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Published by Atikah Rashid, 2019-12-03 05:08:31

Business Record Management


think Issue


November 2019

The Magazine of Business Record Management

Background of Faculty Article Review and
and Program Interesting Facts

National and Members
International Policies Reflection

Record Management
Cartoon Corner

In This Issue

Contents Pages
Background of Faculty and Program 1

Bio data 2–4
Article Review and Interesting Facts
How Big Data Can Improve
Marketing and Customer Service

Challenges to Provision of Quality 8 – 10
Customer Service in Business

Record Management 11 – 15
Implementation in Private Sector:
Analysis on Competency, Storage and

How to Create an Effective 16 – 18
Business Continuity Plan

Importance of Planning and Control 19 – 21
of Managers 22 – 37
Members Reflection
38 – 40
National and International Policies on
Record Management and Electronic Record 41 – 43
Management 44

Glossary – Record Management
Record Management Cartoon Corner

and Management
This faculty provides a good background of business facts and
BACHELOR OF BUSINESSknowledge and prepares students to be specialized in various
ADMINISTRATION (HONS.)field of business. This 3-year programme includes the study of
accounting, economics, marketing, management, math and
FINANCEstatistics, language and communication, information technology
and legal foundations. These wide ranges of business courses
provide students with a strong basis in facing the various facets
of business challenges.

Introduction to Programs

Designed to train and expose students to the critical
marketing concepts and strategies. It is to also equip
them with a broad knowledge of marketing through
real case studies and networking with the industries.
Graduates will be able to become marketing
professionals and are marketable in both the
domestic and global businesses. This programme has
obtained recognition by the Chartered Institute of
Marketing (UK).

Designed to equip students with a broad knowledge
in the field of finance to enable them to either find
employment at various organisations or to pursue
higher tertiary qualification. Graduates in this
discipline will be exposed to the critical finance
concepts and strategies and apply them to real world
situations through case studies and cooperation with
outside organisations.

The Magazine of Business Record Management 1


Siti Zunissa Ain binti M ohamad Zony
 20/04/1998
 Bachelor of Business Administration
(Hons.) Finance – BA242
 Maintained 3.0 above for CGPA
“Realize that if a door closed, it’s because what
was behind it wasn’t meant for you.”

Nur Afrina Aqilah binti Saiful Anuar
 31/12/1998
 Bachelor of Business Administration
(Hons.) Finance – BA242
 Join The World Record in Silat Cekak
Pusaka Hanafi
“You can, if you think you can.”

The Magazine of Business Record Management 2

Siti Nur Jazlinda binti Jazmi
 26/02/1998
 Bachelor of Business Administration
(Hons.) Finance – BA242
 First place, Marching Contest, Malaysia
Youth Cadet Corps, 2015
“Live your life in honesty.”

Siti Noorelida binti M ohamad Nordin
 15/05/1998
 Bachelor of Business Administration
(Hons.) Finance – BA242
 Was a teacher at Sri – Afsari Primary
School in 2018
“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a
single step.”

The Magazine of Business Record Management 3

Nur Atikah binti Abdul Rashid
 03/01/1999
 Bachelor of Business Administration
(Hons.) Marketing – BA240
 3rd Place, Idea Pitching Kejohanan Piala
Dekan, 2019
“Never be a prisoner of your past. It was just a
lesson, not a life sentence.”

The Magazine of Business Record Management 4

How Big Data Can Improve Marketing and Customer Service

(Allen Bernard, 2013)
Reviewed by: Nur Atikah binti Abdul Rashid

In the article How Big Data Can Improve Marketing and Customer Service

written by Allen Bernard, he had shared a lot of useful information which
include, how big data can give business or organization competitive
advantage, let audience know whom organization target market and benefits
of the usage of analytics in a business or organization.

The author convey a direct improve quality of customer
tone. In which the author is an service.
open minded when discussing this
topic besides, been compassionate When an organization obtain
to tell many related stories about data about the consumer they can
this topic to ensure readers ensure customers loyalty and
understand better about this topic. encourage them to buy product
produce again or perhaps subscribe
The author also emphasize to the service offers.
the need of having big data system
in any organization. For me it is a In my point of view quality of
very useful information especially customer service through the usage
to the readers who conducted a of big data shared by the author is
business as they can implement it. really helpful as it actually portray
most of the dimension of customer
From the article the author service quality. The dimension and
shared that using big data, an its interrelated are as follows;
organization and a business will be
able to get vast amount of data
about consumer and their
consumption style. From this
action the organization or business
will able to provide the best
experience for the customer thus,

The Magazine of Business Record Management 5

Service Quality Explanations Every article written must
Dime nsions have their weaknesses but, there is
always rooms from improvement.
 Business are In my opinion, the article is a bit
hard to be understand as many
able to provide unfamiliar terms are used but does
not define well by the author. For
se rvice as instance, the terms competitive
advantage, analytics engine and
promise d customer experience management
systems. This will give readers
Re liability  Dependability without the knowledge about this
in handling topic a hard time to understand and
interpret the content. So, it is
custome rs’ advisable to the author to give
meaning to any special terms used.
se rvice
proble ms Besides, there are no graphic
or pictures used to explain the topic
 Prompt service so, it may not trigger consumer’s
to customers interest to actually read and pay
attention towards this topic.
Responsiveness  Readiness to
response to Overall, this article give
significant information to the
custome rs’ readers. But, it would be nice if the
author can shared any extra
re que sts information for reader’s
 Employees


knowle dge

about what to

Assurance answe r
 Employees


unde rstand

consume r’s

ne e d

Dimension of Customer Service

The Magazine of Business Record Management 6

Interesting Facts

Quality of Customer Service

(Service Advise, 2016)

