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The Legacy of Bob Jones
“To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.”
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Bob -
What can I say after 52 years of Marriage. Well when I rst met Bob I asked my roommate do you know anyone that has a car? I wanted to go to JB’s and see a boy who was a cook and actually was dating two redheads at the same time. A boy she was dating had a roommate that had a car. Oh yes that was just what we needed but the only thing was he had to be the driver,. Course the only thing I ordered was onion rings and a large order at that because Bob was with us.
The rst date was the night after Kennedy was shot and we went to see Mary Mary up town on center street at the theater there. From there on it was just Bob and I. One night I kept waiting forhimtopickmeupforadate.Hewas pretty late and I asked him why he was late. He said I was playing cards with the boys Course I said “ well you can see who is more important to you, the boys.
Bob was on the BYU Football team. I had dated other athletes and they were not always the nicest. He was different from all the other boys I had dated once I saw that it was only Bob. Others would call for dates and I told them they had to wait until Bob left on his mission. When he returned I told him I waited long enough and so we were married soon after his return since I didn't give him a choice. He knew I would start dating others if he didn't propose.
Through our marriage Bob always let me do what I wanted to do. He never limited me. I could use my charge cards whenever I wanted and as much as I wanted. I would put use in debt and he always found a way to get us out. He wasn’t the type of person who would sit down with me and go over any type of budget and I would keep on spending.
He always got great bonuses so that always would get us caught up.
Bob was never a ghter, he didn’t argue I was the ghter but I never could ght because he never would argue back. So when something went wrong, lets say when I had a ght, he just picked up the keys and left. When he got home I asked him where he went he said “ I don’tknowIjustwentdriving”,Hecame home as if nothing had happened. I knew than he was much like my father and he didn’t ever want to say anything that would hurt me or something he couldn’t take back. I was like my mother quick to get mad.
Through all the years we have had our ups and downs just like everyone else but there is no one I would want to go through life with. We made sure we got through what was given to us and pushed to stay together.
It has been wonderful that Bob has always been so kind to me and knows how to handle me. I am thankful he is not a ghter like me he is a peacemaker and has always made sure we had a happy home where others have felt so welcome and been such a great father to our children, Celeste, Colleen, Stephen, Stephanie, and Troy.

It’s not often that I pause and think about the many people who have directly influenced my life but as I reflect over the past 30 years, it clear that YOU have been a major influence for good.
I hope I’ve at least met or somewhat exceeded your expectations for your oldest
daughter...”Dad, I met the guy I’m going to marry. He’s in my piano class and he’s a water polo player”. Thanks for giving me the benefit of the doubt from the start. From pre-mission to having the chance to live with the Jones’ post mission (by the way, what were you and I thinking???) I watched the way you interacted with Sharon, Celeste and the rest of the family. It was quickly apparent that Celeste was like her mom in many attributes and if I wanted to have a happy life, I needed to learn from the master.
Patience, unconditional love and sometimes silence with a smile were just a few key behaviors that you exemplified. Your always calm demeanor and gift of understanding with your family is a Christ like attribute that I’ve tried my best to emulate as a husband and father.
The gift of FAITH in the Savior’s atonement you’ve been blessed with and developed is an example to me and my family. The knowledge of church history that you so generously share is augmented by your honest and pure knowledge of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. One of the best trips we’ve taken was the couple’s trip to New York and the church history sites. You were the driver of learning and the van. But Sharon was the driver of the fun, food and crazy. Bob and Sharon got together like peanut butter and jelly. One isn’t great without the other.
You’ve always been an example of a strong WORK ethic. You take pride in a clean and “always ready for a swim” pool. Never will the drain and back yard pump get the best of you. I will say that it always amazed me how you could keep the Northridge
home running with only a hodge-podge of random tools. Your employ provided for your family’s needs and the best weeding reception of all time, Dave and Celeste at Steimle Mannor. By the sweat of your brow you gave you family, and many others through your generosity, the comforts of this life.
The example of FUN that you and Sharon set for your children continues to thrive in the D and C Prolo home. While there are many moments of reverence, the Bob and Sharon Jones home has a reputation for fun. I’m grateful that Celeste got this gene and has expanded her talent of fun and happiness. Men are that they might be and the Jones family is that they might have fun (joy and happiness).
I am forever grateful to be a part of the Jones family. When I share with others my genealogy of “In -law-ness” I’ve always felt honored to say Bob and Sharon Jones’ are mine. The foundation of faith, work, fun and family are the legacy that will influence your posterity for generations to come. I see how these characteristics flow through to my children and for that I’m an eternally grateful.
Most of all, thank you for allowing me to have Celeste as my eternal best friend and companion. She truly makes me happy every day. While the “Sharon DNA” is strong in her, Celeste’s desire to gain knowledge, her reverence for sacred things and testimony of our Savior stems from you. As we walked around your pool that Sunday morning in August of 1989, you said, “You’ve lived in our home for the last four months, I don’t ever want to hear you say you didn’t know what you got yourself into”. Well, truth be told, I love everything about the Jones family and I’ve never questioned my decision.
Thank you for being my friend, my quiet mentor and father in law. I love you and am happy for the influence you had on me.
Dave Prolo
The only loose end we have is to make sure I know where the First Edition is hidden...
Brother Jones-
I have such great memories of spending time at your home with Stephanie and your family. I always felt welcome and loved the fun spirit of your family. Thank you for allowing me to feel like part of your family! Sending my love and prayers to you and your family.
Brandi Cleary Christiansen

My favorite memory of Uncle Bob was him giving a talk at my baptism. I remember Aunt Sharon calling us a few weeks before the baptism telling us what a great talk Bob had. So, we were all very excited for this talk. By the time my baptism day came up, I had told many of my friends that my Uncle Bob was going to give the best talk ever at my baptism. I don’t remember every word he said but I’m sure everyone that was there
still remembers Uncle Bob suddenly yelling REPENT. It certainly surprised all of us but many of my Sunday school classmates still quote it to this day. Uncle Bob has always been a great example to me and I am so grateful for all the incredible memories with him.
Elise Jones
I have a lot of fond memories of Uncle Bob. From his love of church history and the stories he told us at family gatherings to his witty sense of humor. I remember the times waiting for the Rose Parade at the end of the route...and the fun banter we had back and forth with the other side of the street. Who can forget the infamous “we’ve got gas, yes we do, we’ve got gas, how about you” to which the other side of the street responded, “you’ve got gas yes you do you’ve got gas, we smell you!”.
He always made our gatherings fun. I really en- joyed reading and hearing about some of his ex- periences when he worked back east at church historical sites. My childhood memories are full of Uncle Bob at the beach house and swimming at his pool...
Thanks Bob...for your example to everyone. Je Jones
Thank you for ALWAYS opening your home to not only me, but to my family. I will always remember how generous you were to me and to all of Stephanie’s friends. You treated me like family and I will never forget how kind and thoughtful you were to me. I never felt that I was ever unwelcome in your home. You would always ask me how I was doing and I knew you genuinely cared.
Oh how I LOVE tagging along on your family tradition of waking up early to go down to the Rose Parade and then head back over to your house for delicious homemade taquitos and Mexican food. That is de - nitely the best memory my own children still talk about today.
I’m so grateful to have seen the unconditional love you have for all of your children and grandchildren.
I would love to visit whenever all of the family was around. I sure loved watching you spend time with your children and grandchildren, showing them the truthfulness of the gospel. I always thought how amazing it was, and how devoted you were to wanting to share the amazing experiences about the church and traveling to the beautiful and sacred places of Joseph Smith with so many.
You are an amazing example to me. Thank you for putting up with us crazy kids growing up. I love you and I will cherish the wonderful memories. Love you, Bob.
Katie Goddard Bontempo

As a little kid, I think Bob was always the most exciting uncle to be around. You had to watch him closely. If you ever took your eye o him, he would lift you up by the belt loop and give you a “turkey walk”. As a teenager, I recognized him as a very supportive uncle. I once remember him meeting up with my parents near the nish line of one of my cross-country meets at Mt. SAC. Cross-country isn’t a very exciting sport for spectators, so it caught me o guard to see him and Sharon with my parents as I crossed the nish line. I probably didn’t do an adequate job of expressing how thankful I was
for his support, since I was a little too sweaty and out of breath. Seeing family there to cheer you on really makes a di erence in a sport like that. As an adult, I’ve recognized how knowledgeable he is and how great he is at making friends with new people. At my brother Easton’s mission farewell, I noticed my father-in-law had got to talking with my uncle Bob out in the backyard for a while. Being from Texas, my father-in-law isn’t often impressed with people from California, but that was not the case with Uncle Bob. Later that week, my father-in- law was telling me how incredible of a person Bob is. He had loads of praise for him, and I’m sure that’s the case with everyone who’s had the pleasure of meeting him over the years.
I hope the book’s coming together well. We’re praying for him and we hope to see you all at the Rose Parade next month.
Cousin Talmage
Bob has always been a wonderful brother to me. I have always been so proud of him. Memories include watching #10 on many a Friday night and how fun it was to have such a famous brother.
Both he and Sharon were great friends to me during my single years and grew close to both of them.
His support of family has been next none. Always to every wedding, missionary farewell, and homecoming. Always will remember him forgetting his shoes and going to Walmart to purchase what ended up to be two left shoes at Brad’s homecoming I believe.
We were so fortunate to be able to go on a trip with him and Sharon to England. Forever will be a special memory. I treasure our sibling trip to honor our father’s 100th birthday. He organized a wonderful time down memory lane. Such a special time.
I love this dear brother so much. I am so grateful for all the care and concern he has offered me throughout my life.
Marilyn Williams
Dear grandpa,
I love the story about when we went to the grocery story and I made you get grandma owers because “every girl loves owers” I also remember your Donald Duck voice which is spot on. I love you

