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- A collection of poems dedicated to my daughter heaven from the beginning to her unexpected arrival.

Black Arts

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Published by Black_Arts, 2019-12-09 20:40:50

Heaven On Earth By Black Arts

- A collection of poems dedicated to my daughter heaven from the beginning to her unexpected arrival.

Black Arts

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Heaven On Earth

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Acknowledgement 3
I The Creation 5
Chapter 1 7
Chapter 2 8
Chapter 3 9
Chapter 4 10
Chapter 5 11
Chapter 6
Chapter 7 15
Chapter 8 16
Chapter 9 17
II Adam & Eve 19
Chapter 10 21
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14
Chapter 15
Chapter 16

III Heaven On Earth 25
Chapter 17 27
Chapter 18 28
Chapter 19 29
Chapter 20 30
Chapter 21 31
Chapter 22 32
Chapter 23 33
Chapter 24 34
Chapter 25 35
Chapter 26
About the Author


I would like to thank God first and foremost for blessing me
immensely with such an amazing daughter, Te’Khara Selene
N’Gozi Dore. Also shout out to her father Calbert Dore Jr for
contributing to the process of this beautiful gift i get to wake up
to everyday.



The Crea on

Dear Unborn:
I can promise you the world in these empty words,
I can praise you as a figment of my imagination until

you become real,
I can vow to cherish every moment,
I can ponder on memories we’ll have, experiences

we’ll share,
I can aim to protect you from the world i myself need

protection from,
How i may manage to do everything for you i didn’t

have the strength to do for myself,
But until then i pray to god every night,
For the chance to have you grow inside me as my own


Chapter 1

I think god’s playing with my emotions,
Putting my plan infront of me cutely wrapped,

But every time i make to open it,
Fucking my shit up with paper cuts,

How am i suppose to feel,
Knowing that i can make the baby,
But couldn’t be blessed enough to carry it.


Chapter 2

It was one of those love nights,
When you lay up and pillow talk about life,
We came to the conclusion that we were ready,

To use our blessing to multiply,
Before we eventually found out that,
That blessing had skipped over me.


Chapter 3

Just maybe,
I wasn’t meant to hold you,
I wasn’t meant to know of you,
Just maybe,
All this pain would be worth it,
In the end.


Chapter 4

Your father woke me up today,
It was time to take my pills,

Your father dragged me out this afternoon,
It was time to exercise,

Your father cooked today,
That shit is rare,

But it was time to eat,
Then i would be the first to go to bed at night,

Because that was my favorite part,
It was time to try and make you.


Chapter 5

If i told you i lost count,
I admit i did,

There was no limit to the amount of times we tried,
No decency to the amount of places where too,
But we made a plan and stuck to it,
You were gonna come,
Whether you wanted to or not.


Chapter 6

I don’t know what your name will be,
But i know i’ll cherish it.


Chapter 7

Dear God,
I know you see and know all things,

My pain is just a test of my faith,
This is just an obstacle and i understand,
Because you never give your soldiers more than they could bare,
And in the end the reward is always worth it.


Chapter 8

What good will my purpose be,
If i grace the earth,

To be everything except a mother,
What kind of path would that be,
What kind of Legacy will i leave.


Chapter 9

I cringe at women that bear but don’t care,
Seeing this cruel world and how often children are ill treated,
I guess some women use their natural gift better than others,

I guess that’s why my mother always harbored the

I guess that’s what i wanna do too.



Adam & Eve

For it was Adam who was first created then eve,
But it is eve who bears the fruit to multiply,
To bring forth more of Adam & Eve

Chapter 10

The excitement that comes from feeling you inside me,
I reminisce on all it took to get here,
I swear my life would be complete,
The minute i hear you say mommy.


Chapter 11

I wrote a list of all the things i want you to have:
My nose because its cute,

My eyes because they’re beautiful,
My hair because i prefer mines over your father’s,
My mindset but you can grow into your own eventually,
My heart because i want you to have the ability to be stronger

than me,
Take everything as long as i get to know i am in you.


Chapter 12

I don’t know if you’ll remember all this,
But i can’t wait to teach you all my skills,

I wanna show you everything,
I realize you like it when i sing,
Will Smiths Just the two of us,

In my mind Ghenghis,
You’re just the peace i was praying for.


Chapter 13

I wish you are as beautiful,
As the night we made you.


