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The Physis is The Pine School's literary magazine produced by students and featuring student writing, artwork & photos. It is published once a year.

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Published by Jorge Salas, 2018-12-20 14:39:33

The Physis 2015

The Physis is The Pine School's literary magazine produced by students and featuring student writing, artwork & photos. It is published once a year.


physis 2015

staff featured (writing)

Katherine McGovern EDITOR Nico Bellarde
Callum Brown
Steve Naumann ADVISOR Anemiek Doedens
Greg Squier ADVISOR Samantha Els

Darby Goodwin
Mike Hadhazy
featured (artwork) Briley Loftin
Maddy McDonald
Katherine McGovern
Gracie Baum Connor Mortell
Olivia Brogdon Penny Parnevik
Ryan Chimelis Gianfranco Rizzolo
Brandon Golden Allison Sanchez
Katherine McGovern Lilly Schreiber
Penny Parnevik Jenna Stamos
Anna Perelli-Minetti John Uible
Grace Pittman
Emily Rynasko cover artwork
Jackie Steinhauer

Gracie Baum



They tell you it gets easier.
You’ll learn with every break.
A step closer to happily ever after
It’s just a case of heartache.
We move from lover to lover
Playing this twisted game
But I never know I’m losing
Until the end I feel the pain
Daddy says a boy who breaks my heart he’ll despise
But after losing every game
I can feel him roll his eyes.
He watched me be stupid
He watched them all leave
He watched as I made the same wrong move
He looks away when they sweep me off my feet
Yet now I know, comfort in repetition isn’t true
My daddy tells me to learn,
Together we can make it through
But you see now I don’t want to learn
I’ll endure every loss
Because the word together with my dad
I had never come across.





The porch was neatly swept
The rocking chair was freshly polished
And the memory of her continued to linger

As the gloomy wind blew
The subtle creak began,
Slowly amplifying over time

I remember her.
The way she would rock me
Back and forth every evening

Through naps and struggles
Of addition and subtraction,
Her gentle touch rocked away the stress

But ever since she went away,
The chair has been sorrowful
And the creaks have never been the same



We spend our lives staring at screens,
Without ever really knowing what it means,
To be free and be wild
And experience being a child.
We are expected to know
Where we will go
Who we will be
Before we get the chance to see
What it’s like out there
But no one seems to care.



out there


God’s country.
A place away from the fiery air;
Away from the flat.

A place where the evergreens are thick;
Where the wood is red,

And always old.

Mysterious abundance where a creature,
No perhaps a beast,
Is watching.

The home of the totem pole;
Adorned with orcas and hawks
That stands high overhead.

Such beauty comes with violent reminders,
That Earth is still very alive.
Volcanoes, tsunamis, and earthquakes oh my.

A place like this will grab you,
And hold on tight.
Try not to fight,

hard work pays off


Time is flying like a kite.
It’s my last year of high school.
So much to do but it will be all right.
Like I’m swimming in an endless pool.
A couple more months and I’ll take flight.
Hopefully God will show me the light.

Confidence and hard work are key.
I’m ready to begin this new stage.
All these underclassmen look up to me (literally).
Impatiently waiting to break out of this cage.
Strengthening my mentality in order to succeed.
But I know this journey has its own speed.

My dream is finally coming true.
The student-athlete reaching his goal.
All my applications are about to be due.
I’m finding my way out of this hole.
My number one school said I’m through!
So to conclude, I say thanks to you.



Running fast like a gazelle on a summer’s day
Forgetting about his surroundings
Conscious only on the present game
Fighting against the competitor
To win the match
But the fight is against the definite end
Against his future
To make something of himself
Before the time runs out

the exceptions of the perfections


I was at that point in my life
When I realized nothing was perfect
You had to work to make most things even just okay
But there were exceptions
Those exceptions were the reasons people live
They were the reasons I lived




I always hated Allie’s guts. never fit her: whenever her own projects were
She hated me, probably, almost as much about and she was genuinely happy to pursue
as she hated looking out of place. Not that them, they were finished, polished, and export-
she had a reason not to; in fact she was so ed in a timely manner. The second, however,
awkward as to look unnatural in her own cloth- anybody other than herself actually depended
ing, but I suppose she had like the rest of us on Allie she would apologize profusely for the
heard that if you walk fast and dress sharp torrential downpour of problems that occurred
that nobody would question your motive. Be- at the most inopportune times.
cause of that she strutted through museums Why she thought it was so important
and foreign cities like she had lived every day to appear as though she had the world in
of her life there. I’ve yet to actually see her turn her hands when she in fact didn’t always in-
around for any reason; if Allie missed a land- terested me. Her planning, run-through, and
mark where she was to turn, she would walk post-processes were something I always
straight ahead, find something to do at her im- admired her for. I suppose others did too, for
provised destination, and find a way to where she was always the person they turned to
she was going that would arouse no suspicion when they needed something done urgently;
of her being a tourist. she never said no. It was her inevitable fail-
I think that’s why, for the most part any- ures however that kept her from ever being a
ways, I hated Allie, because whenever Allie had part of their projects from the start, and the
the smallest indication that she was safe from only time I ever came close to asking why she
the prying eyes which she confidently walked did not assert herself with us like she did with
away from, she assumed a position of utter strangers, she only replied, “strangers know a
incompetence and misfortune. She was such hell of a lot more about me, is all.”
an impeccable driver that the dents in her car I always hated her for saying things like
made us all think she had kicked them in her- that.
self, and her tardiness and lack of conduct



