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Her Impressions | Winter 2017

Her Impressions | Winter 2017

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Her Plus

impressions a look back
at makeup’s
Local • Vibrant • You!
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of makeup


Getting through the hype?


Truth & Myth
on Vitamins &

Leader-Telegram Magazine
Winter 2017

sponsored content CCaOJouMinsaeMfUoNr ITY Her Story,
Article provided by YMCA of Eau Claire. Her Heart

When dealing with life’s daily demands, people need a place to go Hear women share their heart care stories
where they can feel supported and receive help in trying times. A and answer audience questions along with
place where adults can find life balance; children can reach their full
potential; seniors can be active and find camaraderie; and families can our medical experts.
connect and strengthen relationships. By becoming involved with the
Eau Claire YMCA, individuals have the opportunity to improve their Enjoy a free evening with healthy treats, music and prizes.
health and well-being and connect with the community, all while
participating in their favorite program or activity at the Y. Thursday, Feb. 16, 6:30 p.m.
“The Eau Claire YMCA is a community that is dedicated to helping
individuals to achieve a balance of spirit, mind and body,”said Ken Auditorium | Mayo Clinic Health System
Van Es, Executive Director.“We encourage everyone to get involved 1221 Whipple St. | Eau Claire
by joining the Y where they can take advantage of the resources and
support to be healthy and connected.” R.S.V.P by Feb. 10:
As a leading nonprofit committed to strengthening community
through youth development, healthy living and social responsibility, To register, go to the Classes & Events page at
the Y seeks to ensure that everyone, regardless of age, income and search for
or background, has an opportunity to learn, grow and thrive. “Her Story, Her Heart,” or
Membership at the Eau Claire YMCA includes unlimited free group call 1-866-375-7464 (toll-free).
exercise classes like Cardio Dance, Hydro Aerobics, Yoga, and
Zumba, free towel and locker services, program discounts, ActivTrax Moderators:
and fitness assessments, and opportunities to give back to our
The Eau Claire YMCA offers a variety of programs to help achieve
greater health and well-being, nurture youth, and inspire individuals
to give back to better their community. The Y of today isn’t the same
as in the past – check out a few of their newest initiatives below!

• Togetherhood member- • David Duax Youth in
led service projects Government model
legislature program
• YMCA Diabetes
Prevention Program • Opportunities for Robert Wiechmann, Gloria Krueger Andrew Calvin, M.D. Ann Rufledt
active older adults such M.D. Physician Assistant Cardiology Physician Assistant
as pickleball, Kubb,
• Discovery Summer Day book club, and social Cardiovascular Cardiovascular Cardiology
Camp with flexible gatherings surgery surgery

• Y-Rep Productions 822619 1-29-17
youth theatre program
(everyone gets a role!)

822969 1-29-17

2 Leader-Telegram Winter 2017 Her impressions

Her Impressions is p.4 Child Care Directory Local•Vibrant• contentsYou!
published three times
a year by the DEbunked p1. 4What’s in them, how do they work and what scientists have to say about it
Leader-Telegram. 18bthee ap.uty
of makeup
Copyright 2017 p.25 Bridal
Eau Claire Press Company. Fair Vendors

All rights reserved.

Next issue: June 2017

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Leader-Telegram Winter 2017 Her impressions 3

Child Care


er Early L
Redeem earning
•• 1-29-17

823152 1-29-17 Enrolling for the 2017-2018 School Year
Enrollment for PROGRAMS Starting Jan.
2017-2018 School Year • Chris�an learning environment with classes for children
2½-5 years, including pre-kindergarten.
• 3 year old preschool and 6 weeks through 12 • Large outdoor
4K partner with ECASD years playground • Small classes with experienced teachers.
• �ooms and ac�vi�es designed for preschool work and play.
• Wrap-around care • Developing a love of • Summer School Age • See classes in ac�on. Call for a tour!
available. learning, imagination program St. John’s Lutheran Church • 1804 Highland Ave., Eau Claire, WI 54701
and creativity.
• Offering a Christian • Located off Birch Street 715-834-9571 •
environment. • Open 6:00am - 6:00pm
• Small class sizes
• State licensed for • Christian/pre-K
children ages curriculum • Highly qualified

Our Redeemer Lutheran Church

601 Fall St., Eau Claire, WI 54703 • (715) 835-9207 •


Child Care Center Ages 4 weeks - 5 years Before & After School for grades K-5

Open 7 Days A Week! Our Center Includes: On-Site Locations:
Family YMCA membership Flynn, Immaculate Conception (AM), Locust Lane,
5:15am - 8pm Swimming lessons for ages 3 and up
4 weeks to 12 years Manz, Meadowview, Montessori, Northwoods,
Outdoor playgrounds Putnam, Robbins, Sam Davey, St. James, St. Mary’s
320 Division St, Altoona Preschool curriculum
(715) 894-7529 Gym time and gym activities Offered at Y with Bus Transportation:
Morning & afternoon EC4T sessions Immaculate Conception (PM), Lakeshore,
Secure building Longfellow, Elk Mound (PM), Sherman
822327 • 1-29-17 Consistent staff Open from 6:30 AM until school starts and when

school releases until 6:00 PM.

Eau Claire YMCA | 700 Graham Avenue, Eau Claire, WI 54701
715-836-8460 |

822814 1-29-17

4 Leader-Telegram Winter 2017 Her impressions 823612

What Can sponsored content
Be Done To

Reduce The
Likelihood Of

?My Child Getting
Tooth Decay
There are only three areas that can be addressed to reduce the possibility of tooth decay: the teeth, the bacteria and what feeds the bacteria.

The teeth can be made strongerbones harder as they develop.Getting bacteria off of the teeth starts with 3Teeth can be assaulted by acids
by making the enamel stronger. the moms having their teeth repaired and kept
Basically, fluoride. It can be topical fluorideclean BEFORE the child is born. Dental decay is a and sugars that increase the decay
from toothpastes and fluoride rinses. Somebacterial disease and can be passed from person-to-person count. Several things can be done to change
people recommend“training toothpaste”and the primary care givers are the main source of inoculating the odds into our favor. Limit things that have
for very young children. I DO NOT! The keythe child with bad bacteria. If the caregiver has good teeth the sugar or acid in between meals. That is soda,
is to use smaller amounts of fluoridatedchildren have a much better chance to have good teeth. After fruit juice, milk or energy drinks. If they have
toothpaste. If the children swallow somethat, brushing, flossing and making it harder for the bacteria to them at mealtime it’s ok with me. In between
they will not be affected by the smallstick to the teeth reduces the chance of decay. Brush the teeth meals causes too much time that teeth are
amount. The teeth are good at absorbingas soon as they erupt into the mouth. Children will need help in the wrong environment. Water is the best
fluoride when they first erupt and thatwith this until they get into 3rd grade. Flossing is introduced in between meals. Have the children get off
would be losing a prime opportunity towhen the teeth start growing together. Making it harder for the of the bottle at night when going to bed or
allow the enamel to get as hard as possible.bacteria to stick to the teeth can be done by xyletol containingnatural nursing on demand during the night.
Systemic fluoride, either by communityproducts. Gum, sprays or candy are good sources. Xyletol makes Please read that last sentence carefully. I am
water supply or pills or drops on a daily basis,it harder for the bacteria to stick to the teeth and if they do itnot against bottles or nursing, but nighttime
interrupts the way they process sugars. As a side effect, children is not the right time to continually assault the
1 2helpmaketheteeththatareforminginthehave fewer ear infections. teeth with lactic (milk) acid that is in milk.

