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Her Impressions | Bridal and Health

Her Impressions | Bridal and Health

Keywords: bridal,health

Her Leader-Telegram Magazine
Fall 2017

Local • Vibrant • You!



themebracaing lternative
make your wedding your own

Permanenttattooed wedding bands



SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 2017 • 11AM - 3PM
Chippewa Valley Expo Center

5150 Old Mill Plaza Drive, Eau Claire

Tickets available at Gordy’s Markets, Eau Claire Leader-Telegram, Foreign 5, or
online at or
Tickets are $6 in advance or just $8 at the door.


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2 Leader-Telegram Fall 2017 Her impressions with Alice Rothbauer
with Kim Landry-Ayers

Organization tips for couples

get organizedplanning a wedding

Couples planning a wedding quickly Write things down. Whether you write things down the old-
realize just how challenging a task
that planning can be. From paring fashioned way in a notebook or jot down notes in a tablet, write down
down the guest list to arranging the your plans as you go. Write down important phone numbers, vendor
music to choosing a menu for the information and all the other details you’ll want instant access to.
It’s important that such notes are taken in something that’s portable,
reception, couples must make several allowing you to jot down notes immediately as opposed to forcing you
decisions when planning their big to remember until you arrive home.
Staying organized when planning Create a to-do list. A to-do list is another great way to stay
a wedding is no small task, as the
planning can be spread out over organized when planning your wedding. As you make certain
decisions, simply strike those tasks from the list. This way you will
several months or even more than a know which tasks you’ve polished off and which ones you still need to
year, making it difficult to keep track work on.

of what’s has and hasn’t been done. Create a wedding calendar. Keep a calendar devoted
The following are a few organization
tips that should help couples keep on specifically to the wedding. Include appointments with vendors and
information regarding payment schedules and other deadlines on
track when planning a wedding. this calendar. If you set any deadlines for yourself, such as when you
prefer to choose a band for the reception, jot these deadlines down on
the wedding calendar as well.

yToauker waeddidgiintagl. camera along when shopping for

Many couples want to explore their options
before making any decisions with regard to attire, floral bouquets
and other aspects of the wedding. But it can be difficult to
remember all of the things you might have seen throughout
the process. Bring a digital camera along when shopping so
you won’t have to rely strictly on memory when making your
final decisions. As you take pictures, upload them to your
computer so when the time comes to make a decision, those
photos are easily accessible.

Delegate certain tasks. Even couples that consider

themselves taskmasters can benefit from delegating some
tasks when planning a wedding. This can save you some
time and make it easier to keep track of everything. When
delegating, ask friends or family to handle those tasks that
don’t require a personal touch. For example, ask a best man
or maid of honor to arrange for guest transportation to and
from the airport. It’s not too much responsibility, but it’s one
less thing for busy couples to worry about.

Knight Rider Lmous

715-289-3434 •

839012 9-10-17 Reev yor a t! 837939
Leader-Telegram Fall 2017 Her impressions 3

contentsLocal • Vibrant • You!
C p6.ruarrzeenst
2017 TRENDS Lace, the color purple and
favorite desserts are in for

weddings this year

theembracaing lternative

Local couples modify wedding

p1. 2customs for a more personal touch


Husband reflects on highs

NFODofSIfReNNAerHaRAsOYeoOfnSLuWasPbelde p1. 6and lows of getting a tattooed

wedding band

p.20 Bridal Directory

839015 • 9-10-17

Phillip’s Shoes, Inc.

1425 S. Hastings Way • 715-832-6357

4 Leader-Telegram Summer 2017 Her impressions

Inspiration boards bring

get inspiredwedding plans to life

Making the wedding of your Inspiration boards, sometimes
dreams a reality may require referred to as idea boards, are
commonly used by interior
some creativity. It can be designers, artists, writers
challenging to organize all of and even wedding planners.
the creative ideas swimming Such boards can serve a great
purpose when starting a new
around in your head, but project, especially if all of your
inspiration boards may be creative ideas seem to lack
cohesion. Sometimes seeing
able to help. things together, rather than in
bits and pieces on their own,
can fuel even more creativity.

Cont. on pg 10

Leader-Telegram Fall 2017 Her impressions 5

Curarrzeens t
By Katie Venit
Brides and grooms are veering away from strict traditions as they
seek to infuse their personalities into their weddings through
individualized desserts, new styles of floral decorations and, of
course, fabulous fashion tweaked to meet their dreams.

Gal fashion At the Bridal Sweet, brides can glam up their gowns by
adding beaded pieces to the bust line and choosing the
The shift away from strapless dresses continues. color and lace pattern.
Nessa Bevins, a bridal consultant and part of the Bridal
Sweet team of Foreign 5 in Chippewa Falls has noticed Bevins has noticed a few other trends:
that off-the-shoulder and sleeved dresses are on trend this
year. More brides are opting for button-up backs.
She’s also seen more brides interested in illusion tops:
dresses with sheer fabric that covers the shoulder and Ball gowns are making a comeback while fit-and-flare and
arms, bringing up the actual neckline of a strapless dress. A-line styles remain popular.
Brides have been choosing more dresses with intricate
lacework, embroidery and embellishments. Many brides are straying from traditional white and ivory-
“Within the lace, we are now seeing double layers of colored fabrics.
lace that offer a delicate lace base with a second layer
accenting detailed appliques. Glitter tulle has stolen the Champagne, blush and light gold fabrics are reigning this
stage by adding an extra layer of glam to already stunning year.
gowns,” Bevins said.
As they have for a while, more brides are allowing
attendants to choose their own silhouettes while staying
within the parameters of color and material.

6 Leader-Telegram Fall 2017 Her impressions

Bevins expects this trend to continue.

“It allows bridesmaids to choose a price they are
happy with as well as a style that suits their own body,”
she said. “We have seen bridal parties that include
variation of color among bridesmaids. This look
typically focuses on staying within a family of colors but
with varying hues.”

Guy fashion

Bevins has seen more men opting for suits and tuxedos
in shades of grey.

“Among the varying colors, there is also a clear desire
for specific fits,” Bevins said. “Tuxedos and suits have
developed into modern fit, slim fit and ultra slim fit, in
order to meet style preferences.”

Additionally, men are opting to rent individual pieces
instead of the entire suit.

“By ordering (a) vest, shirt and tie only, men incorporate
their comfort by wearing jeans and boots. Suspenders
varying in color are a nice addition to this more casual
look,” she said.

Conversely, Bevins has also noticed a strong trend
toward a more formal look that often includes a bow tie
and matching pocket square.

Cont. on pg 8

Leader-Telegram Fall 2017 Her impressions 7

Cont. on pg 7

Flowers Colors

Earthy looks are in this year when it comes to flowers. Brittany Stark, general manager of Westgate Sportsman’s
Popular are neutrals and natural colors, such as whites, Club in Eau Claire, has also noticed an appreciation of
creams, soft pinks and natural green tones, according to nature in wedding colors overall.
She said brides are also opting for looser, more natural “The rustic themes are still very popular, especially for
gatherings of flowers as opposed to traditional tight fall. I have seen more olive greens and dusty rose pink this
bouquets. year,” she said.
The natural trend extends to décor.
“Flowy, cascading bouquets are the perfect accent to any On the other hand, Lauren-Brooke Kircher, wedding
arch, staircase, or to finish the ceiling décor,” Bevins said. coordinator and catering manager at Metropolis Resort,
“Flowers are making a statement during the ceremonies, has seen an explosion of purple.
from enhancing arbors to finishing off the bride’s look
with a crown of flowers.  As neutral hues and greenery “It used to be navy, which is still common, but purple has
have increased, many brides opt to use large garlands of really blown up,” she said.
foliage as centerpieces stretching across the length of long
tables.”  Food
Brides are less interested in using fresh flowers. Bevins
has noticed many brides eschew the real thing in favor of In addition to the traditional options of a two-meat entree
realistic silk flowers. This allows them to either save them with salad, starch and vegetables (of which pepper-crusted
as keepsakes or resell. beef tenderloin is their most popular), Stark has seen
more couples choosing to do taco buffets at Westgate
Sportsman’s Club.

