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Published by kalavani, 2019-05-27 03:57:29

Narrative for 18110362

Narrative for 18110362

Client: Bangladesh Steel Re-Rolling Mills Ltd
Tax Invoice No. 18110362

Date Narrative Fee Time
01.06.2018 Earner (Mins)
19.06.2018 Description
22.06.2018 BB 30
25.06.2018 Amendments to Notice of Arbitration BB 24
26.06.2018 BB 30
28.06.2018 Update to clients on arbitration RK 18
04.07.2018 RK 18
12.07.2018 Advice to clients on SIAC's steps BB 60
13.07.2018 RK 18
Response to client regarding different arbitration BB 24
17.07.2018 procedure and brief explanation of consolidation RK 18
18.07.2018 Telcon with SIAC to clarify split regarding the RK 180
20.07.2018 3.8k payment RK 30
30.07.2018 BB 30
06.08.2018 Reviewing response from GMR and advice to RK 30
07.08.2018 clients on strategy going forward BB 30
RK 180
07.08.2018 Follow-up regarding 3.8k payment to SIAC and RK 150
15.08.2018 drafted cover letter to SIAC
15.08.2018 BB 54
Update to clients on consolidation RK 180
BB 18
Updated client on consolidation application
outcome and SIAC's request for 1st tranche

Researched on changing name in Notice of

Research on changing Claimant’s name in

Considering issues arising from merger

Research on changing Claimant’s name in

Reviewing merger documents of BSRM

Considering legal issues and cases on changing
Claimant’s name in arbitration

Considering legal issues and cases and
prepared research note on changing Claimant’s
name in arbitration

Review and strategy on merger application

Planned submissions for party substitution and
further research

Follow up on party substitution

Client: Bangladesh Steel Re-Rolling Mills Ltd
Tax Invoice No. 18110362


Date Description Fee Time
16.08.2018 Earner (Mins)
20.08.2018 Considering legal issues and cases and drafting RK 180
of party substitution submission to the Tribunal
21.08.2018 Reviewed legal cases and drafted party RK 300
30.08.2018 substitution submissions

03.09.2018 Reviewed legal authorities and drafted party RK 300
03.09.2018 substitution submission, internal discussion and
10.09.2018 drafted email to Bangladesh lawyers on points
11.09.2018 requiring legal opinion
13.09.2018 Email advice to clients and review of documents BB 48

14.09.2018 Revised draft party substitution submissions RK 90
14.09.2018 Drafted update for SIAC regarding substitution RK 30
15.09.2018 application. Drafted response to Mr Kamrul,
explaining need for Bangladeshi opinion

Collated and organised merger documents to RK 12
provide to Bangladesh lawyers

Further input on application obtaining opinion BB 24
from Bangladesh Counsel for effect of merger

Reviewed documents relating to substitution RK 30

Revised party substitution submissions RK 30

Reviewed opinion of Tanjib Alam, considered RK 30
and strategy going forward

Telcon with Imran from Tanjib Alam to discuss RK 60
opinion, follow up internal discussion and further
correspondence with Imran

Drafted witness statement of Mr Kamrul and RK 120
letter to be exhibited to the statement

Prepared Bundle of Authorities RK 170

Review of application and witness statement BB 30

Further follow up regarding opinion of Tanjib RK 90
Alam regarding date of certified copy of
judgment over call and email; 5 December
creditors' resolution

Reviewed client input on substitution
submissions, witness statement of Mr Kamrul,
confirmed instructions and drafted submissions

Client: Bangladesh Steel Re-Rolling Mills Ltd
Tax Invoice No. 18110362


Date Description Fee Time
Earner (Mins)
on authority point after witness statement
17.09.2018 confirmation
25.09.2018 Prepared Bundle of Documents, drafted cover RK 162
27.09.2018 letter, cross-referencing and proofing
submissions, oversaw finalisation and
27.09.2018 submission to SIAC and updated client
30.09.2018 Review of application on substitution BB 48
04.10.2018 Review and consolidation of risks in RK 90
11.10.2018 documentation
17.10.2018 Review of sales contracts for high risk provisions RK 42

18.10.2018 Requested SIAC for directions in view of GMR's RK 18
31.10.2018 failure to respond to substitution application to
31.10.2018 date
08.11.2018 Finalised and consolidated contract review RK 54
13.11.2018 findings

Correspondence on merger BB 18

Responded to Mr Kamrul's query about status of RK 6
substitution application

Drafted email to SIAC requesting conclusive RK 36

Email to SIAC on substitution position BB 30

Liaised with client for SIAC first tranche payment RK 6

Reviewing SIAC's position BB 18

Considered SIAC's email re consolidation, RK 18
drafted follow up email to GMR's lawyers
seeking confirmation on GMR's position re
substitution application

Review of GMR's position and next steps BB 30
RK 6
Responded to BSRM's query regarding status of
substitution application

Update on Arbitration to client BB 12

Updated SIAC about BSRM's payment RK 6

Email to SIAC on next steps BB 18

Considering next steps and update to client BB 18

Client: Bangladesh Steel Re-Rolling Mills Ltd
Tax Invoice No. 18110362


Date Description Fee Time
20.11.2018 Earner (Mins)
20.11.2018 Email update to clients BB 30

21.11.2018 Preparing instructions to Tribunal and reviewing BB 24
21.11.2018 update from Tribunal
26.11.2018 Drafted letter to Tribunal requesting preliminary RK 78
27.11.2018 decision on substitution application and giving
27.11.2018 history of correspondence on the issue
28.11.2018 Drafted letter to opposing lawyers proposing RK 60
28.11.2018 procedural timetable

28.11.2018 Email to Incisive Law on procedure for the BB 30
28.11.2018 arbitration

Preparation of list of issues - reviewed historic RK 30

Update to clients on arbitration BB 24

Reviewing law on LDs cap RK 30

Emails on procedural meeting BB 54

Reviewing law on LDs cap RK 60

Drafted, revised, finalised and sent procedural RK 180
order and letter to Tribunal

Compared and reviewed documents previously RK 18
provided against ones provided yesterday and
email request to client with instructions on

Considering timetable and documents BB 78

Reviewing documents and application BB 30

Total time spent: 4028

BB: 14.4hrs x $620 = $8,928.00
RK: 52.733hrs x $380 = $20,038.54
Total : $28,966.54
After 10% Goodwill Discount : $26,069.89

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