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Homefront | Winter 2018

Homefront | Winter 2018

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homefrontHOME&GARDEN SOLUTIONS&PROJECTS Leader-Telegram Magazine
Winter 2018
for the HolidaysTIPS &TRICKS
Mto mearkeryyou&r holidays

HoTlhiidsay Season.

Est. 1978 Professionally designed and
installed holiday lighting.
Christmas Decor Take a break and enjoy the holiday season.
Our service will create a truly unique light
display and set your home apart from the
rest with none of the hassle or hazard of
putting up your own lights.

2 HomeFront Winter 2018 Leader- Telegram

4 holiday lights POWERING THE
Holiday light safety
Cash in on 2018 Energy
6 holiday treats Ef ciency Incentives!

Baking shortcuts Members have earned thousands of dollars in
energy efficiency incentives through Eau Claire
7 holiday hosting Energy Cooperative and Focus on Energy. The
year 2018 should be no different. We want to
Tips to simplify help you control your energy costs by helping
holiday hosting you make your home as energy
efficient as possible…and help
10 holiday decor you cash in on the incentives.

Tree-trimming Further information is available
tips & techniques at or by
calling us at 715-832-1603.
11 holiday giving

Gift wrapping
tips & tricks

14 holiday cheer

Wassail recipe

Graphic Designer Next issue: April 2019 PO Box 367 Fall Creek, WI 54742
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hollidigayhts sponsored content


Often awe-inspiring, holiday lighting displays present a perfect
opportunity for communities and individuals to showcase their
festive sides.

Safety should always be a priority when stringing Employ the buddy system. When
holiday lights both inside and outside a home. e stringing lights, always work with at least one other
National Fire Protection Association notes that, person. is makes it safe for homeowners who must
between 2009 and 2014, re departments responded climb ladders to string lights on especially tall trees
to home res that started with Christmas trees an and/or on their home exteriors.
average of 210 times annually. Lighting displays Avoid working in inclement
strung on home exteriors can also pose safety risks. weather. e weather during the holiday season
Homeowners can use various strategies to safely can sometimes be unpleasant or unpredictable.
decorate their homes’ interiors and exteriors this Check the forecast before stringing exterior lights
holiday season. to ensure Mother Nature won’t pose a threat. Avoid
Choose a fresh tree. e NFPA hanging lights if the forecast predicts wet, icy or
recommends celebrants who prefer natural windy conditions that can make ladders unstable.
Christmas trees choose ones with fresh, green Turn lights off when going to bed
needles that do not fall o when touched. Dry trees and/or leaving the house. Interior and
are more likely to catch re. Adding water to the tree exterior holiday lights should not be left on when
stand each day will keep trees fresher longer. When no one is home or everyone inside is sleeping. If left
placing the tree, avoid heat sources, making sure it on overnight or when no one is home, lights may
is at least three feet away from replaces, radiators, contribute to res that damage homes and may even
candles, heat vents, or lights. prove fatal.
Check all lights before stringing Following some simple safety procedures when
them. All lights, inside and outside, should be decorating can ensure everyone enjoys a safe and
inspected prior to being strung. Look for any worn or happy holiday season.
broken cords and replace any defected lights.

