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The Round Table is the magazine of The Pine School. It is published twice a year and is produced by the Communications Office.

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The Round Table - Summer 2016

The Round Table is the magazine of The Pine School. It is published twice a year and is produced by the Communications Office.

magazine of the pine school // summer 2016

Rising Senior and new Head Boy Prefect Clark Mortell '17 leads
the celebration as Blue took back the Field Day title from Gold.

Round Table The Pine School Board of Trustees
Robert Allen Ankrom, Editor & Photographer Administration Michael Baum, President P’16
Steve Naumann, Designer Phyllis Parker, Head of School P’96 (8th Grade), P’97 (8th Grade) Cris Branden P’27
Printing by Southeastern Printing Company, Stuart, FL Nathan Washer, K-12 Director P’17, P’19 Michael DiEgidio P’20, P’22
Round Table is published by the Office of Communications. Robert Ankrom, Director of Communications P’23 Amy Eversole P’23, P’23, P’26, P’26
For comments and suggestions, or to request a copy of Round Heidi Coliskey - K-12 School Counselor Liza Hutchinson P’20, P’21
Table, please send an e-mail to [email protected] Kelly Hilton-Green, Director of Development P’26 Marianne Ireland P’12, P’19, P’19
Beth Lettengarver, Director of Admission P’15 John Isleib, Treasurer P’18
On The Cover To immortalize the first year of joining all Paul Needham, Director of Information Technology Rich Kennedy P’22, P’24
Grades on one campus, the Arts Prefect Committee staged Janet Pacifico, Director of College Guidance John Killgore P’22
an opportunity for every member of the School community to Larry Pittman, Director of Finance and Operations P’16, P’18 Don Mader P’19, P’22
make their hand-print on a banner Jorge Salas, Director of Academic Technologies Michael Mortell P’15, P’18
Contributing Writers Ashley Jenkins, Kelly Kelly, Beth Gary Sullivan, K-12 Associate Director P’22, P’28 Sandra Price
Lettengarver, Anna Perelli-Minetti '16 Mark Renz P’20
Contributing Photographers Jason Leonard, Beth Jack Schofield GP’20
Lettengarver Paul Shirley P’20, P’23
Kenan Siegel P’18, P’19
The Pine School is an independent day school that promotes Ramsey Small P’21, P’21
academic excellence within a challenging, supportive, and Anna Marie Tettamanti, Secretary P’19, P’20
moral environment that fosters the development of mind, Debbie Textor, Vice President P’18, P’20
body, and spirit. Co-ed, Kindergarten through Grade 12. Leland Wilson P’17, P’19, P’22


2 One Year Down 6 Worlds Collide
9 Admission 10 Field Day 12 Development
15 TPS Report: News 21 TPS Report: Sports
24 Alumni News 26 Commencement 2016

There was a moment during 2004-2005
the summer of 2015 when a 35th Anniversary.
few of even the most optimistic of us Founder’s Class
were unsure that The Pine School would be ready (2009 graduates)
to open as a K-12 school one campus in time. The begins 9th
summer had been filled with plans and moves and Grade on The St.
more plans - not to mention all the logistics that Michael’s campus
come along with such a bold transition. in their “village.”
The timing was right and everyone Michael Smith
involved knew it had to happen. And hired as the first
happen it did. Upper School
From it’s early transition as K-8th Grade Head
to moving 7th-10th Grade to Hobe
Sound, The Pine School was poised to 2002-2003
move forward in exciting ways. Headmaster
The journey hasn’t always been easy
but navigating some of the twists and Dr. James Cantwell
turns has forged new strengths and
unbreakable bonds between those that hired to plan and
With the decision to join the two build a high school
campuses in Hobe Sound, yet another new chapter has begun
- one filled with endless possibilities and positive momentum. for St. Michael’s
But you can’t know your future if you don’t know your past -
enjoy a look back at the road that brought The Pine School to Independent
the new vantage point it now enjoys.
School 2003-2004

Property in Hobe Sound

determined to be the best locale.

School is planned and fundraising

efforts expand. First class

recruited for high school

Formal Feasibility Study
to determine community
support for St. Michael’s
to expand into a high

JULY 1, 2006
Name changed
from St. Michael’s
Independent School
Back to The Pine
School, original
name of the school
in 1969

Groundbreaking for campus in Hobe Sound

One Year Down 03

FEBRUARY 2007 “There was a
Grades 7-10 feeling of great
moved to the anticipation and
Hobe Sound excitement as we
campus had been waiting
so long to move
to Hobe Sound.
We were 6 months
delayed getting in
there. The space
seemed so large and
everything was brand new
and modern. In my office
in the gym I could go a
couple of hours without
seeing anyone, due to
there being only 4 grades
there at the time.
The overwhelming feeling
was one of excitement and
anticipation as we thought
that we were on the cusp
of opportunity to really
grow as a school and one
of relief that we were
finally here after years of
- Nathan Washer

JUNE 2009
Founder’s Class is
1st graduating class
- 100% acceptances
to colleges all
across United

Renovation of 16,000 square feet
to accommodate the lower school
moving to Hobe Sound

JUNE 2014
Purchase of property and
campus in Hobe Sound

The Pine School united on one campus

The Pine School added 15
new high school teachers
to the faculty

"The hiring process of over twenty
new faculty members within two
years allowed the School, in very
exciting and promising ways, to fulfill
the vision of our Board of Trustees as
we moved toward our first graduating
High School Class."