Bob, Our current ward in San Clemente includes some
We sat about 200 yards up the route from the Jones family crowd. None of us had kids yet and there were to many kids at the Jones assembly. However from my location it was easy to see where the Joneses were because Bob was standing taller than any
other spectator on his ladder, directing the bands, heckling the Big 10 conference champions, and asking the Mayor of Pasadena what he was going to do to improve his city. On January 1, Bob and Sharron always made us feel welcome and it was wonderful knowing we could see the Jones family members on this special day.
Bob and Sharon were always present for family events. Rare was a missionary coming or going, child’s baptism, or a temple sealing without their company. Of all of these the most memorable to me was when my father ordained me as a High Priest in 2013. Dad was struggling after his stroke but was able to travel to San Clemente from Salt Lake City for the ordination. I am the only one of his three sons that now carries his line of authority. Bob shared
a personal story of his Melchizedek Priesthood ordination with all in attendance that taught me the importance of who performed this priesthood ordinance.
Collins Jones
If I’m being honest, growing
up I didn’t really like many of
my friend’s dads. They seemed
too old, or too weird, or too
serious. But not you. I liked
you right away. You were (and
still are) a kind, funny kid just
like me. I remember you telling
stories or singing songs as you
drove me, Troy, and Todd around the mean streets of Glendora. I vividly remember you singing the “log on the bottom of the lake.” I had never heard it before and even though it was a song suited more for younger children,
the way you performed it was perfection. I was laughing hard. You have a gift of making people feel at ease and making them smile. I have always appreciated you sharing your gift with me. I want to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas! I know you have been fighting for your health for a long time. Please know that I am thinking about you right in this moment and I’m praying for you.
Sincerely, Casey Jacobsen
top-notch members who were raised in Glendora. Some of them are Matt Laidlaw, Brittney Paul (Smith) and Andrea Christensen (Jackson). In fact Andrea told me she has some stories about Troy from the Bishop Jackson era if I need any stories to share about Troy. Whenever I meet anyone form Glendora
I have to ask, “Do you know my Uncle Bob and Aunt Sharron Jones?” Their reaction is always the same – “We love them and then they tell me the reason why. I only wish I could get the same reaction from San Clemente Stake members when I tell them Celeste Prolo is my cousin.
Now for some stories.
About 40 years ago the Denver Broncos had an amazing regular season and won their division. In the playoffs Denver defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Oakland Raiders to advance to the Superbowl. Everyone in Denver was crazy about their “Orange Crush” defense. In fact I remember as an 8 year
old parading around the indoor common area of our school with my classmates chanting, “Orange Crush! Orange Crush! Turn the Raiders into Mush!” As far as I could tell everyone I knew was a Denver Bronco fan. Except Uncle Bob. I remember Bob referring to my beloved Broncos as the Donkeys.
He changed the Orange Crush nickname to Orange Mush. He told me I should cheer for a real team like the Los Angeles Rams. Well Bob it has taken me 40 years but now I am just as much a Rams fan as a Bronco fan. You are right they are a real team.
After graduating from BYU Kelly and I moved to Redlands in 1994 so she could attend LLU. Living
in So Cal allowed us to start a new tradition on New Year’s Day. The fun of attending the Rose Parade was something we had heard much about from our Jones cousins and family members. We had to go. Our
rst year must have been in 1995 and we went with some college friends Tyson and Julia Manning (from Glendale) and John and Liz Tenney (from Valencia).

Dear Bob,
Though I am not your biological sister, but one “by-love,” I can honestly say; you have truly been a brother to me. Our family has been richly blessed to live close to your family.
You have been the awesome uncle to our children, who innately captivates their attention with your fascinating Church History stories, genuine interest in them, clever sense of humor and great knowledge regarding sports. Your strong testimony and love for each of them is etched in their hearts forever!
There has been more than one occasion when Talmage or I have requested a Family or Church History story for a lesson or talk, when you have willingly come to my rescue, regardless of time restrictions.
You are always eager to speak to church groups, youth, or Gospel Doctrine classes, when Talmage or I have requested your expertise.
You have been there to advise and assist in various ways, including family or nancial situations.
My fondest memories are the annual New Year’s gathering at your home. You and Sharon have truly kept the Jones family bonded with your sel ess love and generosity. Your home is always open door to everyone!
Tal and I are eternally grateful for the efforts and support you, Sharon and your family have rendered for each wedding reception when our children got married.
Rain or shine, winter or fall, you are a solid and reliable gure to All! I hope someday the Lord will allow you to know how many lives you have in uenced for good. I am grateful to be one of those. I can honestly say I am better person for knowing Robert S. Jones. You are a Great Man like your Father. In fact, you are the one sibling that reminds me of him the most. Thank you for your testimony, insights and wisdom. Your positive attitude is what has carried you through every trial and carrying you now.
Love, Debbie
P.S. Years ago you asked me for the words to my Christmas Song entitled
“That First Christmas Night”
When I think of that first night the Christ Child appeared. Of the manger and stable with Mary so dear.
And though the stable had little light...
it was marvelous,
such a wonder on that first Christmas night.
There were oxen attending to witness his birth. What a glorious moment a King of great worth. Angels sang Hallelujah the Savior is born...
to a Kingdom he’ll die for, then rise in the Morn! Then came Wisemen with gifts adorning his throne. ‘Twas humble and broken but still his light shone. How I wish I had been there to feel his great love... surrounding his countenance the son from above. Singing praises hosannas to honor his name
as Shepherds on hillsides await his great reign.
A star in the heavens looked down from the sky;
a symbol of guidance to the babe nearby.
When I think of that first night the Christ child appeared. I feel humble and reverence... a holier sphere.
In a world full of darkness there’s one who brings light. It’s the Savior, the Christ child of that first Christmas night. Written by Debbie Jones

Bob Jones is a Wonderful Man.
My interactions with Bob and Sharon have always been surrounded by Food and FUN. Bob never seems to have a dull moment when he is around his kids and grandkids. I don’t think i’ve ever had an occasion where I have been around that he doesn’t have at least have one grandkid hanging on his shoulders or on his back. It is very clear that he LOVES his family and want them to know it. Because he has a passion for sports and the church it seems that he is always in some way or another sharing it with them either through study or actual experience.
I was fortunate enough to travel on (2) Church History Trips that were organized and narrated by Bob and Sharon Jones. Because of God’s Hand in my life, and divine intervention, I was able to meet the Jones family through Shawnel who is my wife Christena’s younger sister.
Following my marriage to Christena, I became an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and was later sealed to my wife Christena. As I continued to learn the gospel, accept callings, and start a family, the Gospel continued to be important to us. Because I married a very organized woman who understood the importance of opportunities, learning, and not missing them we found ourselves on not one, but two separate Church History Trips. It was during these trips that I quickly realized how special of a man Bob really is. I have to say Bob’s wife Sharon is also very special woman and my memories of either one of them seem to be inseperable as one was always supplementing the other. As a team they seemed to supplement each other in magical ways. In my eyes, Sharon was Bob’s constant companion, by his side, making sure everything happened the way it was supposed to. I watched the two of them and quickly made the goal in my mind to strive to
be them when I reached their age. It was during these trips and my time with Bob that I was truly converted. At each sacred site it was evident of Bob’s testimony and his conviction to teach others through his gift of helping others to feel the spirit through sharing history and stories of each place. I seriously cannot name just one special moment as these trips were lled with many spiritual moments. I am forever Grateful to Bob. It is because of Bob’s life- long devotion of studying and learning the Gospel as well as his willingness share this passion and knowledge my testimony of the Gospel is where it is today. Because of Bob’s role in my life, his example and testimony, I was able to utilize the Atonement in my own life and gain a better understanding of the Plan of Salvation and see witness for myself how spiritual seeds planted throughout a life can and do grow in ways we cannot comprehend. These blossomed seeds have sprouted not only in me (as the only priesthood holder in my father’s lineage), but to the 3 boys I am raising as well.
Just over a year ago in December of 2017, Troy and Bob picked me up from the San Jose Airport as I traveled from my home in Hawaii to Utah. I was able to share my gratitude to Bob for his role and example in my spiritual development as a Priesthood holder, Husband, Father, Son, and Friend. You see I was traveling to Utah to Baptize my father who had been estranged from me for over 25 years. It was the missionaries that nally softened my father’s heart and helped him to look past his mistakes and poor life choices and see that through the Atonement and Baptism he could nally be clean and have an eternal perspective Where “Families Can Be Together Forever”. Because of my experiences and Bob’s talent in facilitating the “almost perfect” environment on his trips, I gained an eternal perspective and wanted to be better. After more then 25 years of housing bitterness and feelings of anger inside towards my father I was able to nally let go, to Forgive, and Forget. I have a very strong testimony of the Atonement. The feelings that enveloped me as entered the waters of baptism with my father are undeniable. Words cannot describe the Love and Peace that I felt. On November 25, 2018, my father completed his assignment here on Earth and was called home. Bob and Family, I Thank You for your willingness to sacri ce your time, talents, and energy in doing the Lord’s work here on earth. I am forever grateful to you and appreciate the examples that you are.
With Love and Sincerity, Rick and Christena Delray and Family
Bob Jones...
A wonderful Man...A beautiful Life. My family moved to Glendora in 1980. Playing sports as
a 9yo boy in a new town, I quickly got to know the Jones family. You see, their son Steve was one of the best athletes in town and for my
rst couples years our relationship was strictly competitive. There were ve kids in the family. Mr. Jones was involved coaching or supporting Steve and his other kids in anyway possible. As I entered junior high, I quickly became good friends with Steve, then, eventually Best friends. Through high school, we were inseparable.
His family was my family, and vice versa. I had many wonderful encounters with Mr Jones. He was generous and kind but was Present in the duties of raising good kids/young men. I have nothing but fond memories of Mr. Jones. He is loved and I thank him for his positive in uence in my Life.
Sincere thanks and love, J.J.

