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Homefront | Winter 2017

Homefront | Winter 2017

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Winterizing Projects


DIY ideas:

Repurpose an old dresser

Leader-Telegram Magazine Winter 2017

COMPLETE EXTERIOR REMODELING 843268 11-11-17 Don’t get
by your tree removal!
with any full

December 20th
NEW HOME CONSTRUCTION • 3 & 4 SEASON ROOMS 843447 • 11-11-17

& Materials
~ Since 1988

Price is what you pay,

(715) 644-2777 113 InSdtuasntlreiya,lWPaIrk Rd,

843205 11-11-17

2 HomeFront Winter 2017 Leader- Telegram

H Ssponsored content
Now - December 24th

ByLiving in an Inspired Home SarahDecker-Paul Your house is the place that gives you shelter from the Warm
cold, where you lay your head to rest and eat meals Your
with your family. It provides for us basic human Hearts SAVE
needs. But at what point does that house become a
home? A lot of people will say it is the people they & Homes! 20% On
share it with that makes it a home. ere is so much
truth to that. You could give me the biggest, most
beautiful house there ever was and if my family was
not with me it would never be “home.”

ere is another element that a lot of people miss Holiday Décor
when it comes to making their house a home. It is
inspiration. Yes, it is true, your home CAN inspire so &3G0if%t ItOemn s
much about the person you are. First, stop and think
about some things in your home that can stress you Wall Art &
out. I know when my house is a mess and things are Clocks
disorganized I feel stress creep in and I am not as
good of a wife, mother, or friend as I would like to be. Up to 40%
Now give me an organized kitchen or master closet
and I feel like I can conquer the world!

Let’s talk about how you can nd inspiration in your Custom Ordered
home and how that inspiration in turn makes you a Furniture
better person. When you choose your art or décor,
take some time to think about why you like that piece. Up to 50%
Is it simply something that is trendy now and you see
it in all the home décor magazines? You may end up On In-Stock
with a space worthy of HGTV, but at the end of the Furniture
day does that truly re ect the life you live? Does it
represent the values you and your family hold dear?
Does it make you happy by reminding you of someone
you love or a memory close to your heart? Does it
simply make you smile when the skies are gray?
When you add pieces to your home that inspire you,
the answer to these questions should be yes.

Your home should be a place that recharges your body 30%New On34A60rMta&ll DCrivleo#c4ks
and soul. It should serve as a reminder to stay true to
yourself and keep the things that bring you happiness Location! Eau Claire, WI
a top priority. It is a place to nd comfort with the
ones we love and peace from a world of uncertainty.

Article submitted by Lydia’s. 843267 11-11-17 50%Up toWinter 2017

HomeFront On In-stock843266 11-11-17 R
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Creating 18
Cozy Spaces

Graphic Designer
Angela Rediess

Magazine Advertising &
Distribution Coordinator

[email protected]

22DIY ideas Next issue: April 2018
Published three

times a year by the
Leader-Telegram Advertising

P.O. Box 4001. Eau Claire, WI 54702.

Copyright 2017 All rights reserved.

Available online at Cover photo designed by Freepik EAU CLAIRE INSULATION LLC
Serving the Chippewa Valley for over 40 Years!

24 Hour Service – All Brands SPRAY FOAM FOUNDATION COATINGS 842795 11-11-17

715-832-6927 • [email protected] •

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Acres upon acres of landscape may be under siege this winter, and
not by foraging animals looking for food. Soil erosion is a signi cant
problem when the temperatures dip, as snowstorms and wind can
blow unprotected soil away. What’s more, when warmer weather
returns, even more soil may erode from spring melt and runo .

Unprotected soil that is exposed to wet are viable in the winter months. Many
and windy weather can quickly deteriorate. people plant ower bulbs in early winter to
Especially harsh winter weather can cause protect the soil and to enjoy vibrant color
soil to break down, subjecting the soil to upon the arrival of spring.
erosive forces. Soil loss is wasteful and can If your goal is to plant a placeholder for
compromise landscapes, leaving lawns and spring crops or plants, cover plants, such as
gardens susceptible to further damage. rye, are an ideal winter protection crop. Rye
To combat poorly performing gardens, will remain rooted into spring and then can
landscapers may have to rely more heavily be mulched into a soil amendment.
on chemical fertilizers and supplements, Another solution is to use leaves and
neither of which is an especially eco- other compost matter to cover naked
friendly alternative. soil until planting resumes. e compost
Rather than reacting to the problem of soil will be heavy enough to stay in place and
erosion, homeowners can take proactive will add healthy soil nutrients, including
steps to protect soil before winter weather potassium, phosphorous and nitrogen,
has a chance to wreak havoc. Composting as it decomposes. Place a breathable
can protect and improve soil conditions soil fabric on the compost to help slow
throughout the winter season. decomposition. Soil fabric also can be
Some people see gardening as a spring used elsewhere to protect soil and plants
and summer activity. However, by where thick layers of compost may not be
making gardening a year-round e ort practical.
— and choosing plants for all seasons — Some home landscapers and gardeners may
homeowners can protect landscapes and overlook the importance of preventing soil
provide hardy habitats for wildlife. erosion during the winter. But preventing
Speak with a landscaping professional such erosion can protect resources and
about which plants are hardy enough to guarantee a landscape that is ready to
survive through the fall and winter seasons. thrive when spring planting season returns.
Certain ornamental bushes and shrubs
can thrive in colder temperatures. Root
vegetables, such as carrots and potatoes,