8 Leader-Telegram Fall 2017 Her impressions

Cakes are moving toward individuality and personality, Kircher has noticed the same trend at the Metropolis.
according to Bob Larson, owner of Bo-Jo’s Creations “First it was cake, then cupcakes, and now the favorite
Floral, Cakes and Gifts in Ellsworth. dessert seems to be a dessert or candy bar. Rather than
“Personality is probably the best term to describe ordering a large amount of cake or cupcakes, people are
wedding cakes today. Everyone wants to be noticed and ordering some cupcakes, some cookies, brownies and
remembered for the interesting and novel ideas they have candies for guests to pick as they would like.”
for their cake and wedding in general,” he said, adding
that he has also seen a lot of masculine themed cakes, Venit is a freelance writer based in Eau Claire.
such as tree stump cakes with birch bark textures and
Mossy Oak camoflauge designs. WHY RENT,
Larson has also seen couples asserting their individuality WHEN YOU CAN BUY?
in their cake flavor (or flavors).
“Delectable fruit and fudge fillings paired with unique Suit, Shirt, Tie
cake flavors is a booming trend,” Larson said. He’s seen & Alterations
show-stealing combinations of key lime with raspberry, — as low as $180*
poppyseed with amaretto and dark chocolate with Shoes Starting at
buttercream. $70 (20% off)
However, Larson also noted that individual dessert
servings being substituted for full cakes are more popular Stop in or Call for Details
than ever. Many couples celebrating in a more relaxed
outdoor setting, such as a cottage or barn, may have a *when you buy a minimum of 6
small cutting cake for the bride and groom and then offer (BRING A FRIEND!)
cupcakes for the guests.
Couples often draw from their family recipes for these 1506 South Hastings Way, Eau Claire
individual desserts. 715-832-3502 •
“Nostalgia plays a role here when we use grandma’s
brownie recipe, mom’s famous chocolate caramel turtle 837929_9-10-17
bars or the groom’s favorite ginger snap cookie,” he
said. “Elegant displays using trumpet vases filled with Leader-Telegram Fall 2017 Her impressions 9
coordinating décor, beautiful crystal pedestals and
vintage cake plates are exceptional display pieces for the
treats selected by the bride and groom. There is no limit
to the creativity and variety that can be put forth with this
type of a wedding cake substitute.”


Give the gift of a relaxing
massage, a magnificent way
to say “Thank You” to your
groomsmen & bridesmaids for
taking part in your special day!

Cont. from pg 5 get inspired BEGIN ANEW
Inspiration boards can include magazine clippings,
photographs, fabric swatches, quotes or literary passages, with Massage Therapist Cheryl Lindstrom
and color swatches. As the idea board grows, you may
find a common denominator among your inspirational 1791 Cty. Hwy. OO
elements. This can help determine a theme for your Chippewa Falls,WI 54729
wedding or jump-start other planning.
While poster boards may be more traditional idea 715-303-3803
boards, creative ideas also can be compiled in binders
or scrapbooks, which work especially well at keeping *Some restrictions may apply, call for more details.
all items organized and concise. Plus, they’re portable, 835645 • 9-10-17
which means you can take a scrapbook to a meeting with
a wedding vendor and show him or her your concepts for
the wedding.

10 Leader-Telegram Fall 2017 Her impressions

FREE Consultation: Contact Us



2514 Golf Road, Eau Claire Later, when photographers, florists and other vendors
have been booked, you can attach receipts or agreements to the inspiration board for future reference.
This keeps all of your important wedding information in
838961 • 9-10-17 one place rather than requiring you to search through
different folders or files for important documents. In
addition, if friends or family members ask for advice on
vendors and planning their own weddings in the future,
you can readily access your inspiration board.
To start building your own board or book, take clippings
of photos or articles that resonate with you. As you visit
bridal shops and other stores, take fabric swatches
and pictures of particular looks. Attend bridal shows

Cont. on pg 19

Leader-Telegram Fall 2017 Her impressions 11

Local couples modify
wedding customs for a more

personal touch

themebracaing lternative
By Samantha West

12 Leader-Telegram Fall 2017 Her impressions

Having spent the last decade
working in the wedding industry,
Eau Claire native Sarah Hrudka
Behlke has seen it all.

So when it came to planning her own wedding,
the wedding photographer and creative designer
of Eau Claire-based wedding gown design house
Linyage knew what she wanted — and that was not
necessarily going to fit the norm.
What emerged was what Sarah refers to as an
alternative wedding — but she knows she’s not the
only one looking to break from tradition and plan a
unique wedding in one sense or another.
“I think going alternative is now the norm. So it’s
kind of a Catch 22,” Sarah, 29, said. “We’re all
trying to be unique, but then everyone does that.”
Sarah points to the rise in popularity of social media
platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest to explain
why many have goals of planning the most unique,
picture-worthy wedding — as folks are “constantly
trying to one-up and outdo each other.”
But for Sarah — and she suspects for many in her
position — that’s not the case.
“For me it was more about keeping it personal,” she
said, noting the wedding was heavily focused on her
She and her now-husband Dustin Behlke were
married Sept. 18, 2015, in a field. Sarah wore a
Linyage dress, which in itself is unconventional.
The premise of the business is to cater to the
nontraditional bride, she said.
But more than that, their wedding was about
celebrating the two of them and the “talented
individuals” who contributed to their togetherness,
Sarah said.
First and foremost, it was important to Sarah that
her bridesmaids were comfortable. So instead of
picking out any specific dress from any specific
dress shop, she gave them a color palette and
allowed her gal pals to find their gown — of any
style they felt most comfortable, from any store or
shop they liked, allowing them to spend as much or
as little as they wanted.

Cont. on pg 14

Leader-Telegram Fall 2017 Her impressions 13

Cont. from pg 13

Second, the couple was open-minded Danielle’s younger sister Tina, and The sisters planned the wedding
about who they chose to have in their Todd’s best friend Andy Dahm, shared together, which actually made the
bridal party. Although all of Sarah’s the altar with the Booses. process easier, Danielle said.
bridesmaids were women, a close lady “I think a lot of times you can get so
friend of Dustin’s was a “groomsman.” A FAMILY stuck on your own ideas,” she said,
Those off-beat details extended AFFAIR “but asking for input and having
elsewhere, from the officiant who was someone as a soundboard helps too.”
one of Sarah’s favorite teachers to When the idea of a double wedding The sisters’ grandmother, a pastor at
her father, an artist who illustrated was first mentioned, Danielle and their church, officiated their wedding,
everyone in the bridal party for the Todd were not interested in the idea, making the day all the more special,
program and for each person to keep despite the couples’ closeness and Danielle said. She noted she didn’t
as a momento. the fact that they both wanted to get feel slighted whatsoever in having a
Sarah also paid homage to places that married that year. joint wedding.
meant most to the couple by featuring “We shared a lot of friends, we In fact, the day served as yet another
only local vendors on their special wanted the same things and our step the sisters took together, despite
day. bridal parties were going to be pretty their four-year age difference.
“It was more important to me to have much identical. Grandma suggested “It was neat because my sister and I
the energy and words and talents of a double wedding and we thought had done so many things together,”
the people who made impacts on us ‘That’s kind of weird,’ ” Danielle said

as a couple than it was to have people with a laugh. “We thought about it, Danielle said. “... It’s almost like one
that we didn’t have a relationship she explained it more and we thought last thing we got to do together as
with,” she said. “We are both so that would save the family some time sisters — as single sisters. It was a
prideful of our people that we really and money. ... So we just ended up good experience and it was easier for
wanted to showcase their talents.” deciding to have it together.” people; it was something we could
Besides the difficulty in finding a share.”
Involving their families in unique reception hall that would be large Family also drove, more literally than
ways is also something Danielle and enough to fit their 300-some guests on figuratively, Erin Harsh and her now-
Todd Boos, of Stanley, planned for the big day, Danielle said the wedding husband Mike Harsh to their wedding
their wedding on Aug. 31, 2008. went off without a hitch. destination.