Bob must have been quite the athlete and a great personality. In high school when my brother Talmage and I got our letterman awards, your dad would seem w always show up at most of those letterman’s awards. And every time bob would come, one of our coach would acknowledge Bobs presence, and said “ how much they liked bob both his younger years and years later. Ps:( I think bob enjoyed hearing those comments even after decades later. Memory # 2). We all know of Bobs love for history and great leaders (past & present). I remember when there was an attempt to kill Ronald Reagan. I was with Bob and 2 others in the car, when bob said something like “ I don’t understand why so many great/good men have to almost die”. And I think bob might have also said along those same lines....when they are about/ doing good/great things for this country “.Bob was getting kind of teary eyed when saying this, and I was honored to see the great reverence bob has for great leaders.
I wish Chris were here to help me compose this message to Bob because they have had the greatest memories as brother. However, It has been so much fun for me to have so many shared memories with Bob and Sharon as well......BYU games, trips, children, church history events, friends and reunions, etc.
One of many events I remember was when Chris and I were living in Colorado. Bob, Sharon and children came to visit. We planned to visit Mesa Verde National Park in Southern Colorado. On the way back from this trip I spotted a huge boulder I thought would be perfect in our front yard. Chris was hesitant. It was much too big and heavy to lift and transport. However, Bob stepped up and said it could be done. Because of his encouragement and determination it happened!! They lifted that huge “rock” into our stationwagon and I think it is still there in Littleton, Colorado.
I am so grateful for Bob and his positive attitude, insight, counsel and loyality and I know his brother, Chris is too!!!
Love you and am praying for you, Louise

My Dear Brother Bob, I once heard someone say, “the great use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it.” You have and continue to create a wonderful legacy for your family and friends. I have been very fortunate to have an older such as you. One of my earliest and fondest memories was how you set me apart as a member of the Deacon’s Quorum Presidency when you were serving in the bishopric of the Temple City Ward. I thought it a great honor that my older brother was laying his hands on my head and giving me inspired counsel through his blessing. While I don’t have too many memories of you during my pre-Canada mission period of life, I was very fortunate to live in your home for awhile during my post mission “orphan” period. I am grateful to you and Sharon for putting up with me. It was during this time I really began to see and know the great man that you are. I was in awe with the diligence you served the Lord in your church callings no matter the time of day and circumstance. While I have nowhere near your breadth of Church history knowledge, your insight of the Prophet Joseph and the all the facts and different nuances of the founding of the Church, your example has sparked a desire for me to have that same zeal for learning all I can about the restoration.
Thank you for always being there for missionary farewells and homecomings no matter how di cult it was to do so. Thank you for continuing the time honored tradition of piling up the leaders and chairs on Sierra Madre Blvd. to watch the Rose Parade. I can’t imagine starting the New Year without this great family tradition. Thank you for trudging the hills of Mt. Sac to watch Talmage and Lauren compete. They often comment on how awesome it was that you and Sharon were there to support them for their big races running amongst those dusty hills and stinky cows.
Thank you for getting us all together for Dad’s 100th birthday and showing us places, both familiar and unfamiliar to me, where our great father lived, loved and served. It was very tting that you conceived and carried out the tour of Dad’s life—for amongst all I know, I think you are most like Dad.
I love you, big brother. David Jones

Dear Bob and Sharon,
Linda and I address both you and Sharon because you seem to ful ll the mystery Paul expressed for us ‘to become one’. You are one.
The greatest wish we send you is that you enjoy a heaping portion of love and goodness this holiday season. You are both a great example to all of us and are an integral part of the Anthony family.
Bob, everybody looks up to you; we have been blessed by your wisdom and amazing knowledge and testimony of the gospel. We are always impressed by your constant and loving care for Sharon. You are her rock. You have taught us how to love each better. We send our love and gratitude to you always. (Linda) Bob, for my fourth date with Linda in 1981 I presented an agenda to her dad, Mac, regarding my request to drive Linda
to California on a ‘date’. While in California we would stay at your home and enjoy a day at Disneyland. I explained to Mac that Linda would sleep in your downstairs bedroom and I would sleep on the couch. I knew without a second thought that you and Sharon would be gracious hosts and take good care of us. I didn’t even ask...and you did! You have always opened your home to so many people...and even strays. You know, I think
I took for granted your generosity. On an earlier occasion,
I went to California with my friend Charlie. We met up with some of his family and went to dinner on the Queen Mary ship in Long Beach. It was Thanksgiving. At the end of dinner, a couple of Charlie’s family members used their credit cards to pay for their dinner; their cards were rejected—in fact they used three or four cards but all were rejected. We bought their dinner. At the end of dinner, I learned that nobody had a place to sleep. So, we all showed up at your home. No problem, you took care of everything!
Three months after my visit to your home with Linda (August 1981), we showed up again. This time we had just begun our
honeymoon. Of course, you were your typical self. You took us to your bank, helped get us American Express checks and offered us your credit card for our honeymoon trip to Hawaii! I was so happy; you really showed us a great deal of consideration. My anxiety level softened; I relaxed.
I think sometime in the early nineties you and Sharon had your 25 year, silver anniversary. It must have been coincidence on that day that Linda and I came by again. We went with you and Sharon to a very small Mexican restaurant. It was ‘Tepin’ something or other. Then off we all went to Phantom of the Opera. It was a great time.
You’ve always been a gracious host; when you’ve come to Utah you have always come by to visit us. You know, it means a lot. Thanks for always being that great example of love, and thank for accepting us. You’ve helped to make life grand for all! We love you forever.
Eric & Linda...
Bob has always been someone who is larger than life. He often has a story to tell and
seems to know everything about whatever topic he is speaking about. He has always been a supportive brother and uncle and fun to be around. He made the effort to be there for all
of out important events - blessings, baptisms, farewells and homecomings. He has been an example to me of how important his family is.
It is not hard to see how much he loves Sharon, his kids and grandkids. I remember at the beach house how he would play with all the kids and have so much fun with them. He always seems to look for the positive side of things and have a good attitude. Just being around him makes people happy. I didn’t grow up with a brother, so I’m truly blessed to have gained a brother like Bob by marriage.
Kim Jones

To My Dear Uncle Bob,
My fondest memories of you come from the wonderful family beach reunions, the Rose Parade, family weddings, and most importantly from my Lone Star State of Texas while on
my Mission. I still remember receiving that wonderful call in the afternoon in Corpus Christi, Texas in 1996.
“Is this Elder Herrera? I heard that firm and loving voice of yours. “Yes!” I answered with enthusiasm. “This is your Uncle Bob!” I was thrilled to hear from you, but even more excited when you mentioned that you and Aunt Sharon would like to take me and my companion to dinner. With excitement, but fear that it might be too many, I answered, “Yes, but there are three of us”. I can’t remember what else you said, but knowing you, I’m sure it was funny! The time was set and
we met that evening by the shore and ate the best dinner we had had in a long time. Elder Quispe, to this day, I’m sure thanks Uncle Bob for those delicious ribs and brisket.
Uncle Bob, I love you and I have always appreciated your love for me and my family. You are a great example of how a priesthood holder, a father, and a man should conduct himself! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Your Nephew, Cisco Herrera
There are so many wonderful memories I have with Uncle Bob! There is no one in the world quite like him! He always made me feel special from the time I was a young kid
and would come over to the house to swim or celebrate a holiday. He would always greet me with a hug and ask me how I was doing. I remember his witty sense of humor and his “Who’s on rst”.
Some of my favorite memories with Uncle Bob are the conversations I had with him about church and family history, politics, and the gospel! I remember having a discussion with him at the beach one year that lasted hours and gave me greater appreciation for my family and our heritage.
I also remember a conversation with him where he shared some very special insights with me about the importance of temple work. Recently, Cisco, Katie, Chris, and I were able to reminisce with him about memories of Grandpa. I loved hearing the amusing stories, but most importantly, those that made me feel so grateful to be a Jones!
I have always admired Uncle Bob and love being around him. I was fairly young when Grandpa died (around 12 years old), so Uncle Bob kind of lled in for Grandpa in my eyes. I am reading Grandpa Talmage’s history to Collin right now. I always tell my children that if they want to know what he was like and who I could compare him
to the most, it would be Uncle Bob. Uncle Bob in wise, intelligent, con dent in the Lord, lively, full of faith, and has a loving heart!
I love you Uncle Bob and am so grateful for all the memories I have with you! You have enriched my life in so many ways, and I feel so blessed to be your niece!
Heather Herrera

Dear Bob,
This past year we have observed as you directed our 4th of July early morning celebration, and the “Thank You Bishop Jackson” Linger Longer, and even at the Halloween Party, that you spent much of your time observing and savoring the moment and the friends assembled there. Your expression and thoughtful observance reminded Cynthia and me of an experience she had when Doctors thought she was losing her eyesight. She wanted to capture everything so she could keep a memory of what she might never see again. I suspect you are mentally recording those precious happenings and the warmth of having family and friends surrounding you as you continue to struggle with health issues. You are greatly loved and admired by all of us.
When the ward boundaries changed it was your family that held a welcoming party. When the Ward held a 1st Ward reunion it was the Jones’ that planned and worked to make it a memorable event.
Every time you are called upon to add to a lesson or a program, we come away with new information and insights of gospel principals and historical facts.
You are forever helping people. We love to see you interact with your grandchildren. You are constantly teaching and modeling for them what a Latter-day Saint does, says and even how they dress. We especially like your appropriate ties for every occasion.
When we were in Palmyra in the summer of 2005 serving in the temple there, you brought a group on one of your “Church History Tours.” We were included and learned so much from that experience and continue to recall the testimony building feelings felt in those historical places, especially in The Sa- cred Grove and the nighttime visit to the Tomlinson Inn.
Years ago, while I was teaching at Glendora High School,
the choir often went on tour during the Easter (Spring) break. Usually about 40 students, plus chaperones and director would take the trip. We travelled by bus or plane, depending on the distance. The choir members earned money for the trip through various fund-raising activities that were held during the Fall early Spring Semester. Because the choir nearly
always travelled great distances, and needed to stay in hotels, the cost per student was sometimes greater than some of the choir members could afford.
When you learned that one time the choir had not raised enough money to take everyone on the tour, you inquired how much additional money was necessary. After you were told how much, you said, let me think about it and maybe con- tact some investors or friends who might be able to assist in reaching your goal.
About a week later, you called and said that you had contact- ed those who might be interested, and as a result, secured the needed funds to make the trip. Needless to say, we were absolutely delighted and overwhelmed at such generosity and giving and asked you for the names of the donors. In your own quiet way you said all of the donors wished to remain anonymous, including yourself, and that a simple, “thank you” was all that was needed.
As a result of your quiet, unassuming dedication and love for kids and music, the choir was able to go on tour that year and share their love for music as well as their musical talents and abilities. Because of the wish for anonymity, the kids never knew the source of their good fortune but we are forever grateful that Bob Jones was inspired to reach out to his sourc- es and provide the additional money needed.
That’s not the end of the story, as you helped us again and again through the years. Through your generous support we were able to sing, give concerts and participate in choral workshops in Hawaii, British Columbia, Washington D.C., San Francisco, and Salt Lake City, to name but a few. Without your help and support the choirs would not have had these wonderful experiences of sharing their talents in addition to seeing and being a part of the “outside of Glendora” world.
Our memories will always be of your great generosity with no strings attached, not only with money but as a pattern for your entire life. We are grateful to call Bob Jones our friend, both now and always.
Don and Cynthia Clarke