HomeFront Winter 2017 Leader- Telegram 5

5oustdpoaocr es xxxxxxxxxx

simple projects
to get your home

If boots, a warm hat and a tuned-up snow blower are the

only items on your winter preparation list, your home

maintenance plan may need a makeover. ese simple home

maintenance projects can help lower your energy bills,

prevent more costly repairs and/or increase the lifespan of

your home.

Heating & Ventilation 1

Examine your replace and chimney system to ensure that
no soot or creosote has collected. Any cracks or voids could
potentially cause a re. Before you turn the furnace or boiler on,
replace the air lter and hire a professional to inspect the unit
more thoroughly. ese steps will improve the e ciency and life
of your furnace and will ensure stable indoor air quality.

2 Seal Windows & Doors

If not properly sealed, windows
and doors can be a major culprit

for heat loss. To keep the warm
air inside, inspect the weather-

stripping around your home’s
windows and doors for leaks, rot or
decay. Repair or replace structural
framing, and caulk inside and out,

if necessary.

6 HomeFront Winter 2017 Leader- Telegram HomeFront Fall 2014 Leader- Telegram x


Insulate well 3

One of the easiest and most e ective defenses against heat loss is
proper insulation. Prevent cold drafts from entering and the loss of
heated air through basement headers, which, when left exposed, can
make your furnace work harder. Look for a moisture-resistant product
o ering high thermal performance, such as Roxul Comfortbatt
insulation. is type of mineral wool insulation makes installation
simple. All that’s needed is a serrated blade or bread knife. Cut the batt
to t the cavity and press into place. e insulation will help improve
energy e ciency as soon as it’s in place and provide savings over the
lifetime of your home. Comfortbatt can also be used to top or replace
old attic insulation. Aim for an R-50 or a depth of 16 inches.

4 Backyard Care

Save your property from potential damage by
trimming overgrown trees and shrubs to prevent
ice-laden branches from thrashing against
electrical wires and your home’s exterior. Drain/
shut o any exterior faucets and sprinkler
systems to prevent freezing. Ensure rain or snow
drains away from the house to avoid foundation

Roof & Gutters 5 Dakota John Decorah
Inspect your roof for When it comes to preventative maintenance, a little
shingles that are warped, time and e ort can save thousands in energy costs Tristian Mitchell Decorah
damaged or even missing and repair bills over the lifetime of your home. 715-937-2292
to prevent a future leak. W5287 Chili Rd
Use roo ng cement
and a caulking gun to Neilsville, WI 54456
seal joints where water
could penetrate, such 843371 • 11-11-17
as around the chimney,
skylights or vent pipes. Leader- Telegram 7
Make sure that your
gutters and downspouts
are securely fastened.
Downspouts should
extend at least ve feet
away from the home to
prevent ooding.

HomeFront Winter 2017


Photo designed by welcomia / Freepik


every homeowner should have:

Drill & Drill bits A variety of Scaper/Putty Knife
Adjustable Plunger
crescent wrench Tape Measure
Hammers Utility Knives
Set of Hex or Allen
Extension cord Step Stool/Ladder Keys

Hacksaw Screw Drivers Safety Gear

In the next issue, we’ll start breaking this list down, tool by tool, so if you don’t
know a hammer from a hacksaw be sure to pick up a copy in April 2018.

City of Eau Claire Housing Division Type of Work: • Heating system replacement
Housing Rehabilitation Program • Roof and window replacement • Energy saving repairs
• Plumbing repairs or upgrading • Siding repairs or replacement
The City of Eau Claire Housing Division is taking applications for the • Electrical repairs or upgrading
Housing Rehabilitation Program. The Rehabilitation Program is federally • Carpentry repairs
funded and offers loans up to $20,000. This program is for homes in need
of repair, not for extensions or cosmetic renovations. Eligibility Requirements: HUD Income Guidelines:
For eligibility information and application • City of Eau Claire resident
call (715) 839-8294. • Assessed value not to exceed $146,500 1 $38,550
• Property a minimum of 25 years old 2 $44,050
The hearing impaired may contact this office by TDD at (715) 839-4943. • Owner Occupied (at least 1 year) 3 $49,550
If there are other specialized needs due to handicap, i.e. sign language 4 $55,050
interpreter, wheelchair accessibility, reader, please contact this office. 5 $59,500
• Good Credit History 6 $63,900
• HUD income guidelines apply 7 $68,300

