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Carnival Love Part 1
Kyla is just a young girl experiencing the exhilerating fun of Sugar Mas in her beautiful country of St Kitts.
However one night on the town turns her world upside down, will she ever make it to the road for carnival? Lies and deception makes it hard, especially when love comes along. what will she do?

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Published by Black_Arts, 2019-12-09 20:44:09

Carnival Love Part 1

Carnival Love Part 1
Kyla is just a young girl experiencing the exhilerating fun of Sugar Mas in her beautiful country of St Kitts.
However one night on the town turns her world upside down, will she ever make it to the road for carnival? Lies and deception makes it hard, especially when love comes along. what will she do?

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Carnival Love (1)

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Contents iv
Acknowledgement 5
Kyla 8
Jamal 11
Shamika 14
Kyla 17
Jamal 19
Shamika 22
Crissy 25
Wayne 29
Jamal 31
About the Author


I would like to say a heart felt thank you to the persons that
continuously encourage me every day to keep writing, keep
striving and to keep doing what I love. I don’t think I would be
as focused and open to different scopes of writing if it weren’t
for Tenicha McSheen, Valenticia Lindsay, Quinton Griffin and
Recaldo Richardson. Also to my amazing daughter who sleeps
while mommy writes, who has grown so accustom to me being
on my laptop writing she even brings it to me. I love you
Te’Khara Dore, you will forever be my reason why and my
motivation to keep finding a how.



I don’t even think I want to be here but Shamika just always
finds a way to drag me out the house. “Tis the season” she
said, always in the damn carnival spirit and it was only
august I just didn’t get it. 3 months until my sugar city turns
into a fete land and all manner of people bring their ass home.
Let me tell you Carnival in St Kitts is no joke, now we serious,
serious with it. Party central, troupes, cooler fete, inception,
party after party i swear for the whole of December every night
there was somewhere to buss a lime and chill. I loved the hype
but hated the scene, makes me wonder if i was really a true

Anyway my name is Kyla Rouse, I’m 24 years old, i work as a
teller at Scotia Bank, no kids, no man, no drama, Can i get an
AMEN! I would like to think of myself as slim thick, i’m 5ft
6 inches, ass on phat belly on snatched. I definitely have that
okra and steam fish body going on and quite frankly i didn’t
mind. This trick that brought me out the house is my best friend
Shamika Martin but i call her mika, she’s a teller too, we’ve been
best friends since Basseterre high Athletes in Action days. Mika
is thick as hell though, she’s a dipped in extra melanin tammy
Rivera type of thick, and she’s a drama queen and always hype



as hell for no reason. Now i don’t usually go out i prefer to
stay home and read my books but somehow ULTRA launching
tonight and she had to be here.

“You really over here on kindle kyla, no wonder you ain getting
no dick”, i couldn’t do shit but roll my eyes, now she know i
don’t wanna be here.

“ok mika, wa? i didn’t even wan come but you just like to be in
things so you wan me in dem with you too, you a look company”.
Could you believe she just sucked her teeth at me, the disrespect!

So i walked off and went over to the bar, i don’t know what
ULTRA theme was this year but i must admit it the costumes
were looking good. I didn’t play mas never a day in my life i
don’t intend to either could you imagine me going on bad on
the road? My Christian mother would have a fit, she would
definitely take in. “So you joining with me this year or wa?”
lord not this conversation again, “mika i keep telling you i don’t
do dese things, plus wa you think mommy gun say?” … “oh
you mean your holier than thou mother or the hypocrite which
one? you suppose to be enjoying life kyla and ultra is life right
now, carnival is life in sk.”

” I don’t think i wan do it just leave me in my box, let me stand
up on the side lines and watch you”…….. “Ok lets make a bet,
sign up and if popcaan come for cooler fete you must go on
d road with me” i don’t know what trick she was pullling and
mika always have something up her sleeve, let me say that again.
ALWAYS have something up her sleeve.

“but mika popcaan come last year dey ain gun bring popcaan



“exactly kyla so you ain got nothing to lose.” I don’t trust this

shit,but amma go along with it because i know for a fact not
even god himself could make me play mas. “ok kool that’s a deal.
when they announcing the acts for cooler fete? hello? well who
i talking to?