So giving your child a good chance to not have tooth decay is as simple as 1-2-3. Strong teeth that have no Sponsoredby: Neal R. Benham D.D.S.
bacteria and have a good environment that promotes healthy teeth goes a long way to a healthy dental KiDZ.R.US Pediatric Dentistry

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, The American Dental Association and the American Academy ArticleprovidedbyAllFamilyDental.
comfort healsofPediatricsrecommendthatchildrenestablishadentalhomeBYage1.
822623 01-29-17

physician owned. patient centered.

822646 1-29-17


Leader-Telegram Winter 2017 Her impressions 5

By Elizabeth Dohms

What’s in them, how Fun
do they work and Fact:
what scientists have
to say about it The small
pox virus,
6 Leader-Telegram Winter 2017 Her impressions dependent
on a human
host, was
in 1977, save
for a few frozen
samples that still
remain, because of
a massive vaccination
program that left the virus
without any host to enter,
said UW-Eau Claire biology
professor emeritus Lloyd

“Because there was no
animal host, the virus had no
place to go,” he said. “That’s
true with all viruses because
they need a living cell to replicate

or copy themselves.”

When you say hello to your friend, you’re also tipping your But national health organizations, including the American
hat to the 2,000-plus bacteria in his gut, Lloyd Turtinen Academy of Pediatrics, warn parents of the risks
likes to remind his students. associated with not having a child vaccinated.

Those bacteria are a part of us, said the UW-Eau Claire Eau Claire County has remained consistent in the
biology professor emeritus. percentage of its residents choosing not to vaccinate,
said Lieske Giese, director of the Eau Claire City-County
Our gut bacteria and viruses have evolved to exist with us. Health Department.
Estimates show about one in 10 of the human body’s 100
trillion cells are our own and the rest belong to viruses and
bacteria living together in our cozy microbiome.

But sometimes disease-causing pathogens rock the boat Leukocyte Leukocyte
of that happy home you and the microbes have made for absorbs bacteria ingests
yourselves. bacteria
Fun Fact:
Lucky we’ve got an army for that.
Receptors on the cells of our little white warriors —
In order to help our immune system fight off attacks, leukocytes produced in our bone marrow that patrol
vaccines imitate infections to trigger such a response that bloodways – notice the different make-up of invader cells
the body remembers. and literally gobble them up.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and
If we come into contact with that disease again, our bodies Prevention, it can take the body a few days to produce the
know how to fight it. weapons it needs to destroy the infection — a process the
immune system remembers if and when the body comes in
According to the Centers for Disease Control and contact with that germ again.
Prevention, vaccinations will have prevented 322 million
illnesses, 21 million hospitalizations and 732,000 deaths
during the lifetimes of U.S. children born between 1994
and 2013.

From 2012 through 2015, the average percentage of A state health statistic shows all students in Chippewa
children in Eau Claire County, vaccinated according to Falls and Durand schools were vaccinated. Only
the CDC’s immunization schedule, wavered between 72 two percent in Eleva-Strum and Menomonie were
and 74 percent, according to data from the Wisconsin unvaccinated. But in the Fall Creek school district, 15
Department of Health Services. percent of students were not vaccinated.

Elizabeth Goodsitt, a communications specialist for A surge in the number of parents opting against vaccines
the state health department, said vaccines are tested occurred after an article published in 1998 that wrongly
rigorously, costing millions of dollars and a decade or linked vaccinations to autism.
more of testing before being licensed and available to the
public, after which they are continuously monitored. British gastroenterologist Andrew Wakefield’s work
published in The Lancet said eight children’s symptoms of
But outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases such as autism appeared with a month after receiving the measles,
whooping cough, chickenpox and mumps are still common mumps and rubella vaccine.
in Wisconsin, Goodsitt said.
But the article was completely retracted in 2010 because
“Being unvaccinated means that the child is not protected of discrepancies with the way the study was carried
and therefore may need to be excluded from public out, missing data and inconsistencies with Wakefield’s
activities such as daycare, school and other community speculations that led to ethical and legal violations brought
activities,” she said. against the study’s authors.

CHOOSING NOT TO VACCINATE A survey of pediatricians shows parents cite autism
concerns as a reason for refusing vaccinations at a
State law allows parents exemptions from having their frequency of 64 percent, down from 74 percent in 2006,
children vaccinated for health, religious or personal according to an article published in the Pediatrics journal

reasons. in September.

Cont. on pg 11

Leader-Telegram Winter 2017 Her impressions 7

Child Care Directory


Experience our preschool programs!

St. James Elementary

2502 11th Street | Eau Claire
(715) 830-2277


Ages 4-5 Ages 3-4 3 Year Olds
T & Th
M-Th M/W/F Choosing a child care provider is a big decision.
12:45 to 3:15 p.m. 8:30 to 11 a.m. 8:30 to 11 a.m. Our committed early childhood professionals provide a

St. Mary’s Elementary stimulating, nurturing and learning-based experience
for children ages 6 weeks through 12 years.
1828 Lynn Avenue | Altoona
(715) 830-2278 Call today to schedule a private tour and
see what makes us different.

3 Year Olds 3 Year Olds

M&W T & Th Child Development Center Child Development
8:15 to 10:45 a.m. 8:15 to 10:45 a.m.
418 N. Dewey Street | Eau Claire 2114 Fenwick Avenue | Eau Claire
(715) 830-2275 (715) 830-2274

822812 1-29-17 822810_1-29-17

5-Star National Accreditation Register Building Bridges 4 Children
Licensed, Professional Teachers Now!
Play-Based Learning 4-year-old Early Learning Program
Enrichment Programs
EC4T Partner for 4K • Quality Early Learning Environments BB4C Partner Locations
Summer School-Age Program
Nutrition & Exercise Emphasis • Play-based curriculum with a focus on CESA 11 Head Start
Serving 6 Weeks to 12 Years building social and emotional skills 2820 E. Park Ave., Chippewa Falls 715-723-1211
Faith-Based Philosophy Rhymes-N-Rainbows
• District bus transportation provided 5051 171st St., Chippewa Falls 715-723-8000
715-835-1234 YMCA Early Learning Community
• DPI Certified Teachers 630 Miller St., Chippewa Falls 715-723-5135
3221 Lorch Ave., Eau Claire Kids USA Learning Center
(in the Gold‛s Gym building) • A Community Collaborative Partnership 656 Lakeland Dr., Chippewa Falls 715-726-1507 Monkey Business Early Educational Center
Email: Building Bridges 4 Children (BB4C) is 1300 Lowater Rd., Chippewa Falls 715-723-7444
[email protected] public education for any child who is 4 MACS-St. Charles
by September 1, 2017 and lives in the 429 W. Spruce St., Chippewa Falls 715-723-2161
Chippewa Falls School District. Registration Circle of Friends Early Learning Center
for the 2017-18 school year begins 1750 Hallie Rd., Chippewa Falls 715-552-9696
February 6, 2017. Call 715-726-2414 123 [email protected] Early Learning Center
or one of our partner locations for more 2964 Co. F, Eau Claire 715-874-4779
information. Shared Blessings Child Development Center
520 East Grand Ave., Chippewa Falls 534-220-7051

822318 1-29-17 Chippewa Falls Area
Unified School District

823129 1-29-17

8 Leader-Telegram Winter 2017 Her impressions 823613

Child Care Directory

Establish a Dental Home . . . call

Neal R. Benham, D.D.S.