- Phyllis Parker

One Year Down 05


Kelly Kelly’s short time at The Pine School really instruction is teaching in context. Students should absolutely learn their
defines the phrase - “hitting the ground running.” vocabulary and tenses, etc... but language truly comes to life when these parts
In just two years, she has become a beloved are put together in real life contexts! From the ground level, my students
teacher, a cherished advisor, and was recently named the are encouraged and guided to speak spontaneously. I have a "show me what
Head of the Foreign Language Department. What is most you know" approach in my classroom. The culture is to take risk and spit it
striking is how easy she makes it all look. Spend even just out! They are amazed at what they can say at the most elementary stages if
a few minutes with her and you will quickly pick-up on her given the right tools and direction to put these things together. Every single
commitment to inner peace and enjoyment of life. unit I teach encompasses practice and assessment in all four skills - listening,
speaking, reading, and writing. I am known for my famous assessment called
What initially attracted you to learn and then teach Spanish? the hot seat, aka, "la silla caliente." When students complete the hot seat with
I had amazing teachers growing up. Their passion was contagious and they success, this is a sure sign that they are becoming true Spanish speakers and
always made the learning process fun and meaningful. It came naturally in many cases, this is what makes them thirsty for more!
to me and I often found myself trying to use it outside of the classroom. I I have loved seeing the instructional videos in Spanish that
participated in an exchange program in high school and spent some time your students have created. Talk a little about that process and
in Mexico living with a family. It was this trip that really hooked me! I fully how you think adding in creativity helps in improving language
immersed into the language and culture. In my senior year of high school, we skills?
had an exchange student in our class from Spain. She became a really good Learning a foreign language can be intimidating to many students. During
friend of mine and we had a lot of fun trying to perfect my conversational adolescence, there is is a heightened sensitivity/desire to fly below the radar
skills. In college I spent a year in Granada in a study abroad program. I and there is a common fear of looking/sounding "stupid". These creative
lived with a family and took classes at the University of Granada. I guess it projects allow the students to step outside of their comfort zone. They can
would be safe to say I looked for any opportunity I could find to speak and be silly in this context and simultaneously bring the language to life! I am
further develop my skills. I am a communicator. I love people and making always blown away by the final product! They are so incredibly creative and
connections. It's no wonder I was drawn to the idea of being able to do this fun. It makes my job so much fun and I beam with pride when I see the
in two languages! progress they've made! In addition, this alternative type assessment creates
Besides work on memorization, what do you focus on most in a platform for students who may not "test" on paper as well to show me what
the classroom with your students? they know!
As I say to my students all the time, "who walks around any country reciting
vocabulary words and verb conjugations?!" The key to effective language

I traveled with several language classes off-campus to improve In addition to Spanish, The Pine School has offered Chinese
their language skills in conversational settings. How do and is now offering French - in an ideal world, what would the
experiences like that benefit students? perfect line-up of language offerings look like?
Immersion is the name of the game! If you don't use it, you lose it! Any I would love to see Sign language, Italian and French added to our
authentic, target language experiences are incredibly beneficial to the curriculum!
language learning process. From a very young age, I was given many In terms of heading the World Language Department, what are
opportunities to travel to Spanish speaking countries and do short home your goals for the coming years?
stays to get a taste of this immersion experience. With every experience I In the upcoming years I would like to see our students sit for the National
had, I always left thirsty for more. I spent a year abroad in Spain when I was Spanish and French exams. I would like to attend the state competition for
in college. It was an amazing experience and it was during my time there Spanish in Orlando. I would like to find host families in Spanish speaking
that I realized I wanted to be a Spanish teacher! Additionally, exposure to countries with whom we may be able to arrange short term home stays as I
other cultures in general is good for the soul. It is essential to step outside of did in Mexico when I was in high school. Above all, I want keep the passion
the little bubbles we get so accustomed to living in and see the world through to learn another language alive and growing. Life is about connections.
another culture's eyes. What's better than being able to connect with people in more than one
Are there other opportunities like those that you’d like to see language!
I would love to see TPS start a traditional trip to a Spanish speaking country
each summer. This is definitely on my radar and I am sure it will come to
fruition sooner than later.

"If you don't
use it, you lose

it! Any authentic,
target language
experiences are

incredibly beneficial
to the language

learning process."

