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Love Is: Life Vs Death By BlackArts
-A collection of poems on the power of love, the life it gives and the death it has the ability to play with.

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Published by Black_Arts, 2019-12-09 20:37:54

Love Is: Life Vs Death By BlackArts

Love Is: Life Vs Death By BlackArts
-A collection of poems on the power of love, the life it gives and the death it has the ability to play with.

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Love Is: (1)

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They say love is the only thing you need in life some

I cringe when people speak of how amazing it is
The life it gives

But i know the irony of love
The part people never speak of
The part that lays you in the casket
Built on all the love you gave them

I know the real love
The love that brings you death.

Chapter 1

Love is
the sacrifices you make
when you give your heart and soul
plus all the blood in your body
when you suffer for them to rise
then they turn around and say
they never asked you too
Right after you’re done

taking your own life.


Chapter 2

Love is the perception
The perception we have that anything is possible

With love,
The idea we live our lives by that once it’s in your heart

it’s free,
That perception is foolish,

You can love a man
but he never loves you back

what is in your heart
Could be under someone else’s feet

Ae you ready to be trampled on
in the name of your foolish love?


Chapter 3

My favorite love story is of Romeo And Juliette
Because they taught us that

If your love cannot be fueled by life
Let your love be fueled by death


Chapter 4

No matter how much pain you’re in
He doesn’t care

and even when you cry in front of him
he wish you would just drown in all your tears


Chapter 5

No matter what i gave
No matter what i did
It was never enough
They say that for the wrong person
Nothing you do would seem right
Yet i sat and cut myself
For all the things i was doing wrong
I could see my love making you bloom
Yet from your lips i was fucking ruining you
By the time i finished tallying up
I was laying in a pool of blood
and you stepped over me
taking my last breath with you.


Chapter 6

I had no where else to go
So i always ran back to you

You never felt like home
But it was better the devil you knew

Than the devil you didn’t


Chapter 7

Somehow the euphoria that over took me
Only came when the black eyes were bigger

The joy only seemed to be evident
When you would kick me while i was down

Everyone wanted a soft love
The love of comfort and care
But i could only accept what i knew
Which was bruised lips and missing hair
Scars in places no one could see
To the world we were a beautiful masterpiece

But behind closed doors
i preferred when you dragged me


Chapter 8

I saw the devil once
Up close and personal
he kissed me something sweet
He fucked me senseless nightly
He molded me into the most disastrous thing
I couldn’t do much but praise him for it
But when i finally got to hell
Is when i realized he was the devil himself
because i sat and had a front view seat
while he plucked the next me


Chapter 9

A man told me a story once:
He said i met this woman whose heart had been broken

She walked a path of roses
You could never see her thorns
and people often thought she was perfect
She sang a spell on men big and tall
And in amazement i watched all as they bow
But this woman was something special
Because everyman after she left
Turned into thorns that followed her around
That woman was the most beautiful beast.
Only after the story ended he said
had he realized how important it was to heal
because men die trying to fix what they never broke

and women walk away free


Chapter 10

I spent my whole life loving you
Through anything
For everything

I thought i could be it
I really wanted to be it
I begged a thousand times on bloody knees
To just be the only one you’ll ever need

Yet i never was
And it wasn’t only until i finally gave up
I walked away a tragic mess for the next man

that i understood when they said
Hurt people, Hurt People.


Chapter 11

I couldn’t love him the way he wanted
I couldn’t cherish him the way he deserved
People think only heart break can kill you

But have you ever not loved someone
That constantly gave you their all

Have you ever watched someone shatter
Because you just didn’t have the heart
To Love them Back
That shit kills too


Chapter 12

I don’t remember when i died
Possibly it happened
when you said

You don’t love me anymore
Possibly it happened

When you walked out the door


Chapter 13

Worst thing I ever did was love you
You killed the parts of me I needed most

But I’d be lying if I didn’t admit
how you made life worth living
while you were killing me softly too


Chapter 14

I showed up
I always showed up when you needed me too

I always made time, dedicated days
Sacrificed important parts of my lives

And in the midst of my disaster
All i could think was

Where the fuck were you?


Chapter 15

One day love asked me what i needed
I guess he expected me to say something like

Love me for who i am
Or treat me better
But i kissed him

Like it was the first time
Hugged him like i never wanted him to go

Then whispered in his ear
I need you to let me go

I need you to Give me back my heart
Restore my faith and some of my innocence

Then i need you to die.


Chapter 16

Funny how in every beginning we always think of forever
If someone was there at the start to tell use the outcome

Funny how we’d still venture on hopelessly
Into our own ending disasters
Not because we don’t listen

but because we’re all stupid humans
than focus more on forever than the moment


Chapter 17

I went in as titanium
I thought i was unbreakable
I thought as i loved you breathlessly
That my titanium would never fail me

What i didn’t realize was
to love you that much

I had came out of all my protection
We often leave our shells and guards behind

For the sake of love that does us wrong
Then wonder why we didn’t survive the blast


Chapter 18

I met you tired of the love around us
You met me filled with hope on fixing our disasters

Destined to change the world and the outlook
What does love have to do with this
Well you became my goal

the disaster i wanted to restore to its unique beauty
The man i wanted to love out of the depths of darkness

But my hope turned to doubt
My faith turned to fear

I started begging you to give your heart a break
Then discovered that mine was no longer their

I became a disaster myself
Now whose gonna wanna fix this?