The Magazine of Business Record Management 7

Challenges to Provision of Quality Customer Service in
Business Organization

(Ungku Shahirah Ungku Shahrudin, 2018)

Reviewed by: Siti Zunissa Ain binti Mohamad Zony

The article, “Challenges to Provision of Quality Customer Service in Business

Organization”, was written by Ungku Shahirah Ungku Shahrudin of
University Technology Mara (UITM) Puncak Perdana (2018), thoroughly
evaluates the challenges faced by business organization in order to a provision
of quality customer service: the definition, service quality, customer services,
challenges of customer services, customer satisfaction and business
organization. Moreover, it analyses how the satisfied customers will open
many doors for business opportunities but the dissatisfied customers could
ruin the whole business.

In the first section of this In another definition,
article, Ungku Shahirah Ungku
Sharudin expanded upon the according to Hansemark and
various definitions of “customer
service”. It is clear that she put Albinsson (2004), satisfaction is a
much contemplation in this
presentation, for she named usages common attitude from customers
that would typically escape most
people. Ungku Shahirah Ungku towards a service provider which
Sharudin began with the important
part played by customer in sometimes includes an emotional
business organization with
supporting article. She added the reaction to the difference between
excellent quality of customer
service does not depend on skill and customer’s expectation and what
knowledge alone but more to
organization as a whole presents a they receive. Ungku Shahirah
positive message to customers.
classified that the satisfied

customers will open many doors for

business opportunities but the

dissatisfied customers could ruin

the whole business. These

figurative or hypothetical uses of

feelings are easily overlooked, so

Ungku Shahirah’s thoughtful

inclusion brings useful

The Magazine of Business Record Management 8

philosophical insight for other challenges of customer service. She
is concluding, even after all
researchers. customer’s still difficult to please
because of different taste and
In the second section, Ungku satisfaction. While her meticulous
analysis is largely palatable, her
Shahirah Ungku Sharudin omission of the common notion of
feeling does not sit easily. In the
presented five dimensions of service entire article, she never mentions
feeling an emotion, such as happy,
quality also known as SERVQUAL sad, or angry. Whether this was an
intentional omission or a sloppy
dimension which are tangible, oversight is unclear, but it weakens
Ungku Shahirah’s definition, as
reliability, responsiveness, emotions are neither pure bodily
states nor pure mental sensations,
assurance and empathy. She and she provides no preemptive
response to such arguments.
believed, if the organizations Nevertheless, Ungku Shahirah
Ungku Sharudin’s work still
manage to find out the right provided the impetus for an ongoing
debate about the challenges of
dimensions, customers will hand customer service.

over the answer to their loyalty

because they will receive excellent

service. According to Kumar and

Shah (2004), customer loyalty

appears based on a collection of

factors of trust. Without the

customer’s trust, the product or

service might not be sold.

In the final section of this

paper, Ungku Shahirah Ungku

Sharudin discusses about

The Magazine of Business Record Management 9

Interesting Facts

Challenges to Provision of Quality
Customers Service in Business Organization

(Salesforce, 2019)

The Magazine of Business Record Management 10

Record Management Implementation in Private Sector:
Analysis on Competency, Storage and Retention

(Nurul Shafirah Taharudin and Tengku Adil Tengku Izhar, 2018)

Reviewed by: Nur Afrina Aqilah binti Saiful Anuar

Nurul Shafirah Taharudin and Tengku Adil Tengku Izhar (2018), Faculty of

Information Management, Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM), UiTM Selangor,
Malaysia, A Study on Record Management Implementation in Private Sector:
Analysis on Competency, Storage and Retention.

The article chosen is ‘A Study role of record manager’s in
on record Management organization that many people need
Implementation in Private Sector: to aware about it.
Analysis on Competency, Storage
and Retention’ written by Nurul This article which stresses on
Sharifah Taharudin and Tengku
Adil Tengku Izhar (2018) discuss on the importance of retention
the importance of retention
schedule and recordkeeping in the schedule and recordkeeping, this is
organization processes and
performance, the efficiency and because people now days do not
effectiveness of record management
and the competency od staff skill know whether the records need to
and knowledge in managing
records. At such, some private be kept or destroyed because there
sector does not aware about the
importance of record management. are no suitable guidelines for them
There are too much bulky
documents at their office. They also and also do not know the value of
do not know the value of the
document itself. This article the document itself. Therefore,
facilities providing into the
framework about the importance disposal is an important part of

records management because when

it properly done and it ensures that

the organisation retains records for

as long as they are needed and

then, when they are no longer

needed. The schedule will make the

organization become more

efficiency and effectiveness in doing

their business. By the end of the

day, the organizations will have

The Magazine of Business Record Management 11

good management in manage the record can be a tangible paper
records management.
object or it can be in digital or
In this review, article
summary, critical reflections as well electronic form. Records can be
as comments about selected
aspects and suggestion to the issue kept on financial, medical,
will being raised are precisely
presented. informative, formal documents,

