. Instead, tired heads lolled quietly in their seats
and friends shoulders and laps became comfy resting places to dream of the special time spent with their friends.

I'm so proud of all of you for trying new and sometimes slightly scary experiences.

It's not easy to be away from home, and your parents and family, and you were all incredibly brave. You can be very proud of your-


Senior Primary Camp November 2019

Celebrating the life of Peter Channing

Peter entered our lives on the 2nd of January 2010 when we arrived to renovate the premises of our
new school, Modderfontein Montessori. On hearing what we were about to do Peter became a regu-
lar visitor. He was never short of advice and offering a helping hand and if we needed anything, he
could always source it from one of his many buddies. Peter was a collector of note, often refurbish-
ing old junk into saleable items or just giving them away for the sheer joy of giving. I often wondered
where he stored all his collections … maybe Amanda can share with us where they found the
space .

It didn’t take long before we met Amanda and their beautiful twins, Conner & Layla, who were only
one year old at the time. When school opened on the 3rd of March 2010, Conner & Layla were
amongst our first children, and who could have guessed that a few years later, they would grace us
with Tanner who has been a bundle of joy in our school! We always knew when Peter arrived to col-
lect the children. His big booming voice would reverberate around the school. Every now and then a
chocolate or flowers would mysteriously appear on our desks and we just knew it was Peter &
Amanda. Thank-you Amanda.

As soon as we started planning family events a group of Mothers got together to help us and it didn’t
take long before Peter joined the team which was then renamed the ‘Mod moms & a Dad’. Amanda
eventually had to take over the chore of looking after the twins while Peter put his heart and soul into
organising and assisting many successful school events. Once again Peter could pull strings in mak-
ing sure we had everything we needed, which included things like security, and market vendors etc.
He once arrived at school in a bunny suit with a hoard of Easter eggs to hand out to the children. It
was Peter who generously donated a weekend at Madikwe Game Lodge as first prize for our raffle
at our first ever Fun Day. Thank you, Amanda, for supporting all the hours on your own with the chil-
dren while Peter ‘did his thing’.

His love of nature and animals made a huge impact on his children, especially Conner. His strive,
work and dedication to ‘save the Rhino’s’ made Peter a true ambassador. I remember one Easter
when we presented him with a huge chocolate Rhino. I am sure Conner & Layer enjoyed eating it
with gusto. His little gold car with the Rhino horn, I’m sure you all knew it, was bashed in when Layla
at 3 years old lifted the hand brake and it rolled into their gate. Peter thereafter proclaimed that this
car would be Layla’s first car.

Peter was larger than life. He often gave so much of himself that he forgot to look after his own
needs. We have laughed and cried with Peter. He has left an indelible mark on our school and that
of a friend. Farewell dear Peter. You will surely be missed but never forgotten.

With love

The Klein family, Sunita & staff of Modderfontein Montessori

School closes
on the 5th of December at

1pm sharp

We wish all our families a wonderful break and a relaxing end to 2019


Extra murals offered on the school premises (except swimming)
by private service providers. Please contact them directly for all queries.

SWIM SCHOOL – (011 608 1159)
PIANO WITH TRUDY - (Liz – [email protected] / 011 608 0902)
CHESS CLUB (Liz – [email protected] / 011 608 0902)
SOCCER STARZ – ([email protected] — 083 236 8559)
KRAFTY KIDZ (Nicki - 083 301 9825)
KINDERMUSIK - (Debbie – 082 826 1555)
PHYZZ ED (011 882 6684 - [email protected] )
GUITAR LESSONS – (Peter – 071 635 1929)
KARATE – (Russell – [email protected])
BALLET (Leanne – 084 884 5005)
SPROUTING YOGIS Yoga (Heidi - 083 7811559)

Payment made easier! We can now accept CARD pay-
ments in the school office!

Remember to swipe your

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