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Homefront | Fall 2017

Homefront | Fall 2017

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T R E N D SModern Kitchen

Soup’s On!


Leader-Telegram Magazine Fall 2017

We Offer:

800-205-0914  Income-Based Rent
 No Asset Limit
HUD Subsidized Rent  One-Bedroom Apts.
for Low Income Persons  Pets Allowed with Restrictions
55 or Over OR Disabled  Secured Building/Security

300 William St. Entrance
Eau Claire, WI 54703  Emergency Call System
 Coin-Operated Laundry Facilities
For Applications, Contact the  Tenant-Driven Activities
Housing Authority of the  Community Room
City of Eau Claire  Cable-Ready Outlets
(715) 839-4943  Air Conditioners Provided
 Garbage and Water Included
Tours Available  Elevator Service
Call for an Appointment  On-Site Maintenance
 Off-Street Private Parking
(715) 839-8154

Handicapped Accessible Apartments Available

836416 8-12-17


Medford • Phillips • Marshfield Owen • Wausau • Eau Claire 836242_8-12-17

837086 8-12-17

2 HomeFront Fall 2017 Leader- Telegram


Preheat oven to 150°C.

INGREDIENTS Heat butter, sugar and honey in a small
saucepan until frothy. Remove from heat.
3 T. butter Add cornflakes and mix well.
1 cup of sugar
1 T. honey Spoon into cupcake cups and bake for
HONplEeaYse4cupsofcornflakes 10minutes.

Complete wall to wall Truckmounted STAiRCASE
Complete wall to wall Truckmounted professional deep cleaning and stain removal. Complete wall to wall Truckmounted Complete wall to wall Truckmounted
professional deep cleaning and stain removal. professional deep cleaning and stain removal. professional deep cleaning and stain removal.
Add Teflon Carpet Protection for $13
Add Teflon Carpet Protection for $9 Expiration 10/15/17 Add Teflon Carpet Protection for $36 Add Teflon Carpet Protection for $67
Expiration 10/15/17 Expiration 10/15/17 Expiration 10/15/17


FinE PRinT –
powerFul Deepest Cleaning sanitizing pre spray HALLWAYS UnLiMiTED STAiRS DRYER VEnT CLEAning
& Fast Dry systeM -WOOD FLOOR CLEAning
FreetruCk MounteD extraCtion! Complete wall to wall Truckmounted CLEAning & POLiSHing
professional deep cleaning and stain removal.
Expiration 10/15/17 Expiration 10/15/17
Add Teflon Carpet Protection for $117
24/7 water DaMage serviCe Expiration 10/15/17 $ 15UPHOLSTERY CLEAning
*per linear foot
FREE Wet clean only, call for
HEaltHy HOmE ExpERtsFOR OnE ROOM dry clean prices
TEFLOn CARPET PROTECTOR How to Price Upholstery Cleaning for your Sofa,
Loveseat, or Recliner. Measure the outside arm to
715-832-7738Healthy Home ExpertHs3407 e. HaMilton ave. • eau Claire, wi 54701 outside arm and multiply by $15. (Example a 3 Foot
ealthy Home
Resists Dry and Wet Soils and Staining. 836375 Recliner x $15lf = $45.00)
Apply Protection to Each Additional Room 8-12-17
Expiration 10/15/17
for $18 Each Expiration 10/15/17
715-832-7738 715-832-7738HomeFront
24/7 Water Damage Service 24/7 Water Damage Service Fall 2017 Leader- Telegram 3

3407 E. Hamilton Ave. • Eau Claire, WI 54701 3407 E. Hamilton Ave. • Eau Claire, WI 54701

7Minimalism, Modern Graphic Artist
13 muted tones & Kitchen Angela Rediess

other Magazine Advertising &
Distribution Coordinator
Trends [email protected]
the Set Next issue: November 2017
Published three times a year by the
How to stage your home Leader-Telegram Advertising
for the market Department.
P.O. Box 4001. Eau Claire, WI 54702.

Copyright 2017 All rights reserved.

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Soup’s On! Jay Gilbertson
Garden to soup to
From garden to soup to frozen sunshine
frozen sunshine, how to PG 20
take advantage of nature’s Alyssa Van Duyse
Staging the set
bountiful harvest PG 13

20 Emily Vanda
muted tones &
modern kitchen
PG 7

local writers

715-937-7538 Serving the Chippewa Valley for over 40 Years!

Tristian Mitchell Decorah SPRAY FOAM MASONRY FOAM INSULATION 836417 • 8-12-17
W5287 Chili Rd

837377 • 8-12-17 715-832-6927 • [email protected] •

4 HomeFront Fall 2017 Leader- Telegram

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LHouvrets? 836374 8-12-17

Alarming Rate of Teen
Dating Violence Persists

By Abby Hinz, RN, BSN Public Health Nurse

While dating violence can happen to anyone, teens and young adults
experience it more than any other age group. Nationwide, one in three
teens experience verbal, sexual, and/or emotional abuse from a dating
partner. If this holds true in Eau Claire County, over 2,500 teenagers in
the community could be current victims of teen dating violence.

Only 33% of teens who are in an abusive relationship ever tell anyone
about the abuse. Also, 81% of parents believe teen dating violence is not
an issue or admit they don’t know if it is one.