Worlds Collide 07

Field Day is always one of the most anticipated days on Friday, November 11, 2016 - 8:30am
campus! This year on the morning of Field Day before Veterans Day Assembly/Admission Open House
the festivities began we assembled a group of very special
young people, our “Future Knights”! From just a few Wednesday, November 16, 2016 - 7pm
months old to ready for kindergarten in a few short High School Night
months, these young ones are already showing their
Pine Pride! We often describe The Pine School as a Wednesday, February 8, 2017 - 7pm
relationship based school, one big family. It is never more Stepping Up to the Middle and High School
apparent than on our most beloved day of the year, Field
Day, and sharing it with our future knights this year, made Sunday, February 26, 2017 - 3pm
it all the more poignant. Admission Open House
Its’ impact on our students is telling when I receive a text
from a member of the founding class of 2009 on that Saturday, February 11 - 9am
morning simply stating “GO BLUE!” It is a loyalty that Play Day at The Pine School
never leaves us, a date in our calendar that we mark always
and a memory that we share collectively forever! Of
course, by the way I responded appropriately with “GO
If you are an alum interested in learning more about
The Pine School for your child or you are interested in
becoming a part of The Pine School family for the first
time, mark your calendars for a few admission dates next
year to learn more:
Beth Lettengarver
Director of Admission

"I am in awe at the level of
enthusiasm and interest this event
generated," shared Director of Admission Beth Lettengarver.

The Pine School celebrated another record-breaking Open House. Over one-hundred people (representing families interested in Kindergarten through High School) visited
campus and took tours led by faculty and students.

Leadership has always been a strong component of The Pine School’s Ankrom was elected by his Class to represent them on the LEADERship
approach to education. This year five Pine School students (Julie Afshar, Alumni Board of Directors and was also asked to serve as the Membership
Melissa Coolidge, Erin Spellman, C.J. Walsh, Alex Wood) participated in Chair for the United Way’s new affinity group Leaders United.
Martin Youth Leadership. “The whole experience has really opened my eyes to the various needs in our
“Martin Youth Leadership has, first and foremost, given me the experience community and I look forward to sharing that knowledge - and my passion
and confidence to be comfortable leading a group of people,” shared rising for serving - with the faculty and students of The Pine School,” summed up
Junior Melissa Coolidge. “It has also prepared me to be a better leader as an Ankrom.
upperclassman because the program has made me more confident and has
taught me how to use my skills to work with a group to reach a common

Director of Communications Robert Ankrom also participated in
LEADERship Class 26.
Both groups are hosted by the Martin County/Stuart Chamber of
Commerce and focus on a year-long (a full day each month) to explore
different components of life in Martin County while focusing on ways to get
more involved and serve as a community leader.

Admission 09

DEVELOPMENT The Pine School’s 9th annual 100 Years of

Cars car show was a tremendous success.
Building on a wildly successful 2015 event,
and bolstered by a picture-perfect day, over
1,300 visitors attended.
“We are thrilled with the turnout for this
year’s car show, it was an incredible success,”
shared Director of Development Kelly
This year’s event saw a 20% increase in car
registrations - representing an impressive
diversity of showcased cars. Funds raised
100 years will support The Pine School’s Patriot
Scholarship, available for students of veterans
of cars or active military personnel.

Thank you to our event committee: Ed
Davies, Rocky Grady, Bruce MacDonald,
Mark Newman, John Payson, and Michael
The Pine School is thrilled to also extend
special thanks to our Title Sponsor - Audi of Stuart as well as our team of generous event sponsors - Ferrari Maserati Palm Beach, Matilda's, Southeastern Printing, Wells Fargo,
Abbot Downing, Mark and Shari Newman, Palm Beach International Raceway, Wallace Automotive Group, and Rocky & Henry Grady.
The Pine School is already looking forward to celebrating the 10th Anniversary of 100 Years of Cars on The Pine School is thrilled to have hosted this community event for the
past nine years, and is already working towards our 10th Anniversary event to be held on January 14, 2017.

The 17th Annual Pine School Booster Club
Golf Tournament was recently held at the Hobe
Sound Golf Club. A total of 60 golfers (including
PGA player Freddie Jacobson) teed up and were

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Development Kelly Hilton-Green.
18th Annual event happening September 23, 2017
at Abacoa Golf Club

The Pine School’s Evening At Auction was a blast to the senses as the gymnasium
came alive with the sights, sounds & tastes of Rio coming alive.
“Chairs Rosi Schroeder, Jeannie Fowle, Cat Altschuler and their committee did a
tremendous amount of work putting together a fantastic evening,” shared Director of
Development Kelly Hilton-Green.
Cash call was a huge success in raising over $82,000 for technology for the School
and has already begun to impact the School in positive ways. Live Auction was filled
with some incredible items and collected over $90,000 as that contributed to a net
evening of over $215,000.

Development 13



The Pine School received an impressive 119 donations during the Great Give campaign held on
May 3rd, totaling $118,975 (more than doubling last year's total).
This firmly placed The Pine School at the top of both the Martin and Palm Beach County totals
(with over 500 non-profits participating).
The Great Give is a 24-hour online giving event led by the Community Foundation for Palm
Beach and Martin Counties and United Way of Palm Beach County and Martin County
designed to raise as much money as possible for local nonprofits in a single day. Every local
gift made will be multiplied by additional dollars from a bonus pool raised by the Community
"The support for The Pine School from our families and friends has been phenomenal - we set
ourselves some tough goals in terms of this years event and achieved them all," shared Director of
Development Kelly Hilton-Green.


