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Getting Out | Spring 2017

Getting Out | Spring 2017


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2 Getting Out Spring 2017 Leader- Telegram

5 7 Exploring

Angling Canada


New Fishing

Outdoor Gear

17Getting GO

Up to Speed
Which bike is right for you?

Getting Out Spring 2017 Leader-Telegram 3


Outdoor Paradise
Article provided by Grady Schroeder, Hayward Power Sports

Acommon phrase around the Hayward Lakes Area is “Welcome to a few miles for great food and fun.
the Northwoods.” This warm greeting is based on much more than Our easy-to-read trail map has the
geography. It embodies a retreat to where the trees are towing, the air information you need for a successful
smells of pine, and wildlife roams. There is no better way to immerse ride. Club members volunteer their
yourself in this outdoor paradise than to mount an ATV and drive in. time to maintain these trails, so lend
a hand whenever you can by joining
Sawyer County has two hundred Trail just north of Rice Lake. It cuts and working with a club in the area
miles of ATV/UTV marked trails, through parts of Barron, Washburn, where you like to ride.
with over 100 miles of routes giving Sawyer and Price counties, passing Whether you are taking a peaceful
access to 1,000 miles of trails and through part of the Flambeau River family cruise, a mud slinging
routes weaving throughout these State Forest and the rugged terrain of adventure, or an all inclusive tour
Northwoods. That many miles of Wisconsin’s Blue Hills. it can all be done in the Hayward
trails translate to a riding adventure Amongst this tranquil scene lies an Lakes Area. Then share your stories
for all. Take a journey through the adrenaline rush to be experienced. over laughter and smiles at one of
Seeley Hills where you will travel ATV/UTVs are built upon a the area’s wonderful and welcoming
down ever-bending pathways, zip horsepower foundation for a reason. businesses. There are souvenirs, cold
along hill crests and splash your way Open up the throttle and fly down drinks, hot food, and warm beds for
through valleys with connectors to dirt trails. Take your skills over to the all. When you hear “Welcome to the
Bayfield-Namakagon Trails; Price Dead Horse Trail and hurl mud all Northwoods” you will know you are in
County-Park Falls; Ashland County- over as you work your way through the right place.
Clam Lake; Washburn County- the 56 mile stretch. For trail conditions, maps, lodging and
Spooner and the Wild River Trail in The Sawyer County Snowmobile and more contact us at
Rusk County. Take some moments ATV Alliance Clubs maintain trails or view our complete vacation guide on
to look around and see the beauty that connect county, state, national
surrounding you. and tribal forests. Long mileage A non-resident trail pass is required for
The 74 mile Tuscobia State Trail is riders can connect with surrounding ATVs not registered in Wisconsin.
one of the longest in Wisconsin to counties for overnight travel. Leisure
be converted from a rail corridor. travelers may choose to stay close 825530 3-12-17
It runs from Park Falls west to a to a central location and travel just
junction with the Wild Rivers State

4 Getting Out 768454 9-5-15 2017 EVENTS

Spring 2017 Fishing Has No Boundaries May 19-20
Musky Festival June 23-25

Honor the Earth Pow Wow July 13-16
Lumberjack World Championships July 20-22

715-634-4801 •
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Leader- Telegram

Use technology to find
new Wisconsin waters to fish

OANngLlinIgNE ByRobHanson
If you’re a poor, working stiff like so many of us — planning best fishing in the Midwest. Of that land, 1.5 million acres make
fishing around a job and kids and everything else instead of up the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest, through which
vice versa — getting out to explore new water isn’t always a top the White River and dozens of lost lakes provide a wide array of
priority. angling opportunities.
On those rare occasions when you can actually eke out some time
to wet a line, you probably head to that same old pond, tie on ol’ The Northern Highland American Legion Forest in Iron, Oneida
faithful and catch those same hammer handle pike, barely legal and Vilas counties also contains its share of fishable water. It’s
bass or buckets of bite-sized bluegills. Let’s face it: Your time on a lot to explore, but these maps and apps will at least get you in
the water is precious, and you don’t want to waste it casting to casting range of your next fishing adventure.
nonexistent fish in unfamiliar territory.
However, the future is here. And despite what the era of the ‘selfie’ Once Kloss has identified a potential honey hole, his next step
and the ‘meme’ have shown us so far, it’s not all totally annoying. is to figure out how to access that spot – yet another piece of
In fact, the relatively recent availability of advanced mapping information just waiting to be found on the DNR website. The
technology on your mobile device of choice makes it a heck of Public Access Lands map tool, or ‘PAL’ for short, essentially
a lot easier to find that new fishing hotspot and put an end to is Google Maps with an additional layer highlighting public
apathetic angling before you even leave the house. easements and accessible lands. That information is also available
Dedicated local fisherman and women, especially those of the on the DNR’s Pocket Ranger mobile app, which shows points of
younger generation, will be the first to tell you — the first stop access in the form of boat landings and piers. Kloss said PAL can
in their pre-fishing routine is no longer at the local bait shop or be buggy from time to time on mobile devices, so he often uses
watering hole, it’s on the World Wide Web. the DNR’s Private Forest Lands for Public Access feature instead,
“It’s counter-intuitive for an outdoor activity, but my first stop is which has the same information, but runs more smoothly on
online,” said Tristan Kloss, president of the Southern Wisconsin Android and iPhone devices.
chapter of Trout Unlimited based in Madison. “There are so many
great resources available to the internet-savvy angler that it’s In the near future, Trout Unlimited will be rolling out some
ridiculous. online tools of its own. Kloss said a new website will include
“The trick is knowing they exist and how to use them.” resources for finding local waters and a YouTube page currently
Kloss’ love affair with trout fishing is rivaled only by his chasing under construction will host a variety
of Wisconsin River smallies, although he is dedicated to pursuing of short fishing videos. In addition,
both with a fly. the group holds Google chats from
“My first stop is the Wisconsin (Department of Natural time to time where all questions
Resources) website, where there are a number of resources related to trout fishing are answered.
available,” Kloss said. “The PDF trout stream maps are a good
start, as they highlight waters considered by the DNR to host “We love to share this information,
trout and are broken down by county. because if it gets people out on the
“The DNR’s Driftless Area Master Plan also offers a host of data, water, and gets them to care about the
for those willing to cut through the dry, technical writing and resource, it helps all of us in the long
interpret the many maps and tables given there.” run,” Kloss said.
According to a 2013 report by the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal
Bureau, Wisconsinites were lucky to call 5.89 million acres of Jesse Cox, a 24-year-old hardcore Wisconsin DNR
public lands their own – much of which contains some of the angler from the Hurly area, takes Pocket Ranger phone app.
a similar approach to Kloss’ when
exploring the waters of the far
northeastern part of the state, where
he works in forestry and chases
a great variety of fish from big
Lake Superior browns to walleye
to his favorite species of all, the great