Dear Bob,
Uncle Bob,
I have to admit, growing up I was always very intimidated by you. I felt like I couldn’t keep up with your wit and intellect. However, as I’ve grown older I have come to appreciate what an amazing man you are. Not to mention, that you’re really not all that smart or funny after all! Kidding aside, you are a wealth of knowledge and I love any chance I get to sit and listen to your anecdotes, and how you put that special ‘Bob touch’ on your stories. I’ll never forget you coming to my parents ward and giving your Book Of Mormon/Restoration presentation and how you had the whole audience enthralled from beginning to end.
I love your sense of Jones pride and hope to carry that on with my own family. Thank you for tremendous example of devotion to faith and family. It is so apparent how much you are loved and idolized by your children and grandchildren, and for good reason. We keep you in our thoughts and prayers regularly and hope to enjoy our wonderful Uncle Bob for as long as we can!
Love, Chris Jones
I have always appreciated your love for Paul
and I as you have expressed it with kindness and support when we have gone through hard times. I love how you have shared your love
for the gospel in many ways. You have shared
it with many through sharing the history of the church. You have support and encouraged many family missionaries. You have shared your love and testimony for Christ , the gospel, and the leaders. Thank you for being such a ne ex- ample of a stalwart disciple of Christ. It’s always fun to listen to you share your love for family and your ancestors. And you love all today snd show it by participating in so many family events close and far. You live your testimony and love for family through your words, actions and deeds.
Thank you,
Colleen (Paul) Jones
Hello Troy, my name is Tom Genovese and I used to live next door to you in Glendora (my family moved away in 1984). I was a good friend of your brother Steven. I saw your post on FB about your Dad. I’m sorry that I wasn’t aware that he was sick (he still looks great in the pictures I have seen). I remem- ber Bob as being a very genuine, friendly person and always willing to take a moment to talk.
I remember making a number of “station wagon” trips to Dodger games or other sporting events. He would take us early so we could try and get autographs from the players. On the way home he would drive fast down the highway and pretend he was a horse race announcer and would say “and it’s toilet paper wiping up the rear!”
Probably without his knowledge, I used his golf clubs to learn how to play golf (which is funny now because I’m left handed but learned with his right handed clubs - and I still golf right handed today). Hopefully Steve and I didn’t lose too many of his golf balls!
I also remember him saying “Matt the rat could eat no fat, but him and his wife could eat the platter clean” - not sure where that came from, but he would always say it when Matt Lentz was nearby.
I am glad I saw your post, but sorry to hear that he’s not doing well. Bob (and the rest of your fam- ily) are always in my thoughts. “The Jones” were a great family to grow up living next to! Please tell your family I said hello and I wish them all the very best

Grandpa Bob!
I don´t know where to start! You are the best grandpa that any kid could ask for! I have so many memories that I will forever cherish with you! I remember we used to drive up and down the rollercoaster for what seemed like hours, and when they buit houses over it we went to complain to the people constructing it. Some of your loves have turned into my loves. Going to Rose Parade every year, Church History trips, Sports, and most importantly the Gospel. Thank you for everything you have taught us. We will never forget it! Keep Fighting, and I will see you in 11 months!
Love Hermana Goett
Hi Troy it’s Lisa Ivancich. Your dad and I have this phone thing. It goes something like this. I call
the house. Your dad answers, “Hello”. I answer him “Bob what are you doing.” He answers, “I’m answering the phone”. After we moved I called the phone call didn’t go as usual. I made him hang up so I could call him and start all over again. And ever since it our normal conversation of Bob answering Hello, I’m asking what are you doing Bob, he says answering the phone.
I wrote this with tears streaming down my face, in doing what Troy asked in his Facebook post about what Bob Jones meant to them. You can share with anyone you like. Please give him a hug for me.
My thoughts on the great Bob Jones: In spite
of Bob being a devout Mormon and a man with the highest of character, he never looked down on me, in spite of me being a young man strug- gling to nd/understand what faith is/was. He never treated me any di erently, even back in my younger days when I wasn’t the person I
am today, or because I didn’t share some of his heartfelt beliefs. If Bob knew you, he treated you like family, and we are all the better for it. He lived his faith and yet didn’t make people who didn’t share that same spirituality feel any less the person that he is. That is so unusual
in today’s life, where everyone wants to push you to think or believe in the same stu he/she does. I have met people who have literally tried to bully or guilt-trip me into accepting this or that in order that I t in better with their values, and yet Bob could see your goodness, regard- less of what God you did or did not worship.
He values people for the way they treat others. Bob knew his relationship with God was per- sonal and his alone, and he lived out his beliefs with his work, his family and his community.
He was as inclusive a man as I’ve ever met. Bob made you feel special and welcome in his company. His success in life wasn’t just having an intelligent, loving and moral family, it was just as much that he gave back to Glendora and anywhere else he cared about. I can not walk by the major league eld at Goddard without
my rst thought being “I remember when Bob Jones helped transform this into the experience it is to this day.” My last visit with Bob was at the McDonald’s near Lone Hill, and he didn’t recognize me at rst, and when I said “Bobby Jones” he turned around and walked towards me, and when he recognized me, he gave me a warm hug. You could feel this man’s goodness in his hugs alone. His life’s work, those he’s im- pacted and the example he’s set will live far be- yond any of our lifetimes. It was nothing short of a punch in the gut when I read the post that he was battling cancer and yet it doesn’t sur- prise me in the least that he took the bad-ass route in not letting cancer change who he is. He is Bob freaking Jones, a man of character, love and faith, and he is the best of what his religion, our city and our country could or has produced. They say the value of one’s life is the impact you have on others. Bob Jones, when the time comes, can rest proudly, because he has made his family, this city, this country and this planet a better place, just by living in it and being who he is. I can say from the bottom of my heart that my entire family loves, respects and feels it an honor to be his friend.
Brian Reed-Baiotto GHS Class of 1988

My favorite memory with Grandpa is when we went on the New York trip with Hannah and Grandma. We stayed in the Joseph Knight home. I got to drive a tractor, see bats,come out of a dusty barn and nd dead rats in the living room.
Grandpa and I would go down to a town (I forgot the name) and get the best cinnamon rolls, the frosting was my favorite.
Every year I love going to the Rose Parade with him.
I love you grandpa and I hope u do the best you can do.
I will never forget the many Rose parades with Uncle Bob. I was always a little scared to say hi to him because I knew the chicken walk would be coming way. But he always had something to say that would always bring a smile to my face.
Both Uncle Bob and Grandpa Jones, have an uncanny ability to make any experience fun
and memorable. For some reason, I have many memories of spending days at a time at the Jones home in Glendora. Did my parents just leave me there so they could enjoy the beaches of Hawaii without me? Perhaps, I was just left behind and Bob and Sharon were coaxed into taking care
of the scrawny, asthmatic homesick boy that
I was. Regardless, Bob was always making things fun. Jacuzzi Bob, red up the hot tub and Steve and I would spend hours and hours in the pool. Bob wasn’t happy when we enlarged the jacuzzi air bubbles so we could easily breathe underwater!!
More recently, Bob was always by my fathers side as he struggled through the nal years of his life. I am eternally grateful for the love and support
he provided my mother and father in the ICU soon after his stroke. During this time of crises,
I felt the love that Bob had for his older brother. I realized then, and know it now, that Bob and Chris were much more than just brothers, clearly they have a friendship that will last well beyond their earthly years.
I love you Bob! Parker

I’ve always admired my Uncle Bob since I can remember. Growing up only a few miles away from him I o en met people who knew him and I was proud to say he and Sharon were my uncle and aunt. My uncle Bob is one of the most gen- erous people I know. He has opened his home hundreds of mes for family events, weddings and of course my favorite New Years tradi on.
I have wonderful memories being in his home.
I love being greeted by Uncle Bob when I walk into his home. His smile lights up a room. If I had to choose one word to describe my Uncle Bob it would be wise. Never have I met a man with more wisdom. I o en nd myself in a situ- a on or listening to some news and I ask myself “I wonder what Uncle Bob would say about that.” I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying many intriguing conversa ons with him over the years and o en re ect on his wisdom and knowledge. He’s had a great impact on many lives and his ripple e ect will con nue throughout all me, long a er he’s le the earth. I love my Uncle Bob and so grateful for his in uence in my life!
Ka e Nielson
When Tailor and Millie were 5 and 3 we took a trip to California for 4th of July. On July 4th morn- ing we went to Bob and Sharons to visit everyone who was there for the Holiday.
As we pulled up Bob came walking out of the house with all the grandkids and they were com- plaining and upset about something. Turned out they were bummed that they missed a 4th of July parade. SO Grandpa Bob decided to make a pa- rade. He had a radio in his hand, pulled the Amer- ican Flag off the garage where it was hanging and had a bunch of props in his hands he started handing to the kids. (4th of July glasses, necklaces, etc. )
He grabbed my kids and lined all the grandkids up and together he waved the ag, held the radio, and made all the kids march up one side of the street and back down the other side of the street. He made a parade!
My kids were in absolute heaven!! It was such a darling memory and when I brought it up last week Tailor still remembers.
A side thing Uncle Bob always did when he saw my kids was yell their name really loud and say Hello TAILOR! And grab their hand and shake crap out of it until they were bursting with laughter at Uncle Bob.
He is a cherished Uncle, Grandpa and friend. We love how much he continues to touch our lives and what he means to me and my family.
Raechel Petris

