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Published by Exotic Flights Ultra Private Jet Service, 2017-02-07 07:15:47

Exotic Flights Disclaimer

Exotic Flights Disclaimer



1. All information and material including images, text, and audio, contained directly or indirectly in the
website EXOTICFLIGHTS.COM is the property of EXOTIC FLIGHTS, INC, its subsidiaries, independent
content suppliers and third parties and is subject to the copyright of EXOTIC FLIGHTS, INC its
subsidiaries, independent content suppliers or third parties. All rights reserved. The content of
EXOTICFLIGHTS.COM cannot be reproduced, modified, transferred, distributed, published, downloaded,
displayed or transmitted in or by any means whatsoever, including electronic or mechanical, without prior
written consent from EXOTIC FLIGHTS. You agree to use any material or content provided or presented
by EXOTICFLIGHTS.COM exclusively for your own private use and not to use or distribute such material
for commercial purposes.

2. EXOTIC FLIGHTS will use all means at its disposal to keep the site EXOTICFLIGHTS COM in good
working order. EXOTIC FLIGHTS denies any responsibility connected with any existing errors on the
website EXOTICFLIGHTS.COM. You have no guarantee that EXOTICFLIGHTS.COM or its content is
free of errors or compatible with the particular use for which you intend it. EXOTIC FLIGHTS reserves the
right to modify the site or its contents at any time and to modify, replace or discontinue the services

3. Access to information contained on the site EXOTICFLIGHTS.COM is on condition that you accept that
we decline all responsibility for actions undertaken by you based on information contained in the site
EXOTICFLIGHTS.COM. EXOTIC FLIGHTS cannot be held responsible if the use made by you of
information or material from EXOTIC FLIGHTS results in your requiring the intervention of after-sales,
breakdown or repair services, with respect to equipment or data; you agree to pay any costs arising from
the above-mentioned situations. EXOTIC FLIGHTS reserves the right to charge for access to certain
information on the site EXOTICFLIGHTS.COM. EXOTIC FLIGHTS will keep you informed of which
services or information are subject to charges.

4. If your PC does not support relevant technology, including, for example, the encoding system or flash
players, you may not be able to access some of the services or information on EXOTICFLIGHTS.COM.

5. You may not reproduce any material from EXOTICFLIGHTS.COM on another server without prior
written permission from EXOTIC FLIGHTS. Any unauthorized use of content from
EXOTICFLIGHTS.COM, as mentioned in this clause, may constitute a transgression of copyright, of laws
pertaining to brand names and other Swiss laws.

6. You accept that EXOTIC FLIGHTS has no control over material which may be accessed via
EXOTICFLIGHTS.COM, for which EXOTIC FLIGHTS declines all responsibility. Similarly, EXOTIC
FLIGHTS cannot be deemed to have endorsed such content.


7. When submitting any material to us via EXOTICFLIGHTS.COM, by e-mail or any other means, you are
aware that EXOTIC FLIGHTS may reproduce, modify, distribute, or create a product derived from such
content in any form whatsoever. You guarantee the possible publication of such material and agree to
indemnify us should a third party bring a lawsuit against us relating to material provided by you. By
authorizing EXOTIC FLIGHTS to publish material provided by you and /or use it freely, partially or in its
entirety, for our products and services, you accept liability and renounce taking any action against us
concerning said process.

8. In some sections of the site EXOTICFLIGHTS.COM, you may be asked to provide personal information
which will enable us to keep you informed of our latest products and services after your visit to the site.
Personal information will be treated in line with our policy on personal data protection.

9. You undertake not to cause prejudice or harm of any kind, whether directly or via a third party, to
EXOTIC FLIGHTS, to its clients or users of the website EXOTICFLIGHTS.COM. You undertake not to
use EXOTICFLIGHTS.COM for the transmission or display of libelous, slanderous, obscene or
threatening content, or such as may be considered harmful or prejudicial towards EXOTIC FLIGHTS or
any other individual, or of an illicit nature. You undertake not to use EXOTICFLIGHTS.COM in such a way
as to render it, in part or in its entirety, inoperative, faulty, less effective or damaged, in any way

10. The service is accessible via the World Wide Web, which is totally independent from.
EXOTICFLIGHTS.COM and EXOTIC FLIGHTS. Use of the World Wide Web is at your own risk and is
subject to national and international laws and regulations. EXOTIC FLIGHTS cannot be held responsible
for any information or services found on the World Wide Web.

11. EXOTIC FLIGHTS declines all responsibility for any damage, costs, loss of income, loss of data, or
any other indirect harm arising from the use of, or inability to use or access, the site, and equally from a
breakdown, interruption or removal of all or part of the service at any time whatsoever. EXOTIC FLIGHTS
refutes all contractual, civil (including from negligence) or other responsibility with respect to the precision,
conformity, quality or entirety of information, as well as the value and integrity of the goods and services
offered by third parties via the website EXOTICFLIGHTS.COM. You accept that we have no control over
material displayed on the World Wide Web that can be accessed via the site EXOTICFLIGHTS.COM, for
which we decline all responsibility.

12. We reserve the right to interrupt or modify any or all services offered on the website
EXOTICFLIGHTS.COM at any time and at our sole discretion.

13. EXOTIC FLIGHTS reserves the right to modify the conditions of this contract if necessary, such
modifications coming into effect as soon as they are published on the website EXOTICFLIGHTS.COM. By
continuing to use EXOTICFLIGHTS.COM, you are deemed to have accepted any such changes.

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