“kyla who he be? lord god take he time on da one dere, look like
he put in some over time too. “So you just gun stand up here
and drewl all over he like you ain lef you man home, is ouru
does give woman bad name enuh…… “ohk Ms Cobweb you
turn judge and jury now, all of a sudden me eye dem sick, i can’t
watch? you talking like i wan fuck him even thou d thought ain
sound too bad tawl.”

I didn’t hear anything she just said and i was happy about that
she was watching one but i was watching what looked like the
brother and he was looking like hot bread and butter to me
right now. He had dimples and that beard, i wonder how that
beard would look full of my cum. Oh no! impure thoughts,
get rid of them lord, but that smile, looks like trey songz and
denzil Washington had a baby, can’t possibly be that he from
st kitts. Oh shit, next thing i knew he was walking towards
me, i was staring to hard, kyla your stupid ass was watching
the man to hard. Now i was looking around for the closest
exit, nearest bathroom something, i turned to see if mika would
help me with this escape but this damn gyul fixing her pose
trying to look all sexy and unbothered, bitch not today! god
gave me strength for this launch he didn’t grant me enough for
this sexy man here too. I had to think fast but the thoughts
weren’t coming, brain like it start to malfunction now it see



all that eye candy, i really need some sex boy. Shit, ain look
like amma make it out of this one so let me straighten out my
tube dress that was hugging everything god bless me with. i
leaned up against the bar and just started sipping my drink, no
eye contact, no smiling, one word answers and you’re gonna
make it kyla. I turned my back to him so i could give myself
the quick pep talk but as soon as i turned around and looked
up into those brown eyes, pep talk went through the window, i
should’ve tell mika no and stay my ass home. SHIT!



S o my cousin brought me to this ULTRA launch, great
place to pick up women. Crissy been constantly calling
my phone, like she can’t get it through her thick skull
that amma call her when i need to cum and that’s it.

But anyway my names Jamal Henry and yes i know i’m fine,
I’ve been looking good all my life, definitely why so much
females run me down on a regular, bonus would be my dick
size but i don’t brag on that he does the talking for himself. I
don’t say much, i’m the silent killer type really, round here they
call it sneaking but i don’t give a fuck, i do my shit anyhow and
anywhere. I’m a boss. I’m a Risk Officer at Eastern Caribbean
Central Bank, also got couple passenger buses on the road too,
“i’m from sp wey d best be”, no kids, lots of pussy available to me,
yes i’m whore i’m really honest about all my actions because
i believe that’s the best way, so you can’t really call me a dog
if i told you from day one you were just a fuck. Seems legit to
me, i’m 26 and its my favorite time of the year in sk. Carnival
when you see the real beauty of sk in women big, small, in
between, round up, apple bottoms everything. The variety is
high during carnival season especially with the blend of those
here for vacation but going back to school, makes it easier for
you to get them off your back.



I’m going off track, lol so i walked into this launch and i saw
her thick ass friend first but she was a bit too big for my taste,
and i kind of recognize her from somewhere but next to her
she was definitely my taste and i could only imagine how her
ass would feel sliding down on my dick. I’m making my rounds
greeting all these people and she was just staring at me like i
was water and she was dehydrated. ‘Aye you know dem two
girls over there?’ i asked my cousin wayne,

“Nar but they look good thou, the thick one kinda look like one
a dem i does see down by tata” i busted out laughing, wayne
was a trip but he was my boy for sure. How he manage to find a
comparison from so far across the room beats me. Wayne and
I had been friends basically all our life, he was the tell it like
it was kinda dude and freaked more than he should. He’s the
type of brother you never put on speaker phone or introduce
to your girl, too fucking wild. Any way I was looking at her and
I could tell she was ready for the picking, I was gonna have a
good night tonight.