Teens are influenced by their experiences. Healthy relationships can have 24 Hour Service – All Brands
a positive effect on a teen’s emotional growth. For teens that experience
abuse there can be harmful short- and long-term effects. Abusive 750000_8-15-14
behaviors are any that are used to control the way someone thinks, feels, 837087 • 8-12-17
or acts. This includes isolation from friends and family, name calling,
threatening, or physical harm. Youth who experience abuse are more
likely to have depression and anxiety or have unhealthy behaviors and
are at a higher risk of experiencing violence later in life.

“Everyone in our community is affected by dating violence, and it will
take a community effort to produce a lasting change,” says Abby Hinz,
Public Health Nurse. Currently the Eau Claire City-County Health
Department is working with community partners to teach Safe Dates, a
program that educates teens about healthy relationships.

Below are tips on how we, as a community, can prevent teen dating
violence and promote a lifetime of healthy relationships:

• Recognize the problem: Teen dating violence is common,
but discomfort surrounding the issue often prevents open
conversations within families and within the community. Reaching
out to teens can set a strong foundation for health, wellness, and
safety in their future relationships.

• Use your voice: Talk with friends and family about sexual
respect, consent, and healthy relationships to increase awareness
and decrease stigma.

• Define what you want in a healthy relationship:
Equality, mutual respect, personal limits, and open communication
are great starting points—choose values that speak to you.

• Know the resources: If you or a loved one is in an abusive
relationship, the National Dating Abuse Helpline provides free and
anonymous support—call 1-866-331-9484 or text “loveis” to 22522.
Visit for more information about teen
dating violence.

• Get involved in Eau Claire efforts: To join Eau Claire 836247 8-12-17
Healthy Communities Coalition efforts related to healthy
relationship promotion or to learn more about Safe Dates,
contact Abby Hinz at 715-839-2859 or visit http://eauclaire.

836246 08-12-16

HomeFront Fall 2017 Leader- Telegram 5

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Is your kitchen feeling outdated? With major kitchen appliance brands constantly introducing
new technology and innovation, it can be hard to keep up with the appliance trends. Here’s
a way to update your kitchen without having to do a full remodel. If you’re building new, you
may choose to incorporate some of the latest trends in kitchen islands and kitchen countertop

Induction Island Cooktops counter space. A built-in microwave drawer can be
installed below your kitchen island countertop or
One of today’s trendiest cooking appliances is the next to undercounter cabinetry, saving you space.
induction cooktop. Induction cooktops can be
placed on a kitchen island or standard countertop as Not only does a microwave drawer conserve space in
a cooking unit, independent from an oven. This is a your modern kitchen, but its sleek design offers all
great cooktop option if you are opting for a single or the practicalities of a regular microwave. Simply pull
double wall oven. open your microwave drawer and place food and
beverages into the drawer from the top, close the
Unlike gas cooktops, induction cooktops heat the drawer, and heat items at the touch of a button! With
smooth cooking surface evenly. These glass cooktops its unique placement, you’ll never be worried about
are easy to clean, and you are less likely to spill food spilling when transferring food in and out of your
when transferring cookware from burner to burner. microwave.
Although induction cooktops appear similar to
electric cooktops, induction cooktops heat faster Downdraft Island Ventilation
and only heat when there is a pot on the surface.
Worried about ventilation if your cooking elements
Built-In Microwave Drawers are on an island? Not only does a downdraft
ventilation unit pull smoke, odors, and steam out of
If you’re concerned about space in your kitchen, a your cooking area, but it is also a sleek and attractive
built-in microwave drawer might be perfect for you. addition to your kitchen appliance suite. Perfect for
If your kitchen has an island cooktop, then you don’t space conservation, downdraft ventilation units pair
need a microwave ventilation hood for your kitchen well with kitchen island induction cooktops.
range, but a stand-alone microwave takes up a lot of

Article provided byAmundson’s Appliance.

836699 08-12-17

6 HomeFront Fall 2017 Leader- Telegram


Minimalism, Here are just a few trends in kitchen
Muted Tones & countertops and islands with a little
other Modern information on the practicality and cost:
Kitchen Trends For counters, there are quite a few exciting
new trends to look out for. Where once
By Emily Vanda bold, bright and colorful was the name
of the game for kitchen décor, it looks
Thinking about a kitchen upgrade? like neutrals, muted tones and even gray
Have you dreamed of sleek, custom scales are trending favorites. It’s perfect for
granite countertops or an island with quartz, granite and even custom concrete
a built-in butcher block? Well, dream countertops.
no more because 2017 is the year of One material that isn’t going away anytime
sleek industrial looks, 50 shades of soon is engineered quartz. A very durable
grays for color (as the bright and bold material that lends a polished and subtle
pallets are out), quartz countertops sophistication to any kitchen, quartz also
has a wide range of styles and colors, from
and reclaimed wood. bright candy colors to muted and neutral

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HomeFront Fall 2017 Leader- Telegram 7