Cont. on page 6

Getting Out Spring 2017 Leader-Telegram 5

A Cont. from page 5 size trout). There are ample opportunities to
FISHERMAN’S engage current and prospective users — and
Cox tries to get out at least once a week, users expect to be engaged.”
FRIEND year-round, and regularly travels long Besides a perceived hot tip on the bite, some
distances to fish, all the way from Green online fishing resources also allow anglers to
Public Access & Lands Maps Bay to Ashland and everywhere in between. interact and show off their catch. Before he goes through the trouble to get to “Social media has entered the fishing world,
new water, he does his homework. too,” Scheidegger said. “Fishidy is an angler
Private Forest Lands for Public In addition to DNR maps, a quick peek at social media tool where you can find local
Recreation Google Earth also gives him a good sense of fishing reports, log catches and spots on what to expect when you arrive at ground interactive fishing maps, and connect with
ForestLandowners/ zero — allowing one to prepare waders, his local anglers.
openToPublicApp.html boat or whatever else one might need to “FishBrain is another tool where you can
access new water. find fishing locations, track your catches
Trout Regulations & “I use various tools to aid me in scouting and connect with other anglers.”
Opportunities User Tool new areas and getting to know an area Scheidegger added that local surveys better,” Cox said. “Most of them involve show anglers are willing to travel further
trout.html electronics or online resources. I typically to recreate, something he attributes to the
first check out a lake online, the DNR sharing of information online.
Places to Fish in Wisconsin typically has resources where you can find At the end of the day, however, online tools a topographic map of the lake that I am are just that — instruments for getting
anglereducation/wheretofish. targeting and stocking records and species you to the water. Both Cox and Kloss agree
html information for those waters.” there’s no substitute for knowledge of your
Even when Cox arrives at ground zero the quarry and its habitat.
Lake information & maps gadgets are still within an arm’s reach. For that kind of information, some of the “I use an app called Navionics that allows old tried and true methods can be best. me to have those depths right on my “It also never hurts to ask local bait shops phone and allows me to see where I am at what specific colors and baits might be
on the lake,” he said. “That has proved to working for a specific species you might be
Wisconsin Fishing Report be invaluable to me when I am targeting targeting,” Cox said. “Online forums such fish that prefer a certain depth or contour as LakeLink can be helpful too, but take
outreach/wifishingreport.html change. what you read on these with a grain of salt.
“I always carry a handheld GPS with me Some people post bogus stuff on these sites
whether I am on my boat or on the ice. So or stretch the truth on what they actually
if I ever encounter a good spot or a unique caught a bit.”
piece of structure that I think can hold fish I And above all, just getting out is half of the
can revisit it in the future.” battle.
Karl Scheidegger, fisheries biologist — “You can’t catch fish on the couch,” Kloss
marketing, communication and training said. “No amount of preseason scouting
for the DNR, said the impact of technology makes up for actually being on the water.
on the angling community has become Fish a section of water three of four times
apparent over his 25 years working in before you judge it. Get to know the bends
fisheries. and runs and don’t be afraid to blow up a
“I believe social media and the various tools hole now and then and observe where the
it embodies has had a significant impact fish spook from and where they go to hide,
on how Wisconsinites recreate,” he said and remember those spots the next time
in a recent email. “Whether it’s Facebook you fish it.”
and sharing information/events with your
friends or Lake Link and sharing fishing
information with forum subscribers, there is
now an immediacy to everything.

“Twitter, for example, could be used to Hanson is a freelance writer living
distribute tweets on events happening at in the Madison area.
that very moment (i.e., stocking of catchable

6 Getting Out Spring 2017 Leader-Telegram

First hunting
trip to Manitoba
satisfying for
writer, dog

By Dave Carlson A sinking full moon cast a silvery sheen over the frosty
duck marsh as I quietly closed my truck door and watched
my dog Ellie curl up on the front passenger seat. A few
more “Zs” would be fine with her.

“Back to get you in a bit,” I said to her, and turned to
follow some friends pushing into the dark beyond of this
Canadian marsh.

After 13 seasons of bird hunting, her eyesight and hearing Cont. on page 9
are fading. But not her spirit or drive. Still, I did not want
to lose her in the darkness. I would come back for her after
the sun rose, with plenty of chances at ducks and geese
circling over the marsh.

Getting Out Spring 2017 Leader-Telegram 7



As mankind encroaches upon the wild animals’ habitat, animals must adapt or
perish. One of the best at adapting is the coyote. The coyote is as much at home
in the suburbs as it is in the dense northern forests. Virtually the entire country
is its playground. The variability of its habitat accounts for the vast array of its diet.
Their palate can be satisfied with deer, rabbits, small dogs, cats, and leftovers/garbage
left at the curbside for pickup. For the coyote, just about anything that can be digested
will suffice for a meal.

A coyote’s den can be in secluded areas, under a porch, or in abandoned vehicles.
Because of this versatility, the coyote has prospered alongside mankind.

Wisconsin hunters, To control the population of the coyote, the sport of hunting comes into play. The
Josh and Tom Mousel season generally runs from November to March. During this time of the year snow
is present and pelts have the most value. Coyotes can be lured in with animal calls
and scents. Dogs are often used for tracking, and when a coyote is cornered in close
quarters a scatter gun is used. For long ranges and in open spaces a high-powered
rifle is generally used. These rifles are generally small calibers. In the end the coyote
population is controlled and the sport of hunting lives on.

Article provided by Toli’s Arms, LLC.
825583 03-12-17

Toli’s Arms, LLC

Open Wednesday-Friday 10am-6pm • Saturday 10am-5pm

• 400+ Guns in Stock • Monthly CCW Classes
• Buying and Selling Guns at • Lay-a-ways, Transfers,

Competitive Prices for Cash Special Orders…No Problem!
• Trading and Consigning Guns • Youth & “Lefty” Rifles in Stock
• Henry Headquarters (25+ In Stock) • Youth & Lady Friendly Service!