The Pine School is 72% of the way through a $7.1 million dollar campaign. More families than ever before have supported the school this year than ever before
and this was evident in all our campaigns. The success of The Great Give and uKnight Capital Campaign's are both highlights in what has been an excellent year.
The School is focused on the goal of beginning talks with Martin County later this year while also developing a timeline for completing this project.
“The U-Knight campaign has been amazingly rewarding for all of those who have been fortunate enough to participate in getting the school to this point,” shared
Campaign Co-Chair Don Mader. “I can’t think of a better cause to invest in than our children and the community in which we live.”

Email photos & info to [email protected]


The 6th grade class spent the day exploring the surface of the moon, the night sky, and
severe weather at the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium.

Senior Emily Rynasko has won 1st Place at the “Watch A Rising Star” Vocal Competition.
Competing against 26 of the top student performers from Martin & Palm Beach
Counties, Emily secured her title in the finals after singing a solo number and a duet.
Emily was the recent star of The Pine School’s annual musical “Legally Blonde” and has
performed professionally with the Maltz Jupiter Theater.
1st place comes with a $5,000 award and Emily will be asked back to sing the opening
number at next year’s competition.

Three Pine School students were honored at Florida's 18th District Congressional Award Ceremony
attended by Rep. Patrick E. Murphy and Head of School Phyllis Parker. Rep. Patrick E. Murphy. Mary
Powers (‘17) earned the Congressional Award Gold Medal; Hannah Oenbrink (‘17) and Alex Wood
(‘18) earned the Congressional Silver Medal.

TPS Report 15


Spanish teacher Gladys
Velez led her students
through the annual
Spanish Café - an
interactive opportunity
for language students to
share sights, sounds and
tastes of Hispanic culture
with family and friends.
In addition to a full
breakfast, musical and
dance numbers were


The Pine School’s Outreach Prefect Committee led a
successful campaign to collect t-shirts that were delivered to
Can We Help, Inc. - a local non-profit that strives to provide
meals and clothing for the area’s homeless.
“I believe that it is important to help those in our community,
and supporting this organization seemed like the perfect
opportunity,” shared junior Bella Fucigna. “I was thrilled
to see that The Pine School community made such an
enormous effort to support this cause, and I know their
efforts will be much appreciated.”
Hundreds of shirts were delivered in the School’s ongoing
efforts to partner with Can We Help.

Lillian Novoa’s Spanish IV, V & AP students traveled to
practice their language skills through interview sessions
with Hispanic members of the El Sol center.
El Sol is a community resource center in Jupiter that,
among other things, works with Hispanic members of the
community to find suitable employment while becoming
more acclimated to life in the United States.
Students met in small groups with El Sol workers to ask a
series of questions.
“I would love to visit again soon,” shared junior Samantha
Els. “I even got the chance to talk with my interviewee about
our mutual interest in soccer.”

The Pine School’s excellent dining hall staff from Flik served

locally-sourced oranges and also displayed a tree that they
have donated to the School.
FLIX HONORS The Pine School’s art students jump-started Earth Day celebrations with another installment of their annual Recycled Runway
The staff of Flik Independent School Dining was recently fashion show. This Visual Art Department tradition challenges students to create designs around otherwise disposed of materials.
honored for excellence. In addition to be recognized as The event has become more innovative through the years and this year was no exception. The show became a school-wide affair with
Mid-Atlantic Account of the Year, employee Kim Hultgren Kindergarten through Fifth Grade lining the runway to enjoy the show and even a few of our younger Knights serving as models for
was awarded Employee of the Year. the many unique creations. “The engineering and design aspect of the runway show is an integral part of our studio art classes,” shared
“Both are very high achievements within our industry,” art teacher Maria Miele. “I love that our community looks forward to seeing the show and truly appreciate the efforts of all involved.”
shared Head Chef Kelly Moore. ◀ FEELING GREEN

PROMPOSING ▶ For the third year in a row, The Pine

In a season of Promposals abounding, a crowd favorite was School has been named as a Green
Junior Chase Hyland’s ask of Sophomore Sophia Siegel.
Decked out and with roses in hand, Chase stood by his School of Quality. This prestigious
painted question - waiting for Sophia to answer from the distinction is named by Florida
upper balcony. Atlantic University and the Pine Jog
Environmental Education Center.
The recognition, which highlights
various efforts by a school to
demonstrate a commitment to
strong Earth-friendly efforts and
sustainability. Spearheaded by
Middle School Science teacher
Tessie Kerslake, The Pine School’s
commitment to recycling, a
community garden, and it’s annual
recycled runway art show were all
contributing factors in this honor
being bestowed.
“Special congratulations should
go to the Environmental Prefect
committee lead by President Emily
Rynasko,” shared Kerslake. “We want
to encourage TPS community to
continue to think and live Green.”