8 $72,700 842549

8 HomeFront Winter 2017 Leader- Telegram

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Tips for Subsidized Housing — One-Bedroom Apartments
Mortarless We Offer:  On-Site Manager and Maintenance
Stone Veneer  Income-Based Rents  Coin-Operated Laundry Facilities
Siding  No Asset Limits  Bus Stop Nearby
 Rents Based on 30% of Income  Card-Access Security Entrances
Article submitted by A1 Express Rental Center.  Heat, Garbage, Water and Sewer  Off-Street Private Parking
 Vending Machines
Installation is an easy, do- Included  Pets Allowed with Restrictions
it-yourself process. Here are  Tenant-Driven Activities  On-Site Beauty Salon
the basic steps for either new  Emergency Pull Stations in Every  Community Room
construction or remodeling.
Apartment with Direct Link to City
Fire and Ambulance

Handicapped-Accessible Apartments Available

HUD Subsidized Rent for Low-Income 901 S. Farwell St.
Persons 55 or Over OR Disabled Eau Claire, WI 54701

Getting Started – Stack-N-Tack® Installation For Applications, Contact the
Housing Authority of the
No brick ledge is required City of Eau Claire

Install Waterproof Membrane - a self adhesive rubber ashing Tours Available
works well. Call for an Appointment



Bottom Flashing - 10 inches along the bottom with aluminum Experience the
ashing or self adhesive waterproof membrane. Sparkle Wash

Lap Stone Veneer Installation - starting at the bottom check Difference
the leveling few stone, make adjustments if necessary. When
placing them on the wall each seam on the lower course must Insured. On Time. On Budget.
be overlapped three inches. Saw cut might be required. Professionally Trained.

Nailing Lap Flashing - nailing the bottom one inch up from
stone and one inch over from the side. Be sure to attach at least
one screw to a stud.

Cutting stone veneer is often Tools for Installation
a key part of installation.
You can use either a circular Cordless drill
saw or a grinder with an
inexpensive dry saw diamond Drivers for drill to match
blade found at any hardware screws
Circular saw with 25ICE DAM $ 00
**Safety First is the number one diamond blade or
priority with any construction Chop saw R E M OVA L OFF
project. Always wear gloves when
handling Stack-N-Tack® stone Level
veneer siding. Take all necessary
precautions to protect yourself Measuring tape
from dust. Always use safety
glasses and dust mask when Utility knife
cutting stone siding panels.
Caulking gun Coupon Code HFW17 COUPON
For a video on installation go to http:// Hammer 715-832-4270

Gloves [email protected]

Safety glasses

Dust mask SIDING • ROOF • PATIO • FENCE843240_11-11-17
Ear plugs

843263 11-11-17

HomeFront Winter 2017 Leader- Telegram 9




A new kitchen or a bathroom remodeling job might be dream projects
for many homeowners, but the right home improvement project
at a given moment is not necessarily the most glamorous project.
Sometimes safety upgrades around the house must take precedence
over more popular projects.
Accidents or injuries can occur in any part of the home, but
homeowners who take certain preventative measures can greatly
reduce their injury risk. e security resource A Secure Life points out
that more than 18,000 Americans die every year from injuries that take place in the home. Unintentional
injuries account for millions of medical visits each year.
Periodic inspections for potential hazards can keep everyone safe. e following are a handful of ways for
homeowners to ensure their homes are as safe as possible.

Chahzeacrkdfso.rFsatlulsradrye handrails and prevent tripping Practice window safety. Young children are curious

one of the leading causes of home and do not always recognize the inherent dangers around
injuries. Falls can be a particular threat for youngsters and them. Children excited to see the great outdoors may climb
the elderly. To help prevent falls, make sure that staircases up to peer out windows, and open windows are falling
feature sturdy railings and that there is ample lighting hazards. Screens do not o er an adequate barrier against
in walkways. Remove obstructions from frequently used falls. Consider locking windows or use safety bars to guard
paths inside and outside the home. In addition, insert against falls. Test to see how easily screens can be pushed
nonslip padding beneath runners or throw rugs. out, replacing any that do not provide adequate resistance
to curious youngsters’ hands.
Check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
around the house, including frayed wiring
and faulty outlets. Sparks can lead to res, Replace the batteries in smoke alarms and carbon
and poor wiring may cause unforeseen monoxide detectors at least twice per year, and test them
problems behind walls. Repair or replace to make sure they’re in good working order at least once
any loose or frayed wires on all electrical per month. e National Fire Protection Association
devices. Be sure that cords do not run recommends replacing hard-wired smoke alarms every 10
under doorways or rugs. Replace outlets years. Battery-operated alarms may need to be replaced
that are in disrepair and install ones with even sooner. Many carbon monoxide detectors work for
ground-fault current interruptors as an
added precaution. If small children live in ve to seven years. Check the back of alarms for a date
the home, use plastic safety covers over stamp that indicates how old the product is and when it
unused outlets. expires.