14 Leader-Telegram Fall 2017 Her impressions

OFF TO THE RACES 839005 09-10-17

On Aug. 5, the Harshes, who reside in Chippewa Falls, Come preview the wonders
were married in the midst of a busy Saturday night of of an Alaskan journey.
races at Thunder Hill Speedway in Menomonie. They
were the first couple to be married on the site, Erin EXPERT PLANNING ADVICE • VIEW STUNNING FILM FOOTAGE
Marriage was something the couple of 8½ years had Tuesday, October 10, 2017 · 6:30pm
talked about, but had never seriously pursued, as they
focused on their four kids, Erin said. The Florian Gardens
But when someone suggested they get married at the
races, Erin said they were all for it, since they were 2340 Lorch Avenue in Eau Claire
from what she calls “a racing family.”
The couple’s three sons race, and their daughter Reserve your seat online at
appreciates it, so the family spends nearly every Or call 715-836-8640
Saturday at the track.
“We thought ‘that’s not a bad idea,’ ” she said of hosting
a wedding at the track. “Neither of us are into the
traditional wedding, dressing up, and none of our kids
wanted to do that.”
The couple wanted their ceremony to be officiated by a
good friend of theirs who also happened to be a truck
driver. He could only guarantee he’d be in town for one
date, Aug. 5.
Within the span of nine weeks, they planned their
wedding for the race night. The ceremony took place
during the intermission between the regular races.
“We made an aisle with the go-karts and we had a
wedding in the middle of the races,” Erin said. “...
There’s no place we would’ve rather been.”
But wherever you get married, however you celebrate
your big day, whoever you invite, Sarah and Danielle
agree in the end what’s most important is what got you
there in the first place — the relationship.
“I think the most important thing is to remember
that the wedding itself is just a day; it’s the marriage
that’s most important,” Danielle said. “Focus on the
“There is no right way to throw a wedding. It’s about
the marriage more so than the wedding. That’s just the
beginning,” Sarah said. “So who you invite and what
you have are important but they should matter to the
two of you.”

West is a part-time reporter for the Leader-Telegram.

838686 9-10-17 17-TR-0968H

Leader-Telegram Fall 2017 Her impressions 15

Contributed photo. Husband reflects on
highs and lows of getting
a tattooed wedding band


By Caleb Gracehart
I proposed on a mountaintop in the
vicinity of Anchorage, Alaska during
the sunset, which could have been all
day since it was the end of December
and the sun never passed more than a
hand’s width above the mountaintops in
the distance.

16 Leader-Telegram Fall 2017 Her impressions

Contributed photos. My now wife and I picked out He still had his ring and wore
wedding bands the next day. it when not at work, but felt
uncomfortable going more than eight
That band of titanium carbide was hours a day without it.
slipped onto my finger by my wife on The idea of a wedding ring tattoo
Aug. 15, 2010. percolated into a fine solution and by
the time I was home on that fateful
Two weeks later, when I realized day, finger bandless, I had decided.
it was missing, I was sick to my
stomach. The process

That day, 20 fellow sportsters and Getting a wedding ring tattoo wasn’t
I wandered around a soccer field, as simple as thinking of a design and
hunched over and focused on the showing up at a parlor downtown.
grass, straining to catch a glint of Mindy Krueger at Krueger Tattoo
silvery metal. Studio in Eau Claire said the
business gets at least a couple of
I had taken my ring off and slipped phone calls a week asking about
it into my pocket when I arrived at wedding ring tattoos.
the soccer field for ultimate frisbee “However, many times people want
practice. I forgot about the ring until to have them done that day or at least
after our warmup run. within the week, and our schedule
usually doesn’t allow for that,” she
I enlisted the whole team to join me said.
on the hunt and we scoured the field There is a lot of information
and our running path for upwards of available about tattoos on the finger
an hour, finding nothing. and hand, and it’s good to remember
a few facts before making the long-
It wasn’t the money, or how unique term commitment.
the ring was. In fact, the ring was 1. It’s going to hurt, a lot.
pretty ordinary titanium carbide There is little fat or tissue on your
purchased in a Kay Jewelers in finger, and a lot of nerves.
Anchorage on credit. There are portions of my ring that
aren’t as filled in as other spots
It was the symbol that I lost, and because the pain was so severe. My
I was afraid that my wife would tattoo artist at Skin Prints took pity
believe I had taken our marriage on me and didn’t press as deeply as
lightly. I resolved to never lose my needed to have a strong and vibrant
wedding ring again. tattoo.
Getting the tattoo hurt worse than
A week later I was sitting in a chair I expected, especially as the tattoo
at Skin Prints Studio in Eau Claire artist began to ink along the lower
chatting amiably with the tattoo artist sides. The palm of the hand has
as she pumped drop after drop of ink more nerve endings than the top of
into my ring finger. It’s been nearly the hand.
seven years and I haven’t lost this Being that this tattoo was specifically
wedding ring yet. meant to show my commitment to my
wife, I gritted through the pain.
Idea sparked

The idea for a wedding ring tattoo
came from a good friend who had
decided to get one after accepting
a new job where jewelry wasn’t

Cont. on pg 18

Leader-Telegram Fall 2017 Her impressions 17

Cont. from pg 17

Jason Stein of Cyclops tattoo in San Tattoo artist Mike Roth of Contributed photos.
Francisco commented in an article on Rezurrection Tattoo in Eau Claire said
the website Bustle that a finger tattoo the business stopped doing tattoos Something else to note is
can be one of the most painful tattoos around the finger about six months that a ring will not be a full circle, as
to get. Thankfully, they don’t take ago because of the problems it was the ink won’t take well or at all on the
long, typically about 30 minutes. causing. palm side of the hand.
“We never do a guarantee on hand Many designs are not built around the
2. Finger tattoos will fade or feet tattoos and after explaining simple wedding band. They can be as
quicker than other tattoos. the reasoning to the clients and still simple as a date, name or initials, or
having problems, we stopped doing even a single diamond.
Almost seven years into my marriage, them all together,” he said. My design was a simple band with
I can tell that I will need to freshen 3. Simpler designs will be better three empty circles.
mine up soon, and I am looking When considering a wedding ring Since getting my tattoo, I have heard
forward to it as a recommitment to my tattoo, keep the design simple. more comments about my wedding
beautiful wife. Ink from intricate designs might ring than anyone I know, which is
bleed, causing the lines to join and excellent for both my wife and me.
Fading can be caused by rubbing, the overall design to suffer. I am constantly reminded of my
washing and using our hands. Line art or simple letters would work commitment to her and she is
well. constantly reminded that I would
Skin on fingers moves often, “Sometimes couples will choose to endure the pain to share my
stretching and contracting, and that do a symbol, a number, or a flower on commitment to her with the world.
amount of movement contributes to their ring fingers instead of doing an On top of that, it looks pretty
quicker fading. Being in a colder actual band,” Krueger said. awesome.
climate can add to this issue as we She mentioned that wedding rings
find ourselves frequently pulling can’t be too detailed because of space Graceheart is a freelance writer based in
gloves on and off. limitations on the finger. Lines in Chippewa Falls.
tattoos need to be a certain distance
Moreover, skin on the finger is thicker apart to hold up over time, Krueger
than other places on the body, and said.
without the fat and tissue behind the “Although they don’t allow for much
skin, the ink may not take very well. detail, we have definitely seen quite a
bit of variation in the designs people
That can lead to a tattoo not being choose, but the most common is a
as rich in black or color, as the ink solid black band,” she said.
doesn’t saturate as well.

Getting the tattoo touched up may be
necessary. But if the tattoo doesn’t
come out as expected, wait at least
two weeks before going in to get any
ink bleed or color fade corrected.

18 Leader-Telegram Fall 2017 Her impressions


Open Tuesday-Sunday. Closed Monday

7 1 5 . 8 7 7.99 1 1


WeddingPlan ahead...