As indicated in the article, office documents, payroll,
the competency of staff skill and
knowledge in managing records are government forms and emails
importance to the organization. The
major point in the article included among hundreds of other types of
1) education, 2) position, 3)
perception on records management records. Records management
and document controller, 4) roles
affects and 5) knowledge about addresses the three phases of the
record management. Few possible
questions which may be asked: life cycle of records: The creation or
what is the relationship between
the importance of retention the receipt of a record; the
schedule and recordkeeping in the
organization processes and maintenance, safe storage,
performance, the efficiency and
effectiveness of record management retrieval, or general use of a record;
and the competency of staff skill
and knowledge in managing record the disposal of a record (Patricia,
in the business?
Records management is a
systematic, organized, planned and The use of mixed methods for
controlled process of managing or this study impressed me as Nurul
tracking the life cycle of records. A Shafirah Taharudin and Tengku
Adil Tengku Izhar, attempt to
explore more on the that
importance retention schedule and
recordkeeping, the staff skill and
knowledge that manager should
know how to manage their
organization record, the researcher
mix quantitative and qualitative
research methods, procedures and
paradigm characteristics in a way
that the resulting mixture or
combination has complementary
strengths and non-overlapping

The Magazine of Business Record Management 12

weakness. The qualitative phase in Felda which the location that the
the study helps to elaborate and Nurul Shafirah Taharudin and
present deeper analysis of the Tengku Adil Tengku Izhar, there are
quantitative findings. These mixed two type of storage in that company
methods are to complement are set which is cabinet and boxes. In that
of results with another, to expand a placed, every department only and
set of result or to discover needs to be maintained by the
something that would have been department itself so they will save a
missed if only quantitative lot of hardcopy document in the
approach had been used. box. Based on that case, very
limited space issues cause them to
It is observed that in this make such decisions so their
decision whether to save or dispose
article, the competency of staff skill but the FGV management has
asked all staff to keep the records
and knowledge and importance of on their own files because of that it
makes that organization not
retention schedule and efficiency and effectiveness.

recordkeeping can the record

management in organization

efficiency and effectiveness. The

education of staff in the

organization must have the degree Another issued that has been

and have the knowledge that well- identified by the authors is

known and moderate about the guidelines for records retention

records management. When they schedules and recordkeeping

have that skills, it will give the requirements. This issue is what

affects in the organization, for are the way and framework for

example mostly files will be well organization how to dispose their

organized, gives an impact to document and to guides the

organization and helps other staff employees for not to disseminate

in managing the document. company information to

This article also offers the competitors or outsider.
deficiency of records storage
facilities can affect business In contrast, this article also
activity. In Menara Felda and Balai has an array of weakness, there is
no clear suggestion provided in

The Magazine of Business Record Management 13

order to improve the way of the records management maintenance.
organization managed their Ultimately the end goal should be to
records. The article also provides create a standard process for
trustworthy information and a complying with best practices. By
credible point of view how regularly updating and maintaining
importance the retention schedule the record management, the
and recordkeeping in every manager can properly destroy old
organization. and outdated records, allowing for
more space both on-site and off,
I think that the importance of consistently saving time and
knowing about the retention money.
schedule and recordkeeping can be
enhance gradually by establish the Implementing a regular
best practices. The organization records management maintenance
can implement a monthly records check will establish best practice
management sweep, where the standards and can potentially
manager’s do a check on the quality protect your organization from legal
and security measures of their action, fines, penalties, and
records, it’ll establish consistency security threats.
in that office. The manager will
create a benchmark date to review Nurul Shafirah Taharudin
the retention status of records, so and Tengku Adil Tengku Izhar have
the employee can destroy outdated presented a realistic that the
records. Additionally, if a destroyed competency of staff skill and
record from that organization is knowledge also the retention and
requested for a lawsuit, the recordkeeping are very importance
manager can prove the destruction in organization to make sure their
wasn’t malicious or intended, but record management is efficiency
part of their organization’s regular and effectiveness.

The Magazine of Business Record Management 14

Interesting Facts

Business Record Management

(InfoRouter, 2018)

The Magazine of Business Record Management 15

How to Create an Effective Business Continuity Plan

(Kim Lindros and Ed Tittel, 2017)
Reviewed by: Siti Noorelida binti Mohamad Nordin

The Article “How to Create an Effective Business Continuity Plan” was written

by Kim Lindros and Ed Tittel, Business Continuity Plan, 18 July 2017.

The author which is Kim continuity plan matters. The words
Lindros and Ed Tittel, they actually “depends on your people and
want to brief about disaster processes” can defined that the
recovery plan in organization and authors want to mention the
the author’s opinion is disaster company’s future are depends on
recovery plan is not the same with the employees and organization. In
business continuity plan but point of the importance of testing
disaster recovery plan is just a part your business continuity plan,
of business continuity plan. "Fresh eyes" might detect gaps or
Lorraine O'Donnell mention that lapses of information that
“There's an increase in consumer experienced team members could
and regulatory expectations for overlook. The authors said that
security today”. The authors said must include new employee during
that every company either small or business continuity plan testing.
large company must have business
continuity plan to protect the The purpose of this article is
company from disaster. to explain the importance of
disaster planning in business
Kim Lindros and Ed Tittel continuity plan. In summary above,
write about definition business the words “depends on your people
continuity which is in first and processes” actually is truth but
paragraph the authors give the authors don’t mention which is
definition of business continuity company’s future also depends on
and second and third paragraph the leader in the company because
the authors give an example about the leader is moving the plan and so
the continuity plan. The authors on. In words “fresh eyes” which is
also give a reasons business defined new employee must have to

The Magazine of Business Record Management 16

do a test but actually is no need Nevertheless, the authors still
because the old employee can also provide lots of advice, importance
do the test to detect gaps and lapses
of information. and examples about disaster plan
recovery in business continuity

The Magazine of Business Record Management 17

Interesting Facts

Business Continuity Plan

(Business Continuity Institute, 2016)

The Magazine of Business Record Management 18

Importance of Planning and Control of Managers

(Alipour S. et al, 2013)
Reviewed by: Siti Nur Jazlinda binti Jazmi

Siamak Alipour, Shahram Golrang Arabani, Mohammad Talebi Asadi, Reza

Zareii (2013). Study in programme of M.A. Student of Business Management,
Rasht Branch, Islamic Azad University, Rasht, Iran. Importance of Planning
and Control of Managers. Kuwait Chapter of Arabian Journal of Business and
Management Review Vol. 2, No. 9: May, 2013.

