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Published by anismaktab, 2020-02-18 01:10:36

Presentation 2

Presentation 2

The ugly elephant and
the tiny hamster

Author : Anis Hanani

Once upon a time, in a deep forest
where no one knows, there lived a
mighty elephant called Berry.

One day, when Berry was walking to a river to drink a gallon
of water, he saw a hamster who was stuck between branches.
Berry tried to rescue the hamster, and he succeeded. Feeling
grateful, the freed hamster quickly introduced himself to

"I'm Chupa Chups. Thank you for helping me. One day, if
you are in danger, I will help you back!"

Laughingly, Berry replied:

"You? You are going to help me? Are you serious, you, tiny
little mouse?"

Berry could not contain his laughter, and that saddened
Chupa Chups who then walked away.

The next day when Berry
Was walking towards the river, an insect flew into one
of his eyes. Losing control of himself, the panicked
Berry screamed "Help! Help!" for a number of times.

Not long after, Chupa Chups came running to him. He helped Berry
remove the insect from his eye.

Berry cried, and immediately thanked Chupa Chups. He was
embarrased of what he said to Chupa Chups the other day, and came
to realise that Chupa Chups is capable of helping him, despite his
tiny size, and that one's physical does not determine their capability.

Since the fateful incident, they became the best of friends for the rest of their lives.

“Never judge someone by their



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