Associate Professor of Pediatric Dentistry

* Fun, supervised playroom
* Providing experienced pediatric

dental care for over 30 years
* Call now to schedule your children

3131 Stein Blvd, Eau Claire
[email protected]

Most insurance and Badgercare accepted. 823322 1-29-17

822324 1-29-17

Noah’s Ark Beautiful Minds Child Care822873 1-29-17
Preschool is a YoungStar five-star rated
center and is accredited
Trinity Lutheran Church through NAEYC.We offer
extended hours from 5:30 am
1314 E Lexington Blvd, Eau Claire to 10:30 pm, Monday
[email protected] through Friday. “GROW” We offer EC4T through
2017-2018 School Year the Eau Claire School
For registration call District. Open enrollment
is February-April for
715-832-6601 children who will be 4
years old by September
PROGRAMS AVAILABLE 1st, 2017. Please call for
more information.
3-4 yr. olds:
T-Th a.m. 9:00-11:30 Leader-Telegram Winter 2017 Her impressions 9
T-Th p.m. 12:45-3:15

4-5 yr. olds:
M-W-F a.m. 9:00-11:30
M-W-F p.m. 12:45-3:15

New Pilot Program
This Year For M-W-F PM:
After School Care 3:15-5:30

Peacemakers learning
through play823420 • 1-29-17


Child Care Directory

Non-prot 6wks-12yrs 822808 1-29-17

Early Learning Center

Faith Christian Preschool EC4T
Summer Camps
& Preschool

733 Woodward Ave., Chippewa Falls, WI 54729 Eau Claire 715.598.1819 • Durand 715.672.3152

Celebrating 41 years of providing We specialize in strengthening children’s natural curiosity to learn throughout life and grow into successful adults.
Preschool Christian Education
3-Year-Old Preschool




All children must be
potty trained.

To register, stop in or call Chippewa Falls, WI
the church office
at 715-723-7754. 823149 1-29-17

Check us out online at


823144 1-29-17

Now Enrolling for Kindergarten!

The Eau Claire Area School District welcomes all children turning

5 years old

on or before September 1, 2017 to enroll in Kindergarten.

(NOTE: Students already enrolled in the EC4T program do not need to reapply.)

Pregnant? Enrollment Instructions
Have a child
under age 5? Step 1: Step 2:
WIC can help your
food dollars go further. Visit our website – Visit the Enrollment Ofce anytime
• Click on Enrollment between now – March 2017 to provide:
Call Today! • Complete an Online Application
• Proof of address
715-839-5051 • Proof of your child’s age

Many working 822612 1-29-17 If you are unable to access the application or
families qualify! have difculties submitting it, please contact the

www.eauclairewi. Enrollment Ofce at (715) 852-3063.
Enrollment Ofce Hours: Mon through Fri 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
USDA is an equal opportunity
provider and employer. 822301 • 1-29-17

10 Leader-Telegram Winter 2017 Her impressions 823617

While that dip has somewhat recovered, The website VaxTruth shares concern Bacteria can grow
pediatricians are now claiming parents over the amount of aluminum in anywhere, but
have other reasons for avoiding vaccines. vaccines, claiming that the amount of viruses require
aluminum in vaccines is dangerous to a living host to
VEXED OVER VACCINES infants and young children. replicate. Listed
are some of the
The survey of pediatricians found an Ingredients of vaccines have come symptoms and the
increase in the number of parents who under scrutiny as potentially dangerous recommended
refused vaccines when comparing 2006 as parents question their purpose and vaccine schedule to
results to those from 2013. inclusion. avoid butting heads
with these bad
In 2006, about 75 percent of VacTruth, another website, argues that buggers.

pediatricians said toxins in vaccines are BACTERIA

parents refused Fun linked to neurological Diphtheria
vaccines, compared Fact: damage. SYMPTOMS: Weakness, sore
to 87 percent in throat, fever, swollen glands.
2013. Got cold sores? That’s Here is a list of some VACCINE: Five immunizations
the herpes virus, which of the ingredients before age 6 and a booster
The reason? Parents has found a sort of in vaccines and dose for adolescents. Adults
think they’re equilibrium with us, its the purposes they should get the vaccine every
unnecessary, host, where it can live serve within the 10 years.
say 73 percent comfortably, replicating vaccine, according to
of pediatricians occasionally and immunologist Aimee Pertussis
surveyed. otherwise staying Pugh-Bernard and the SYMPTOMS: Mild cough for
hidden. Children’s Hospital of a week or two before spells
“To our knowledge, Philadelphia Vaccine of coughing fits that can end
this is the first study Education Center: in vomiting. Can lead to
to demonstrate the pneumonia in infants.
VACCINE: Recommended
perception among It’s simple Aluminum (technically at 2 months, 4 months, 6
pediatricians of enough. Without aluminum potassium months and 15 to 18 months
increasing rates anthropomorphizing sulfate) is used in with a booster shot before
of parents who them too much, the vaccines as an adjuvant, kindergarten.
believe vaccines are life goals of bacteria, something that boosts
unnecessary as a viruses and other the immune response to Tetanus
reason for refusal,” microbes are to make the vaccine, requiring SYMPTOMS: Spasms of the
the article’s authors copies of themselves. less of the vaccine to get jaw and muscles, painful
write. Some scientists think a good result. Aluminum muscle contractions in neck,
the evolution toward arms, legs and stomach.
less lethal cohabitation VACCINE: Recommended at 2
Vaccines’ success between microbe and is naturally occurring, months, 4 months, 6 months,
could be the reason human stems from a found in plants, soil, 15-18 months and before
for that, said need for the pathogen water, air and even in kindergarten. After that, a
Patricia Reis, a to pass on its progeny, breast milk and formula. booster dose is recommend
every 10 years.
public health nurse something that can’t Eggs are used in the
with the Eau Claire happen if a host is manufacturing process
City-County Health dead. as a vessel in which to
Department. grow the virus used to

“You don’t see make the vaccine. The

the diseases, and virus doesn’t grow well

people think it’s not around anymore,” in many environments, but chicken eggs

Reis said. are an exception.