The article chosen is of the main idea and then they give
‘Important of Planning and Control a right word on explaining the
of Managers’ written by Siamak examples. Besides that, they relate
Alipour, Shahram Golrang Arabani, both planning and controlling
Mohammad Talebi Asadi, Reza concept because it plays a main role
Zareii (2013) discuss on the crucial on achieving organizations goals.
relationship between planning and
controlling in the management of As indicated in the article,
the human resources. The article planning and controlling are
highlighted the steps on how to important for manager to organize
conduct planning and controlling their human resources and achieve
for the managers of the human the organizations goals. The major
resources. As we already know that points made in the article include 1)
in managing the organizations, its planning concept, 2) control
really important to plan and control concept, 3) significance of planning
because the organization want to and control and 4) position of
achieve their goals. Its also planning and control in guiding
highlighted the advantages in organizations. Few possible
implementing the planning and questions which may be asked;
controlling of the management. The which one is more significance,
text structure of the article is planning or control? Does planning
organized which is the first thing and control are in the different level
they did is explaining the definition in guiding organizations? Which is

The Magazine of Business Record Management 19

why, planning and controlling in understand the business terms.
management are inseparable. Besides that, they should put some
graphic such as info graphics or
In this article, the author animations in order to attract all
personally thinks that in every ages to read their work. This
management it’s important to have because it will be more interesting
the four elements to be and people would like to give their
implemented. This is because the attention in their article. I
elements stand together in order to personally agreed that the author
achieve the goals. The author also said the significance in the
did explain on the concept of planning and control in the
Planning and control in business organizations. They said
management to make sure that the that these two elements play big
reader knows what they should do role in the management. If there are
in each concept. I moderately find no controlling, the planning would
that the author have managed to not succeed its goal. So that’s why
bring out the concepts of planning it has their own position in guiding
and controlling as they successfully the organizations.
highlighted the steps for the
planning and controlling. However, The author have presented a
in the article, the author should valuable and informational
dwell more into the relationship of knowledge especially for the
the importance in planning and business students. They stress out
controlling to the managers since that the organizations should take
the highlight of the article is the seriously on planning and
significance of those two elements. controlling implementation as it’s
the determinant on either the
I think that authors should organization achieve their mission
be more precise on their or not. The article does explain a lot
explanation since they are using a about the controlling and planning
high-level word. This is because to concept further in order to highlight
make their article can be read by their importance.
any all ages. Not all people

The Magazine of Business Record Management 20

Interesting Facts

Business Management

(Resmussan, 2015)

The Magazine of Business Record Management 21

The Magazine of Business Record Management 22


“The Beginning of Knowledge is the Discovery of Something We Do Not

-Frank Herbert-

Throughout 3 semester at UiTM there are many new knowledge that I
able to learn. The knowledge that I think can really help me in the future and
it also open my eyes to a whole new world.

First, the knowledge about business management. For me the
knowledge about this subject is extremely important as I dream to have my
own business empire in the future. For now I conducted a business with my
father so, I can implement about what I have learn to ensure that the business
will run well. Besides, by learning about business management I believe that
I am able to get my dream job which is to be an employee at Celcom Axiata in
their marketing department.

Next, last semester (semester 2) I took Electronic Record Keeping
System (IMR 664) as my elective. There are many valuable thing that I able to
get during the journey or learning about this subject. One of it is to manage
my time properly. This is because this subject require us to go to UiTM Puncak
Perdana in order to key in the progress of our assignment in the DGFlo
System. If I didn’t manage my time properly, I believe it will give me a hard
time. Besides, the opportunity to learn Management of Business Record
(IMR652) for this semester allow me to get better understanding about record

Last but not least, the knowledge of business analytics. From this
subject I get to know many new thing that can be develop through Microsoft

Overall, there are many new knowledge that I get through out three
semester in UiTM Puncak Alam. I hope that with the knowledge gained I am
able to benefit others too as knowledge are worth to be share.

The Magazine of Business Record Management 23

SKILL by Atikah

It is often said that you cannot do things the same way and expect
different results. This applies to everything in life. In order to see changes or
a difference, one needs to do things differently. Hence, it is important to
develop our skill. This is because through skill development we can ensure
that we are difference from others thus, help us to compete in the workforce.

Throughout three semester studying in UiTM there are many skills that
I have successfully develop. The skill develop include communication skill.
Before I further my studies in degree, I realized that I lacked in
communication skill but, as the time goes by, now I feel more confident about
my communication skill. Communication skill is very important as I will use
when giving and receiving different kinds of information. Some examples
include communicating ideas, feelings or what's happening around me.

Next, I also have develop my skill in utilizing the usage of Microsoft
Office. Because now I know more than just to type, insert picture, generate
graph etc on Microsoft Office. For instance, now I am able to analysis data
given using Pivot Table and descriptive statistic on Microsoft Excel. Design
my own creative template on Microsoft Power Point and many more.