4 HomeFront Winter 2018 Leader- Telegram

Recognize the signs of hollidigayhts

HYPOTHERMIA e arrival of cold weather provides
opportunities to romp in the snow, ski the
LEeDbenHe OtsLoIfDAY LIGHTS slopes or enjoy an afternoon ice skating on
a frozen pond. But spending time outdoors
LED holiday lights provide a more user- and eco- in the cold can result in a serious health
friendly alternative to traditional incandescent condition known as hypothermia.
bulbs. According to the O ce of Energy E ciency Hypothermia is de ned as a potentially
& Renewable Energy, the following are some of the dangerous decrease in body temperature
attributes that make LED holiday lights a superior usually caused by prolonged exposure to
alternative to traditional incandescent bulbs. cold conditions. WebMD says normal body
Safety: LED lights burn a lot cooler than traditional temperature is 98.6 F (37 C), and hypothermia
incandescent lights, reducing the risk of combustion. begins when body temperature falls below 95
And because they burn cool, they also reduce the F (35 C).
risk of burnt ngers. Early symptoms of hypothermia include
Sturdiness: Because they’re made with epoxy lenses shivering, fast breathing, cold and pale skin,
and not glass like traditional incandescent bulbs, tiredness, confusion, and slurred speech.
LED holiday lights are less likely to break. at can As body temperatures drop, shivering may
be especially bene cial to people with pets who stop and a person may faint. If left untreated,
might bump into the family Christmas tree. hypothermia may lead to cardiac and
Longevity: LED lights are initially more expensive respiratory arrest.
than more traditional lights. However, the OEERE To prevent hypothermia, health experts
notes that lights bought today may still be in use advise remembering the acronym COLD:
40 holiday seasons from now. at longevity makes Cover, Overexertion, Layers, Dry.
them well worth the higher initial investment. Cover: Wear protective coverings,
Ease of installation: LED lights are easily installed, including mittens and hats, to prevent body
and the OEERE says as many as 25 strings of LEDs heat from escaping through the extremities.
can be connected end-to-end without overloading a Overexertion: Avoid activities that
wall socket. at can ease the nerves of homeowners cause sweating. Together, wet clothing and
concerned about the potential hazards of elaborate perspiration can cause the body to lose heat
holiday lighting displays. more quickly.
Energy savings: LED lights consume considerably Layers: Loose- tting, layered clothing
less energy than incandescent lights, saving can o er protection from the cold and wind.
homeowners money on their energy bills, which Wool, silk or polypropylene insulate more
can skyrocket in December thanks to interior and e ectively than cotton.
exterior holiday lighting displays using incandescent Dry: Remaining as dry as possible is
lights. In fact, the OEERE estimates that, by 2027, essential. is includes getting out of wet
widespread use of LED lights could save consumers clothing promptly.
more than $30 billion at today’s electricity prices. Children and the elderly may need to wear
an extra layer or two than healthy adults
would wear in the same conditions. Drivers
should bring along blankets and emergency
supplies in the event a car breaks down in
cold weather.
Hypothermia is a risk any time of the year,
but particularly when the weather grows
chilly. Taking precautions to stay warm and
dry, and knowing the signs of a drop in body
temperature, can help individuals stay safe.

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hotlidraeyats sponsored content

BAKING ‘Tis the season for baking cookies, cakes and
SHORTCUTS other treats. Holiday baking doesn’t have to add
to seasonal stress. With these tips and shortcuts,
there will be plenty of sweet treats for the family.

Although holiday bakers may want to branch out a
bit with their culinary creativity, recipes that have
previously been prepared with great success can take
some of the work out of holiday baking. Preparing
recipes you recall preparing in the past is much easier
than trying something new. If you’d like, add sparkle to
old standards, such as decorating oatmeal or chocolate
chip cookies with colored sprinkles.

Did you know that cookies were originally made to
test oven temperatures? Culinary historians say that
cookies were rst made to test if an oven was hot
enough to bake other goods. Today, cookies can be
whipped up in mere minutes. Make a batch of dough
and then freeze or refrigerate it, thawing it when the
time comes to bake. Also, think about baking one day
and decorating the next if pressed for time.

Icing can be tricky to master. Simply heating colored
candy melts and pouring over cakes or painting onto
cookies can add festive appeal to desserts. Candy
melts even come in many di erent colors and can be
combined to achieve the tint desired.