One of the arguments against Formaldehyde is used to break apart
vaccinations is related to vaccines’ pathogens so they won’t disease us, but
content, including fetal cells will still trigger an immune response.
and thimerosal, a mercury-based Formaldehyde already naturally occurs
in our bodies, produced when we make

Cont. on pg 13

Leader-Telegram Winter 2017 Her impressions 11

Child Care Directory

Increase your earnings and help children eat right! The Child &
Adult Care Food Program reimburses licensed and certified in-
home caregivers for serving nutritious food to the children in their
care. The program is funded by the USDA and administered by the
Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

Western Dairyland is an approved sponsor in Barron, Buffalo,
Burnett, Chippewa, Clark, Dunn, Eau Claire, Jackson, La Crosse,
Monroe, Pepin, Pierce, Polk, Rusk, Sawyer, St. Croix, Trempealeau,
Vernon and Washburn counties, and the Ho-Chunk Nation.
This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

For more information or to enroll, call
1-800-782-1880 or 715-836-7511, ext. 1185

823063 1-29-17

FEBRUARY 1 Enrollment Will Begin for September Classes
Eau Claire 4 Tomorrow

What Is It? Eau Claire 4 Tomorrow is

an early learning program offered to all
four-year-olds in the Eau Claire Area
School District. The EC4T program is
free* to ECASD residents.

* There is no charge for EC4T, however fees may apply
for families participating in extended services beyond
the EC4T program day.

How Do I Register? If by September 1, 2017, your child will be 4 years old, an

EC4T application must be completed. Applications are available at, click
Schools, Early Learning, Program Options, Eau Claire 4 Tomorrow, Online Application.

Babes In Toyland Days Gone By The Learning Tree Redeemer Early
Childcare Center Early Learning Child Care Center Learning Programs
715-830-9432 Eau Claire Area School 715-834-5439 715-835-9207
Beautiful Minds District-Head Start Little Bloomers Regis Child
715-852-3630 Child Care Center Development Center
Child Care Genesis Child 715-839-1050 715-830-2274
715-834-4360 Development Center Little Minds Matter, Inc. UW-Eau Claire Children’s
Chapel Heights Preschool 715-830-2275 715-598-1819 Nature Academy
715-832-2333 The Kiddie Patch Mayo CHS Child 715-836-2178
Children’s House Early Learning Center Development Center Western Dairyland Truax Head
Montessori School, Inc. 715-833-9464 715-838-3198 Start & Family Literacy Head Start
715-835-7861 Rachel’s Place 715-985-2391, ext. 1251
Color My World KinderCare Early Learning YMCA Child
Learning Center Development Center
Childcare 715-832-8099 Center 715-836-8460
& Preschool Inc. 715-832-1414 x2200

For information regarding EC4T, contact the Eau Claire Area School District
Early Learning Office at 715-852-3608.

12 Leader-Telegram Winter 2017 Her impressions 823618

amino acids. Formaldehyde in the blood against measles,” she writes. “The same VIRUSES
is 10 times greater than the amount in numbers hold true for whooping cough.”
the vaccine. HPV
Some people against vaccines argue SYMPTOMS: Sometimes none,
Thimerosal is a mercury-based that they are used to the line pockets of genital warts, cancers.
preservative used in multi-dose vaccine pharmaceutical companies and health
vials. Thimerosal helped prevent care businesses. VACCINE: Recommended for
bacteria growth that could sneak into girls and boys ages 11 and 12.
the vial after a dose was drawn up. This “You cannot trust brochures on vaccines
ethyl mercury, quickly excreted by the provided by pharmaceutical companies Measles
body, is different from methyl mercury because they are corporations with a SYMPTOMS: Fever, coughing
found in fish, which can build up in our profit motive,” an article from Vactruth. and rash. The virus is in the
bodies and become toxic. com states. nose and throat of infected
patients. It’s sprayed into the
Fetal cells from two aborted fetuses Turtinen dismisses such arguments as air via coughing and sneezing
in the 1960s have been used to grow flawed. and can remain infectious for
vaccines for rubella, chickenpox, up to two hours.
hepatitis A, shingles and rabies. Cells “We have the capability scientifically to
are maintained in lab cultures from make vaccines to almost anything,” he VACCINE: Recommended at
these two fetuses, meaning no additional said. “It’s a matter of putting money into 12 to 15 months and before
fetuses have been used. Fetal cells are it and doing it. Big pharma isn’t going to kindergarten.
used because viruses grow better in make vaccines unless there’s a market
human cells than animals’ and because for it.” Mumps
the cells can reproduce many times over. SYMPTOMS: Fever, muscle
He cited the recent pandemic of pain, swelling in cheek and
OTHER ARGUMENTS influenza, where four pharmaceutical jaw area.
companies rushed on the bandwagon to
While herd immunity – the phenomenon license and market a vaccine. VACCINE: Recommended at
that protects unvaccinated people in 12 to 15 months and before
a community of mostly vaccinated – “If you didn’t have vaccines, there would kindergarten.
might seem like a convincing argument, be a lot more infectious disease deaths
Pugh-Bernard says it only works if the in the world,” Turtinen said. “Vaccines Polio
majority of the community is protected. have shown to save many lives.” SYMPTOMS: Sometimes none;
paralysis, permanent disability.
Plus, different pathogens require
different percentages of immunity within VACCINE: Given at 2 months,
a community. 4 months, 6 to 18 months and
before kindergarten.
“In order for herd immunity to work
for measles, about 95 percent of the Rubella
community needs to be vaccinated SYMPTOMS: A rash on the
face and neck. Older children
Fun Fact and adults might experience
fever, swollen glands and an
If bacteria are in conditions that upper respiratory infection.
aren’t ripe for growth – if there
aren’t enough nutrients or water – VACCINE: Given at 12
the bacteria form resistant spores to 15 months and before
with thick coats and remain in that kindergarten.
state until conditions are ideal, for
example, when you breathe those Varicella
spores into your lungs. SYMPTOMS: Sudden onset
of fever, fatigue, weakness,
appearance of itchy, blister-
like rash.

VACCINE: The first dose
should be given between 12
and 15 months, with a second
dose before kindergarten.

-Information from the Wisconsin
Department of Health Services, The
History of Vaccines and the Center
for Disease Control and Prevention

Leader-Telegram Winter 2017 Her impressions 13

Learn the facts about
vitamins and minerals

By Katie Venit

14 Leader-Telegram Winter 2017 Her impressions

One-third of Americans take dietary supplements, according to estimates from the
National Instutites of Health, hoping to improve memory, lose weight or avoid catching
that cold that’s going around the office.

But do these supplements work, or are they doing more harm than good?

Dietary supplements were part of a $37 billion industry in 2014,
according to the National Institutes of Health, and there are a lot of
choices out there.

Be savvy by avoiding these myths.

We don’t need to worry All multivitamins are the same.
about eating healthy if we
take multivitamins. Susan Kasik-Miller, clinical dietitian at HSHS
Sacred Heart Hospital in Eau Claire, advises
“First and foremost, our vitamins and minerals reading the label before putting multivitamins in
should come from our foods,” said Kerry your cart, making sure they provide no more than
Peterson, associate professor and chairwoman 100 percent of your daily recommended intake.
of the Department of Food and Nutrition at “A little is what you need; more does not provide
UW-Stout. any added benefit.”