Last but not least, I also get to develop my language skill. Language
skill are capabilities that allow an individual to comprehend and produce
spoken language for proper and effective interpersonal communication. These
skills are listening, speaking, reading, and writing. To develop this skill is
important because, as a business students there are lots assignment that
need us to engage with people. Besides, language skill is important to us as
there are many report related to new product development need to be produce.

The Magazine of Business Record Management 24


There are many ups and down need to be faced in order to gain
knowledge but, the struggle and the pain will end up being the sweetest
memories and will teach us to be a better version of ourselves. There are many
experience that I gained throughout 1 and a half years studying in UiTM
Puncak Alam.

One of the most memorable experience is when I join Idea Pitching
Competition for Kejohanan Piala Dekan early this semester. My team and I
are able to get third place with the ideas of producing fertilizer from durian
husk. Even if it is last minute preparation as we are not inform about the
change of date by the organizer but, we are really satisfied. Through this
competition I am able to build my self-esteem and develop my critical

Next, the experience of developing new product category for Naelofar as
part of final assignment for both Marketing Communication and Brand
Management subjects. In the process of developing the product to the
presentation day, there are many challenges need to be faced and it is quite
stressful. Overall, it is quite an experience as I learn many new thing. And the
happiest moment is when we had won the best Marketing Communication
with our product Naelofar Care. I am unexceptionally happy because I think
that all of our hard work had paid off. Following is the product we create
under Naelofar new product category;

As a conclusion, I believe that to join or involve in something is
important in life as through that we get to experience something valuable.

The Magazine of Business Record Management 25


I would like to start this reflective report by saying that I am extremely
grateful for being given the opportunity to take part in this subject because it
was completely different to all my other subject and provided a new, exciting
and practical approach to learning. I major in financial, which is an extremely
abstract subject that focuses on calculation to help explain and understand
how estimate future value, changes in currency, when to buy and sell
currency, what to invest and which need to invest to earn more shareholder
profit. By this calculation we can predict future money movement to earn
more profit for our self or business itself. This subject, gave me the
opportunity to experience different aspects of running a business where
record being keep, the different between document and record, how important
business record in organization and when to disposition the record.

This subject also offered the opportunity to work in a group, which is
different to my other subject that are mostly centred around 70%
examinations with large emphasis on individual study. I thought working in
a group, in a situation this subject provided, would help establish new
friendships and possibly important contacts for future business ventures.
Group work is also a great way to improve those imperative skill that are
fundamental to working in a business environment. Social, communication,
listening, decision making, organization, time keeping and reflective thinking
are just some of the key skills that I thought this subject would help me
develop and that could ultimately lead to my success in the work place,
socially and professionally.

In a team-oriented setting, everyone contributes to how well the group
succeeds overall. I work with fellow members of the group to complete the
work that needs to be done. Having the right people in the correct roles is an
important factor in measuring the success of a team, where we are united
with the other members to complete the main goals. Every group is made up
of definite strengths and weaknesses. One of our strengths as a team is that
we get input from everyone involved.

The Magazine of Business Record Management 26

SKILL by Zunissa

I have been a student at University Technology Mara (UiTM) Puncak
Alam for 3 semesters, and over the course of my stay I have grown and learned
more than I thought possible. I would be writing about the skills I have gained
in the last 10 to 15 years. You do not have to work in an organization to gain
skills. Even while at home you can learn something that might help you in
studies or workplace. In this essay I am going explain the skills I have

First, I’m going to talk about the skills I have developed from my hobbies
and day to day activities. After that I’m going to talk about the skills I am
developing academically at present. Joining taekwondo is one of my hobbies.
Taekwondo not only a healthy exercise but taekwondo gives one a good dose
of self-esteem and respect. It teaches me many important life lessons and most
importantly, a form of self-defence so that I can protect myself from impeding

One of the basic yet most important skills is to communicate effectively
with other people. In order to have a productive group project, we should
always be effective communication between members in group. I have
developed good communication skills over the time. Along with this my
listening skills are good as I listen to the other person patiently and then
engage in communication with what that other person was speaking about. I
can improve upon this skill by practicing more.

A few other basic skills that I have acquired are numeracy. When my
classmates and I completing our exercises, our lectures prevented us from
using calculator because we were financial students. Sometimes I wondering
why but later I understand. Doing basic calculations mentally, without the
use of a calculator has helped me sharpen my numeracy skill. One way of
improving this skill is by avoiding the calculator when whenever a need of
calculation arises. I hope, I can development more skill in future.

The Magazine of Business Record Management 27


My first job, and the first jobs of countless people, was a part-time
position. I think this is partly because full-time jobs are more difficult to
obtain, and they require less responsibility in general. My first official (on
paper) job was working at my primary school as an English teacher. I believe
it was not only a great step forward towards full-time office work, but it also
taught me that I love teaching and interacting with children of various
backgrounds. In addition, I learned the joy of working around my own

What I enjoyed besides interacting with many different people and
learning styles was the fact that I could schedule my day around my students,
or the students could schedule their appointments around my plans. This
made me believe in the power of part-time jobs. With a full-time job, I would
have to dedicate a huge block of time every day to a single task. With a part-
time job, I could focus on my studies and my creative output on the side with
concentration. I can see how much freedom I had while working at part-time

For instance, when I began working at a Bangi Center as a seller after I
graduated from school, I had a lot of time to enjoy my day as a human and
got to go home before it got dark. Most times when personnel work at a full-
time job, them cannot enjoy the day outside. They only see the morning and
the evening, and the beauty of the day is lost to us. I think this is a sad fate . In
this perspective, I think an ideal working day is at most six hours a day. I
believe it is not healthy for people to not see the day in all its glory.