Juniors Cole Davies, Christopher
Hecht, Clark Mortell, and
Sophomore JJ LaCorte helped get
everyone in the mood for Valentine’s
Day as they serenaded their way
around campus this morning.
2nd Grade teacher Dina Scelleto and Head of Math Department Tamara Litterick earned the coveted
distinction of 2015-16 Teacher of Excellence.

TPS Report 17


The Pine School community joined for an
opportunity to recognize and honor those
students who excelled on academic fronts
during the 2015-2016 school year. Seniors
Bobby Camp and Niya Adlersberg won,
respectively, the Potsdam and Headmaster
“Studying at The Pine School is not easy and we
expect much from each student," shared Head
of School Phyllis Parker. "The achievements
in the classrooms, the art studios, and the
playing fields of our students all exemplify the
excellence we charge them to strive for.”
A wide range of College Book Awards and
individual subject honors were named as well
as the selection of student leadership in the
Prefect Program with Head Boy & Girl Prefect
responsibilities going to rising Seniors Clark
Mortell and Maryn Washer.


The Pine School held special ceremonies to induct students into the National Honor Society and National Junior Honor
Society this week.
“The Pine School looks to these deserving students to be our future leaders here and we know they will accomplish great
things for our School and local community,” shared NJHS Sponsor Tessie Kerslake.
Those students inducted into the National Honor Society are: Benjamin Aaron, Drew Aaron, Samar Ahmed, Claire Barber,
Garrett Barber, Kylin Cao, Melissa Coolidge, Chris Hong, Mia Isdaner, Chloe Janson, John LaCorte, Marco Lahmar,
Nicholas Leonard, Grace Ma, Sabrina Matos, Ottie McCullum, Madison Minelli, Colby Mortell, Claire Pittman, Grace
Pittman, Kayla Prolow, Sophia Siegel, Alex Starkand, Christopher Textor, Madeleine Uible, Celia-Jean Walsh, Alex Wood,
and Jennifer Yang.
Those students inducted into the National Junior Honor Society are: Ryan Decina, Rachel Goldman, Gracie Hampton,
Faith Hill, Matilda Small, Jack Squier, Ana Torchia, and Stephen Weller.

A big congratulations to 8th Grader Toby Tettamanti (pictured
here with History Dept Head Sean Carlson) for qualifying
to compete in the State Level Competition of the National
Geographic Bee! Toby, who is competing for the second year
in a row, is the only student from Martin County selected to
participate in the April 1st event held in Jacksonville.


The Pine School celebrated Fat Tuesday with the help of Music
Director Ben Hylton and band members (Grades 7-12). The
musicians toured the campus with students joining the parade.


All ten members of The Pine School’s debate team
traveled to participate in the Congress Debate at the
Harvard National Forensics Tournament, one of the most
prestigious tournaments in all of the national high school
“Our team’s strong character represented The Pine School
well every step of the way during our trip,” shared debate
team sponsor and English teacher Ashley Jenkins.
“The competition level was exceptional,” shared
sophomore Christopher Textor. “The experience has really
provided me with the tools to move forward from this in
meaningful ways.”
“The trip really made me realize what a great Pine School
family I am part of,” added sophomore Sophia Siegel.

The Pine School was well represented at the annual Arts Council High SHINES AT EVENING
School Juried Art Show - which recognizes the artistic talents of Martin OF THE ARTS
County high school students. The students at The Pine School
In addition to bringing home several awards, The Pine School swept the know a thing or two about talent
Photography category. and the annual Evening of the Arts
▶ events - separate evenings for 4th-
▶ 8th Grade and 9th-12th Grade - are
all the evidence anyone would need
to prove this theory.
With a wide range of performing
arts - from vocal and ensemble
performances to dance and
instrumental numbers - both
evenings were overflowing with
knockout moments.
“This evening is a real testimony to
the the dedication and hard work of
our students,” shared Music Director
Ben Hylton.

TPS Report 19

The Pine School’s Fine Arts Department received exciting news about honors Lisa Vrana and Charles Ward’s 5th Grade English class were visited by Park Vista High School senior Mikal
recognizing students of music, art & photography. Bartosik. Bartosik has received attention after a video of her asking a student with special needs to prom went viral.
In music, 12 TPS students were nominated and chosen to participate along The 5th Graders found a special connection with this local story after reading the book “Wonder” by R.J. Palacio - a
with the finest student instrumentalists in grades 7-12 from Martin, St. story which revolves around a child with special needs. To bridge the connection, the entire 5th Grade class wrote
Lucie, Okeechobee, and Indian River Counties as part of the 2016 Indian individual letters to Bartosik to share their feelings and to show support for her actions.
River State College 4-County Honor Band Festival. In just 3 rehearsals, over Accompanied by Park Vista Principal Reggie Myers and her cheerleading coach Jeanne Ladner, Bartosik expressed
3 consecutive days, students worked very hard to put together an amazing her thanks and fielded questions from the students. The class gifted Bartosik with a copy of “Wonder” signed by
program of standard and modern music under the direction of the finest each of them.
guest conductors in the state. “Mikal really made a huge impact with our students,” Vrana shared.

