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-A collection of poems solely based on the female struggle of handling loneliness.


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Published by Black_Arts, 2019-12-09 20:33:10

Scared Of Lonely

-A collection of poems solely based on the female struggle of handling loneliness.


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Scared Of Lonely

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To my fellow Queens:
Every time i write myself and my fellow sisters are incorporated in
the poems that relate to our private struggles and the stories that
detail our lives. You are never alone, always know there is someone
out there who has gone through it or is going through it too. I have
created a platform for the discussion that society says we shouldn’t
have and i have created a safe place for women like us to continue to
gravitate and assist each other where necessary. Keep your crown!

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About the Author

Chapter 1

You’re so in need of someone,
You’ll take anyone’s shit,
And that’s just pathetic


Chapter 2

The day’s are ok,
Until the nights set lonely in


Chapter 3

Somehow, the longer that your alone,
The stronger your fear of love becomes,

Because in reality,
Most men run from women in tuned with themselves.


Chapter 4

Everything is clearer now,
I finally see why women stay,
Even after there heart leaves


Chapter 5

Wasting your time on conversations,
That have no purpose,

On orgasms with no emotion,
Just so you can say your doing something.


Chapter 6

Your excuse to people,
Is that he ruined you,
Because you don’t really want them to know,
That you ruined you.


Chapter 7

I don’t know whats worst,
Feeling like you shouldn’t be alone,

Or knowing that you need to be.


Chapter 8

I’ve spent nights crying about not having someone,
Because i think everyone needs someone,
But does that mean you settle
For just anyone


Chapter 9

Funny how your a call away for everyone,
But you have no one to call,
when it’s your turn.


Chapter 10

They say it’s always best to use the single time,
to get to know you,

They never say what happens after that.


Chapter 11

You wonder if theses feelings will ever go away,
And fact is you don’t know,

It’s scary how you know your gonna be sent someone,
But your too busy searching.


Chapter 12

She spends days trying to convince herself it’s ok,
She’ll be fine,

Starting to think she has a deeper issue,
How could you crave peace of mind with someone else,

If you don’t have it by yourself.


Chapter 13

The thing about being alone,
You start to learn more about yourself,

Even the things you dislike


Chapter 14

It’s scary being alone,
But i think it’s worst,
Being with someone
Who doesn’t treasure your heart


Chapter 15

Some people spend there whole lives,
In relationships never knowing,
how it feels to just be alone,
Those are the ones I’m sorry for


Chapter 16

You don’t know whether,
It’s time to find yourself,
Or to find someone else.


Chapter 17

This is why people never heal,
Because we’re too busy scouting,
Always attached or looking for attachment


Chapter 18

You’re not trying to love anyone,
You’re trying to be loved first,
And love is not a competition


Chapter 19

When you look in the mirror,
Do you see a lonely woman,
Or are you just depressed and in denial


Chapter 20

You hold tighter to your ex,
Because letting go would really mean,

That you have to start over.


Chapter 21

Do you really think,
You’ll feel better knowing someone loves you,
But it’s not possible for you to love yourself


Chapter 22

You’ve convinced yourself,
That you know your worth,
Yet knowingly allow him to treat you like shit.


Chapter 23

You go back to the same devil out of fear,
Don’t you ever call that love


Chapter 24

There’s always somebody there to talk to,
But no one understands you,
How you want them to


About the Author

Brianda Harvey is an aspiring everything, with the mind set that
we were all born with more than one talent and more than one
way to change the world around us. She is a mother, a writer,
a activist, a student and a mentor. This 23 year old woman
is carving her purpose around her future work as a women
empowerment activist, a writer, a poet, a psychologist, a lawyer
and a hopeful politician. “Be the change you wish to see in the
world”-Mahatma Gandhi


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