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Published by fatemeh3643, 2019-12-02 13:34:21

Pages from ladder 50- chap

Pages from ladder 50- chap

Andre asks

‫ ﺳﺎﻟﮫ‬7 -13 ‫ ﺑرای زﺑﺎن آﻣوزان‬Ladder ‫ﻣﺟﻠﮫ ی اﻧﮕﻠﯾﺳﯽ‬
@ laddermag

Hello, I’m Andre and Each week I ask lots of
people lots of questions.
welcome to my new TV show,
Let’s start!
‘Andre Asks’.


Hi! What’s your favorite Hello! What’s your
food? favorite video game?
It’s spaghetti. It’s ‘Road Runner’.

Really? Why is it your Oh yeah, why?
favorite food? Because it’s fun and
Because it’s delicious! exciting!


Hi! What’s your Hello! What’s your
favorite animal? least favorite sport?
My favorite animal is a Hmm! Baseball.
Baseball? Really! why?
A rabbit! Why? Because it’s very
Because rabbits are boring!
very cute!


Hi! What’s your Hi! What’s your least
favorite book? favorite subject at school?
It’s ‘Barry Hotter’. That’s an easy question!
He’s a wizard! Math.

Really? Why do you like it? Oh yes? Why is that?
Because it’s really interesting! Because it’s very difficult!


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