825584 03-12-17

604 Main Street, Colfax • 715-704-6500 •

8 Getting Out Spring 2017 Leader- Telegram

Cont. from page 7 accompanied by a line of field- Stepanek said. “Hunting takes a lot
trained yellow and black Labrador more gear, more set up and a lot of
This trip was as much for Ellie retrievers. His hunting notes are time. And there’s never a guarantee
as me, a “bucket list” journey flush with contact information the birds will be there.
into the wild stream of migrating for landowners and choice
waterfowl and local upland game productive habitat in a region of Here are some other
birds making southern Manitoba southern Manitoba near the Turtle observations:
one of the continent’s top bird Mountains on the North Dakota-
hunting destinations for more than Canadian border. Canadian hunting regulations
a century. “I’ve alway found that Canadians change, but are similar to those
Over the years, Ellie has tasted the are far more friendly to ‘stranger’ in the U.S. The best advice is to
feathers of northwoods woodcock hunters,” Lane said. “Ask, and the check the internet or visit with
and ruffed grouse, dragged ducks majority of the time we’ve gotten Canadian tourism officials at sport
and geese from pothole ponds and permission to hunt. Even when we shows. For general information on
snowy picked croplands and flushed don’t, they’ll refer us to who does prohibitions and fines, permitted
sharp-tailed grouse and pheasants allow hunting. They all know each hunting methods and equipment,
from set-aside grasslands. other.” retrieving and transporting birds,
For decades, I had heard many Stepanek, who started hunting in baiting restrictions, hunting zones
stories of Canada’s diversity of bird Saskatchewan province in 1986 with and seasons and other useful
species and liberal bag limits. While hunting buddy Ron Flynn, and later information go to the website of the
I had crossed the border more sons Mike and Matt, said, “We’ve Canadian Wildlife Service’s office of
than 100 times over 45 years to fish gotten to know the landowners over Environment and Climate Change
four different provinces, my dog the years, take them out for dinner at or call 800-668-6767.
and I had absolutely no experience and become friends, and some will
hunting north of the border. call us when the birds are migrating You must have a valid passport to
That changed in the fall of 2016. and even save fields for us. People enter Canada. Pistols, explosives
Thanks to the invitation of Jeff are splendid. They’re pro-hunting or pepper spray cannot be taken
Lane, a Comstock taxidermist and and many see the ducks and geese across the border. Non-residents
guide who understands passions for as threats to their crops.” must declare hunting firearms at
hunting waterfowl and upland birds, Lane said: “North Dakota has a lot the border. The process is relatively
and motivated by all those colorful of birds, but also a lot more hunting easy and quick. The paperwork can
tales shared by our veterinarian, pressure and the bag limits are less.” be done in advance. Expect to pay
Jeff Stepanek, who has missed only Both agree hunting in Canada takes a fee of $25 per gun. Ammunition
one Canadian game bird trip with considerably more planning and is limited to 200 shells, more by
friends and family over the past 31 gear than fishing in Canada. paying duty. The Manitoba non-
years, scheduling a bird hunting “You don’t find lodging and food resident waterfowl license and
trip to southern Manitoba finally everywhere, and when you come conservation stamp cost $180
became a reality. back at night you’ve got to gas up,” Canadian.
Lane, 53, started hunting in Canada
as a boy with his father and friends, Bag limits are more liberal than in
the U.S. For example, in Manitoba
non-residents are allowed eight

Dave Carlson and his
dog, Ellie, collect a snow
goose harvested during
a hunt in Manitoba last

Getting Out Spring 2017 Cont. on page 11

Leader-Telegram 9


TArigRhGt oEnT
Article provided by Marc-On Shooting.

Marc-On Shooting, the Chippewa Valley’s Premier Indoor
Shooting Range, Pro-Shop and Training Center.

When Marc-On Shooting was first thought of over five years
ago by Dan Marcon, he knew he wanted to offer something
new and top of the line, which would be open to the public.
Once you step inside Marc-On Shooting you will see he hit the

Marc-On Shooting is owned by Dan and Laurie Marcon Aid Trauma and Long Range Shooting is just a couple of
and another set of great partners. Marc-On Shooting examples of training that will be offered this year.
is also a Veteran-owned company. Dan served in the Marc-On Shooting is the only certified Cerakote
United States Navy, during the Persian Gulf War and applicator within 100 miles. A Cerakote application
has extensive history in Personal Protection and Law customizes your gun and makes it rust proof. They can
Enforcement. Laurie and Dan have traveled around do any color and the turnaround time is usually under
the country over the past five years, viewing other two weeks.
ranges and considering how they were going to offer At Marc-On Shooting there are twelve lanes for indoor
the best range to the Valley. This is Dan’s passion, and shooting with four being handicap accessible. A total
it shows. Marcon tried to use as many local contractors containment steel trap system catches all fired rounds
as possible when building this project and has many to be later 100% recycled. The air handling system
Veterans employed within. Chris Gage is the full time, exchanges 100% of air, every seventy seconds, sent
onsite Gunsmith, with an extensive background in the through several filtering systems, before the air is
trade. Marc-On Shooting has a full shop with a mill, released outside.
where most work is done on the premises. Marc-On Shooting offers a full line of forty different
Marc-On Shooting was designed with everyone in guns to rent, for in-house shooting. They also carry
mind; they didn’t want it to be just a gun shop. They a wide selection of AR/modern sporting rifles,
wanted it to be a Pro-Shop also. When you walk into shotguns, hunting rifles, and handguns for purchase.
Marc-On Shooting you will feel welcome. Whether it is Layaway, special orders, trades, and consignments
your first time or you are an experienced shooter, there are also a feature offered by Marc-On Shooting. This
is something for everyone. For the beginners: Multi- Pro-Shop offers any accessory that you need, from
State Conceal Carry Permit, to include Wisconsin, safety equipment (eyes and ears), holsters, cleaning
Minnesota, Utah, and Florida and, Introduction to gear, range bags, range ammunition, self-defense
Basic Pistol, Introduction to Basic AR-15, and Hunter’s ammunition, small car safes, and large home safes. At
Education once a month. They also offer various levels Marc-On Shooting they want you to become a safe,
of training in their classes to further your skills. First skilled, and confident shooter. Stop in and see them.