“Hey wayne, lets holla at them, I gun take the one in the tube
dress and you could talk up to the tata”, “Not a fuck, you know
I left nicki crazy ass home last thing I wan is sk fasting people
go tell her I was whispering in some gyul ear, her dramatic ass
would throw a fit, I ain fucking up my happy home for you
playa.” I looked at him like he was crazy, “mother fucker you
just mek me wait in the car while you fucked sam, happy home
my ass!”… He just burst out laughing, “mehn her pussy was
worth it! “

You hear the type of influences i have around me, he was all



kinds of crazy “Exactly, so head over here with me cause how
she watching me, it look like she begging me to come cause
some damage to her womb.” Wayne shrugged his shoulders and
we just made our way through the crowd, eyes on the target it
was about to go down.



N ow I know kyla already told you guys who I am so lets
skip the introduction and focus on my desert that’s
walking towards me now. Kyla is my best friend and
all but she pisses me off half the time with this good girl act.
Like the bitch does not know how to live, I swear she never
lets her hair down. She keeps trying to remind me I have a
man at home, ok yeah I do, me and my boyfriend Mj have been
together for 5 years now. He buys me whatever I want but he
just does not have the equipment to run this factory and I have
needs, ok.

Kyla doesn’t know I cheat on him, she’s my friend and all but I
keep some my shit to myself. She think I don’t hear her asking
me about jamal but I do, I’ve been watching him for years now.
I’ve heard all about how nasty he is and plus everybody knows
he got money. So she needs to step aside, i’m fixing myself and
getting ready because its about time he noticed me. I see him
and his cocky ass friend wayne, I can’t stand a bone in wayne’s
body but he’s sexy as fuck too, I’m stuck on jamal though. He’s
taking his time moving towards us, kyla is next to me looking
for the nearest exit, typical. Always avoiding and trying to run
away from men, I wish she wasn’t here so I could have both of



them to myself. Can someone show this bitch where the fire
escape route is because I really don’t need all this awkwardness
next to me. Feels like as jamal gets closer i’m holding my breath,
I can’t believe this is actually happening. I’m going over and
over in my head how I want our conversation to go, I need
to feel his dick tonight, so I gotta make sure i’m smooth with
the flirting. I’m gonna put on my best good girl act to date,
because i already know he’s picky and likes his women a certain
way. I turn around to get me another drink something with a
straw so i could do a little teasing, but this dumb ass grabs me
from behind and start kissing all over me. I’m fucking furious
i thought he said he was staying home, but i gotta play it cool
because he’s touchy when he gets embarrassed. So i turn to mj
and say “hey baby i thought you were staying in tonight?”

“Well i saw how you were frowning when i said i was gonna
stay in so i decided to surprise you”, could you believe this fool
was smiling in my face like he looking at santa, i put on that
act so i could make him feel like i would miss him, but i was
so fucking happy he stayed home. Now he just about to ruin
everything, god give this mother fucker a sign so he can run
along please. I’m looking behind him trying to see where jamal
was at. “who are you looking for mika? i’m here to surprise you
but you acting like you ain wan be with you man tonight, one
u man in here nuh?” Duh dumb ass i got a couple of them in
here, i was gonna boops atleast 500 dollars and the man of my
dreams heading over here, perfect time for you to drop dead but
i just looked up at his stupid ass and smiled “nar babe i thought
i saw keema in the crowd there but it was the wrong person, of
course i’m glad to see you , how about you go over there and
check out the costumes let me know which one you think i’m



gonna look good in this year”
Aite cool he said but whose the guy all up in kyla’s face thou?
I look across and this bitch kekeying in jamal face like some
school child all i saw was RED!!



I turned my back i did not need to see him coming over here,
how was i suppose to pull myself through this? I started
sipping on the Disarrono and coke that i had ordered from
the bar talking myself into being strong and not too dorky. All
of a sudden i felt someone tap me on my shoulder and i turned
around to see the most beautiful brown eyes ever.

I could see his lips moving but i couldn’t hear shit, i was stuck
just staring at him damn his lips and that beard. I reached out
and just started running my fingers through his beard, my cum
would look so fucking good dripping from a beard like this, on
lips like his. Ohk wow, he held my hand and smiled shaking
me out of my trance. “What’s your name sexy?” I’m kyla, how
about you? “I’m jamal, possibly your future”. I can’t believe he
used that line, kinda corny but cute,“are you sure about that
future part jamal, dis ain no small job enuh” I just wanted to
kiss him i couldn’t even focus he was so fuckng sexy but i gotta
play it cool i don’t wanna embarrass myself but mika always
telling me to let my hair down. Would it be so bad if i do this
one time, just relax and have fun? like really have fun? I’m kind
of tired of being good.