Cont. from page 7

Colin O’Meara, owner of Precision Countertops, a Precision Surface Industries is to educate customers
custom design store in northwest Wisconsin, noted so they know exactly what they are getting.
that he has seen simpler patterns in countertops In Eau Claire, Gerhards offers new styles and current
these days. O’Meara primarily services lakefront trends. Store manager Ronda Rindy is a Wisconsin
homes and he’s noticed a trend of thicker registered interior designer who has seen plenty
countertops and more neutral tones. But he still sees of changes in the industry. Rindy has noticed that
plenty of browns, greens and darker colors. lighter colors, whites and grays are popular. But she
For materials, Precision Countertops offers 50 also has seen marble and black gain notoriety. And
different varieties of stone handpicked from Brazil. while she agrees that quartz is one of the strongest
And while the shop offers engineered quartz, materials around today, selection really depends on
the majority of the jobs he is contracted for use the budget of each customer. If engineered quartz,
granite and natural stone. Although engineered which can run about $90 and $100 a square foot
quartz doesn’t require as much resealing and other with installation, seems a little steep, Rindy suggests
maintenance as granite, Meara suggests choosing cheaper laminates. Although not nearly as durable
the aesthetic you are looking for first. as engineered quartz, Rindy has seen a huge change
On the topic of kitchen islands, O’Meara said that in laminates, including a large variety of colors, and
although current trends may call for sleek designs, styles meant to mimic quartz or granite.
thinner tops, and even transportable islands you can On the topic of kitchen island trends, Rindy said
roll around the kitchen, he noticed that most people butcher block tops, two-tiered designs and two-
generally want bigger islands which can serve as the toned kitchens are popular. Imagine no longer
gathering hub for the family. having to haul out the cutting board because your
In Southern Wisconsin, it seems quartz is the new kitchen island has its own built-in butcher
order of the day. Bob Houle of Precision Surface block. An island top made of hard maple or teak
Industries in Madison said that quartz is known gives a timeless, yet modern flair to any kitchen. And
for being durable and strong, and doesn’t need the if you prefer something more durable like a quartz
maintenance and upkeep of granite or marble. top, you can always have a reclaimed wood base,
However, it can stain and show wear and tear. Each which both recycles and seals in a minimalist flair.
material is different and part of the mission of The two-toned look Rindy talks about centers on
keeping the island a different, contrasting color from

Cont. on page 10

8 HomeFront Fall 2017 Leader- Telegram

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NEW loveYou’ll your new windows!TM


Over the years, trends in countertop surfaces have Entry Doors & Storm Doors Sun Protection when you need it!
ranged from colored laminates to concrete-based
material with coloring applied, plus many different 1O1FF% NO 2.99%YOUR ENTIREPlus! Or!
stone finishes. Today new technology has brought PROJECT
us a product and process to include “Imitation PAYMENTS & INTEREST*
Stone Finishes” with Stone-Flecks. NO INTEREST*
Countertop refinishing with Stone-Flecks is done UP TO 5 YEARS
on site with no tear-outs and minimal down time FOR 12 MONTHS
for the customer. Gary Eslinger, owner of Perma
After Glaze of Western, WI, has seen the Stone-Flecks Call us TODAY for your free estimate! 836243 8-12-17
Before product gain popularity here in the Chippewa
Valley. “As people learn more about the advantages 2309 W Cameron St, Eau Claire
of this product and process, they use the Stone-
Flecks to renovate kitchens and baths at minimal
costs and inconvenience,” he said.
Stone-Flecks forms a tough, durable finish that 715.832.7282 888.goasher
provides superior protection for many years. And
with multiple piece countertops with seams, the Offer valid through October 31st, 2017. Offer is not retroactive to past sales or valid with any other offer.
Stone-Flecks finish is designed to cover those *No money down, no payments and no interest for 12 months and the 2.99% interest for up to 5 years
seams and produce a one-piece top. With over 20 is available with approved credit through Green Sky financing. See your consultant for all the details.
different eco-friendly colors, you can make any
countertop come alive. Are bacteria and fungus
Homeowners, apartment managers and hotel lurking in your bathtub?
operators who want the “natural” look and beauty
of stone finishes have carefully compared the Don’t Replace It,
performance of Stone-Flecks to expensive granite Perma Glaze It!
and stone. “Dollars and durability are the most
asked questions,” states Eslinger. “Refinishing is BEFORE
generally half the price of replacing and as for
durability, it’s a non-porous finish that is highly Refinishing of
resistant to acids, stains and damage. Stone-Flecks Bathtubs, Wall Tile
retains its natural luster and is simply cleaned with & Fiberglass Tubs
soap and water. Plus, it requires no annual cleaning
and sealing.” Custom-Cut Acrylic Tub/Shower Surrounds
We love the new technology involved with this
process. How someone has figured out a way to • Safety Grab Bars • Fiberglass Repair AFTER
suspend multiple colors inside another color • Drains & Overflows • Custom Colors
then apply it to this elegant and inexpensive, • Claw Foot Tubs • Stonefleck Kitchen &
low-maintenance product is amazing. • Chip Repair
Bath Countertops

So once again, we say “Don’t replace it - Perma 715-839-TUBB (8822) 836418 8-12-17
Glaze it!”
Custom-Cut Acrylic Tub/Shower Surrounds
Article & photos provided by Perma Glaze of Western, WI, LLC
You Design It, We Build It
828446 04-08-17

HomeFront Fall 2017 Leader- Telegram 9


Cont. from page 8

the rest of the kitchen. With
two-tiered islands, you might
have a raised bar area or a
lowered baking section. It’s all
about maximizing the kitchen’s
Style is still in the eye of the
beholder. Just because these
are the popular styles and
looks for 2017 doesn’t mean a
candy apple green countertop
is faux pas. In fact, because
engineered quartz is so easily
maintained and has such a
wide variety of colors, styles
and looks, you can really
design the kitchen of your
dreams without being limited
to materials or a certain color.