•Pulled Pork
•Potato Salad
•Coleslaw Refrigerated Cont. from pg 11 get inspired
•Cold Storage/Tap beer and food
Trailer trailer available! and take home promotional materials. Remember,
• & More! inspiration may not always come from bridal-related
839036 9-10-17 resources. Anything you come across in your daily life,
such as window-shopping at a furniture store or passing
an art exhibit, may inspire some creativity.
Inspiration boards are used by top design professionals
and can be a handy resource for couples planning their

Leader-Telegram Fall 2017 Her impressions 19

You Are Not Floral * Cakes * Gifts
Only Responsible • 2 banquet halls to choose from Specializing in Creative Floral
For What You Say, Designs and Cakes for:
But Also For What 715-828-7910
Weddings • Funerals • Home • Business
You Don’t Say
836161 Located at the 349 West Main St. • Ellsworth, WI Eagles Club in Hallie
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715.834.1843 Eau Claire naturally! Stop by our booth
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Lasts 4-18 Hrs To schedule a visit please email: Look simply radiant for your
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Kiss-proof or call (715) 895-8080
Smudge-proof makeover. Invite your bridesmaids.
Be.YOU.tiful by Ciara Beautiful Gardens,
Grand Reception Hall, Your mom. I can even help with
836161 Delicious Food, great gifts for your wedding party.
DJ Service, Limo Bus,
Fun & Professional Staff, Call me today!
All Competitively Priced.
Alice Rothbauer Over 900 Stores
836161 Independent Sales Director 836161 Nationwide
Book now to receive our
2018 introductory rates! 836161

20 Leader-Telegram Fall 2017 Her impressions

Visit these Bridal Fair Booths

Sunday, September 17 • 11am-3pm

Chippewa Valley Expo Center, Eau Claire

Remember when. FOREVER
Wreathberry was there.
Fall in love all over again. Visit
Affordable. Creative. Handmade. or call 877.923.2743 for an appointment. celebrations, parties, private events,
715.404.8737 EAU CLAIRE, WI
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d�T���� ���e�tia� �i�� are �PTG �erti�ed Pure Therapeutic Grade Lodging

• ANXIETY • STRESS Contact us or check us out online
• DIGESTIVE HEALTH 715.928.0735
• AND MANY MORE [email protected] •




We welcome your
wedding & reception.

• Members and Non-Members are welcome for weddings & banquets
• Perfect location for a ceremony & reception
• Capacity up to 275 people
• Spectacular views 715.836.8420 836163

836163 836163 Leader-Telegram Fall 2017 Her impressions 21

Les Fleurs Julie Featuring

The beauty of silk • Wedding Receptions
wedding flowers
• Rehearsal Dinners
836166 • Guest Room Blocks

Holiday Inn Eau Claire South
4751 Owen Ayres Court │ Eau Claire │715-830-9889 • 855-830-9889

836161 836166

Promotion: MIDWEST Smitten
SOUND Honeymoons
One Week Trial!
Award Winning Wedding [email protected]

Entertainment 836169


Unity Candles Unity Sand
Toasting Glasses Cake Tops
Aisle Runners Pen Sets
Serving Sets Guest Books
Garters Card Boxes

2011-2017 WEDDINGWIRE Party Supplies Decorations

2017 Napkins Balloons
Cultery Crepe Streamers
836166 2011-2017 Table Rolls
Plates Tissue Bells
Metropolis Resort 836166 Cups Lanterns
Table Skirting
midw6e5s1.t6s4o4u.n4d11.c1 om Bachelorette & Car Markers
Shower Themes Hours:

M-F 9am-9pm
Sat 9am-8pm
Sun 10am-5pm

715.852.6000 | 3315 Hwy.93, Eau Claire • (715) 833-0019 836171



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We provide Professional DJ’s, Photo Booths & Event Lighting for any occasion


• DJ Service
• MC-ing
• Consultations
• Ceremony Music
• Up-Lighting Services

contact us at 715-297-3668
[email protected]


836175 836175 836169

Visit these Bridal 836176 Whether it’s a
Fair Booths on Girls’ Night In
Sunday, or a Bachelorette
September 17 Party, I’ve got
the best when
Chippewa Valley Expo Center it comes to
Eau Claire bath, body
and massage
Brittany Ealy products!

Ask me about the
Bridal Package!
Educate. Empower. Encourage.


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A Place to Celebrate!
Located in Banbury Place, Building 13 suite 212

Visit us on:

836171 836171 836171 836171

Have Your Wedding
Reception With Us!

hor 1501 North Broadway Our all-suite property
Menomonie, WI is perfect for:
715-724-1444 sweetlegacyvintage 715-233-3333 * Weddings
[email protected] * Room Blocks
715-514-2946 836171 * Showers 838828 * Rehearsal Dinners
836171 * Gift Openings

Staybridge Suites Eau Claire-Altoona
1515 Bluestem Blvd. - Altoona, WI 54720



So many words can be used to Resort & Conference Center 715-828-3536
describe a wedding at Tagalong:
• Wedding ceremonies, receptions, rehearsal
Intimate, Elegant, dinners, gift openings and bridal showers
Grand, Unforgettable. • Accommodates up to 500 guests 838828
Your special day will be all
that and so much more... • Catering with customized menus available 836171
• On-site dining and full bar
• Group rates available 836171

836171 836171 • Waterpark passes included with stay

701 Yogi Circle • Warrens, WI 54666
[email protected] sresor

608-378-2500 •

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Visit these Bridal All Your Wedding Venue Needs Under One Classic Roof
Fair Booths on
Sunday, 2 Days to On Site
September 17 Decorate 715.456.2466 Catering:

Chippewa Valley Expo Center Up to Bijou
Eau Claire 500 Guests Catering,
KP Katering,
1927 Premier
Building Catering by
Yankee Jacks


715-830-1156 During the fair only, Weddings - Special Events - Dance Recitals
book a Gold or Platinum Commercials - Photo Montages & Wedding Day Edits package and pay in FULL
(715) 828-3258
and get 30% off.

Packages can be checked out at 836173
Can book via phone or email
during fair and receive discount

Celebrate our Anniversary with
us with our Biggest Deal Ever!

“Providing amazing
photo booth experiences
to all of Minnesota, Wisconsin,
Northeast Iowa, and the

Upper Peninsula”

612-405-3234 Contact our Event Coordinator Today!
[email protected] 715.874.2900 | [email protected]

836169 Job Name5: 298204803A3-r1d-HeArvIemnpur eBr•idEaal u Claire, WI 54703
Modified: August 14, 2017 3:04 PM
836173 836173

is not a salesperson,
we’re matchmakers.

We introduce people to homes until
they fall in love with one, then we’re
wedding planners.

What can you do right now? If you’ve been thinking about a home purchase,
Talk to me about your home financing this may be the time to make a move.
Discover the perks of registering with us!
needs and goals. Look into loan options Diane Hinke Start your registry today at
and ask about getting preapproved.
Sandra Lee Vesel office: 715-858-1537 715-83
[email protected] 28080A:PL1e:a28d0e8r0-T-9el1e7gHraemr ImFparelsls2io0n1s7BridHal er imap:Pr1e:sYsNioKns 25
office: 715-858-1536
[email protected] Jody Marr

office: 715-497-3651
[email protected]



Dessert First

Life’s too short, eat dessert first.

Dessert First is your gourmet dessert shop
in Eau Claire, WI. All of our cupcakes are
of our own secret and delicious homemade

recipe and are made with top-shelf
ingredients. We have over 60 flavors that

rotate and change with the seasons.

2425 Seymour Road

Eau Claire, WI 54703

‘ 715.833.8440
[email protected]

836175 836175

Your Beauty Destination
1819 S Hastings Way,
Eau Claire, WI 54701

1106 W Clairemont Ave., 836175
Eau Claire, WI 54701

Serving the Chippewa Valley Since 1961

Equipment Rentals

Corporate Events
Sales Events or Small!

• Chairs • Tables 836163
• Tents • Dance Floors
• Flatwear • China 836175
• Concessions

Over 5,000 items
and adding weekly


2515 Mall Drive, Eau Claire, WI 54701

715-834-2727 836186

26 Leader-Telegram Fall 2017 Her impressions 836176
or call 715-577-7777

Visit our website to view our entire fleet.