826029 03-12-17

10 Getting Out Spring 2017 Leader-Telegram

Cont. from page 9 In addition to ducks and geese, through the field bordering our
non-residents also can focus on vast marsh. Ellie would notice
ducks daily, compared to six in sharp-tailed grouse and Hungarian them and the distant blasts and
the U.S. Non-residents’ ducks partridge. “It’s the only place in my falling ducks from my companions
possession limit in Manitoba is lifetime I’ve seen Huns sitting on on the way back to the blind.
24. Non-toxic shot is required a highline like they were doves,” In the mornings and evenings
for waterfowl hunting, shotguns Lane said. “Like everything else, of several days ahead, the two
limited to a three-shell capacity, though, they can go up and down.” of use would hunt slowly but
and have current vaccination A lot of the waterfowl hunting effectively with a rediscovered
certificates for all the dogs. takes place out of layout blinds on youthful enthusiasm, downing
land next to sloughs and ponds. and recovering floating ducks
Manitoba asks hunters to log “We do a bit of freelancing,” from open water and hiding in the
their hunting harvest by listing Stepanek said. “Once you’re there, cattails where an old dog’s nose
the variety and number of you’ll see birds in numbers you’ve clicks with exciting scent of a duck
species, plus when and where never seen before. I’ve seen up about to be added to the day’s kill.
harvested on the back of the to 15,000 mallards on a field. In Manitoba — where it only takes
hunting permit. Referring to that That’s why you come here. You a few birds and a dog’s tail-wagging
will be most helpful filling out go where the ducks and geese are swagger to make a full bag limit.
a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service coming from. Finding them is
harvest importation form prior to the challenge. But it’s a vacation Carlson is a freelance writer
crossing back into the U.S. first, hunting is second. It’s taking from Eau Claire.
everything in.”
“Best way to transport birds is Walking back to the truck, I
gutted and whole, and put them in noticed moose tracks cutting
a freezer,” Lane said. “It simplifies
everything at the border. “ (At
minimum, leave the bird’s head or
wing attached.)

• We Offer Beginner and CCW Classes
• Onsite Full Time Certified Gunsmith

• State of the Art Indoor Shooting Range
6 Standard & 6 Tactical Lanes up to 25 yards

• Pro Shop - Handguns, Carbines, Rifles, Shotguns
Trade-Ins on Guns & Lay-a-way Available
Shooting Related Apparel & Accessories
Lifetime Guarantee on all Guns

• Onsite Professional Gunsmithing Service

open to the public • handicap accessible Cerakote Firearm Coating - Customize & Protect

Choose One of Our Many Classes Available Including: • Gun Rentals
(To Experience
All Women’s Classes • CCW • Safety/Cleaning the Indoor Range
AR Carbine • Fundamentals & Marksmenship Shooting)
Basic Shooting • Tactical & Real Life Shooting • Individual,
Couples, Family
gift cards available • open 7 days a week & Patriot
“Try It Before You Buy It” - Try out a gun on the range before you decide to buy. Memberships

Experienced, knowledgeable, and committed staff will assist you with all your questions.

826028 03-12-17

4089 124th St. • Lake Hallie, WI (Next to Kurth Sheet Metal ) • 715.861.7651 •

Getting Out Spring 2017 Leader- Telegram 11


Keep Wild
Young Where

They Belong

With Mom!

Article and photos provided by Chippewa Valley Wildlife Rehabilitation.

Please Don’t Trap Raccoons
• Mom and her young must stay together or the young will die
• Mom will move the young after they are weaned

Seeing A Raccoon During The Day Doesn’t Mean It Is Sick
• While young are sleeping, Mom is feeding

Please Don’t Cut The Tree When You Can Trim The Branch
• When animals lose tree homes, they move into yours
• Tree cavities are home to raccoons, squirrels, birds and ducks

Drive With Care
• When Mom is killed, the young die too
• Deer, raccoons, ducks, and geese use our roads

Please Try “Hazing” First- Let Animals Leave On Their Own! Order Now
• “Hazing” is non-lethal and doesn’t cost anything but time- For April
about 10 days.
• Get a strong flashlight and loud radio. Point both directly into

the sleeping den and keep them on continuously until Mom
moves her family to another location.

There are several ways you can help protect young animals:
• Check for nests before cutting down or pruning trees, cutting

brush, or mowing.
• Keep pets on a leash when outdoors to prevent injury to

• Place caps on chimneys and vents to prevent animals from

nesting there.
• Place covers on window wells to prevent young animals from

falling into them.
• Don’t trap and remove adult animals during the spring,

summer and early fall.
• Educate children to respect wild animals.

Remember: A young animal’s best chance for survival is with
its mother!

Most young wild animals that seem abandoned do not need
help. Wild animals take care of their young in a variety of ways,
and what may look lsitkreatuenguysfuoarlsbuerhvaivvaiol.r to you is just a normal
part of the animal’s

Chippewa Valley Wildlife Rehabilitation, a non-profit 501c3 organization, may be
reached at 715-838-0326. All donations received go directly to the wild ones- Thank
you for your support. Mailing address is 8135 Burnell Drive, Eau Claire, WI 54703.

826077 03-12-17

What Spring 2017 Call for sizes
YiorneuRhayjeraraehubeodhailvriabinuibtiewcalilietluthdifoatacidiratlkn,sientodoobasonrtdrheh,h,ecrayaiaeasrinmanuioWlidnovsnlsgbueacil-salatCucotchowoedahnkendbirptcogslioneiappolnerertadieahhewllfrisetocaooayaefwuoVnwrnnriueaslcidt.elleeiuldd.esWmrdy,anwpniWi,lirnadilomdgilvllildfaii?efdlleisifneg and pricing