Subsidized Housing — One-Bedroom Apartments KEEP INGREDIENTS IN TOP FORM
Don’t let poorly performing ingredients or a lack of
We Offer:  On-Site Manager and Maintenance supplies be your undoing. Butter can be softened
 Income-Based Rents  Coin-Operated Laundry Facilities quickly in the microwave when needed for recipes.
 No Asset Limits  Bus Stop Nearby Eggs can be brought to room temperature by allowing
 Rents Based on 30% of Income  Card-Access Security Entrances them to sit in a bowl of warm water. Ensure that brown
 Heat, Garbage, Water and Sewer  Off-Street Private Parking sugar stays soft by putting a piece of sliced bread in
 Vending Machines the container. Don’t forget to stock up on other baking
Included  Pets Allowed with Restrictions staples, such as vanilla and almond extracts, baking
 Tenant-Driven Activities  On-Site Beauty Salon powder/soda, molasses, and confectioner’s sugar.
 Emergency Pull Stations in Every  Community Room
Apartment with Direct Link to City Not all recipes need to be made from scratch. Boxed
Fire and Ambulance cake mixes can be embellished and turned into
delicious desserts without much fuss. Substitute
Handicapped-Accessible Apartments Available melted butter for oil, buttermilk for water, and add an
extra egg for a rich cake. Mix in chocolate chips or nuts
HUD Subsidized Rent for Low-Income 901 S. Farwell St. or experiment with garnishes for a festive look.
Persons 55 or Over OR Disabled Eau Claire, WI 54701
For Applications, Contact the Line cookie sheets or cake pans with parchment paper
Housing Authority of the for easy dessert release and quick cleanup. Parchment
City of Eau Claire paper and even foil can help lift cakes or cookie bars
715-839-4943 out of pans so they look neat and do not stick.

Tours Available Holiday baking can be made much easier by employing
Call for an Appointment a few tricks of the trade.



6 HomeFront Winter 2018 Leader- Telegram



Hosting family and friends for the holidays guests to show how much they appreciate the
is a tall task. According to the Bureau hospitality of their hosts.
of Transportation Statistics, during the Plan a night out. In lieu of cooking at home, dine
Christmas/New Year holiday period, the out at an a ordable, family-friendly restaurant before
number of long-distance trips increases by 23 taking everyone to a local holiday light display or
percent compared to the rest of the year. bazaar. is gets everyone out of the house and
Holiday hosting can make an already hectic allows hosts to showcase their hometown pride.
time of year that much busier, as hosts must Rotate hosting duties. e holiday season is full
prepare their homes for guests in the midst of of traditions, and some hosts may feel beholden
holiday shopping excursions, o ce Christmas to tradition and o er to host each year. But family
parties and social engagements around the traditions are about getting together, not about
neighborhood and at kids’ schools. getting together in a particular place each year.
Holiday hosting does not have to run hosts ragged in Families who rotate hosting duties each year can
the days leading up to guests’ arrival. e following ensure one member of the family does not feel
are a handful of ways to simplify holiday hosting. overwhelmed time and time again. And sharing
Plan menus well in advance of guests’ arrival. hosting duties means someone new gets to avoid the
Hosts who plan their holiday menus in advance hectic holiday traveling season each year.
can get started on prep work several weeks before
guests arrive. Choose dishes that can be prepared
in advance and then frozen, so dishes need only be
defrosted and cooked once guests arrive.
Let guests pitch in. Some hosts may feel obligated
to cater to all of their guests’ needs during the
holiday season. But many guests want to pitch in
any way they can. If guests o er to do some holiday
baking or take the family out for dinner during
their visits, allow them to do so. is takes a little
responsibility away from hosts while also allowing

City of Eau Claire Housing Division Type of Work: • Heating system replacement
Housing Rehabilitation Program • Roof and window replacement • Energy saving repairs
• Plumbing repairs or upgrading • Siding repairs or replacement
The City of Eau Claire Housing Division is taking applications for the • Electrical repairs or upgrading
Housing Rehabilitation Program. The Rehabilitation Program is federally • Carpentry repairs
funded and offers loans up to $20,000. This program is for homes in need
of repair, not for extensions or cosmetic renovations. Eligibility Requirements: HUD Income Guidelines:
For eligibility information and application • City of Eau Claire resident
call (715) 839-8294. • Assessed value not to exceed $146,500 1 $38,550
• Property a minimum of 25 years old 2 $44,050
The hearing impaired may contact this office by TDD at (715) 839-4943. • Owner Occupied (at least 1 year) 3 $49,550
If there are other specialized needs due to handicap, i.e. sign language 4 $55,050
interpreter, wheelchair accessibility, reader, please contact this office. 5 $59,500
• Good Credit History 6 $63,900
• HUD income guidelines apply 7 $68,300