Boesl Portrait Design

Book your 2018/2019 Exquisite jewelry Hamilton Square - Eau Claire
wedding today! made with 715.832.4048
Swarovski crystal 651.430.9654
and zirconia.
[email protected]
Contact April Resnick 836171
h�ps://touch7s1to5n-e6c1ry5s-ta0l0.c0om0 /aprilresnick


Visit these Bridal Professionally trained and formally ordained
Fair Booths on means your union can be spiritually blessed
September 17 (715) 833-9666 or (763) 234-5554

Chippewa Valley Expo Center 838828
Eau Claire
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your needs,

Book your wedding Let us take care of you.
reception today and
receive our exclusive 6\Y WYVMLZZPVUHS Z[HɈ ^PSS IL OHWW` [V HZZPZ[ `V\ PU
Ballroom Package: WSHUUPUN `V\Y L]LU[
࠮ ,SL]H[LK OLHK [HISL 2703 Craig Road, Eau Claire
࠮ ,_JS\ZP]L OLHK JOLM For information, available dates and to set up a tour
࠮ 9LOLHYZHS +PUULY HUK .PM[ contact Kim Brazeau.
[email protected] | 715.831.2857
Opening space


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Visit these Bridal Ceremony, Wedding Heather Pederson • Executive Consultant
Fair Booths on & Banquet Space
Sunday, 715-210-4401
September 17 1445 Front Porch Place
Altoona, WI 54720
Chippewa Valley Expo Center
Eau Claire • Seating for up to 290 people
• 4 outdoor gardens for ceremonies
• In-house catering 836171
• Large outdoor patio space

Phone 715-598-8910 or
Email [email protected]


locally owned
-Minneapolis Star Tribune Bridal Shop

The Oxbow features hip and comfortable indoor serving the
spaces and exible outdoor spaces Chippewa Valley




Flower Girls

Mother’s Gowns

Make your Tuxedos
appointment today! Flowers


715-839-0601 • 1-844-oxbowec 836176 Where your Wedding Begins...

516 Galloway St. - Eau Claire 123 N Bridge St - Chippewa Falls, WI
[email protected]

A Lakeside Oasis

for Weddings, Corporate Events & More

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THE RIGHT CHOICE FOR ALL OF Eau Claire’s Diamond in
YOUR TRANSPORTATION NEEDS the Rough! of fWseitaleso offer
Catering ••• FHSuaelllaltsreienrngvticafeolrobpuatpniqotnuoset3tf0oa0fciitlityyour needs


4909 Sportsman Dr. Eau Claire, WI 54703
Call today to set up a showing! 715 - 832 - 4548
836186 836186

Mention this ad for 20% Off your first
visit at the Salon by In-Style.

838828 Salon Phone Number: 715-832-5522 838828

Visit these Bridal
Fair Booths on

Sunday, September 17

Chippewa Valley Expo Center
Eau Claire

30 Her impressions Fall 2017 Leader-Telegram 839176

Vendor List

50/50 Eastbay Lodge LipSense Holiday Inn Express
A-1 Express Rental Eau Claire Golf & Country Lismore Stout Ale House / Off
All Occasions DJ Club Local Lounge Broadway Banquet Center
Always Over the Top EC Institute of Electrology Lyndsey Uetz Photography Sweet Legacy Vintage
Photography / Final Call DJ / Beachbody Mary Kay Rentals
AMK Cleaning Edina Realty Men’s Wearhouse Tagalong
Barn at Jean Acres Endless Arrangements Men’s Wearhouse The Condensery
BBQ Express Extreme Sound and Metropolis The Oxbow Hotel
Best Western Plus Eau Lighting Midwest Selfies The Winking Owl
Claire Conference Center Forage Midwest Sound Three Bears Resort and
Blue Eye Studio Foreign 5 / Bridal Sweet Moments Video Conference Center
Boesl Portrait Design Gordy’s Market Productions Touchstone Crystal by
Bo Jo’s Creations Highland Fitness / Results Ndulge Swarovski
Burrachos Weight Loss Orchardview Barn Walgreens
Bus Bros Tour Co Historic Masonic Ballroom Pink Spruce Photography Westgate Sportsman’s
Buttercream Holiday Inn South Pure Romance by Brittany Club
Capture Life Photography Horizon’s Lounge & Ealy Will Nye the DJ Guy
Clarion Hotel Banquet Center Right Way Shuttle Woods and Water Realty
Cody Limousine Ideal Wedding Video River Prairie Center Wreathberry
David’s Bridal The Salon by In Style Rodan and Fields Younkers
David’s Bridal inside JC Penneys and Ronnie Roll
Desserts First Sephora inside JC Penneys Sleep Inn & Suites
Dickey’s BBQ Pit King Entertainment Smitten Honeymoons &
Dinner For Two L’BRI Travel
doTERRA Lake Wissota Golf & Events Staybridge Suites /
Les Fleurs Julie

Vendor List

9 Round MDR Health & Wellness Pure Fitness 4 You
Anytime Fitness Home Products Royal Credit Union
Apex Chiropractic Mayhem Productions
Asher Lasting Exteriors Sacred Heart
Bemer Mission Accomplished Saint A
Biolife Plasma Services Mother Nature’s Food WAVE BAR
CF YMCA Natural Edge Young Living
Chippewa Valley Vein Norwex
Clinic Nspire Network
Divine Nutrition Prevea
Eau Claire Body Care Pure Living
Hahn Holistic Health /
It Works




Menards Conference Center 836183
5150 Old Mill Plaza Drive, Eau Claire
MINNESOTA • Paleo Protein Powder
• Multi Vitamins
MAYHEM • Stress Mints
CHAMPIONSHIPS • Essential Oils and diffusers October 13-14, 2017 2434 London Rd • 715-834-2341 836183

836183 836183


2186 East Ridge Center Treatments:
Eau Claire, WI 54701 Permanent Cosmetics
715.598.1759 Skin Treatments
Massage Therapy
Teeth Whitening
Tattoo Removal
Laser Treatments
Lash Lift
Lash & Brow Tinting

16 Leader-Telegram Fall 2017 Her impressions

It’s all about 836183
women’s care
Do you or someone you love suffer Chippewa Valley
Discover a place that cares for from Alzheimer’s? Memory loss? Family YMCA
the entire person that is you. Crohn’s disease? Coilitis? Cancer?
611 Jefferson Ave Chippewa Falls, Wi 54729
Discover a place that betters the health experience Do you need to improve your health 715.723.2201 /
for women. That provides not only expert medical and flexibility?
care, but genuine care, the kind that inspires, We ArWeeMaorreeaTChoamn mJuusntiatyG. ym...
empowers and encourages. From routine physicals Would you like to feel more energetic Become Part of our Community Today!
to pregnancy, urogynecology and menopause care, and think clearer?
Prevea Women’s Care understands it’s all about you. Get Up, Get Out & Get into the Y!
Would you like to lose some weight? 836182
Debra Schroeder • 715-944-6370

Rebecca England, Amy Lysy, Michael Tiffany,

703 W. Hamilton Ave. 2532 Golf Road, Eau Claire 401 Pinnacle Way Ste 116
Eau Claire 715.831.8600

715.831.6200 836184

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Treatment Foster Parents/Respite Parents An Innovative
Exercise &

People of all ages & skill level depend on core stability…
iinnddiivviidduuaalsl/sc/ocuopulepslewsitwh iathstraonsgtrong Use either at home or at the gym to enhance your workout!
ouusrtowlle-fbreseitaet a(8t5G5r)oGwRHOWop-He.OnPeEt. or call 836181 The Wave Bar is a desirable option for beginners to advanced
us toll-free at (855) GROW-HOPE.

tness enthusiasts who are looking to maximize core strength

and balance.

To learn more, go to: www.wavebar.tness 836182

Services Available:
• Personal Fitness Programming
• Nutrition Consulting
• Boot Camp & Circuit Classes

• Competition Prep

S. 4530 Porterville Rd.
Eau Claire, WI 54701


[email protected]


Enhancing Lives Through Fitness & Nutrition

Find Strength • Balance • Determination • Self Love Healthy.Fit.Nutrients clo“iBtnhtienhrgeemyaodousytwtciololmfeeefvloerprtrwaetebatlyer.”
and so much more! Stacy Wickstrom
• Women’s Clothing
All Levels Welcome! PREFERRED BRANDS - Use code • Children’s Clothing
Community Based! ‘HEALTHYFIT’ on all listed products’ • Athletic Leggings & websites for a special discount! Capris for Women
1423 S Hastings Way LuLaRoe Karrie Knopps
Natural Edge Protein, Yup Brands B-up Bars, Independent Consultant 836181
836182 Further Food Collagen, Simply Snackin Meat

Bars, Gr8nola, Betsy’s Best Gourmet Nut
Spreads, Powerootz Plant Protein and more!