However, a multivitamin can help fill in the Beyond that, our needs change depending on
gaps for someone who is already doing his or what stage of life we’re in.
her best to eat nutritious meals.
Women of childbearing age may need a
“We do not get all the nutrients we used to get multivitamin with more iron, and pregnant women
from our foods anymore because our soils are are often advised to take prenatal vitamins, which
depleted,” said Deb Koteras, owner of Mother contain folate, Kasik-Miller said.
Nature’s Food in Eau Claire, explaining that
supplementation is often necessary to keep our As we get older, our bodies lose the ability to
bodies healthy. absorb nutrients, and many older people need
more vitamin D and vitamin B12.
She recommends her customers start with a
multivitamin, an omega supplement and a Koteras has found that even the form a
probiotic. multivitamin comes in can affect how effective it
“I also tell them to start slowly and listen to
their body,” she said. “Many times people will “Taking a multivitamin for many people would
say that they took a multivitamin and then be very helpful, but if their bodies cannot
for some reason stopped, and it wasn’t until break down a hard tablet because their guts are
they stopped that they realized the benefits unbalanced, then maybe going to a liquid might
they were getting from it. We have to learn to be a better option for them,” she said. There are
listen to our own bodies and make changes many options, and we try and help people look at
accordingly after doing your research.” their issues to see what might be a good place to
BOTTOM LINE: While supplements are
not substitutes for a healthy diet, they can help BOTTOM LINE: Depending on your
us get the nutrients we need
when that healthy diet is not particular circumstances, some multivitamins
might be better than others, but always make sure

not to take more than the recommended daily

intake. Cont. on pg 17

Leader-Telegram Winter 2017 Her impressions 15

Child Care Directory

Eau Claire Location NOW OPEN!

Contact us for a FREE referral and a customized list of local child Where lasting smiles begin
care providers. Our staff makes child care work by supporting
child care professionals, connecting parents with their services, Now accepting new patients!
and collecting child care data that impacts our communities. Make an appointment today!

Call 1-800-782-1880 or 715-831-1700 Amanda Spitz, DDS
Erin Winn, DDS Madeline Goettl, DDS
Pediatric Dentists
Funded in part by the WI Department of Children
& Families and the Supporting Families Together Our Pediatric Dentists are
Association to serve Buffalo, Chippewa, Dunn, Eau Claire, Certified, American Board
Jackson, Pepin, Pierce, Polk, St. Croix and Trempealeau of Pediatric Dentistry.
counties, including the Ho-Chunk Nation.
823055 1-29-17 1-29-17

715-723-2000 |
Chippewa Falls • Rice Lake • Eau Claire


enrollments for Fall. YMCA Early Learning Community The YMCA Early Learning Community
• 5 Star Accreditation provides all day programming/care 4 YEAR OLD School Age Program is designed to
• Dedicated Teachers YMCA Early Learning Community
to provide each child with a provides 4 year old (BB4C) Pre-K offer children a safe and friendly
3980 Tamara Dr. variety of experiences to environment where structured
Eau Claire, WI encourage their individual growth x AM Classes 8 am - 11 am programming is offered to children
54701 and development including the x PM classes 12 pm - 3 pm
715-839-1050 including the following:
822806_1-29-17 - Large Motor Skills Before School Care
- Small Motor Skills 6 am until 7:30 am
- Cognitive Skills Monday– Friday
- Social Skills Program Site: Chippewa YMCA
- Intellectual Skills
- Creative Skills After School Care
Hours of Operation: 6 am- 6 pm 2:30 pm until 6:00 pm
Monday - Friday Monday– Friday
Program Sites: Chippewa YMCA,
The YMCA Early Learning Hillcrest, Southview, Parkview
Community is certified and
& Stillson
licensed by the state of
Wisconsin. School Delays & Closures
Children can receive programming /
care on school closure days, delayed
start days, or early release days.
Program Site: Chippewa YMCA




16 Leader-Telegram Winter 2017 Her impressions 823619

MYTH 3High doses of supplements can All information out there is
MYTH 4improve results. equally reliable.

Peterson has heard a lot of dubious claims about Although the U.S. Food and Drug
supplements, such as magnesium will prevent Administration may take action against a
muscle cramps during exercise, or that vitamin C dubious or harmful supplement after it appears
will prevent the common cold. on the market, this agency does not review
“The scientific evidence does not support these them prior to their release, so it is important for
claims,” she said. “Supplementation of vitamins consumers to inform themselves, the National
and minerals beyond the recommendations does Institutes of Health reports.
not appear to positively impact health, especially All three local experts recommend talking to
if you are already healthy — eating a balanced your pharmacist, doctor, registered dietitian/
diet, exercising and managing your stress.” nutritionist or other expert on supplements and
She cautions against taking supplements in the conducting your own research online.
high doses recommended by these myths. In a world of health bloggers, it can be hard to
“High doses of certain vitamins or minerals can know what information is reliable.
cause problems ranging from mild gastrointestinal One good resource is the National Institutes of
discomfort to major problems such as liver Health’s Office of Dietary Supplements at ods.
damage,” she said. “Also, sometimes taking a This site has trustworthy information
vitamin or mineral supplement can impact other on supplements, including fact sheets on
vitamins in the body. For example, high doses of individual supplements listing maximum daily
zinc supplements (to treat cold symptoms) can intake amounts and possible benefits and side
impact the body’s ability to regulate magnesium.” effects.
Kasik-Miller also debunks the vitamin C myth, Kasik-Miller recommends websites that end in
as well as the use of high doses of vitamin E to .edu or .gov, such as the Academy of Nutrition
prevent prostate cancer, beta carotene to prevent and Dietetics, but warns against consulting
lung cancer and calcium to prevent heart disease, websites that end in .com, especially if they are
adding that high doses can actually increase the selling supplements or diet plans.
risk of certain cancers. “These sites have a financial interest in people
“The idea that if a little is good then a lot is using supplements and will recommend
even better seems to be prevalent with the use of something for everyone,” she said.
supplements, including vitamins and minerals. Koteras advises her customers to do research on
Unless there is a deficiency, using high doses can everything they are taking.
lead to unexpected side effects ranging from skin “It is your body, and you need to know what you
rashes to increased incidence of disease.” are putting into it — supplements and drugs
Although they may not help with colds, alike. Everyone that comes into the store we
supplements can help when patients are encourage them to do that research,” she said.
experiencing deficiencies. For example, Kasik- “If you are just taking a basic daily multivitamin
Miller notes that patients on dialysis lose more and have no underlying conditions or are on any
B and C vitamins during that process and may other medications, you should be fine,” Peterson
need to supplement. Koteras notes that some said.
cholesterol medications can block the absorption BOTTOM LINE: Conduct the proper
of fat soluble vitamins such as A, D, E and K. research before taking any supplement, and ask
Peterson recommends talking with your doctor if experts for advice.
you think you have a nutrient deficiency. Venit is a freelancer based in Eau Claire.
“Then, if you need to supplement your diet, take Leader-Telegram Winter 2017 Her impressions 17
that individual nutrient as this will help prevent
exceeding the established upper limits of other
vitamins and minerals,” she said.
BOTTOM LINE: Taking higher doses of
a supplement may do more harm than good. A
doctor can tell you if taking supplements beyond
a multivitamin can help with your specific health



bthee auty

of makeupBy Samantha West

How trends toward As Bloomer-based Mary Kay Sales Director Alice
self-education have Rothbauer looks back on the two decades she’s spent in
shaped the makeup the world of beauty, it’s incredible, she said, how much
has changed.
Those changes aren’t just in terms of makeup’s
composition and its trends, but also in the customers she’s
catering to and the climate of the market.