“This year’s Honor band experience was one for the books,” shared Music
Director Ben Hylton. “The amount of learning that took place over the course
of just 3 days was astounding. This exemplifies the level of commitment from
our top music students who take music study seriously and have lots of fun
along the way!”
Additionally, 9 Art students were recognized with the Regional Scholastic Art
Students who earn a Silver Key or a Gold Key were displayed at the regional
exhibit at Armory Art Center.
“I'm thrilled and so excited for our kids,” summed up art teacher Maria Miele.
“This is my favorite time of year for these art students and it validates that we
are doing the right things in our visual art classes.”


History teacher Nathaniel Osborn has just celebrated the release of his book
Indian River Lagoon: An Environmental History.
A special Book Release Party was held on March 11 at the U.S. Sailing Center
in Jensen Beach.
“Working on this project was a rich and deeply satisfying experience,” shared
Osborn. “I am flattered by the reception the book has received thus far.”
Osborn also coaches the Pine School’s Varsity Sailing Team, contributed to
efforts in having The Pine School named a Green School in Martin County
and was recently named as the Chairman of Martin County’s Preservation
“There are a lot of reasons to be discouraged about the long-term outlook for
this peninsula,” summed up Osborn. “This book is part of my contribution to
promote efforts to protect what remains.”

T P S R E P O R T (sports) SPORTS SPO



The Pine School recently received an
impressive range of Athletic honors
including XX student-athletes being
named as TC Palm’s Athlete of the
“I cannot express how ecstatic I am
over the fact that a small school
like ours can produce so many fine
student-athletes,” shared Athletic
Director Matt Sofarelli.
Senior Ali Denney (Volleyball)
and Sophomores Claire Barber
(Cross Country) & Garrett Barber
(Golf) each earned the title of being
named Athlete of the Year while two
additional Pine School athletes were
nominated for this honor - Bella
Fucigna (Girls Track) and Chase
Hyland (Boys Cross Country).
Additionally, Seniors Niya Adlersberg
and Bobby Camp were both also
selected as All-Around Athletes of the
Year for The Pine School.
Additionally, Middle School was
awarded the MCAC Championship

“I am extremely proud of the success that Thetrophy which is based on a point
system between schools in the Pine School has had athletically and look forward
Mid Coast Athletic Conference.
The winner is calculated through
summed up Sofarelli.
to even more success in the future,”standings for every sport at the
Middle School level.


A special community meeting ceremony was held to recognize
the four Pine School Senior Athletes that have signed to compete
at the Division 1 level in their respective college choices.
Ali Denney has signed with the University of South Carolina to
play Beach Volleyball. Ali is a four-year Varsity letter winner and
has been honored as a two-time MVP, a four-time All-Area team
member, and holds practically every Pine School Volleyball
Jake Holt will be playing Golf for Siena College. Jake is a four-
year Varsity letter winner, holds The Pine School 9-hole record
for 36.2, has been named an All-Area team member for past three
years, and has been named by TCPalm as a two-time MVP.
Marco Lahmar is attending the University of New Mexico to
play Golf. Marco is a three-time Regional Champion and has
been ranked in the Top Ten in France Nationally for under 18.
Caroline Schirmer has signed with Auburn for Swimming.
Caroline is a three-year Varsity swimmer, has qualified for
States the past four years, placed 8th or better all four years, is
an Academic All-American, and holds both the 200 and 500
freestyle records for The Pine School.
"The Pine School faculty, staff and administration are extremely
proud of these four athletes,” shared Athletic Director Matt
Sofarelli. “We wish them good luck and thank them for
representing our school with dignity, dedication and integrity on
and off the field."

TPS Report (sports) 21


Girls Varsity Tennis - led by Coach Garry Sullivan - had the
best season in Pine School history and only just lost in the
Regional Final.


Our Varsity Track & Field team, under the direction of Coach
Ashley Jenkins, had a stellar year - leading all the way to
representing the School at the State Championship.
Junior Chase Hyland finished 2nd place in the1600m & 5th
place in the 800m.
Junior Bella Fucigna earned 3rd in the Pole Vault.
Sophomore Claire Barber rounded things out placing 8th in
1600m & 9th in 800m.

"With only a
Madison Dennett won a USTA few Seniors
tennis tournament (12 and under) leaving, the Girls
in Sarasota. She wore her Pine Lacrosse team
School hat all throughout the will be very strong
tournament. and competing
Also 14 and under USTA Orlando for a District
Champ Championship
next year. The Boys
Lacrosse program
is making strides to rebuilding into a
sound and competitive program in the
years to come." - Matt Sofarelli, Athletic Director and Lacrosse Coach


The Middle School Boys Basketball
team worked hard towards an
undefeated season. Captain
Matthew Davis '20 led the team to
first place in their division and on to
win the Championship.