In my life, through having multiple part-time jobs, I can say that this
type of work allows one to be happier, healthier, and have a better outlook on
one’s assignments. Ultimately, it seems that the 40-hour work week is
unnatural for a person in the least, for me.

The Magazine of Business Record Management 28


I have been a student at UITM Puncak Alam for 3 semester and over
the course of my stay I have grown and learned more than I thought possible.
Going through the Finance program has taught me so much more than stuff
about business and how to calculate everything about finance and business,
it has taught me how to be me. I have learned what I want to do in my future
but most importantly, I have learned how importance the knowledge about
finance in everything we do in our life because in everything we do, we must
know how to manage our finance, especially in doing business. In business,
finance was the most important thing because every organization goal is to
get profit. Based on that, if we do not know how to manage it, it can ruin our

About this subject also which is Business Record Management, has
taught me how to manage records when we do or start the business, the
importance of retention schedule and recordkeeping and many more. This
subject also not only teach me about the record management, but also teach
about how to manage the organization. This subject makes me realize that
there is different between document and record. Before this I used to think
that all documents and records were the same and must always be kept in
the organization but after study about this subject, it makes me know it was

SKILL by Afrina

The Magazine of Business Record Management 29

With the biggest hurdle in the class for me was time management, came
hidden strengths about myself. I discover myself have skill in numeracy and
adaptability. I never thought of myself can be numeracy and can be survived
in this degree even thought I am only in semester 3.

Next, for this subject, I never taught I can be easy adaptability with my
classmate even we are in different courses. Adaptability is very important
when we start to work because it is imperative that you develop adaptability
skills. New educational programs and courses are introduced every now and
then, new rules and regulations spring up within organizations and industries
etc. It is therefore necessary to adjust smoothly and quickly to such changes
with very little difficulties.


The Magazine of Business Record Management 30

I have been a student for 3 semester and it is giving me so many
experienced that makes me feel that my knowledge of the stage adulthood
greatly increased. This course gives me experience joined the seminar about
business, how to be personal financial planning, how to do a good business,
and many more.

For this subject also gives me experience and served me extremely well.
I have encountered so many things in this subject, which may be can applied
in my future and it is also engaging and motivating student. This subject
teaches me how to make the note book and how to write a review about an
article, how to do the e-magazine, how to work in the team and many more.
It cannot be denied I am still on the way to keep on learning how to implement
about the record management so to make learning memorable for the

All of this experienced helps me to become a better student especially
in this scientific area. Although scientific terms weren’t the only area of focus,
also throughout the 3 semester a learned the importance of being perseverant,
being focus, committed, work as a team and many other values are also
shown. These values in my point of view are the most important because this
will not only help me in my academic but also in my personal life.

The Magazine of Business Record Management 31


There is many knowledge that I get from subject Book Records
Management. One of them is I know a lot about records management. The
definition, example and differences between records and documents. I also
just know that government records are stored in the National Archives of
Malaysia. In Malaysia, we use ISO 2223 and in International is ISO 15489.
This is just a new things for me to learn and I can say that I’m thrilled to know
this kind of information.

Moreover, I can find out about the process to records and there is eight
process. The process is capture, registration, classification, access and
security classification, identification of disposition status, storage, use and
tracking and implementation of disposition. I can say that the process to
records is not an easy things and we must follow the process so that the
records can be manage well.

The conclusion, I gain many knowledge from subject Book Records
Management and I learn something new who I did not know before. It such a
good knowledge ever in my life and I’m promise that I will learn more so that
I will be a knowledgeable person in the future.

The Magazine of Business Record Management 32

SKILL by Noorelida

Throughout my time studying subject Book Records Management Ifeel
that my knowledge has progressed excessively in many ways and that I have
developed my skills in different areas and continue to do so.

The first skills is I definitely can improve my skills reading and writing.
Before this, I don’t really like reading subject because I prefer the subject
matter. After I take and learn this subject, I found that I improve a lot my skill
reading and writing because no matter what I need to reading to do my
assignment and also test.

Furthermore, I can improve my skills in auditory. Means that I can
learn well when speaking and listening. I’m that kind of person who are very
nervous to speaking in front of people. I can improve my speaking skills
through presentation group for this subject.

The next skills is effective oral and written communication. My effective
oral and written communication is improving a lot because I can improve my
oral through presentation and I can improve my written through test this

The Magazine of Business Record Management 33

EXPERIENCE by Noorelida

My personal experience whatever experience, we have either good, bad
or ugly; our experience reflects on our behavior or action. My personal
experience towards this semester which is semester three is I do my part time
job for every weekend. Honestly, is so hard to manage and handle my time
between studied and work because I need to study for my test and also to do
my individual assignment and group project. In the same time, I need to do
my part time job to earn pocket money so that I can survived my degree life.
Actually, PTPTN is not enough for student like me because I need to survive
my PTPTN money in the whole semester. My parents doesn’t give me
allowance because I grew up already and want me to be independent in my
own way. I also don’t want to burden my parents with give me allowance
because I have a lot of siblings that my parents have to deal with because
most are still in school and still young.

I need to arrange my time to handle this situation. Sometimes I really
tired because I need to do two things at one time but I can’t complain because
this is the choice that I made and I have to continue to survive my degree life.
It also because I need to wake up earlier in every morning because I have a
class that I need to attend. I feel relieved because most of my friends
understanding my situation right now. Sometimes I feel pressure a lot
because I need to finish my assignment and submit to the lecture by the due
date but I need to finish my assignment earlier because I need to do my part
time job. I also proud of myself because I am last minute person but I can still
handle and manage my time well. “Experience matured us”, I will hold those
words as my passion.