8 $72,700 193101

HomeFront Winter 2018 Leader- Telegram 7

hohlidoasyting sponsored content

8wmsepnaaatyxecsiremttaoiizneing Holiday entertaining requires some
creativity when hosting in compact spaces.
Heating - Ventilation - Air Conditioning Up to
1 Put nonessential furniture and other
Serving the Chippewa Valley since 1922 $1,600 decor away. Push tables or large pieces
of furniture up against walls. Swap
Eau Claire 832-1691 System out armchairs for folding chairs. Stow
Chippewa Falls 723-7592 Rebate knickknacks in bedrooms or in closets.

When you purchase 2 Put benches and wide ledges to use. Narrow
and install qualifying benches, such as those common to picnic
tables, can seat three or four comfortably.
Lennox equipment Do not discount deep window ledges as
potential seats, as these areas can be made
Purchase and Install more comfortable with pillows or cushions.
by 11/23/18
3 Skip a sit-down meal. Large tables take up
Comfort for a lifetime. FREE a lot of space, so serve a bu et, tapas or
passed hors d’oeuvres so guests mix and
24 Hour Emergency Service 4 Spread out refreshments. Avoid bottlenecks
in common areas by putting food, beverages
Residential Furnaces Boilers Installation and other items in various locations. Fill
Commercial up the kitchen sink with ice and make it an
Air Conditioners Geothermal oversized beverage cooler.

Preventive Maintenance Indoor Air Quality In-Floor Heating 5 Collapse tables after meals. If a sit-down
dinner is the goal, set up tables accordingly.
Of Radon600788_ 8-22-10 en break down the tables afterward.
Serve small desserts that can be easily
Mitigation transported from room to room.

System Use all available surfaces, including islands
and countertops. When entertaining a lot Offer Good Thru 11/23/18
6 of guests, set up an all-purpose counter
10954 E. Melby Street [Between Eau Claire & Chippewa Falls] island and add barstools. is can be an
area for food prep, eating and entertaining.
843095_11-11-17 Invest in some sturdy serving trays that
can be placed on television stands, upright
speakers, ottomans, or even wooden crates.
is will increase the amount of room you
have to serve and store items.

7 Create conversation areas. Encourage
guests to spread out by setting up intimate
spots in various rooms. Bistro tables in
a den, a few oor pillows in front of the
replace and stools by a kitchen island will
create conversation areas.

8 Expand outside, if possible. Rent a tent that
can be warmed with a space heater. If your
home has a closed-in porch or patio space,
cover screens with insulating plastic to
create a comfortable added room.

8 HomeFront Winter 2018 Leader- Telegram

sponsored content hodlideaycor

GHeOt cMraEftMy wAitDh E

Handmade gifts, trinkets and treats
help make the holiday season special.
Ornaments and decorations are one
such idea. Here are some clever and,
not-too-time-consuming craft projects
to try this holiday season.

Popcorn garland: Garland made of popcorn is a Wooden snow akes: Have children collect small
classic handmade holiday project. For a new twist, twigs from outdoors, as well as holly leaves and some
toss the popcorn with food coloring and allow it to sprigs of evergreen. Arrange similarly sized twigs in
dry before stringing for some bright color on the tree. the shape of snow akes and glue together, or tie with
Photo ornaments: Print out several di erent photos twine. Embellish with stickers, glitter, dried berries,
that you love. Purchase round or square thin wood and more.
pieces from a craft store and attach the photos with Dough ornaments: Anyone can have fun molding
Mod Podge¨. When dry, drill a hole through the top their own ornaments, letting them dry and then
and thread with twine. painting them. Use cookie cutters to get perfect
Advent calendar: Make an Advent calendar to holiday shapes. Craft stores sell various types of
count down to Christmas by covering a foam board modeling clays and lightweight modeling materials.
with fabric. Use paper tags or small ornaments and Or, make your own salt dough.
write a number on each for each day of the month. Sweet sentiments: Use old Scrabble¨ letter tiles to
Hang these all from the board. As each day passes, form a favorite holiday phrase, like ‘Joy to the World.’
move the tag or ornament to the tree. Glue the tiles together and hang from the tree on a
piece of ribbon.