843364 11-11-17

10 HomeFront Winter 2017 Leader- Telegram

sponsored content

How Ice Dams Form and the Best Way to Remove Them

Article & illustration submitted by Sparkle Wash of Eau Claire.

As if it isn’t hard enough to deal with all the hassles of winter assistance is crucial for eliminating the ice dam and for
like keeping your driveway and sidewalks clear of snow and ice, preventing lasting damage to your home as in water leaks and
winter has another special treat for your roof and gutters – ice internal drywall damage.
Ice dams typically occur after a heavy snowfall when heat e professionals at Sparkle Wash are trained in safe and
escapes from your attic and causes the roof to warm up and e ective ice removal methods. All Sparkle Wash technicians are
snow to melt closest to the gutter line. A warning sign you have licensed and insured, so your property is in good hands. At the
an ice dam started is large icicles begin to form. Simply trying
to remove the icicles or waiting for a change in the weather will rst signs an ice dam is forming, give us a call. e quicker the
not solve the sometimes serious problems dam can be removed the better it will be for your house, roof
created by an ice dam. Professional and gutters.

844176 11-11-17

Thomas Olson Painting

• Yard Art
25+ YEARS EXPERIENCE • Truck Racks
• Shelving
Interior Residential Fully Insured • Storage Racks
Exterior Commercial Free Estimates

715-563-2449 If you can dream it up,
we can make it!
Call today to schedule your
painting project and 843421_11-11-17

SAVE 10% 843267 11-11-17 715.644-3555

843393 11-11-17

HomeFront Winter 2017 Leader- Telegram 11



The lost art of washing dishes by hand

WhaNt eYeodu: 1. Prep your dishes. far, you may need to change out Tips:
To keep the water in your sink your wash water. Rinse
Dish soap cleaner, begin by scraping, Dishes often wash more
Hot water dumping and rinsing any 5. Pots, pans, baking dishes, last. easily if you keep them
Double sink excess food or slime from your If these have been soaking, under the water while
or dishpan dishes. Stack your dishes in this process shouldn’t be too scrubbing them. Bring
Dishcloths, the order in which you plan to bad. Wash thoroughly, don’t the dish out of the water
sponges, steel wash them, cleanest to dirtiest forget the bottoms of pans and or run your hands across
works the best. Check your the outsides of baking dishes. it to check for missed
wool. pots and pans, some of them Rinse particles.
Dishrack for may need to be set to soak at Stacking a few dishes in
this point. 6. Dry & store. the sink at a time allows
drying. Depending on how many for soaking time while
2. Prepare your water. dishes you have, this step you work on washing
Clean your sinks if needed. may be optional. Use a clean the dish at hand. It can
Fill one sink with hot water, dry dish towel to remove any also keep your water hot
add dish soap while the sink is excess water on the dishes. longer.
Now you’re ready to put them Use cold water to wash
lling. is sink is for washing. all away. o starches and dairy
Fill your other sink or a dish products; they tend
pan with clean, hot water for 7. Wipe down the sink, counters to get gummier in hot
rinsing. and stove top. Wipe down water.
the sink, dish drainer, and Rub salt into especially
3. Glasses, plates & atware, rst. dishpan. Any rags, dish cloths, dirty pots and pans with
ese are usually the least or sponges need to be left a dry sponge until greasy
out to air dry or thrown into residue is gone.
soiled of the dishes, washing the washing machine. Wipe
these items rst can keep your down countertops, tables,
water cleaner longer. Dip your microwaves and stove tops.
dish rag or sponge into the
hot, soapy water and begin
wahsing. Rinse