12 Getting Out 2221 S. Hastings Way • Eau Claire


Hours: Monday - Friday 9-5, Saturday 10-4

825501 3-12-17

Leader- Telegram

Drive-up hunting/

fishing camps require

good gear, smart


SPaMckiAng RT
By Patrick Durkin

Mark Endris, While driving home from two-week bow hunting trips to Idaho each September,
left, Chris I silently debate what gear to add or leave home the next year when returning to
White and chase elk.
But when September rolls around 12 months later, I usually pack more gear than
Durkin pose the previous year. After all, two weeks in a tent camp in unpredictable weather
with a bull elk tends to identify stressors and shortcomings you try to eliminate the next time you
forsake home’s comforts.
that White
harvested To compensate for the extra gear we always pack • If you desire solitude, choose an area that
each year, we usually reduce the size of some items doesn’t allow motorized access by ATVs
during a and pack more efficiently. Still, when we arrive at or trucks. Realize, though, you’ll be lugging
recent do- our chosen Idaho river to unload the truck and gear several hundred yards, which requires
it-yourself transfer everything to my 14-foot cedar rowboat freighter packs and maybe a collapsible
bowhunt in and 14-foot car-top fiberglass boat, we somehow cart. But if you’re in a federally designated
make it all fit for the ride to the muddy beach 6 wilderness area, wheels of any sort often aren’t
Idaho. miles south. allowed.
But that’s the easy part. Once we arrive on-site and
unload the boats, we shake our heads, vow again Avoid camping near established hiking trails
to downsize next year, and start the first of five maintained by the U.S. Forest Service or other
quarter-mile (one way) hauls up the valley to our agencies. It matters little if your campsite is miles
campsite. Two weeks later, we reverse the process, from a trailhead. If the trail can be hiked, other
repeat our futile pledges about downsizing as we hunters will always explore it and stumble into you
repack the boats, and again ignore those promises at the worst times.
once home. Our campsite in Idaho is roughly 2 miles over
We get away with those broken vows because several ridges from the nearest road or hiking trail.
experience has helped us make better choices in We’ve yet to encounter other hunters while in the
gear and campsites during the 11 years we’ve bow woods. Another factor that reduces competition is
hunted Idaho. For instance … an uphill slog to the best elk habitat. Those ascents
last 30 to 90 minutes each morning and evening,
depending on the destination.

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SPONSORED CONTENT Phone: (715) 644-3555 • Cell: (715) 613-3439

Fax: (715) 644-3556

CAMPING Excel Steel 825747 3-12-17
Fab LLC 826076 03-12-17
WITH Morey
Article provided by Stoney Creek RV Resort. 219 Urquhart Rd, Stanley, WI 54768
Email: [email protected]
People enjoy camping for many reasons whether it’s to spend
time with family and friends or just to admire the great Email: [email protected]
outdoors. Camping is a wonderful experience for the whole
family. Here at Stoney Creek RV Resort, family fun is our Wildlife rehabilitation is
business! We are a family owned and operated campground the practice of caring for
in Osseo, Wisconsin. We have a little bit of everything for all injured, sick or orphaned
types of campers. Stoney Creek has a total of 192 sites; that wild animals with the goal
includes 79 full hook up RV sites, 31 water/electric RV sites, 8 of returning them to their
cabins, 8 tent sites, and 66 seasonal sites. We pride ourselves native habitat as healthy,
on our activities here at Stoney Creek. The campground productive members of their
itself has a variety of amenities including basketball courts, own community.
volleyball courts, skatepark, pool with a kiddie area, mini
golf, laser tag, jumping pillow, a playground, horseshoe The goals of CVWR are to:
pits, and Gagaball. Besides all of these amenities, we have • Rehabilitate injured or
themed weeks all summer long such as Ultimate 80s, Wild
West, Christmas in July, Hawaiian Luau, Pirates, Carnival, orphaned animals and
and more. Our activity staff plays games, provides crafts, and return them to the wild
puts on activities for all our campers of all ages to enjoy. For • Provide information
example, we have a Death by Chocolate week in July each year. in response to public
This week includes many themed activities for campers of all inquiries about wildlife
ages such as chocolate pie eating contest, candy bar bingo, • Provide wildlife education
chocolate pudding wrestling, candy bar horseraces, scavenger to the public
hunt, relay races, chocolate art, craft time, and more. We Donations are tax
also have a game show night several times throughout the deductible.
summer where our staff puts on a popular game show with Please make checks
a campground twist on it. Stoney Creek has even added a payable to Chippewa
new mascot, Morey the Moose! Morey the Moose is here all Valley Wildlife
summer long and he loves to meet the campers and partake Rehabilitation.
in our activities. We have several activities with Morey Thank you for your
throughout the summer such as: wagon rides, dances, crafts support.
and coloring time, morning muffins with Morey, and more.
Stoney Creek is a wonderful place for families to spend time Chippewa Valley Wildlife
together and have fun. When planning your next family Rehabilitation is an entirely
vacation, consider Stoney Creek RV Resort in Osseo, WI
where family fun is our business! donation-supported
non-profit organization.

826133 3-12-17 8135 Burnell Drive, Eau Claire, WI 54703

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Cont. from page 13

• Choose a campsite near a creek, spring or other reliable water filtration/jugs, cooking/eating gear, solar panels and
water source. We bring three 5-gallon collapsible water lanterns/Jetboil gear in the same large backpack. Packing
jugs, and a 10-liter Katadyn Base Camp water filter and and hauling goes faster when everything is bagged and
spare filter. Tip: The clearer the water you pour into this bag, secured. Before storing everything after the trip, I replace
the longer you’ll go between replacing its filter. everything we wrecked or consumed during the trip. When
it’s time to pack the following year, I don’t need an inventory
• For cooking, we like the Jetboil personal stove and list.
Mountain House dehydrated meals. We buy a meal per • Should you bring cots and folding chairs? I say yes. You
person for each evening we’re in camp, and eat from paper can get by with a good ground pad like an inflatable Big
plates and bowls with plastic “silverware.” The eating ware Bertha, but you’ll sleep even better if it’s on a cot. And if
can we wiped clean and reused repeatedly. The Jetboil is also you’re stuck in camp all day, or just want to relax while
great for heating water each morning for coffee and instant eating dinner, you’ll like a folding chair.
oatmeal. For sandwiches, use bagels instead of bread. Bagels • Bring a high-end cooler or two. In years past when we
are indestructible inside a daypack. arrowed an elk, we rushed the boned-out meat to a freezer-
locker 50 miles away. In 2016, I picked up an Orion 65
• For lighting your camp and tent, ditch your fuel-based cooler, packed it with about 12 half-gallon and gallon jugs
lanterns and go with battery- or solar-powered lanterns. of frozen water, and clamped it shut. When we killed a bull
Propane tanks and white-gas cans are heavy and bulky, and 10 days later, we opened the Orion and found plenty of ice
potentially dangerous. My Streamlight lantern lasts nearly to cool the meat inside the Orion and another large cooler.
two full weeks on three D-cell batteries, and I recharge my Before heading home five days later, we bought four ice
Energizer solar lantern by facing it south outside our tent blocks while gassing up, and repacked the coolers.
before leaving camp each day. • My work requires at least one 12-hour day behind the
laptop each week, so I need a backup power source. A
• Speaking of tents, if you’ll be in one place more than good deep-cycle 12-volt battery keeps me in business for
two or three days, choose the best and biggest tent you one to two days. After shutting down, I hook the battery to
can tote. If you’re caught in the rain while hunting, you’ll a Brunton solar panel to recharge. When my next work day
appreciate having space to dry gear overnight. And if it’s too arrives a week later, the battery is back to full power.
stormy to hunt, you’ll appreciate having room to hang out • Whether you’re camping with your spouse, children or
all day. Also, if you’re undecided which tent to buy, choose friends, bring a portable shower stall/outhouse. Everyone
one that lets you stand up. And if you doubt its ability to will appreciate the privacy. While you’re at it, bring a solar
keep you dry in a downpour, bring a lightweight tarp to put shower. Simply fill the shower bag with water, face its clear
over it. side toward the sun, and when you return after dark you’ll
have warm water for showering. And don’t forget your
We switched from a six-person dome tent in 2016 to the portable shovel and fold-out toilet seat/stool. Dig a hole
“industrial strength” Crua Loj for our base camp. The Crua inside the portable shelter, place the toilet seat/stool over it,
features an insulated sleeping room, a large uninsulated great and shovel in dirt after each use.
room for our hunting gear and a covered porch that makes a great Obviously, the gear and setups recommended in this article
cooking and dining area. aren’t meant for hunting or fishing trips that require hiking a
mile or more by foot. But if you hunt or fish from drive-up or
• Keep your camping gear packed and organized for easier water-access sites, and you make camp within arm’s reach or a
storage and transport. As you pack your truck for the half-mile of your truck or boat, this gear will do the job.
trip, stuff all individual items into backpacks, duffel bags
and empty coolers. For instance, we pack our first-aid kits,