A DIVISION OF Your One Stop Shop
Gas • Wood • Electric
Since 1964
Residential • Commercial

We Service ALL Brands Of
Fireplaces And Stoves PLUS Offer
Stonework And Chimney Maintenance

1225 Truax Blvd., Eau Claire 715.836. 8372

HomeFront Winter 2018 Leader- Telegram 9


trimmtrieneg- Long before the spread of Christianity, evergreen
plants and trees held special meaning for people
TIPS & TECHNIQUES during the winter. Boughs and garlands were hung
in homes and over doors and windows to repel evil
We Offer: spirits and illnesses.

Income-Based Rent Germans who decorated trees inside of their homes
are credited with starting Christian Christmas tree
No Asset Limit traditions during the 16th century. Early Americans
were late to adopt Christmas trees because early
One-Bedroom Apts. Puritan settlers thought the tradition — as well as
carols and other concepts — were Pagan in uences.
HUD Subsidized Rent Pets Allowed with Restrictions It took the popularity of England’s Queen Victoria
for Low Income Persons Secured Building/Security and her German Prince Albert appearing around
55 or Over OR Disabled Entrance a decorated Christmas tree to eventually win over
Emergency Call System much of Europe, Canada and the United States.
300 William St. Coin-Operated Laundry Facilities
Eau Claire, WI 54703 Tenant-Driven Activities According to StatisticsBrain, 10 million arti cial trees
Community Room are sold in the United States each year, while 34.5
For Applications, Contact the Cable-Ready Outlets million real tress are sold annually. Such trees require
Housing Authority of the Air Conditioners Provided decorating, and the following secrets and tips can
City of Eau Claire Garbage and Water Included help celebrants do just that.
(715) 839-4943 Elevator Service
On-Site Maintenance • Prune the tree rst. Be sure to shape the tree as
Tours Available Off-Street Private Parking desired. Wear gardening gloves to avoid being
Call for an Appointment covered in sap.

(715) 839-8610524 • Position trees away from heat sources which can
cause the tree to dry out prematurely and become a
Handicapped Accessible Apartments Available re risk.

• For added safety, anchor a tree to a wall or ceiling, so
it will not tumble over onto children or curious pets.

• In homage of the rst German Christmas trees,
decorate with natural ingredients, such as berries and

• To free up more space for presents, place a narrow
tree stand inside of a waterproof planting container.
Place the tree inside. is will provide a more
streamlined look that’s neater than a tree skirt.

• e more lights the better, especially on dense trees.
• For a whimsical approach, match the tree decor to

home decor and the color of furniture.
• Make handcrafted ornaments with the

whole family.
• Hang the most delicate pieces toward

the top where they won’t be disturbed.
• Step back and enjoy your handiwork,

which will also give you a chance
to nd any blank spots that
need lling in.

10 HomeFront Winter 2018 193129 • 8-11-18

Leader- Telegram

sponsored content hoglidiavying


Much of the focus of each holiday season is on gift-giving, but all those gifts will eventually
need to be wrapped. Stacks of presents just waiting to be covered with paper and ribbon
can overwhelm gift givers, prompting them to put o wrapping gifts until the last minute.
Hesitant wrappers with a pile of gifts to wrap can use these tricks to make the process go