Vanda is a freelance writer based in
Spooner, WI.
10 HomeFront Fall 2017 Leader- Telegram

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Mennonite Quality Craftsmanship


Do you have black streaks 30-year metal roofing
or mold on your roof? 2” x 6” floor joist notched into the skids
LP SmartSide® siding w/ SmartGuard®
The Cause LP ProStruct® floor w/ SmartFinish®
metal siding available on all building
The black streaks on your roof are most likely the 5 Year workmanship WARRANTY
prehistoric algae known as Gloecapsa Magma. These Diamond-Plated thresholds and more…
spores love moisture and typically start to grow on the
north or shaded side of your roof. And worse, this strain
of algae travels through the air, so if someone in your
neighborhood has black streaks, chances are good you
will eventually have them too.


You can find all different types of advice on LP Smart® STANDARD FEATURES:
the internet, including using a mixture of
bleach and water, which works. The problem LP SmartSide® siding w/ SmartGuard®
with that method is it requires climbing Proven durability in harsh weather
up a very tall ladder while holding a spray Treated with marine-grade resins
pump full of bleach and attempting to reach
the peak of your house with a pump spray provides optimal strength
nozzle. same material used in bowling balls
“The most effective way to clean roofing 100% water resistant
shingles is through the use of proper 50 year warranty on LP SmartSide®
detergents.” Nick Gardow, owner of Sparkle 10 year warranty on LP Prostruct® Floor
Wash Eau Claire stated. “If the wash SmartGuard treatment for protection
contractor has selected the right detergent, against rot and termites
very little pressure is necessary to remove
the loosened contaminants. A professional
pressure washer has many tools in their
arsenal to bring an old, dirty, discolored
surface back to life. Interestingly enough,
pressure is no longer the primary tool used.
The most important factor in delivering a
quality result is the detergent used as well as the proper
dwell time. Dwell time is the amount of time that a
detergent is in contact with the surface.”

If you have black streaks on your roof and climbing up BARNS GARAGES SHEDS
there doesn’t sound appealing, call the helpful folks
at Sparkle Wash. Their pressure washing technicians ORDER TODAY 715-231-3262
know how to remove black algae quickly and safely;
and will have your home looking beautiful once again
- conveniently and without risk of an emergency room

Article & before and after photos provided by Sparkle Wash Eau Claire. N6621 HWY 25 N MENOMONIE

836244 08-12-17

HomeFront Fall 2017 837426_8-12-17

Leader- Telegram 11



836394_8-12-17 Quality Home Furnishings Since 1955836821 • 8-12-17 ECONOLAWN
¡ Alside Siding Products and
JAENKECONCRETE.COM 715-832-6338 715-669-5331 • 800-236-4265 Fall Clean-Up Simonton Windows
104 S. Washington Street
Site Development | Excavation | Demolition Thorp, WI 54771 Mowing, aeration, fertilization, ¡ Superior quality installation
Garage/Basement Floors | Pool Decks | Firepits lime, power edging, shrub for over 50 years
FREE DELIVERY trimming & stump grinding.
Poured & Retaining Walls | Septic Systems ¡ Hundreds of satisfied customers
Bedroom • Dining • Sofas Free Estimates! in the Eau Claire area.
Recliners • Sectionals Office: 715-533-8155
Cell: 715- 828-1130 Put your home in the hands
La-Z-Boy • Flexsteel • Sealy • Shaw of people you can trust.
Mohawk & MUCH MUCH MORE!!! 836480 • 8-12-17 | 715.834.3915
Mon, Tues,Wed, Fri.: 9 am - 5:30 pm
Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm Eric Jentlie
Saturday: 9:00 am - Noon
1520 West Vine Street, Eau Claire 836188_8-12-17
837521 08-12-17

Not good with any other coupon or special. 836245 • 8-12-17
12 HomeFront Fall 2017 Leader- Telegram


Fine, I’ll ad­mit it. By Alyssa Van Duyse
I may have got­ten “let’s sell
our house” fever.

My hus­band would say at
least it wasn’t “let’s have

another baby” fever, which
I’ve heard is just about
the worst fever to have.

Compar­ing the two, I’d say
they’re equally as painful.

Cont. on page 14

HomeFront Fall 2017 Leader- Telegram 13


Cont. from page 13

There was mo­tiv­ a­tion be­hind my de­sire
to sell. I found a house in a beautiful
neigh­borh­ ood near the midd­ le school
in Chippewa Falls, which made sell­ing
my home imp­ era­ t­ ive.
I’ve never sold a home before. It was
im­port­ ant that I do res­ earch and talk
to the exp­ erts as I navigated my way
through this process.