Largest #1 Dealer In Full Patrick Durkin is a freelance writer who covers outdoors
Parts The Area! Service recreation in Wisconsin. Write to him at 721 Wesley St.,
Selection Department Waupaca, WI 54981; or by e-mail at [email protected]
Family Owned
We Carry A Full Line Of Campers & Operated
Over 50 Years
Jayco Surveyor Puma
306 N Holmen Drive
R*POD Retro Salem Holmen, WI 54636

CrossRoads 608-526-3336
Check Us Out On Facebook

825944 3-12-17

Getting Out Spring 2017 Leader-Telegram 15





@ UWEC You want aanneEwXBPOREASTSoLr OAATNV®—!
You need
Article provided by A+ Archery.
Competitive rates
A Plus Archery was the recipient of a 2016 Hunter
Recruitment Grant. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Flexible terms
Resources (DNR) values the importance of programs that
promote hunter education. A Plus Archery used the grant Call us at (800) 924-0022, or conveniently
to purchase youth target bows, compound bows, youth
crossbows and all the equipment needed to hold archery apply online at

The site for the archery classes is the indoor archery range at Federally
the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire. The UWEC archery insured
range is located in the basement of the Hilltop Center. A by NCUA
Plus Archery has welcomed over 75 students to the Beginner
Archery Class since October. After a student completes the 826178 3-12-17
introduction class they may then join the Advanced Archery
Class. The Advanced Class focuses on consistency and
improves the aim of the shooters through a variety of target
games such as Tic Tac Toe, Archery Golf, Archery Bowling
and shooting balloons.

The owner and lead archery instructor is Chad Frase. Mr. Lessons
Frase has worked for the Eau Claire Area School District
since 2002. Chad published his first book, Scouting UWEC Indoor Archery Range
Whitetails: Outdoor Activities for Kids, in 2011. He is a
certified NASP Archery Instructor and teaches archery • Youth Classes
lessons to students ages 8-17. He also holds adult archery • Explore Bowhunting
classes at UWEC. • Adult Classes
• Archery Tournaments
March 28 will be the first round of the Explore Bowhunting
Workshops. This workshop will meet 5 times and focus on Email/text/or call for dates and times
hunting deer, turkeys, and also the sport of bowfishing. The
students will learn to shoot target bows, compound bows [email protected]
and a youth crossbow at paper and 3D animal targets. All
archery equipment will be provided. The students will 715-533-3509
receive a workbook full of outdoor activities to increase their
bowhunting knowledge. Parents are welcome to stay for the
class or drop off and pick up.

Please preregister today by email/text/phone call.
Visit our Facebook page: A+ Archery Lessons
Email us at [email protected]
You may also call Chad at 715-533-3509 for more information.

825955 03-12-17

825953 03-12-17

xx Getting Out Spring 2015G ettin g Out LSepardienrg- 2Te0l1e5g ram Leader- Telegram xx

Local shops can help bicyclists The Chippewa Valley always has been a pleasant place to ride a bicycle,
with quiet streets and back roads and relaxing scenery. In the last two
cut through the modern maze decades, with the addition of hundreds of miles of paved and unpaved
bike trails — and more planned — and bike lanes on streets, it’s become
of bike types and models, a great place to ride.
making sure customers ride The key to enjoying the area’s biking assets and culture, of course, is to
have a bike. Not just any bike but one that matches the type or types of
away feeling comfortable.

riding you enjoy. And a bike that fits your body to make trips down the
trail, to work, through the neighborhood or out in the country more

How does a person find the ideal bike? A great place to start is with
personal service at a local bike shop, and the region luckily has many
such shops, where purveyors have been fitting riders for decades.
With an explosion in recent years of bike types and styles, from high-end
racers to mountain bikes to around-town comfort bikes, a visit to a local
shop can ensure the bike you buy is the right bike for you.
“It’s important to buy a bike for the style of riding you intend to do,” said
Terry Hintz, owner of Eau Claire Bike & Sport, 403 Water St., Eau Claire.
“There’s pretty much something for everybody.”
Dave Flanagan, co-owner with Joe Wawrzaszek of Spring Street Sports,
12 W. Spring St., Chippewa Falls, agrees and says an equally important
aspect is making sure the bike fits your body.
“Fitting has become such a huge part of the industry. It’s one of our main
focuses and what we hang our hat on — customer service,” Flanagan
Hintz, Flanagan and their staffs can easily walk — and test-ride —
customers through the maze of bike types, models, handlebar positions,
tire sizes, gears, components, accessories and more because they’ve been
doing it for most of their lives. They also sell winter outdoor gear and
clothing and other outdoor recreation equipment.