Instead of looking at wrapping as yet another chore, Devote a bin or bins to wrapping supplies and tools.
try to envision how the recipient will feel peeling Having scissors, paper, tape, ribbon, and more in a
open the paper and nding the gift inside. Wrapping designated spot will cut down on having to hunt and
can be the prelude to the gift itself, and intensify the peck when it comes time to wrap. Martha Stewart
anticipation. e wrapping paper or style also may suggests getting a rotary cutter to cut long straight or
draw on aspects of the gift itself. For example, a knit decorative edges on wrapping paper. Rotary cutters
scarf can be placed in a crocheted stocking. may be easier to use than scissors, especially when
paired with a ruler.
Wrapping rectangular boxes can be a snap, but what
about something that’s round or full of angles? ink Devote a table or counter to wrapping gifts. is
about placing oddly-shaped items inside another will keep the paper taut and neat and make it easier
item to make the shape more uniform. Shoe boxes, to cut and position. You risk tearing the paper or
co ee cans and even paper towel rolls can hold puncturing it when working on carpeting or bedding.
items. en place the wrapping on these containers.
It’s easy to visualize who gets what gift when each
To enable easy exchanges or returns, do not cut o recipient has his or her own special wrapping paper.
the price tags of gifts. Instead, place a festive sticker
over the dollar amount, but leave the scan bar is is also a handy idea when wrapping gifts from
visible. is way the gift recipient can return the gift Santa, as it will di erentiate the Santa gifts from the
with ease if necessary. ones being given by Mom and Dad.

With a few helpful pointers, wrapping gifts can
be easy. And for those who prefer to skip the
wrapping themselves, many malls and retailers o er
complimentary wrapping for a small donation to

HomeFront Winter 2018 Leader- Telegram 11


gift ideas Books: Books are often overlooked, especially now that so many use e-readers. But
books can be an ideal gift and especially convenient.
24 Hour Service – All Brands For example, Amazon, which has thousands of
e-books in its online library, makes it easy for
750000_8-15-14 shoppers to gift e-books to Kindle users, who will
193489 • 8-11-18 simply receive an email on Christmas morning
informing them that their books are ready to be
downloaded to their devices.

Insured. On Time. On Budget. Experiences: A 2017 survey by the
Professionally Trained.
global research firm NPD Group found that roughly
Homes • Decks • Concrete 40 percent of holiday shoppers planned to give
experiences as gifts last year. Experience gifts open
GUTTER 10% up a host of possibilities on what to give those loved
ones who seemingly have it all.
COUPON Food/beverage: Television
channels such as The Food Network have changed
715-832-4270 the way many people look at food. When gifting the
[email protected] family foodie, you may not need to look further than the latest hotspot restaurant or specialty grocery
store for the perfect gift. Take them out for a night
on the town or give a gift card they can use at their
convenience. The craft beer boom has created a host
of devoted and
IS YOUR HOME IN NEED OF beer drinkers,

à Alside Siding Products and growler from
Simonton Windows
à Superior quality installation a local craft
brewery is sure
for over 50 years to please people
à Hundreds of satisfied customers
in the Eau Claire area.
who love hoisting
Put your home in the hands frosty pints.
of people you can trust. | 715.834.3915

Eric Jentlie

1520 West Vine Street, Eau Claire

12 HomeFront Winter 2018 Leader- Telegram


Enjoy sales all season long
on holiday décor, gift items

and home accessories.
In-stock and custom order

furniture also on sale!

Eau Claire, WI

HomeFront Winter 2018 Leader- Telegram 13

hoclidhayeer sponsored content

warmth for Serves 8 to 10 8 whole cloves
the holidays 4 cinnamon sticks
½ g. apple cider 1 c. orange juice
wassail 2 c. orange juice or Whiskey, if desired
Wassail is a hot, mulled cider that
was traditionally consumed while pineapple juice
wassailing, a ritual of Medieval ¼ c. lemon juice
English Christmas and Twelfth
Night celebrations. Add all ingredients to a large pot over
Wassail can be made in many medium heat. Allow to boil. Reduce
di erent ways, but cider is an and simmer for 30 to 45 minutes. Strain
integral ingredient in most out the cloves and cinnamon sticks.
wassail recipes. Home cocktail For an alcoholic drink, add whiskey to
creators can use this basic recipe desired taste.
and modify as they see t.

Wassail is traditionally served
out of a communal punch bowl,

but can also be presented in
individual mugs garnished with

cinnamon sticks.