I’m tired of hiding from everything and everyone. I wish i had
mika’s kind of confidence to do what i want when i wanted. He
must’ve seen the confusion all over my face, never had a good
poker face either way because next thing i knew he was rubbing
his index finger down my cheek. “Wa on you mind?” I don’t
like when people touch me much, but his touch felt so damn
good, i got wet instantly, this some mediocre shit. I’m acting
like a virgin, get yourself together kyla! “It’s nothing really just
having a mental battle about letting my hair down and having
some fun, i don’t usually do that you know, kind of a house
rat but damn i like the way your touch made me feel thou, can
you do it again?” We both burst out laughing, wow that was
mouthful. He’s even sexier when he smiles, lord please control
my hormones, i hope his dick is big though. Oh wow kyla, kyla,
kyla you just met him and you already lusting. I wonder if he’s
adventurous, would he fuck me anywhere, whenever i want?
Ok that was a bit over board, calm the fuck down kyla it’s just
a man.

“So jamal i like your smile, you got a woman?” I don’t know
if he found it funny but he just started laughing, i hope this
mother fucker ain crazy nuh. “Straight to the point huh, i like
you already. how about we take a walk or so go over port zante
go cool and talk cause i could barely hear you.” I realized he
didn’t answer my question and that was a major red flag for
me, trying to play dodge ball already with the questions but
at the same time a walk is harmless even if he has a girlfriend
right? I gotta see what mika thinks about this, i look cross and
realize mj is all up in her face but she’s looking cross at me with
a screw. What the fuck is up with her? I’m trying to signal her
with my eyes to come over here but she wouldn’t even budge.



So i just asked jamal to excuse me and went over to her.



I realized she turned her back to me little did she know she
was showing me exactly what i wanted to see, that ass! It
looked good as fuck and i just wanted to grab it. Wayne
tapped me while we were making our way over there. “Mehn
look at this shit, tata got a customer right now and indiana jones
just walked her ass up here looking for the lost rolling stone
called jamal.” I didn’t even wanna laugh, what the fuck was
crissy doing here? i wasn’t worried thou she knew her place,
“Aite since tata got a customer and you got next derail indiana
for me so i could get lil miss out of here. cool?” Wayne gave me
a pound then walked over towards crissy.

I was tempted to grab her from the back so she could feel my
man down there but that would kinda be out of line and i gotta
feel her out first so i just opted for a slight tap on the should she
turned around and i was shocked. She wasn’t wearing make
up and usually i say these girls are sexy but she was beautiful. I
asked her how was she enjoying her drink and if she liked the
costumes but she was just staring at me. I could already sense
this was gonna be an easy kill for me tonight, i don’t usually
go for easy kills but she already looked different than all these
casper the ghost females walking around trying to scare their



way to the dick, some monster house shit. Just when i was
about to close her mouth so she wouldn’t drool she reached out
and touched my beard. She was running her fingers through it,
cute ass hands would look good wrapped around my dick. She
wasn’t doing much but she was turning me on, so i just took her
hand to get her attention and asked her her name. When she
asked me what was mine some stupid shit came out my mouth
about possible future. It was the way i was feeling so i said it
but i shocked the fuck out of me, she had me feeling some type
of way gotta admit. Her face was becoming contorted and i
didn’t understand why, she like she just zoned out. God i hope
this damn girl ain’t one them crazy chicks, i got enough crazy
in my life but sadly crazy chicks came with the best pussy.