In 1972 choosing a bike was simple. Schwinn made the Varsity,
Continental and Supersport in three colors with or without fenders,
Hintz said, and that was about it for selection.
These days, Eau Claire Bike & Sport carries about 110 of Giant’s 195
models and fat-tire bikes made by Salsa. Spring Street Sports carries
more than 50 models of Trek and Specialized bikes. And they can get the
models they don’t carry.

Cont. on page 19

Getting Out Spring 2017 Leader-Telegram 17

SPONSORED CONTENT IFs OamurilBy Fusuinness
Now Taking
The Power of Steel Reservations
Article provided by Excel Steel.
• Themed Weeks &
Daily Activities

• Free Wi-Fi

• Playground Seasonal
• Train Rides Sites Available

• Pool & Kiddie Pool

• Laser Tag

• Mini Golf

50483 Oak Grove Rd., Osseo, WI 54758 826067 • 3-12-17

715-597-2102 •

Excel Steel is a small family-run fabricating WE BUY ALL
shop located in Stanley, WI. Jim Lorenz started
the business 15 years ago and now includes his FIRE ARMS &
son who runs the plasma table, Everette doing
welding, along with Brenda working in the R E L AT E D
office and helping in the shop when needed.
They fix and repair equipment for customers COLLECTIBLES
along with fabricating items that you may
need. They currently have skid steer, grapple 2221 S. HASTINGS WAY, EAU CLAIRE, WI
and rock buckets in stock. You can locate
many items that have been made around their 715.835.2646 • GENERALCOIN.COM
hometown of Stanley at local businesses in the
form of benches, welcome signs, and various HOURS: MON-FRI 9-5 • SAT 10-4
yard decorations, along with many of the items
at the Stanley Boyd High School Football field. 824067_1-25-17
One can also have a fire ring or a deck railing

personalized for a one-
of-a kind creation.
Check out our
Facebook page for

additional pictures and
ideas of items we fabricate.

826168 03-12-17


xx Getting Out Spring 2017 Leader- Telegram

Cont. from page 17 on the market. “We tend to think of thanks to computer-aided-designs
less weight with carbon fiber, but it and high-tech engineering.
Giant, for example, makes a mountain also dampens road shock and makes “The last 10 years for sure, across the
bike designed only for riding down for a much better ride,” Flanagan said. board, the fit of bikes is much better,”
a steep mountain. Hintz has one Flanagan said.
in stock, even though the nearest Most bikes are 24 speeds. With index After frame size is determined,
mountain trail may be in Colorado. shifting at the press of a thumb, riders adjustments are made to the seat —
“Now there are so many choices out easily can transition to different gears height and distance from handlebars
there that trying to make the right as the terrain changes, allowing them — and to the position of the
decision can be a little overwhelming. to maintain a steady rhythm and handlebars.
We try to zero in on what people are cover more ground with less effort. The perfect seat and handlebar height
going to do,” Flanagan said. and right amount of reach and back
Most bike models fall into five “Bikes today are lighter and have position varies from rider to rider. “If
categories, starting at about $400 and better components,” Flanagan added. people are comfortable, they’ll ride
rising well into the thousands: Road, more,” Flanagan said.
hybrid, comfort, mountain and fat The bicycling industry even has an The real joy in selling bikes is seeing
tire bike, the latter generally for going answer for bikers who are having customers enjoying them, Hintz said.
through snow. trouble climbing hills or other “It’s really fun four months later when
Road bikes, lighter and designed for issues— e-bikes, which come with a customer comes in and says their
speed, have smooth 1-inch tires and a motor that kicks in and provides bike was a good choice, they’re having
drop-style handlebars; they look like “some assistance” when it senses the fun, feel better or lost 10 pounds.
the bikes professional cyclists use. rider needs it. E-bikes start at about They’re living a healthier lifestyle and
Hybrid bikes, with straight $1,600 for a kit and $2,500 for a fully having a positive experience,” Hintz
handlebars, have 1½-inch tires and assembled model, Flanagan said. said.
work well on the road and paved or Eau Claire Bike & Sport and Spring
unpaved trails. “Cycling is cross-training for a lot Street Sports take trade-ins, sell used
Comfort bikes have 2-inch tires and of people. It’s not that hard on your bikes and service the bikes they sell.
raised handlebars, best for leisurely joints, and you can do it into your They also sell children’s bikes.
riding around town. 90s,” Flanagan added. The shops have all the accessories
Heavy-duty, gnarly mountain bikes — Flanagan refers to them as
have knobby tires for dirt-trail riding Eau Claire Bike & Sport and Spring “necessities” — that go with bikes,
or racing and come with suspension Street Sports don’t just allow test such as helmets, lights, gloves,
systems to help absorb the bumps. rides, they encourage full test rides to computers to monitor speed and
“All the bikes have options with tires. make sure customers are comfortable distance, jerseys and padded shorts,
You can fine-tune them to a person’s with the type of bike and how it fits. locks and water bottles.
riding style,” Hintz said, such as Accessories have gone high-tech too.
putting a road bike tire on a hybrid. BIKE FIT One new flashing tail light by Garmin
Most bikes are made with aluminum turns on by itself during the daytime
frames and a little steel, making them Once a customer determines the type when a car approaches from behind.
significantly lighter than the all-steel of bike he or she needs — yes, there It also beeps when a car approaches
frames of decades ago. A road bike still are female models although not from behind and has an icon on the
can weigh as little as 15 pounds and a necessarily defined by no cross bar — handlebar to track the position of the
comfort bike up to 34. Old 10-speed then it’s time to tailor the bike to fit car.
Schwinns weighed 50 pounds or the person.
more. Poling is a freelance writer from Eau Claire.
The most expensive bikes have carbon To do this, first a frame size is chosen
fiber frames, making them the lightest to match the person’s stature. If the
frame has a straight cross bar, the
rider should be able to straddle it
comfortably while standing.

Many newer frames are geometric,
however, with angled crossbars,

Getting Out Spring 2017 Leader-Telegram 19

Note: Some information my be subject to change. Always check with the Department of Natural Resources for updates before taking the field.