We bought our cur­rent starter home
in 2006 just bef­ore the hous­ing market
crashed. We paid thousands more than
we should have, but we were young and
exc­ ited.
We looked at more than 20 homes in
our search for the right abode. When
we found our raised ranch nuzzled
among ma­ture pines, oaks and maples
minu­ tes from gas sta­tions and groc­ ery
stores it was all but a done deal.
We walked ins­ ide and were pleasa­ ntly
surprised — hard­wood floors, clean
white walls, barely any furnit­ ure to
im­pede my vision. I re­mem­ber whisper­
ing to my husb­ and, “Does anyo­ ne live
The an­swer was yes. But this guy was a
pro at de­clutt­ er­ing and stagi­ ng.
He was so good at it, in fact, that I
hadn’t rea­ li­zed until we moved in
that there was no dish­washer, or that

Cont. on page 17

City of Eau Claire Housing Division Type of Work: • Heating system replacement
Housing Rehabilitation Program • Roof and window replacement • Energy saving repairs
• Plumbing repairs or upgrading • Siding repairs or replacement
The City of Eau Claire Housing Division is taking applications for the • Electrical repairs or upgrading
Housing Rehabilitation Program. The Rehabilitation Program is federally • Carpentry repairs
funded and offers loans up to $20,000. This program is for homes in need
of repair, not for extensions or cosmetic renovations. Eligibility Requirements: HUD Income Guidelines:
For eligibility information and application • City of Eau Claire resident
call (715) 839-8294. • Assessed value not to exceed $146,500 1 $37,750
• Property a minimum of 25 years old 2 $43,150
The hearing impaired may contact this office by TDD at (715) 839-4943. • Owner Occupied (at least 1 year) 3 $48,550
If there are other specialized needs due to handicap, i.e. sign language 4 $53,900
interpreter, wheelchair accessibility, reader, please contact this office. 5 $58,250
• Good Credit History 6 $62,550
14 HomeFront Fall 2017 Leader- Telegram • HUD income guidelines apply 7 $66,850

8 $71,150

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on a qualifying Lennox Home
Comfort System. TUNE-UP

*Offer expires November 24, 2017 SPECIAL
Save 10%


For energy savings,
breakdown prevention

and system repair.

Order by 10-31-17

Has your home been tested for RADON?
Ask about our RADON testing and mitigation service.

Shopping for 600788_ 8-22-10 836844 8-12-17
Replacement Windows
Heating - Ventilation - Air Conditioning
Windows play an integral role in your home. Beauty, comfort, and
increased energy efficiency are all excellent reasons to replace your old Comfort for a lifetime.
windows. Plus, when windows are leaky and don’t work properly, they
can be frustrating to operate. Serving the Chippewa Valley since 1922
Window shopping, however, can be trying for some consumers,
especially considering the maze of choices. The experts at Renewal by 715-832-1691 • 715-723-7592
Andersen® offer consumers these window-shopping tips to simplify the

WORK WITH TRAINED WINDOW EXPERTS. Trained window Thomas Olson Painting
professionals at Renewal by Andersen’s various dealers will help you
understand a window’s performance, answer questions about energy
efficiency and provide sound advice about your window replacement

WARRANTY. Carefully read the warranty information before you
purchase your windows. Consider asking the following questions
about the warranty: How long does it last? Does it include installation?
What is excluded from the warranty? Is it fully transferrable?

MEASUREMENTS. To maximize performance and provide long-term
efficiency, a replacement window must fit well in the opening. Choose 25+ YEARS EXPERIENCE
replacement windows that are custom-built to precisely fit each
window opening in your home.

USE PROFESSIONAL INSTALLERS. Installation is a key component Interior Residential Fully Insured
to any window replacement project. Even the highest quality windows Exterior Commercial Free Estimates
will underperform if installed incorrectly. Choose installers that can
provide technical expertise and judgment for determining the best
installation method. Better yet, choose a company that includes
installation as a key part of their window replacement process with
installation included in their warranty.

CHOOSE LOW-MAINTENANCE WINDOWS. Windows made from 715-563-2449
composite materials can be a good option for homeowners who like
the look and strength of wood windows but also want the low- Call today to schedule your
maintenance features of vinyl. Composite windows don’t need ongoing painting project and
staining or painting to maintain their natural beauty, which saves time
and money. SAVE 10%

For more information on Renewal by Andersen windows, call Asher Lasting
Exteriors at 715-832-7282 or toll free 888-462-7437.

Article provided by Asher Lasting Exteriors. 836237 08-12-17

836383 8-12-17

HomeFront Fall 2017 Leader- Telegram 15



Pull fur­ni­ture away from walls. Float furn­ i­ture away
from walls to cre­ate con­ver­sat­ ion ar­eas. Group­ing fur­ni­ture feels
more inviti­ng. The space be­tween furn­ it­ure and the wall act­ua­ lly
makes the room feel larger.
Set aside spec­ific items for show­ings. Wash and
pre-fold nice hand towe­ ls so they’re ready at a mo­ment’s no­tice.
Ready ext­ra pil­lows for the beds and dishes for the ta­ble so you’re
not scramb­ ling at the last minute.
Neut­ral doesn’t need to be bori­ng. While ev­ery room
shouldn’t be a dif­fer­ent bold color, there is noth­ing wrong with
acc­ ent walls or fun dé­cor as long as they work within the space.
Cons­ ider soft colo­ rs like sage green or blue grays that add color
while still re­maini­ ng neut­ ral.
Light­ing is key. Nat­u­ral light is the best, but laye­ r­ing with
over­head light, lamps and tar­geted light gives depth and
intere­ st to a room. It makes the home seem warm and inviti­ng.