18 Leader-Telegram Winter 2017 Her impressions

Noticeable wrinkle can provide with the right products Consumers made little changes, like
and tips to successfully execute the buying one, more versatile eyeliner, in
When Rothbauer began at Mary Kay look. black, rather than buying every color
in January 1997, the internet was only under the sun.
just becoming big, and businesses For Jennifer Peterson, a licensed
were only beginning to realize the aesthetician who has owned her “Black eyeliner became our number
best ways to utilize it. Eau Claire business, Integrative one color because people weren’t
Skincare, for 12 years, this new, going to buy multiple in different
“People are much more on top of more knowledgeable consumer has colors.” she said. “They were just
trends across the country,” Rothbauer allowed her to focus on teaching going to buy one.”
said. “They don’t take as long to clients information customized to both
make it from east to west coast. her and their interests, rather than Since the recession, Peterson
(Trends) travel at the speed of the establishing a “base” of knowledge. said she’s noticed women, more
internet, instead of happening through sophisticated consumers of the
someone else doing it … Now, like “People are more educated and they makeup industry, investing more
everything, you can Google it and it’s want to gain even more knowledge, money in beauty products.
there instantaneously …” which is good, because then we can
make healthy choices, I think,” “More women are willing to invest
As the internet continued to grow in Peterson said. “My key desire is to in tools, knowing that if they invest
popularity, and later social media customize for people, according to in something that has low quality to
developed, it became harder and their values, according to their needs. it, you know, they’re not going to get
harder to be considered the “expert,” And if people know what they want, if good results and be able to achieve
Rothbauer said. they have a value to bring to me, I can the look they want,” she said.
maybe help to point the way.”
“Customers are much more savvy Highlighting self-
about makeup and fashion trends and Cracks in the expression
how to implement them through social foundation
media, like Pinterest, Facebook … Since both their starts in the world of
they have this education that before When the recession hit around beauty, Peterson and Rothbauer have
was only available in salons and home 2009, a lot of things changed for noticed a shift from women blindly
parties like what we offer in that type struggling Americans. following trends to using makeup as
of arena,” Rothbauer said. a means of self-expression, unique to
The makeup industry wasn’t their own style and personality.
But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t still excluded, Rothbauer said.
have a job to do. It’s simply changed Before, Rothbauer said makeup was
it, Rothbauer said. People, of course, still bought more a means of improving one’s
makeup. They just changed the appearance or a way to look more
Now, Rothbauer finds customers way they bought, being more professional.
coming to her with photos of exactly cognizant of the practicality of
how they want their eyebrows to look different products, Rothbauer Now, it’s something else entirely.
and YouTube tutorials of how to get said.
the exact look they want. As crazy hair colors and eye
“There was definitely a shadows make their way back into
And that is where she finds her new shift toward simplicity and mainstream, individuals have more of
role. multitasking products,” she the skills to make their style whatever
said. “So products that maybe they want it to be, Peterson said.
Customers no longer look to her as would’ve done one thing now do
the trend guru, but as a “bridge” for eight things, so that it eliminates “Women have always been motivated
highly educated customers whom she the number of products people to stay on trends and everyone
were buying, and it’s less of an wants to look their best,” Peterson
investment.” said. “People need to also stay true

Leader-Telegram Winter 2017 Her impressions 19

to themselves and follow that inner To achieve this look, both European all facial imperfections. Mascara was
mandate, and they do that more now.” men and women used cosmetics to applied with a brush to the upper
lighten their skin. Makeup during this lashes and accentuated by vibrant
But it took a long time to get there. time often contained lead and other pastel eye shadows.
harmful materials such as arsenic and
Contouring the was damaging to health. Rouge powder replaced cream in
journey popularity.
It wasn’t until the early 1900s,
Today’s trends in makeup evolved Chaudhri and Jain contend, that According to Addicted Cosmetics,
from the first attempts to accentuate makeup was considered fashionable eyebrows were maintained to look
beauty, dating back to 10,000 B.C., in the U.S. and Europe. They theorize natural in the ’40s, though the
according to “History of Cosmetics,” this change happened because of the trend of high arches from the ’30s
published in the Asian Journal of popularization of theatre and ballet, continued.
Pharmaceutics in 2009 by S. K. and most importantly, the growing
Chaudhri and N. K. Jain. movie industry later on. Red lips made a comeback in this
decade, and powdered, pink blushes
This was a time when both Egyptian Still, only performers dared to don became trendy.
men and women, who valued their fully made-up faces, while most
appearances, used oils and ointments women stuck to lightening their skin Then came the 1950s, a “decade of
to clean and moisturize their skin and with powders and cream rouge on the glamour,” modeled after the likes
disguise body odor. cheeks, according to Chaudhri and of Marilyn Monroe and Audrey
Jain. Hepburn, according to Addicted
At this time, men and women also Cosmetics.
utilized dyes and paints to paint their By 1915, lipstick could be found in
bodies and their hair, rouged their its current form – in cylindrical tubes During this time, foundation was still
lips and cheeks and used henna to made of metal. heavily applied, mascara and eyeliner
stain their nails. were applied thickly and winged
According to Chaudhri and Jain, the eyeliner emerged. Darker blushes
To simulate an almond eye shape, 1920s marked a stark change that and bright pink and light red lipsticks
men and women also used a small seemed to evolve with each passing were the norm.
stick to heavily line their eyes decade.
and eyebrows with kohl (a ground The 1960s marked another shift,
mineral), according to the article. In the ’20s, the flapper style became as makeup’s focus moved from
all the rage, with dark eye makeup, dramatic lips to eyes, modeled after
Flash forward to 3,000 B.C. Chaudhri red lipstick, red nail polish and supermodel Twiggy. Foundation
and Jain said Chinese people were tanner skin suddenly becoming a and blush was applied to look more
staining their nails with a mixture of fashion statement courtesy of Coco natural, while eyeliner was applied
gum Arabic, gelatin, beeswax and Chanel. thickly to both the upper and lower
egg to represent their social class, eyelids, according to Addicted
shown by the color they used. The That all changed again in the ’30s, Cosmetics.
upper classes also used perfume and according to an article titled “Makeup
incense they referred to as “heang.” Through the Decades” put out by If false eyelashes, normalized in
London cosmetic company Addicted this era, were not worn, mascara was
From 300 to 500 B.C., henna was Cosmetics. Eyebrows thickly applied to the upper and lower
being used in India and North Africa were tweezed very
as hair dye, as well as for the art of thin or completely
mehndi — complex designs drawn on and then replaced by
the body for special occasions, such pencil-drawn lines.
as weddings.

Chaudhri and Jain said paleness Foundation a few
during the Middle Ages in Europe shades lighter than
was a sign of high class. the skin tone was
applied thickly to
eliminate any and Cont. on pg 24

20 Leader-Telegram Winter 2017 Her impressions

LOVE your lipids

sponsored content

Keep your cholesterol and triglycerides at normal levels
to lower your risk of heart disease and stroke.