Coach's Spotlight6 : ASHLEY JENKINS

Ashley, you've made such a positive impact since joining The Even more than classroom teaching, I can't imagine better
Pine School. With two years here now under your belt talk ways to bond with students then coaching them. What are
to me a little about adjusting to life here and how that has some of the opportunities you've had to get to know our
affected your approach to teaching and coaching? students better through coaching?
When I became a teacher, I had one goal in mind-- I wanted to be a For me, coaching has always been an extension of the classroom. The
person that my students knew believed in them, even when they didn't amount of time that a teacher/coach spends with a particular student
believe in themselves. I wanted my classroom to foster independent each day is as much or more than they even spend with their parents. In a
thinkers. Walking around and interacting with students and staff at The classroom, you are educating kids on what they need to know to become
Pine School during my interview process here, I knew that very day, that successful adults. As a coach and mentor, I have always believed that your
I had found a place I could actualize my goals as an educator. This is such job is educating students on how they can find the best person that they
a special place. When I describe it to others outside of our community, can be - even if they never knew that person existed. Spending hours after-
they find it hard to believe that such a place even exists. Adjusting to the school and on weekends with students, I have had the privilege to interact
School’s rhythm was not hard, because it is the TPS way of life to embrace and get to know them as individuals. Although it is an absolutely amazing
everyone who walks on campus. I have found here such constant support feeling to watch them succeed, it is almost as equally fulfilling to be there
from our students, parents, and administrators. to push and encourage them when they fall short. At the end of every
XC, Basketball, and Track & Field. There doesn't seem to be basketball practice and game, the team and I always huddle together
a sport you can't coach. Were you a student athlete? and yell, "1-2-3 family!", and I can't think of a better way to describe my
I grew up in a small rural community in Northern Ohio, that defined and opportunity and experience coaching.
prided themselves in the success of their local athletes. I spent my youth In general terms, within the framework of the School's culture,
attending every sports camp sponsored at our high school. Sports have how have you found the students approach to Athletics?
always been a huge part of my life. I grew up idolizing the high school I honestly do not know how our kids do all that they do. As a coach, I always
athletes from my town, anticipating my turn to be the athlete that younger want them at my practice; however, what I have quickly learned from the
kids would want to emulate. In high school, I participated in varsity TPS culture is that our kids are literally involved in EVERYTHING and
cross country, basketball, and track. I was always fiercely competitive, those expectations just are not realistic. Most coaches would view this as
and strived to be the best that I could be in each sport. The greatest a problem, but what I have also learned these past two years, is to never
memory that I have from being a student-athlete wasn't necessarily the underestimate our kids. The intense drive and determination that they
championships, trophies, & medals earned, but rather the unbreakable bring to the classroom, is the same effort that they put into their athletics.
bond that I had with my teammates and coaches. We were a family, and For every hurdle that is put in front of them, our kids don't just knock
the stability that stemmed from participating in those sports taught me a it down and move forward, they jump over it and get stronger. When I
lot about humility, perseverance, and dedication. I always saw my coaches think of how diligently our kids juggle all of their responsibilities with
as not just people who taught me how to improve in a particular sport, such commitment and poise, I can't help but be left in awe of their efforts.
but mentors who taught me how to improve and succeed in life. They Looking forward to next year, what are some of your personal
expected my 110% effort every day, and those same expectations became and team goals?
what I expected out of myself and now from the kids that I coach. Next year is going to be exciting but bittersweet for me. Coming to TPS
two years ago, I had the privilege to teach from day 1, some of the greatest
young adults that I have ever encountered. Lucky for me, I have been able
to coach many of those same students in various sports. A majority of
those kids are going to be seniors next year, and as much as I am looking
forward to seeing them take a step towards the bright future ahead of
them, I can't help but to be selfishly saddened to watch them leave. I look
forward to all of their hard work and dedication being actualized through
hopeful athletic scholarships, and another year of them leading by
example for the underclassmen that look up to them. Personally, I hope to
gain further ground in the building of a basketball and track program that
shines a brighter spotlight on our small but mighty school. TPS has a lot
to offer the communities that surround us, and I hope to help make that
more visible through coaching, and in return showcase our best asset, our

TPS Report (sports) 23

Peg Parenvik has scored a number 1 hit in Sweden with her first single “Ain’t No Saint” and
Emma Akrawi earned her is embarking on a tour of Sweden this summer.
Bachelor's Degree in 2014 and
a Masters in Environmental
Management from Yale University
in 2016.
▶ Taylor Wullschleger graduated
in May cum laude from University
of New Hampshire with a major
in Communications and minor in
Business. She has started her first
job as an assistant buyer for the E
commerce company Rue La La and
is currently living in the north end of

▶CLASS OF 2012
▶Alexa Constantakos graduated University of Miami, Class of 2016, with a major in