4. Next, bowls & serving dishes.
Depending on how many
dishes you have washed thus

843365 11-11-17

12 HomeFront Winter 2017 Leader- Telegram

sponsored content Stack-N-Tack® TMxhxeoxxrtxxaxArxslsexeesnxsonSTtVone

NEW Simplest Stone In

Countertop World To Install!
Any Weather Install
No Tents
No Heat

Over the years, trends in countertop surfaces have 30yr.
ranged from colored laminates to concrete-based Warranty
material with coloring applied, plus the many
After di erent stone nishes. Today new technology AVAILABLE AT:RVaaHiBslYoueuomestuhieonrefeosrs 2515 Mall Drive - Eau Claire
Before has brought us a product and process to include 715.834.2727 -
“Imitation Stone Finishes” with Stone-Flecks.
Countertop re nishing in this instance is done on 843261 11-11-17
site with no tear-outs and minimal down time for
the customer. Gary Eslinger, owner of Perma Glaze Are
of Western, WI, has seen the Stone-Flecks product bacteria &
gain popularity here in the Chippewa Valley. “As fungus lurking
people learn more about the advantages of this in your
product and process, they use the Stone-Flecks to bathtub?
renovate kitchens and baths at minimal costs and
inconvenience,” he said. Don’t
Stone-Flecks forms a tough, durable nish that Replace It,
provides superior protection for many years. And
with multiple piece countertops with seams, the Perma
Stone-Flecks nish is designed to cover those Glaze It!
seams and produce a one-piece top. With over 20
di erent eco-friendly colors, you can make any 715-839-TUBB (8822)
countertop come alive.
Homeowners, apartment managers and hotel
operators who want the “natural” look and beauty
of stone nishes have carefully compared the
performance of Stone-Flecks to expensive granite
and stone. “Dollars and durability are the most
asked questions,” states Eslinger. “Re nishing is
generally half the price of replacing and as for
durability, it’s a non-porous nish that is highly
resistant to acids, stains and damage. Stone-Flecks
retains its natural luster and is simply cleaned with
soap and water. Plus, it requires no annual cleaning
and sealing.”
We love the new technology involved with this
process. How someone has gured out a way to
suspend multiple colors inside another color
then apply it to this elegant and inexpensive,
low-maintenance product is amazing.

So once again, we say “Don’t replace it - Perma www.bathtubre
Glaze it!”
843441 11-11-17
Article & photos provided by Perma Glaze of Western, WI, LLC
CuYstoomu-CDuet Ascirgynlic ITtu,b/WShoewBeruSiulrdrouIntds
828446 04-08-17

HomeFront Winter 2017 Leader- Telegram 13

hopmae int

Are you courageous when it comes to When choosing a paint palette for any
decorating your home? Many of us would room, there are four key components to
like to be as creative as possible but need ensure powerful e ects while keeping a
guidance to venture out from the neutrals harmonious balance: neutrals, which are the
— and into something more powerfully beige or creamiest versions of any color; the
beautiful. grounding shades, like blacks, browns and
Color is the most important tool in the grays; the highlights, like the bright white
toolbox. One of the easiest and most on moldings and window trim; and the all-
inexpensive ways to infuse a home with color important saturated pops of color which add
is paint. life to any room.
People often feel intimidated by bright If your pop of color is a powerful accent
colors. at’s why so much of our country is wall, complement it with neutral upholstery
beige and o -white. We need to remember and grounding accents in the accessories to
that color is a great balancer in a space. balance the e ect.

Express Yourself

with COLOR

Photo by mrsiraphol / Freepik

14 HomeFront Winter 2017 Leader- Telegram

COLORa brief look at hopmae int


e colors homeowners choose for their
walls can give rooms their own unique
feel and even a ect the moods of the
people within them.
Finding the right shade for a
bedroom or kitchen involves more
than just selecting the rst color that
catches your eye. Design experts and
psychologists alike say it may be
worthwhile to choose a color that helps
you feel good rather than just following
design trends. e paint color you pick
may add energy to a space or create a
tranquil retreat where you can unwind
at the end of the day.

Primary Colors: COLOR COMBINATIONS BLUETo create a spa-like environment
Red, yellow & blue Planning a successful color
e 3 pigment colors that cannot combination begins with the and a more serene space, look to shades of blue in
be mixed or formed by any investigation, and understanding, soft variations. Cool blues are soothing colors that
combination of other colors. All of color relationships. Using a can help lower stress levels and promote sleep.
other colors are derived from color wheel, the relationships
between colors are easy to atÕs why blue is a frequent xture in bedrooms
these 3 hues. identify. and bathrooms. Just be advised that too much blue
can make a room appear cold and stark, so balance
Secondary Colors: Monochromatic out blue with some warmer accents.
Green, orange and purple Colors that are shade or tint
ese are the colors formed by variations of the same hue. ORANGEMany people do not
mixing the primary colors.
Complementary immediately consider bright orange for their
Tertiary Colors: ose colors across from each homes, but when used as an accent shade,
Yellow-orange, red-orange, orange can really brighten up a home. Orange is
red-purple, blue-purple, blue- other on a color wheel. considered a shade that expands creativity and
imparts a youthful appeal to a space. Consider an
green & yellow-green Analogous orange accent wall or a burst of color with orange
ese are the colors formed ose colors located adjacent to throw pillows. If pumpkin orange is a little too bold
by mixing a primary and a for you, tone it down by choosing a more pastel,
each other on a color wheel. peachy hue, which is equally warm and energizing.
secondary color.
REDstimulates energy and appetite, which

is why the shade is so popular in restaurants and
home dining spaces. Red is a good choice for
social gathering rooms but may not be the wisest
choice for a bedroom, as the color may prove

