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978-1-64124-119-9 Discovering the World of Nature Along the Riverbank

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Published by Fox Chapel Publishing, 2021-03-15 15:54:02

Discovering the World of Nature Along the Riverbank

978-1-64124-119-9 Discovering the World of Nature Along the Riverbank

Along the RiverbankDiscovering the World of Nature
•Petra Bartíková Marcel Králik

With four webbed feet and
a muscular tail to use as
a rudder, the otter is as
at-home in the water as it
is on land. It can dive, swim,
run, and climb with ease!

When the water snake is
hungry, it hunts down a fish

or a frog. Don‘t worry – it
isn‘t poisonous!

The crayfish lives
only where the water is
crystal clear. It has claws
and a hard shell, and it

walks backward.

There’s a lot going on at the water‘s
edge. Look – there’s a bear fishing!
A family of beavers is building a new
dam. While the otter rests on the
shore, the cormorant is looking for
something to eat. Some creatures,
like fish, live only in the water. They

can‘t breathe on dry land.
Look at the bear feed itself

from the river! It lurks on the bank,
fishing mainly for salmon, which
travel from distant seas through

rapids to their native rivers. As soon
as a fish jumps out, the bear makes

a grab for it. Dinner-time!
Munch, munch, munch…

Newts and salamanders look like
lizards but they‘re very different!
They‘re amphibians, which means
they live on land and in the water.
When in the water, they can breathe
through their skin. They also have

the ability to regrow limbs!

Most human divers need a The cormorant is a great diver.
snorkel, mask, and wet suit. The It can swim for its catch all the way
grebe, however, doesn‘t need any to the bottom of the riverbed. It enters
of those things. Its lobed toes the water quietly, leaping with its legs
help it swim underwater to catch against its body and its wings flapping.
fish. In fact, it‘s more comfortable It moves very quickly underwater to
swimming than walking on land!
catch fish – mostly cod, eels, and
herring – in its curved beak.

Explore the Water‘s Edge
•Written by Petra Bartíková Illustrated by Marcel Králik

Take a look Learn how an
into the water. otter lives.

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Explore a Children will love the lively,
beaver’s home. interactive tour at the water‘s
edge in this vivid board book
Rivers, pools, ponds…what would animals filled with an abundance of
do without them? Without water, they animals living in and around
wouldn’t be able to survive. Some the aquatic ecosystem.
animals even live in it, far below the
surface! Come with us to the aquatic —Sandi Schwartz,
and underwater animal kingdom. In
this foldout picture book, there are lots
of cut-out openings for you to explore!

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