E-mail: [email protected]

SUNDAY, 836182
SEPTEMBER 17, 2017

11AM - 3PM

Menards Conference Center
5150 Old Mill Plaza Drive, Eau Claire


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*XWWHUV *XWWHU +HOPHW 6LGLQJ cleans without
• Not enough energy for your day? Health & Wellness
• Can’t lose that weight? 5HWUDFWDEOH $ZQLQJV 6XQ 6WUXFWXUHV Home Products harmful chemicals
• Aches & pains holding you back?
• Looking to maximize your life? 9,6,7 285 6+2:5220 561-641-5210, Ext. 205 Kathy Mindock
: &DPHURQ 6W (DX &ODLUH MDRHP.COM 715-820-0908
Mention this ad for a FREE
consultation to see how Dr.Aaron *R $VKHU 836181 [email protected]
can help you get the same 836181
results as he does with USA *LYH XV D FDOO IRU D )5(( HVWLPDWH
athletes with the 5 Essentials of 836181
Maximized Living!

Call (715)-834-2739

Essential Oils WHAT’S SPECIAL
Trisha Steffen
715-560-2500 My Plasma

[email protected] SAVE LIVES. DONATE PLASMA.



836181 836181

Pure Living, LLC

Cleaning System
EVERY 3 MINUTES 1412 S Hastings Way
Eau Claire, WI 54701





836181 Leader-Telegram Fall 2017 Her impressions 13

Guidelines recommended by the
U.S. Preventive Services Task Force,

a group of experts in disease
prevention, also recommend these

screenings for women: blood
pressure, cholesterol, colorectal
cancer, and diabetes. Proper care
and early identification of illness risk
factors can keep women on the road

to good health.

Cont. from pg 10

CANCER: Both men and women can TEST: Osteoporosis, a weakening of bones that causes

get breast cancer, but women are at a far greater risk than men. According them to become more fragile, may initially be symptom-free. Osteoporosis
to, roughly one in eight women in the United States will is often discovered only after a fracture. The National Osteoporosis
develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime. The Canadian Foundation says that estrogen decreases during menopause can cause bone
Cancer Society says breast cancer is the second leading cause of death from loss, which is why women have a higher risk of developing osteoporosis
cancer in Canadian women. The earlier a woman finds breast cancer, the than men. In addition to healthy living habits, bone mineral density tests
better her chance for survival. Cancers caught early are less likely to spread beginning at age 65 or earlier can help identify problems early on. Certain
to the lymph nodes and vital organs than cancers caught at later stages. risk factors may require women to begin receiving bone density tests before
Recommendations on mammogram screening start time and frequency age 65.
vary with age and risk factor, so women should discuss and develop an
individualized plan with their doctors. SKIN CANCER
CANCER: Doctors advise that women A report from the National Cancer Institute appearing in
the Journal of Investigative Dermatology revealed
should receive pelvic exams beginning at age 21, or earlier for women startling melanoma trends among young women.
who are sexually active. Pap smears are screenings that help detect the This deadly skin cancer is rising in incidence.
presence of cancerous cells on and around the cervix that may be indicative Screening for changes in skin markings
of cervical cancer. Guidelines continually change regarding the frequency can help identify melanoma and
of Pap smear testing, but the general consensus is women age 30 and older other non-melanoma cancers
may need screening every three years if they have not had any abnormal early on. Skin should be checked
tests in the past, according to Everyday Health. Women should speak with by a dermatologist or a general
their gynecologists regarding how frequently they should be tested for health professional during
cervical cancer. regular physicals.

12 Leader-Telegram Fall 2017 Her impressions

IMPROVE Saturday Night sponsored content
Your Health is Bingo Night byHannahPitzl
with Chiropractic Care
Klug Article provided by Sacred Heart of Jesus-St. Patrick’s Parish.

Chiropractic Sacred Heart of Jesus-St. Patrick’s Parish offers weekly Saturday
Night Bingo to bring the Chippewa Valley community and
We Treat: others outside the Valley together. Players are even given the
opportunity to win some cash.
Headaches Carpal Tunnel Located at 418 N. Dewey St. in Eau Claire, the church has
Joint Pain Sciatica found a fun way to get community members out on the
Back Pain Disc Injuries weekend. While prices of playing cards range from 50 cents
Neck Pain Nutrition James A. Klug, DC to $14, winnings have the potential to be much more. Early
and more... Bird Bingo goes from 7 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. and consists of five
games, with the winners taking home $50 for each game they
2130 Brackett Ave, Eau Claire win during that session. Regular Bingo follows from 7:30 p.m.
to 9 p.m. with 17 games, and the winnings range anywhere
715-832-2292 from $20 to $150. Bingo Night ends with a Progressive Jackpot
Game that goes swiftly from approximately 9:15 to 9:30 p.m. The progressive prize ranges from $200 to over $3000.
Refreshments are available throughout the evening.
839084_9-10-17 It’s not all about the money though, is it? Bingo Night runs
year-round every Saturday night (except for holidays and the
GH month of July), and many regular bingo-goers find value in
Saturdays in the mingling and spending time with their friends and family. The
basement of the Saturday night gathering spot is a great place to connect with
7 – 7:30 p.m. Sacred Heart others in a family atmosphere.
Early Bird bingo includes 5 games Catholic Church “For me it’s good entertainment, something that I like to do,
418 N Dewey St, and it’s fun to yell ‘Bingo!’,” said regular bingo player Janette
that pay the winner $50 each Eau Claire, WI 54703 LeBakken. “It’s nice to spend time with my daughter who plays
7:30 to 9:00 p.m. bingo, too, and you meet so many people.”
Prices of cards start at Volunteering to work Bingo Night is also an option for those
Regular bingo includes 17 games that $1 and the prizes range who want to be more involved in the community without
pay from $20 to $150 from $20 to over $1000 playing the game. One volunteer, Beth Hougen, explained
9:10 to 9:30 p.m. for the jackpot game. her enjoyment of Bingo Night and volunteering. “It’s a good
way for someone to meet other people, and it supports the
Final Session bingo includes a Proceeds go toward helping community,” Hougen said. “People come together, have fun,
progressive jackpot game community members in need. support an organization which in turn helps the community.”
So, if you are looking for a fun way to spend your Saturday
No carry-ins allowed. 838791 • 9-10-17 night, think of going with a group of friends to play bingo. You
Concessions are available. never know, you may leave with more than you came with.
To volunteer to help with Bingo Nights, contact the parish
office at [email protected] For more information on playing
at Bingo Night, visit the website at or check
out their Facebook page at to see what the current
amount of the progressive jackpot is. This event is not only
a great way to try and win some extra money, it also offers a
great option to get out with your friends (or make new friends)
and enjoy being in the city of Eau Claire on a Saturday night.

838792 09-10-17

Leader-Telegram Fall 2017 Her impressions 11

4IMPORTANT Routine medical screenings are an
HEALTH essential element of a healthy lifestyle.
SCREENINGS Many health screenings are recommended
FOR WOMEN for both men and women, but women
also should include some gender-specific
testing in their health routines.

‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound
of cure.’ That popular adage can be
applied to personal health, particularly
with respect to women’s health
Cont. on pg 12

physician owned. patient centered.