Chapter 19

No matter what i did
I wasn’t it for her

And through my despair
It broke my heart

To still wish her well still


Chapter 20

I hope she see’s this some time
and know that she took my heart
and know i pray for her more than myself
and know that i wish she was mine

all mine
but until then
I’ll stand here heartless

The closest thing to death




I remember as a child love was all i ever needed
To ease the pain i took mommy’s hugs

To get up and go again I took mommy’s praise
When i got older i realized the world had tainted love
So i ran from what i thought i would never need again

I ran until i fell and couldn’t get up
Then i remembered as a child love was all i ever needed

So i stopped running and hiding
Then my eyes bore knew sights

My heart sang better songs
Love was more than all i needed

Love became life.

Chapter 21

That early chemistry
When you would wake up in the middle of the night

Just to talk to me
When on long days
Our conversations gave you that burst of energy
When it was hard to go hours without saying what’s up
Conversation was a flow, never strenuous
It was clear to both of us
Where we we’re heading
And love was the end result


Chapter 22

I cried tears
Knowing I was happy inside

Because you loved me
And not who I showed you in disguise


Chapter 23

I was a broken thing
I hid in words of wisdom
I placed my soul in camouflage and thorns

I was a risky thing
I lived heartless and for the moment

And yet you loved me still
because you saw the hope in the misguided places
you saw the need for love through my sex appeal

you saw a little girl
trapped in the woman she had forced herself to be

you saw me
so you loved me until I became who I was suppose to be

they never told me love had such power
I should’ve known all along that it would be exactly what I



Chapter 24

A thousand dates
A hundred times misguided

Men after men
she vowed to keep trying
Because she knew she wanted to be loved
But was scared of letting love find her.


Chapter 25

Its been a long journey for us
two high school kids with nothing figured out

Years later and i’m a carved woman
I have opened up myself to living in the moment
I have taken risk and evolved before your eyes

You met me a fragile little thing
And I promised that before you made me your wife
My shell would break and I would bask in freedom

Freedom of life with your love in it


Chapter 26

You were something special to me
You probably always will be

But the life I regained from watching you be free
Knowing that I loved you enough

To know you were better off without me


Chapter 27

Love is:
When he rubs your feet while you gossip

But he’s focusing on the NBA game
Not really listening

But neither of us mind
Because we’re still where we wanna be most.


Chapter 28

I was told love comes first
If you weren’t his first option

You weren’t shit to him
But we forget in reality

Pride comes first
Ego comes first
The opinion of others to some people
That comes first
Yes it matters when love comes
But if it ever comes
That means love was there first
It just wasn’t accepted yet


Chapter 29

No matter how many times over
I’ll always choose you

Because the world made love in to many things
But with you

Love came defined.


Chapter 30

I remember when our chemistry was crazy
We we’re obviously meant for each other
But I guess god thought we weren’t ready

We separated and went our own ways
I met him after you and only then I realized
Just because there’s chemistry doesn’t mean its love

I learnt with him that chemistry is ok
But it was the selflessness

The way he wanted to be there
The way he wanted me to be his

The way my soul gravitated
I never have to hide
I never have to shy

I finally see why we didn’t make it
Because god knew it wasn’t you for me

Chemistry is amazing
But chemistry isn’t love

Love was him.


Chapter 31

He waited because he knew I was his
He waited until I could see

Because even before me he knew I was blinded
He waited until my man fucked up

Until I grew into the woman I was suppose to
He waited patiently
Just sitting there

Then one day I woke up
As His wife I turned to his side of the bed

And thanked him for waiting on me


Chapter 32

Sometimes love finds you before you find it
Then waits until you’re ready

Because truly you don’t know what situation you’ll be in
Most of us aren’t fully ready
when love comes knocking


Chapter 33

I hated sports
So tell me why I’m making bets for Pats to win the super bowl
And speaking on Lebron James best offensive and defensive

Trolling Stephen A Smith for saying Allen Iverson was never

I guess that’s what love is
Being interested in all of his things


Chapter 34

I couldn’t be yours because you belonged to someone else
I was scared of loving you because of the critics
The karma that could come
I knew god was watching
Would he really put the man meant for me
Infront of me but with another woman?
I kept my corner because I was scared shitless
I never made passes or remarks
I wasn’t that type of girl
Then you show up at my door
In the middle of the night
rain pouring and your dripping wet
Some shit straight out of a movie scene
It was never her you said it was always me
I guess if it is yours
Love is always successful


Chapter 35

I could never hate you for what you’d become
But I could love you into who you we’re meant to be


Chapter 36

I realized no matter how far I ran
You were just there waiting

Always standing on the finish line
I couldn’t run from you anymore even if I tried


Chapter 37

Realistically speaking we all want love to win
Honestly speaking most times safety wins

Because even though love is such a great thing
Ove the years what it takes to truly love
Is the challenge no one wants to take


Chapter 38

I gave you butterflies
And you gave me hope

We created music
On the street side
With no covers from the cold
Nothing but our love

But for us
That was enough


Chapter 39

Someone said to me once
Don’t concern yourself with who remembers you when they’re

Concern yourself with who remembers you when they’re busy

But I just couldn’t believe that
Because you remembered me all the time

No matter the time
And that’s how I knew
Love was a better experience
Than a silly old saying


Chapter 40

I’d walk miles if you asked
But you never did

Because you already knew I would


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