Archery & Crossbow: Sept. 16-Jan. 7, 2018 Deer Small game

Youth deer hunt: Oct. 7-8 Cottontail rabbit: Northern zone: Sept. 16, Feb. 28, 2018;
Gun hunt for hunters with disabilities:* Oct. 1-9 Southern zone: Oct. 14 (9 a.m.)-Feb. 28, 2018
Gun: Nov. 18-26 Muzzleloader: Nov. 27-Dec. 6 Squirrels (gray & fox): Statewide Sept. 16-Jan. 31, 2018

Statewide antlerless hunt: Dec. 7-10 Other furbearers

* This is not a statewide season. Coyote: Hunting, continuous Fisher: Trapping only, various
open season; Trapping, Oct. zones, Oct. 14-Dec. 31.
Wild turkey 14-Feb. 15, 2018. Otter: Trapping only, North
Fox, red & gray: Hunting & zone, Nov. 4-April 30, 2018;
Youth turkey hunt: April 15-16 trapping, Oct. 14-Feb. 15, 2018. Central zone, Nov. 4-March
Open Turkey Hunt, Spring: Period A, April 19-25; Period B, Beaver: Trapping only, Zone A, 31, 2018; Southern zone, Nov.
April 26-May 2; Period C, May 3-9; Period D, May 10-16; Period Nov. 4-April 30, 2018; Zone B, 4-March 31, 2018.
E, May 17-23; Period F, May 24-30; Fall: Zones 1-5, Sept. 16-
Dec. 31; Zones 6 & 7, Sept. 16–Nov. 17. 31

Other game birds Nov. 4-April 30, 2018; Zone Raccoon: Hunting and
C, Nov. 4-March 31, 2018; trapping, resident, Oct. 14-
Pheasant: Statewide, Oct. 14 (9 a.m.)-Dec. 31. Zone D, Day after duck season Feb. 15, 2018; Non-resident,
Bobwhite quail: Statewide, Oct. 14 (9 a.m.)-Dec. 6. closes to March 15, 2018. Nov. 4-Feb. 15, 2018.
Sharp-tailed grouse: Season under review. Mink & muskrat: Trapping only, Opossum, skunk, weasel and
Ruffed grouse: Zone A, Sept. 16-Jan. 31, 2018; Zone B, Oct. 14-Dec. 8. statewide, Oct. 28-March 4, snowshoe hare: No season
Hungarian partridge: Statewide (closed in Clark, Marathon and 2018; Mississippi River zone, limits, bag limits, size limits or
Taylor counties), Oct. 14 (9 a.m.)-Dec. 31. opens day after duck season possession limits, but a license
Crow: Statewide, Jan. 18-March 20; Sept. 16 - Nov. 16; Jan. closes or Nov. 13, whichever is required.
18-March 20, 2018. comes first-March 4, 2018.
Woodcock: Statewide, Sept. 23-Nov. 6. Bobcat: Hunting and trapping,
Mourning dove: Statewide, Sept. 1-Nov. 29. Period 1, Oct. 14-Dec. 25;

Waterfowl Period 2, Dec. 26-Jan. 31,
Early Canada goose season: Statewide, Sept. 1 – 15. Become a

(Early Teal and regular waterfowl seasons TBD.)

FISHING (dates inclusive) MMuasyky6--DSeocu.th3e1rn zone Member

Early inland trout Smallmouth bass Northern pike AffordableAnnual TODAY!
Northern zone, catch and release
J(acant.ch7 a(n5dar.mele.a)-sMe) ay 5 May 6-March 4, 2018 memberships with
May 6-June 16 great benefits.
General inland trout Walleye
Smallmouth bass Connect
May 6 (5 a.m.)-Oct. 15 May 6-March 4, 2018 with
JNuonreth1er7n-Mzoanrechha4rv, e2s0t 18 nature
General inland fishing Large & smallmouth bass - Southern zone Lake sturgeon
May 6-March 4, 2018 every day.
May 6-March 4, 2018 MMuasyky27--NNoortvh. e3r0n zone Sept. 2-Sept. 30 (hook-and-line)
Largemouth bass Free fishing weekends

NMoaryth6e-rMn zaornceh 4, 2018 JJuann.e230--42,12,021071(8su(wmimnteerr))

826145 3-12-17


Thinking of buying a few acres or selling many?

Give Chris a call today!

/RQJ /DNH 2I¿FH 2000 17th Ave,
27402 State Hwy 40 ‡ Dunn ‡ Chippewa ‡ Rusk ‡ Barron & Surrounding Counties
New Auburn WI 54757 Suite A
Bloomer WI 54724

40 Getting Out Spring 2016 Leader-Telegram

403 Water Street Your go-to directory for all
715.832.6149 Chippewa River Campground things outdoors, to be a part of Cornell, Wisconsin this grouping call
Located along scenic Hwy 178, 3 miles south
826116 • 3-12-17 715-830-5823
of Cornell, WI - on the Chippewa River
• Spacious Seasonal Lots

• Full Sewer and Water Hook-Ups
• Metered Electric

• Nearby to Biking and ATV Trails

826156 3-12-17



Your local source for RV rentals in Northwestern WI MIKE’S Heimstead Plaza • Eau Claire
715-552-3842 826005 3-12-17


[email protected]

Fall Creek, WI •Camping PRESSURE WASH
•Music Festivals
•Family Reunions
•Trail Rides Store Closing
826003 •Visiting friends & family
3-12-17 Liquidation Sale
Also RV winterizing and on-site repair!
CAMPGROUNDS COINS Enjoy your outdoor activities!
JEWELRY Let us get everything ready
for the season.
New - Used - Antique
Cabins Campers
715-832-0075 RVs Decks
Docks Roofs
Spring/Summer Fall/Winter Gutters
April - August September - March

Monday - Friday: 9:30-5:30 Tuesday - Friday: 9:30-5:30

Saturday: 9:30-5:00

826015 3-12-17

PAar1Fka9mS6i4nilcye $1 off 12” or Free Estimates
$2 off 16”
Handmade Pizza
w/ad in 2017 First Rate Sales & Repair Service

Every Weekend is Spectacular! 826137 Since 2000 715-832-4270
RV RFOUBMT t $BCJO Rentals 3-12-17 “We Aim To Please” [email protected]

14912 105th Ave. t $IJQQewa Falls Call 715-597-3535, Osseo,WI
t DBNQPDD DPN 825411 • 3-12-17
Email: [email protected]
G O h826124 3-12-17

826134 03-12-17 ut Of the Ouse

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