837930 • 9-10-17


10 Leader-Telegram Fall 2017 Her impressions

1:00 PM 1:30 PM
“No Time, No Problem”
“Eat Clean”
Highland Fitness/Results Weight Loss
Kim Landry-Ayers

“No Time, No Problem” “Eat Clean” with Kim Landry-Ayers
with Trainer Terri Swenson
What’s Your Health/Fitness Goal? Nutrition is the
How often do you tell yourself you don’t have the Answer...
time to exercise? With High Intensity Interval Training
(HIIT), it’s no problem! High Intensity Interval Training Nutrition is far more responsible for creating
your shape and your health than you ever could
is a style of exercise where you give 100%, all out imagine. In this seminar, we’ll discuss basic “eat-
effort through quick bursts of exercise, followed by clean” principles along with how to incorporate
short recovery periods. HIIT is strategically designed them into your lifestyle so you can reap the
to keep your heart rate up and burn fat faster, even benefits of a fit physique and healthful longevity.

after you are done exercising. Wait, I can burn fat Kim is the sole proprietor of Mission Accomplished
AFTER exercise? EPOC, or more commonly referred Studio in Eau Claire. She is a nutritionist with a B.S.
to as the afterburn effect, is the reason why intense degree in Dietetics; a Yoga Alliance Registered
Yoga Teacher; nationally certified personal trainer
exercise will help burn more fat and calories than and group fitness instructor with specialty
regular aerobic and steady state workouts. HIIT is recognition in strength training, post rehab and
not only quick and convenient, but it increases your Pilates instruction; and a pro natural body builder
metabolism up to 48 hours after a routine. The best and competition prep coach with over 25 years
part about it? Highland Fitness offers HIIT classes experience in the health and fitness industry.

throughout the day to fit your busy schedule. Leader-Telegram Fall 2016 Her impressions 9

Highland Fitness and Results Weight Loss is locally
owned and operated right here in the Chippewa
Valley. Highland Fitness has three convenient
locations that are close to where you live, work

and play. Highland Fitness has it’s very own weight
loss program, Results Weight Loss. Our weight loss
program focuses on a combination of what we eat,
and how we move. RWL delivers nutritional plans,
personal training and wellness coaching. Fitness +
Nutrition = Results! Results Weight Loss has helped
hundreds lose thousands of pounds. Why wait? Let
us help you write your weight loss journey today!

A balanced diet, exercise, genetics, and even certain medications can Power of a EXERCISE. Start an exercise regimen, as
work in concert to make a person healthy. But a person’s demeanor also
POSITIVE physical activity naturally reduces stress and
can factor into personal health. ATTITUDE can improve mood.
The Mayo Clinic says that whether or not a person is an optimist or a
pessimist can affect many areas of his or her health and well-being, and Positive thinking is more than the subject matter of self-help books. It’s a viable way to improve personal health and live longer. EMBRACE HUMOR. Surround yourself
those who see the glass as half-full may ultimately be healthier than
LAUGHTER IS GOOD MEDICINE with others who bring a smile to your face.
those who see it as half-empty. Look for ways to laugh as much as possible.
Positive thinking can make it easier to manage stress. The body Laughter combined with positive thinking is a prescription for good health. Research shows laughter relaxes the entire body, relieving physical tension and stress for up to 45 minutes. Laughter decreases stress Rather than go out to dinner or a bar with
responds differently based on an individual’s mood, and it may produce hormones and increases infection-fighting antibodies. Endorphins that promote an overall sense of well-being and relieve pain can be released from a hearty bout of laughter. Furthermore, laughter can increasefriends, head to a comedy club. Choose
stress hormones if a person’s outlook is negative. Such stress hormones blood flow throughout the body, which protects against hypertension and heart attack. comedies at the movie theater and find humor
can compromise the immune system, increase blood pressure and even in everyday happenings.
reduce the body’s ability to burn fat effectively. Thinking negatively
and being on edge also can increase a person’s risk for developing IDENTIFY AREAS THAT NEED
CHANGE. Think about moments in life
cardiovascular disease and aging prematurely.
Conversely, maintaining a positive attitude can be good for your that may bring you down or inspire negative
health. Studies have shown that thinking positively can lower rates of reactions. If work is problematic, figure out
depression and anxiety, increase life expectancy and provide greater ways to make it better and work toward
resistance to certain illnesses, such as the common cold. A 2012 improving the situation.
preliminary study from researchers at Stanford University found that
daughters of mothers suffering from depression were able to witness BE SUPPORTIVE OF YOURSELF.
their own stress levels go down on a real-time brain scan as they
Consider what you would say to others and
switched from negative thoughts to happy ones. then treat yourself the same way. Would you
Researchers are unsure why positive thinking has such profound effects. be overly negative or derogatory toward a
But in addition to limiting stress-releasing hormones, positive thinking complete stranger? Probably not, and there
is no reason to be harsh with yourself, either.
may inspire people to live healthier lifestyles that make them more Push negative thoughts away.
likely to get routine physical activity and eat a healthy diet. Happy
people also may be less likely to use tobacco products or alcohol as a VOLUNTEER. One way to see the world
coping mechanism when dealing with elevated stress levels, and such
people will not have to deal with the side effects that can come with in a more positive light is to help others who
may be less fortunate than you. Volunteering
these unhealthy behaviors. not only helps others, but it also can help
Becoming a more positive thinker can take a little effort for those you put your own problems in perspective.
without a natural inclination for optimism. But because positive Volunteering also helps you feel good about
thinking boasts such significant health benefits, men and women might your efforts, which can translate into positive
want to try the following methods to embrace their optimistic side. thinking.

8 Leader-Telegram Fall 2017 Her impressions THINK LIKE A CHILD. Take a cue from

youngsters and find joy in the little things.
Let children be the leaders in activities and
mimic what they do. You just may find yourself
laughing more and enjoying yourself. Being
silly for a little while is one way to recapture
the feelings of youth.

12:00 PM 12:30 PM
Create Your Bridal WOW! Clean Cooking, Eating Out &
Treat Ideas! Stacy Wickstrom
Alice Rothbauer

Create Your Bridal WOW! with ICdleeaans!CwoiotkhinStga,cEyaWtinicgkOsturot mand Treat
Alice Rothbauer
Stacy will provide a 30 minute presentation on nutrition,
It’s the most photographed year of your life. Love your look and cooking guidance and information to fit individual needs - not
shine as a beautiful bride-to-be in the countdown to your wedding trendy diets! She will prepare a healthy treat and discuss how
day. Learn skin care strategy and easy makeup tips that you can use to“clean order”at restaurants.
for your engagement pictures, wedding shower, bachelorette party She has a BA degree in Psychology with a Business
and rehearsal ceremony. Then take your everyday look and add the Management Minor with an Emphasis in Nutrition, Human
Resources and Safety and Loss Control. She is also a certified
WOW factor to feel like your most beautiful self on the BIG day. Level II Reiki practitioner.
She is currently a Product Development and Formulations
Alice Rothbauer is a Mary Kay Independent Sales Director, with over Manager and Sales and Social Media Director for Natural Edge
20 years of experience in the direct sales beauty industry. She’s been Protein, Yup Brands Ambassador and a Nutrition Consultant.
a member of Mary Kay’s Court of Sales 16 times, with over $40,000 Stacy has been a natural sanction Figure competitor since
annually in retail sales, she’s completed the Court of Sharing 2 times 2012 and just received her IPA and NGA Pro card in Figure
and has over 150 consultants in her organization. Together her team Masters this year!
Stacy’s two keys to success: Stay focused and on track with
has reached the Unit Retail Circle of Achievement 10 times, the nutrition and weight training or any goal she sets. Make one
highest at $500,000 in annual sale. She and her unit have qualified improvement every day, no matter how small.
Her favorite quote:“Enjoy the little things in life; one day you’ll
for the use of 10 Mary Kay Career Cars including 3 pink Cadillacs. look back and realize they were the big things!”
Her best advice:“Trust the Process”
Her passion is to be an example of excellence in everything she Her motto to follow:“Crave the result so intensely that the
does while delivering beauty confidence to her customers and work is irrelevant”
team members. A graduate of UW-Madison School of Business,
Alice has raised three children, Hannah 26, Jacob 22 and Isabelle, Leader-Telegram Fall 2017 Her impressions 7
21. In her spare time she pursues amateur body building and is the
Impressions Support to PDPH. She lives in Bloomer, WI with her

husband of 25 years, Bill.

Taking Care of Yourself:
sponsored content Seeing.
The future.

Professional Comprehensive eye care.

CHIPPEWA VALLEY • Eye exams for the entire family.
• InfantSEE® providers for children
under age one.
• Contact lenses available for all ages.
• Lasik services to eliminate your

dependence on glasses.