Source: Gray Area Int­ e­rio­ rs

16 HomeFront Fall 2017 Leader- Telegram


Cont. from page 14

it sported a wooden garage door with no
automatic opener.
Eleven years later, we’ve made lots of im­
provem­ ents to our lit­tle slice of heaven. The
dish­washer and garage door were im­med­ i­ate
imp­ rove­ments.
Now, if we wanted this home to app­ eal to
someo­ ne else, what should be at the top of
our to-do list?


Sissy Knopps, a re­alt­ or with Coldw­ ell Banker
Brenizer Realt­ ors in Eau Claire, said to think
about what I like to see, or not see, when I
walk through a home for the first time.
“Peop­ le prep­ ari­ng to sell a home al­ready
figu­ re they might have to make some min­ or
changes and rep­ airs in ord­ er to have their
home ap­peal to the masses,” Knopps said.
But she takes it one step fur­ther — clean and
dec­ lutt­ er.
“You can’t over-clean,” she said. “Also, the rule
less is more ap­plies here. Re­move per­sonal
items and traces of pets. Keep things org­ a­
nized to show off stor­age spac­ es.”
Most peop­ le wond­ er what they’re going to do
with all of their stuff as they declutter. Knopps
said to rent a stor­age unit. The money you pay
out will save you money in the long run when
your house sells quickly, she said.
Hav­ing heard these words from Knopps a
month ago, I dug right in. I asked Knopps to
come to my house and to scour the roughly
1,800 square feet with a crit­i­cal eye.

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Subsidized Housing — One-Bedroom Apartments

We Offer:  On-Site Manager and Maintenance After
 Income-Based Rents  Coin-Operated Laundry Facilities
 No Asset Limits  Bus Stop Nearby Shhhhh...
 Rents Based on 30% of Income  Card-Access Security Entrances
 Heat, Garbage, Water and Sewer  Off-Street Private Parking It’s a Staging Secret!
 Vending Machines
Included  Pets Allowed with Restrictions
 Tenant-Driven Activities  On-Site Beauty Salon
 Emergency Pull Stations in Every  Community Room

Apartment with Direct Link to City
Fire and Ambulance

Handicapped-Accessible Apartments Available

HUD Subsidized Rent for Low-Income 901 S. Farwell St. Before
Persons 55 or Over OR Disabled Eau Claire, WI 54701

For Applications, Contact the When I looked at the cute little bungalow that was my
Housing Authority of the first staging and real estate listing in Eau Claire, I knew I
City of Eau Claire could do a fantastic job! I labored over every detail… Pier
(715) 839-4943 1 sofas, expensive accessories, (very heavy) mirrors with
a beautiful finish. It was all there. I was ecstatic. It was
Tours Available staged perfectly!
Call for an Appointment
It looked like those expensive homes in magazines. So,
(715) 839-8602 with great anticipation we held the first Open House.
There were a lot of people. They oohed and aahed in all the
836252_8-12-17 right places. Then I heard it...the words that taught me my
first (secret) lesson. “I love everything about this place, but
COMPLETE EXTERIOR REMODELING I just can’t see us living here.” Wait. What? So I asked...

FREE ”Well, it’s just too nice. I have a dog and two kids, and they
would ruin everything.” Oh.
Secret #1:

ALL TYPES OF SIDING • WINDOWS & DOORS If you have a cute little bungalow, don’t stage like its the
SEAMLESS GUTTERS • ROOFING • ADDITIONS • DECKS Taj Mahal. You don’t have to go out and buy expensive,
NEW HOME CONSTRUCTION • 3 & 4 SEASON ROOMS fancy items and change out every door knob. (However,
you do have to clean the door knobs if you have a vintage
Quality home.) On the flip side, if you have a wonderful lake prop-
Workmanship erty, don’t think that Nana’s handmade doilies on “antique”
& Materials furniture will get you top price. If you have a home that’s
Guaranteed priced in the same range as new construction prices, then
~ Since 1988 baby…that’s your competition.
Remember the book “The Horse Whisperer”? It’s about a
Price is what you pay, man who understood horses, mostly because he listened
VALUE IS WHAT YOU GET! to them. He knew what they needed. The interplay be-
tween a person and a house is similar. Be like the House
(715) 644-2777 Whisperer when you ready your home for sale. Figure out
(or ask your Realtor about) your home’s architecture, style, 113 InSdtuasntlreiya,lWPaIrk Rd, scale and location before making any changes.

18 HomeFront Fall 2017 Leader- Telegram 836948 8-12-17 To get the rest of the ‘House Whisperer Secret Report’, e-mail
Jin at [email protected].

Article & photos provided by Jin Hanlon. 837242 08-12-17


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“Move your TV here,” she said, point­ing at a dif­fer­ent
corn­ er of the room. The move would all­ow for a cozy
sit­ting area.