The Magazine of Business Record Management 34


Overall, my objective here in UiTM is to gain knowledge either in
academic or curricular. This is because to differentiate someone with other is
their knowledge. Through my third semester, I’ve learned a lot especially from
academic aspects. I’ve learned in detail on business organizations such as
management in business organization and marketing in business
organizations. I learned on how to manage human resources accordingly and
efficiently so that the resources are being use to the fullest. Besides that, I
learned on how to be a leader as to control and supervise the employee under

Besides that, I also learned Arabic language as my third language
subject. I learned a lot of words in Arabic and I able to make a simple sentence
in Arabic. Besides that, I know a little bit about Arabic culture so that it will
be useful for me if I want to travel at their country. I also take English subject.
Somehow, it strengthens my English knowledge because English is not easy
but no hard either to learn. Somehow, I enjoy learning the subject.

I’m a major in finance in business administration course. So, I’ve
learned a lot about the finance especially the organization financials.
Somehow, financials are not about calculating only, but it includes on
forecasting and decision making especially for the finance manager. So, if the
company give high profits to shareholders, we know that they have a manager
that good in making decisions and can make a forecasting accurately.

In conclusion, I’ve gained many knowledge. Not only in finance even
though I am majoring in finance. This is because to make sure that I meet
industry needs. However, I take it as a knowledge that going to be valuable in
the future. As for me, it really hard for me to grab the knowledge especially
finance subjects. This is because before I’m further my studies in this field,
I’m majored in science. So, for the finance subjects it is crucial to understands
the balance sheets, cash flows, etc. in my first semester, I’m having a problem
in catching the knowledge not like the others classmates.

The Magazine of Business Record Management 35

SKILL by Jazlinda

Through the first semester until the third semester, I’ve managed to have
some skills that will be benefit to me for my life. However, I still think that the
skill that I manage to get is still need to be polish. All the skills that I’ve earned
will be cherish to me.

Throughout my studies until the third semester, I’ve learned about
words program in laptop systems. Before this, I had to learn the words
programs by myself since I have the obligations in order to submit my reports.
So, I just use the program within the limited knowledge that I know. However,
when in the university I get to strengthen my skill on using the program.
Thus, it makes me easier to do my assignments.

Besides that, I get to strengthen my communication skills to speak with
other. The measure of communications skill is whether the person you talk to
get the message you trying to convey or not. With a lot assignment to do
especially the group assignment, communication is a must. Somehow,
throughout the study life I get to improve my communications efficiently. It’s
hard, but somehow through try and error and also a hardship on to think a
way to convey my message, I get the hang on it.

Moreover, I also get to strengthen my leadership skills throughout these
semesters. I get to be brave and overcome my inferiority of people judgement.
I also get to improve my life management and my decision-making skills. I
also got to be stricter and start to learn on being professional. Somehow, I still
think that its really hard to control human as they have feelings and we need
have empathy towards them even though we do not experience that. So, I
personally think that to be a good leader is really hard.

In conclusion, I’ve got to evolve my various skills that I do not even know
that I’m capable of doing it. So, it somehow opening a new door to me. Thus,
it forces me to adapt in the situations and solves the problems professionally.
Then, it forces me to think efficiently and make a decision quickly so that the
problem is not being kept too long. I personally think, if I’m not given the
problem, I would not get any chance solves the problem efficiently.

The Magazine of Business Record Management 36

EXPERIENCE by Jazlinda

Throughout my life, many experiences that I go through as well as when I’m study.
When I’m in studies, the experience is more diverse because I met with a lot of people
that have many manners. However, those experiences are ve ry valuable and important
to me.

In my studies life, I’ve did a volunteer for the university. The university held a
sport competitions event. They on need of volunteers to help them to held the sport
competitions event. I volunteer because I want to gain experience and want toknowmany
people. Throughout the programs, I deal with many people which is whom that are really
needy and whom that are a lifesaver. Thus, I get to handle the people properly without
making me suffer in the next day. Besides that, I able to handle the situation on the
miscommunication in the upper management happen. Moreover, I get to be sincere
because when we are volunteering, we need to offer helps without hoping anything in
returns. Overall, even though I had to face many people that are worn me out, it’s a very
fun and interesting events. I did feel a little sad when the event is over. If there another
event like this, I would love join and be a volunteer again.

Besides that, I did join a competition which is Traditional Zapin Dance between
hostels in the university. In here, I learned that the traditional have its own uniqueness
which is very cultural. Besides that, I personally think this dance are not an easy dance.
That is maybe because I’m not a good dancer from the start. But I did not stop half way
and I did it until the end of the competition. Thus, for this experience I earn to give
cooperation such as go to training, come training on time and so on.

Other than that, I also experience on blood donating for the blood dona te
campaign at the hostel. It’s really interesting because before you donate you must make
sure that your body in a very good health because they only want a good quality of blood.
It’s a relief that my blood is pass to be donated. At first, the syringe that are thick than
normal really put me in distress. However, when I think that I could give my blood to
save others life, it put me back to ease. I personally think that, I do like doing charity
work and one of that is donating blood. Overall, if there are chance to donate blood, I
would absolutely donate my blood.