I was just staring at her while her brows furrowed and she
twisted her mouth up she looked kinda cute like that, her lips
looked like they were soft enough to nibble on, i couldn’t help
but wonder how they’d feel wrapped around my dick though. I
touched her face slightly and trailed my finger down to her lips,
i wanted to know what was up with her. Wait why the fuck am
i concerned, she gave me a long trail of answers and i couldn’t
help but laugh, pretty with a sense of humor. I liked her already,
i was getting tired of the small talk and i realize she was trying
to signal tata like she wanted to escape so i offered for us to
leave so we could talk better. She went over to her friend, she
looked mad as hell and i was shocked when i realized that it
was mika. She’s offered to suck me dry on multiple occasions
but she was for everybody so i couldn’t go there with my man,
next thing i got a burn or a itch and i gotta kill a bitch. I cherish
my dick at all times, regular check ups and i’m always stacked
with condoms, if i’m gonna bless ya life i wanna bless it right if



you know what i mean.
She came back and i saw crissy coming towards us at the same
damn time, i just looked at her like i know this mother fucker
is not about to approach me in public, she must’ve heard me
because she took an instant detour. “Hey future, yu ready to
go?” i asked kyla, she seemed hesitant so i wasn’t gonna push
if she said no. “Yeah why not, jus mek sure you bring me right
back where you get me from.” I just giggled she was funny but
i had plans and i know they were gonna come to pass. “I got
you, lets go” Then we made our way through the door looked
over my shoulder at mika and she seemed big mad, kyla gotta
change her friends because mika ain’t a good one.



L isten all i want right now is for this mother fucker to
get out of my face. I can’t believe jamal was all up on
kyla right now, as if the best thing that could happen to
him wasn’t standing right here! “Baby whats wrong with you?”
I’m trying to figure out who is a bigger scunt you or lighter
because right now i feel you take the cake and i would embarass
the fuck out of you if you don’t get out of my face. I can’t even
hide my disgust right now out of everybody here he goes to
kyla, she doesn’t even look comfortable. “Look mj maino who
he be or why he all under kyla like da, well is wa you and kyla
got sumtn nuh why you asking me she business?” That line
came in smooth because from the look on his face he already
knew where this was going and he didn’t want all that smoke. I
amaze my own self how manipulative i am, I’ve been told many
times i have narcissistic qualities but fuck it if that’s what it
takes. “You know wa don’t even go there, i gone cause mane
doing it wid you attitude or insecurities tonight.” What! God i
know that was you, finally blessing this bitch ass little boy with
some sense.

Back to this hoe though, i cannot believe jamal is talking to
her she’s not even his type, like since when does he go for the



bottom of the barell? You know what i’m not even having this
shit, so i pulled my phone out and took a picture of them while
he was leaning in to say something in her ear. I could see from
my angle how she took the time to inhale my man! yes i said
MY MAN, well i’m gonna play the devils advocate. I sent the
picture to crissy and another girl named amanda, i made friends
with them once i found out they were fucking jamal because
they had something i wanted and i wanted to learn from the
enemy how to take their gold. I don’t care if kyla is my friend
she’s standing in my way, and she either moves or get hurt.

“you ain see me tryin to signal you gyul?”. Now you know what i
need to say a prayer because i don’t think my acting skills could
take me through tonight. “girl i must be zone out cause i ain
even realize, but who da padna be all up in you face thou?” This
bitch is blushing like she in high school, what could jamal have
possibly seen in her i don’t know. “oh that’s jamal, he wan us
go over port zante but maino i just meet him”.

“So you just meet him and you done wan go fuck him, wow
talk about living we best life”. She’s actually considering going
with him, little miss goody, wow this is gonna be an issue for
me i have to do something about it. Kyla never takes risk goes
anywhere with any guy nothing, last guy she dated fucked one
of her close friends and she just let them go been by herself
since then so i’m really shocked right now. “You know wa u
suppose to be me girl but you sound like u hating so i gun just
buss of, let me know when u reach home.”Ok so mother nun
got a voice now? She’s just gonna leave me here to go with my
man,fuck this i’m gonna do for her eventually.