“Store this shelv­ing unit,” she said nodding at
wooden cab­in­ etry in the kitchen. Tak­ing it out of
the kitchen would make the room seem much larger
with amp­ le walki­ng space.

The hubby and I dove in head first. Our eyes were
on the prize of a new home. We made an of­fer and
fe­ro­ciously began cleani­ng our own home in hopes
of receiv­ing an ac­cepted of­fer and putting our Lake
Hal­lie house on the mar­ket.

In two days we had rented a stora­ ge unit, cleaned out “I reco­ mm­ end (keepi­ng) subt­ le pers­ onal items that
the first floor and base­ment of eve­ ryt­ hing unn­ ec­es­ don’t dis­tract from the over­all quali­­ties of the home,
sary and took three trailer loads to the stora­ ge unit. like a taste­fully done photo gallery,” she said. “Other
A day later Knopps came with a prof­es­sional phot­ og­ pers­ onal things such as … colo­ r­ing pages on the
ra­pher to take pict­ ures. fridge or pap­ erw­ ork on the dini­ng room ta­ble should
We were on our way to buyi­ng and sell­ing. The be re­moved.”
process was goi­ng smoothly — maybe too smoothly. Other tips in­clude pulling furn­ it­ ure away from walls
to crea­ te con­vers­ a­tion ar­eas, and usi­ng as much
Stagi­ng for the sell light as pos­sib­ le — nat­u­ral and art­ if­i­cial — to set the
Once we cleared our house, it was time to clean and Unf­ or­tu­nately for us, our sell­ing ex­per­ ie­ nce came to
then stage. an end bef­ore it even be­gan. After a week of counter
Ale­cia Plaetz, owner of Gray Area Int­ er­ i­ors based in of­fers we dec­ ided to let that house go and con­tinue
Eau Claire, said many times peop­ le are told to re­ looki­ng at other homes in the area.
move all pers­ onal items and to paint the walls white. Our house will hit the mar­ket as soon as we find a
That was the theo­ ry years ago, but not any­more. house we like and re­ceive an ac­cepted of­fer.
“The trick is to know where to draw the line,” she
said. “Peop­ le like see­ing a po­ten­tial home where they
can raise kids, en­ter­tain friends and make memo­ ­

Plaetz, who has owned her busi­ness since 2011, said For now, we cont­ inue to keep the house void of un­
peo­ple also need to be able to see thems­ elves in the nece­ s­sary items as we obs­ ess­ ively search on­line real
home. It’s an emot­ ional con­nec­tion. es­tate sites looki­ng for that for­ever home.

STEEL TOWNE Creative 837268_8-12-17
Chippewa Valley’s Steel Supplier
Flooring Solutions 877-843-5885
715-879-5559 • Carpet • Wood • Ceramic • Cork
• LVT • Engineered Hardwood • Laminate

Serving the Chippewa Valley for 23 Years!
Free Estimates • Professional Installation Available
Daily Deliveries in the
Chippewa Valley 1804 Rudolph Road | 715-839-8048
Corner of Brackett & Rudolph
By the Inch or Steel, Stainless, Aluminum, Cheryl, Owner
By the Pound Brass, Polycarbonate Flooring consultant
OPEN: M-F 9-5 • Sat. 9-1
836645 8-12-17

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FGRAORZDEENN TSOUNSOSHUPINTOE I grew up in Eau Claire and now live on an 80-acre, certified organic
farm in northwest Wisconsin. Here in Prairie Farm, like many of
you city folks reading this, we find ourselves with a little too much
time on our hands while enduring the long winter months. What to
do? Order seed catalogs, of course. Some of our favorites are www., and All are
online, but very difficult to circle and add Post-Its to, let alone page
through over and over. You will certainly need their catalogs.

By Jay Gilbertson Of course, once you order a few, they all Which, in the long run, is truly not
come flying into your mailbox and the the worst thing. Limits are good when
race is on. Around January, when the it comes to this very serious level
thought of more snow makes you reach of decision-making on garden seed
for the wine box, we get out a yellow selections. So, on we plan and plot,
legal pad and diagram out our garden hope and dream and — order. Keep in
plots. This leads to much discussion mind this kind of an addiction is far
about color — it’s wonderful to have better than, say, needing to buy stacks
some sunflowers towering above your of dark chocolate bars.
watermelon patch — and height, Eventually, the seed packets begin to
timing and zones. Zones can knock you arrive, the ice starts to melt off the
sideways as you sit by the living room shovel you left in the garden, and soon
window watching snow wrap around all the mud settles and the ground
your asparagus — that you neglected begins to warm. You order one more
to trim last fall — in hopes that maybe, packet of broccoli for fall harvesting
just maybe, you could actually grow and then organize those marvelous
one avocado tree. envelopes of hope in alphabetical order.
We live in zone 3, (the edge of 4) and Maybe, as the spring rains splash the
this limits our vegetable selections. living room window, you triple-check