In conclusion, all the experience I gain is earned out of my obligations of
responsibilities. Thus, I earned my experiences because of the curiosity that been
hunting my mind. Curiosity kills the cat. As for me, even though it’s a mistake to joint
event or program I still personally think all that is a valuable experience that I should

The Magazine of Business Record Management 37

The Magazine of Business Record Management 38 International
and National

of Record Management

National Policies

M ALAYSIA - Akta Arkib Negara 2003 (Akta 629)
Menggariskan dasar, prinsip, objektif dan hala tuju penilaian dan perolehan
rekod awam (records acquisition and records appraisal) Arkib Negara
Malaysia. (Arkib Negara Malaysia, 2012)
705b59530d80 )
- Akta Arkib Negara 2003 (Akta 629)
Dasar ini adalah untuk memastikan rekod negara yang bernilai kebangsaan
dan sejarah dalam bentuk audiovisual diperolehi, diurus secara sistematik
dan disimpan kekal di Arkib Negara Malaysia untuk kegunaan generasi kini
dan akan datang. (Arkib Negara Malaysia, 2010)
c42fa77eb0b4 )
DASAR PENTADBIRAN ARKIB -Akta Arkib Negara 2003 [Akta 629]
Kertas ini bertujuan untuk menetapkan dasar, prinsip dan amalan
pentadbiran arkib di Arkib Negara Malaysia. (Arkib Negara Malaysia, 2011)
f84286f3c737 )

The Magazine of Business Record Management 39

International Policies


In the context of these requirements, digitization of UN records should be done
to supports UN objectives for organisational transparency, knowledge sharing
and business continuity by providing better access to, and faster retrieval of
information, and cost effective storage of UN records. (United Nation, 2009).

(https://archive s/archive s/RM_PDFs/re cord -
keeping_requirements_for_digitization.pdf )


Functional requirements are a set of generic functional requirements that are
necessary, or highly desirable set of requirements for a credible record-
keeping system. They are particularly useful for the development of record-
keeping systems. The requirements are organized under the broad functional
headings of Record Classification; Record Capture, Creation and
Management; Search, Display and Presentation; Retention and Disposal;
Access Control; Audit; Reporting; Usability; Design and Performance;
Compliance with other standards. (United Nation, 2004)

equirements_for_record-keeping.pdf )

M RC RECORDS M ANAGEM ENT POLICY - Public Records Acts of 1958 and

The aim of this policy is to provide a framework for managing the MRC’s
records by setting out practices for the creation, maintenance and disposal of
records regardless of the form they are in. Effective records management
ensures that the MRC has access to reliable, authentic and accessible
information in a timely manner to support decision-making. (Medical
Research Council, 2016)

( )

The Magazine of Business Record Management 40



Terms Definition

Active Record Records which are used in an office at least once per
Administrative month.
Value The usefulness of records to the office of origin for carrying
Appraisal out its day-to-day activities.
Archives The evaluation of records to determine their value and
proper disposition.
Bulky An area utilized for storage of inactive records,
Business manuscripts, papers, and memorabilia which are retained
permanently for historical, legal, research, or social
Challenge reasons. Also, the agency responsible for selecting,
preserving, and making available non-current records
Competency with long-term value
Customer Bigger than other things of its type, and is difficult to carry
Disposition or store.
A business is defined as an organization or enterprising
entity engaged in commercial, industrial, or professional
Something that needs a lot of skill, energy,
and determination to deal with
or achieve, especially something you have never done
before and will enjoy doing.
That it is something you need to be able to do well in a
specific job role.
A customer is an individual or business that purchases
another company's goods or services.
The final state in a record’s life cycle, involving either:

The Magazine of Business Record Management 41

Disseminate  destruction
Document  transfer to inactive storage with destruction at a
Loyalty specified later date
Malicious  transfer to the University Archives for permanent
Non – Record
Office of Origin To spread or give out something, especially news,
Official Copy information or idea.
Recorded information regardless of form or medium.
To improve the quality, amount, or strength of something.
The quality of being loyal.
Intended to cause damage to a computer system, or to
steal private information from a computer system.
Stocks of printed or reproduced documents kept for
supply purposes where file copies have been retained for
record purposes;
 books, periodicals, newspapers, or other library

materials preserved solely for reference purposes;
 preliminary drafts or computations, worksheets, and

informal notes which do not represent significant
steps in the preparation of a record document;
 duplicate copies of documents preserved only for
convenience; materials not filed as evidence of
departmental operations or for their informational
 or personal materials which are the property of the
custodian and which have no relation to official duties.
The office in which a given record or record series was
originally created or accumulated.
A record which is not duplicated elsewhere, or the
designated record copy of duplicated and dispersed

The Magazine of Business Record Management 42

Organization A group of people who work together in an organized way
for a shared purpose.
Paradigm A model of something, or a very clear and typical example
of something.
Payroll The total amount of money paid to the people employed
by a particular company.
Provision The act of providing something.
Qualitative Relating to how good or bad on something.
Quality How good or bad something is.
Quantitative Relating to the number or amount.
Retention The process of holding documents for use.
Retention The length of time an office must keep particular records.
Period This is usually expressed in terms of years, months, days
and may be contingent upon an event or specification.
Retrieval The process of locating and withdrawing documents and
delivering them for use
Satisfaction A pleasant feeling that you get when
you receive something you wanted, or when you have done
Scheduling something you wanted to do.
The process of analysing and appraising the value of a
Service given set of records, and then preparing a retention
Tangible schedule showing the disposition of the records
Work done by one person or group that benefits another.
Real and not imaginary; able to be shown, touched,
or experienced.

(University of Wisconsin System, 2019)

The Magazine of Business Record Management 43

Record Management Cartoon Corner

The Magazine of Business Record Management 44

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