Bob Jones! So many things come to mind when I think of this name... starting with the University! And of course, my Uncle Bob! I actually haven’t seen Bob in about a year, which I hate!
The last time I saw Bob was after my son Brady and I went to the Rose Bowl to watch Georgia vs Oklahoma on New Year’s Day. I’ve never been to a Rose Bowl, so this being my first time was quite a treat! Georgia beat Oklahoma in the semi final of the playoff in triple OT!!! As Brady and I ran out of the stadium to beat the crowds and jumped on our bikes to ride to our car about a mile away, my mind went straight to Bob. While I was thrilled to have been able to take my son to an amazing football game, in the most sacred of all college football venues, the Rose Bowl, something was missing... Uncle Bob! You see, after attending Rose Parades and Bob’s New Year party for 30+ years, I realized what was really great about the Rose Bowl. It was Bob announcing to the family that the B-2 is about fly over his house. I swear he has it timed down to the very second when it flies over his home after roaring over the Rose Bowl crowd. Whats great about the Rose Bowl is watching Bob take his seat on is recliner and and listening to his opening commentary on the matchup and how the game would play out. What’s great about the Rose Bowl is being able to watch it with Uncle Bob.
As we rode our bikes back to the car that night, I felt a little sad that I wasn’t able to be at Bob’s house to watch the game with him to see one of the most thrilling Rose Bowls to ever be played. Well, not a minute later, I received a text from my Mom - “Wes, I forgot my phone, (which by the way, takes great pictures), at Bob and Sharon’s. Can you grab it for me on your way to pick up your kids?” There it was! While I wouldn’t be able to watch the game with Bob that day, this was the next best thing. I would be able to recap the game with him and share my experience of being in the house that Keith Jackson built on New Year’s Day! That night was one I won’t forget - I was able to share a great memory with Brady as he shares my passion of college football, and I was then able to visit with Uncle Bob to recap the experience of the Rose Bowl and listen to his stories
about the Rose Bowl over the years!
One might think it a bit trivial to share a story about Bob and the Rose Bowl as you look at his life and all that he has accomplished. Well, your missing the point, if so. What’s truly incredible about Uncle Bob is his amazing ability to create memories for others for a lifetime! Some of my most vivid memories from my upbringing involve Uncle Bob. Whether it is church history, BYU football, politics, or local high school sports, Uncle Bob has been able to imprint memories in my life that will never disappear.
Uncle Bob, I love you and want to thank you for all the great memories you have created for me in my life. Those memories remind me daily of what’s most important in life - Family. My family loves you dearly and New Year’s has become their favorite day of the year. Not because they get to watch some floats drive down Colorado Blvd on New Year’s Day and scream at Jesus, nor because they get to spray dozens of cans of silly string all over their cousins, not even because they get to participate in a shmorgusborg of food after the parade... Nope, New Year’s is their favorite day of the year because they get to spend it with family, especially Uncle Bob! Thanks for all the memories you have created for us! But you’re not done yet, we still need a few more!
Love you - Wes Jones Family

How do you put 44 years of memories in a letter. I don’t even know where to begin! As a young girl I remember singing a song about my dad. I think it went something like this.
My dads the strongest guy
and my dads the bravest guy of any guy around, maybe i’ll introduce you then you’ll know that its the truththat mydadmydadsthegreatestguyaround. He can throw the ball so high you think its going to break the sky. He knows the name of every kind of jet. He always has money for bubble gum I haven’t figured how he does it yet
And so on. But this was my dad the greatest guy around! I remember every night we would stand on his hands and he would lift us up 1 story then 2 and then 3 and sometimes we would fall and other times we would safely come back to the ground. We would Indian leg wrestle and then after all these fun games we would get on his back and he would horsey ride up the stairs into bed. Like the song said I haven’t gured how he does it yet. As a parent some nights I am so tired I still am trying to gure how dad did that after a long day at the of ce, then church meeting, sporting events and then home.
I remember when I turned eight and we were up in Utah (as we were every summer) while dad stayed home and worked, I received a birthday card from him with a I am a Child of God necklace.That was I card that I have always cherished to this day.
When he would drive me and every else to seminary in the morning he would sign at the top of his lungs (at least that’s what it sounded like at 5:40 in the morning) Here in right eld and of course Frog in thebottomofthelake.Iwouldbe soembarrassed.ButknowIlook back at those mornings and smile.
Dad was always the best sport at amusement parks. I remember one time when he took us to Six Flags and we went on drop out. What parent goes on that ride? My Dad. What about the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, tiki room or the canoe ride? who like those rides? Why in the heck are those my favorite? Because my dad created many memories as we would go on them and make it so fun.
Whataboutcanoeing downtheColoradoRiverwiththeward.....Dad
toldmenottostandup.What’sthe rstthingIdidwhenheaskedmy to get him a drink out of the cooler? Stand up!!! As the canoe ipped and all the gear in started oating down the river Dad was there to save us and all of the gear.
I have had my share of embarrassing Dad too. One of my most memorable was at the Dodger game when we were in the dug out seats. This is taking it way back to Steve Garvey and Ron Cey days. While Ron Cey was on deck we all shouted, “What do you say Cey”?WellnextupwasPedroGuerrero,Ishouted,“Whatdoyousay Guerrero”? He looked at me like girl you are crazy and my dad just smiled and shook his head.
No matter what time it was dad was always up waiting for you to come home. He would get up and just got to bed after. I really do appreciate him doing that. I know how hard it is to stay up and wait for you kids to get home. Especially then when you couldn’t track your kids on the phones we didn’t have!
My very favorite experience with My Dad was the day he found out that I was pregnant with Haleigh. I was so scared to see him. I thought he would be so mad and yell at me.(which growing up I canrememberononehandthetime heraisedhisvoice)AsIcame down the escalator in the Ontario Airport I could see dad standing at the sliding door down by baggage claim. He was the only person around. As I approached him he simply gave me the biggest hug and nothing was said. I felt the love of my Earthly Father and my Savior as we embraced. As we got in the car and drove home after a few minutes I told him how sorry I was, He said, “I know you are” I know Dad did exactly what the Savior would of done. For that I am eternally grateful and I will hold that moment in my heart forever.
Some of the things I love about you dad are The love for the Savior and Heavenly Father. Your love for this country. Your love for Church History. Your love for Mom. Your love for your family no matter what we have done. Your love and interest in the lives of your grandchildren. I love that my kids LOVE spending time with you. They love learning from you.
I fell so blessed to be your daughter! Thank you for being My Dad, My dad, the greatest guy I know.
I Love You, Stephanie

When I was born, you wrote a poem about my birth and sent it to my parents. Several years ago my mom was going through some things and came across the poem and gave it to me.
It stated how disappointed you were that I was
a girl because the Jones football team needed more boys. It was such a darling funny poem. I thinkyoumissedyourcallingasapoet. Itmade me realize once again, how lucky I am to be part of this amazing Jones clan!
I have so many fond memories of Jones cousin Christmas and 4th of July parties. Nobody partied like the Joneses. I never knew that not all cousins kiss each other on the lips. Even though we are separated by a few years, I love that being part of the Jones family is a special bond.
Shawn and I have been so blessed to have gone on some of the famous Bob Jones church history trips. They certainly lived up to their fabulous reputation. We have you to thank for a much greater love and understanding of church history. We still nd ourselves saying “well,
Bob Jones says...” when someone is a little misinformed about historical events. Thanks
for letting us tag along with your friends and followers on some awesome trips!
With all of my love,
Jane Buf ngton Packer (little Janie)
When I think of most of the important events in my life, (blessing, baptism, going through the temple, getting married, having children etc) your dad was there. He has always
been kind and supportive to me. Sometimes rearranging his schedule just so he could make it.
Besides those important life events, he has always been
easy to rely on. He and your mom once took me to San Francisco when I had a bad breakup, just to get me away. He’s helped me for years with my taxes, has opened his home
to our family for as long as I can remember. And the last
time I was at your house, he let me take cuttings from his succulents! We’ve had great discussions about the gospel and our church history, about family and life. He’s a great listener.
I think my favorite memory of him was driving through the streets of Las Vegas on a family vacation. He would stop at
a red light next to another car, and throw his car into reverse when the light turned green to mess with the other car. I don’t remember ever laughing harder!! It’s such a silly memory, but it’s still so vivid in my mind.
He’s always been fun, funny, accommodating and kind. I’ve appreciated the way he has always made me feel like I was important.
I’m so sorry that he’s been so sick. Cancer really sucks. It sounds like you and your siblings are doing all you can to stay close right now. I know how much he loves his family. It must mean a lot to him.