HomeFront Winter 2017 Leader- Telegram 15

hopmae int Color can a ect mood and transform spaces
with just a small investment of time and money.
GREENcan evoke composure and Homeowners can experiment with color palettes so
rooms remain vibrant all year long. ese popular
tranquility and works in any room of the house. color combinations can provide inspiration.
Since green is the primary color of nature, it
also works well for those people who want to GREEN & PINK
bring some of the outdoors inside and work
with the fresh starts and new growth that green Colors on opposite ends of the color wheel will always
can inspire. To make green feel less subdued complement each other. Green paired with pink (a
and sleepy, work with its complementary lighter shade of green’s opposite, red) calls to mind the
opposite, red, by using a few bold red accents great outdoors. ese hues can add a touch of oral
here and there to balance out the tranquility spring sunshine even when that season has long since
of green. passed. Opt for a deep green and a carnation pink for
maximum impact. And don’t forget a vase full of fresh
PURPLEPeople have long related blooms as the nishing factor.

purple to royalty, and this dramatic color can Start with
add a formal, regal aspect to a home depending
on the hue. Purple also may help stimulate Hirsh eld’s Paints
the creative side of the brain. In paler shades 1119 Sweet Pea
of lavender, purple can seem almost ethereal
and spiritual. Some designers suggest avoiding &
purple in a bedroom because that is a place
you want your brain to rest rather than be Benjamin Moore
stimulated. 636 Willow Grove

YELLOWFew colors are more LAVENDER & DEEP BLUE

vibrant than yellow, which can help stimulate Analogous colors are three colors that sit side-by-side
conversation and make thoughts more focused. on the color wheel and share a common denominator
A luminous shade of yellow is an ideal way to in terms of shade. Lavender, blue and an orchid
make any space more welcoming and bright. pink are examples of such hues. is cool, regal
Just use it sparingly, as too much yellow may combination can add femininity to a bedroom or
not be a good thing. Yellow accents mixed with even drama to another space in the house. If painting
touches of purple can o er the balance needed the walls dark blue or lavender seems scary, opt for
to prevent yellow rooms from overwhelming a neutral shade on walls and then dress up the space
residents and guests. with inky and violet accents.

Start with

Hirsh eld’s Paints
1255 Purple Haze


Benjamin Moore
HC-154 Hale Navy

16 HomeFront Winter 2017 Leader- Telegram


Enhance the “wow” factor with these bold colors. For additional
Although they are striking, when they work together, guidance, here are
they also can impart a soothing feel, particularly since some tips.
they are often inspired by Asian in uences. Feature a
light turquoise sofa with red throw pillows. Or dress • If you want to incorporate a
up meals with a red tablecloth on the dining table and trendy color into your home but
turquoise, white and red, patterned place mats. feel intimidated, start small with
paint or decor accents that are
Start with inexpensive. is way, you can
always change your mind if you
Hirsh eld’s Paints fall in love with something new or
0687 Stillwater want to refresh the look of your
• Use the chip racks at Hirsh eld’s
Benjamin Moore to nd color families. An easy way
AF-290 Caliente to nd an accent is to go a few
shades darker in the same color
GRAY & YELLOW family.

Yellow is a pick-me-up color any time of the year, but, • Take your color for a test drive
when combined with a gray, it’s toned down to be rst. With so many color choices
soothing instead of startling. is color combination
is popular in kitchens, nurseries and entryways. available from Hirsh eld’s, it
Have fun in the kitchen with mottled gray stone sometimes helps to buy a sample
countertops, pale yellow walls and canary café pint of your color and test it in
curtains. sections on the wall or on sample
boards before you commit to
Start with painting an entire room. You’ll be
able to see how the color looks
Hirsh eld’s Paints as lighting conditions change
0860 Hawaiian Cream throughout the day and evening.
It is the best method to make sure
& you’ll be satis ed with your color
Benjamin Moore
HC-168 Chelsea Gray

is article sponsored in part by: Winter 2017 Leader- Telegram 17



indsopoar ces

Cool weather often drives people
to spend more hours indoors
than they do during the warmer
months. Autumn is a time to
winterize gardens, put away
lawn furniture and prepare for
the holiday season. Autumn also
provides the perfect opportunity to
begin home interior projects.
Many people decide to redecorate
their homes to re ect each season.
When temperatures change, it’s
time to transition from the light
colors and breezy fabrics symbolic
of summer to thicker, darker
materials that evoke coziness.
With some inspiration and a little
know-how, any homeowner or
apartment dweller can cozy up a
space in time for fall and winter.

