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Published by Exotic Flights Ultra Private Jet Service, 2017-02-08 19:45:44


Our World

ESxeoatictFinligghtson Demand

We understandAir travel.
That's why we set out
to change it.

ESxeoatictFinligghtson Demand We know how frustrating it is to waste valuable hours negotiating
car traffic or crowded commercial airports. We understand how
We understandAir travel. tiresome it is to spend nights away from home.And we used to
That's why we set out wonder: Why isn't there an easier,more efficient way to travel
to change it. globally? Why can't on-demand travel be affordable for more people
and organizations?That's why we started Exotic Flights "Seating On
Demand" because our travel frustrations were the same as yours.
Since our founding in 2004,Exotic Flights has worked tirelessly to
make on-demand travel widely accessible and affordable through the
world's first per-seat,on-demand jet service.Based on the simple
premise that your time is valuable,Exotic Flights allows you to
experience the freedom of travel on your own terms.

ESxeoatictFinligghtson Demand All flights Include:

We understandAir travel. 5-star inflight service
That's why we set out 5-star Restaurant menu:Including Morton's,
to change it. Joe's Stone Crabs,PF Chang's
Complete with entree,dessert,open bar
beverage service

ESxeoatictFinligghtson Demand Comfort and Relaxation

We understandAir travel. Exotic flights operates from executive
That's why we set out airports throughout the United States
to change it. to avoid unnecessary waiting,lines,parking
and early check in to cut your travel time
in half.
We operate from our luxuryTerminals to
ensure that the short wait time will be

ESxeoatictFinligghtson Demand DSeesatintaitniognson Demand

We understandAir travel. International
That's why we set out Los Angeles-Beijing
to change it. Los Angeles-Tokyo
Los Angeles-NewYork
Los Angeles-Miami
LosAngles -LasVegas

About Exotic Flights

The New“Mile-High Club”Giving new meaning to“flying the friendly skies,” Miami-based
Exotic Flights Inc.uses a bevy of miniskirted,stiletto-heeled women as flight attendants —
not just in its advertising but in-flight.The five-and-a-half-old company,which offers patrons
“ultra private jet service” on an hourly basis,also sends Lycra-clad,midriff-baring emissaries
on promotional missions.
Company Founder & President Rudy Gonzalez says the staff is merely an homage to the
days of the glamorous flight attendant.“People are just cattled into an airport,”
Gonzalez says.“I want it to be interesting.” In addition to the other amenities Exotic Flights
promises,Gonzalez says he puts employees through rigorous training and encourages flight
attendants to initiate conversation between passengers.Gonzalez's style just might be working,
he says many entertainment-industry clients have already struck deals on board.Must be the
uniforms.Andrea Carneiro South Florlda C.E.O Magazine

About Exotic Flights

Exotic Flights is an on-demand,ultra private jet service,and eliminating fraction owner-ship
and membership fees. Even if you are wealthy and you can buy anything in the world you
desire,who says you need to buy a jet,when all you want to do is fly somewhere. Our flights
can be arranged quickly wheels up within two hours,with no airport lines,hassles,security
It is not often in life that many elements come together to create a new industry. Exotic Flights
has achieved this by creating one of the unique concepts in jet travel. Exotic Flights Ultra Private
Jet Service is not a fraction ownership nor is it a membership.
They charter flights strictly by the hour. Their five star services include all amenities with no hidden
fees or excessive charges. Their services include an in-flight gourmet food and bar service and
door to door limousine service,not to mention our outstanding flight crews.Exotic flights Inc is
the realization of twenty-five years of work in the entertainment industry for company president
Rudy Gonzalez. Gonzalez,whose experience managing logistics and security for clients like
MikeTyson,ChristinaAguilera and others has led him to his newly found position as president
and founder of Exotic Flights Inc.

About Exotic Flights

Exotic Flights is different than most other operators,in that the Company’s priority and emphasis
is on service,the kind of service that pop stars,movie stars and professional athletes expect. In the
highly competitive world of private aviation“We know that the cost of retaining customers is lower
than that of acquiring new ones…“so we are especially sensitive to the needs and desires of our
clients” says Gonzalez.
Flexibility is an important ingredient in our recipe for success,even if that means letting aircrafts stand
by for clients and not offering empty legs to brokers to fill. As for the FlightAttendants,Gonzalez likes
to touch upon the older reputation of“Flight Girls“. For those who may remember those days,being
a FlightAttendant was the ultimate glam-job. Nowadays,with all of the commercial airlines running
their crews ragged,their jobs are anything but glamorous. At Exotic Flights,the flight attendants are
very well kempt,refreshed,beautiful,and friendly. Not to mention they have very nice uniforms!
Gonzalez is trying to make the flights very interesting as well as stylish.However,he does want you to
know that despite his flight attendants beauty,he puts them through rigorous FAR Part 121 training and
encourages them to initiate in conversation with the clientele.Many of the flight attendants are also in
training to obtain their private pilot’s license as a mandatory part of their contract with Exotic Flights.

About Exotic Flights

In addition to private jet charters,the Company has its eyes set on its planned“Seat- on-Demand” program,which will
lower the cost of private jet travel by spreading the cost amongst like minded individuals,who desire the convenience and
luxury of private air travel.Gonzalez believes,“commercial airports are a thing of the past. They will not be able to recover
from their problems with losing luggage,disgruntled employees,and delays. These issues will leave passengers stranded with
more hassles and headaches every time they decide to fly a commercial airliner.”

One receives all of the offered amenities,for a price that is slightly higher than a full fare first class seat on a commercial airliner.
In addition,the best part is beating all of the major airport’s traffic,parking hassles,security lines,boarding hassles,and etcetera.
Exotic Flights operates out of Ft.Lauderdale ExecutiveAirport.Gonzalez’s plans are ambitious and in addition to organic
growth,the company has recently acquired a certified FAR Part135 operator with over 14 years of outstanding and safe
service with licenses to fly to the Bahamas,Caicos,Caribbean Islands,Mexico,CentralAmerica,and the U.S.,“this acquisition
is one of many,” that are planned by Exotic flights,who is currently investigating its options to go public through a reverse
merger. Says Gonzalez,“…by entering the public market,we will have a greater ability to make acquisitions,compensate
flight staff,and attract experienced managers and additional capital to acquire equipment,advertise and expand our flight.

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