I've been thinking about your father and the evening we met at your home. You'll recall I showed him our original .69 Caliber Harper's Ferry Musket that was of the model issued to members of the Mormon Battalion at Ft. Leavenworth in 1846 when our people responded to the call of our govern- ment to assist in the war against Mexico. My great, great grandfather served in Company B of the Battalion and made the entire march to San Diego. After his release he traveled with about 20 other Battalion members to the Salt Lake Valley and then on to Winter Quarters where he met up with his wife and child. In sharing this with your father I found him to have a deep interest and sense of respect for anything related to the history of the Restored Gospel.
In talking with your father I found it easy to get him to relate what he had come to know of our people. His knowl- edge of, and perhaps even more so, his enthusiasm with respect to the earliest days of the history of the church was contagious. Certainly you and your children know this better than anyone. Knowledge differs from wisdom in that wisdom is truly the application of knowledge. In the case of your father it was obvious to me that he had a unique ability to apply what he knew. Such an attribute served to bene t all those around him. This was certainly evident when he spoke at Brother and Sister Haupt's home and shared with all of us his testimony of the Book of Mormon.
Please know that Rita and I were honored to meet your parents. Thank you so much for the opportunity.
Best wishes,
Jim and Rita Holmes
In my re ections about big brother Bob I often think about how I viewed him growing up. He was so much older than I was, I never attended the same school simultaneously, and by the time I was old enough to really remember
Bob, he was away at college, serving his mission, and was married and living away. I always felt like Chris and Bob were so far separated in age that they belonged to another generation and were almost like my parents. I
do remember all the respect I was given at San Gabriel High School and the pride I felt as I pointed to his football picture on the wall in the Boys gym and proudly exclaimed “that’s my older brother.” Some of the older coaches like Seixas and Putnam came to quickly realize that while I was Bob’s brother, I did not seem to inherit his high level athletic genes but I did try.
Bob you may not remember when you came to one of my B level football games and had overheard the other teams’ plans to run a play on my side of the eld while
I was playing defense. You ran over to my sideline, told me what they play, was and I stu ed the play at the line of scrimmage. I remember going to one of your football games, I think it was against Temple City where you lost and then a track meet where you seriously pulled your “hammy”. Maybe I wasn’t the best of luck for you in attending your games or meets.
Debbie and I have loved your advice and counsel on matters such as Church History travel, which Medicare plan to choose, or just good old Church History. I have never been so proud to have you come to our ward and share your knowledge and testimony of the Gospel and the Book of Mormon. Everyone still talks about you bringing a rst edition of the Book of Mormon and letting people actually handle it. You have always been such a good example
to me in being a good father, grandfather and Priesthood holder. While you have struggled with you health and cancer recently, I am always still amazed the strength you show in doing great things and leading your family.
‘Wearesoexcitedtohaveourentirefamilyhereto celebrate the Christmas season and New Year with you and Sharon at the traditional post Rose Parade bash. Debbie and I are praying that your life will be lengthened so that we all can enjoy your company and strength for years to come. The Talmage Jones family are all the biggest Robert S. Jones fans and admirers.
Love you, Talmage Uncle Tal Jones

From the Cisneros family:
listen to on the 4th, and his knowledge about Joseph Smith. – Emma
The thing about Brother Jones is that he knows everything about church history!
– Bryan
I remember him coming over at like 7:30 one morning to tell me about President Jacobsen, my Michigan Mission Presi- dent (who is his good friend.)
– Kathryn
I remember that he taught a lesson one time in YW that explained so much about church history and inspired me to want to go see and visit all of the church history places and now I know that one day when I nally get to those sights, I will always think of you, Brother Jones, and be grateful for the interest in church history that you helped develop in me.
– Eliza
It was Brother Jones who showed me and let me touch that old Book of Mormon. That was cool.
– Ben
My brothers and sisters and I joke about the “Dad” look. Its a look that comes into my Dad’s eyes whenever his children or grandchildren do something that makes him proud. It often comes with a hug, a smile, and kiss on the cheek - sometimes there is even a tear in the eye. Well, I think Bob may qualify for that certain “Dad” look as well. One of my favorite things to do is watch him whenever Brandon, Ryan, or Grace is speak- ing in sacrament. There is that certain look in his eye that just lets you know the love he has in his heart for his family and the gospel. It’s the best. Thank you, Bob, for sharing your
love of the gospel and of history and of family with us all - you are a mentor and an example to me. Whenever I hear you talking about what you are reading, I hurry off to see if I can nd it on Amazon or borrow it from somewhere or someone.
I have also loved serving with you on ward council and have appreciated so much both your wisdom and your wit, and the many resides you have shared with adults and youth alike. And I loved the family-of-missionary group you started once
-- what a special time that was in our lives and I loved the idea you had of getting us together with other families so we could share those special moments together. You are so good at connecting us with those moments that matter most. Thank you!
– Shannon
I have known you since our days in Temple City when my brother Steve and and your son Steven terrorized the primary leaders in that ward. It wasn’t until we moved back to Glen- dora that I got to really talk to you more. I really admire your testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, your love of country and your love of the history of our church. I have really enjoy the discussions we have had about church history. I have used you as a resource anytime I need to do anything with the youth of the Stake that includes a church history element: Trek, High adventure, youth conference, Fourth of July, etc.. Thanks for also loaning me interesting books and journals to read. I really appreciate it.
Dave Cisneros
I admire how Brother Jones picks out patriotic stories for us to
Thank you for always being there for me. You are everything
I want to grow up to be. My best memory with you is when we went to Disneyland and I was too little to go on the rides with the older cousins but, you still found a way to help me have fun because when the roller coaster cart went down the drop you would make sound effects, which made it much better. I enjoyed watching the roller coasters, but I enjoyed the most was spending time with you. There are no words to describe you fully, but here are some words to describe you funny,
fun, intelligent, exceptional, and perfect. There is nothing that I wouldn’t give to spend more time with you. I hope your results are good and keep on ghting. Don’t let cancer take an precious part of the Jones family.
-Talan Miles Jones

Hopefully we will get a chance to see you at the Rose Pa- rade this year. Speaking of Rose Parade. . . that is perfect segway into the purpose of this email. How could any of
of think of memories of the one and only, legendary Uncle Bob without thinking of the legendary, annual trips to the Rose Parade. What would we have done without his intui- tive engineering genius as we all sat pearched between two Werner ladders on old wooden planks. I have the scars in my buttocks to prove it. Thanks, Jacuzzi Bob! Best seats in the house!!!
Now to the whole Jacuzzi Bob thing. . . . I don’t even know how this nickname began. It’s not like we had several “Uncle Bobs” in the family and we had to distinguish between them. But for some reason, when we were younger (and still to this day), we used to always refer to him as “Jacuzzi Bob”. Of course, the obvious reason is because of the amazing Ja- cuzzi that we got to swim in after making the long road trips from Utah or Arizona to come visit our Glendora cousins. How could you forget that Jacuzzi? Trying to set the record for holding our breath under water as we puckered our lips around the tiny little, chlorine contaminated, little air holes in the seat and backs of the spa. To this day I still have a complex because I couldn’t keep up with Stephen, Parker and Collins.
Now to a more redeeming and praiseworthy characteristic of Uncle Bob’s that I will always remember and cherish
but never achieve is his level of support he always gave to family and friends. No matter he circumstances. Or how ever great the sacrifice. I will always remember Bob (and Sharon for that matter) for their support and attendance at any of mine or my siblings significant life events. Whether it was a missionary farewell, homecoming, wedding or you name it Bob was there. I remember one particular event where Bob and Sharon loaded up the family and made the long, hot, miserable drive from Glendora to Scottsdale for a
missionary farewell. Only to then turn around at amen and drive back the very same day. Now that is dedication and sacrifice. Thank you Uncle Bob for always being there. You taught us all what it means to be part of the Jones family. We only hope to carry out that legacy in a manner as you and Sharon have done.
Another thing that I will always remember about Bob is the way he would make us all feel when ever we are with him. He has this unprecedented ability to make you feel like you are the most important person in the room or his favorite person. Let’s face it, I am his favorite nephew. Right Bob?
Lastly, when I think of just an all around great, well rounded, talented and WISE men, I think of Bob. Not only is he always good for a good laugh, no matter how sarcastic or cheesy the joke may be, he also has some good advice. I remember recently after being called to teach seminary I wanted to talk to someone for some good advice. Not having a father
I could call upon and turn to for advice. I called the person that most closely resembled my father. Not only for his physical appearance. . . Umm can you say “Jones” forehead. . . but also for his testimony of the restored gospel and love of the Savior. I will never forget that Bob took the time to take the call and give me some great advice. And it typical Uncle Bob fashion gave me something to laugh about. When I asked him about Celeste’s recent experience as a seminary teacher and how she liked being a teacher in San Clemente he responded by saying, “well you know that she is moving, right.” As to say, that is the only way out of the calling.
Thanks Jacuzzi Bob. We love you!! You are the Keith Jack- son of the family. A timeless classic. “”Whoa nellyyy, he’s a dandy.”
The Kimball Jones family

I love when you put me on your shoulders and
you would walk me around
I love to drink your special drink.
I love to make and eat jello with you.
I love to swim in your pool.
I love when I get to go gol ng with you.
I love to go to the Rose Parade with you
I love to go to the donut man with you.
I love when you walk me to school and we sing songs
like down by the bay.
I love to throw the football with you and watch and talk about football. I love to go to the cemetery with you to visit Great-Grandpa and Granna Jones.
I love when you tell me stories about when you were a boy.
I love to sit and watch TV with you.
When we went to Italy together you
would buy me gelato and I loved that.
Grandpa you’re my best friend and
as you can see I love spending time
with you.
Love JT
Jen's Top 10 Memories of Big Brother Bob
2. 3. 4.
5. 6.
8. 9.
• • • • •
Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo ..... Aunt Merle's other name for Bob
Older brother Chris's cover-up agent
Great solos in the
Las Flores Roadshows Awards to name a few
American Legion Outstanding 8th Grade Student Matador of the Week more than once
MVP San Gabriel High School Football player Los Renombrados
BYU Football Scholarship
Testimony unwavering...knowledge of the Saints endless Even tho Mom knew little about sports...she made sure that he had a steak before each game.
Give him an idea and he creates a successful event, poem or gathering
Like Father like Son
At San Gabriel High School I was always known as Bob Jones's little sister.
Best Christmas cards ever!!
Jennifer Jacobsen