N ow i know what you guys have heard about me but
you haven’t heard my side and there are always two
sides to every story. I don’t give a fuck about the
introductions, my girl hit me up and told me jamal was at the
ultra launch, i’ve been calling him all day with some news i
know will make him happy. Let me just clear the air no he’s not
my man, but i’m the main one and i know i’m gonna be the one
he chooses when he’s ready to settle down, like why wouldn’t
he settle down with me? He keeps telling me i just don’t make
him feel that way and he only wants me for sex but i don’t see
it that way. He’s always at my house and he gives me whatever
i want, did i mention he knows how to work every inch of his
dick . I have climbed walls and i’ve been put on cloud 9 more
times than i can actually count. I love him whether he wants
me to or not, sometimes i wish he would go down on me but
he got issues on that and it’s only been two years we’re gonna
get to that part, eventually. I’m being patient with him.

We don’t go out but if we’re at the same party i always hold on
to him all night, nobody else is gonna get to dance with whats
mine. He doesn’t do public shit, to everyone i’m just his friend
and i don’t mind hiding what we are for now. I just wish he



would open his eyes and see that i want him and i would do
anything for him, i’m the one. So i left home and showed up
at the launch as soon as i walk in i spot him but then wayne
pops up in my face with his dusty ass mouth. “now ik you ain
cum out you house come guard some dick?” This disrespectful
motherfucker, i don’t even know why jamal is friends with this
dumb ass. “i own da dick so i could guard as much as i wan so
wey me man.” As if i had to explain anything to him he needs to
be worried about his own relationship, i think he puts things
in jamal’s head why he’s not with me officially yet.

“crissy so how long we gun do dis, you know how i feel bout u
but wa, u too busy running behind fucking jamal like he name
god.” I froze, ok i know what your thinking but wayne just
happened, he does the dates and romance all the things i want
jamal to do but he don’t. He’s told me he loved me on more than
one occasion but its just casual sex like he’s filling in for jamal
and i’m paying him in pussy while i wait for my man to get it
together, but lately he’s been really pushing talking about being
in a serious relationship. Like how? I don’t know which level of
scunt he on but my heart is taken. He bringing this up publicly
doesn’t change anything. Just when i was about to respond to
him my phone vibrated with a message from my girl mika, it
was a picture of jamal all cuddled up with some bird by the bar.

“So u love me but dis wa u fren doing and u ain tell me, move
from out me fucking face.” I was heading straight to the bar
so he could know that i was here and i wasn’t for it tonight, as
soon as i was close we locked eyes and he gave me that look. I
know that look, that “don’t you fucking dare” look i know it
well because i’ve seen it many times before, i was crushed as



he just took her hand placed his jacket on her and left. I was
pregnant with your child and you do me like this, i’ve about
had it and he’s gonna know how the fuck i feel tonight!



L ife is funny, it really is, now y’all probably already
thinking i’m a fuck boy, a fraud, a hater but i’m none
of that. Jamal is like a brother to me, i love him but
he’s got something i never knew i would want. I thought nicki
was the love of my life and even though i do love her still, i got
a bad thirst for sex that she couldn’t satisfy so i would cheat
from time to time. The way i see it once i fuck you and dip
no connections its easier for me and better for nicki because
unless i start a relationship with them then technically its just
sex. I be on my flava flav shit but i look better than that half
dead mother fucker.

Me and my brother have been playing this game with women
for years now, i don’t ever think he would settle down and crissy
is just delusional as fuck to be waiting on him when i’m right
here willing to give her everything. Ever since jamal broke up
with his ex Jasmine 6 years ago he’s just never been the same.
They grew up together and were on some real life bonny and
clyde shit they did everything together i use to warn him it
wasn’t healthy loving someone so much, and jasmine was a
conniving bitch she lived for the drama and being petty. If
i could count how many times she cheated on him and used



him, guess the final straw was finding out that their little boy
wasn’t his. He just changed after that, joined up with me and
a a couple others for our very own St Kitts creep squad, but
he wasn’t made for this life, he was too honest and too good.
He’s my boy but he was a Russel Wilson ass nigga trying to be
hood, with his degree and valedictorian ass, never even fought
in school but out here preaching to us about how to be a playa
the right way. Be honest he says because they’re gonna let you
fuck regardless, i was so pissed when crissy told me she was
in love with him. Two years and he rarely acknowledges you
publicly, never took you out on a date, you don’t even know
his middle name, never been to his house but he’s gonna settle
down with you in which world? It was never my intention to
even fall for her we were out one night and i had to stall while
jamal went to fuck something new and i realized behind her
looking like a t-rex with a body like hallie she was actually cool
to hang around with.