Dyslipidemia. (Dis-lip-eh-dee-mee-ah.) It’s one of those big, need- Based on your results and your family history,
your-dictionary words. But, it’s linked to something many of us are your health care provider will work with you
familiar with: heart disease and stroke, the No. 1 and No. 3 killers in to help modify any of your risk factors, such
the United States. as:

Dyslipidemia means abnormal cholesterol and • Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) • High cholesterol
triglyceride levels. While these fat substances are cholesterol. Sometimes called bad • High blood pressure
necessary for your body to function normally, too cholesterol, too much of it in your blood • Diabetes
much of the bad kind or not enough of the good causes the buildup of fatty deposits • Tobacco use
kind increases your risk of heart disease, stroke (plaques) in your arteries (atherosclerosis), • Overweight
or narrowed arteries in your arms or legs. which reduces blood flow. These plaques • Sedentary lifestyle
sometimes rupture and can lead to a heart Your care plan might include referral to
The first step is getting a cholesterol test, also attack or stroke. resources, such as smoking-cessation classes,
called a lipid panel or lipid profile. According to a weight loss program or diabetes education., this blood test measures four • Triglycerides. When you eat, your body Medication also may be used to lower lipid
types of fats in your blood: converts any calories it doesn’t need to use levels.
right away into triglycerides, which are
• Total cholesterol. A sum of your blood’s stored in fat cells. High levels are seen in Together, these efforts may prevent heart
cholesterol content. overweight people, in those consuming disease, stroke and peripheral artery disease.
too many sweets or too much alcohol, and
• High-density lipoprotein (HDL) in people with diabetes who have elevated By Andrew Calvin, M.D., Cardiologist,
cholesterol. Sometimes called good blood sugar levels. Very high levels can Mayo Clinic Health System.
cholesterol, it helps carry away LDL (bad) cause a problem with the pancreas.
cholesterol. It keeps arteries open and your
blood flowing more freely.

Leader-Telegram Winter 2017 Her 822973 01-29-17 21

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be True? Why wait? Join the Y today!
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LipoGenics is a revolutionary new method for 700 Graham Avenue, Eau Claire, WI
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traditional liposuction techniques, which require the 715-836-8460
use of small incisions and other invasive procedures, Follow us on Facebook!
LipoGenics is a noninvasive, pain free, low level laser
that reduces fat without surgery.
822616 1-29-17
LipoGenics is a completely non-invasive, pain-free
method for stimulating the body’s metabolic process. Targeted inch loss offering BEFORE AFTER
The laser allows the adipose cells (fat cells) to open,
then fatty acids, water, and Glycerol are released from MEASURABLE
the cell which is then taken naturally to the clients’ liver RESULTS!
where it will be burned. Immediate inch loss can be
seen after just one 15 minute treatment. • FDA Approved Technology

As long as you adhere to the recommended guidelines • Lose Inches BEFORE AFTER
and eat a well-balanced diet, the results of LipoGenics
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is recommended that clients receive three treatments • Improve Skin Tightness
per week. Nine treatments are recommended for a
waist line, but more may be required to achieve the • Eliminate Cellulite & Muffin Tops
desired result. Clients will need to participate in 30
minutes of cardiovascular exercise after each treatment A non-invasive, non-surgical approach to
to ensure the natural byproducts are excreted by the LOSE FAT and REDUCE INCHES both painlessly and safely.
body. Patients may choose to repeat the LipoGenics
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22 Leader-Telegram Winter 2017 Her impressions 715-830-9355

†Individual results may vary depending on duration, intensity and number of treatments received. LipoGenics™ is a registered trademark of Health Management
Group, Inc. ©2015 PhysiciansWEIGHT LOSS Centers of America, Inc.®, Akron, OH 44333. A Health Management Group™ company. All rights reserved.

823755 1-29-17

HOW TO HELP sponsored content

823209 1-29-17 By: Robin King, Community Impact intern, United Way of the Greater Chippewa Valley
(Information obtained from the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence)
822624 1-29-16
Did you know ...

• Every 9 seconds in the U.S. a woman is assaulted or

• On average, nearly 20 people per minute are physically
abused by an intimate partner in the U.S.

• 1 in 5 women and 1 in 71 men in the U.S. have been raped
in their lifetime.

• 1 in 15 children are exposed to intimate partner violence
each year and 90% of these children are eyewitnesses to
this violence.

Why Do People Abuse?
Abuse stems from a desire to gain and maintain power and control over an
intimate partner. Abusers believe they have the right to control their partners.
They typically believe that their own feelings and needs should be the priority
in their relationships. Abuse is a learned behavior. People learn abuse through
witnessing it in their own families, from friends, or from their culture.

9 tips on how you can help a friend or family
member who is in an abusive relationship:

1. Don’t judge—listen.
2. Avoid telling the victim to leave the relationship. He/She already knows

they need to leave, but they do not feel they can.
3. Help the victim develop a safety plan. If it is safe for you to do so, let the

victim store some emergency items at your house in case she/he needs to
leave quickly.
4. Document all dates and times you see injuries on the victim even if they tell
you the injuries were not caused by the abuser, and take pictures if you can.
5. Tell the victim about Bolton Refuge House in Eau Claire or Family Support
Center in Chippewa Falls and give him/her the phone number. The victim
could also call the National Domestic Violence Hotline (1-800-799-7233).
6. If the victim is going to leave the abuser, tell him/her not to disclose their
location to anyone. Offer a safe place for the victim or help him/her find
7. Pick a code word so when the victim says or texts the chosen word, you will
know to call the police.
8. If the victim is suicidal, he/she needs help. Ideally without letting the
abuser know.
9. Let the victim know that they are not alone and that this is not their fault.
Express your fear for their safety, as well as the children’s, and that the
abuse will likely continue and get worse, even if the abuser apologizes.

822625 01-29-17

Leader-Telegram Winter 2017 Her impressions 23

lashes. Women during this time and pinks,” she said. “People used to be more professional,
traded bold pink and red lipsticks followed their ‘color classes’ – they’re getting out into the
for nude tones or a coat of lip gloss. either cool or warm – and wanted mainstream, and companies
to be educated in their homes, like like GloMinerals are providing
Caked-on foundation and skin ‘What are my colors?’ and ‘What scaled down, simple, to-the-point
correctors were traded in for face are the right things for me to wear?’ techniques.”
creams and tinted moisturizers as Twenty years later there are almost
the importance of healthy skin was no rules having to do with color. It Rothbauer said in today’s market,
more emphasized in the 1970s, has more to do with age or texture it is clear makeup has come a long
according to Addicted Cosmetics. or sparkle.” way. Her customers are often still
worried about “that orange line”
Skin, in this era, was meant to glow, The 2000s brought with it two Ls: from foundations – but that’s a hard
and women turned to bronzers and lashes and lip gloss, as well as problem to have with the quality of
back to cream blushes to achieve thin, ultra-manicured brows with makeup today, she said.
this look. rosy cheeks. During this time,
Rothbauer said about 80 percent of “Perfection” is no longer only
If eyeliner and mascara were used, the lip products she sold were lip found at the salon, nor are skin
their colors matched the woman’s gloss or lip balm. care treatments or “special” kinds
natural hair and skin tones, with of makeup.
bright eye shadows to contrast the Today is a different era,
largely natural look. Lip balms and Rothbauer said, as even But through all the change, for
glosses became prominent with this much younger consumers the industry as well as her
natural look. turn toward lipsticks of own role within it, Peterson
all colors.
Then came the 1980s, when hair said she thinks it’s all for
and makeup made a big and bold Eyebrow trends have the better. Women learn for
appearance, according to Addicted turned more natural, themselves, understand
Cosmetics. becoming bold, bushy
and unarched, and women their products more
Bronzer was more popular than tend to only emphasize and don’t put harmful
ever, and so was dark mascara and one or two features at once materials like lead and
eyeliner applied with bright eye – eyebrows and lips or just
shadows blue, pink and orange in their eyes, she’s noticed. arsenic on their skin.
To Peterson, one “It’s pushed
Fuchsia and of the biggest manufacturers to
bright red trends of today is work a lot harder
lipsticks were the contouring – a
norm, coated with skill she learned because a lot
a clear lip-gloss while in school as of women are
over the top. an aesthetician. not willing