Invest in area rugs. While wood
oors can look beautiful and work

well with many di erent design styles,
wood can feel chilly underfoot. ick
area rugs add warmth to a room and
can help it look more lived-in. Area
rugs also help a room appear more
cohesive, coordinating with other
colors in a space and providing a

cozy spacescreatingvisualborder.

18 HomeFront Winter 2017 Leader- Telegram

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Cozy, adjective. HUD Subsidized Rent  Income-Based Rent
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For Applications, Contact the  Emergency Call System
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 Elevator Service
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 Off-Street Private Parking

Handicapped Accessible Apartments Available

e dictionary describes cozy as, (A) enjoying
or a ording warmth and ease, (B) marked by or
providing contentment or comfort.

is time of the year we are all looking for a cozy 842551 • 11-11-117
spot in our homes, one to hunker down and watch
TV or read a book, or maybe a space away from the Heating - Ventilation - Air Conditioning Up to
hustle and bustle to meditate. I am nding the more Serving the Chippewa Valley since 1922
I have to do the more I want to turn o the noise and think, $1,600
re ect, and plan in a calm environment. Eau Claire 832-1691
Creating a cozy spot to relax in can be as simple as gathering Chippewa Falls 723-7592 System
some of your favorite things. To start, you will need a Rebate
comfortable chair, a small table to hold a lamp, a glass of wine
or cup of co ee. Other things to make your cozy spot better or When you purchase
cozier may include candles, an ottoman, a blanket or quilt. How and install qualifying
about a magazine holder or a basket to hold knitting supplies?
You might need a drawer to hide a pen and journal or a place to Lennox equipment
set your latest “favorite” book.
Do you need to spend money on this? Maybe, but I think that it Purchase and Install
could be done for under $30. by 11/24/17
Many if us seem to have furniture hidden in spare rooms or
basements, these pieces may need a little updating before Comfort for a lifetime. FREE
adding them to the cozy little corner you are creating.
I gathered my pieces together and spent $32.00 on 2 sample pots SALES • INSTALLATION • SERVICE Radon Test
of Amy Howard At Home One Step paint in Bauhaus Bu and
Credenza. I wanted to tie my cozy spot together somehow and 24 Hour Emergency Service With
decided that the easiest way was with paint. I painted the table
drawer and the lamp in the Credenza and the body of the table Residential Furnaces Boilers Installation
in the Bauhaus Bu , with plenty of paint left for future projects. Of Radon
Paint is probably one of the fastest and most inexpensive ways Commercial Air Conditioners Geothermal
to update any space. Many items in your home can be remade
with Chalk based paints. Stop in and I can show you how easy Preventive Maintenance Indoor Air Quality In-Floor Heating 600788_ 8-22-10
they are to use.

System Offer Good Thru 11/24/17

Article & photos submitted by ReIMAGINE. 843110 11-11-17 10954 E. Melby Street [Between Eau Claire & Chippewa Falls]


HomeFront Winter 2017 Leader- Telegram 19

indsopoar ces

Practice layering in rooms. An a ordable and
relatively easy way to make a room seem more cozy is
to layer fabrics and other accents. Layers can include
throws and blankets. Remove place mats from the dining
room table and use them on accent tables or an ottoman
in the living room. Table runners also can add a splash of
color to the top of bedroom dressers.
Play with texture. Look for fabrics that boast texture
and can add a tactile feel to spaces. When used on throw
pillows or small accents, faux fur can create that cozy
cabin feel. Draperies made from nubby fabrics or those
with grooves and ridges can add dimension to a room as
well. Even a lampshade made of an unusual fabric, such
as a wa e-patterned material, can add a little depth and
warmth to a space.
Reevaluate your lighting. Lighting a space is more
than just ipping on a switch. Finding the right balance
of lighting xtures can instantly transform the feel of a
room. Create more warmth and a cozy feel by switching
out bulbs from cooler shades to warmer ones, those
that give o yellow and pink hues rather than cool blues.
Accent lighting helps establish a comfortable space for
curling up and reading a good book. Spot lighting, such
as xtures that are trained on artwork or inside of a curio
or china cabinet, also can set a more welcoming mood.
Install a bookshelf and start a book collection.
Piles and stacked books can add warmth to any space.
Books evoke the hallowed halls of schools and quiet
nooks in the library. Fill shelves with books interspersed
with additional design accents, and you will instantly
make a room feel more inviting.
Choose dark paint. Do not feel nervous about
incorporating deeper shades in rooms. Dark colors give
rooms a more enclosed feel than lighter colors, and
that can create a warm and cozy feeling. is works
particularly well in larger spaces that feel vast and empty.
If you’re scared to paint all of your walls, try a darker
shade below a chair rail or just paint one accent wall.
Add architectural elements. ink about adding
rich moldings to crown the ceilings or to frame doorways.
If you have the space for a nook, create a window seat
beneath a picture window or add a bench and cushions
in a corner for a nice escape spot.
Use the colder weather as an opportunity to reinvent
some of the rooms in your home. With paint, texture,
fabric, lighting, and more, rooms can be quickly
transformed into cozy respites from the cold.