Article provided by YMCA - Eau Claire. EAU CLAIRE Eau Claire . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 715.834.8471
Menomonie . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 1 5 . 2 3 5 . 8 3 3 5
In the United States, one in three adults is prediabetic, OPTICAL Rice Lake . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 1 5 . 2 3 4 . 8 4 4 4
yet only a small percentage actually know. Prediabetes
is defined as having elevated blood sugar levels that OTHER LOCATIONS : DURAND,
are not high enough for a Type 2 diabetes diagnosis. BLACK RIVER FALLS, & CUMBERLAND
Sarah Wood, Healthy Living Coordinator at the Eau 838944 09-10-17
Claire YMCA, says people can prevent the onset of type
2 diabetes by monitoring food and exercise. YMCA DIABETES
Be mindful of food PREVENTION PROGRAM
Tracking fat grams in foods is important, since fat grams
contribute to weight. However, fats aren’t necessarily bad. If you’re at risk for type 2 diabetes, the Eau Claire
Almonds, for example, are a healthy source of fat. YMCA can guide you to make measurable changes to
Measuring serving sizes and eating proportionally also help you live a happier, healthier life. YDPP offers 25
contribute to weight loss and there are several rules that can sessions delivered by a trained Lifestyle Coach with
help people stay on track. For example, a serving of meat is the the support of a peer group that offers motivation.
size of a palm of a hand.
Amp up your minutes of activity For more information, please contact Sarah Wood at
Generally speaking, adults should get about 150 minutes per [email protected] or 715-833-4846.
week of physical activity. Different ways to get active include
biking or strength training. Chores, such as mowing or raking, 837931 9-10-17
are beneficial as well.
Hitting 10,000 steps daily is also beneficial, although 700 Graham Avenue, Eau Claire, WI
sometimes it’s hard to manage. There are plenty of ways to
sneak in steps, such as parking at the back of the parking lot 715-836-8460
at stores.
Making small changes each day leads to bigger changes,
helping overall health. While Type 2 diabetes itself is
irreversible, watching food intake and physical activity
significantly reduces the risk of prediabetes. It’s easier to
prevent the onset of Type 2 diabetes than control the disease
once it’s diagnosed.

837932 019-10-17

6 Leader-Telegram Fall 2017 Her impressions

10:00 AM 11:30 AM

Piyo class Aaron Arfstrom

Pure Fitness 4 You Apex Chiropractic

Piyo Flow with Brenda Crass Dr. Aaron Arfstrom, D.C.

Brenda Crass is the owner of Pure Fitness 4 You in Real Health
Eau Claire; certified Personal Trainer, certified group
How do you determine whether or not you are healthy? Is it based on how
fitness instructor with a hand full of certifications many vegetables you eat? Is it based on how you feel? Or is it based on
including nutrition, Pound, PiYo, Barre, Pop Pilates how often you exercise? Find out why none of these are mentioned in the
and others. Brenda’s passion is to be able to help definition of the word health and figure out how to truly transform your
everyone with their health and fitness goals and health as we discuss the real definition of the word health!
her mission at Pure Fitness 4 You is that every single Dr. Aaron is a Wisconsin native originally from Hartford, WI where he
learned at a very young age (8th grade) that he wanted to eventually
person matters, once you step into the doors or be a chiropractor after watching one his teammates get adjusted. After
make that first contact with her you are considered graduating with a bachelor’s of science degree from UW-Stevens Point in
2005 Dr. Aaron continued on to Palmer College of Chiropractic to fulfill his
apart of the community/family; Which means childhood dream of becoming a chiropractor.
everyone has your back each and every step of Since then Dr. Aaron went on to do an additional year of training under
the way! Pure Fitness 4 You offers an assortment of Dr. Ben Lerner, the founder of Maximized Living, to become a certified
classes where all fitness levels are welcome - every Maximized Living Health Center which he opened in Eau Claire in August
class is designed with moves for all levels as there of 2009. Dr. Aaron continued his training by receiving his certification for
will always be ways to modify or advance your skills. spinal correction in November of 2010 and two nutrition certifications
in February of 2011. Dr. Aaron’s passion for helping others and watching
Come enjoy the PiYo Flow class at 10am!! PiYo their lives change through the implementation of the 5 Essentials of
Flow - the use of popular yoga poses while adding Maximized Living has earned him a spot on the Wellness Advisory Council
for several different USA sports teams. He also helps the profession with
in isometric movements of pilates. Increase your legislative lobbying and is a founding member of the Chiropractic Society
balance, strength and flexibility with this all levels of Wisconsin.
Dr. Aaron utilizes the principles of health to be able to enjoy his hobbies
welcome class! which include exercising, outdoor activities (especially bow hunting), and
hanging out with his wife, Rachel, and two little boys, Gavin & Jaxon.

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not on your radar YOGURT:Though it’s not as low in

calories as popcorn, nonfat Greek yogurt is still a low-
calorie snack that’s high in protein. Nonfat Greek yogurt
may have as much as two times the amount of protein
as traditional yogurts, and that’s beneficial because
protein helps you feel full longer, which should help
you maintain a healthy weight and avoid overeating.
Nonfat Greek yogurt also tends to have less sugar than
traditional yogurts, and its creamy texture gives many
people the impression that they are eating something

Snacking may not seem like part of a healthy diet, but the right ManyPISTACHIOS: people might read the
snacks can help men and women fight midday hunger without
contributing to unwanted weight gain. The following low-calorie labels of pistachios and be turned off by the fat content. But pistachios
snacks won’t compromise adults’ efforts to maintain healthy are low in saturated fat and high in protein, and a couple dozen
weights, and they might prove useful as men and women look pistachios may only amount to about 95 calories. Eat pistachios raw and
for that extra boost during the day. do not add salt, which can negate their health benefits.

GRAPES: Grapes might not be as

popular as potato chips or other widely available snacks,
but they are great sources of vitamin K and are loaded
with antioxidants. Grapes are loaded with water, making
them a filling snack that can help men and women
avoid dehydration. According to the U.S. Food and Drug
Administration, one cup of grapes can provide as much
as 5 percent of the recommended daily value of dietary
fiber despite containing just over 100 calories.

HUMMUS: Made primarily from POPCORN: Popcorn is low in

ground chickpeas, hummus is a protein- and fiber-rich snack calories and a good source of dietary fiber. Popcorn also
that has been linked to a host of health benefits, including is high in polyphenols, which are antioxidants that have
a reduced risk for heart disease and certain types of cancers. been linked to reductions in heart disease and certain
Dip vegetables such as baby carrots into hummus, and you’ll cancers. Air-popped popcorn that is prepared without
have a low-calorie snack that’s also high any oil is your best option, as a cup of such popcorn may
in vitamin A and beta only add up to about 30 calories. Avoid adding salt or
carotene. butter or purchasing premade popcorn that is heavy on
both, as both ingredients can compromise the health
benefits of popcorn.

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Opening Class

10:00 AM

Piyo class

with Pure Fitness 4 You

Speaker & Demonstration Schedule

11:30 AM

Aaron Arfstrom,

Apex Chiropractic


Create Your Bridal WOW!

with Alice Rothbauer

12:30 PM

Clean Cooking, Eating Out and Treat Ideas!

with Stacy Wickstrom

1:00 PM

“No Time, No Problem”

Highland Fitness/Results Weight Loss

1:30 PM

“Eat Clean”

with Kim Landry-Ayers

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SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 2017 • 11AM - 3PM
Chippewa Valley Expo Center

5150 Old Mill Plaza Drive, Eau Claire

Tickets available at Gordy’s Markets, Eau Claire Leader-Telegram, Foreign 5, or
online at or
Tickets are $6 in advance or just $8 at the door.


Her Impressions Thousands of Dollars in Door Prizes

Bridal Fair & Women’s Expo Women’s Health & Fitness Fair

Join us for the largest Speaker & Demonstration Schedule
bridal fair in Western Wisconsin!
P1iy0o:c0las0s AM C1le2an:3Co0okiPngM, Eating Out
with Pure Fitness 4 You and Treat Ideas!
FASHION SHOW with Stacy Wickstrom

at 2:00 PM A1a1ro:n3Ar0fstAromM 1“N:o0Ti0meP, NMo Problem”

Thousands in Door Prizes Apex Chiropractic Highland Fitness/Results Weight
Loss 1Cre2at:e0Y0ourPBrMidal WOW!
2 Leader-Telegram Fall 2017 Her impressions with Alice Rothbauer
with Kim Landry-Ayers

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