Let me shelter you oh little one
Tell me what has someone done
To put you in this saddened state
Don’t lock yourself within those gates

I beg and I plead don’t shut the world out
I can show you what life and what love is about
Please take my hand. We’ll go through this together
I promise one day your heart will feel better

Despondent and scared you don’t know where to start
Letting people back in is an unfamiliar art
But slowly and surely your mold chips away
And the concept of trust has reentered your brain

As if you were the body and I were the moon
I gravitate to your abnormal tune
I can’t pull away, to you I am loyal
But forever I can’t stay with you nor protect you from toil

I’ve tried to help you and guide you to prepare you for more
To be able to handle all the more that’s in store
How to fight for yourself, I hope I have taught you
Now open your gates, let the world come through

As I fade into the shadows, I quietly observe
A new improved you with a thicker nerve
I can no longer walk with you nor hold your hand
It’s time to make your mark and show the world where you stand

Please don’t forget me as your journey will not soon end
But mine is closing as I come ‘round the bend
Into my own gates I now have to go
But through them a ray of your own light will forever glow


three little birds


I can sense the growing fears
The worries and the tears,
The fear of things going wrong
Secretly wishing that you could come along.
But is that fear really for me?
Or for how life will be,
Just the two of you, alone, in our banyan tree
Imagining how life was like when you still had three.

Your three little birds
Who you would watch laugh and play
Never thinking of the day when they’d choose not to stay

You’ve taught them to fly, so now they must go
But don’t worry, for home is always home
You’ll always be there for them, that they know

The first month will be hard
The next a little less,
Because, though slowly, the feeling will regress
And your three little birds will always come to visit

For home is always home,
So please don’t suffer too much, from empty nest syndrome.



The waves are crashing;
My head is slipping beneath the surface.
I feel like I am slowing but
I gasp for a breath and try to keep going.

What a beautiful gift of nature
This enormous ocean appears to be.
Sparkling blue waters
All here for you and I to see.

Amazed by its beauty,
Intimidated by its power,
I will never know what lies deep beneath the surface.
The unknowns are what kill me,
My weakness is showing–
I gasp for a breath and try to keep going.

smile check?!


How are you doing today
Fantastic! Smile Check?!

It’s a funny thing
Just saying you’re happy
Or telling people to smile
Creates its own happiness.

You don’t have to be fantastic
Just believe you are
And sooner or later,
You will be.

You walk through the hallway
And everything is bright.
It’s a fundamental choice
To change your whole perception

How are you doing today?
Fantastic! Smile Check?!




At that moment, I felt sorrow
I felt betrayed
I felt small, in a world of–
harsh, judgmental people
But who knows
maybe it was for the best
I could feel the water push–
against the damns in my eyes
I couldn’t hold it in
Tears flowed
I wanted to hide away–

cinquain poem


The Water Lily sits quietly on the tranquil pond for all to see.
The pink and white petals catch the light as the fisherman fish from day to night.
Dragonflies will come to rest, as the little birds sing songs in their nest.
The tiny green frogs will hop along but through all of this, the Water Lily stays calm.
The Water Lily sits quietly on the busy pond.



of olympians and lovers


Run fast, don’t stop, don’t think
Three years of training, of waiting, of bleeding
Pulse rises, heartbeat quickens
Feel the concrete push your body forward
Forces so strong threatening to shatter your fame
World around you blurs
Sounds turn into threatening murmurs
No one’s on your side not even your team
Racing to nowhere with no one at the finish

Too fast to stop now, keep going
Lights flash, cries ring, sweat drips down
Down, Down into your bloodstream into your mind
Salt burns your lungs, but your nerves rise
You’re doing good
They cry your name
Your skin raises, curdles, shivers
The sun shines on you
The longer you run, the more it beats down
Watch as it discolors your once porcelain skin
Temporary warmth permanently changing the whiteness

Are you sure you want this?
Too bad, you can’t stop now
Don’t think just go on
The white is already gone
You tear through the finish line
Rope cuts you, suffocates
Scarring your lungs eternally
Walk home head down tears stain your cheeks
You ran fast, you trained hard, you came in first
But didn’t you know you couldn’t win this kind of race?
You never had a chance
You lost it.

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