Thanks Bob--For not Blowing Up Several years ago, Debra and I along with our kids and Eric who was dating Liz at the time visited granola land. We were accompanied by Si, Brad's son. Si (whose birth name was Messiah, but who chose to be renamed Si when adopted) was with us as we visited the Magic Kingdom. Unfortunately for Bob and Sharon, Si was studying landscape architecture at the Zoo (BYU). Sharon had a few things that she asked for some help to plant. That was her mistake. So, Si and his Mexican laborer (Bill) started. Sharon and Bob were un- aware of Si's gifts. One of his gifts included talking to trees and owers. So when Bob's foliage saw us coming they started talking---to Si. Trees often like to change their view. And when they get a human who can hear them, they voice their demands. And they did. Interesting how many of Bob's owers and trees wanted a new home. And, of course, who were we to deny them. After all, they asked, apparently, nicely. So, when Bob came home to see his pride and joy, it was gone. Instead, he had a whole new yard to meet. I know Bob was not the happiest campier on the beach that day, but to his credit. Bob, did not blow up. Thanks Bob---For Not Blowing Up. Bob has always been very kind to me. And, I have always been aware of that. He is a good brother in law. And, sorry about the yard.
Bill Barrett
On my way to BYU Mom shared with me a very sacred experience about when I was sick as a child. I won't recount that here but I want you to know that I have thought about that oftened.
There are a few lessons that will stay with me throughout my life from that experience. First your devotion and concern you have for my mother. The pleading that was done on her behalf has set a great example of unconditional love snd what should be strived for in a partnership.
Secondly I feel that the experience has given you an insight on me and my lives path that maybe I dont really understand but as I have grownandlearnedfrommychoicesI appreciatetheunderstanding and support you have always given to me. I look at my concern I have had raising my own children and am so sorry for the concern or anguish I have caused you and any sleepless nights on my behalf.
But through it all you are still my constant, always willing to listen to me and give me amazing counsel that I try to follow but am not always suscessful.
I love spending time with you even if it is in silence. Some of my greatest memeories is just feeling the strength of peace and calmness of your silence.
You have never told me no when I needed you, never told me you were to tired when I needed something when I knew you had a long dayorjustgetting backfromhereorthere.
As I look over all my memories I am amazed at how present you were and are in my life. Even when it must have been brutally painful like my 8th grade open house when I had to cheer and I didn't put the time I should have to practice and went out and blew it, you were there in the stands supporting me during my epic failure. That is just who you are my support, my one constant, my Father.
I love you always Colleen

What does it really mean to be a good father? Is it the amount of money you make, the size of the house you live in? Is fatherhood measured by the success of your children or by their fail- ures? I’m really not sure how you measure the success of fatherhood but Dad I can honestly tell you... You’ve done a great job.
You are someone who exhibits great endur- ance through all kinds of trails, annoyances, and provocations. I guess what I am trying to say is that you have the patience of Job when it came to raising five very different children.
I’m so grateful for the times you never said ANYTHING. I know my children wish I shared that same trait. I always knew when I was
in the wrong and you never had to remind
me. This is what I love most about you, You never have made me feel “less than” and there were plenty of times you could have.
What I love about my Dad:
• The love you give to my Mother and Children.
• Church Talks
• Pioneer Bob
• Broadway Sing alongs
• Turkey Trots
• Dodger Games
• Olympics 1984
• Laker Games
• The “big” Hill
• Church History
• Israel
• BYU Football games
• Christmas Eve Luke 2
• Civil War
• Coach Bob
• Rose Parade
• Fourth of July
• BBQ/pool parties
• Road Shows
• Church Plays
• Road Trips
• Letting us live in Provo during the summer • silly songs
• huge hand shakes
The list can go on and on but most of all I love you for being YOU. I LOVE YOU DAD! Love,Celeste

Best memories of Uncle Bob...
I have always been captivated by his great ability to tell a story - I love to talk US History with him - I share the same love of our coun- try - so grateful we started the beach house vacation - it gave me the chance to really get to know my amazing Jones Aunts, Uncles and cousins - I love you uncle Bob and hope to go on a tour with you to anyone if your favorite places!
-Jamie Ingersoll
My favorite memories with you would be playing golf mostly at Marshall canyon and Azusa Greens. It wasn’t just playing the game of golf but the things you taught me about life. How to try to avoid the hazards on the course and what it means to keep your eye on your goal. We had a lot of good time on the greens and some times you would show me patients and nding the joy in our journey. You always make me feel like I am important and you always were there for me for anything I needed.
You have always amazed me with all the knowledge you posses and it has inspired me to seek after truths. I want to know what you know and I wished my mind thought like yours and could remember as well as you do. You take so much time just to show how much you love all of us. you really take the time to make sure when something is important that we understand how important it really is and if not you take the time to explain until we understand.
I love my Uncle Bob!
Grandpa Jones passed away very shortly after my parents were married, so I never knew him. Uncle Bob stepped in as my Grandpa Jones and I love him for that. I remember always being excited to see him at beach house reunions, to hear his silly jokes and see his goofy smile. He and Aunt Sharon have always been there for me - my baptism, mission farewell and homecoming, they were even there to cheer me on at my very best cross country race ever at Mt. SAC. A week after I came home from my mission I got to be a part of the J. Talmage Jones 100th Birthday tour with all my aunts and uncles.
(My mom was working so I got to take her place.) I was so impressed by everything Uncle Bob had put together and the tears that lled his eyes as he told stories about Grandpa and Granna. That semester at BYU I took a Foundations of the Res- toration class. When we talked about the Book of Command- ments I remembered a story about that book involving Uncle Chris. So, naturally I called my Uncle Bob on my way home to get all the details, plus his stories about church history I had never known.
I feel so blessed to be a part of the Jones family. I love my family and am so grateful for all the wonderful examples, like my Uncle Bob, I have to look up to.
You teach me constantly what it is to honour the Priesthood and to more importantly be worthy to use the Priesthood. You have blessed my life so much by just being you.
I appreciate all the special times you shared with me, like being there for ordinations, receiving my temple endowment and being my escort and showing me the ropes, giving me all those blessings in time of need.
I love you and hope to play many more rounds of golf with you
Love Brandon

To The guys who gives it all,
Grandpa I don’t think any letter would do justice for what you have done for me. I remember being excited to see you since I could fit on your lap for that very aggressive “horse” ride. The excitement has not stopped. I remember beaming with excitement knowing we were going through the “Indian canyons” to come to grandpa Jones house! I always knew grandpa would be doing something special for me the moment I walked in the door. You were the man who introduced me to the most magical place on earth and would tell me the history of the orange groves that once took its place. You were the man who made the battle of Pittsburgh come to life right before my eyes. You were also the man who kinda ruined the Christmas story for me... but you are forgiven. You were the grandpa who was at every dance recital, every baptism every ordinance, everything. I could always count on bumpa bob to be there. Even if he wished he was at a football game instead. You are the grandpa that makes me want to do more, learn more, and be more. I’m sitting here laughing at all the amazing memories I have with you I’m so lucky to have grown up with an incredible grandfather. I wish I could write down all the amazing things you have done for me. Thank you grandpa for being the most amazing example of a faithful man on this earth. Thank you for showing me strength, honesty and
holding strong to what is most important. Family and the gospel. I hope to be like you as I grow up and start my own family to show how strong we can be through Christ and the atonement just like you have shown me.
I love you grandpa
I have always admired you for your knowledge and your desire to study and learn. You showed me how history is developed by ones own experience and how many points of view make one event. You taught me to always ask more questions, never to be satisfied with just one account but to seek after multiple points of views and there somewhere lies the truth.
When ever I think of a worthy priesthood holder you come into my mind. You are the image of who I want to be. You have set the example of what characteristics and man husband and father truly is. You are patient, kind and really caring. The way you have loved your family and wife, the way you adore your grandchildren and the way you make everyone so comfortable. I have always treasured the times we have spent talking about history, I have learned so much from you and have lived so many experience with you that made the history come to life..I hope that we can make so many moments that become our history
You made me feel like things are OK when they really were not. You made me feel safe when I didn’t understand. One time I asked you when I was really confused if things were going to be OK and you said, you didn’t really know but that you were there for me. Well just you saying that made me feel like it was OK because you said we don’t always know every answer but we will figure it all out as we go.
I am really sad about thinking that you will not always be in my life. You are my constant steady compass when I learn something new I want to tell you first about it. When I hear something interesting I think what would you think about that. You are my hero, you are always with me because I have you in my mind, thoughts, and actions.
I want to make you proud, so I am set on living a life that you will be proud of.
My grandpa bob is the smartest, kindest, and hardworking person I know. Listening
to any story that he tells whether it is
about the church, his life, or just how crazy grandma is always put a smile on my face. Grandpa was there for every nutcracker performance, high school event and even my college graduation. There wasn’t a moment he missed in my life. My trip with him to London has to be one of my favorite memory with him. Getting to spend time with him learning about the history of England
in all aspects was amazing. We spent a
few moments together up on the hillside that over looks England and Wales and I remember looking at him and just thinking how grateful I am that I have a grandpa who would take his granddaughter along with 10 other people across To another country. I don’t know how many people get the chance to say that they’ve traveled to another country, Across the US or even late night donut runs with there grandpa. I feel truly blessed to be a granddaughter of Robert Jones.
Alexa. Your first and favorite grandchild.