We kept talking and next thing i knew i was fucking up my own
relationship while fucking with her. Now here she is “crissy
so how long we gun do dis, you know how i feel bout u but
wa, u too busy running behind fucking jamal like he name god.”
Whoever was on her phone seemed more important to her than
me which was sad because i’d do anything for her. Next thing i
knew she was pushing her phone with a picture of jamal all up
on some chick in my face then stormed off. I wasn’t shocked
she wanna be dumb she could do that,he gonna keep making
her ass look like a fool and i guess me amma just wait until she’s
ready for a real man like me. I started to walk off to head to the
mens bathroom needed to get some air and roll a blunt when i
rushed straight into nicki with some man kissing on her neck.



“Wa d fuck you doing here and who he?” i grabbed her straight
in her throat.



K yla came back over to me and she looked upset, “Whats
wrong ky?” She stared at me and i don’t know if it was
the lights but the way she was looking at me, she was
mesmerizing. I was starting to question whether i could just
fuck her and leave it. “I’m ok. lets just go.” I was ok with that,
that’s what i wanted to hear anyway, i took my jacket off and
threw it over her shoulders. I knew she was gonna freeze when
we hit outside because SK was cold as a mother fucker for some
odd reason, all the sin i suppose, plus the ones i’m about to
commit. I was trying to play it cool for some strange reason
but i had my hand as close as i could to her ass though while
leading her out the door. We left the Ultra House and started
walking down fort street to port zante,

“So kyla how old you be and wa you does do, tell me a lil bit
bout you and who you for?” ok so its a long ass walk before i
got my dick wet might as well get to know her. I’m confusing
my damn self with this, i might as well bail out now. All of a
sudden she jumps back into my arms with her boobs pressed
against my chest as this fucking idiot runs a red light. She felt
good and i was pissed as fuck the look on her face made me feel
like i should protect her



“This dumb ass muda skunt ain see the fucking red light nuh.”

“Oh and here i was thinking i gotta protect dis timid lil thing,
but u got base in u fucking throat and u cussing, you ain need
me” She started laughing and it was a beautiful laugh, i smiled
until i realized i had a smile on my face looking at her laugh.
“don’t let d pretty face fool you eh, i would fuck u up in a heart

“Wey we going eh cause people only does come over here to
fuck or look people news” I was shocked she even said that.
“Well i wanna spend some one on one with you, i hope da ain a
problem” I was hoping she would say no because i was feeling
weird and hoping she said yes because i was feeling weird, what
the fuck is going on i don’t even know her.

“oK So my name is kyla rouse, i’m 24 born September 29th, yes
i’m a libra queen, i hate liars, love to read and write, i don’t
usually do any of dis, go out to party or hang out with strangers
in dark places, but i don’t know me spirit take u and u making
me laugh plus i’m strangely comfortable around you and i feel
like taking a chance tonight, so what do i need to knw bout you,
any woman, cause i can’t tek licks eh” I sat down next to the
bench outside ma pau strangely they were closed and i felt like
it was best, i motioned for her to sit next to me. “Well i’m gonna
keep it real with you, i got females that i fuck but mane got no
woman, nobody to answer to or tie me down, mane ready for
all that yet, i jus wan chill right now and enjoy life” I felt a bit
weird keeping it 100 with her when her facial reaction changed
but its whatever.



“So wa you wan from me den, just sex nuh?” If you could see my
face now, i was shocked as fuck, staring at her like ok woman
of my dreams it seems like i found her. “Yeah we could just
fuck then you ain gotta tlk to me again,” that shit flew right off
my tongue, i knew for a fact she was gonna turn me down and
just walk off but instead she got out of her seat and stepped in
between my legs. She was staring down at me for a minute then
she sat down on my lap, leaned in to my lips and whispered
“just for tonight , i need this” and kissed me.