HomeFront Winter 2017 Leader- Telegram 20

sponsored content

Haveyoumet ALICE?

United Way of Wisconsin, in partnership with 42 local
United Ways in the state, released a groundbreaking study
last year revealing the size and scope of nancial hardship
in every Wisconsin community. e United Way ALICE
(Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) report
is the most comprehensive depiction of nancial grief in
Wisconsin to date, using the latest data from a variety
of sources, including the U.S. Census. e report unveils
new metrics, and establishes the “ALICE reshold,” based
on present-day income levels and expenses that quantify
the nancial struggles of Wisconsin’s workforce and the
reasons behind those struggles. e report spotlights a
large population of hardworking residents who work at low-
paying jobs, have little or no savings and are one emergency
away from falling into poverty.

By comparing real incomes with real expenses, the United 843112 11-11-17
Way ALICE report reveals this stark reality: 42 percent of
Wisconsin households are living on the edge of nancial
insecurity. In Eau Claire County, the number of residents
struggling to make ends meet is even higher at 47 percent;
of these households, 16 percent are living in poverty while
another 31 percent are ALICE households. e report
also identi es municipal-level data, which allows us to
pinpoint locations that are struggling more or less within
each county. For example, the report shows us that an
astonishing sixty-eight percent of Fairchild, WI residents
are living below the ALICE threshold, meaning they do
not earn enough to cover the expenses on the household
survival budget: housing, child care, food, transportation
and healthcare.

Before this report, ALICE was a population and community
issue without a name or face. While it is true that ALICE
has existed long before this study, it was not until the
release of this report that there was any way to quantify
and discuss the plight of these households. Serious
consequences exist for both ALICE and their communities
when these households cannot a ord the basic necessities.
ALICE households are forced to make di cult choices such
as skipping preventative health care, healthy food, or car
insurance. ese “savings” threaten their health, safety, and
future – and they reduce Wisconsin’s economic productivity
and raise insurance premiums and taxes for everyone. By
raising awareness about ALICE and stimulating a fresh
dialogue among residents and leaders, we can, together,
improve the overall health of our communities.

To download a copy of the report, go to
842612 11-11-17
Article submitted by United Way . 842613 11-11-17
Leader- Telegram 21
HomeFront Winter 2017


ideDaIsY: TELEVISION STAND: Sand and paint or stain the dresser to
Bring match the color scheme of your living room or family room. Remove the
new life top row of drawers to have cubby space to house electronics, such as cable
to an old boxes or DVD players.
SERVING BAR: Paint the dresser in an eye-catching shade and
One of the bene ts to becoming make sure to seal-coat it with a nish that is impervious to moisture. If
a skilled do-it-yourselfer is the time or budget allows, attach a piece of glass or tiles on top of the dresser
to create a water-resistant, strong surface area. Store various serving
chance to embrace projects that can glasses and cocktail accoutrements within the drawers.
breathe new life into objects that
STORAGE SHELVING: Remove the drawers from the dresser
others might designate for the trash and turn it into a storage mecca by using stackable plastic containers in
or donation pile. Renovating such spaces once occupied by the drawers.
items can save money and provide
KITCHEN ISLAND: Small dressers can be repurposed into
an entirely di erent purpose for the kitchen islands with a few modi cations. Install casters on the feet so it
object. can be moved around when necessary. Place butcher block wood or stone
on top so you’ll have a sturdy cutting or preparation surface area. Hooks
With a change of color, removal hung on the side can hold frequently used kitchen utensils.
of drawers or a few minor
CHANGING TABLE: Turn an older dresser into a changing
modi cations, dressers can be table for a new baby. In addition, add a cushioned pad and some
transformed in many di erent ways. decorative trim to serve as a frame that keeps the pad in place. e
drawers will keep wipes, diapers, onesies, and other supplies at the ready.
Here are a few ideas to get started.
BENCH: Remove the top drawers from the dresser. Add a piece of
plywood to make a seat. Use the removed drawer faces on the inside back
of the dresser since this area will now be visible. Paint the entire piece or
stain it as desired. Fashion a cushion for the seat, and the bench is ready
for an entryway or wherever you have space.

Before discarding an old dresser, think of all the ways it can
be transformed into another useful piece of furniture.

is article sponsored in part by:

Home-Goods Consignment Store • 715-225-9951
2015 Fairfax St., Eau Claire WI

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