How do I put in words what you mean to me the past 38 years. No words can begin to describe the love, respect, admiration that I have for you.
Ever since I was a young boy you have been my hero, mentor, guardian and cheerleader. There hasn’t been a single day since I have become a father that I have not thought to myself how did my dad handle this or how would my dad have handled that situation. I know you are not a perfect person but you have been perfect to me.
Our relationship was a little different I was the last one of your children. For the most part I had you all to myself. For years I thought I was your favorite. I mean none of the other kids got to travel all over the United States and see so many cool things. Later I learned that you feared for my life if I was left with mom that I would not be alive when you got home. Either way I will always treasure the many trips we took as I do the same for Talan.
The 72 oz steak in Amarillo Texas, the rain storms in Houston. Being left in the hotels with $20 for 10 hours a day. Stone Mountain and civil war tours in Atlanta, Halloween in Salem Mass. Where ever we went even though you were working away you always made me feel like it my special trip with my dad.
The most memorable and special trip we took was a 2 week trip that probably saved me from going down the wrong path. The trip I gained a testimony of the atonement of Jesus Christ, the prophet Joseph Smith and the plan of salvation.
You sacri ced so much for your kids. You were always the rst to give and last to take. You lead by love and kindness. You never let your trials or tuff personal times re ect how you interacted with us. You are the fun dad, the one that my friends felt comfortable to be around, you
befriended my friends. You provided a home that not only was lled with love and excitement but was open for everyone. I don’t remember a time when there wasn’t someone staying for a visit or living with us for a time. I remember one time my friend Mike Ahmad a 7ft black kid who liked to raid the fridge needed a place to stay and he just showed up and stayed 3 days before you kindly said I don’t mind him staying but what is the plan. You were always at my games and even practices. I could always count on you standing on the sidelines of my freshman football practices. I was always so proud to have you there.
Dad there hasn’t been a Saturday during college football season that I haven’t called just to talk about the last play that just happened and you were always watching the same game. Just to get your insight on the game later in life it has become more of an excuse just to hear your voice. Every church question, any doubt I have you are always there and have an answer or explanation.
More recently even after your 18 year obligatory period has expired you continue to be the voice of reason, example and loving father. The priesthood blessings, words of advice or more common an extended ear to listen. I can always count on you. It is unbelievable the dedication that you and mom show to your children. Knowing you are only a phone call away for anything that we need. If it is to speak to the youth of my ward, help me get thru political season, help me with a talk anything I have ever asked you have delivered.
I think as I look back at the 38 years I have been privileged to be your son it is the example that you have been that I admire the most. You treat everyone with kindness and respect, but the love you have shown your kids towards our mother is by far the greatest example. There is no Bob without Sharon and vice versa. I know you have both have had
more trials than we will ever know but you have managed to make though all obstacles showing respect and love. I thank you for loving my mother so deeply.
Dad my kids adore you. Each have a special bond to you but the relationship you have had with Caleb makes my heart full. From the time he was very little you have always been the one to join us at any amusement parks to be a Caleb duty anywhere we go I can count on him being on top of your shoulders or on your legs as you drag him across the oor. Jaxon and Talan will always cherish and remember the trip we took together. You made a trip about church fun. You always made any situation enjoyable. You made learning something anything, church, sports, American History, something that is exciting.
I write this with tears in my eyes understanding that our time on this earth is limited but whatever time we do have here together I want you to know that you are appreciated loved and looked up to more than you will ever know. I fasted for you last Sunday and as I was thinking about you I missed the rst few versus on the hymn we were singing and when I nally got to the right page we were on the nal two lines “I’ve done the work thou gravest me, receive my spirit unto thee”. Not that I want you to go anywhere anytime soon but feel the comfort in knowing you are a choice son of or Heavenly Father and we have been truly blessed to call you dad. In my patriarchal blessing it says I have come to this choice family here on earth. The legacy you and mom will leave is 5 children who all have a testimony of the gospel, that love one another and would do anything for you and mom and each other. 19 grandkids who each think they are your favorites. So far 5 of which who have followed your example in serving the lord on a mission with at least 5 more to serve.
Dad I love you and even though I tried to put in words what you mean to me I feel like no amount of words can do it justice so I will just end with thank you.

Last spring at my basketball banquet our Athletic Director stood and shared a story about a Grandpa who after hearing about a nancial dilemma for buying CIF rings wrote a check towards the amount needed to purchase such rings. Everyone on my team looked at me and said Sos that's your Grandpa. You never told me you did that nor did you want the acculaids but I knew it was you because that is the kind of man you are.
I could never explain in a letter how much you have done for me. You have lled in whenever there has been a need. I know you have done things for me that you didn't half to do but you did them. Whenever I needed a blessing or just someone to suppose me I knew I could count on you. Ine of my favorite things about playing basketball is knowing you are there un the stands. I like to hear your opinion about my team and the players. I k ot you won't tell me I was good when I wasn't. I feel proud when you tell me what plays I did correctly, and I know if I did bad you will tell me honestly usually joking with me about it. You are
always kind. I remember once you yelled my name real loud. I knew I deserved it because
I had caused Grandma to be mad at me for something and you always have her back. I look at your example of qualities of what a worthy Priesthood. Thank you for being an example of what Christ is like. I hope there are lots more games, memories, and events that we can share together.
Love Grace

My very earliest and happiest memories include being with Granna and Grandpa Jones, Uncle Bob and Aunt Sharon, and my cousins. After my family moved from Southern California to Denver in the early 1970s, visiting my California relatives each summer was something I always looked forward to, and now that I’m in my 50s I cherish those memories.
I felt especially happy on the occasions when I got to spend the night at Celeste and Colleen’s house. I remember a young Uncle Bob always joking around with us kids, teasing us and making us laugh with his funny stories, rhymes and songs. I can still sing every word of his “Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, I think I’ll eat some wor-r-rms!“ song. I also remember gazing at a big, black-and-white photo of Uncle Bob posing in his football uniform, hanging in his and Aunt Sharon’s bedroom, and thinking that my Uncle Bob must have been a big-time football star!
After Uncle Bob and Aunt Sharon moved to their Glendora house, complete with swimming pool, diving board, slide, and even a “Jacuzzi,” visiting them there was always a treat for us on our drives in from or back to Colorado. I remember all of us cousins goo ng o in that hot tub for hours on end, prompting my youngest brother Kimball, age two or three, to name the Glendora house “Jacuzzi Bob’s.”
Another great memory was the time, in the early 80s I believe, when Uncle Bob and Aunt Sharon’s family came to visit us in Colorado. It seems like we all drove back to California together at the end of our trip, because I remember driving through the beauty of the Colorado Rockies, listening to eight-track tapes of John Denver singing “Rocky Mountain High.” On one of our stops at a scenic overview, I remember Uncle Bob telling me how gorgeous Colorado was, and I felt pleased and proud that he admired my adopted state.
Memories of Uncle Bob at the Newport Beach reunions are plentiful, but one sticks out in my memory more than all. It was when my sweet Uncle Bob picked me up from the John Wayne airport in the summer of 1995. Because of work, I had planned to come to the beach house reunion for the second half of the week but ew in earlier than expected when my dad had a heart attack. I was sick to death with worry about my parents and wasn’t sure who exactly would be meeting me at the airport, but felt peace and security when it was Uncle Bob. Bob calmly and reassuringly lled me in on the details of my dad’s heart attack and on how he and my mom were doing as he took me to a drive-thru for something to eat and then to Hoag Hospital on Newport Peninsula to
see Dad. When Dad had continued health problems after that, Uncle Bob was one who I always called for emotional support and comfort. I’ll never forget my profound gratitude to him for that.
My other fondest memories of Uncle Bob and Aunt Sharon are of being with them and my parents at annual Mormon History Association conferences and doing church history tours together (including Mountain Meadows). I loved knowing that I would always see them at MHA, enjoying listening together to the latest and greatest in church history research. I can see Uncle Bob in my mind’s eye, sitting in the sessions, arms folded, nodding his head yes or shaking his head no, depending on how he felt about the speaker. After Dad died in 2014, I sorely missed his presence at MHA, but felt comfort when I still saw Uncle Bob there, who looks so much like my dad that I soaked up every minute I was around him. I’ll never forget Bob and I following the MHA post-conference tour bus around Texas after the 2014 MHA conference in San Antonio (because we were too cheap to pay for the tour), and climbing a barbed-wire fence to nd a marker where our ancestors, the Hawleys, had formed a settlement near Zodiak. A crusty old farmer charged out towards us on his 4-wheeler to see what we were doing in his eld. We were quite nervous until we quickly explained to him who we were. Our jaws dropped when the burly old farmer told us how grateful he was that our ancestors had helped save his ancestors (recent immigrants from Europe who migrated to Texas) from starvation by feeding them and teaching them how to farm. We all got choked up as we reveled in the wonder of discovering our shared family histories.
Speaking of MHA, I want to express my gratitude to Bob and the extended Jones family for keeping the Christopher T. Jones Article of Excellence Award going in my dad’s memory. You were always such a good brother to my dad, Uncle Bob. He loved you dearly, and so do I. You and your memory and in uence will live on in me, and in the lives of countless others, forever.
My dad loved the saying, “How marvelous it is the way life touches life, and how boundless the e ects.” Thank you, Bob, for the marvelous and boundless way you have in uenced my life.
Barbara Jean Jones Brown December 10, 2018

Bob is a great man. I love him for his extreme knowledge and memory of history details. He looks at history deeper and discovers the hidden or back stories that few acknowledge or know. Beyond that he is kind and goes out of his way to connect with the “man on the street”. His life long bond with his second cousin removed, Doug Steimle, held surprises as they adventured when they were young, but as senior friends we’ve connected through discovering some lesser known sights in America and relating them to even some dark church history periods. The two men share heritage that connects them to one of the worst mass massacres in history. On a lighter note, the two men created a video of a unique opportunity they had as young boy scouts on a month long trip to the national Boy Scout Jamboree.
They have even shared the journey through Melanoma. Both were diagnosed within two weeks of each other and went through their initial surgeries two weeks apart. They compared notes, realizations and faced the melanoma often throughout the last four years together. It has meant a great deal to us to live just a block away from each other. Bob felt the loss as Doug passed September 9th, 2018.
Dyan Steimle
Steimle Family Tree
In Loving Memory
Wayne Douglas Steimle II
October 18, 1943 - September 9, 2018
Draw near unto me and I will draw near unto you...
D&C 88:63
Ryder m. Gina Holm
m. Holly Goulding
m. Nanette Schultz
Karene m. Jared Ellison
Doug & Dyan
est. September 4, 1965
Skyler Bricelyn Tristene m.Lyric Harper Clarke
Sharlan m. Michael Burrup
Frankie Winnie
Teanna m.Hayden Timmins



What can I say about a life long friendship. Bob has been a wonderful friend all these years.
We have been on so many memorable trips together, that Bob has put together. There is no way I can remember them all. Lill and I have loved everyone of them. Her are some of the reminders:
Bob and Doug trying to fix our car in Guatemala. It looks like Bob is praying.
At my age it is hard to remember what I had for breakfast, but I know we had a lot of fun times together. You and Sharon are the greatest. We love you.
Love always, Lill & Garr



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