Listen god must be on my side tonight, because i swear this was
fucking amazing, she smelled great and felt even better. She was
pushing her tongue down my throat, she tasted like disarrono
and i was savoring that shit, i honestly couldn’t believe my
fucking luck. I lifted her ass up and placed her on the table, she
was light weight to me i was benching twice her size at the gym.
i pulled her dress down over her breast and they looked juicy
i started sucking on her left breast while rubbing my thumb
over her right nipple, she started moaning and biting me on my
neck. I couldn’t hold out any more, it was risky as hell fucking
so openly but shit it. I pulled her dress up to her waist stepped
back and unbuckled my pants, from the way her eyes bucked i
knew she was probably thinking she chose the wrong mother
fucker to have a one night stand with, i just smirked and held
her legs apart watching how wet she was, her pussy looked like
it was begging for a monster like me. I shocked my damn self
when i bent down and started sucking on her clit, then i dipped
my tongue inside her honey, she smelled and tasted good. I
rubbed my dick up and down her slit using my head to put
some pressure on her clit.



“yu gun fuck me or u gun jus tease me?” i didn’t even let her say
shit else, i rammed all 11 inches into her and she screamed out.
I liked my women loud, that shit boosts my confidence, i was
given her some long deep slow strokes making sure i hit her
spot every time i went in, her pussy was gripping my shit like
a vice grip and her fuck faces was amazing. She was clawing
at my hands with her nails but i just kept holding those legs
apart, by now i’m sure the whole of port zante knew my mother
fucking name. I finally let her feet go and pulled her into me
so my whole dick could be sinking in and her shit was warm,
i was feeling like a bitch right now ready to come. Her “fuck
yeah jamal” sounded like a melody when mixed with my dick
slapping against all her wetness. She started sucking on my
neck and that shit turned me out i started fucking her deeper
and harder, she was holding on to me with her nails deep in my
back and i was fucking with it. I was ready to tear the whole
dress off and turn her around when i heard someone say “jamal
you got to be fucking kidding me.”



I can’t believe what i just did, i worked so hard to stick to
my morals and be a good girl but i’m doing one night
stands. WOW, i could hear my mothers mouth now, “you
need to pray kyla and repent too,” fuck that shit. I can’t say i
didn’t enjoy myself, i probably would’ve been fulfilled if that
girl hadn’t shown up going off about being pregnant. Chick
actually started crying to him about why he don’t wanna settle
down with her, and she thought she was more than a fuck. I
really felt sorry for her because from his demeanor he didn’t
give a fuck, he just kissed me on my cheek and told me he always
finishes his jobs, whatever that means. So me and her were both
standing there stupid, i left to clean myself up to the side of
Dufry then made my way back to the Ultra House to look for
mika. I was fed up of this night and i just wanted to go home.

I hope i never see him again but St Kitts is too small for me to
even wish that, but i know if i stick to my routine work and
home, no partying or spontaneous one night stands, i should
be ok. I chuckled, here i was clowning my damn self, like
i felt good though finally someone dusted me the fuck out,
Christmas cleaning in this bitch. Whole new Kyla now, or not
really because i am glad for the sex but i don’t need all that



situation in my life. I don’t do drama.
“gyul maino is so u does move” I know this stranger was not
talking to me so i kept walking past the green clock. I didn’t
even know him or want to know him, i just started walking
faster. I needed a shower and my bed so bad, i’m not even going
back into Ultra House smelling like sex. So i took out my phone
to call mika, just then a message came in from Glen he’s like my
male best friend, the caption is what really caught me before i
could open the video “WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON KY,
WHERE ARE YOU?” I was confused as hell until i clicked on a
video of me and jamal popped up on the screen, he was fucking
the shit out of me and i was shocked……

…………………………………TO BE CONTINUED………….…………………


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Brianda Kadejah Veryncia Harvey is an aspiring everything,
with the mindset that we were all born with more than one
talent and more than one way to change the world around us.
She is a mother, a writer, a activist, a student and a mentor. This
23 year old woman is carving her purpose around her future
work as a women empowerment activist, a writer, a poet, a
psychologist, a lawyer and a hopeful politician. “Be the change
you wish to see in the world” - Mahatma Gandhi


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