14 HomeFront Winter 2018 Leader- Telegram



Since 1975 Hank’s ECONOLAWN

CENTRAL VACUUMS Furniture Residential &
&Carpeting Commercial
Vacuflo, Hide-A-Hose, Snow Plowing &
M.D. Mfg., Vantage Vac, Quality Home Furnishings Since 1955 Snow Blowing
Whirlpool, Sand & Ice Melt
Kenmore, 715-669-5331 • 800-236-4265 Applications
Sears, 104 S. Washington Street Free Estimates!
Flo-Lite, Thorp, WI 54771
Others Office: 715-533-8155
FREE DELIVERY Cell: 715-828-1130
715-559-andy Stop and See Why Hank’s Comes So
Highly Recommended By Their Customers!
[email protected]
Bedroom • Dining • Sofas
Recliners • Sectionals

La-Z-Boy • Flexsteel • Sealy • Shaw
Mohawk & MUCH MUCH MORE!!!

Mon., Tues., Wed., Fri.: 9 am - 5:30 pm
Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
Saturday: 9:00 am - Noon


FREE info@ec-insula
PHONE: 715-832-6927
▪ Windows & Doors
▪ Gu ers
▪ Ba ed & Blown Walls
Quality ▪ Blown A cs
Workmanship ▪ Insula on Removal
& Materials
Guaranteed ▪ Home Performance Assessment
~ Since 1988
193400 • 8-11-18 Proud to partner with Focus on Energy. 193591 8-11-18
Price is what you pay,

(715) 644-2777 113 InSdtuasntlreiya,lWPaIrk Rd,

HomeFront Winter 2018 Leader- Telegram 15

One Call Does it all


• Everlast Composite • WMAOCneuainddrrdveaOiorr•••nswwMPOAeanunanLnrdrTvieeOnrirwWniespienlnenTdroPiwpalenLeine
• EverSlaisdting • Edco Steel •
Co•mLpPosiStemSaidritnSgide• Mastic Vinyl •
• LP•• SMEmdaarcstoSticiSdeVteineyl l • Cedar •

rwArAoosesooafafciiGnanGgAngFAcpocCFnroeotCrnrtmateifcririaetstodciefrti,oewdre, • K-•GuKa-rGd uard L•eGauftFterer eArmour On Any
ictawnipllrobmeistehiet wlailsl bte • 5SGLGe”euu•••aa&ttfttmC5GGGSee6Fl”rr”eleruuuoeSS&satttgetttyysmeee6ssFrrrttl”eeerASSSemmsryyeesmssa•GttHoeemHGSCuuommeluoolraoaeaogmrdrdsaaFslnenretsteeeseedd Listed
rtohoeflaysot ruoowfiyllouevweilrl Project*
beuveyr, bguuya, graunartaenetdeed
iinn wwrrititiningg! ! *Some restrictions
apply. Excludes
• Composite Insurance Claims, Sun
Rooms, 3 & 4 Season
• • Cedar Rooms, Landscaping,
• CCeodm•aproGsitreeen Garages and Sheds.
Not valid with any
• GAGlrluae••smesninRAGTuarmiellliuanaRtgmeassdilsiningRsuamiliRngailings other offer. Present
• this coupon at time
• of estimate to receive
this offer. Present
PORCH WINDOWS this coupon at time
& SUNROOMS of estimate to receive
this offer. RT17 Offer
• Mo•re DGMTulahrsoasabrlene Durable expires: 01/31/19.

• 3Sc&r••e4eSn3SeRac&osrooemn4esRonSomeRsaosoomn sRoomsLocal Dealer

••••••••• RPSMoaoSRPMEuvfclaodotcuekvsfgchlrtccekssinahrcsgpaepses BRWOeouatuttadeldiorneoFi••••rnreWgaLBROSStiaWvuotpelualiarsnuattelmadlgclssdioenpeosienrrdgWLCWiavolialnnslgclsre•••• tAFGSeitcrraaie••••dmypSiBptFAFFCtseriialcoorrdaieeionndtCppwmceoSlidroateenstrdcCactkeeoriCnesnoetcnedrcerteete

•• EdPgoinngds Spaces• Gray Broomed • Fireplaces
••PoWnadtser Features Concrete • Flatwork

SHEDS Lifetime
• Free Delive•ryFree D•eInliHvoeursye Financing
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