Biology and a minor Psychology & Chemistry. ▶ CLASS OF 2014
Karolina Poderski graduated from West Point Military Academy (Class of 2016). She Shannon Aubert, playing for the Stanford Cardinals at the NCAA Women's National
plans to further her military training in intelligence.
David Sharfi graduated from Pomona College with a Bachelor of Arts in Physics and Golf Championship in Eugene, Oregon won her individual match, though her team came
a Minor in Chemistry. During his time at Pomona College he worked in several research up just short of defeating University of Washington.
groups and co-authored a paper for publication in the Journal Of Molecular Spectroscopy.
He plans to take a year off before returning to school at UCLA, most likely to pursue a degree Emma Madden shared this photo of a recent rare opportunity to take a behind-the scenes
in engineering. tour of labs of the European Organization for Nuclear Research, known as CERN, that
operates the largest particle physics laboratory in the world.
Emma is 3rd from left and is standing next to the Director General of CERN, Dr. Fabiola
Gianotti. Emma is a sophomore at the University of Chicago and is currently spending the
semester studying in Paris.

CLASS OF 2013▶
Madison Bonneville has been busy since graduation. In addition to beginning college

at College of Charleston in South Carolina, Madison has traveled to Thailand (where
she taught English at a center for troubled boys), Tanzania (where she helped a group of
18 women with their clothing business), and Berlin, Germany (where she is studying at a
university there for a semester).

▶ CLASS OF 2015
▶ Darby Goodwin was named Big East Swimmer of the Week three times during her

▶ freshman year at Villanova University. Additionally, she set four school records, was named
CLASS OF 2015 Most Outstanding Swimmer for the Big East Conference Championships, won three
The sophomore Class had the chance to catch up with two members of the Class of 2015 individual Big East titles during the conference meet in Nassau, NY, and was on three
winning relays - all while being named to the Dean's list with a GPA of 3.96
while on their college tour in March. First up was Hugh Herlin at Loyola University and Darby also qualified for Olympic Trials which will be held in Omaha, Nebraska this summer.
then Annemiek Doedens at the University of Richmond. AJ Lettengarver, US Coast Guard Academy, Class of 2019, competed in the ICSA College
Sailing National Championship at the San Diego Yacht Club. AJ was the captain of The Pine
Blue prevailed yet again on Field Day and it may have been due to the special visit from School sailing team for 3 years and competed in club 420 in Miami before going on to race
veteran field day enthusiasts and TPS alumni, Connor Mortell and Penny Parnevik who at the collegiate level. He was one of only 2 freshmen on the USCGA team to be selected to
came back to campus to cheer on their team! We love it when our beloved alumni stop by compete at Nationals this year.
to reconnect!

* If you are a Pine School Alum or have news of one, please
share those for future Round Table editions. All news
can be emailed to [email protected] High
quality/resolution photos are appreaciated for
printing purposes. Don't forget to "like" The
Pine School Alumni Facebook page.

Alumni News 25


By Anna Perelli-Minetti, Class of 2016 Lahmar and Emily Rynasko both performed numbers - reminding all of their
exceptional talents.
On Saturday, June 4th, the Class of 2016 (the first Class to lead the K-12 Graduation (following the next morning) kicked off with the tradition of the
School on one campus) celebrated Graduation from The Pine School and alumni pinning. Alumni (including recent graduates and faculty who attended
transitioned into alumni. The Pine School) pinned all 31 Seniors, symbolizing their transition to alumni.
This momentous event began with a beautiful Baccalaureate at St. Christopher’s The Class and guests were treated to thoughtful and well-delivered commencement
Church Friday evening. Selected by her class, Niya Aldersberg also gave a addresses by Seniors Davis Reed and Callum Brown - both offered touching
beautiful speech filled with sentiments about her Pine School family and advice reflections of their time at The Pine School and the closeness of their Class. Senior
for the future. Grace Baum introduced Commencement Speaker - Emmy-winning writer and
"What has happened in the past cannot change. There is also hope in the unseen author Brian Brown - who shared his experiences in covering various Olympic
future, but it is in the present that you'll find the adventure in every waking events (specifically marathons) to offer inspiration and support to the challenges
moment," she shared. and successes the graduates will face as they move forward in their lives.
Both community leader Jean Laws-Scott and Fine Arts Head Steve Naumann Each member of the Class then received their diplomas to the cheers of family
delivered addresses that were meaningful and funny, while Seniors Marco and friends. The Rose Ceremony followed. This Pine School tradition allows each

member of the graduating Class to give a single rose to a
person that has helped them immensely in their journey.
Paired with a beautiful song performed by Sophomore,
Chloe Janson, this touching moment left no dry eye in
the house. This sentimental and meaningful expression
of gratitude was a perfect way for the Class of 2016 to
deliver and express their thanks and love to the recipients.
With tassels now on the left and diplomas in their hands,
the Seniors made their way to the courtyard to toss
their caps, the last step of Graduation. Thus, with the
colorful caps (adorned with the various college logos
students had been accepted to) flying through the sky,
the memorable ceremony came to a close.

Commencement 27

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