Chapter 14

I’m doing black flips for mommy because of you,
I hope you’re not in there laughing at me too,

And just between us tell her to calm down sometimes,
She’s saying it’s you but i doubt it,
Mommy is actually crazy too.


Chapter 15

I can’t stop touching you as you grow,
And i’m annoyed at the fact that your father wants a picture

I’m feeling sicker though but i’m not worried,

I was strong enough to get here,
I’ll be strong enough to make it to the end.


Chapter 16

I love the fact that your mother needs me so,
Because you only calm down when i’m around,
In my mind she can handle anything she’s thrown,

So knowing that she sleeps better with me,
Just like she did before you,

Shows me that both my girls need me,
and that makes me happy.



Heaven On Earth

They said i was crazy, how foolish i was,
One day i’ll tell you all the stories and chaos that

How often i was met with persuasion of many sorts,
Even after my plan tumbled and fail time and time

Your brother and sister before you,
I’ll tell you of the hope i lost, the faith i was missing,
How i never in my life expected my soul to be set a

blaze with one look of you,
They said i was too young and it was too early,
But i always knew to me you’d be heaven on earth.

Chapter 17

It should never be cliche to hear a mother say,
“My child is the best thing i ever did”

You don’t know how long it took to create her,
You don’t know how much pain it took to bring him,
You have no idea how much their life has changed,

How much they have changed themselves as well,
So it should never be cliche to proclaim that you did that,

And you were heavily blessed and rewarded.


Chapter 18

Love was not knowing what the hell you were doing,
Or even how you were gonna get through,

But being so fucking happy you were clueless,
because somehow even if it ended in disaster,
It was amazing travelling any road with your baby.


Chapter 19

I use to sit in a room by myself singing,
“If heaven was a mile away, i’ll pack up my bags and leave this

world behind”
Now that i’ve got heaven on earth,
I pray to god i never have to go anywhere without you


Chapter 20

I use to dream about you,
How’d you feel,
How’d you look,

I use to lay up at night writing poetry,
sealed with your name on it,

There came a time when i thought you were saving me,
because in so many ways you were changing me,
I had no idea what the final product would be,
I was just rolling with it,
Now when you touch my face and say mommy,
I can’t imagine a better place or sound,
Dreams hold nothing over reality.


Chapter 21

I thought late nights were the best time to watch horror movies,
Now late nights are when you hear mommy 20 times

and she asks for everything she possibly can to keep you

so you wouldn’t have the energy left to put her to sleep.
When mommy said cherish what you have or do now,

she was wrong because even on those late nights,
i love her even more for exercising her right to try and outdo



Chapter 22

They said children are a mixture of mom and dad,
they forget to mention how everyone else falls in,

The roll eyes like her aunty,
The beg face like her nana,
The “you had a uncle that walked on his toes like she does

Children are a mixture yes,
but not just of mommy and daddy,
They are a mixture of blood lines, so everyone gets a piece.


Chapter 23

The greatest gift god ever gave me,
Was the ability to hold and kiss my heart every day,

Just goes to show,
No matter the form,
The heart is always the thing we thrive to protect the most.


Chapter 24

I watch you sleep at nights,
And i make crazy vows while kissing your forehead,

I watch you play in the day,
And i’m already scared if your out of my sight for too long,

I watch you grow and learn,
And i already picture your future and me supporting you in

every way,
I don’t wanna make plans but i just want you to know that I’ll

always be there.


Chapter 25

It is truly magnificent,
How a child is like a seed,
You plant the seed the day you give birth,
Then you have to be very careful how you clear the weeds

around it,
How you water it and shelter it during storms,

Even when you move it if needs be,
because you play a pivotal role in how they bloom.


Chapter 26

Dear Heaven,
Thank you for turning up my volume,
The silence was becoming deafening.

Thank you for raising the mike,
I was tired of running from the stage.

Thank You for being mine,
Days now have more sunshine and less rain.


About the Author

Brianda Kadejah Veryncia Harvey is an aspiring everything, with
the mindset that we were all born with more than one talent and
more than one way to change the world around us. She is a
mother, a writer, a activist, a student and a mentor. This 23 year
old woman is carving her purpose around her future work as a
women empowerment activist, a writer, a poet, a psychologist,
a lawyer and a hopeful politician. “Be the change you wish to
see in the world” - Mahatma Gandhi


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