Mainstream makeup went either But now, the skill has become to sacrifice
grunge or natural in the 1990s, more easily learned. their health
according to Addicted Cosmetics. just for their
“Contouring, when I was in school, beauty, which is a
When she began at Mary Kay in was lots of days of information, great thing,” Peterson
the late ’90s, Rothbauer said her detail and so on and could feel said. “People are more educated,
consumers mostly followed the really overwhelming,” she said. and they want to gain even
natural trend. “But GloMinerals (the makeup she more knowledge, which is good,
provides at her business) turned it because then we can make healthy
“Because the ‘Roaring ’80s’ had into a four minute little consumer choices.”
kind of died, I sold lots of browns video. All those little things that
West is a journalism student at UW-Eau
Claire who works part-time at the Eau
Claire Leader-Telegram.

24 Leader-Telegram Winter 2017 Her impressions

February 12, 2017

11 am to 3 pm

The Halls at Stthreeet,LEaiusCmlaoirre,eWHI otel 333 Gibson


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ceremony or than 60,000 women with Sunday,
reception permitted!) print and digital exposure February 12, 2017
The only spot for monthly
website: local bridal advice! We 11 am to 3 pm feature bridal extras with
The Halls at the Lismore Hotel
phone: double the content in
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821386 821386

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all eyes on 3340 MONDOVI ROAD
the bride
Look simply radiant for your 715.838.9989
wedding day. Schedule a free ENCHANTED BARN [email protected]

makeover. Invite your bridesmaids. Voted best outdoor reception site by HERE COMES
Wisconsin Bride Magazine in 2016 THE BRIDE
Your mom. I can even help with
great gifts for your wedding party. Hillsdale, WI, 715-254-1557 If yoruecbeopotkioynowuritwheudsd: ing
[email protected]
Call me today! •Complimentary Honeymoon Suite
Alice Rothbauer 821384 •Complimentary Gift Opening Room
Independent Sales Director •Receive discount rate for your guests •Friday Wedding Receptions
receive half-off the Ballroom
Let the Best do the rest!


Metropolis Resort

715.852.6000 |


715-833-2100 Premiere Catering Services Olive Garden

» Personal Training » Results Weight Loss 821384 823432
» Group Fitness » 24/7 Access
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Online at

Discover the perks of registering!
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February 12, 2017

11 am to 3 pm

The Halls at the Lismore Hotel
333 Gibson Street, Eau Claire, WI
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UniqueMake Your Wedding

With Norske Nook’s

Award Winning Pies

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is not a salesperson, Osseo Hayward
we’re matchmakers. Stacy Campbell
Heidi Myren-Becker 715-634-4928
We introduce people to homes until 715-597-3069 [email protected]
they fall in love with one, then we’re
wedding planners. [email protected]
100 E. Holum St.
What can you do right now? If you’ve been thinking about a home purchase, DeForest
Talk to me about your home financing this may be the time to make a move.
Anastasia Dudar
needs and goals. Look into loan options Diane Hinke 2900 Pioneer Ave. 608-842-3378
and ask about getting preapproved. Rice Lake [email protected]
Sara Seffens
Sandra Lee Vesel office: 715-858-1537 715-83
[email protected] 715-234-1733
office: 715-858-1536 [email protected] 823432
[email protected] Jody Marr
office: 715-497-3651
[email protected]


Let US

worry about your smile


can worry about your
big day!

823305 Schedule your free consultation now!
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MIDWEST MDR HOME The only locally owned Bridal Shop
SOUND PRODUCTS serving the Chippewa Valley

DJ ENTERTAINMENT “We specialize in the Bridal
very best in healthy Bridesmaids
Award Winning Flower Girls
Wedding living products.” Mother’s Gowns
MDR Home Products is Tuxedos
Entertainment an authorized distributor Flowers
2011-2017 WEDDINGWIRE of Carico Health and
Wellness products. Make your
2017 Carico searches the appointment
world to nd the nest
2011-2017 products, produced today!
by the most skilled
821383 craftsmen, and brings 715-723-6389
them directly to you.
midw6e5s1.t6s4o4u.n4d11.c1 om Where your
561-515-0089 Wedding Begins…..
[email protected] 123 N Bridge St - Chippewa Falls, WI

Have Your Wedding Reception With Us! 821380

L WAYS O VER T HE T OP You Are Not Only
What You Say, But
Dennis & Kathy Steinke Photographers Also For What You
30 years of stopping time.

Don’t Say 1501 North Broadway • Menomonie,WI

821380 (715) 233-3333 •

Sheri L Sorensen BBQ Express/
Financial Associate
4423 Golf Ter Ste 1 Event Catering
Eau Claire, WI 54701 at
EAGLE’S CLUB Pretty Lips with
715-289-3773715-828-79102588 HALLIE RD,
Lipsense by Senegence
Jennifer Anderson
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Establish a Dental Home . . . call 715.835.7172

Neal R. Benham, D.D.S.

Associate Professor of Pediatric Dentistry

* Fun, supervised playroom
* Providing experienced pediatric dental care

for over 30 years
* Call now to schedule your children

1.800.826.7226 * 3131 Stein Blvd, Eau Claire Most insurances and Badgercare
[email protected]

822622 1-29-17

February 17-19th, 2017
Eau Claire Indoor Sports Center

$6 through Feb 16th / $8 at the Door
$12 Weekend Pass at the Door

Children 12 & under are free

Friday 1pm - 8pm Ȉ Saturday 9am - 5pm Ȉ Sunday 10am - 4pm at:

˜‡” ͙͛͘ ‡†‘”• Ȉ ƒ‹Ž› †—…ƒ–‹‘ƒŽ ‡‹ƒ”• Ȉ ƒ‹Ž› Žƒ– ƒŽ‡ TicGkGoerrtedseyAn’svOMaaialsariskbelte 823160 1-29-17
—–†‘‘” ‹–…Š‡ ƒ–‹‘
‹˜‡™ƒ› ™‘”–Š ͙͚͆ǡ͘͘͘ Ȉ Ž—• —…Š ‘”‡ǨǨǨ

Visit for more info or call 715-835-2526.

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