20 HomeFront Fall 2017 Leader- Telegram


your garden map and move a few rows this way Customer We specialize in Bulk
and that. You’ll change your mind once you hit Appreciation Event & Natural Foods at
the dirt. economical prices!
We always do. Thurs.-Sat.
In April, we get some of our little gems started in Aug. 17-19
the greenhouse. This involves bashing the bags
of dirt you bought on sale — now frozen solid
in the shed — with a sledge hammer to loosen
things up, but, you imagine all that good exercise
and on you swing. If you play your cards right,
you can bring a few seedling trays inside and,
after carefully placing old newspapers on the
countertop, plant them in the comfort of the
kitchen with a mug of something hot nearby.
Or you may wait until May when the threat of
a frost is nearly over, the ground has warmed
up and you can haul that tiller out or borrow or
rent one and get the vegetable garden all ready.
Make sure that you only plant items that can
take a few zaps of cold because it’s not until the
first week of June that we can all safely assume
summer is finally here and the threat of a freeze
is gone.
If you aren’t in the mood to wait for things to
sprout, you can head to your local greenhouse
and bring home seedlings that are ready to
transplant. It can save you an awful lot of time
and you can always tell garden visitors that yes,
of course, you personally grew them from seed,
all those rows of broccoli, chard, spinach and
squash. You can explain that in mid-May, or
perhaps even earlier, you’re able to snap off fresh
asparagus shoots and make some of those stalks
of sunshine into soup. Which is what we have to
do nearly every spring.

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(Starting Late August)

Huge Selection!

Watch for our large, fall-themed Shop where your friends are shopping! 1 mile east of Fall Creek
planter arrangements, as well as on Hwy. 12
exotic gourds, pumpkins, squash,
Indian corn & straw bales.
Closed Sundays

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We don’t use a strict soup and let it simmer until
soup recipe and you can the vegetables are tender.
transfer this to just about For asparagus, that’s about
anything that is soup 15 to 20 minutes. Stir once
material, but I caution in a while, bringing up the
that ordinary green beans bottom. Once the asparagus
do not make a tasty soup. softens to the point a fork
Trust me. If you have too (since your goal is to create
many green beans blasting a puree) easily passes into
off your vines, bag them it, remove from the heat.
up and share with your Place a damp dish towel
neighbors. in the bottom of your sink
One thing you should do and plunk the pot down,
during the winter months fire up your immersion
is eat your yogurt. Lots hand blender and whip that
and lots of it. We enjoy soup into a smooth and
a particular brand that creamy consistency. Once
comes in 32-ounce plastic it’s cooled enough, you can
tubs. They are perfect for add a dollop of sour cream or
freezing your homemade yogurt to make it creamier
asparagus, broccoli, fall and then ladle into your
squash or red pepper yogurt containers. Make
soup. sure to leave about an inch
We are meat eaters and for expansion, slap a strip
save all the bones for soup of masking tape on the top,
stock. But, if you aren’t a label and date and off to the
stock maker, zip on over to freezer.
your local market and get It’s that simple and that’s
any of the many different the key. By keeping the
flavors to make a quick ingredients to mostly the
stock without all the fuss. single vegetable, stock and
To begin, place your largest covered pot on the some seasonings, you’ll be
stove at medium heat, half-filled with stock. Add able to enjoy their true flavor all winter long. Of
the asparagus stalks until you are barely course, you can use this as a base for more complex
able to cover them with the soups by adding noodles, barely, rice or meat. Use
liquid and bring to a boil, your imagination and should you
along with a dash of have any questions, feel
salt and pepper
and any other free to email me. jay@
spices you
enjoy in Soup’s on!

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Brighten up your garden with

MEMBERSOLAR fall blooming perennials!

“Ogurr“emMenoeeAwmrc”ebrreewssr”iStohforflotaAhmruefgiLyeuaolsdmutnaibsg.aelloavtmenb - decorative mums and - fairy garden accessories
asters arriving in August - gardening supplies
- wide selection of trees,
shrubs, perennials and - garden art
annuals - and much more!

Follow us on Facebook for updates, coupons and great deals.


Hours starting Aug. 14: Tuesday-Saturday 8:30-5:30
CLOSED Sunday & Monday

South of Eau Claire off Highway 93 • 5310 Friedeck Road



You’re just a few steps away from a beautiful lawn….

Complete Landscape and IRRIGATION SYSTEMS
Residential / Commercial

Since January 2016, MemberSolar subscribers at Eau Claire Several New Innovative Irrigation Systems
Energy Cooperative have been saving money on their electric with programming options for optimum
bills due to credits from the project. And, these Co-op Members water saving!
will continue to save money through December 2035. Landscaping
Landscape Beds
It’s local, clean,   Lawn Installation
renewable solar Retaining Walls
energy. ECEC PO Box 368wFwalwl C.erceeeck.,cWomI 54742-0368 Patios
Members - purchase 715-83 2-1603 Walkways
your MemberSolar
subscriptions today. Call Today for a FREE estimate…
Click on  
to see how it works. Premium Lawn Service LLC
Still have questions? Serving The Entire Chippewa Valley
Call us at 715-832-1603.

836117 8-12-17 715-514-1409 837141 8-12-17

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Shop the largest selection of new
design trends
and color
options of

juNst iomsmpruesdsgieosn,s.

We sell it! We service it!

Interest-free Financing available to qualified buyers. See store for details.

Shop online –


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